220 Flavorful Chinese Food Puns to Stir Fry Your Funny Bone

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Looking for a little humor to go along with your Chinese food? Well, chopstick around because we’ve got over 200 puns that will stir-fry your funny bone! From egg rolls to wontons, we’ve got plays on words that are sure to make you laugh out loud. So, whether you’re ordering takeout or cooking up a storm, these puns will give your meal some extra spice. Get ready to be wok’d by the pun-derful world of Chinese food puns!

Wok This Way: Hilarious Chinese Food Puns (Editors Pick)

1. Lettuce Wok and Roll
2. All Soy Again
3. Chow Mein Squeeze
4. Fortune Cookies Don’t Lie
5. Oh My Wonton!
6. Egg-specting Great Things
7. Pork to Be Wild
8. Call Me General Tso!
9. Spring Rollin’ in the Dough
10. I’m a Dim Sum Star
11. Unleashing the Wok-ness Monster
12. Hunan, Are You Nutso?
13. You’ve Got Bao on Your Face
14. Rice to Meet You
15. Don’t Be Shrimpish
16. I Love You Pho Real
17. Stir-Fry The Best You Can
18. Dumpling It Like It’s Hot
19. Sesame Dreams Are Made of These
20. You’re the Soy to My Sauce

Chow Down on These Comical Chinese Food Puns (One-liner Quips)

1. “Did you hear about the Chinese chef that died? He pasta way.”
2. “Why did the dumpling refuse to go to the gym? It was stuffed enough already.”
3. What do you call a fake Chinese chicken? Faux-king.”
4. “I’m going to wok right out of here with a doggy bag.”
5. “I’m soy into you, baby.”
6. What do you call a Chinese vegetable that is bad for you? A wonton destruction.”
7. “Why did the tomato turn red? Because it saw the salad dressing.”
8. I’m having sushi a good time, it’s un-bao-lievable!
9. Did you hear about the guy who lost his left hand and leg in a samurai fight? He’s all right now.”
10. “Why don’t Chihuahuas run marathons? Because they’re short-legged.”
11. “What do you call a Chinese polygamist? Dim Sum Don.”
12. “I’m trying to eat healthier, but I can’t kick my wonton habit.”
13. Why did the egg roll off the table? It was egg-cited to see the other side.”
14. “What do you call a fake Chinese noodle? An impasta.”
15. “I love Chinese food, it’s rice and shine-time all the time.”
16. “Why did the lo mein go to the doctor? Because it was feeling wokky.”
17. “What do you call a Chinese rapper? Lil’ Dumpling.”
18. “I’m a huge fan of General Tso’s chicken, but I’ve never met the guy.”
19. Why did the tofu break up with the veggie burger? It just didn’t feel the soy-mance anymore.”
20. “What do you call a Chinese chili pepper? Hot and wok-gy.”

Chow’s Your Knowledge? (Question-and-Answer Puns)

1. What do you call a fake noodle? An impasta.

2. Why did the rice go to the doctor? Because it was feeling fried.

3. What do you call a group of disorganized Chinese restaurants? Wonton chaos.

4. Why did the Chinese restaurant get a bad review? It had too many woks.

5. Why don’t Chinese people like asking for directions? Because they always want to wok their own way.

6. Why did the Chinese man refuse chopsticks? He didn’t want to get the pointy end of things.

7. What do you call a Chinese billionaire? Cha-Ching.

8. What’s the difference between Chinese noodles and Italian noodles? Chinese noodles wok the walk and talk the chop.

9. Why did the fortune cookie go to the doctor? Because it was feeling misfortune-ate.

10. What do you call a crab who can do karate? A wok-fu master.

11. Why did the Chinese chef get fired? He couldn’t wok to the beat of the drum.

12. What do you call a Chinese astronaut? Dim Sum-naut.

13. What does a happy Chinese meal say to a sad one? Wonton more?

14. Why did the Chinese man wear a cowboy hat to dinner? He wanted to wok the wild west.

15. What do you call a Chinese cartoon? Dim Sum-sation.

16. Why did the Chinese man bring a ladder to dinner? He heard the drinks were on the house.

17. What do you call a Chinese soap opera? The Young and the Soy Sauce-less.

18. Why should you never eat noodles in public? Because they can be very impasta-tise.

19. Where do Chinese cows go for lunch? To the moo-shu pork.

20. What do you call a Chinese martial artist who can throw rice really far? A wan-ton soup cannoneer.

Wok This Way: The Saucy World of Chinese Food Puns (Double Entendre Edition)

1. “I could eat Chinese food every wonton.”
2. “I gave up tofu, it was just so-dull.”
3. “I’m more than eggcited for this meal!”
4. “I’m just eggrolling with it.”
5. “I don’t mean to be hord (whored), but this chow mein is amazing!”
6. “You won’t see me turning down dim sum lovin’.”
7. I won’t stop until I find the wok to my heart.
8. I have so mushroom in my heart for Chinese food.
9. “I won-ton appetizer, but I lost my appetite after the main course.”
10. “I always order General Tso… and always have my General Slow to follow.”
11. “I found my fortune cookie say, ‘You will meet a delicious stranger today.'”
12. “I’m stir-fryin to find my perfect match.”
13. “I’m a pu pu platter of emotions right now.”
14. “Let’s just say I’m lo meinly in it for the noodles.”
15. “I had to be eggstra careful not to spill my hot and sour soup.”
16. “I love Chinese food. It brings the fried rice and joy to my life.”
17. “I can’t wait to put some spring rolls in my rolls.”
18. I may be sweet and sour, but I’ll never be a fortune-less cookie.
19. “I don’t always eat Chinese food, but when I do, it’s egg-citing.”
20. “My date’s egg drop soup was terrible, I guess it’s time to (wok) away.”

Wok You Talkin’ About? (Chinese Food Puns in Idioms)

1. Lettuce get soy sauce on this topic with some puns.
2. I don’t like leftover Chinese food, it’s always a bit won-ton.
3. I’m a fortune cookie writer who’s really on a roll.
4. I’m really good at churning out egg-cellent puns.
5. I egg-spertly scrambled up some puns on this topic.
6. I’m in a stir-fry to come up with these puns.
7. Some people say puns are cheesy, but I think they’re egg-citing.
8. I would never want to argue with a Chinese chef because I know they’ll stir-fry me a new one.
9. I’m pretty sure these puns are gonna have me in some hot pot-ato soup with some people.
10. These puns are egg-actly what this topic needs!
11. My friend ordered way too much Chinese food, I don’t know how he’ll wonton all that.
12. The Chinese restaurant owner said he’s feeling a little wonton today.
13. I ordered chicken lo mein but got shrimp instead, I guess I was making a stir-fry-over.
14. I was disappointed when I ordered dumplings but got gyozas instead, but oh well, gyoza are the new dumpling.
15. I’m egg-static to egg-splore this topic more.
16. I knew I had to be quick with these puns before I missed my wonton opportunity.
17. I’m feeling pretty saucy with all these puns.
18. I’m not sure why people say puns are the lowest form of humor, I think they’re a wok of genius.
19. I’ve heard of people being raised in a barn, but I was raised in a Chinese restaurant.
20. The chef’s specialty was stir-fry, he really knew how to wok and roll.

Wok and Roll (Chinese Food Pun Juxtaposition)

1. The Chinese restaurant was closed for spring rolls.
2. Did you hear about the Chinese chef that died? He had a wonton death.
3. I asked the waiter to surprise me with something from the menu, and he brought me a surprise eggroll.
4. I’m trying to quit my addiction to Chinese takeout, but it’s not Wonton.
5. The Chinese chef wouldn’t share his secret recipe for General Tso’s chicken, it was a poultry secret.
6. The Chinese restaurant was under seasoning, it needed more Wok.
7. I feel like I’m on top of the world every time I have a piece of Peking duck, it’s very quackers.
8. Did you hear about the chef who wanted to make a dish too spicy? He took a Wok on the wild side!
9. The Chinese restaurant was struggling financially, but they decided to Wok it off.
10. The noodle dish was so delicious, it made me a lo Mein elated.
11. The waiter recommended the sizzling beef, I was worried it would be too moo-ving.
12. I ordered too much food and I can’t finish it all, I guess it’s just Chinese leftovers for the next few days.
13. Did you hear about the chef who lost his job in a Chinese restaurant? He just couldn’t Wok it out.
14. I spilled soy sauce all over my lap, I guess you could say I soy-lenly accepted my fate.
15. You can always trust the Chinese restaurant for good service, they always Wok hard!
16. I was at a Chinese restaurant and someone went to the washroom, but they didn’t Wok-y their hands.
17. I was excited to try the new dumpling restaurant, but they ended up giving me the Wonton-willice.
18. The Chinese restaurant was a little too dark for my taste, but I Wok-ed my way around it.
19. Did you hear about the Chinese chef who only cooked with one wok? He said it was just an An-i-wok.
20. I was expecting a lot from the Chinese restaurant but it just ended up leaving a sour taste in my mouth, it must have been too pickled.

Wok This Way: Delicious Chinese Food Puns

1. Wok This Way Chinese Restaurant
2. Dim Sum-thing Special
3. Chow Fun-tastic Chinese Restaurant
4. Fortune Cookie Factory
5. General Tso’s Nice Chicken
6. Chop Sticks Chinese Restaurant
7. Egg Roll Cafe
8. Hunan Treasure Chinese Restaurant
9. Panda Express Lane
10. Kung Fu Kitchen
11. Wonton Wonder Chinese Restaurant
12. Rice Above Chinese Restaurant
13. Sesame Street Chinese Restaurant
14. The Great Wall of China Buffet
15. Sweet and Sour Palace
16. Lucky Garden Chinese Restaurant
17. Szechuan Delight Chinese Restaurant
18. Golden Dragon Chinese Restaurant
19. Dynasty Noodle House
20. Orange Chicken Palace

Chopstick Chatter (Spoonerisms on Chinese Food Puns)

1. Bok choy → chok boy
2. Chow mein → mow chein
3. Dim sum → sim dum
4. Fried rice → ried frice
5. General Tso’s chicken → Teneral Gho’s chicken
6. Green tea → teen grea
7. Hot pot → pot hot
8. Kung pao chicken → Pung kao chockin
9. Lo mein → mo lein
10. Orange chicken → Cherry ogan
11. Pork dumplings → dork pumplings
12. Sesame chicken → sesame checken
13. Spring rolls → ring sprolls
14. Sweet and sour sauce → sweek and soursauc
15. Szechuan beef → Bechan suzuan
16. Wonton soup → sowonton wup
17. Yakitori skewers → sakiyoto yewers
18. Zha jiang mian (noodles with soybean paste) → mha jiang zian
19. Peking duck → deking puck
20. Moo shu pork → poo mrork

Wok This Way for Chin-tillating Tom Swifties!

1. “I’m not a fan of egg rolls,” said Tom, unROLLing his eyes.
2. “This fried rice is too bland,” said Tom, tasteLESSly.
3. “I could use some more soy sauce,” Tom said SOYfully.
4. “Is this General Tso’s chicken spicy?” asked Tom with a HEATed tone.
5. “I need some more wonton soup,” Tom said with a WONTON-like smile.
6. “I love dumplings,” Tom said with a DUMPed expression.
7. “I can’t believe I ate the whole dish,” said Tom SOAKEDly.
8. “This chow mein is my favorite,” Tom said with a NOODLE on his tongue.
9. “I need to use the chopsticks more,” said Tom STICKY-ly.
10. “I can’t decide between stir-fry or noodles,” Tom said with a WOK-ing dilemma.
11. “This hot and sour soup is too sour,” said Tom with a PUCKERED expression.
12. “This vegetarian meal is delicious,” Tom said with a TASTE of surprise.
13. “That’s my favorite Chinese restaurant,” Tom said WOK-ly.
14. “I need some more sweet and sour sauce,” Tom said with a SWEET smile.
15. “This fortune cookie is confusing,” Tom said FORTUNE-ately.
16. “I love eating egg foo young,” Tom said YOUNGingly.
17. “I can’t eat too much MSG,” Tom said UNNATURALLY.
18. “This is the best fried rice I’ve ever had,” Tom said with a WOK of excitement.
19. “I’m going to try chopsticks, no fork needed,” Tom said UTENSIL-ly.
20. This dish is delicious,” Tom said with a PLAUSIBLE air.

Jumbo Shrimp Shenanigans (Oxymoronic Chinese Food Puns)

1. “This Chinese food is so hot, it’s ice-cold!”
2. “That egg roll was both jumbo and mini at the same time.”
3. “This dish is sweet and sour, like a bitter-sweet ending.”
4. “I’m craving for something spicy and bland.”
5. “The fortune cookie was both accurate and completely wrong.”
6. “This dish has a generous serving but tastes like a small portion.”
7. The stir fry was both burnt and undercooked.
8. “This soup is both hot and lukewarm, talk about mixed signals.”
9. “This Chinese food is both healthy and fast food.”
10. “Those noodles were both dry and soggy at the same time.”
11. “This dish is both heavenly and sinfully good.”
12. “The sauce is both too much and not enough.”
13. “This rice is both fluffy and sticky.”
14. “The dish looked both appetizing and gross.”
15. “The flavors of this dish were both bold and subtle.”
16. “This Chinese food is both fresh and stale.”
17. “This dish is both sweet and savory, like a dessert main course.”
18. “The crab rangoon was both crispy and doughy.”
19. “The dish was both too hot to handle and too bland to taste.”
20. “This Chinese food is both traditional and fusion cuisine.”

Chopstick to Your Ribs (Recursive Chinese Food Puns)

1. I ordered too much General Tso’s chicken. It turned into a General Tao.
2. Eating too many egg rolls can be a waist of space.
3. I asked the waiter for his fried rice recipe, but he said it was his wonton secret.
4. When it comes to Chinese cuisine, it’s all about wonton of flavor.
5. I tried to catch some dumplings, but they just pho through my chopsticks.
6. The sauce on my stir-fry was so good, I had to kung pao-t my lips.
7. I’m no spring roll, but I’m trying to egg roll with the punches.
8. The fortune cookie said I would enjoy a delicious meal, but mine was more like a misfortuned cookie.
9. I heard the dim sum guy was a bit of a wonton criminal.
10. I thought about making a joke about beef and broccoli, but it’s too cheesy.
11. I told my friend I was going to order the chow mein. He told me to noodle on it.
12. I’m not great at cooking Chinese food, but I can at least make some half-bao-ed attempts.
13. I once burnt my hand on hot and sour soup. It was a painful lesson in who’s to blame.
14. I thought I had mastered chopsticks, but I was only meddling with mediocrity.
15. A dumpling asked his dad why he wasn’t round like the others. He replied, “It’s just wok I roll.”
16. I don’t always eat Chinese food, but when I do, I prefer it to be egg-squisite.
17. Did you hear about the Chinese chef who got angry? He threw a wok at someone.
18. I made a dish with all my leftover Chinese food. It was egg-stremely satisfying.
19. When I want something spicy, I always turn to the sriracha. It’s soy good.
20. I asked the waiter for some nice tea to go with my meal. He said to try chrysanthemum, but I herb him wrong and got jasmine instead.

Wok-ing up a Storm with Chinese Food Puns (Puns on Cliches)

1. I ordered fried rice in the heat of the wok-ing moment.
2. The fortune cookie said, “You wok my world.”
3. Chow fun is a pan-tastic dish.
4. I’m wonton more of that delicious soup.
5. I’m egg-static when I get dim sum.
6. The best way to eat a dumpling is to wonton-ly savor every bite.
7. The sushi chef always has a rawderful attitude.
8. When the dish is too spicy, it’s stir fry day for me.
9. Noodles can be fettuccine, but they’re mien to be.
10. I ordered takeout because I can’t stir-fry for the wok of me.
11. I have pho-midable appetite for Vietnamese food.
12. I was teriyaki-ed by the deliciousness of the beef.
13. The sauce was oyster lot better than the last time.
14. I had a miso-nception that tofu tasted bland.
15. It was a bao-tiful day for some steamed buns.
16. I was soy impressed by the flavor of tofu scramble.
17. The kung pao chicken was Wu-nderful.
18. I’m not lion when I say I love Chinese cuisine.
19. Sesame balls never give me a bad snack-itude.
20. The dish was chopstick-ly delicious!

We hope these 200+ Chinese food puns have left you hungry for more laughter. If you’re looking for additional puns, be sure to browse our website for other hilarious articles. Thank you for stopping by and we hope to see you again soon!

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