Cycling Puns: 220 Wheel-y Funny Jokes for Bike Enthusiasts

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If you’re a bike enthusiast looking for a good laugh, you’ve come to the right place! Get ready to pedal your way through our collection of over 200 cycling puns that are sure to make you wheely LOL. From chain reaction jokes to handlebar humor, we’ve got it all covered. So gear up and saddle up for some unforgettable laughs. Whether you’re a professional cyclist or just love hitting the trails on the weekends, these jokes are guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Get ready for some wheel-y funny puns that will have you rolling with laughter!

Puns About Bikes That’ll Make You Wheelie Laugh (Editors Pick)

1. Why don’t bicycles ever tell lies? Because they have two-tired!
2. What did the bicycle say when it broke down? It’s two-tired for this!
3. Why did the bicycle fall over? Because it was two-tired.
4. What do you call a fake bike? A cycle-bone.
5. How do you know when a bicycle is lying to you? Its tire get cross-eyed.
6. Why was the bicycle cold? It was two-tired.
7. What do you call a bicycle built for two? A tandem-mental.
8. Why is cycling such an emotional sport? It has a lot of ups and downs.
9. My friend recently got a job as a professional cyclist. He said he was wheeling his way to the top.
10. Why did the bicycle crash into the garbage can? Because it was two-tired to stop!
11. What do you get if you cross a bike and a flower? Bicycle petals.
12. What did the bicycle call its father? Pop-cycle.
13. What do you call a bicycle that doesn’t tip over? Stable.
14. Why did the bicycle keep acting like a jerk? Because it had a bad cycle.
15. Four engineers were discussing which was the best type of bicycle. The first said a mountain bike because it can handle different terrain, the second said a road bike for the speed, the third said a touring bike because of the cargo space, and the fourth said a stationary bike because you just sit on it and pedal.
16. Why did the bicycle fall over in the mud? Because it was two-tired.
17. Why did the ghost ride a bicycle? He wanted to keep on haunting.
18. What type of bicycle does a snowman ride? An icicle!
19. Why did the bicycle not pay its exorcist on time? Because it was two-tired.
20. What’s a cyclist’s favorite meal? Spaghetti and bicycles!

Pedal-Powered Puns (One-liner Jokes)

1. Did you hear about the cyclist who became a millionaire? He started pedaling stocks.
2. My bike’s name is Fiona because it’s two-tired.
3. Why couldn’t the bicycle stand up by itself? It was two-tired.
4. Did you hear about the cyclist who went on vacation? He took a bike-cation.
5. I never trust atoms. They make up everything, including cyclists.
6. What do you call a cyclist who’s always on time? A wheely good timekeeper.
7. I crossed a bicycle with a flower. Now I have a petal-pushing bike.
8. Did you hear about the cyclist who won the race against a horse? It was a really close finish, but the cyclist took the reins.
9. What’s the difference between a sound of a bike and a horn? One honks and the other bikes.
10. I’m good at cycling uphill. It’s all downhill from there.
11. I tried to cycle away from my procrastination, but it just wheely tired me out.
12. Did you hear about the cyclist who fell into the river? He had to tread-bike for his life.
13. Why did the cyclist always win Monopoly? He always had a bike lane.
14. Cycling is like a memory foam mattress, every time you come back it feels like you never left.
15. The cycling store said helmets were mandatory. They really were trying to brainwash me.
16. I got in trouble for cycling while typing. The judge said I was writing impaired.
17. How did the bicycle fall over? Somebody let go of its handlebars.
18. Why did a bike go to bed? Because it was two-tired.
19. I’m going to start a support group for cyclists who can’t stop. It’ll be a cyclepathic anonymous.
20. Why is cycling better than golf? You don’t need caddies, carts and can make a whole in only one day.

Pedal Puzzlers (Question-and-Answer Puns on Cycling)

1. What do you call a cycling group made up of donuts? Spokes-people.
2. How do you know when a cyclist is lying? Their chain is always spinning a tale.
3. What did the cyclist say after winning the race? I wheely am the best!
4. Why did the cyclist quit his job? He didn’t like the cycle of 9 to 5.
5. How do you make a bicycle sound louder? Add a little bicycle-ne.
6. Why don’t bicycles ever tell jokes? They’ve heard all the puns before.
7. How do you make a bike happy? Pump up its tires with a few compliments.
8. What do you get when you cross a bike and a flower? Bicyclepetal.
9. What do you call a bike with a flat tire? Two-tired.
10. Why did the bicycle stop working? Because it was two-tired.
11. What do cycling sheep say to each other? Fleece the pace!
12. Why did the bicycle fall over? It was two-tired to keep going.
13. What do you call a group of cyclists in denim? A bike gang-jeans.
14. Why did the cyclist refuse to ride over the pothole? They didn’t want to have a wheely bad time.
15. What do you call a stolen bike? A two-wheeler dealer.
16. What do you call a cyclist who loves bagels? Wheely into dough.
17. Why couldn’t the bicycle stand up all by itself? It was two-tired to do so.
18. What do you call a bicycle rodeo? Tour de neigh.
19. What’s a bicycle’s favorite song? Chain reaction!
20. How do you fix a flat tire on a bike? By waching it.

Wheelie Good Puns (Double Entendre Puns on Cycling)

1. “I’m a cycling enthusiast, although some people might say I’m just pedaling around.”
2. “If you want to impress me, you better have some handlebar skills.”
3. “You know what they say, it’s not about the bike, it’s about the rider.”
4. “I’m all about endurance, but sometimes it’s nice to just take a quick breather.”
5. I love feeling the wind in my hair, but it’s not so great for my beard.
6. “I’m not a fan of flat tires, but I do enjoy a good pump.”
7. “I’m not afraid to go all out on a training ride, but I do prefer to keep my shirt on. 8. “I’m a big fan of spandex, but only on the bike.”
9. “I’m always pushing myself to go faster, but sometimes I need to slow down and enjoy the ride.”
10. “I love a good climb, but I’m not so crazy about going downhill.”
11. “I’m not just a cyclist, I’m a wheelie good one.”
12. “I prefer to ride solo, but sometimes it’s nice to ride tandem.”
13. “I don’t always cycle, but when I do, I prefer to wear a helmet.”
14. I’m a big fan of the peloton, but I don’t think I’m ready for the Tour de France just yet.
15. “I’m not a fan of chain grease, but I can’t resist a well-oiled machine.”
16. “I’m not a sprinter, but I do enjoy a good burst of speed.”
17. “I like to keep my bike lubed up, but I’m not so sure that’s an appropriate euphemism.”
18. “I’m always looking for new routes to explore, but I don’t like to get lost in the bush.”
19. “I like to ride hard and fast, but I always make sure to bring protection.”
20. “I love that feeling of accomplishment after a long ride, but sometimes I feel like I need a cigarette afterwards.”

Pedal Puns (Puns in Idioms for Cyclists)

1. Why did the cyclist refuse to pedal? He was two-tired.
2. Cycling is a wheel-y great way to stay in shape.
3. Did you hear about the cyclist who fell off his bike? He just couldn’t handlebar the pain.
4. I used to be a competitive cyclist, but my career hit a speed bump.
5. It’s important for cyclists to exercise car control on the road.
6. Why did the bicycle fall over? Because it was two-tired.
7. My friend told me he was going to start cycling, but I think he’s just spinning his wheels.
8. Did you hear about the cyclist who won the race after being disqualified? They put him back on track.
9. My cycling team just won the race by a spoke of luck.
10. When it comes to competitive cycling, the stakes are always high.
11. They say success in cycling is all about finding your balance.
12. Why don’t pirates know how to cycle? They always ship their anchor.
13. I was going to tell you a cycling joke, but I thin-saddle be quiet.
14. Why did the bicycle refuse to move? It had a flat-out refusal.
15. Cycling uphill can be really tough, but it’s all about keeping yourself geared up.
16. My neighbor is a cycling enthusiast, but I think he just needs to take a brake.
17. What did the cyclist say after a big race? I’m wheely tire-d!
18. Did you hear about the cyclist who won the race by a nose? He just outrider the competition.
19. Why was the bicycle sad? Because it was two tired to move.
20. My friend entered a cycling competition for charity, but he was the only one on his team that peddled.

“Pedal Power: A Wheely Good Time with Cycling Puns” (Pun Juxtaposition)

1. I’m planning a bicycle-themed wedding. It’s going to be wheely romantic!
2. My friend got his bicycle stolen, but he refused to brake the news to anyone.
3. I’m currently training for a charity bike ride. It’s been an uphill battle.
4. I used to be really bad at riding my bike, but I’ve learned to handle the handlebars.
5. I went to a cycling-themed restaurant, but the food was two-tired.
6. I asked my friend if he wanted to ride around the park with me, but he was too tyred.
7. I heard Lance Armstrong switched to a one-speed bike. He said he’s tired of shifting the blame.
8. I’m trying to convince my friend to go cycling with me. I told him it’s the wheel deal.
9. I’m currently doing a bike tour of Italy. I’m pedaling my way through pasta and pizza.
10. My bike has seen better days. It’s wheely struggling to keep up.
11. I heard a rumor that the Queen of England is secretly a big cycling enthusiast. She enjoys being a two-wheeled monarch.
12. I bought a new bike, but it’s not very good at staying balanced. I guess it’s just a two-tipsy ride.
13. I went to a bike shop and told the sales guy I wanted to buy something with a lot of gears. He recommended a cappuccino.
14. I told my friend I’m considering buying a new bike, but I’m not sure if it’s within my budget. He said I should just saddle up and take the plunge.
15. I tried out for the cycling team in college, but I didn’t make the cut. I guess I wasn’t pedal-ling efficiently enough.
16. I went on a date with a guy who was really into cycling. It was wheelie fun.
17. I heard that triathlons are just swimming, biking, and running. I guess it’s just a three-cycle sport.
18. I’m planning on cycling across the country. It’s going to be a long trek, but I can handle bars.
19. I went to a bike event and saw a guy dressed up as Elvis riding a bike. He was the king of the road.
20. I tried to convince my friend to come biking with me, but she said she didn’t want to get saddle sore.

Pedal Puns (Puns to Get Your Wheels Turning!)

1. “Cycleops” bike shop
2. “Pedal Pushers” bike rental service
3. “Chain Reaction” cycling group
4. “Spoke and Mirrors” cycling podcast
5. “Wheely Good Bikes” bike repair service
6. “Tour de Forks” cycling and foodie tour company
7. “Gear Grinders Cycling Club”
8. “Saddle Sores” cycling team
9. “Handlebar Harry’s” bike shop
10. “Tire’d and Tested” cycling blog
11. “The Crankset Chronicles” cycling magazine
12. “Ride On Time” cycling tour company
13. The Spin Doctors” cycling fitness studio
14. “Cyclone Sally’s” bike rental and repair service
15. “Hill Climbers” cycling group
16. “Pump It Up” bike tire inflation service
17. “Huffy Puffies” beginner cycling club
18. “Chain Gangs” cycling team
19. Sprocket Rockets” kids‘ cycling program
20. “Bike-a-Licious” cycling pop-up shop.

Pedaling Puns: Spoonerisms on Cycling!

1. Crashing by thycle.
2. A big bike hike.
3. Flipping pedal fills.
4. Cycling me street your and tell.
5. My cycle is chocked!!
6. Bags, tags, and cycle bikes.
7. A bike bashing display.
8. Cycling took me sign.
9. Pedalling pictures at the museum.
10. Bicycle diving becomes dangerous.
11. Tire punk and helmet were the gear of choice.
12. Cycle kicks position.
13. A bike hike for the sore legged.
14. Wipe out on a cycle hike.
15. Exciting up the bike cycle.
16. Bashing bike racing.
17. Mashing the bike up.
18. Early morning bike buckling.
19. A tricycle taxi ride.
20. Motorbike mixer works wonders.

Wheel-y Funny Phrases (Tom Swifties on Cycling Puns)

1. “Cycling is my passion,” Tom said tire-less-ly.
2. “I don’t like to ride with a helmet,” Tom said skull-fully.
3. “I can’t believe I lost my bike,” Tom said dis-tressed.
4. “I can’t pedal anymore,” Tom said crank-ily.
5. “I’m always late for my cycling class,” Tom said wheel-y unprepared.
6. “I just bought a new bicycle,” Tom said handle-bar-ely containing his excitement.
7. “I’m going to race my friend,” Tom said with a competitive cyc-ling tone.
8. “I fell off my bike,” Tom said saddle-ly.
9. “I’m not very good at cycling,” Tom said spokes-person-ly.
10. “I want to ride a tandem bike,” Tom said two-gether with his friend.
11. “I don’t like flat tires,” Tom said with a pumped up tone.
12. “I’m going mountain biking today,” Tom said with a rocky tone.
13. “I can’t cycle as fast as my friend,” Tom said pace-fully.
14. “I like cycling on a sunny day,” Tom said bright-ly.
15. “I need to buy a new bike pump,” Tom said deflated-ly.
16. “I love the sound of a cycling peloton,” Tom said in a group-ly tone.
17. “I’m going to cycle 40 miles today,” Tom said distance-ly.
18. “I’m going to cycle through the countryside,” Tom said scenic-ly.
19. I can’t cycle without my water bottle,” Tom said hydration-ly.
20. “I’m going to cycle over the hill,” Tom said mountain-ly.

Pedal Paradoxes (Oxymoronic Cycling Puns)

1. “I’m a lazy cyclist, always pedaling backwards.”
2. “He’s a fast slowpoke on his bike.”
3. “The downhill climb was an uphill struggle.”
4. “His bike was stationary in motion.”
5. “She rode her bike all around, but never got anywhere.”
6. “The tandem bike was only half as fun.”
7. “He’s a lightweight heavyweight cyclist.”
8. The Tour de France was a downhill marathon.
9. “The flat mountain was too steep to climb.”
10. “The biker was a peaceful rebel on wheels.”
11. “He was a slow-speed racer.”
12. “Pedaling so hard, she went nowhere fast.”
13. “The bike track was a circular line.”
14. “The smooth bumpy ride was a rough journey.”
15. “He was both a cyclist and a pedestrian on wheels.”
16. “The bike handlebars were unsteerable, yet manageable.”
17. “She was a stationary cyclist, going nowhere quick.”
18. “The uphill race was a downhill battle.”
19. “The bike tires were worn new.”
20. “Cycling on an off road trail, he found a paved paradise.”

“Cycling Through Recursive Pun-demonium (More Puns Than Gears!)”

1. Why did the cyclist quit the Tour de France? He was two-tired.
2. Did you hear about the guy who fell off his bike into a cactus? He was feeling prickly.
3. I tried to organize a cycling club, but it was a real chain reaction.
4. My friend left his bike outside overnight and it got stolen. That thief must have been wheely tired.
5. How do you know if a cyclist loves you? They’ll put their brakes on for you.
6. I’m really good at cycling backwards. It’s like I’m pedaling towards the future.
7. What’s a cyclist’s favorite kind of music? Two-wheelin’ tunes.
8. My cycling coach was always telling me to be zen while riding. But I could never quite handlebar it.
9. I saw a cycling clown the other day. He was a real bike-a-boo.
10. Why did the golfer take up cycling? He heard it was a hole new way to play.
11. My friend told me he was thinking of getting into unicycling. I told him he was just going in cycles.
12. I always forget to oil my bike chain. I guess you could say I’m a little rusty.
13. When is a cycling race not a race? When it’s a bike-battle.
14. I finally figured out how to fix that squeaky brake on my bike. It was pad for business.
15. Why did the cycling team buy a new coffee maker? They heard it made really strong espressos.
16. I asked my friend if he wanted to join me for a bike ride. He said he was a little tyred.
17. I heard a joke about cycling, but I’m afraid it’s a little unbalanced.
18. What did one bicycle wheel say to the other? “Let’s get rolling!”
19. I went on a cycling trip with my friends, but we got lost and ended up pedaling backwards. It was a wheelie bad idea.
20. What’s the difference between a poorly dressed cyclist and a well-dressed unicyclist? Attire pressure.

Pedaling Puns on Classic Cycling Clichés

1. I was so tired after my ride, my legs were wheely spinning.
2. The cyclist couldn’t handle the chain-reaction.
3. I fell off my bike and hit the pavement, but thankfully my helmet spoke for my head.
4. I took up cycling because I was two-tired of walking.
5. The bike lane is the only constant in this gear-changing world.
6. My ex-girlfriend was a real spokes-person for the cycling community.
7. In the cycling world, it’s all about pedaling your way to the top.
8. The cyclist was having trouble making handlebars meet.
9. I was afraid to join the cycling group because I didn’t want to be wheeled into a corner.
10. My bike is my two-wheeled chariot of freedom.
11. I can’t come to a complete stop, I brake for no man.
12. A good cyclist is always the wheel deal.
13. The cycling community is a tight-knit group of chain-gang members.
14. The cyclist was determined to put a spoke in the wheel of his competitors.
15. I’ve never been one to tire easily, I’ve got wheels for days.
16. I’m not sure if I’m training for a race or a tour de force.
17. Helmets can be a bit of a pain, but you’ve got to protect your brain from the pavement.
18. The cyclist loved taking his bike up mountains, it was the peak of his day.
19. The only thing worse than low tire pressure is a punctured ego.
20. When it comes to cycling, you’ve got to just pedal it out.

In conclusion, we hope these cycling puns have put a big smile on your face and pedaled your funny bone into action. And if you can’t get enough of these wacky wordplays, be sure to explore the rest of our pun-tastic website. We appreciate you taking the time to join us for this ride, and happy cycling!

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