220 Hilarious Cell Puns to Tickle Your Funny Bone and Energize Your Humor Cells

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If you’re feeling low and need a good chuckle, these hilarious cell puns will surely do the trick! From funny biology jokes to creative one-liners, we’ve compiled over 200 clever puns that will energize your humor cells and leave you in stitches. Whether you’re a science buff, a lover of puns, or simply in need of a pick-me-up, these cell puns are sure to tickle your funny bone. So, sit back, relax, and prepare to be entertained by the wittiest cell puns around. Let’s get started!

Cell-ebrate the Humor! (Editors Pick)

1. Did you hear about the prison that became a cellphone store? The cellular bars were just too strong!
2. Why did the cell phone file for divorce? It lost its USB connection.
3. What did the cell say to its sister when it was feeling bummed out? “I feel like I’m dis-connected.”
4. How did the cell phone punish its owner? It put them on silent treatment.
5. Why was the cell phone always so jittery? It had mobile anxiety.
6. Why couldn’t the cell phone find true love? All of its relationships were calling it quits.
7. What do you call a cell phone with a broken heart? Disconnected.
8. Why did the cell phone need a lawyer? It was charged with battery.
9. Why did the cell phone break up with Siri? It found a new assistant.
10. What do you call a sick cell phone? A mobile-phone-cologist.
11. Why did the cell phone go to the gym? To get better reception.
12. How did the cell phone know it would succeed in life? Because it was calling the shots.
13. Why did the cell phone get in trouble with its boss? It kept calling in sick.
14. What do you call a cell phone that sings? A Samsung birdie.
15. Why was the cell phone always getting lost? It had a bad sense of direction-calling.
16. What did the cell phone say when it got too hot? “I’m feeling a bit overheated. I think I need to catch tower-rest.”
17. Why did the cell phone cross the road? To get to the charger on the other side.
18. What do you call a cell phone that’s been repaired? A mobile home.
19. How did the cell phone break out of jail? With the help of its cellular mate.
20. What do you call an alligator with a cell phone? A croc-a-dial tone.

Cell-Centered Crackers (One-liner Puns)

1. What did the cell say to the other cell when it got stepped on? Mitosis!
2. How do you know if a cell is outgoing? It’s always trying to leave the cytoplasm.
3. Why did the cell go to jail? It refused to share its plasma.
4. Why did the cell hire a lawyer? It was getting sued for DNA infringement.
5. Why did the cell break up with its girlfriend? She was always talking about her ex-plants.
6. Why did the cell phone go to jail? It was convicted of cellular data theft.
7. Why did the cell decide to become a comedian? It heard it would finally get to use its funny bone.
8. Why did the cellphone go to prison? It was charged with battery.
9. Did you hear about the cell that got divorced? It was single-celled for a while.
10. How do you get hired by a cell phone company? You just have to have a good call history.
11. Why did the cell want to be a musician? It was tired of being a micro-organism.
12. Why did the blood cell get a ticket? It was speeding through the arteries.
13. What do you call it when a cell takes a test? Cell-fie.
14. What do you call a cell’s favorite Mexican food? Tostadah-ma.
15. What do you call a cell’s favorite holiday? Cell-a-brate.
16. What do you call a cell’s favorite pop star? Celline Dion.
17. If you want to know a cell’s personal taste in music, check out its nucleotides.
18. What do you call a cell that’s not very good at math? Numerically challenged.
19. Why did the cell swim in the Great Salt Lake? Because it wanted to be in a hypertonic solution.
20. Why are bacteria bad at keeping secrets? They’re always spilling their nucleoli.

Teasing Tel-lol-phones: Q&A Puns for the Cell-Fie Enthusiasts

1. What do you get when you cross a cell phone and a ghost? A dead signal.
2. Why did the cell break up with his girlfriend? He felt like he had no reception.
3. How do you tell the difference between a plant cell and an animal cell? Don’t worry, it shouldn’t be too much of a stretch.
4. What did the cell tell his friend before they got into a fight? “I’m gonna cytoplasm all over you!”
5. Why do cells always win in fights? They have a membrane to protect them.
6. Have you heard of the new cell phone designed for hipsters? It’s called the Smartphone-scented.
7. Why did the cell go to the doctor? He was feeling a little bloat-ed.
8. Why did the cell take up boxing? He was tired of being a soft membrane.
9. What did the cell say to the microscope? “Stop looking at me like I’m some kind of germ!”
10. How did the cell get a date? He had a cell-fie on his Tinder profile.
11. What did the chicken cell say to the egg cell? “I want to divide my time evenly between you and my other girlfriend.”
12. Why did the cell cross the road? To get to the other cytoplasm.
13. How do cells communicate with each other? They use cell phones that are always on vibrate.
14. Why do cells make such great dates? They’re always down to nucleus and chill.
15. What do you call a group of cells that keep getting in trouble? Cell-mates.
16. Why was the cell afraid of the virus? It had RNA-written all over it.
17. How do you know if a cell is extroverted? It’s always looking for a way to branch out.
18. What’s the only thing cells hate more than viruses? Having to share cytoplasm.
19. How do you know when a cell is sad? It starts to release lysosomes.
20. What did one cell say to the other when they ran out of ideas for conversation? Don’t worry, we can just nucleus things up.

Punning with Cells (Double Entendre Puns)

1. I wanted to repair my phone’s speaker, but I couldn’t hear-cell-f find the problem.
2. The battery in my phone died because it was cellularly deprived.
3. When the phone company’s stock rose, it was a real cell-abration.
4. The mobile company’s CEO felt like a prisoner in a cell phone.
5. Isn’t it amazing how cell phones bring people together–and tear them apart?
6. My friend didn’t want to hear my cell puns, but I called-tivated his interest eventually.
7. You know you have too many cell phones when you need a cell-fie stick to hold them all.
8. When the communication system broke down, I cell-ttered for help.
9. People often ask me what I do for a living, but I can never seem to cell-explain it.
10. I’m sorry for calling you so late, but I had a cell-tching desire to chat.
11. If you’re feeling lost, just remember that cell follows twelve.
12. I sold my old cell phone to a guy named Adam. He said it was the first apple he ever bought.
13. Some people say that owning a cell phone is like carrying a second brain.
14. A phone is a great tool to use when breaking the cell-phone-y code.
15. I’d tell you a joke about a broken cell tower, but it’s a little bit over your head.
16. My phone carrier promises to keep me connected everywhere, but somehow I still feel cell-olated.
17. I can’t wait for the cell-ebrity endorsement of my new product.
18. When you’re feeling blue, just remember that cells can always be positive.
19. Every time my phone vibrates, I feel like I’m experiencing tele-cell-nisis.
20. If you don’t like my cell jokes, you can always block my number.

Cell-ebrating Cell Puns (Humorous Idioms with Cellular References)

1. The cell tower was feeling lonely, so it made a few more cell mates.
2. After being locked up, the criminal found a cell-ebrity to hang out with.
3. The phone company’s financial records were in a cell-abacus.
4. The tiny bird trapped in the cell fluttered its wings and tweeted its woes.
5. The salesman had to cell-quit because he couldn’t close any deals.
6. When the chemist visited the jail cell, he was reminded to stay iodized.
7. After a long day at work, the cell receptionist had cellular fatigue.
8. I donated my used phone to charity, making it a philanthro-cell.
9. The grumpy prisoner stayed in his cell sulking, because he had a bad cell-phone plan.
10. The tech company was cell-tivated to create the best smartphone.
11. The athlete’s strength was fueled by cellular respiration.
12. The protestors surrounded the jail cell, demanding their cell-fie rights.
13. The nervous inmate had a cell-ularity problem and couldn’t stop talking.
14. To quit procrastinating, he deleted all social media apps and became a cell-ist.
15. After a lifetime best friend’s reunion, they realized they had a cellular connection.
16. The inmate spent time learning about cells in the library, he became a cell-taught scientist.
17. The dancer’s moves were so smooth, they had cell-o.
18. The doctors fought to test new treatments for cancerous cells.
19. The tech company realized they were running out of room and needed to expand their cellars.
20. The prisoners were given their phone calls, but they complained about their cell service.

Cell-ebrities: (Pun Juxtaposition) Hilarious Cell Puns That Will Split Your Sides!

1. Going to jail is like going to a cell-fie convention.
2. A prison inmate’s favorite piece of furniture is a Cell-ar Door.
3. Cells, cells, cells, they are the building blocks of life!
4. When the cell phone was invented, it really rang a bell.
5. Prisoners always find a way to cell-ebrate the holidays.
6. The cell phone company’s profits have reached an all-time high, talk about a cell-abration.
7. Biology class is a cell-abration of learning.
8. When the lawyer visited his client in jail, he said he enjoyed the cell-ebrity treatment.
9. I tried to escape prison but there was a cell-a-larm.
10. When the ball landed in the cell-ar, it was a homer-un.
11. At the prison talent show, the inmates put on a cell-ebrated performance.
12. Biology tests are a cell-abration of knowledge.
13. When building a house, always make sure you cell-ibrate the foundation.
14. The prison guards love to cell-ebrate Christmas with their inmates.
15. When the cell phone battery died, it really cell-apsed.
16. Biology lab can be quite cell-arious.
17. Did you hear about the mathematician who was in jail? He tried to escape using cell-u-lar division.
18. The prison cookbook is called Cell-ar Chef.
19. When the doctor told him he had cancer, he told himself he would cell-ebrate life to the fullest.
20. Cracking the biology exam was a cell-ebration moment for her.

Cell-ebrity Puns (Puns on Cell Names)

1. Cell “fie” Baldwin
2. Cellina Jolie
3. Cellene Dion
4. Bac-cell-o Baggins
5. Cellie Berry
6. Samuel Cell Jackson
7. Nellie Cell-son
8. J.C. Cell-a
9. T.S. Cells
10. Galileo Cell-ilei
11. Cell-elujah Davis
12. Kend-cell Jenner
13. Cell-ifornia Love
14. Robert DeNiro-cell-o
15. Cell-ton John
16. Ani DiFran-cell-o
17. Cell-o Green
18. Cell-estine Prophecy
19. Hillary Rodh-cell-um Clinton
20. Cristiano Ron-cell-do

Cell-ebrities With A Twist Of The Tongue: Spoonerisms Galore!

1. Shell sell
2. Cell bell
3. Bell cell
4. Pone cell
5. Cell phone
6. Sole cell
7. Cell sole
8. Well cell
9. Cell well
10. Spell cell
11. Cell spell
12. Cell range
13. Range cell
14. Cell tower
15. Tower cell
16. Cell block
17. Block cell
18. Cell mate
19. Mate cell
20. Cell division

Cell-ebrity Fun (Tom Swifties)

1. “I don’t need a phone exit strategy,” said Tom cell-fidently.
2. “My phone is juiced up and ready to go,” said Tom, fully charged.
3. “I’m feeling cell-ebritant tonight,” said Tom, excitedly.
4. “I left my phone on silent, but it still managed to ring,” said Tom, un-audibly.
5. “I sent a text to my ex with all the wrong autocorrects,” said Tom, painfully.
6. “You can throw my phone in the ocean, but it will still be on line,” said Tom, wittily.
7. “I need to find a new carrier, this one is just robbing me,” said Tom, docked.
8. “I never phone it in, I always give my full attention,” said Tom, intently.
9. “I lost my phone in the upholstery of my car, it’s seat-sational,” said Tom, laughingly.
10. “I stay away from the thesaurus app, it’s just too word-y,” said Tom, directly.
11. “I tracked my phone with GPS, and it led me to the fridge,” said Tom, jokingly.
12. I hate those driving texts, they’re just so steering,” said Tom, rolling his eyes.
13. “I thought I broke my phone, but it turned out to be un-damaged,” said Tom, relieved.
14. “I have so many apps, my phone is like a smart-sieve,” said Tom, cleverly.
15. I tried to take a picture, but my phone flash gave me red-eye,” said Tom, sheepishly.
16. “I was so close to catching that rare Pokemon, but my phone died elec-tragically,” said Tom, dramatically.
17. “I can keep my phone in my pocket all day, it’s just so phone-tight,” said Tom, humorously.
18. I switched my phone to airplane mode, now I feel like a pilot,” said Tom, confidently.
19. “I don’t mind snakes, as long as they’re Python,” said Tom, tech-ily.
20. “I took a call from the local bird sanctuary, it was quite tweetie-pie,” said Tom, smilingly.

Contradictory Communication: Cell Puns that Split Your Sides (Oxymoronic Puns)

1. Why did the cell phone break up with his girlfriend? He just didn’t have the reception anymore.
2. Did you hear about the phone that went shopping? It kept dropping all of its calls.
3. What did the paper say when it was going to work? “Cell ya later!”
4. The battery on my phone is always dying. I guess it just can’t cell-life.
5. The phone company was trying to install a new tower, but the neighborhood association put up a cellular block.
6. Why did the phone go to school? To get a cell degree.
7. I was going to tell a joke about cell towers, but I don’t think it would get good reception.
8. Did you hear about the phone that won the race? It had a lot of good cells.
9. My phone keeps autocorrecting “cell” to “sell.” I think it’s trying to market itself.
10. Why don’t phones take vacations? They’re always in cell service.
11. The cell tower and the wind turbine had a fight. It was a real clash of powers.
12. The cell phone was sick, but it didn’t want to see a Doctor with a bad bedside cell.
13. The cell phone movie was really bad. All it had was a bunch of dropped frames.
14. What did the cell phone say to the computer? “Do you have a lot of cells in your program?”
15. Did you hear about the phone with the vegetable planter app? It was trying to go from cell phone to self-sustaining garden.
16. The phone was jealous of the computer’s keyboard. It wished it could cell-tap like that.
17. Why did the phone go to the doctor? It had a bad case of cellular degeneration.
18. Did you hear about the phone that went camping? It was trying to connect to some natural cell towers.
19. The phone was sad because it couldn’t go to the party. It had no bars.
20. Why did the phone take up fencing? It wanted to be a master of cellular combat.

Cell-abrate Good Times (Recursive Puns on Cell Puns)

1. Why don’t cells ever go on vacation? They prefer to stay in their “cyto-SKELETON”.
2. I asked my friend to grab me a pair of gloves, but all they brought me were “mitochondria”.
3. If astronauts were to visit the surface of a “Meiosis”, they would find it to be quite “cell-ular”.
4. The chef was so good at working with cells, he was called a “Molecular Gastronomist”.
5. Why did one plant cell break up with another? They wanted different “root-ines”.
6. The cell phone industry has been growing at an “exponential rate”.
7. A cell biologist walks into a bar and orders a “Cell Wall Banger.
8. My friends just spent a weekend in “Nuclear-opolis”, it was so boring I fell “asleep-tosis.
9. Why do cells make terrible comedians? They always “mitosis punchline”.
10. I went to a party with a bunch of plant cells, but they all ended up sitting in a “chloro-plastic circle”.
11. What do you call a cell phone that’s broken? An “apoptosis phone”.
12. What do you call a group of cells that release an album? A “lysosome and the vacuoles”.
13. Why did the neuron break up with the muscle cell? They just didn’t have a “synapse-tic connection”.
14. Why was the plant cell bad at math? It struggled with “photosynthetic equations”.
15. What do you call a cell that can’t move? A “stuck-ocyte”.
16. My biology teacher just got injured while climbing a “cell-wall.
17. Why do cells always drive so carefully? They’re worried about causing an accident and ending up in “cell-jail”.
18. What did the farmer cell say when it was tired? “I really need to hit the hay-chondria”.
19. Why did the bacterium cell get a ticket for parking on the road? It was a “Prokaryotic violation”.
20. Why do all the cells in the body enjoy listening to classical music? It’s because of the “cello suite”.

Cell-ebrating Puns: A Play on Words with Cellular Clichés

1. Why did the cell phone need glasses? Because it had smart screen!
2. Did you hear about the guy who lost his phone in a corn maze? He kept calling it, but it was corn-veniently out of reach.
3. Why did the cell phone take a day off? To recharge its batteries!
4. What did the cell say when it got complimented? You’re LTE-rrific!
5. Why did the smartphone go to school? To get a better connection.
6. Why did the phone wear sunglasses? To stop the screen from gl-are-ing.
7. Did you hear about the smartphone that became a detective? It solved every cell phone case!
8. Why did the iPhone get a grammar lesson? To learn the proper use of there, their, and charger.
9. Why do ghost hunters prefer to use iPhones? Because they have better spirit levels.
10. Did you hear about the lost cell phone that was found after 6 months? It still had a missed call from 2017.
11. Why did the cell phone start a band? It wanted to receive more collar-rings.
12. Why did the phone need a new job? It was tired of being a cell-out.
13. Why did the phone become a rocket scientist? To launch more apps into space.
14. Why did the phone take a trip to Hollywood? To see its favorite cell-ebrity.
15. Why did the cell phone feel embarrassed? It had a low selfie-esteem.
16. Why did the cell phone break up with Siri? It needed space.
17. Why did the phone get arrested? It was charged with battery.
18. What did the phone say to the cheese grater? Stop calling me grate!
19. Why did the phone go to the gym? It wanted to get some good vibrations.
20. Why did the cell phone attend anger management classes? It kept shouting at its screen.

In conclusion, we hope these 200+ hilarious cell puns have energized your humor cells and tickled your funny bone. But if you’re still craving more puns, be sure to check out our website for endless pun-derful content. Thank you for taking the time to visit and remember, keep laughing!

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