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Get ready to tickle your funny bone with the ultimate collection of over 200 unforgettable Hillary puns! Whether you’re a fan or a critic, these hilarious wordplays will have you laughing out loud. From “Hillariously” clever to downright punny, we’ve gathered the best puns that will make you think, giggle, and maybe even roll your eyes. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride as we take you on a pun-filled journey through the world of Hillary Clinton. Get ready to crack a smile and give your funny bone the workout it deserves with these Hillary puns that are sure to make your day.

Punning for President: Hillary Edition (Editors Pick)

1. “I’m with Her-rific!”
2. “Hillary is Hill-arious!”
3. “Emails make Hillary Hill-arious!”
4. “Hill-ary: Champion of the Pantsuit”
5. “Billary and Hillary, a Hill-arious Duo”
6. “Hillary’s Campaign is a Hill-arious Rollercoaster”
7. “Hill-ary: Filling the Gender Gap and the Hill Gap”
8. Hill-ary: Making History on the Hill
9. “Hill-ary: Bridging the Gap between Hill and Victory”
10. “Hill-ary: Breaking Glass Ceilings and Hill Ranges”
11. “What do you call a hill that supports Hillary? A Hill-arytop!”
12. “Why did Hillary get good grades? Because she always understood Hill-ary Algebra!”
13. Hill-ary’s campaigns are like hiking up a hill, filled with unexpected twists and turns!
14. “Did you hear about the hill that endorsed Hillary? It’s called Mount Hill-ary-ous!”
15. “Hill-ary’s speeches are so pun-tastic, they could make a hill laugh!”
16. “Did you know that Hillary’s favorite pastime is hiking? No wonder she’s always on a hill-arious journey!”
17. “Hill-ary is like a hill, always reaching new heights!”
18. “Hill-ary has a knack for turning any adversity into a hill-arious opportunity!”
19. “What’s Hillary’s favorite type of hill? A Hill-ary-climb!”
20. Hill-ary: Climbing the Hill of Politics, One Pun at a Time!

Hil-larious One-Liner Puns

1. Did you hear about the politician who fell down a hill? They now have a hill-ary!
2. Hillary climbed up the mountain so fast, she’s definitely hill-ary-ous!
3. When Hillary went hiking, her friends said she had quite the hill-ary-of-a-time!
4. Hillary loves to go hiking because she never misses a chance to be hill-ary-ous!
5. Hillary’s favorite type of exercise is hill-ary-sprints!
6. Why did Hillary join a rock climbing club? She wanted to reach new hill-ary-tes!
7. Hillary is so good at climbing hills, she should be named the hill-ary-est of them all!
8. Hillary’s favorite activity in nature is looking for hill-ary bees!
9. I asked Hillary if she wanted to join me for a walk up the hill, but she declined, saying she was hill-ary-tated already!
10. Hillary loves to go hiking because she enjoys the hill-ary-ous views!
11. When Hillary goes hiking, she always brings her favorite hill-ary breakfast bar!
12. Hillary’s favorite pastime is hill-ary-boarding!
13. Hillary’s favorite type of comedy is hill-ary-ous stand-up!
14. Hillary is so good at climbing hills, she should be named the hill-ary-ous!
15. Why did Hillary take up hiking? She said it was a hill-ary-skiing experience!
16. Hillary always takes a break during her hike to enjoy a hill-ary yogurt!
17. When Hillary goes hiking, she’s always hill-ary-d!
18. Hillary is so good at climbing hills, she might as well be called mount-hill-ary!
19. Why did the hiker elect Hillary as their guide? Because she was hill-ary-ous!
20. Hillary loves to go hiking because she believes it’s the hill-ary path to self-discovery!

Pantsuit Puzzlers (Question-and-Answer Puns)

1. Why did Hillary Clinton become a pastry chef? Because she’s always ready to whip up a political cake!
2. How does Hillary Clinton stay in shape? She runs from Benghazi to the White House every morning!
3. Why did Hillary release a cookbook? Because she knows how to stir up a controversy!
4. How does Hillary Clinton organize her emails? She uses a classified folder system!
5. Why did Hillary Clinton get a job at a bakery? Because she loves to mix politics with dough!
6. What kind of tea does Hillary Clinton drink? Benghazi tea!
7. Why did Hillary Clinton become a wedding planner? She knows how to make the party “Bills” and “Hill”arious!
8. What was Hillary Clinton’s favorite subject in school? History, because she likes to rewrite it!
9. Why did Hillary Clinton become a photographer? Because she knows how to delete incriminating evidence!
10. How does Hillary Clinton surf the internet? With a private email server!
11. Why did Hillary open a pet store? Because she knows how to handle political animals!
12. What did Hillary say when she met a cool cat? “Nice to meet you, Meow-ssie!”
13. Why was Hillary Clinton never able to fly a plane? Because she couldn’t stick to one story!
14. How did Hillary Clinton become a weather forecaster? She’s always “Clinton-like” with her predictions!
15. Why did Hillary Clinton never become a basketball player? She doesn’t like to hoop around with regulations!
16. What did Hillary Clinton say to the farmer? “Let’s make plans to cultivate a better future!”
17. Why did Hillary Clinton start a fashion line? She has a knack for “pant-suit”ability!
18. How does Hillary Clinton write a letter? She uses a classified “mail” service!
19. Why did Hillary Clinton become a detective? Because she’s always searching for the truth, even in private emails!
20. What did Hillary Clinton say when someone asked her if she was running for president again? “I’m all geared up for another ‘campaign’aign!”

Hillarious Hillary Puns: Two Sides of the Pundit

1. Hillary thought she was the “hills”ionaire, but her campaign went downhill.
2. Hillary was feeling a bit “Bill”-ious after losing the election.
3. Did you hear about Hillary’s marathon running career? She’s quite the “hill” of health.
4. Hillary’s presidential campaign was all about “hill” and no substance.
5. What do you call Hillary after she tripped on a hill? Hillary Cling-on-tight!
6. Did you hear about the time Hillary tried to go mountain climbing? She found herself in a “hill” of trouble!
7. Hillary thought she could overcome any obstacle, but she’s still struggling to get over the “hill”.
8. Hillary’s career has had its ups and downs, but she’s always found a way to keep “hilling” it up.
9. Hillary’s political aspirations never reached their “peak” potential.
10. Hillary may have lost the election, but she still knows how to make a “hill” of a speech.
11. When Hillary was asked about her favorite type of terrain, she responded: “I prefer a “hill”-y challenging hike!
12. What did Hillary say to her campaign team after losing the election? “We’re going back to the “hil”l board.”
13. Did you hear about Hillary’s attempt to become a renowned painter? Well, she may not be Van Gogh, but she sure knows how to “hill” a portrait!
14. What did Hillary say when asked about her love for outdoor activities? “I’ve always had a soft spot for “hill”-sides.”
15. Hillary’s critics may say she’s all talk and no action, but you can’t deny she knows how to “hill” the stage.
16. When Hillary announced her presidential campaign, some people said she was “out of touch” with the American people. But she never let those accusations deter her “from the “hill” of the storm.
17. Hillary may have lost the election, but she still knows how to “hill” it on the campaign trail.
18. When Hillary saw a beautiful landscape, she couldn’t resist exclaiming, “Now that’s my kind of “hill” view!”
19. Hillary’s political career didn’t go as planned, but she always had a knack for finding “hill”-arious moments.
20. What did Hillary say about her career after the election? “It’s been a “hill” of a ride!”

Hillarious Hillary (Puns in Idioms)

1. Hillary fell down the hill and broke her crown.
2. Hillary is on top of the world, hill and all.
3. Hillary’s political campaign went downhill fast.
4. Hillary is in a hill of trouble.
5. It’s all uphill from here for Hillary.
6. Hillary is running uphill in the race.
7. Hillary’s political opponents are trying to make a mountain out of a hill.
8. Hillary loves to hill and overanalyze things.
9. Don’t make a hill out of a molehill, Hillary.
10. Hillary always chooses the high road, even if it’s a steep hill.
11. Going to the polls gives Hillary a hill of adrenaline.
12. The opposition’s arguments are just a hill of beans to Hillary.
13. Hillary wants to climb the political hill and reach the summit.
14. Hillary’s campaign promises keep going over the hill.
15. The hill is alive with the sound of Hillary’s campaign.
16. Hillary’s political opponents can’t keep her down, she’s a hill climber.
17. Hillary is full of hill-arious puns during her speeches.
18. When it comes to diplomacy, Hillary knows how to navigate the hills and valleys.
19. Hillary doesn’t let the haters rain on her parade, she always finds a hill.
20. No matter how steep the hill, Hillary always rises to the challenge.

Aim for the Hillarious (Pun Juxtaposition)

1. Hillary Clinton should open a coffee shop, she’s always brewing trouble.
2. Hillary’s campaign promises were as empty as a blank sheet of paper.
3. Hillary’s email scandal left her with a VIP ticket to the delete bin.
4. Hillary’s political career is on the hill and slowly rolling down.
5. Hillary opening a bookstore would be like reading a never-ending story.
6. Hillary’s speaking engagements bring new meaning to the term “running out of words.”
7. Hillary working at a car dealership would be like a broken engine promising a smooth ride.
8. Hillary’s campaign fundraisers gather less money than a kid’s lemonade stand.
9. Hillary’s speeches can turn a crowded room into a deserted island.
10. Hillary’s political journey is like climbing Mount Ever-rest.
11. Hillary hiring a personal chef would be like adding salt to injury.
12. Hillary’s campaign slogans were catchy but as effective as a broken record.
13. Hillary organizing a dance competition would be like slow-motion moves on a fast-forward track.
14. Hillary’s idea for a fashion line would be like wearing dull pantsuits on a runway.
15. Hillary running a marathon would be like watching a turtle race against a cheetah.
16. Hillary working at a zoo would make the animals feel more free.
17. Hillary’s presidency aspirations look as realistic as a donkey hopping through a ring of fire.
18. Hillary being a lifeguard is like asking for a dry drowning experience.
19. Hillary’s attempt at comedy would be as funny as a funeral with no eulogy.
20. Hillary opening a bakery would leave customers hungry for political substance.

Hitting the Hillary-sphere: Puns on the Political Front

1. Hillarious
2. Hill+airy
3. Hill-a-rye
4. Hill and Chill
5. Up the Hillary
6. Hillariously Funny
7. Hill Haven
8. Hilltop Pleasure
9. Take a Hike, Hillary
10. Hillary Hills
11. Rolling Hills-ary
12. The Hillarious Escape
13. Hillary’s Heights
14. On Top of the Hill
15. Hillside Hideaway
16. Hillary’s Happy Place
17. Hillarious Hangout
18. Hillary’s Hillside Inn
19. Hills and Thrills
20. Hillary’s Peak

Pundits and Puns: Hillary’s Hilarious Spoonerisms

1. Pillowtop swill
2. Pillary hun
3. Wicked sHillary
4. Pens and collusions
5. Sillary puns
6. Lick face illarisms
7. Billarisms
8. Crazy’s Dump
9. Rodles Hill
10. Hiltery puns
11. No-Bill Hilltary
12. Drillary hun
13. Collusion run
14. Hillary’s pons
15. Illarisms
16. Billary’s cons
17. Sheepish Hilly
18. Illarary stunts
19. Pillary rants
20. Political pillary stunts

Hilarious Hillary Tom Swifties

1. “I won the election,” Hillary declared victoriously.
2. “I am experiencing a surge in support,” Hillary said risingly.
3. “I will make history as the first female president,” Hillary declared proudly.
4. “My campaign is gaining momentum,” Hillary said spiritedly.
5. “I am ready to lead,” Hillary said confidently.
6. “I am with her all the way,” Bill said supportively.
7. “I will fight for equal rights,” Hillary said fiercely.
8. “I will make America strong again,” Hillary said powerfully.
9. I will focus on healthcare reform,” Hillary said carefully.
10. “I will reduce income inequality,” Hillary said progressively.
11. I will prioritize education,” Hillary said knowledgeably.
12. “I will address climate change,” Hillary said environmentally.
13. “I will promote job growth,” Hillary said economically.
14. “I will improve foreign relations,” Hillary said diplomatically.
15. “I will protect women’s rights,” Hillary said passionately.
16. “I will defend LGBTQ+ rights,” Hillary said inclusively.
17. “I will champion gun control measures,” Hillary said responsibly.
18. “I will ensure affordable housing for all,” Hillary said feasibly.
19. “I will invest in renewable energy,” Hillary said sustainably.
20. “I will unite the country,” Hillary said harmoniously.

Oxymoronic Political Puns (Hillariously Contradictory Wordplay)

1. “Hillary’s campaign promises are a big small secret.”
2. “People call her ‘Honest Hillary,’ maybe because she never tells the truth!”
3. “She’s got the personality of a warm ice cube.”
4. “Hillary’s integrity is suspect, like a trustworthy politician.”
5. Her love for transparency is as clear as mud.
6. “She’s a skilled diplomat, like a peaceful warlord.”
7. “Watching her speeches feels like a thrilling nap.”
8. “Hillary is a master of authenticity, just like a fake Rolex.”
9. “Her emails were secure as an unlocked safe.”
10. “She’s as spontaneous as a meticulously planned surprise party.”
11. “Hillary’s laugh is as genuine as a politician’s smile.”
12. “She has the charm of a grumpy cat.”
13. Her trustworthiness is as solid as a crumbling bridge.
14. “Her transparency is as clear as a foggy day.”
15. “Hillary’s speeches are as captivating as a white noise machine.”
16. “Her political career is as successful as a failed magician’s trick.”
17. “She’s a beacon of innovation, just like a dial-up internet connection.”
18. Her integrity is as strong as a paper airplane.
19. “Hillary is a champion of honesty, just like a used car salesman.”
20. “Her promises are as reliable as a broken clock.”

Endless Clintonundra (Recursive Hillary Puns)

1. Did you hear about the politician who fell off a hill? She was a Hillary-ous sight!
2. Hillary Clinton is a real hill-ionaire when it comes to politics.
3. When Hillary goes hiking, she always takes her Hill-ary-pack.
4. Hillary is such a political climber, she could conquer any hill-arious challenge.
5. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Hill. Hill who? Hillary-ous jokes are hill-oularious!
6. What’s Hillary’s favorite type of cardio exercise? Hill climbing!
7. Hillary might be a seasoned politician, but she’s still down to earth. After all, she’s Hill-ary Clinton!
8. When Hillary goes skiing, she always chooses the steepest Hill-ary.
9. What type of cookies does Hillary Clinton like? Hillary Nutella Cookies.
10. What do you call Hillary Clinton when she’s climbing a mountain? Hill-ary!
11. What did Hillary say when she reached the top of the hill? “Hill yeah!”
12. Did you hear about Hillary’s pet rock? It’s called “Hill-ary”!
13. When Hillary is feeling down, she finds solace in a good hill-ucination.
14. What’s Hillary Clinton’s favorite movie genre? Hill-arious comedies!
15. Did you hear about the hill that was elected president? His name was Hill-ary.
16. What do you call a hill with a magnetic personality? Hill-ary-attractive!
17. Why did the hill decide to run for office? It wanted to be the next Hill-ary.
18. What do you get when you cross a hill with a politician? A Hill-ary-ous campaign trail!
19. What’s Hillary’s favorite game to play at family reunions? Hill-ary Duffel Bag Toss!
20. Why did the hill vote for Hillary? Because she promised to improve hill-thcare!

Hill-ar-ious Clichés: Pundits Get Hillary-cal!

1. Hillary Clinton really wants to “trump” her opponents.
2. The campaign trail is no hillary place for the weak.
3. Hillary keeps her aspirations “clinton” to her heart.
4. She’s not just chasing her dreams, she’s “hillary-ing” past them.
5. When it comes to politics, Hillary knows how to “rodham” up support.
6. Hillary’s campaign is aiming to be a real “clinton-er” of attention.
7. Some say Hillary’s ambition is as high as the hill “ary,” itself.
8. It’s always a shining “clinton” for Hillary supporters.
9. Hillary’s success is all about “hillary-ity” and determination.
10. When it comes to debates, Hillary knows how to “rodham and reel” her rivals in.
11. Hillary’s campaign is a true uphill “clinton-vator.”
12. She’s not just aiming for the White House, Hillary is “rodham” for the stars.
13. Hillary’s campaign is on a constant “clinton” course to victory.
14. They say politics is all downhill after Hillary’s in the race.
15. Hillary’s campaign is making waves, no “clinton” about it.
16. When Hillary speaks, everyone listens, she’s quite the “hillary-nator.”
17. In the race for the presidency, Hillary is always “clinton-ing.”
18. Hillary’s campaign is “hillary-ing” ahead of the game.
19. As the competition heats up, Hillary is keeping her cool, always “clinton-der control.”
20. When it comes to winning the presidency, Hillary is on a “clinton-ding spree.”

In conclusion, if you’re in need of a good laugh or just want to tickle your funny bone, look no further than our ultimate collection of Hillary puns. With over 200 unforgettable puns, you’re guaranteed to find something that will leave you chuckling. And if you’re still craving more puns, be sure to check out our website for a treasure trove of comedic gold. Thank you for visiting and we hope you had a pun-tastic time!

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