Ultimate Collection of 200+ Warframe Puns to Unleash Your Inner Tenno Humor

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Get ready to bring out your inner Tenno humor with this ultimate collection of over 200 Warframe puns! Whether you are a long-time player or freshly initiated, these hilarious puns are sure to have you laughing while you slice and dice your way through the game. From puns about your favorite Warframes to clever wordplay on the game’s various weapons and systems, there’s no shortage of humor to be found in the world of Warframe. So grab a cup of Kuva and get ready to unleash your inner jokester with these punny quips. Let the laughs begin!

The Top 10 Warframe Jokes to Make You Laugh (Editors Pick)

1. “I’m not a Tenno, I’m a Ten-yes!”
2. “I’m Excalibur-lounge singer, here to sing the praises of the Lotus”
3. “I’m not a Corpus, I’m a Corp-usually-employs-others”
4. “I’m a Grineer, and I’m Grin-n-ear-to-conquer-the-System”
5. “My Warframe is more than just a Frame of mind”
6. “The Infested are nothing to Saryn about”
7. “Ash, you gotta be kidding me with these puns”
8. Rhino? More like Rhi-no-way-to-stop-this-pun-train”
9. “Oberon? More like Ob-puns-on-until-someone-stops-me”
10. “I Volt see that coming”
11. “Mag-neato, don’t you think?”
12. “Nyx, Nyx, Nyx, who’s there?”
13. “Nova? More like Novelevated-level-of-punning”
14. “Ember be warned, these puns are hot”
15. Limbo, limbo, limbo, how low can these puns go?
16. “Trinity? More like Trinity-believe-how-good-these-puns-are”
17. “Zephyr, soar high with these puns”
18. “Khora-zy how many puns I can come up with?”
19. “Vauban? More like Vauban-myself-with-these-puns”
20. “Wukong, wukong, who’s there? Me, with more puns!”

“Frame Your Laughs with Warframe Puns (One-liner Humor)”

1. I used to be a Saryn main, but now I’m Excalibur.

2. I’m not sure if I’m playing Warframe or Sudoku with all these puzzles.

3. Why did the Grineer cross the road? To get to the other sidearm.

4. I tried to farm for some resources, but all I got was a Mirage.

5. It’s easy to tell if a Warframe player is lying. Their Harrow stands up.

6. I’m not saying Rhino is fat, but his exalted Iron Skin has its own exalted Iron Skin.

7. How do you get rid of a fever? By using a mag-azine.

8. You can tell Volt is an electrician because he’s always shocking.

9. Why did the Tenno use their Augment Mod? To make the best of a bad Ash.

10. When Loki goes invisible, he really disappears in a puff of smoke and Mirages.

11. The Corpus decided to call their railway system the “Fossa Express”. I guess they really dug it.

12. I’m not sure if the Infestation is more annoying or if Corpus Nullifiers are.

13. How do you play hide and seek with a Tenno? You just pretend you don’t see them.

14. They say patience is a virtue, but in Warframe, it’s a mod.

15. I was playing Warframe when a Grineer suddenly yelled, “FUS-DOH-RAAAAAHHH!”

16. We like to call Trinity the “health insurance” of the group.

17. How do you ruin a Warframe’s day? By telling them “you only have one life to live.

18. You can always count on Excalibur to bring his A-game.

19. I wouldn’t mind getting frozen by a Frost. It’d be pretty chill.

20. The Void is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re gonna Banshee.

Warframe Witty Q&A’s

1. What did the Tenno say when they found a faulty mod?
– “Looks like it’s time for some rectiFication!”

2. Why didn’t the Grineer want to go to space?
– Because they were afraid of being Nebula-ized!

3. How did the Corpus contribute to the dojo?
– By funding the Obstacle Nest!

4. What do you call a ghostly Warframe that can phase through walls?
– A Spectra-phased!

5. How do you know when it’s time to replace your Warframe’s power core?
– When it starts to feel a little Bit-rotted!

6. What’s the difference between a Kubrow and a bad joke?
– One is man’s best friend, the other is a pun digger!

7. Why did the Orokin have such good eyesight?
– Because they always kept an Argon eye out!

8. What did the Tenno say when they landed a critical hit?
– “That’s how you get a Ribosomal!”

9. What do you call a Warframe that’s obsessed with finding loot?
– A Far-ma-frenzied!

10. How did the Corpus earn its wealth?
– By skimming off the top of everything!

11. Why don’t Tenno play poker on the Warframe ship?
– Because every hand is a Prime hand!

12. What’s the best way to deal with a horde of Infested?
– Just Swarm them under!

13. Why didn’t the Grineer trust the new Lancers?
– They said they had a lot of experience, but they were all Reconditioned!

14. What’s the best way to clear out a Corpus security breach?
– With a Clean … er, beam!

15. What did the Tenno say when they defeated a boss?
– “You’re Ex-chiefed!”

16. What do you call a Tenno with a sweet tooth?
– A Frosty-treat!

17. How did the Grineer cook the perfect steak?
– By using the best Cloned cattle!

18. What’s the best way to keep a Warframe from rusting?
– By giving it a good Polished finish!

19. Why did the Corpus start selling organic food?
– To keep up the Cyto-pharms!

20. What do you call a Tenno with a lot of Warframe mods?
– A Mod-erately obsessed!

Fighting Words (Double Entendre Puns on Warframe)

1. I’d love to warframe with you.
2. Let’s get into your arsenal and see what kind of weapons you’ve got.
3. I’d like to explore your Orbiter with you.
4. The Lotus must love your loadout.
5. Your corpus is looking mighty strong.
6. I see you’re packing some serious firepower.
7. You must have a lot of endurance to survive for so long.
8. I can tell you’ve put a lot of time and effort into your Warframe.
9. I’d love to delve into your void relics.
10. I hear your Tenno skills are legendary.
11. That Warframe of yours is really packing heat.
12. Your Prime gear is impressive.
13. I’d love to be your Banshee in bed.
14. I bet you’re a pro at hacking into enemy systems.
15. Let’s see who’s the best at melee combat.
16. I’d love to help you complete some missions.
17. I bet you’re great at defending objectives.
18. I’d love to see your focus skills in action.
19. Your Liset is looking pretty sleek.
20. I think we’d make a great squad.

Warframe Witty Wordplay (Puns on the Warframe Game)

1. “I’m really good at Warframe, I’m always ahead of the game.”
2. “I’m going to Warframe all night, I hope my boss doesn’t get cross.”
3. “When I’m playing Warframe, I’m in the zone.”
4. “Playing Warframe is my favorite pastime, it’s a real blast.”
5. “I always arm myself with the best weapons in Warframe.”
6. When I’m playing Warframe, my enemies better watch their back.
7. “I’m so good at Warframe that I always come out on top, neverboard.”
8. “I keep my Warframe weapons sharp, it’s my ammunition for success.”
9. In Warframe, I like to take things with a grain of salt.
10. “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the Warframe.”
11. “I’m unstoppable in Warframe, I’m a force to be reckoned with.”
12. In Warframe, I like to keep my friends close and my enemies toaster.
13. “In tough Warframe missions, I like to have an ace up my sleeve.”
14. “In Warframe, I aim to be the last one standing.”
15. “You can’t rush success in Warframe, it requires patience and rifle.”
16. “In Warframe, I’m always seeking out new challenges to sharpen my blade.”
17. “When playing Warframe, I like to have my head in the clouds and my feet on the ground.”
18. “In Warframe, there’s no boning up on skills, you have to earn them.”
19. If you want to succeed in Warframe, you have to be willing to stick your neck out.
20. “In Warframe, I’m always willing to go the extra mile to complete the mission.”

Warframe Your Puns (Pun Juxtaposition)

1. Why did Saryn join a gardening club? Because she loves to spread the spores.
2. What do you call a snobbish robot? Vauban pretentious.
3. What do you say when a Warframe is injured but not defeated? They’re down, but not Frost.
4. Why did Mesa become a photographer? For all the f-stop action.
5. What does a Warframe say when they’re feeling sad? “I’m feeling a bit Loki today.”
6. Why did Ember quit her job at the bakery? She couldn’t stand the heat.
7. What do you call a Warframe who loves to party? Mirage-ulous.
8. How does Rhino enjoy his pasta? With a side of Charge cheese.
9. What did Volt say when he became a lawyer? “I object-ion.”
10. Why did Hydroid become a sailor? He wanted to see the undertow.
11. What do you call a Warframe who always tells the truth? Honest Oberon.
12. Why did Nekros become a grave digger? He wanted to get ahead in his career.
13. What do you say to a Warframe who is feeling bossy? “Don’t get Nyx-y with me.”
14. Why did Atlas become a mountain climber? To build up his K-DRIVE.
15. What do you call a Warframe who is always hungry? Ravenous Raptor.
16. Why did Limbo get into magic? He wanted to be the master of his own domain.
17. What do you say when you’re impressed by a Warframe’s skills? “That was Swell.”
18. Why did Titania become a fairy? She was sick of being a Hildryn.
19. What do you call a Warframe who is always late? Wukong tardy.
20. Why did Equinox become a baker? For the day & night shift.

War-puns in Warframe Names

1. Tenno Around (Play on “Turn Around”)
2. Orokinception (Play on “Inception”)
3. The Braton Bunch (Play on “The Brady Bunch”)
4. Mirage à Trois (Play on “Ménage à Trois”)
5. Boar’d to Death (Play on “Bored to Death”)
6. Corpus Colossus (Play on “Corpulent Colossus”)
7. Boltor Proof (Play on “Bulletproof”)
8. Galatine Day (Play on “Valentine’s Day”)
9. Hek Me Up (Play on “Hook Me Up”)
10. Ignis Fatuus (Play on “Ignoramus”)
11. Penta-gon Crazy (Play on “Pentagon”)
12. Soma Me Maybe (Play on “Call Me Maybe”)
13. Vectis Me, Baby (Play on “Take This, Baby”)
14. Zephyr Hills (Play on “Zephyr Hills Spring Water“)
15. The Dread Squad (Play on “The Dead Squad”)
16. Torid Tales (Play on “Tall Tales”)
17. Aksomati Love You (Play on “I love you“)
18. Twin Grakatas (Play on “Twin Katanas”)
19. Atomos-pheric Sciences (Play on “Atmospheric Sciences”)
20. Obexpletive (Play on “Obnoxious”)

Warped Warframe Wordplay: Punny Spoonerisms to Tickle Your Funny Bone

1. Boar Prime becomes Poor Bime
2. Excalibur Prime becomes Pazcalibur Dime
3. Rhino Prime becomes Pino Rhyme
4. Valkyr Prime becomes Palryk Vime
5. Mesa Prime becomes Pesa Mime
6. Saryn Prime becomes Siren Prame
7. Nidus Prime becomes Pidus Nime
8. Gara Prime becomes Para Grime
9. Harrow becomes Marrow Hound
10. Ivara Prime becomes Pivara Ime
11. Limbo Prime becomes Pimbo Lime
12. Mag Prime becomes Pag Mime
13. Nezha Prime becomes Pezha Nime
14. Nova Prime becomes Pova Nime
15. Oberon Prime becomes Pberon Oime
16. Titania Prime becomes Pitania Trime
17. Trinity Prime becomes Prinity Time
18. Wukong Prime becomes Pukong Wime
19. Zephyr Prime becomes Phepher Zime
20. Ash Prime becomes Pash Amine.

Warframe Wit (Tom Swifties)

1. “I just got my new Warframe,” Tom said, warily.
2. “I’m a master at stealth in Warframe,” Tom whispered quietly.
3. “I love using the Soma Prime,” Tom said sharply.
4. “I’m having a great time playing Warframe,” Tom exclaimed energetically.
5. “I just defeated that boss in Warframe,” Tom said victoriously.
6. “I’m a sniper in Warframe,” Tom said precisely.
7. “I love Warframe’s diverse weapon selection,” Tom said broadly.
8. “I’m really good with my melee in Warframe,” Tom said sharply.
9. “I’m always acing Survival missions,” Tom mused, calmly.
10. “I just hacked that terminal,” Tom said intently.
11. “I always choose the most tactical approach in Warframe,” Tom said carefully.
12. “I’m a big fan of the Grineer faction in Warframe,” Tom said decisively.
13. “I always play the healer role in Warframe,” Tom said selflessly.
14. “I’m always on top of my modding game in Warframe,” Tom said smartly.
15. “I’ve maxed out all of my Warframes,” Tom said expertly.
16. “I love using the Rubico for long-range kills,” Tom said remotely.
17. I always carry plenty of energy packs,” Tom said readily.
18. I’m really good at dodging enemy fire,” Tom said agilely.
19. “I just crafted my very first Warframe,” Tom said skillfully.
20. “I’m always picking off enemies with my sniper,” Tom said aimlessly.

Warframe Wit: Contradictory Puns That Will Make You Laugh and Groan

1. Stealthy Rhino
2. Gentle Giant Rhino
3. Fickle Fixer Mirage
4. Lazy Loki
5. Eager Ember
6. Carefree Chroma
7. Explosive Frost
8. Chill Volt
9. Unbreakable Frost
10. Fiery Atlas
11. Wise Limbo
12. Clueless Ash
13. Silent Valkyr
14. Happy Nekros
15. Mischievous Mag
16. Joyful Hydroid
17. Careful Nova
18. Fearless Banshee
19. Tranquil Wukong
20. Unstoppable Saryn

Recursive War(bframe) Puns

1. Why did the Tenno become a Warframe? He needed to get Excalibur-ated
2. I’m really Zephyr-eshing my skills in Warframe lately.
3. Rhino? No, I’m more of a Fun(fram)e kind of person.
4. It’s not the Volt-age that counts, it’s the current.
5. Can Mesa few more Warframe jokes?
6. Warframe’s Grineer enemies are just so…Cloney.
7. My mom said my Warframe jokes need to be Dread-worthy.
8. You can’t trick a Warframe: they always have In-sight.
9. Everything Ember-ges with Warframe puns.
10. I was going to tell a Warframe joke but it Nova came to me.
11. My friend got so good at Warframe that I just can’t Mirage him anymore.
12. The Warframe clan I joined is really just one big Nep-tunia party.
13. Our Warframe team is Electri-city on the battlefield.
14. This Warframe pun thread is so Nova-l.
15. I just Hildryn-ed in a corner after hearing these puns.
16. I’ll keep the puns up until someone tells me to Limbo.
17. A silenced weapon might be silent, but my Saryn puns are always loud and clear.
18. I’d like to thank all the Tenno out there with a heart-Warmer.
19. If you want to win at Warframe, you need to Mag-nify your skills.
20. Don’t get frosty, the puns are just getting better and Frost.

Locked and Loaded with Warframe Witty Wordplay (Puns on Warframe)

1. “I’ve got a (War) frame of mind.”
2. “You can’t win ’em all, but with a Warframe, you have a fighting chance.”
3. All is fair in love and Warframe.
4. “Don’t count your Warframes before they hatch.”
5. “Time heals all wounds, but a Warframe can take you out of the battle.”
6. “When life gives you lemons, equip your Warframe with a corrosive mod.”
7. Don’t bite off more than your Warframe can chew.
8. “What goes around comes around, especially with a Warframe’s radial attack.”
9. “Actions speak louder than words, unless you’re using a Warframe’s abilities.”
10. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it equip a Warframe.
11. “When in doubt, bring your Warframe out.”
12. “The early Warframe gets the loot.”
13. “A Warframe a day keeps the Grineer away.”
14. “There’s no such thing as a free Warframe.”
15. “Two heads are better than one, but four Warframes are better than two.”
16. “Don’t judge a Warframe by its appearance – it’s all about the mods.”
17. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but a Warframe can take down a squad of enemies in mere seconds.
18. “Practice makes perfect, but a Warframe’s Augment mods make it even better.”
19. “If at first, you don’t succeed, call in your Warframe for backup.”
20. “To Warframe or not to Warframe, that is the question.”

In conclusion, we hope these 200+ Warframe puns were enough to leave you floored with laughter. But don’t stop here! Be sure to check out other puns on our website and share them with your fellow Tenno. Thank you for taking the time to visit us and keep spreading the humor. Until next time, happy punning!

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