220 Hilarious Pigeon Puns That’ll Make Your Spirits Soar

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Get ready to soar with laughter because we’ve rounded up over 200 pigeon puns that are guaranteed to tickle your feathers! Whether you’re a bird enthusiast or just enjoy a good pun, these jokes will have you cooing with delight. From flying high with hilarious one-liners to winging it with punny phrases, these jokes are sure to make your spirits soar. So, why did the pigeon cross the road? To get to the punchline! Whether you’re looking for a chuckle or a groan-inducing pun, these jokes will make your day fly by. So, grab a cup of birdseed and get ready to laugh with our collection of pigeon puns!

Flock and Roll: The Best Pigeon Puns (Editors Pick)

1. “I’m feeling coo today”
2. “When you’re stuck between a rock and a flock of pigeons, choose the latter”
3. “Pigeons make for great friends, they stick by your side”
4. Pigeons really know how to wing it
5. “Don’t chase pigeons, you’ll just be coo-less in the end”
6. “Pigeons are the most feather-y of all birds”
7. I had a pigeon for a pet, but he flew the coop
8. “Are you pigeon toed or just winging it?”
9. If you take a pigeon on a date, make sure it’s swoon time
10. “Why did the pigeon cross the road? To prove he wasn’t a chicken.”
11. The pigeon is truly a bird of a feather, flocking together
12. “I heard a pigeon joke once, but it flew over my head”
13. “Pigeons have really great flutter-tude”
14. “Don’t pigeonhole yourself, spread your wings and fly”
15. “Pigeons might have a bad rap, but they’re really just misunderstood”
16. “Pigeons know how to get a head start with their tail-wagging”
17. “When pigeons get married, they tie the knot ”
18. Pigeons may seem a little flighty, but they’re actually pretty grounded
19. “I’m not pigeon-toeing around the issue, I’d be happy to talk about it.”
20. “If you’re looking to engage in some birdwatching, don’t forget to include the pigeon. After all, they’re the real rock doves.”

Pigeon Puns with Flapping Wit (One-liner Puns)

1. Did you hear about the pigeon who wanted to become a lawyer? He was always cooing objections.
2. Why did the pigeon cross the playground? To get to the other slide!
3. What do you call a group of pigeons playing instruments? The bird band.
4. What do you call a pigeon that’s good at math? A Polynomino.
5. What did the pigeon say to his partner when they couldn’t find their nest? “Let’s go on a wing and a prayer.”
6. Why did the pigeon refuse to share his food? He wasn’t winged to share.
7. How do pigeons always know where they’re going? They use their pigeon GPS.
8. What do you get when you cross a pigeon with a crocodile? A bird that can swallow its prey whole!
9. Why do pigeons make bad detectives? They always wing it.
10. What do you call a pigeon that always forgets where he parked his car? A bird-brain.
11. Did you hear about the pigeon who won the marathon? He was absolutely cooing with excitement.
12. Why did the pigeon get a ticket? He was illegally parked on a telephone wire.
13. How do you keep pigeons from flying away? Hide their wings!
14. Why did the pigeon refuse to help his friend move? He wasn’t winged for heavy lifting.
15. What do you call a pigeon that’s obsessed with Pokemon? A Pigeotto.
16. Why did the pigeon go to the casino? To try his beak at the slot machines.
17. How do you make a pigeon stew? Add four pigeons and two rabbits. (Pigeon + Rabbit = Pigeon stew – Pi*r^2)
18. Why did the pigeon refuse to eat his vegetables? He was already stuffed with bird seeds.
19. What do you call a pigeon that’s always on the phone? A chatterbox!
20. How do you know when a pigeon is paying attention? He gives you his full bird’s eye view.

Flight of Fun (Question-and-Answer Puns about Pigeon Puns)

1. What do you call a group of pigeons playing instruments? A band of coo-performers!
2. How do you identify a pigeon who’s always telling jokes? Just listen for their witty coos.
3. Why did the pigeon stay home from school? It was feeling a little coo-sick.
4. What do you call a pigeon’s favorite kind of music? Beak-boxing.
5. How do you describe a pigeon who’s always showing off? Egotist-a-coo.
6. What did the pigeon call its autobiography? My Life in Beak and White.
7. Why did the pigeon go to space? To visit the Egg-s-traterrestrial Space Station.
8. What do you call a pigeon who’s a great listener? A coo-nfidant
9. Why was the pigeon’s prehistoric ancestor always grumpy? It lived during the Cretace-coo-s period.
10. How do you describe a pigeon who’s always at the gym? Bulk-ing coo.
11. What do you call a pigeon who’s lost its voice? A hoarse-pigeon.
12. Why do pigeons make terrible detectives? They always coo-spect the worst.
13. What did the pigeon say when it was impressed by something? “That’s a-coo-ingly impressive!”
14. Where do pigeons go to learn martial arts? The coo dojo.
15. What do you call a pigeon who’s great at musical theater? A coo-tor soprano.
16. Why do pigeons make bad magicians? They always coo-fess their tricks.
17. What do you call a pigeon who’s really into baking? A coo-kie chef.
18. Why did the pigeon get mad at the crossword puzzle? It couldn’t find the coo-word.
19. What do you call a pigeon who’s trying to break into showbiz? A coo-median.
20. How do pigeons celebrate their birthday? With a coo-tillion party.

Coos Me Maybe: Punny Pigeon Double Entendres

1. The pigeon couldn’t pay his bill, so he put it on his bill.
2. The pigeon couple couldn’t live with each other, but they couldn’t live without each other either.
3. The pigeon was accused of stealing, but he said he was just taking a little squab.
4. The pigeon whispered in the other pigeon’s ear, “I love the way you coo.”
5. The pigeon asked the bartender for a “birdbath” to wash down his seeds.
6. The pigeon was feeling peckish and decided to have some “bird food” for dinner.
7. The pigeon was so high on life, he felt he could fly without wings.
8. The pigeon was flapping his wings to dry off, but some mist started to form in the air.
9. The pigeon watched the dove fly by and he couldn’t stop staring at her tail feathers.
10. The pigeon had a headache, so he took some flock-tsa.
11. The pigeon was caught with his feathers down.
12. The pigeon heard a rumor that there was a new branch in town, so he decided to fly over there and check it out.
13. The pigeon was feeling lonely, so he decided to put an ad in the paper for a “coo-l” mate.
14. The pigeon was hanging around the feeder, waiting for a hot chick to show up.
15. The bird watchers were amazed by the way the pigeon strutted his stuff on the sidewalk.
16. The pigeon asked the owl for advice, but the owl just hooted in response.
17. The pigeon decided to take up yoga to strengthen his flapping muscles.
18. The pigeon was really proud of his flying skills, he thought he was a real airborne casanova.
19. The pigeon told the female pigeon, “I’ll make you a coo-kie you can’t refuse.”
20. The pigeon was so nervous before his big flight, he pooped his pants (or feathers, rather).

“Pigeon Puns That’ll Have You Flocking with Laughter”

1. If you’re feeling down in the dumps, don’t worry – things will turn out just finch.
2. I heard a pigeon tried to steal someone’s wallet. It was caught red-beaked.
3. Don’t count your pigeons before they’re hatched.
4. Whenever I see a pigeon, I just wing it and hope for the best.
5. Why did the pigeon refuse to share its bread? Because it needed the dough.
6. I tried to ask a pigeon out on a date, but it just cooed me off.
7. Pigeons are the ultimate city birds – they’re always squawk-ing around.
8. If you cross a pigeon with a peacock, do you get a bird of feather or a bird of a different feather?
9. Pigeons aren’t known for being very adventurous, but they will take a flyer on occasion.
10. They say the early bird catches the worm, but the early pigeon catches the whole bread loaf.
11. Don’t be afraid to be a little bird-brained sometimes – it can lead to great things.
12. Why did the pigeon refuse to go on stage? It had stage fright.
13. If you want to improve your golf game, just remember to keep your eye on the birdie.
14. Pigeons might be seen as pests, but they’re really just the squabbiest creatures out there.
15. It’s hard to stay grounded when you have wings, but pigeons manage to pull it off.
16. They say don’t put all your eggs in one basket, but what about all your pigeons in one coop?
17. A pigeon walks into a bar and asks for a drink. The bartender says, “I’m sorry, but we don’t serve birds here.” The pigeon responds, “That’s okay – I don’t drink much anyway.”
18. You’ve heard of the saying “like a kid in a candy store? Well, I’m like a pigeon in a park.
19. Why did the pigeon get kicked out of the library? It kept cooing too loudly.
20. I don’t always understand pigeon language, but when I do, it’s usually because they’re complaining about how hard it is to find a good roost.

Let’s Get Coop-erative: Flock to These Pigeon Puns (Pun Juxtaposition)

1. Why couldn’t the pigeon finish its dinner? It got a little too coo-full.
2. What do you call a pigeon that’s always chilling at home? A couch-potatopee.
3. Why did the pigeon refuse to play poker? He didn’t want to be cooped up inside the whole night.
4. What do you call a pigeon who’s feeling fanciful? A plume-fool.
5. Why did the pigeon purchase a wig? He wanted to feather his hair out a bit.
6. What do you call a pigeon who’s always performing flips? A wing-wonder.
7. Why did the pigeon get kicked out of the library? He wasn’t following their coo-de-laws.
8. What do you call a pigeon who’s obsessed with streaming musicals? A cast-reciter.
9. Why did the pigeon refuse to reveal its birthday? Because it’s considered fowl play.
10. What do you call a pigeon who’s always into the latest fashion trends? A couture-coo.
11. Why do pigeons always make great students? They’re great listeners and have impeccable note-taking skills.
12. What do you call a pigeon who is considering running for mayor? A coowineer.
13. Why did the pigeon purchase a luxury car? He wanted to stand out from the rest of the flock.
14. What do you call a pigeon who’s always cleaning his feathers? A coo-purist.
15. Why do pigeons never give a straight answer? Because their response is always “coo.”
16. What do you call a pigeon who’s always playing soccer? A wing-forward.
17. Why did the pigeon become a chef? He wanted to learn how to make the perfect beak-a-boo.
18. What do you call a pigeon who’s always seeking adventure? An aviary-venturist.
19. Why did the pigeon refuse to give up his seat on the train? He wanted a coo-perative ride.
20. What is a pigeon’s favorite sport? Squab-ble.

Pigeon Party (Puns on Pigeon Names)

1. Beakfast Cafe
2. Featherweight Fitness
3. Birdie Bistro
4. Talon-ted Hair Salon
5. Winged Warrior Martial Arts
6. Pigeon Park Playground
7. Avian Avenue neighborhood
8. The Coop Coworking Space
9. Squab Street Deli
10. Fly By Night Music Store
11. Perching Post Office
12. Fowl Play Casino
13. Pecking Order Law Firm
14. The Nest Bed and Breakfast
15. Bird Brainz tutoring service
16. Coo-ture Clothing Boutique
17. The Squawk Box Podcast
18. The Pigeonhole Bookstore
19. Poultrygeist Haunted House
20. The Bird’s Eye View Photography Studio

Pigeons Playing Ping-Pong with their Punny Pronunciations (Spoonerisms)

1. “Wigeon pings” instead of “pigeon wings”
2. “Locking pid” instead of “pocket ling”
3. “Squab shaker” instead of “shrub quaker”
4. “Pecking icon” instead of “checking pecan”
5. “Muffin pops” instead of “puffin mops”
6. Pudding mug” instead of “mudding pug
7. “Coo pudding” instead of “pudding too”
8. “Poultry jitter” instead of “jolly putter”
9. “Proll pigeon” instead of “pole region”
10. Billing fowl” instead of “filling bowl
11. “Pinwheeling poc” instead of “wheeping piloc”
12. “Swiping pid” instead of “piping swid”
13. “Pickled pigeons” instead of “picket pinions”
14. “Blimpson wedge” instead of “limb wedges”
15. “Flapping pants” instead of “mapping plants”
16. “Rocking pile” instead of “pocking rile”
17. Misting peat” instead of “pasting meat
18. “Flock mirror” instead of “mock flicker”
19. “Hopping pogs” instead of “popping hogs”
20. “Dilly ping” instead of “pilly ding”

“Pigeon Holes Get a Beak-in: Tom Swifties Punning on Pigeon Puns”

1. “I’m so glad my pigeon coop is secure,” said Tom loftily.
2. “I never win pigeon races,” Tom cooed sadly.
3. “I don’t like pigeon costumes,” Tom squawked critically.
4. “I never give my birds too much food,” Tom said sparingly.
5. “I named all of my racing pigeons after famous people,” Tom boasted loftily.
6. “I don’t like pigeon soup,” Tom said souperciliously.
7. “I always wear gloves when handling my pigeons,” Tom said loftily.
8. “I’ve been training my pigeons for weeks,” Tom cooed tirelessly.
9. “I love watching pigeons fly,” Tom said wistfully.
10. “I think pigeons are the ultimate bird,” Tom said loftily.
11. “I’m so sick of pigeon jokes,” Tom cooed irritably.
12. “I always protect my pigeons from predators,” Tom ruffled his feathers protectively.
13. “I don’t like getting pigeon poop all over my clothes,” Tom said disgustedly.
14. “I think all pigeons should be treated with respect,” Tom said loftily.
15. “I keep my pigeons in tip-top shape,” Tom cooed fitly.
16. “I never let my pigeons out of my sight,” Tom said guardedly.
17. “I’m always looking for the next great pigeon race,” Tom said eagerly.
18. “I regularly clean out my pigeon coop,” Tom said loftily.
19. “I don’t like blaming my pigeons for bad results,” Tom said fowlly.
20. “I only feed my pigeons the finest seeds,” Tom said loftily.

Paradoxical Winged Wordplay (Oxymoronic Puns on Pigeons)

1. The pigeon king was a featherless bird.
2. That pigeon is a flightless bird brain.
3. The pigeon squad was in disorganized formation.
4. The clumsy pigeon was a nimble fool.
5. The mute pigeon sang a lovely song.
6. The lazy pigeon was a busybody.
7. The shy pigeon was a show off.
8. The cowardly pigeon was a bold coward.
9. The lost pigeon was always right where it belonged.
10. That dirty pigeon sure was a clean bird.
11. The starving pigeon was always well-fed.
12. The short pigeon had a tall tale to tell.
13. The flightless pigeon always had somewhere to be.
14. That dumb pigeon sure was wise.
15. The forgetful pigeon never missed a beat.
16. The slow pigeon was always in a rush.
17. The small pigeon had a huge ego.
18. The blind pigeon saw everything coming from a mile away.
19. That careless pigeon was always careful.
20. The feeble pigeon was a mighty warrior.

Pigeon Party Puns (Recursive Wingdings)

1. What’s the pigeon’s favorite chili? Chippers and dipers.
2. What do you call a pigeon detective? Poiroost.
3. Why did the pigeon go to the gym? To work on its coo-rage.
4. How do you plan a pigeon’s birthday party? You wing it.
5. What do you call a pigeon who’s bad at navigation? Loost.
6. Why did the pigeon join the Navy? To see the world, Feather than it could from the ground.
7. How do you tell a male pigeon from a female pigeon? By their coo-lour.
8. What do pigeons do for fun on Friday nights? Party fowl.
9. What do you call a pigeon who’s always late? A squablatter.
10. Why do seagulls hate pigeons so much? Because pigeons are coo-ler.
11. What do you call a pigeon with a fancy car? A Rolls Roost.
12. What do you call a pigeon that’s super strong? Wing Chun.
13. What do you call it when pigeons race each other? The Fast and the Featherless.
14. What do you call a pigeon with a cold? A Sneezer Peeper.
15. Why was the pigeon afraid to fly south for the winter? A cold front was following him.
16. Why did the pigeon refuse to play cards? Because he was always cooing the deck.
17. How do you make a pigeon salad? Toss ’em up.
18. Why did the pigeon cross the playground? To get to the other slide.
19. How many pigeons does it take to change a lightbulb? Just one, but you have to teach it how to fly up there first.
20. What did the pigeon say when she got scared? I’m so coo-l that I can’t even handle myself.

Pigeon-Holed: Let’s Talk Punny with These Winged Wonders

1. “Birds of a feather flock together…except for that one awkward pigeon.”
2. “The early bird gets the worm, but the early pigeon gets the last bread crumb.”
3. “Don’t count your pigeons before they hatch.”
4. “When life gives you pigeons, make pigeonade.”
5. “The squeaky wheel gets the pigeon.”
6. “All that glitters is not pigeon poop.”
7. “A penny saved is a pigeon earned.”
8. “An apple a day keeps the pigeons away.”
9. “Actions speak louder than pigeons.”
10. “When in doubt, pigeon it out.”
11. “Honesty is the best pigeon policy.”
12. An ounce of prevention is worth a pigeon in the hand.
13. “Rome wasn’t built in a pigeon’s nest.”
14. “Pigeons don’t grow on trees, you know.”
15. “Pigeon me once, shame on you. Pigeon me twice, shame on me.”
16. “Better safe than pigeonless.”
17. “Two pigeons in the bush are better than one pigeon on the sidewalk.”
18. “The proof of the pigeon is in the eating.”
19. “Never put all your pigeons in one basket.”
20. “If at first you don’t pigeon, try, try again.”

In conclusion, these pigeon puns are truly a feather in our cap! We hope they’ve left you laughing and feeling uplifted. If you’re hungry for more punny content, be sure to check out our website for a plethora of knee-slapping jokes and wordplay. Thank you for taking the time to read our article, and soar on!

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