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Get ready to jump into a world of humor and wordplay with our collection of 200+ hilarious Mario puns! From classic characters like Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach to game elements like power-ups and levels, we’ve rounded up the funniest and punniest jokes that will have you laughing out loud. Whether you’re a longtime fan of the Super Mario franchise or just looking for a good laugh, these puns are sure to level up your humor game. So, grab your controller and get ready to join in the fun with our collection of Mario puns. Let’s-a-go!

“Mario Puns That Will Make You Mushroom with Laughter” (Editors Pick)

1. What’s Mario’s favorite kind of pants? Denim denim denim.
2. Why did Mario go to art school? To become a plumber-er.
3. What was Mario’s favorite subject in school? Math-io.
4. Why did Mario break up with Princess Peach? He found her toad-ally boring.
5. How does Mario feel when he loses his hat? Un-Mario-ed.
6. Why did Mario and Luigi get a pet frog? Toad-ally unexpected.
7. What did Mario say to the goomba when it tried to steal his pizza? That’s a-mushroom pizza!
8. What did Mario say when he jumped on a spider? You’re Luigi in this!
9. Why did Mario send Luigi to the store? He was too much of a mushroom head to remember the list.
10. What did Mario say when he hit his head on a block? This is kon-a huge pain!
11. What does Mario say when he’s about to go to bed? Don’t Wario about me.
12. What did Mario say when he got lost in the desert? I need-a water!
13. Why did Mario get a job at the bank? He wanted to make some coin.
14. Why did Mario wear a helmet when he went to eat spaghetti? Just in case there was a-meatty-balls
hidden inside.
15. Where does Mario go when he needs to think? The super thinking cap zone.
16. Why did Mario want to be a lawyer? He had a lot of case-tle to defend.
17. Why did Mario cross the road? To get to the boss on the other side.
18. What did Mario say when his friend lost his teeth? It’s-a me, Gummy!
19. Why did Mario hire an interior designer? He wanted a multi-layered cake room.
20. When does Mario take his medicine? At ten-toad.

Mushroom Magic: A Collection of Mario Puns

1. Why did Mario break up with Princess Peach? He found someone who was a better catch.
2. Did you hear about the Italian plumber who went to prison? He had to use his Mario Kart skills to make a quick getaway!
3. How does Mario like his coffee? With a little bit of Koopa cream.
4. What did Mario say when he found out he was a father? “It’s-a me, daddy-o!”
5. Why did Mario go to outer space? He wanted to find a new world to save.
6. What do you call a mushroom that grows in Mario’s world? A power-up fungus.
7. Why couldn’t Mario become a musician? Because he kept hitting the wrong blocks.
8. What’s Mario’s favorite type of pasta? Linguine with a side of Mario-nara sauce.
9. Why did Mario go on a diet? Because he was feeling a little blooper-y.
10. What’s the one thing Mario never leaves the house without? His fire flower.
11. What do you get when you cross Mario and Luigi with a sandwich? A hero in a hoagie.
12. What’s Mario’s favorite type of bread? Toadstool.
13. Why did Mario go to the dentist? To get rid of his Bowser breath.
14. What do you call a Goomba that’s been defeated by Mario? A mush-roommate.
15. What did Mario say when he finally saved Princess Peach from Bowser? You’re the one that I want-a, ah, ah, honey!
16. How does Mario like his steak cooked? Rare, like when he finds a 1-up mushroom.
17. What do you get when you cross Mario with a fish? A jumping salmon-ella.
18. What do you call a Koopa that’s trying to blend in with the Mario universe? A stealth shell.
19. Why did Mario go to the gym? He wanted to work on his Mario pecs.
20. What’s a plumber’s favorite type of music? R&B, as in Rhythm and Bowser.

Plumber Puzzlers (Question-and-Answer Puns on Mario)

1. Q: Why did Mario go to the doctor? A: He couldn’t stop jumping!

2. Q: How does Mario like his pizza? A: Extra life mushrooms, please!

3. Q: What do you call a group of musicians who dress up like Mario characters? A: The Mariachi band!

4. Q: What did the Italian chef say to Mario? A: “It’s-a me, Mario!”

5. Q: Why doesn’t Mario drink dairy milk? A: He prefers toad-al!

6. Q: Why was Mario disappointed with his pizza delivery? A: It didn’t have enough Bowser-onni!

7. Q: What did Mario say when he saw his brother Luigi? A: “Luigi, my bro! How’s it going?”

8. Q: What was the Super Mario Bros’ favorite spot to go camping? A: The Toad-stool forest!

9. Q: Why did Mario bring his keyboard to the party? A: To play some Mario-tunes!

10. Q: What happens when Mario gets lost? A: He calls a Yoshi-cab!

11. Q: How did Mario catch the rabbit? A: He used Mario-karts!

12. Q: Why did Mario go to the gym? A: To get some extra Bowser-cizes!

13. Q: What is Mario’s favorite mode of transportation? A: A Mario-plane!

14. Q: What did Mario say when he bought new mushrooms for his garden? A: “It’s-a fungi to be here!”

15. Q: Why did Mario’s girlfriend break up with him? A: He was too controlling, always saying “Don’t-a-tell me what to do!”

16. Q: What did Mario say to Luigi after they won the race? A: “We made Mario-kart history!

17. Q: What do you call a Mario Bros. movie that’s also a musical? A: Mamma Mia-rio!

18. Q: What did Mario say when he lost his hat? A: “Oh no, my Mario-né!”

19. Q: How does Mario wind down at night? A: He reads some Mario-novels!

20. Q: Why did Mario choose plumbing as a profession? A: He found himself in too many warp pipes!

The Plumb of the Pun (Double Entendre Puns on Mario)

1. Mario always gets his princess, but it’s not what you think.
2. Bowser always has a fire in his belly for Mario.
3. Mario’s hat hides more than a mushroom.
4. Luigi needs a bite of Peach.
5. A Goomba step is hard to take.
6. Toadstool might be the biggest tease in the Mushroom Kingdom.
7. Mario knows how to jump for joy…and into coins.
8. The Fire Flower isn’t the only thing that can make Mario grow.
9. No one can jump pipe like Mario.
10. A Chain Chomp knows how to show its teeth.
11. Mario likes to lay his bricks just right.
12. Bowser always has a big bone to pick with Mario.
13. Piranha Plants might be man-eating, but they’re not so bad if you catch their drift.
14. Princess Peach isn’t the only one Mario likes to take for a ride.
15. The Super Star is a real mood booster.
16. Mario’s mustache might be bushy, but it’s a sign of his manliness.
17. Koopa shells are hard to break, but they break you if you let them.
18. Yoshi knows how to stick out its tongue.
19. Mario’s never been one to shy away from a green pipe.
20. Lakitu always has a bird’s-eye view of the action.

“Mamma Mia! Mario Puns Galore: Plumbing the Depths of Idiomatic Humor”

1. I think Mario is starting to lose his appeal – he’s just not the Super guy he used to be.
2. Luigi tried to prank his brother by hiding a Goomba in his shoe, but Mario saw right through his soleful trick.
3. When Bowser challenged Mario to race, he knew he had to shell out his best moves.
4. Princess Peach wasn’t impressed by Mario’s mushroom collection – she prefers her guys to have bigger coins.
5. Yoshi told Mario he’s feeling a little sluggish lately, but Mario sadly replied, “looks like your pace is dragging…”
6. When Mario arrived at the Koopa King’s castle, he was greeted with a chorus of boos.
7. After one too many power-ups, Mario started to feel invincible – but he soon realized he was just high on life.
8. When Luigi asked Mario if he’d eaten his Wheaties that morning, Mario replied “No, but I had a Fire Flower for breakfast.
9. Peach convinced Mario to take up meditation, but he kept getting distracted by thoughts of spaghetti and meatballs.
10. Mario was sad when he found out the princess had been kidnapped again, but he knew he had to rise to the challenge if he ever wanted to be in her good graces.
11. When Bowser dressed up as a mariachi player to try and fool Mario, he found out that it’s hard to con a conga.
12. Peach promised Mario a cake with strawberries on top if he rescues her, but Mario knew not to berry himself in hopes for too long.
13. Mario knew he was in danger when he heard Bowser yelling “It’s a-me, Bowser-io!”
14. When Luigi asked Mario if he thought they should start a band, Mario replied “I don’t know… we’d have to Toad the line.”
15. When Mario found out that Wario had been sneaking around his mushroom garden, he knew it was time to put his foot down.
16. After witnessing a particularly tricky level, Mario knew his jumping skills weren’t quite up to par – but he refused to goomba-down without a fight.
17. When Luigi asked Mario if he felt like he was trapped in a never-ending cycle of fighting Bowser, Mario sadly replied, “It’s-a dem dry bones of life.”
18. Mario was ecstatic when he found out he was getting a new power-up – but then he realized it was just a 1-Up-manship game with Bowser.
19. When Toad offered Mario a free suit, he was excited – until he found out it was a cat suit and not a Mario-themed onesie.
20. Luigi was upset when Mario accused him of stealing his hat, but Mario didn’t mean to jump to conclusions. He was just feeling a bit capricious that day.

“Mario Myths Busted: Plumbing Through Pun Juxtaposition”

1. I asked Mario how many puns he knew and he said, “just Nintendo.”
2. Did you hear about the Italian plumber who now works as a chef? He’s a pasta-tle.
3. Why did Princess Peach break up with Mario? She didn’t want a guy who was always jumping to conclusions.
4. Mario’s favorite type of fish to eat is the Wii-fish.
5. What does Mario wear to bed? A Nintendo t-shirt.
6. Why did Mario break up with the mushroom? She was a fungi to be with.
7. Mario tried to make a pizza but he couldn’t find his super mushrooms, so he had to settle for one up mushroom.
8. Why did Mario start wearing glasses? He didn’t want to be a super squint-endo.
9. What did Mario say when he met Princess Peach? “I must-a picked you from-a my dreams.”
10. Why doesn’t Mario have a girlfriend? He’s always chasing Koopa Troopas instead.
11. Mario went to the dentist because his teeth were Yoshi.
12. Why did Mario break up with the hat? It just didn’t suit him.
13. What did Mario say when Luigi asked him to help him move? “Do I Luigi this year?”
14. Why did Mario refuse to eat the spicy sausage? It was Bowser-ing.
15. What’s Mario’s favorite thing to do on a Friday night? Play Mario Party.
16. Why did Mario refuse to dance? He had two left-foot-shrooms.
17. Where does Mario order his pizza from? Domino Wii.
18. What did Mario say when he finally caught the rabbit? “You were a hare-y situation.”
19. Why did Mario open an Italian restaurant? He wanted a pasta-ta in life.
20. What did the Italian plumber say when he lost his wallet? “Oh my-a coins!”

“Mario Mayhem: Punny Names in the Mushroom Kingdom”

1. Mario’s favorite color is plum-bing.
2. Luigi is great at gardening, he always grows super fungi.
3. When Yoshi is hungry, he orders a pizza with lots of Koopa-peroni.
4. Donkey Kong always dresses to impress, he loves his tie-dye shirts.
5. Toad always carries a notebook, he’s a fun gal.
6. Princess Peach loves playing golf, she’s got a lot of drive.
7. Bowser was jealous of the Mario brothers’, he thinks they stole his thunder.
8. Wario loves cheese, he’s always on a roll.
9. Waluigi is a big fan of tennis, he’s always serving up trouble.
10. Princess Daisy loves flowers, she’s a bloomin’ beauty.
11. Master Hand is always making a fist of things.
12. Birdo always makes a splash in water sports.
13. Koopa Troopa is always on the go, he’s a shell of a guy.
14. Rosalina loves her telescope, she’s out of this world.
15. Bob-omb likes to blow things up, he’s a real blast.
16. King Boo goes haunting every Halloween, he’s a real scream.
17. Diddy Kong always keeps it chill, he’s a cool monkey.
18. Bowser Jr. is always playing pranks, he’s a little devil.
19. Thwomp never budges, he’s a block head.
20. Goombas are always marching in a straight line, they’re a fung-along bunch.

Mar-I-Oooops! Tongue Tangles in the Mushroom Kingdom (Spoonerisms)

1. “Sarcastic newt” becomes “narcotic suit”
2. “Green pipe” becomes “preen gripe”
3. “Super Mario” becomes “Muper Sario”
4. “Yoshi’s Island” becomes “Hoshy’s Yisland”
5. “Bob-omb” becomes “Ob-bomb”
6. “Koopa Troopa” becomes “Toopa Koopa”
7. “Goomba” becomes “Boogma”
8. “Princess Peach” becomes “Peincess Prach”
9. “Luigi” becomes “Wigi Lui”
10. “Donkey Kong” becomes “Konkey Dong”
11. “Wario” becomes “Rario Wai”
12. “Bowser” becomes “Sowser Bower”
13. “Mushroom Kingdom” becomes “Kushroom Mongdom”
14. “Super Star” becomes “Stuper Sar”
15. “Fire Flower” becomes “Fyre Flusher”
16. “Bullet Bill” becomes “Bullit Bitt”
17. “Boo” becomes “Bu”
18. “Chain Chomp” becomes “Chane Chomp”
19. “Tanooki Suit” becomes “Sunookie Tait”
20. “Ghost house” becomes “Host gouse”

“Mario’s Mushroom Kingdom Gets Punny: Tom Swifties Spawn Silly Mario Puns”

1. “Mario is one tough plumber”, said Tom decisively.
2. “I found out his nationality,” said Tom, “It’s-a Mario!”
3. “I bet Mario is good at races,” said Tom speedily.
4. “What did Mario say when he discovered he was in a video game?” asked Tom electronically.
5. “I think Mario prefers pasta over pizza,” said Tom saucily.
6. “Mario is quite the adventurous fellow,” Tom said inquisitively.
7. “It’s no wonder Mario can jump so high,” said Tom leapingly.
8. Mario’s favorite sport is tennis,” said Tom deviously.
9. “Mario must have a lot of practice in plumbing,” said Tom pipingly.
10. “Can you believe Mario can throw fireballs?” asked Tom liturgically.
11. “Mario’s always so positive,” Tom remarked optimistically.
12. “I heard Mario is an Italian chef,” said Tom sautéing.
13. Mario’s mustache is quite iconic,” said Tom facially.
14. “Looks like Mario’s got a big head-start,” said Tom bowingly.
15. “Mario’s from the Mushroom Kingdom,” said Tom fungally.
16. “Don’t worry, Mario will save the day,” said Tom optimistically.
17. “Mario’s always trying to rescue Peach,” said Tom romantically.
18. “I heard Mario is always up for a challenge,” said Tom challengingly.
19. “Mario has so many power-ups,” said Tom perkily.
20. “Mario’s got the biggest coins collection I’ve ever seen,” Tom said strikingly.

Mushroom Kingdom Wordplay: Contradictory Mario Puns

1. Mario’s mustache is a clean mess.
2. Luigi’s bravery is cowardly impressive.
3. Toad’s height is impressively unimpressive.
4. Bowser’s kindness is cruelly genuine.
5. Mario’s jumping is a controlled chaos.
6. Peach’s toughness is gracefully tough.
7. Yoshi’s intelligence is comically wise.
8. Donkey Kong’s strength is a weak feat.
9. Wario’s greed is richly poor.
10. Daisy’s popularity is unpopularly famous.
11. Waluigi’s happiness is miserably joyful.
12. Mario’s toughness is persistently fragile.
13. Bowser’s villainy is endearingly mean.
14. Luigi’s panic is a calm frenzy.
15. Yoshi’s loyalty is a treacherous fidelity.
16. Toad’s arrogance is humbly proud.
17. Goomba’s charm is adorably scary.
18. Piranha Plant’s dance moves are an awkward grace.
19. Chain Chomp’s freedom is a restrained liberty.
20. Boo’s bravery is a frightening courage.

Mario Madness (Recursive Puns)

1. Why did Mario cross the road? To get to the other side-scrolling level.
2. Did you hear about the mushroom who went to the party? He really knew how to have a fungi time.
3. Have you heard of the plumber who went on a date with a Goomba? Let’s just say it was a real fatal attraction.
4. Why is Mario’s favorite fruit the banana? Because it peels him up when he’s feeling down.
5. How does Mario stay in shape? By doing Koopa cardio.
6. Did you hear about the plumber who wore red suspenders to the job interview? He was a real “overall” great candidate.
7. Why did Luigi give up plumbing? He wanted to pursue his pipe dreams.
8. What does Mario say when he’s trying to impress someone? “I’m a fun-gi, not a fun-guy.”
9. Why does Mario prefer Italian food? He’s just pasta-fied with it.
10. Did you hear about the plumber who tried to fix a warp pipe? He ended up getting sucked into a black hole.
11. How did Mario make his way through the desert? One sand-thrashing step at a time.
12. Why did Bowser go to school? To learn how to be a real drag-on.
13. Why was Mario always in trouble at school? He had a tendency to jump to conclusions.
14. How does Mario like his pizza? Mushroom, mushroom, and more mushroom.
15. Did you hear about the plumber who tried to fix a leaky faucet? He ended up making it worse, and it became an underground water level.
16. Why does Mario have a pet ape? He likes to monkey around.
17. How did Mario end up in the haunted mansion? He took a wrong warp pipe at the wrong time.
18. Have you heard of the plumber who took his job too seriously? He was always taking things down a pipe.
19. Why did Yoshi go to the chiropractor? He had a lot of dino-sore muscles.
20. Why did Mario and Luigi open up a restaurant together? They wanted to serve up some hot plumbing soups.

Mamma Mia! Mario Puns Galore (Puns on Mario Cliches)

1. It’s-a me, Mario-ver if you’re not sure who I am!
2. Some people say money can’t buy happiness, but have they tried collecting all the coins in Mario?
3. When life gets you down, just remember to jump over those obstacles like Mario.
4. Time flies when you’re playing Super Mario, but it’s always worth it.
5. You know what they say: All’s fair in love and Mushroom Kingdom battles.
6. In the game of life, you just gotta power up like Mario does.
7. Life has its ups and downs, but at least Mario can always find question mark blocks.
8. If at first you don’t succeed, don’t worry – Mario has infinite lives.
9. They say variety is the spice of life, so why not mix up your gaming routine with some Mario Kart?
10. They say practice makes perfect, but Mario knows sometimes you just need a little flower power.
11. In gaming and in life, timing is everything – just ask any skilled Mario player.
12. You might not always win at Super Mario, but at least you can say you gave it a good goomba.
13. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, just remember Mario’s motto: “Just keep swimming…wait, wrong character!”
14. When the going gets tough, the tough smash some bricks like Mario.
15. Life is like a game of Mario: sometimes you need to take a step back to get a running start.
16. Mario might not be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, but he can sure jump over some Goombas.
17. If life gives you lemons, make lemonade – and then spike it with a Super Mushroom like Mario.
18. You might not always get what you want in life, but at least you can make it to the end of the level like Mario.
19. In Mario’s world, it’s not the size of the Koopa shell – it’s how you use it.
20. They say no man is an island, but Mario can sure traverse some treacherous water levels!

Whether you’re a long-time fan or a newcomer to the Mario universe, these puns are sure to make you jump for joy. We hope you’ve enjoyed our collection of over 200 hilarious Mario puns and that they’ve helped level up your laughter game. Don’t forget to check out more puns on our website and thank you for stopping by!

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