Magic Puns: 220 Enchanting Wordplays to Leave You Spellbound

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Abracadabra! Get ready to be spellbound with these enchanting wordplays that are sure to make you both groan and giggle with delight. Whether you’re a fan of conjuring up spells or simply love a good play on words, these magic puns are guaranteed to tickle your funny bone. From wand-erful one-liners to hilarious quips about witches and wizards, this collection of 200+ puns has something for everyone. So prepare to be mystified and amazed as you dive into this spellbinding world of wordplay. Whether you’re a magician in training or just looking for some magical humor, these puns are sure to leave you spellbound. So hold on to your hats and wands, because things are about to get pun-tastic!

“Get Your Wand Ready: The Best Magic Puns to Abracadrabra Your Friends’ Minds (Editors Pick)”

1. Why did the magician break up with his girlfriend? She kept disappearing without any trace!
2. Did you hear about the magician who disappeared while performing a trick? He was just an illusion!
3. What does a magician do when he gets angry? He pulls his hare out!
4. How does a magician communicate with a fish? Through his magic trout!
5. Did you hear about the magician who was arrested for performing illegal magic acts? He was charged with magic-tricks!
6. How do magicians stay awake during their performances? They drink magic-beans to keep them alert!
7. Why did the magician wear only transparent shorts during his performance? He wanted to make his sleight of hand more visible!
8. What did the magician say to the rabbit after his magic trick went wrong? “Abra Kadabra, I’m sorry Bugs-kadabra!”
9. What do you call a magician’s dog? A wand-erhound!
10. How does a magician make his coffee? He waves his hand and utters “presto!”
11. Why did the magician refuse to eat sushi? They said the fishes weren’t fresh, and he didn’t want to risk all his magical powers on stale fish!
12. How do you know if your cat has magical powers? He will disappear nine times and appear only once!
13. Why did the magician add a trumpet to his magic show? He was trying to think outside of the rabbit hole!
14. What is a magician’s favorite fruit? Wow-mango – because it disappears instantly!
15. Why did the magician’s show go on even with low-budget? His tricks are economical – he uses discount wands!
16. What do you call a magician’s handwriting? Illusionary penmanship!
17. Why did the magician refuse to walk across the pond? He didn’t want to tarnish his reputation as the great levitator!
18. What did the magician do when his magic wand refused to work? He was displeased and had to let the wand withdraw its powers!
19. If David Blaine and Harry Potter teamed up, would they perform illusions or cast spells? They would definitely do both; illusiono-spell performances.
20. How did the magician win the lottery? He predicted the winning numbers with his crystal ball!

Abracadabra Amuses: Hilarious One-liner Magic Puns

1. Why did the magician quit his job? He lost his wand-erlust.
2. Why don’t witches wear underwear? So they can get a better grip on their brooms.
3. Why did the skeleton go to the magic show? To see the amazing bone tricks.
4. What do you call a magician’s dog? A Labracadabrador.
5. I have a fear of speed bumps, but I call it Magic Mola-go-slow.
6. Why don’t magicians ride elevators? They don’t trust the open levitation.
7. Did you hear about the magician who stole a calendar? He got 12 months.
8. How do you know if a magic trick went wrong? It vanished into thin error.
9. Why did the magician’s show get canceled? He ran out of tricks up his sleeve.
10. I tried to organize a professional hide-and-seek tournament, but it was a complete disaster. Good players are hard to disappear.
11. What do you get when you cross a magician with a detective? An ABRACADABRAHAM LINCOLN.
12. Did you hear about the magician who turned his audience into frogs? It was ribbiting entertainment.
13. Why did the magician go to jail? He disappeared in front of a police officer.
14. I know a magical number, it’s 2^n-1 where n is any integer greater than 1. Don’t believe me? Watch it disappear!
15. What do you call a magician who has lost their magic? Tragic.
16. Why don’t magicians reveal their secrets? They like to keep their tricks up their sleeve.
17. I’m starting an online magic business, it’s a site for sore abracadabra.
18. Why did the magician get a job as a lumberjack? He wanted to try his hand at saw-cery.
19. When I tried to do a card trick, the deck told me “you’re not playing with a full deck.”
20. Why did the magician’s assistant quit? She couldn’t stand the constant hocus and pocus.

Abracadabra Answers (Magical Question-and-Answer Puns)

1. Why did the magician refuse to go on a diet? Because he didn’t want to disappear.
2. What do you call a magic owl? A Houdini.
3. What do you call a magician that lost his magic? An Abeliever.
4. What does a sorcerer use to measure ingredients? A spell-tula.
5. Why did the wizard keep his frog in a jar of peanut butter? He wanted a “spell-tickles” dessert.
6. What do you call a group of wizards playing basketball? Spell and hoops.
7. How do witches stay fit? They “broom” regularly.
8. What kind of spells do monsters use? Hallo-weenies.
9. Why did the magician refuse to dye his hair? He didn’t want to disappear onto the carpet.
10. Where do magicians keep their secrets? Up their sleeve-arino.
11. How do magicians stay organized? By keeping everything abracadabra-aligned.
12. What do you call a magician’s pet bunny? A cabbit.
13. What do ghosts use to wash their clothes? Boon-oxide.
14. What do you give a wizard with a sore throat? A cough-syrup.
15. What do you call a wizard with a cold? Snuffle-dwarf.
16. Why did the magician break up with his girlfriend? She was a silly-hoon.
17. What do you call a magician who’s in a hurry? Hocus focus.
18. Why don’t magicians like to wear loose clothing? It’s knot magical.
19. What do you get when you cross a witch and a snowman? Frostbite.
20. Why did the magician refuse to perform on a boat? Because he was afraid he’d disappear a-cruise!

Wands UP! Get ready for these Tricky Magic Puns (Double Entendre Edition)

1. “I can never decide if I love magic or magician’s assistants more, they both have such great tricks up their sleeves.”
2. “I heard that the magician’s wand was actually just a cleverly disguised prop for his other wand, if you catch my drift.”
3. “I always wondered how magicians can make things disappear, but then I remembered my ex could do the same thing with his commitment.”
4. “I bet I could make you disappear with just a flick of my wand… if you’re into that kind of thing.”
5. “I heard there’s a special kind of magic that makes things grow bigger… I wonder if it works on rabbits too.”
6. “I love it when magicians use handcuffs in their act… it always makes me think of Fifty Shades of Grey.”
7. “I heard that magicians are masters of misdirection, but I bet they could learn a thing or two from politicians.”
8. There’s nothing like a good magic show to spice up a date night… unless you’re with someone who thinks rabbits are cute instead of sexy.
9. “I’m not a magician, but I do have a few tricks up my sleeve… if you know what I mean.”
10. “I’m not saying that magicians are all smoke and mirrors, but I’ve definitely seen the smoke before.”
11. “I heard that the trick to amazing magic is making sure the audience is focused on the right wand.”
12. I always thought magicians were hot, but then I realized I just had a thing for guys who know how to make things disappear.
13. I bet a magician’s hat is just like Mary Poppins’ bag… you never know what kind of tricks are in there until you look inside.”
14. “I don’t know what’s more impressive, a magician making a rabbit disappear or a guy who can make his paycheck disappear before the end of the week.”
15. “I love it when magicians perform card tricks, but I prefer strip poker… ’cause it’s magic too.”
16. I bet a magician could make my shopping list disappear faster than I can say abracadabra.
17. “I always thought magic was just smoke and mirrors, but then I met my ex and realized it’s all about sleight of hand.”
18. “I heard that a magician only reveals his secrets to someone worthy… which is why I’m still waiting for my invitation.”
19. “I love it when magicians finish their tricks with a flourish, kind of like how my ex finished things with a bang.”
20. I bet that if magicians had Tinder profiles, their main picture would be them holding a wand instead of a fish.

Magical Wordplay: Wand-erful Puns in Magic Idioms

1. I’m so good at magic, I could pull a rabbit out of my wand!
2. I saw a magician at the hospital, he was doing bed tricks.
3. The magician’s rabbit got famous because it had a lot of hares.
4. I was going to do a magic show, but all my props disappeared into thin air.
5. The magician’s assistant wasn’t very good, but at least they had the wand-erlust to try.
6. When the magician saw the crowd, he knew he was the only one with tricks up his sleeves.
7. I saw a magician who could make trees disappear just by saying “Leaf.
8. I’m not great at magic, but at least I put my best trick forward.
9. The magician’s assistant was always ready to lend an ear whenever he needed to pull a rabbit out of his hat.
10. They used to call him the rabbit whisperer, but then he pulled a disappearing act.
11. The magician’s assistants spent the day floating balloons, no matter how much it was going to cost them.
12. I heard the magician didn’t want to perform on a ship, because he didn’t want to get his sea-legs sawed off.
13. The best thing about being a magician is that you always have a trick up your sleeve.
14. I’m not a very good magician, but I’m willing to take a wand-erful opportunity.
15. I may not be able to saw someone in half, but I can turn my frown upside down with a magic trick.
16. The magician had a way with coins, it was as if he had a Midas wand.
17. I don’t trust magicians, they always want to pull the wool over your eyes.
18. The magician’s favorite breakfast cereal was Trickin’ Puffs.
19. I was going to watch the magic show, but then I realized it was already end-sawed.
20. The magician wanted to make a grand exit, but he pulled a disappearing-act instead.

Abra-Cadabra (Pun Juxtaposition)

1. The magician got a computer virus and now he can’t find his wand in the desktop.
2. Houdini used to walk through walls but now he just likes watching paint dry.
3. The sorcerer had a bad time at the beach because there was too much sand for his waistcoat.
4. The magician’s rabbit assistant has his own website now, it’s called Harenet.
5. I saw a guy wearing a “magic” t-shirt, and wondered how much sleight of hand was involved in its production.
6. I don’t believe in magic, but my unicorn thinks it’s possible.
7. The witch’s dog asked her for a spell to make him taller, but she said “I can’t make you bewitching, only canine”.
8. When the magician saw a ghost, he vanished into thin air – he couldn’t take the competition.
9. The warlock witnessed a crime and had to perform a spell-check.
10. A group of witches decided to start a band – but their music was just a bunch of cackles.
11. The wizard retired from his magical work and opened up a fortune cookie factory – now he creates predictions instead of potions.
12. The magician’s best trick was turning his bank account balance from positive to negative.
13. Did you hear the one about the mind-reading genie? He couldn’t read the minds of people with closed psychic accounts.
14. The enchantress lost all her money in the stock market, she didn’t see the crystal ball coming.
15. The hypnotist put his boss in a trance, now his pay is amazing.
16. The magician that was good with rabbits wasn’t good with women – his pick-up line was always “Abraka-date!”
17. The wizard was tired of people asking him if he’d landed in Oz, so he hatched a plan and got into the witch-conjuring game.
18. The fortune teller looked at her reflection in the crystal ball, and said “Yep, I see your future – you’re going to be stuck with this job forever.”
19. The illusionist was really good at levitation, until he got grounded.
20. After the magician’s show, the giraffe in the audience said “I saw that from a totally different perspective.”

Abraca-PUN-dra (Magic Puns)

1. Hocus Pocus Coffee
2. The Wand-erful Cafe
3. Alakazam Bakery
4. The Spell-binding Diner
5. The Enchanted Espresso
6. Abracadabra Eats
7. The Sorcerer’s Supper
8. Magic Muffin Bakery
9. Presto Pizza
10. The Illusionist’s Cafe
11. The Mystical Munchies Cafe
12. The Witch’s Brew Café
13. The Magician’s Meal Place
14. The Enchantment Eatery
15. Wand-erlust Bistro
16. The Charm-chow restaurant
17. The Charming Chef Diner
18. The Potion Pub
19. The Wizard’s Wok
20. The Spellbound Kitchen

Abracadabra? More like Abra-CADAVRA! (Spoonerism Magic Puns)

1. Tragic Muns
2. Hocus Bocus
3. Pagic Moints
4. Dagi Makes
5. Magician’s Wompass
6. Magically Funtastic
7. Gagic Luns
8. Magipal Corns
9. Sagic Ticks
10. Magipal Cords
11. Magic Quips
12. Maginificent Fights
13. Magicdotes
14. Maginable Innovations
15. Sagical Mentences
16. Mupid Mags
17. Tagic Mones
18. Magipestic Lacts
19. Magis Blements
20. Palindromagic.

Magical Wordplay (Tom Swifties on Magic)

1. I can change a pumpkin into a carriage,” said Tom magically.
2. “I can make this rabbit disappear and reappear,” said Tom prestidigitally.
3. “This wand is so powerful,” said Tom charismatically.
4. “I can pull a rabbit out of my hat,” said Tom abracadabra-ly.
5. “I can make this coin levitate,” said Tom enchantingly.
6. “I can make flowers appear out of thin air,” said Tom florally.
7. “I can make this deck of cards shuffle itself,” said Tom mystically.
8. “My magic spells always work,” said Tom hexagonally.
9. “I can make objects move with my mind,” said Tom telekinetically.
10. “I can make myself disappear,” said Tom invisibly.
11. “I can make this bird vanish,” said Tom ornithologically.
12. “I can predict the future,” said Tom clairvoyantly.
13. I can communicate with the dead,” said Tom spiritualistically.
14. I can make this pencil float in mid-air,” said Tom graphically.
15. “I can make a butterfly emerge from its cocoon,” said Tom metamorphically.
16. I can make this book fly across the room,” said Tom literarily.
17. “I can make this rabbit multiply,” said Tom exponentially.
18. “I can make dragons appear out of thin air,” said Tom mythologically.
19. I can make the moon disappear from the sky,” said Tom astronomically.
20. “I can make objects appear and disappear at will,” said Tom conjuringly.

Enchanting Contradictions: Magic Oxymoronic Puns

1. Why couldn’t the magician keep a boyfriend? Because they were always disappearing.
2. What did the wizard say at the beach? “Swish and flickle.”
3. Why couldn’t the magician make friends? Because every time he got close to someone, they vanished into thin air.
4. Why did the magician refuse to work in a hospital? He didn’t want to deal with Hocus Pocus Hospital.
5. Why did the magician refuse to do card tricks at the zoo? He didn’t want to be seen as lion.
6. Did you hear about the magician who opened a pizza restaurant? He made the pizzas disappear before your very eyes.
7. Why did the magician refuse to work at the circus? He didn’t want to be part of that hocus-pocus.
8. Did you hear about the magician who tried to turn his motorcycle into a car? He was trying to pull a cycle trick.
9. Why did the magician open a lemonade stand? He wanted to make disappear and reappear the lemonade.
10. Did you hear about the magician who became a construction worker? Every time he pulled a rabbit out of a hat, he was building a sky scraper.
11. Why did the magician refuse to work at the airport? He didn’t want to deal with hocus-pocus plane schedules.
12. Did you hear about the musician who became a magician? He would pull out the trombone from a hat.
13. Why did the magician refuse to work at the police station? Because he dealing with hocus-pocus interrogations.
14. Did you hear about the magician who tried to levitate while swimming? He was trying to pull a floating trick.
15. Why did the magician refuse to work as a chef? He didn’t want to deal with hocus-pocus recipes.
16. Why did the one magician tell the other magician not to leave the house? Because there was a card up his sleeve.
17. What’s a magician’s favorite college class? History, it’s full of wand-erful tricks.
18. Did you hear about the magician who tried to make a dinosaur disappear? He was trying to pull a prehistoric trick.
19. Why did the magician cross the road? To get to the other trick.
20. Did you hear about the magician who tried to disappear on stage? It was an illusion, he was still there.

Wand-erful Magic (Recursive Puns)

1. What do you call a magician who procrastinates? Abracadabro, I’ll show you later.
2. Why did the magician get a dog? Because he wanted to have a wizard’s companion.
3. Did you hear about the magician who lost his eyesight? He sawed it coming.
4. Why couldn’t the magician go on his date? He had to stop and wand-er.
5. What do you call a magician who’s also a climate activist? A glo-balloonist.
6. Why did the magician refuse to wear a watch? He preferred to use his sleight of hand.
7. What do you call a magic act that’s also a workout routine? Presto-chango!
8. Why did the magician cross the road? To get to the sleight-of-hand shop.
9. Did you hear about the magician who performed his act on a plane? He was flying by the seat of his pants.
10. What do you call a magician who’s also a construction worker? Jangle-mason.
11. Why did the magician take up cooking? He wanted to learn how to sauté-cer.
12. Did you hear about the magician who stole a clock? He wanted to try his hand at time-travel.
13. Why couldn’t the magician get a date for the prom? He kept pulling out a palm flower.
14. What do you call a magician who’s also a librarian? The gobbledygook conjurer.
15. Why did the magician always use chopsticks in his act? He wanted to get some wand-chop.
16. What do you call a magic show performed by cows? The moolusionist.
17. Why did the magician go to the doctor’s office? He had an abracadabral hernia.
18. What did the magician say when he finally reached the top of the mountain? Ta-daaa!
19. Why did the magician save every receipt from his shows? He wanted to keep a track of the wand-balance.
20. What do you call a magician who’s also a pirate? The sorcerrr.

Abracapuns! Puns on Magic Cliches

1. Why did the magician write a book about herbs? Because it was a spell-binding read.”
2. “I saw a magician eating breakfast and he had a spoon bent like a fork. It was a cereal-illusion.”
3. “Why did the magician get into a fight with his assistant? He wanted her to abracadabra-go away.”
4. The magician always wore his hat to bed because he wanted to have sweet dreams… and saw.”
5. “Why did the magician refuse to perform for dogs? He didn’t want to work for kibbles and wands.”
6. I asked my magician friend if he wanted to grab a drink but he said he was too busy hocus-pocus-ing his liver.
7. “Why did the magician need a new car? He was tired of Abracadabruising around town.”
8. “How does a magician handle an awkward situation? He tries to Presto-chango the subject.”
9. “What do you call a magician’s closet? A witchwardrobe.”
10. “Why did the magician stay up all night? He was trying to pull an all-nighter.”
11. “Why did the magician hate fractions? He preferred the whole abraKABOB.”
12. “What do you call a magician who is also a comedian? A magic jester.”
13. “What do you call a magician who loves frozen treats? An abracone-dabra wizard.”
14. Why did the magician refuse to do a card trick for the chicken? He heard it was a fowl shuffle.”
15. Why did the magician have trouble dating? He was always Mesmer-trick-ed by love,”
16. “Why did the magician refuse to do a show for the rabbits? He heard they were hare-raising.”
17. “What do you call a group of magicians who are bad at cooking? A hot abracadabramess.”
18. “Why did the magician quit his day job? He realized he could wand-erful things with his life.”
19. “What do you call a magician with a cold? A sniffle-caster.”
20. “Why did the magician love baseball? He was a wizard on the mound with his fastball spell.”

In conclusion, we hope that these spellbinding magic puns have left you spellbound and giggling! If you enjoyed them, be sure to check out our website for plenty more pun-derful wordplays that are sure to make you groan and grin. Thank you for visiting and happy punning!

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