Dive Into Laughter: 220 Little Mermaid Puns That will Leave you in Splits

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Looking to bring some oceanic humor into your life? Well, we’ve got just the thing for you! Prepare to dive into laughter as we present to you over 200 little mermaid puns that will leave you in splits. From Ariel’s underwater adventures to the mischievous antics of Sebastian and Flounder, this collection of puns is sure to bring a smile to your face. Whether you’re a fan of the Disney classic or just love a good pun, these jokes are guaranteed to make a splash. So, grab your sea legs and get ready to laugh your scales off with these fin-tastic little mermaid puns!

“Swim into Laughter: Fin-tastic Little Mermaid Puns” (Editors Pick)

1. Why did Ariel wear seashells? Because she couldn’t fit into the D-shells!
2. What’s Ariel’s favorite cereal? Captain Crunch!
3. Why did Ariel give up singing? She found her voice a little fishy!
4. What is Ariel’s favorite type of math? Algebra-fish!
5. How do mermaids call their friends underwater? On their shell-phones!
6. Why did Ariel wear a hat in the sea? Because she didn’t want to get tide down!
7. What is Ariel’s favorite drink? Mermosa!
8. Why did Ariel join the swim team? She heard they had a great stroke program!
9. What do you call a crab that can sing like Ariel? A crustacean idol!
10. What is Ariel’s favorite TV show? “H20: Just Add Water”!
11. Why did Ariel break up with her boyfriend? He kept clamming up!
12. How does Ariel manage her finances? She keeps them on a scale!
13. What do you call a fish with no eyes? Fsh!
14. Why did Ariel always bring a pencil to school? In case she had to draw any conclusions!
15. What did Ariel say when she won the race? “I dolphinately came in first!”
16. How does Ariel do her hair? She uses a “sea-scape”!
17. What do mermaids use to clean their fins? Tide Pods!
18. Why wasn’t Ariel invited to the beach party? Because she didn’t want to shell out for a swimsuit!
19. Why did Ariel become a vegetarian? She didn’t want to be part of that “fishy” business!
20. What’s Ariel’s favorite way to work out? Swimming laps, of course!

Salty Sea Wordplay

1. Why did the little mermaid bring seashells to math class? Because she wanted to improve her counting skills – she needed to shell-ebrate when she got the right answer!
2. The little mermaid made a great sushi chef because she was a real “fin”-atic about fish!
3. What happened when the little mermaid went to the seafood restaurant? She had a whale of a time!
4. The little mermaid started her own singing group, but unfortunately, they only sang “sole” music.
5. Why was the little mermaid always smiling? Because she had a great “fin-tastic” sense of humor!
6. How did the little mermaid make friends with the sharks? She showed them her “fin”-credible dance moves!
7. What’s a little mermaid’s favorite type of candy? “Starfish”!
8. The little mermaid joined the circus because she could always “seal” the show with her amazing tricks!
9. Why did the little mermaid always carry a comb? She wanted to keep her “hair-oine” figure!
10. The little mermaid loved going to rock concerts because she could always “rock” out with her friends!
11. What instrument did the little mermaid play? The “sea”-bass guitar!
12. The little mermaid auditioned for a theater production but got turned down. They said she didn’t have enough “sole” in her acting!
13. How did the little mermaid become a successful entrepreneur? She started her own “shell-phone” company!
14. The little mermaid had a hard time making decisions because she was “tide” between two choices!
15. What’s a little mermaid’s favorite subject in school? “Ocean”-ometry!
16. Why did the little mermaid join the swim team? She wanted to make a “splash”!
17. The little mermaid became a successful fishmonger because she had a great “fillet” for business!
18. What did the little mermaid study in college? “Marine” biology, of course!
19. The little mermaid loved playing board games, especially “Tidal Pursuit” and “Monopoly: Under the Sea Edition”!
20. Why did the little mermaid start a garden? She wanted to see her “sea”-flower bloom!

Splish-Splash Shenanigans (Question-and-Answer Puns)

1. Why did the little mermaid bring a ladder to the beach? She wanted to reach the high tide.
2. What did the little mermaid say when she swam too close to a shark? “Ariel-y scared!”
3. How does the little mermaid organize her wardrobe? She uses the sea-sons.
4. What do you get when you cross a little mermaid and a cow? Seaweedy dairy.
5. Why did the little mermaid bring a microphone to the concert? She wanted to belt out some shell-tastic tunes!
6. How did the little mermaid get her friends to go on a deep-sea adventure? She convinced them it would be fintastic!
7. What did the little mermaid say when she bumped into a dolphin? “Oh, sorry, my mistake. I thought you were a porpoise.”
8. Why did the little mermaid refuse to share her secrets with the other fish? She didn’t want to let the catfish out of the bag.
9. How did the little mermaid know she was in shape? She could sea her abs!
10. What did the little mermaid say when she won the singing competition? “I’m on a scale of one to shell!”
11. Why did the little mermaid open a bakery? She wanted to make some fin-tastic treats under the sea.
12. How did the little mermaid feel when her favorite show was canceled? She was eel-ing disappointed!
13. What did the little mermaid say when she couldn’t find her hairbrush? “I’m having a bit of a-tangle finding it.”
14. How did the little mermaid become an expert at solving puzzles? She’s great at connecting the dots!
15. Why did the little mermaid start her own fashion line? She wanted to make waves in the industry.
16. What did the little mermaid say when she saw a seahorse wearing a hat? “You look trident-ly dashing!”
17. How did the little mermaid impress her date? She flounder-ed him with her wit and charm.
18. Why did the little mermaid audition for a musical? She wanted to be part of the coral-estra.
19. What did the little mermaid say when she accidentally knocked over a sandcastle? “I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to make waves!”
20. How did the little mermaid react when she discovered a hidden treasure? She was clam-ed with excitement!

Shellebrating the Fin-tastic World of Little Mermaid Puns! (Double Entendre Puns)

1. The little mermaid knew how to make a splash at parties.
2. Ariel always made waves with her dazzling voice.
3. Sebastian knew how to tickle her fancy – with his underwater tickling skills, of course!
4. Flounder was a bit shellfish when it came to sharing his secrets.
5. Prince Eric was hooked when he saw the little mermaid’s mesmerizing tail.
6. The ocean floor isn’t the only thing a mermaid can explore.
7. Ariel was a master at leaving men speechless.
8. Sebastian couldn’t resist a salty joke about the little mermaid’s fin-tastic figure.
9. Ursula loved to lure sailors in with her enchanting beauty.
10. The little mermaid was no stranger to going against the current.
11. Under the sea, Ariel gave a whole new meaning to “catch of the day.”
12. Flounder always had a flirty fin for the ladies.
13. When Sebastian saw Ariel’s tail, he exclaimed, “That’s a fin one right there!”
14. Prince Eric couldn’t resist the opportunity to be in a “deep” relationship.
15. Ursula had a talent for leaving a trail of broken hearts in her wake.
16. The little mermaid knew just how to bait her prince charming.
17. A mermaid’s tail can be quite the “catch” for those who dare to pursue her.
18. Sebastian loved to serenade the little mermaid with a sultry melody.
19. The ocean was always buzzing with rumors when Ariel was around.
20. Ursula wasn’t afraid to use her charm and sex appeal to get what she wanted.

Fishy Wordplay: Puns by the Ocean (Little Mermaid Puns)

1. She’s a reel catch of the day.
2. He’s as slippery as a fish out of water.
3. Swimming against the tide can be a real fin-flipper.
4. She’s feeling a bit fishy about that story.
5. Don’t go overboard with the compliments, she might get a big head.
6. Sometimes you just have to take the plunge.
7. It’s sink or swim in this industry.
8. Don’t let anyone throw you off course, keep swimming upstream.
9. Life’s better under the sea, but you gotta keep your head above water.
10. Have you heard about the fin-tastic new trend?
11. He’s not the sharpest fish in the sea.
12. She felt like she was swimming in circles, never getting anywhere.
13. You have to scale down your expectations sometimes.
14. It’s a deep-sea mystery we may never unravel.
15. He baited him into that trap, hook line and sinker.
16. Caught between a rock and a hard plaice.
17. It’s a shellfish act, always taking credit for others’ work.
18. She swam into a great opportunity and seized it with both fins.
19. She’s a real catch, but don’t get tangled in her net.
20. A little bit of fishiness spices up any story.

Sea-iously Hilarious (Pun Juxtaposition)

1. The little mermaid wanted to have her cake and swim with it too.
2. When the little mermaid broke up with her ex, he claimed it was just a fluke.
3. The little mermaid is always wading for her prince charming.
4. The little mermaid got in trouble for shellfish behavior.
5. The little mermaid found herself in hot water when she got into the cooking pot.
6. Even though she was a mermaid, the little mermaid still wore waterproof makeup to stay e-fish-ent.
7. The little mermaid’s favorite superhero is Aquaman, but she thinks he should’ve been named Aquamerman.
8. The little mermaid was in deep water after accepting a job only to discover it was bait and switch.
9. The little mermaid’s dream vacation was to go to Finland and see the Northern Ligh-fish.
10. The little mermaid got nostalgic when she heard the song “Under the Sea,” but for her, it’s always more like “Under the C-sea.”
11. The little mermaid auditioned for a role in a play, but she floundered and didn’t make the cut.
12. The little mermaid wanted to be a famous singer, but she had to scale back her aspirations.
13. The little mermaid’s guilty pleasure is binge-watching “Seas Anatomy.”
14. The little mermaid became popular on social media thanks to her viral TikTok video, “The Fish Moves.”
15. The little mermaid discovered a hidden talent for sushi rolling, and now she’s known as the Sal-mon Lisa.
16. The little mermaid had a date with a jellyfish, but it turned into a real shocker.
17. The little mermaid’s favorite sport is water polo-locks.
18. The little mermaid enrolled in school to become a lawyer, but she always felt like a fish out of water.
19. The little mermaid went to the eye doctor and got a prescription for sea-thru glasses.
20. The little mermaid loves watching marine life documentaries; she finds them a-whale-ing.

Fin-tastic Wordplay: The Little Mermaid Name Game

1. Fin-tastic Food Market
2. Sea Shell Phone Repair
3. Ariel’s Fin-tertainment Center
4. Little Mer-Maid Cafe
5. Flounder’s Fish and Chips Shack
6. King Triton’s Trident Gym
7. Scuttle’s Feather Salon
8. Under the Sea Spa
9. Ursula’s Octo-Grocery
10. Sebastian’s Shell-ter for Crabs
11. The Flippin’ Flounder Bar
12. Dinglehopper Hair Salon
13. Mermaid Marina’s Boat Rentals
14. Beacon of Ariel Lighthouse
15. Fishly Fashion Boutique
16. Tidal Waves Surf School
17. Coral Reef Realty
18. Mermaid’s Melody Music School
19. Triton’s Tailoring Shop
20. Splashy Splash Water Park

Twisting Tails: Spoonerisms with the Little Mermaid

1. Wittle merlaid
2. Bittle mermaid
3. Mittle wermaid
4. Little merwaid
5. Fittle merlaid
6. Dittle merlaid
7. Wittle wermaid
8. Bittle wermaid
9. Mittle merwaid
10. Rittle mermaid
11. Lottle mermaid
12. Zittle mermaid
13. Yittle mermaid
14. Hittle merlaid
15. Pittle mermaid
16. Nittle merwaid
17. Fittle wermaid
18. Sittle merlaid
19. Wittle merwaid
20. Dittle wermaid

Splish Splash Wit (Tom Swifties)

1. “I’ll watch ‘The Little Mermaid’ again,” Tom said with a splash.
2. “Under the sea is where I’m happiest,” Tom said swimmingly.
3. “I can’t wait to go to the beach,” said Tom shore-ly.
4. “Being a mermaid is quite the fish-ion statement,” Tom said swimmingly.
5. “I’m always impressed by Ariel’s fins,” Tom said fin-ally.
6. “I think mermaids have a whale of a time,” said Tom swimmingly.
7. “I hope Ariel finds her voice soon,” Tom said vocally.
8. “The Little Mermaid has such a vibrant coral ensemble,” Tom said colorfully.
9. “Finding a mermaid necklace is quite a treasure,” Tom said bead-ifully.
10. “Flounder is my favorite Disney sidekick,” Tom said animatedly.
11. “I’m hooked on ‘The Little Mermaid’,” Tom said with a line.
12. “Sebastian’s accent really scales up the movie,” Tom said fin-sincerely.
13. “Mermaids prefer starfish hairstyling,” Tom said combically.
14. “Watching ‘The Little Mermaid’ is fin-tastic!” Tom exclaimed.
15. “Ariel’s love for Prince Eric is truly deep,” Tom said oceanically.
16. “The Little Mermaid makes me want to sea-s the day,” Tom said positively.
17. “I’m like a fish out of water without ‘The Little Mermaid’,” Tom said outlandishly.
18. “I’m really hooked on Ariel’s catchy songs,” Tom said melodically.
19. “Ursula’s tentacles bring a twist to the story,” Tom said curiously.
20. “I wouldn’t shell out for anything but ‘The Little Mermaid’,” Tom said economically.

Contradictory Oceanic Wordplay (Oxymoronic Puns)

1. Ariel “flipping her fins” to “walk on land”
2. Sebastian at a “shellfish” seafood buffet
3. Ursula becoming a “glamorous villain”
4. Flounder “swimming against the current” in a fishbowl
5. King Triton “surfing the net”
6. Scuttle delivering “pearls of wisdom”
7. Ariel wearing a “dramatic silence” dress
8. Eric “sailing on a sea of dry land”
9. Flotsam and Jetsam making “tidy decisions”
10. Ursula and Ariel having a “friendly rivalry”
11. Sebastian inviting others to a “krab cake cooking class”
12. Ariel hunting for “hidden treasures in plain sight”
13. Flounder being a “big fish in a little pond”
14. Eric and Ariel planning a “secret loudspeaker concert”
15. King Triton taking up “jellyfish knitting”
16. Scuttle giving “authoritative misinformation”
17. Ursula teaching “yoga for octopuses”
18. Sebastian enjoying a “charming solo”
19. Ariel combing her hair with a “dinglehopper flat iron”
20. Eric helping Ariel become a “silent opera singer”

Recursive Fins (Little Mermaid Puns)

1. Why did the little mermaid always carry an umbrella? Because she wanted to “sea” through the rain!
2. Have you heard about the seaweed that fell in love with the little mermaid? It was a *kelp-less* romance!
3. What did the little mermaid say when she saw her favorite fish? “I’m hooked!”
4. Why does the little mermaid make a great swimmer? Because she has a *fin-tastic* technique!
5. How did the little mermaid find a job as a lifeguard? She had a lot of *water skills* to offer!
6. What kind of music does the little mermaid love? *S-Caribbean* tunes that make her dance!
7. How did the little mermaid react after she finally found her voice? She *sang-tastic*!
8. What’s the little mermaid’s favorite mathematical concept? The *sea-lution* to quadratic equations!
9. Did you hear about the little mermaid who opened a bakery? She made the best *shell-fraising* pastries!
10. Why did the little mermaid start a gardening business? She wanted to *sea-seed* all around!
11. How did the little mermaid become an expert in ocean navigation? She had a natural *compass*!
12. Who did the little mermaid invite to her underwater tea party? *Octo-pus* friends of course!
13. What did the little mermaid say when she saw her favorite sea creature in distress? “I’m here to *ray-scue* you!”
14. Have you heard the favorite sport of the little mermaid and her friends? *Water polo*!
15. How do the little mermaid and her friends communicate underwater? They use *shell phones*!
16. Why did the little mermaid decide to become an artist? She always had a *wave* of creativity!
17. What did the little mermaid say when she found treasure buried under the ocean floor? “I’ve *dug* up something amazing!”
18. Have you seen the little mermaid’s latest hairstyle? It’s a *curl-tail* masterpiece!
19. Why did the little mermaid become an environmental activist? She wanted to protect her *fin-vironment*!
20. What’s the little mermaid’s favorite type of chocolate? *Sea-salted caramel*, of course!

Sailing Through Clichés: The Fin-Tastic World of Little Mermaid Puns

1. “Sea life’s a beach, but she’s got fins to do.”
2. “She didn’t make a splash, she made a whole ocean wave!”
3. “She traded her voice for a fishtory lesson.”
4. “She found her Fin-dian Jones and they lived happily ever after.”
5. “When life gives you seaweed, make sushi rolls.”
6. “She didn’t just have a fish out of water experience; she had an entire ocean out of water experience.”
7. “Fin-tastic adventures are just a splash away.”
8. “Beauty lies in the eye of the fish swimmin’ in the sea.”
9. “The little mermaid swam against the current and found her own wave.”
10. “She proved that even fish have their own tales to tell.”
11. “Ariel’s love story was krill-iant from the start.”
12. “She didn’t let her starfish status keep her from reaching for the sky.”
13. “In the ocean of love, it’s always better to be fishin’ and not wishin’.”
14. “Why did the little mermaid bring a shrimp to the beach? In case she got a little hungry for a sea snack!”
15. “Her voice might have been under lock and key, but her determination was fin-conditional.”
16. “She’s not just a fish out of water; she’s a fish on a mission.”
17. “In the deep blue sea, she managed to make waves in more ways than one.”
18. “She didn’t let her fins dampen her dreams; she made them shimmer and shine.”
19. “Sometimes, you just have to trust your instincts and let the tides guide you.”
20. “Under the sea, she proved that fairy tales can be fin-tastic for everyone.”

In conclusion, these Little Mermaid puns are sure to make waves of laughter roll over you. From fishy jokes to oceanic one-liners, they are a sea-riously fun way to brighten up your day. If you’re still hungry for more puns, be sure to dive into the rest of our website for a treasure trove of comedic gems. Thank you for swimming by and taking the time to enjoy our fin-tastic collection!

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