220 Hilarious Door Puns to Knock Your Socks Off: Get Ready to Laugh Out Loud

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Are you ready to have your doors blown off with laughter? Look no further than these 200+ hilarious door puns to knock your socks off. Whether you’re a fan of knock-knock jokes or just want to spice up your everyday interactions, these puns are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face (or maybe just a groan). From clever wordplay to classic one-liners, there’s a pun for everyone. So get ready to creak open the door to some serious comedic relief and prepare to laugh out loud at these pun-tastic door jokes. Don’t be afraid to share these puns with your friends, family, or even strangers – just be prepared for some eye-rolling and chuckles. Let’s get cracking and explore these door puns that are too pun-derful to resist!

Door-licious puns to knock you off your feet (Editors Pick)

1. “Knock-knock, who’s there?” “Boo.” “Boo who?” “Don’t cry, it’s only a door joke.”
2. I was going to tell you a joke about a broken door, but it was locked.
3. “Why did the door refuse to open?” “Because it was shy.”
4. Why did the door run away in fear?” “Because it heard someone say, ‘Here’s Johnny!’
5. “Why did the door get mad?” “Because people kept slamming it.”
6. Why did the door go to the doctor?” “Because it was squeaking.
7. “What did the door say when it fell off its hinges?” “Oh, no! This is the final straw.”
8. “Why was the door embarrassed?” “Because it couldn’t find the keyhole in the dark.”
9. “Why did the door get a ticket?” “Because it was parked in the no-entry zone.”
10. What did the door say to the wall?” “I’ll handle this one, you just stand there and wait your turn.
11. “Why did the door have to take a sick day?” “Because it had hinge-aids.”
12. “Why did the door go on vacation?” “To get a handle on things.”
13. “Why did the door get a job in security?” “Because it wanted to latch on to something stable.”
14. Why did the door go to the therapist?” “Because it had a problem opening up.
15. Why did the door go to college?” “To get a degree in Architecture.
16. “Why did the door feel lonely?” “Because it was a-latch-ic.”
17. What did the door say to the light? “Don’t give up on me yet, I’ll hinge our hopes on something else.”
18. “Why did the door go to the doctor?” “Because it had a hinge in its step.”
19. “Why did the door say ‘ouch’?” “Because someone slammed it.”
20. “Why did the door get into an argument?” “Because someone tried to lock horns with it.”

Doorknob Delights (One-liner Puns)

1. Why did the door wear glasses? To improve its hinges-ight.
2. We should never take doors for granted, they’re always here for us whether we push or pull.
3. Why did the burglar break into the door factory? He wanted to get his foot in the door.
4. My friend’s house has a fortified door that’s bulletproof and not very welcoming, a real turnoff.
5. I’ve been trying to figure out which door to use at the escape room, but I don’t want to open up a can of mystery.
6. What happened to the door that escaped from prison? It’s on the lam-b.
7. Why did the criminal install a secret door? He wanted to keep ajar from the law.
8. That door-to-door salesman was so persuasive, I almost bought his knock-knock jokes.
9. I heard the mute door fraternized with a window, they’ve been silent partners ever since.
10. The door wouldn’t stop talking, so I had to put a stop hinge to it.
11. Why do people from Tennessee have trouble with doors? They keep trying to enter a Knob-ville.
12. That door has been creaking for as long as I can remember, it needs to buy some oil shares.
13. Why should you never trust a revolving door? It’s always up to something.
14. The door was offended when I called it a jar, it’s feeling was a-hinged.
15. Why did the thief break into a car dealership? He was looking for a door prize.
16. Door college is where doors go to get degrees in molecular locks.
17. The doorbell stopped working, so we had to resort to knock humor.
18. That door is always there for me, I guess you could call it my support system.
19. Why did the teacher bring a door to class? She wanted to try a new approach.
20. I bet you can’t find the hidden door pun in this sentence, it’s behind the bookcase.

Knock-knock-knockin’ on Puns’ Door: Door-Themed Q&A Jokes

1. Why did the door break up with its key? Because it felt like it was being locked out of the relationship.
2. Why did the door go to art school? To learn how to paint its “doorframe” of mind.
3. What do you call a door that can sing? A “dorito.”
4. Why did the door get angry with the floor? Because the floor kept making “creak” jokes.
5. Why did the door need therapy? Because it had a lot of hinges to work through.
6. Why did the door start a band? Because it was sick of being a solo act.
7. Why did the door go to college? To get the “key-ed”ucation it needed.
8. What is a door’s favorite type of pizza? “Pane”-eroni.
9. Why did the door get a job at the gym? To bulk up its “door-able” muscles.
10. What kind of exercise does a door do? The “hinge” press.
11. Why don’t doors talk to each other? Because they’re always “locked” in their own world.
12. What did the door say to the walls? “Do you mind if I swing this way?”
13. Why did the door get a pet snake? To “hiss” the entrance to anyone who tried to come in uninvited.
14. What does a door say when it’s enjoying some peace and quiet? “Ahh, I love the sound of being closed!”
15. Why did the door bring a dictionary to class? To “knob”- up on its vocabulary.
16. What do you call a door that’s really excited? An “en-doors-iast.”
17. Why did the door start writing poetry? To express its inner “self-closing” emotions.
18. What is a door’s favorite holiday? “Hinge”-iving.
19. What does the door say to the walls when it’s feeling claustrophobic? I need some space to hinge around.
20. Why did the door win the race? Because it had a “fast-en-ating” time.

Knock! Knock! Who’s There? (Double Entendre Puns on Door Puns)

1. Did you hear about the door that always gets locked? It’s a real knob-tease.
2. It’s always a struggle deciding between a hinge to the left or hinge to the right. I call it a swinger’s dilemma.
3. The door to my bedroom is like my love life, never fully closed
4. Door knocking jokes aren’t really my thing, but knock yourself out!
5. There’s nothing like a good door handle to help me get a grip.
6. Whenever someone tells me to “hold the door,” I can’t help but think of Hodor
7. When you open a door, do you sometimes hear it whisper to you? It’s because it wants to get closer to the doorway.
8. If you befriend enough doors, you might just become the key master.
9. It’s important to always keep your door locked, because you never know who might be willing to push your buttons.
10. Doors, like people, come in all shapes and sizes. There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all entrance.
11. I told my door about my upcoming date, but I don’t think it was listening. It seemed like it had its own hinge to attend to.
12. Every time I fix a jammed door, I feel like I’ve got a real lock on things.
13. Why did the door refuse to open? Because it was feeling hinge-y.
14. My front door is always open for unexpected visitors, but my bedroom door… not so much.
15. If you’re brave enough to knock, I’m brave enough to answer. Just beware of what might be behind Door Number Three.
16. When it comes to doors, some slam while others keep it in the frame. It’s all about finding the right balance.
17. Who needs a fancy keycard when you have the ultimate access… a working doorknob.
18. Are you locked out? Don’t worry, I’m a master of busting a move when it comes to stubborn doors.
19. Why did the door go to the doctor? Because it had a hinge sprain.
20. My door wants me to tell you that it’s looking forward to getting more visitors than just the UPS guy.

“Door-matrically Humorous: Puns in Door-related Idioms”

1. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Olive. Olive who? Olive the way you open doors!
2. I’m such a door-knob that I can’t remember my own password.
3. Don’t be a dunce, let’s bolt out of here!
4. I hate closed doors. It’s like they’re jammed up or something.
5. It’s nice to knock on the door before entering, but sometimes I can’t help being pushy.
6. My friend who’s a carpenter said he was proud of his work because he was going to hinge his hat on it.
7. I always ask people to take their shoes off before they step foot in my room, but they always give me a foot in the door.
8. Being a bathroom stall door must be tough, everyone tries to peek at you while you’re trying to do your business.
9. My door is so old, I think it’s knobiling.
10. My neighbor said he wanted to close the door on his problems, but I told him that’s not how you handle your issues.
11. The problem with France is that they always want to cut off their doors.
12. I told my son that he better keep his priorities straight and stop being Javan timid about everything.
13. I always try to be non-judgmental towards doors, but sometimes you just have to take a panelty.
14. My friend who’s a handyman said the customer wanted him to split the door 50/50, but he told him not to be a doorbage.
15. I always feel open and shut about my decisions.
16. The pro of being a door is that I get a new coat of paint every year.
17. I need to stop living out of a suitcase and learn to crate a home for myself.
18. I don’t need to search for the key to success, I have a master key.
19. He was locked out of his car, but at least he had a breakthrough moment when he realized he had the key to his house.
20. I tried to cheer up my sad friend by telling him that when one door closes, another one opens.

Knock Knock, Who’s There? (Pun Juxtaposition on Door Puns)

1. The door gave me a dirty look, but I promised to handle it.
2. When I painted the door red, it was a real pane.
3. Every time I try to lock the door, I bolt.
4. The carpenter really knows how to handle a knob.
5. I saw the doorbell, then I rang and bolted.
6. When the door said, “push,” I pulled a muscle.
7. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, unless you’re into that kind of thing.
8. The door was in such good shape, I couldn’t hinge my bets.
9. I thought the door was closed, but it was just a window of opportunity.
10. I asked the door what the future held and it said, “more hinges.”
11. I unlocked the door and felt such a sense of latch liberation.
12. Whenever I’m feeling down, I always take a knob at the door.
13. The door was so heavy, I couldn’t handle it. It was a knobstacle.
14. When the door locked behind me, I had to put up a good defense.
15. I met a door with a great personality, but it was really dense.
16. It’s hard to argue with a door that’s already framed its worldview.
17. The door was so old, it needed knoblin rejuvenation.
18. The burglar held the door open for me, but it was a trap.
19. I was hoping for a door prize, but all I got was a wooden cube with a hole in it.
20. When the door went missing, I had to latch ditch efforts to find it.

Knock-Knock Who’s Pun-ing? (Puns on Door Names)

1. Knockie Chan
2. Keyth Ledger
3. Tabby Locks
4. B. Door-Rite
5. Dwight Hinges
6. Samson Handle
7. Ava Latch
8. Douglas Jamb
9. Rosetta Knob
10. Jillian Portal
11. Felix Gate
12. Sasha Bolt
13. Harley Bar
14. Hank Deadbolt
15. Tammy Hingedoor
16. Kevin Doorbell
17. Emily Hinge
18. Nelly Knocker
19. Anthony Dooropener
20. Shiela Doornob.

Knock, Knock, Wordplay on the Door! (Spoonerisms)

1. Bore knockers
2. Poor hinges
3. Core mopper
4. Sore panel
5. Boor latch
6. Fore mat
7. Score jamb
8. Snore knocker
9. More frame
10. Shore stopper
11. Doorbell dringer
12. Four peeping holes
13. Floor bracket
14. Drawer handle
15. Snore opener
16. More stopper
17. Doorstop core
18. Drawer slide
19. Pour Handle
20. Core Hinger

Doorway Jokes (Tom Swifties)

1. “I bet you can’t open that ancient door,” said Tom, knowingly.
2. “I always lock the door behind me,” Tom stated firmly.
3. “I couldn’t believe it was a revolving door,” Tom whirled.
4. “This door needs a bit of oil,” Tom said, squeakily.
5. “Let’s hurry, the door is about to close!” Tom exclaimed hastily.
6. “I hung my coat on the wrong door,” Tom closeted.
7. “I’m knocking on the neighbor’s door,” Tom said, abuttingly.
8. “I couldn’t believe they delivered it to my door,” Tom said, shippingly.
9. “That door handle is very slippery,” Tom said, slidingly.
10. “I thought this was the front door,” Tom opined.
11. “Lock the door carefully,” Tom said, cautiously.
12. “We can’t get through the door,” Tom interrupted.
13. “The door would be more elegant if we painted it,” Tom brushed off.
14. “I think this is the key,” Tom said unlockingly.
15. “Trick or treat!” Tom said, door-to-door.
16. “The door is jammed, we need a crowbar,” Tom said, forcibly.
17. “This door is a dead-end,” Tom said, conclusively.
18. “Let’s take the door off its hinges,” Tom swung.
19. “This is the “knock and run” door,” Tom said, banteringly.
20. “That door sounds like it’s about to collapse,” Tom said, portentously.

Contradictory Door Puns (Oxymoronic Puns)

1. I saw a door that was open but closed-minded.
2. Knock-knock jokes never seem to be ajar.
3. I was stumped when the door told me to pull and push simultaneously.
4. The thief mistakenly robbed a revolving door and got stuck in an endless loop.
5. I couldn’t find the doorbell, it was camouflaged in the bell tower.
6. I tried to unlock the revolving door with a deadbolt.
7. The door was so rusty, it creaked “oil me!”
8. I painted the door red, to avoid any door-to-door salesmen.
9. The door’s lock decided to unlock itself, talk about self-discovery!
10. The wooden door was so old, it had many doors of experience.
11. The door was so wide, it had a split personality.
12. The bathroom door was feeling flush with success.
13. The door handle was sticky, I found it hard to grasp reality.
14. The door was mad, it wanted to slam its head against the wall.
15. The revolving door was off-balance, it needed some door-namic balancing.
16. The door knob was on the downside, I had to reach new door-heights to open it.
17. I asked the door for some space, it told me it was door-mantled affairs.
18. The trapdoor was on the roof, it was truly a lofty goal.
19. The garage door was a bit tone-deaf and kept raising its voice.
20. It was an easy-to-open door but it couldn’t close its mouth.

Knock Your Socks Off (Recursive Door Puns)

1. Why did the door shrink? It underwent trans-Tours-mation.
2. I couldn’t find a door handle, so I had to knob hunt.
3. When the door was locked, I had to key-p up with my patience.
4. I tried to unlock the door with my phone, but it was app-lockable.
5. I was late for work because my door hinge was dragging its feet.
6. I wanted to renovate my house, but I didn’t have the remodel of money I needed.
7. I told my wife the door looked crooked, but she thinks I’m just a knob.
8. When the door refused to open, I thought I’d lost my key-fidence.
9. What do you call a door that needs to be replaced? A dis-door-der.
10. The rush hour at the door always seemed like a pane to me.
11. After fixing the door, it opened up a whole new pass-age of life.
12. Why was the door afraid of the wall? It saw the doorme-to in its future.
13. I was feeling nostalgic for my childhood door, but I couldn’t remember the knob.
14. When my friend tried to open my door, it was a knock of no avail.
15. I was locked out of my house, and I realized I’d left my key-fob inside.
16. When my brother painted the door green, he opened a color-doors for me.
17. Why did the astronaut hate his door? It reminded him of the vacuum of space.
18. I wanted to start a door design company, but I didn’t want to fall-flat-panel.
19. When I couldn’t remember my door code, I had to face the music.
20. Why did the magician want a door in his act? For the grand egress.

Knocking Out Door Puns (Puns on Door Cliches)

1. Knock knock, who’s there? Doorbell, doorbell who?
2. I was hoping to get married in a giant, historic door frame. But then I realized… it’s just a gateway drug.
3. What do you call a door thief? A knob robber.
4. Why was the door cold? It left itself ajar.
5. The fortune-teller told me I’d walk through many doors, but I didn’t expect them all to be revolving doors.
6. The door-to-door salesman wasn’t very successful. He just didn’t have a good pitch.
7. I tried to make my door more efficient, but it ended up being a pane in the glass.
8. I accidentally walked into a broom closet instead of the kitchen. That’s what they call a sweeping entrance.
9. The door mat was feeling depressed, so I told it to rug it off.
10. What do you get when you cross a door with a refrigerator? A cool entrance.
11. Why was the door nervous? It was about to be unhinged.
12. The door was feeling generous, so it decided to give a-way
13. The police officer knocked on the door and said, “I’m conducting a door-to-door investigation.”
14. The doorman was feeling lonely, so I asked him “how do you cope-a-dope during tough times?”
15. I always try to be polite to my doors, but sometimes they still end up shuting me out.
16. Whenever I open the door too quickly, it always groans. I guess I’m just too quick for it!
17. Why did the door have trouble making connections? It was locked up.
18. The broken door was causing a ruckus. It was a real knobstacle.
19. I heard a famous DJ installed a new front door. But it was just a vinyl replacement.
20. I always try to remember to knock before entering a door, but sometimes I forget and stumble in. It’s a real faux pas!

In conclusion, we hope these 200+ door puns have left you laughing and feeling witty. But the fun doesn’t have to stop here! Check out our website for more puns, jokes, and clever wordplay to keep the laughter going. We appreciate you stopping by and hope to see you again soon. Now go knock ’em dead with your new pun-derful jokes!

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