200+ Hilarious Goblin Puns to Get You Cackling and Cringing All at Once

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Looking for some pun-tastic ways to tickle your funny bone? Look no further than these 200+ goblin puns that will have you laughing and cringing all at once. From clever play on words to hilarious one-liners, these goblin puns are sure to make your day a little brighter (or at least a little more pun-ny). Whether you’re a fan of fantasy fiction or just love a good joke, these goblin puns are sure to enchant you. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to cackle and cringe with our selection of the best goblin puns around!

“Gobblin’ up the Laughs” (Editors Pick)

1. What kind of jewelry do goblins wear? Toe rings!
2. Why did the goblin refuse to eat the pizza? It was one mushroom too many.
3. Why did the goblin go to the doctor? He wasn’t feeling troll-erant.
4. What do you call a group of goblins? A hobblin’ mob.
5. Why did the goblin carry a ladder everywhere? So he could climb the social ladder.
6. How do you know if a goblin is lying? You can see right through them.
7. What kind of music do goblins listen to? Heavy metal.
8. Why is it difficult to have a conversation with a goblin? Because they’re always goblin up the attention.
9. Why did the goblin join the gym? He wanted to work on his “goblin muscles.”
10. When do goblins wear leather? When they’re going out clubbing.
11. Why did the goblin quit his job at the bakery? He was tired of being the breadwinner.
12. What do you call a goblin who loves to play jokes? A prank-ster.
13. Why did the goblin cross the road? To get to the other side… of the bridge.
14. What do you call a goblin who loves baseball? A foul goblin.
15. Why don’t goblins like dogs? They’re always barking up the wrong tree.
16. Why do goblins always go to bed early? So they can wake up goblin-risen refreshed.
17. Why don’t goblins watch TV? Because they prefer to goblin up books instead.
18. What do you call a goblin who is always up for a fight? A goblin warrior.
19. Why don’t goblins go to the bank? They already have a lot in their goblin stash.
20. What do you call a goblin who’s had too much to drink? A goblin mess.

Goblin Goodness (One-Liner Puns)

1. Why did the goblin go to the doctor? He was feeling green.
2. How does a goblin clean the house? With a vacuum-broom.
3. What did the goblin say when he won the lottery? “I’m goblin all this up!”
4. Why did the goblin break up with his girlfriend? She said he was too impish.
5. How do goblin musicians communicate? They use a goblin phone.
6. Why did the goblin refuse to eat breakfast? He was feeling a bit gnome-ish.
7. Why did the goblin quit his job at the bakery? He couldn’t raise enough dough.
8. What’s a goblin’s favorite rock band? The Rolling Tombstones.
9. How do you make a goblin laugh? Tickling his elves.
10. What do you call a goblin who’s also a woodworker? A saw-ercerer.
11. Why do goblins make bad athletes? They’re always hobbling.
12. How do goblins stay healthy? They go to the goblin gym.
13. What did the goblin say after a long day at work? “I’m goblin home.”
14. Why did the goblin hire an accountant? To help him balance his books of spells.
15. What’s the best way to get a goblin’s attention? Hiss at him.
16. How do goblins celebrate Halloween? By having a gobblin’ good time.
17. Why did the goblin get kicked out of the party? He was acting imp-predictable.
18. What do you call a field full of goblins? A goblin pasture.
19. How do goblins say goodbye? “Goblin’ day!”
20. Why did the goblin go on a diet? He wanted to be goblin-fit.

Goblin Gags (Question-and-Answer Puns)

1. Q: What do you call a mischievous goblin?
A: A gobWIN!

2. Q: Why did the goblin start tearing up the carpet?
A: He was trying to find his goblin-claw-lacquer remover!

3. Q: Why did the goblin cut the cable cord?
A: He wanted to watch some goblin-vision!

4. Q: What was the goblin’s favorite holiday?
A: HalloGREEN!

5. Q: How does a goblin get around town?
A: He rides a broomstICK!

6. Q: What did the goblin say when he was asked to change a lightbulb?
A: Sure, I goblin and do it!

7. Q: What does a goblin use to pick their hair?
A: A goblin comb!

8. Q: How do goblins stay in shape?
A: They go to the goblin’ gym!

9. Q: Why did the goblin join the army?
A: He wanted to be a goBLADEtor!

10. Q: Why does a goblin never get lost?
A: They always have their goblin-map!

11. Q: What did the goblin bring to the party?
A: The goblin-brew!

12. Q: Why did the goblin quit his job?
A: He didn’t like the go-boss!

13. Q: What do you call a goblin who likes to play pranks?
A: A goblin-jester!

14. Q: Why did the goblin run out of gas?
A: He forgot to gob-fill!

15. Q: What does a goblin get when they mix blue and yellow paint?
A: Gob-green!

16. Q: Why did the goblin put his phone in the oven?
A: He wanted to make goblin-calls!

17. Q: What did the goblin say when he was asked if he wanted dessert?
A: I’ll goblin it up!

18. Q: Why did the goblin break up with his girlfriend?
A: She was always goblin’ up the snacks!

19. Q: What do you call a goblin who can’t stop singing?
A: A goblin what a lovely voice!

20. Q: What do you call a goblin who’s always on time?

Playing Dirty: Goblin Puns with a Twist (Double Entendre Edition)

1. Did you hear about the goblin who became a beekeeper? He’s now known as the “Gob-lin of honey.
2. Why did the goblin check into a hotel? He needed a room with a view of the “Goblin tower.”
3. How do goblins hang out with their friends? They “goblin up” some grub and watch a movie.
4. What do you call a goblin who’s stolen something valuable? A “gold-bin.”
5. How do goblins celebrate Thanksgiving? They “gob-lin” up all the turkey and stuffing.
6. Why did the goblin break up with his girlfriend? She accused him of “goblin” up all her makeup.
7. How do goblins decorate their homes for Halloween? They always have a “goblin” hanging from a tree.
8. Why did the goblin go to the salon? He wanted a “goblin” makeover.
9. What do you call a friendly goblin? A “gob-friend.”
10. How do goblins stay in shape? They “goblin” up all the veggies in their garden.
11. Why did the goblin go to the library? He wanted to borrow a book on “gob-lin” folklore.
12. How do goblins describe their favorite meals? “Gob-licious!”
13. What do you get when you cross a goblin with a firecracker? A “goblin” explosion.
14. Why did the goblin go to the beach? He wanted to catch some “gob-lins.”
15. How do goblins prepare for a battle? They “gob-lin” down some potions and sharpen their swords.
16. Why did the goblin get a job as a camp counselor? He wanted to teach kids how to “goblimber.
17. What do goblins say to each other when they’re feeling down? “Gob-lin up, buttercup!”
18. Why did the goblin start a band? He’s always been a “gob-lin” for punishment.
19. What do you call a goblin who’s really good at dancing? The “Gob-lin of the dance.”
20. Why did the goblin start a fashion line? He always knew how to dress to “gob-lin up” attention.

Gob-Linnin’ Good Goblin Puns! (Puns in Idioms Featuring Goblins)

1. The goblin’s business was booming – he was a real goblin entrepreneur.
2. The goblin had a sweet tooth – he loved goblin chocolate.
3. The goblin was very sarcastic – by nature, he was a real gob-lin.
4. The goblin demanded attention – he was an attention goblin.
5. The goblin was always stealing things – he was a real goblin thief.
6. The goblin was very organized – he kept everything in gob-lin order.
7. The goblin was always causing trouble – he was a real gob-lin up mischief.
8. The goblin was really good at math – he was a real gob-lin numbers.
9. The goblin was very angry – he had a real gob-lin rage.
10. The goblin was a great actor – he was a real gobl-in the spotlight.
11. The goblin was a real party animal – he loved to goblin.
12. The goblin always tried to be sneaky – he was a real sneakigoblin.
13. The goblin liked to keep things secret – he was a real gob-lin hider.
14. The goblin loved a good challenge – he was a real gob-lin the hunt.
15. The goblin had a great sense of humor – he was a real gob-lin people laugh.
16. The goblin was very determined – he was a real gob-lin it to win it.
17. The goblin was an expert in strategy – he was a real gob-lin things through.
18. The goblin was very persuasive – he was a real gob-lin charm.
19. The goblin loved to watch scary movies – he was a real gob-lin up the spooks.
20. The goblin was always up for a good fight – he was a real gob-lin for punishment.

Gobblin’ Up the Pun Juxtapositions: A Play on Goblin Puns

1. The goblin went to the gym because he wanted to pump-kin iron.
2. The goblin chef made a gingerbread house and it was a-horror-able.
3. The goblin went to school to learn how to spell -binding spells.
4. The goblin doctor prescribed him some fang-tastic medicine.
5. The goblin hairdresser gave me a cutting-edge haircut.
6. The goblin librarian said, “I love books, they just speak to me–sometimes literally.
7. The goblin comedian’s jokes were a real scream!
8. The goblin gardener likes to raise a little heli-copper.
9. The goblin baker made some bat-ter that was just perfect for his cakes.
10. The goblin musician loved to play his favorite tune on the harp-oon.
11. The goblin artist liked to draw ogres so they could be goblin proof.
12. The goblin gymnast did a flip and said it was a real goblin-ade-rush.
13. The goblin astronomer was so good, he could find all the star-dust in the universe.
14. The goblin writer’s story was so good it was a real page-turner.
15. The goblin decorated his house with slime-green paint, it was a real sucker-punch to the eyeballs.
16. The goblin went into the bank and said, “I’d like to open an account with a lot of interest. I’m saving for a new dungeon.”
17. The goblin tailor made a suit for Mr. Hyde and it fit like a charm.
18. The goblin surfer liked to ride the kelp-er coaster.
19. The goblin ghost hunter knew if there was one thing he knew, it was that you could always find a haunting at the end of a rainbow.
20. The goblin actor was so good people called him a real mon-star of the stage.

Goblin Getaways (Fun with Goblin Puns)

1. Gob Blincoe
2. Gob Linstooke
3. Gob Lympia
4. Gob Lintz
5. Gob Leak
6. Gob Lixie
7. Gob Lomax
8. Gob Lyn Davis
9. Gob Lenite
10. Gob Lique
11. Gob Lawson
12. Gob Laronzo
13. Gob Langston
14. Gob Lagmite
15. Gob Lennox
16. Gob Lando
17. Gob Larch
18. Gob Laze
19. Gob Leen
20. Gob Levy

Gobblin’ up Some Spoonerisms: Hilarious Goblin Puns

1. Blinky the Goblin becomes Ginky the Bloblin
2. Goblin King becomes Koblin Ging
3. Hobgoblin becomes Gobhoblin
4. Green Goblin becomes Grey Gobbin
5. Naughty Goblin becomes Gotty Noblin
6. Goblin Lair becomes Loblin Gair
7. Ugly Goblin becomes Gugly Oblin
8. Goblin Horde becomes Hoblin Gore
9. Fire Goblin becomes Gire Foblin
10. Goblin Market becomes Moblin Garket
11. Giant Goblin becomes Gibant Golin
12. Goblin Warrior becomes Woblin Garrior
13. Goblin Forest becomes Foblin Gorrest
14. Goblin Army becomes Aoblin Garmy
15. Smart Goblin becomes Gmart Soblin
16. Goblin Attack becomes Aoblin Gattack
17. Friendly Goblin becomes Gendly Foblin
18. Goblin Town becomes Toblin Gown
19. Silver Goblin becomes Gilver Soblin
20. Magic Goblin becomes Gagic Moblin

Goblin Giggles (Tom Swifties)

1. “Look at all those goblins,” Tom said, goblin for air.
2. “I bet they steal things,” Tom said, goblin it up.
3. “It’s like they’re hiding something,” Tom said, goblin their secrets away.
4. “It’s hard to see them,” Tom said, goblin in the shadows.
5. “It’s not easy to catch them,” Tom said, goblin up all the traps.
6. “They’re always up to something,” Tom said, goblin their mischief.
7. “I feel like they’re watching us,” Tom said, goblin us closely.
8. “I’m not scared of them,” Tom said, goblin his courage.
9. “I don’t think they’re as evil as they seem,” Tom said, goblin the benefit of the doubt.
10. “I wonder what they eat,” Tom said, goblin down their meals.
11. “I can’t believe we’re talking about goblins,” Tom said, goblin up the topic.
12. “They’re really small,” Tom said, goblin down in size.
13. “I don’t think they like me,” Tom said, goblin me the evil eye.
14. “I think they’re plotting something,” Tom said, goblin their next move.
15. “I’m not sure they’re real,” Tom said, goblin his own reality check.
16. “They must have some kind of supernatural powers,” Tom said, goblin beyond us.
17. “I’m pretty sure they come out at night,” Tom said, goblin after dark.
18. “I bet they have their own goblin language,” Tom said, goblin their own way with words.
19. “I think we should try to communicate with them,” Tom said, goblin with the flow.
20. I wonder if they’re related to trolls,” Tom said, goblin it in the family.

Contradictory Goblin Gags (Oxymoronic Puns)

1. Friendly goblin
2. Honest thief goblin
3. Calm and collected goblin
4. Trustworthy trickster goblin
5. Responsible troublemaking goblin
6. Shy and outgoing goblin
7. Elegant brute goblin
8. Humble show-off goblin
9. Peaceful warrior goblin
10. Timid bully goblin
11. Respectful vandal goblin
12. Rational mad goblin
13. Courteous intruder goblin
14. Tidy chaos goblin
15. Loyal traitor goblin
16. Sober drunk goblin
17. Silent chatterbox goblin
18. Diplomatic mischief-maker goblin
19. Cooperative rebel goblin
20. Intelligent fool goblin

Goblin Up These Recursive Puns!

1. Why did the goblin cross the road? To get to the other slide.
2. How do you catch a goblin? Set a goblin trap.
3. Did you hear about the goblin who lost his left arm and left leg? He’s all right now.
4. Why couldn’t the goblin become a soccer player? He kept eating the corner flags.
5. Why did the goblin go to art school? To brush up on his skills.
6. What is a goblin’s favorite type of sandwich? Peanut butter and jelly, but hold the bread.
7. Why did the goblin break up with his girlfriend? She was too goblin down the aisle.
8. How does a goblin use a phone? He dials a goblin.
9. What do you call a goblin who knows how to swim? A goblin fin.
10. Why don’t goblins play basketball? Because they’re always traveling.
11. Did you hear about the goblin who opened a bakery? He couldn’t decide whether to make scone or gnome bread.
12. Why did the goblin take up karate? To learn how to goblin up opponents.
13. What do you get when you cross a goblin and a cow? Goblin up and down.
14. Why do goblins always order extra cheese on their pizza? Because they love to goblin it up.
15. Why do goblins make good musicians? They have great goblin-voice.
16. What did the goblin do when he ran out of toilet paper? He used his goblin hands.
17. What do you call a goblin that’s always losing things? A goblin- forgetful.
18. Did you hear about the goblin who tried to wear a scarf? He couldn’t because it was too goblin around his neck.
19. Why did the goblin become a banker? He wanted to goblin all the money.
20. What do you call a goblin who likes to eat frozen water? A gob-gob ice.

“Goblin up the Fun with Punny Clichés” (Puns on Goblin Clichés)

1. “It’s a goblin market out there, but someone’s gotta snatch up those deals!”
2. “I don’t mean to goblin up all the attention, but I really am the fairest of them all.”
3. “I’ve got a goblin up my sleeve for every situation.”
4. “Don’t get goblinfused with all these different varieties of goblins.”
5. “I think I’ve got a goblin on my shoulder telling me to buy more shoes.”
6. “When in doubt, goblin it up a notch.”
7. “I never trust anyone who doesn’t have a goblin in their closet.”
8. “Some say goblin life is a game, but I’m just trying to keep my head above water.”
9. “I tried to goblin-proof my house, but they always find a way in.”
10. “They say goblin love is the purest form of love.”
11. “I need to stop goblin everything in sight and start saving for a rainy day.”
12. “You can’t keep a good goblin down, especially when there are socks to be stolen.”
13. “I’m sorry, I can’t come to work today. I’ve got a goblin in my throat.”
14. “I’m a goblin for punishment, what can I say?”
15. “They say life is a goblin medal, but I’m just happy to be here.”
16. “I’m not saying I’m a goblin whisperer, but they do tend to listen to me.”
17. “I try not to goblin over my food, but sometimes it’s just too delicious.”
18. I’m not a morning goblin, but I’ll make an exception for coffee.
19. “I’ve got a goblin on my mind, but it’s probably just a figment of my imagination.”
20. “Some people think goblins are a myth, but trust me, they’re real and they’re coming for your snacks.”

In conclusion, we hope these goblin puns have brought some laughter and cringe-worthy moments into your day. If you can’t get enough of puns, be sure to check out the other hilarious puns on our website. Thank you for taking the time to visit and happy punning!

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