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Do you have an old fax machine lurking in the corner of your office? Spruce up those outdated communication methods with some humorous fax puns! From playful wordplay to clever quips, we’ve rounded up over 200 fax puns to add some amusement to your day. Whether you need a joke to break the ice with a new coworker or a one-liner to include in a memo, these puns are sure to bring on the chuckles and giggles. So grab your fax cover sheet and get ready to fax the funniest puns around!

Fax-tastic Puns (Editors Pick)

1. “I tried to send a fax, but it was a busy signal. I think it had a lot of transmission-formation.”
2. “I’m glad we still use fax machines. While email may be faster, it’s just not as faxinating.”
3. Why did the fax machine break up with its printer? They just weren’t compatible anymore.”
4. “I lost my job at the fax machine factory for not putting in enough overtime. I guess you could say I didn’t have the fax-time.”
5. “My boss told me to fax him the report by 5 o’clock. I replied, ‘No problem, I’ll send it lickity-fax.'”
6. “Why did the fax machine get in trouble at school? It was caught sending a love letter to the paper shredder.”
7. “I tried to send a fax to space, but I think it went over my head.”
8. “Why did the fax machine take a trip to the beach? To work on its tan-lines.”
9. “I tried to send a fax, but I ran out of ink. When I called for help, all they could say was, ‘Fax advice.'”
10. “I told my fax machine a joke, but it didn’t laugh. I guess it just didn’t have the faxtor.”
11. “I asked my boss if I could fax from home. He replied, ‘Only if you have a wife-less connection.'”
12. Why did the fax machine dress up as a cop? It wanted to be a fax enforcement officer.”
13. “I tried to send a fax, but it was rejected. I guess I didn’t have the faxinality.”
14. “I got a job at a fax machine factory, but they put me on the shady side of the office. I was in the faxth floor.”
15. “Why did the fax machine go to the doctor? It was feeling a little transmittish.
16. “I heard a rumor that fax machines are running for office. They’re getting great traction.”
17. “I tried to fax a letter to my future self, but it wouldn’t go through. I guess it’s not possible to fax-forward.”
18. Why did the fax machine break up with its phone line? It just couldn’t handle the commitment.”
19. “I ordered some new toner for my fax machine, but it didn’t arrive in time. I guess I should have asked for express fax-ivery.”
20. “Why did the fax machine want to be a professional wrestler? It wanted to compete in the ring of transmission.”

Fax-tastic Fun (One-liner Puns)

1. Why did the fax machine break up with the printer? It just wasn’t their type.
2. I had to cancel my fax machine’s birthday party. I couldn’t get it to RSVP.
3. What did the fax machine say to the paper it was printing on? “I’m sending you my love letter.”
4. My fax machine is on a diet. It’s trying to tone down its transmittal fat.
5. I tried to teach my fax machine to tell time, but it just keeps phoning it in.
6. Why did the fax machine bring its lunch to work? Because it heard there was a paper jam.
7. My fax machine took up pottery, but it always ends up making ceramic dials.
8. The fax machine started working out and got fit. But it still had trouble with the transmission.
9. I caught my fax machine playing hooky from work. It was using the copier as a decoy.
10. What’s a fax machine’s favorite musical genre? Fax and blues.
11. I asked my fax machine to write me a mystery novel. It came up with a fax-tastic storyline.
12. The fax machine threw a party, but no one came. It was a real transmission failure.
13. What’s a fax machine’s favorite yoga pose? The stationary warrior.
14. The fax machine was feeling down, so I gave it a motivational speech. It responded with a fax of life.
15. My fax machine tried to join a pigeon racing league, but it just couldn’t achieve liftoff.
16. The fax machine and the printer couldn’t agree on which type of paper to use. It was a real toner war.
17. I asked my fax machine to make me a sandwich. It replied, “I can’t do that. I’m a fax machine, not a deli slicer.
18. I tried to play hide-and-seek with my fax machine, but it always ended up sending me a fax to reveal its location.
19. The fax machine started a band, but it struggled to get the notes across.
20. Why did the fax machine cross the road? To get to the other transmission.

Fax-inate Your Friends (Question-and-Answer Puns)

1. Why did the fax machine break up with the printer? Because it found another toner.
2. Why did the fax machine blush? Because it saw someone’s privates.
3. Why was the fax machine hesitant to send a message? Because it had commitment issues.
4. Why did the fax machine go to therapy? Because it suffered from attachment issues.
5. Why did the fax machine go on a diet? Because it was afraid of getting heavy transmissions.
6. Why did the fax machine start lifting weights? Because it wanted to have some tone on the line.
7. Why did the fax machine get into a fight? Because it was trying to defend its paper.
8. Why did the fax machine refuse to answer calls? Because it was feeling fax-ual.
9. What do you call a fax machine’s favorite vegetable? Faxicot.
10. Why was the fax machine’s message always unreadable? Because it had illegible handwriting.
11. Why did the fax machine spend all its money on chicken wire? Because it wanted to keep some things confidential.
12. Why did the fax machine go into the laundry business? Because it loved the spin cycle.
13. Why didn’t the fax machine like online dating? Because it preferred to send messages face to face.
14. What did one fax machine say to the other during an argument? “Fax you!”
15. Why did the fax machine go to the beach? To get a good tan transmission.
16. Why did the fax machine fail its exam? Because it couldn’t get the right connection.
17. What do you call a fax machine that’s always on vacation? A faxation device.
18. Why was the fax machine’s output always blurry? Because it needed to get its act together.
19. What do you call a group of fax machines? A faxionated community.
20. Why did the fax machine tell terrible jokes? Because it loved to faxolot.

Faxual Puns: Double Entendres to Make You LOL

1. Hopefully you don’t need a “fax buddy” to get your documents to come through.
2. Fax machines really know how to “get the job done”.
3. Nothing gets people going like a good old fashioned “fax-off”.
4. When someone asks if you have the fax, you can say “I have it in my possession.
5. It’s always a good idea to double “check your fax”.
6. If you mess up on a fax, just hit “redial” and try again.
7. Fax machines are great at “sending things over long distances”.
8. Don’t forget to “cover your assets” when you fax something sensitive.
9. When your fax is messed up, just say “fax it till you make it”.
10. “Fax hard, play hard” is the motto around here.
11. There’s no “fax about it”, fax machines are old school.
12. If your fax is taking a while, just tell them “fax is all”.
13. Make sure you have the “right tone” when you send a fax.
14. Sometimes getting a fax is like “pulling teeth.
15. Fax it up” with the newest technology.
16. Be sure to “fax your ducks in a row” before sending a document.
17. When you finally get the fax to work, it’s like “music to your ears”.
18. If someone asks if you’re faxing something, you can respond with “fax-ually”.
19. Faxes might be outdated, but they’re still “fax-tastic”.
20. “Fax a good day” to all your coworkers before leaving.

Fax-tastic Puns (Puns in Idioms with a Fax Theme)

1. I received a fax from my shoe company. It was sole-ful news.
2. I tried to send a fax, but I ran out of paper. It was a fax-pas.
3. I always fax documents to my colleagues. It’s my way of ink-cluding them.
4. The fax machine was broken, so the office had to call a tech. It was a fax-cident waiting to happen.
5. When I send faxes, I always try to use a witty cover sheet. It’s my fax-tastic touch.
6. My boss asked me to fax an important document. I told him I would send it right-ink.
7. My coworker received a fax, but the sender forgot to sign it. It was a fax-pah.
8. I accidentally sent the same fax twice. It was a fax-pas de deux.
9. The fax machine is getting old and needs some repairs. It’s fax-ing a major issue for us.
10. When I fax papers, I always make sure they’re aligned correctly. You could say I’m fax-tidious.
11. When I need to send a quick message, I use my fax machine. It’s a fax and efficient way to communicate.
12. I prefer to fax documents instead of emailing them. You could say I’m fax-inated with the old ways.
13. The new fax machine at the office is really high-tech. It can fax-tually read my mind.
14. My colleague lost a fax on their desk. It’s a faxing mystery where it could have gone.
15. The fax machine at my office is always busy. It’s a true fax-ionista.
16. I had to keep faxing the same document because of an error. The situation was quite fax-tricating.
17. When the power goes out, I can’t use my fax machine. It’s just fax-tually useless.
18. I got so frustrated with the fax machine that I threw it against the wall. It was an act of fax-stration.
19. I forgot to put the correct cover sheet on my fax. It was a real fax-paus.
20. The new fax machine is so fast that my documents arrive in a flash. It’s fax-tastic!

Faxually Punny (Pun Juxtaposition)

1. Sending a fax to the gym? Don’t forget to work on your abs-sending!
2. Are fax machines big coffee drinkers? They’re always sending latte-ters.
3. Why did the fax machine break up with the phone? They were never on the same line.
4. I tried to send a fax to the beach, but I got a message that said it was out to tide.
5. Why did the fax machine go on a diet? It heard it was gaining a lot of toner weight.
6. I tried to send a fax to the moon, but it was too far out of reach.
7. Why did the fax machine go to the doctor? It had a bad connection.
8. Sending a fax to the jungle? Make sure it’s a monkey business proposal.
9. What do you call a fax that’s addicted to caffeine? Espresso delivery.
10. Why did the fax machine go to the therapist? It had a lot of send anxieties.
11. Sending a fax to the computer? Make sure it’s compatible-tible.
12. Why did the fax machine go to the tailor? It needed a new fax-tunic.
13. Why did the fax machine go to the auto shop? It was stalling on sending messages.
14. Sending a fax to the farm? Make sure the message doesn’t get lost in the haystack.
15. Why did the fax machine cancel its subscription? It couldn’t keep up with the new issues.
16. Sending a fax to the desert? Make sure it’s not a dry joke.
17. Why did the fax machine go to the librarian? It needed help with its print references.
18. Why did the fax machine go to the gym? It wanted to fax-tiffy its body.
19. Sending a fax to the Arctic? Stay cool and keep the message frosty.
20. Why did the fax machine go to the barbershop? It wanted to get a fax-haircut.

Fax-tastic Puns: Clever Wordplay on Fax Machine Names

1. Faxanadu (a fax-themed video game)
2. Fax & Furious (a fax machine that’s always in a rush)
3. Faxing Nemo (a movie about a lost fax)
4. Fax Me Maybe (a fax version of Carly Rae Jepsen’s hit song)
5. Fax Machine Gun Kelly (a pun on rapper Machine Gun Kelly)
6. Faxinate (a fax machine that’s fascinating)
7. Faxi Taxi (a taxi service that relies on faxes)
8. Faxy Lady (a female fax machine technician)
9. Fax It To Beaver (a fax-themed sitcom)
10. Faxter the Bunny (a children’s book character who delivers faxes)
11. Faxor Not Fiction (a literary magazine about fax machines)
12. Papa John’s Fax (a pizza chain that accepts orders via fax)
13. Fax-ical Chairs (a game played with fax machines instead of chairs)
14. Faxapalooza (a fax-themed music festival)
15. Fax to the Future (a fax machine that can send faxes through time)
16. I Faxed the Law and the Law Won (a fax-themed parody of the song “I Fought the Law”)
17. The Great Fatsby (a novel about a wealthy man who sends faxes)
18. Faxonville Sausage (a pun on Jimmy Dean’s sausage brand)
19. It Ain’t Over ‘Til the Fax Machine Sings (a pun on the phrase “it ain’t over ’til the fat lady sings”)
20. Faxed and Confused (a fax machine that’s easily confused)

Fascinating Fumbles: Spoonerized Fax Puns

1. Wax fun
2. “Pax runs”
3. “Dax buns”
4. “Rax puns”
5. “Fax duns”
6. “Sax suns”
7. “Hax muns”
8. “Jax shuns”
9. “Lax guns”
10. “Nax funs”
11. “Max puns”
12. “Tacks buns”
13. “Vax duns”
14. “Zax muns”
15. “Bax puns”
16. “Cax buns”
17. “Gax runs”
18. “Kax shuns”
19. “Pax stuns”
20. “Sax tuns”

Fax Tidings Jokes (Tom Swifties)

1. “I don’t have a fax machine,” Tom said bluntly.
2. “I didn’t get the memo,” Tom said in a faxed tone.
3. “I’ll make sure to press send,” Tom said electronically.
4. “I prefer to send documents the old-fashioned way,” Tom said anachronistically.
5. “I’m sending this confidentially,” Tom said privately.
6. “I’ll fax this over right away,” Tom said urgently.
7. “I love waiting for a fax,” Tom said patiently.
8. “I need to update my fax number,” Tom said nervously.
9. “I’ll send a fax instead of email,” Tom said traditionally.
10. “I’m glad this isn’t a long distance fax,” Tom said locally.
11. “I’ll make sure to double-check the number,” Tom said meticulously.
12. “I prefer to receive faxes over phone calls,” Tom said faxcinated.
13. “I can’t seem to fax this document,” Tom said troubleshootingly.
14. “I’m glad I have a fax cover sheet,” Tom said proficiently.
15. “I’m sorry, but we didn’t receive your fax,” Tom said lyingly.
16. “I’ll fax this over before the deadline,” Tom said timely.
17. “I’ll make sure to use the fax machine properly,” Tom said responsibly.
18. “I need to get a new fax machine,” Tom said pitifully.
19. “I’m faxing the contract for signature,” Tom said signifyingly.
20. “I’m sending this fax to the wrong number,” Tom said mistakenly.

Faxually Confused: A compilation of Oxymoronic Fax Puns

1. My fax machine is wireless, yet tied up in cords.
2. I sent a fax to the past, but it never arrived until tomorrow.
3. My on-and-off relationship with my fax machine is always faxciating.
4. It’s hard to fax a document silently with a fax screamer.
5. I faxed my resignation letter to my boss, but it came back stamped “approved”.
6. The fax machine went on vacation and came back with a toner-tan.
7. I told my fax machine to stop calling me “fax boss”, but it won’t listen.
8. Sometimes my fax machine jams up, but never in traffic.
9. I sent a fax to my friend in England, but it came back with a tea stain.
10. My fax machine has an identity crisis – it thinks it’s a photocopier.
11. The international fax machine operator says they’re always faxinated by new countries.
12. I tried to fax a cookie recipe to my friend, but all they got was a gingerbread trap.
13. I asked my fax machine if it wanted to take a break, but it said it’s always on the fax.
14. Sending a fax by carrier pigeon is an oxymoron, but it still works.
15. My fax machine may be outdated, but it still has a lot of personality.
16. I tried to fax a ghost story, but it kept getting spooked and disappearing.
17. It’s hard to believe in paperless offices when fax machines still exist.
18. My fax machine is haunted – it keeps printing eerie messages in invisible ink.
19. I asked my fax machine if it wanted to play truth or dare, but it said it always tells the fax.
20. I sent a fax to Jupiter, but it came back with a storm warning.

Faxcinating Recursive Puns

1. Why did the fax machine need glasses? Because it couldn’t read people’s chicken scratches.
2. What do you call a fax that’s dressed up as another machine? A copy cat.
3. I tried to fax a document to my future self… but it never arrived. Talk about a fax pas.
4. What did the fax machine say to the copier? “I really look up to you.”
5. Why did the fax machine go on a diet? It was tired of getting jammed up.
6. What do you call it when you accidentally fax someone your grocery list? A food fax pas.
7. Why don’t fax machines have a sense of humor? They can’t handle all the paper cuts.
8. How did the fax machine pass its driving test? It had great transmission.
9. Did you hear about the two fax machines that got married? The ceremony wasn’t much, but the reception was excellent.
10. Why did the fax machine go to the beach? It wanted to surf the web.
11. What did one fax machine say to the other fax machine on Valentine’s Day? “You send shivers through my modem.”
12. Why did the fax machine take a sick day? It was feeling a little transmission.
13. What do you call a fax machine that’s also a phone? A facsimile.
14. Why did the fax machine have trouble making new friends? It was always transmitting signals.
15. What do you get when you cross a fax machine and a paper shredder? A lot of confetti.
16. Did you hear about the fax machine that went on a juice cleanse? It was trying to reboot its system.
17. Why did the fax machine refuse to receive transmissions on Monday? It needed a little weekend recovery time.
18. What do fax machines eat for breakfast? Spam.
19. Why don’t fax machines make good pets? They’re too busy faxinating.
20. What do you call a fax machine that’s also a detective? Sherlock Fax.

Faxcinating Fax Puns: Playing on Clichés in Modern Communication

1. Fax-less days are like a bad hair day, you never know what you’re going to get.
2. “Fax machines are like old cars, they may be slow but they still get the job done.”
3. “Sometimes faxing can be a pain in the glass.”
4. “If at first, you don’t fax, try, try again.”
5. “Fax machines are like precious gems, you have to polish them to keep them shining.”
6. Faxing documents is like hiking, make sure you have all the right tools before you start.
7. “Sometimes fax machines can be as confusing as a labyrinth.”
8. Faxing is like playing Monopoly, you have to roll the dice and hope for the best.
9. Faxing is like running a marathon, it takes endurance and a lot of paper.
10. “Fax machines are like old friends, always there when you need them.”
11. Faxing can be as exciting as skydiving, just with slightly less adrenaline.
12. “Faxing is like a marathon, you need to pace yourself to get through it.”
13. “Faxing is like a game of chess, you need to think ahead.”
14. “Fax machines are like a well-oiled machine, they make everything run smoother.”
15. “Faxing is like baking a cake, you need to follow the recipe to make it perfect.”
16. “Faxing is like a puzzle, you need to fit all the pieces together.”
17. “Fax machines are like old school phones, they still work great but have limited features.”
18. “Faxing can be like a rollercoaster ride, with its ups and downs.”
19. “Faxing is like a recipe, make sure you have all the right ingredients before you start.”
20. Faxing is like a game of pool, you need strategy and precision.

Incorporating puns into the workplace is an easy way to break the ice with coworkers and add some laughter to the daily grind. We hope our collection of 200+ fax puns has inspired you to add some humor to your office communication. Don’t forget to check out our other puns on the website for even more laughs. Thank you for stopping by and happy faxing!

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