Wiggling with Laughter: 200+ Worm Puns to Tickle Your Funny Bone

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Ready to wiggle with laughter? If you’re a fan of wordplay, or just love a good chuckle, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve crawled our way through hundreds of worm puns to bring you the cream of the crop. From plays on words like “wormhole” to clever twists on classic phrases such as “early bird gets the worm”, these puns are sure to tickle your funny bone. Whether you’re looking for a joke to share with your friends or just want to worm your way into someone’s heart, we’ve got you covered. So, sit back, relax, and let these worm puns wriggle their way into your day.

Worm your way to laughter (Editor’s Pick)

1. Why did the worm buy a laptop? To go on a search engine.

2. What did the worm say to the apple? I’ll just inch my way in.

3. What do you call a worm that chews gum? A worm that chews gum.

4. Why did the worm drop out of school? He couldn’t focus on his book.

5. Why did the worm enjoy football? It was a game of inches.

6. What do you call a worm with a cold? A common crawler.

7. Why did the worm feel sad? Because his girlfriend was a complete soil mate.

8. What do you call a worm that’s lost his tail? A bald worm.

9. Why was the worm so happy? He finally found his apple of his eye.

10. What do you call a worm with a mullet? A haircut you don’t want.

11. Why shouldn’t you tell a worm a secret? Because it may go in one end and out the other.

12. What do you call a worm that loves to dance? The jitterbug.

13. What do you call a worm that plays chess? A book worm.

14. Why did the earthworm feel bloated? Because he had too many natural resources.

15. What do you call a worm that’s always tardy? A lateworm.

16. What do you call a worm that gives life advice? An earthworm.

17. What do you call a worm that’s been in a road accident? A crawly.

18. Why did the worm cross the playground? To get to the other slide.

19. What do you call a worm that travels through space? A rocket worm.

20. What do you call a worm with a broken heart? A disappointed worm.

Wiggling Wordplay (One-liner Worm Puns)

1. Why did the worm go on a diet? It wanted to cut back on the carbs.
2. Why did the worm break up with his girlfriend? She was too clingy.
3. What do you get when a worm and a spider dance together? The worm spins and the spider boogies.
4. How does a worm like its coffee in the morning? With a little bit of worm creamer.
5. Did you hear about the worm that got stuck in a spinach can? It was a can of “early bird” special.
6. Why did the worm cross the road? To get to the compost pile on the other side.
7. I found a worm in my apple, but it didn’t bother me. I just ate around it, and it was like it wasn’t even there.
8. Why don’t worms ride motorcycles? Because they’re too slimy to handle the throttle.
9. How do you make a worm smile? You tickle its funny bone.
10. What do you call a worm that works at a recycling plant? An earth-friendly crawler.
11. Why did the worm get a tattoo? It wanted to look tough on the surface.
12. What do you call a worm that sings? A worm-toned singer.
13. Why do worms make great poker players? They know when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em.
14. Did you hear about the worm that won the lottery? It went on a spending spree and bought a mansion in the compost heap.
15. How do worms communicate with each other? They use wormsign language.
16. Why don’t worms have a sense of humor? Because jokes go over their heads.
17. What do you call a worm that likes to rob banks? A crawly burglar.
18. Why don’t worms breakdance? They’re too earthbound to spin on their backs.
19. Did you hear about the worm that went to outer space? It was the first worm-a-naut to crawl on the moon.
20. Why did the worm turn down a trip to the beach? It didn’t want to get caught in a bait-and-switch scheme.

Squiggly Sagas (Question-and-Answer Puns on Worms)

1. What do you call a worm that chases after its tail? A yoyo!
2. What did one worm say to the other when asked how he was feeling? Wormy.
3. Why did the worm go on a diet? He was tired of being called a mealworm.
4. Why do worms never argue? Because they always see eye to eye!
5. What did the worm say to the caterpillar? “You grow on me.”
6. Why did the worm get a job at a compost factory? He had a lot of experience in breaking things down.
7. What is a worm’s favorite karaoke song? “I Will Survive”
8. Why don’t worms have cars? They prefer to travel in an earthworm.
9. What did the doctor prescribe to the worm? Meds that were soilable.
10. What do you call a worm who likes to play Santa? A Holly Jolly Worm.
11. How did the worm get a job as a detective? He had a nose for digging up clues.
12. Why don’t worms borrow money? They don’t have any wiggle room.
13. What happened to the worm who tried to calculate the length of a circle? He ended up going in circles.
14. What do you call a worm with a great sense of humor? A wiggle Jester.
15. What did the worm say when he got a job with NASA? I’m over the moon.
16. Why don’t worms have bank accounts? They prefer to store their funds underground.
17. What do worms do for fun on Halloween? They go trick-or-treating-treating.
18. Why did the worm start drinking tea every day? He wanted to be more grounded.
19. What do worms use to style their hair? Frizzbees.
20. Why don’t worms ever turn down an invitation to a party? They love to boogie!

Squirming with Laughter: Worm Puns with a Double Entendre Twist

1. Did you hear about the worm who got a job at the strip club? He was the inch worm.
2. I just got a new pet worm, and she’s a real squirmer.
3. Did you know worms are cold-blooded? That’s why they always need a warm place to burrow.
4. If you’re ever feeling down, just remember that you’re a worm that turned.
5. How does a worm keep his hair in place? He uses critter spray.
6. What do you get when you cross a worm with a unicorn? A worm-a-corn.
7. Why did the worm attend the party? He heard there would be lots of hummus.
8. Did you hear about the worm that sued the government? He claimed he was wrongfully soil-ed.
9. Worms make great pets – they’re low maintenance and don’t need much space to crawl around in.
10. Why did the worm break up with his girlfriend? She was always trying to hook him.
11. How do you know if a worm is happy or sad? Look for the signs of worm emotion.
12. What do you call a worm who’s trying to be stylish? A trendy little sucker.
13. Have you heard about the worm who joined the army? He became a private invertebrate.
14. Why did the worm crawl across the road? To get to the other compost heap.
15. Did you know that worm cuisine is becoming increasingly popular? Try their spaghetti and molt balls.
16. Why did the worm get sent to detention? He was caught playing with himself.
17. Worms might be slimy, but they’re happy-go-lucky creatures who don’t take themselves too seriously.
18. What did the worm say when he got caught stealing? “I was just trying to build some pad for the wormhole.”
19. How do worms know when it’s time to change their underwear? They feel a little worm about it.
20. Have you ever seen a worm at a karaoke bar? They’re pretty good at singing the blues.

Wriggling Wordplay (Worm Puns in Idioms)

1. The early bird catches the worm, but the late bird still has time to learn how to bait a hook.
2. Don’t wiggle out of your responsibilities like a worm.
3. That idea is crawling with potential—like a worm in the dirt.
4. Keep your hooks up and your worms down!
5. I may be physically exhausted, but I still have the wormth of my friends and family to keep me going.
6. You can’t worm your way out of this one, buddy.
7. He’s keeping a tight lid on the can of worms that is his personal life.
8. I know it’s hard to be patient, but good things come to those who worm for them.
9. She’s got a bookworm’s appetite for reading.
10. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t convince it to eat worms.
11. I don’t mean to be mean, but that joke fell flat like a worm on the pavement.
12. I thought he was my friend, but now I see that he’s just a worm in sheep’s clothing.
13. Sorry I’m late to the picnic—I had to worm my way through traffic.
14. You can’t turn back the worm once it’s left the apple!
15. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty—sometimes you have to dig deep to find the worms.
16. We need to worm our way into the competition if we want to win the contract.
17. You might not know it, but there’s a whole underground world of worm politics.
18. I’m not trying to worm my way into your good graces, but could I borrow a cup of sugar?
19. You can roll that idea around like a worm in the dirt—just don’t get your hopes buried too deep.
20. He’s not exactly a social butterfly…more like a worm who keeps to himself.

Wiggling Our Way Through Worm Puns (Pun Juxtaposition)

1. I told a worm a joke but it went over his head.
2. Did you hear about the worm who lost his tail? He was unbaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-lievable.
3. Why are worms so bad at gambling? They always squirm out of their bets.
4. The worm wanted to start his own business but he couldn’t find his footing.
5. The worm was so talented at magic, he could Houdini his way out of apples.
6. The worm went to the doctor and said, “I feel so low.” The doctor replied, “Well, you are a worm.”
7. Why was the worm late to work? He had a slow crawl.
8. The worm always dreamed of being a shoe cobbler but he just couldn’t get the hang of it.
9. Why don’t worms have good memories? They have no backbone.
10. The worm was a terrible dancer because he had no rhythm in his veins.
11. If worms went on a date, would they be inverte-brates?
12. The worm was very organized, he always kept his apPle store clean.
13. Why do worms make terrible chefs? They don’t know how to use the scales.
14. I bought a pet worm to teach me how to Lo-manage.
15. The worm loved the outdoors, he was always sliming about.
16. Why was the worm expelled from school? He was caught mulch-tering.
17. I lost my bicycle to a worm who was welshing. He snookered me.
18. The worm couldn’t play billiards, he kept pois-ing the white ball.
19. I told the worm it was okay to make mistakes, they are just compost for learning.
20. The worm was so forgetful, he kept losing his train of thobbit.

Wriggling with Laughter: Worm Puns Galore!

1. Wiggle Room
2. The Wormhole Café
3. Vermillionaire
4. Wormwood Estates
5. The Worm’s Eye View
6. The Crawl Space
7. The Slimy Saloon
8. The Slippery Slope
9. Worms N’ Things
10. Wormazon
11. The Squirm Inn
12. Bait & Tackle
13. The Wriggly Wrap
14. Crawler’s Culinary Corner
15. The Wormy Apple
16. Wormwise Investments
17. The Earthworm Emporium
18. The Wormhole Plaza
19. The Worm Warf
20. The Worm Wagon Food Truck

Squiggly Wiggly Wordplay: Worm Puns with Spoonerisms

1. “I can’t believe you ate that worm! Now you’re going to be squirming all night.”
2. “My worm bin is full, I’ll have to find a flatter fatworm instead.”
3. Let’s go on a worm hunt – we’ll search for slimy tins and dirty hooks!
4. “I’m not a fan of tequila, but I’ll wormhole instead.”
5. “What do you call a worm that likes to be alone? A hermit worm!”
6. “I found a worm in my apple – it’s a slippery seed!”
7. “Worm farms are all the craze these days. I prefer calling them squiggly ranches!”
8. “I tried to save a worm from the rain, but it was too wet behind the ears.”
9. I caught a worm the size of a pencil – I’m going fishing for perichordates tonight
10. “What do you call a worm that’s always on time? The early bird gets the worm, but the worm gets the bird.”
11. “Worms are great for the soil – they really stir up the habitat!”
12. “I ate a can of worms for lunch, now I’m all tangled up!”
13. “I saw a worm that looked like a snake – it must have had a case of serpent intuition.”
14. “What do you call a worm that never gives up? A tenacious inchworm!”
15. “Worms don’t have ears, but they can still catch the worm from a mile away!”
16. “My grandma always said, ‘If you swallow a worm, it’ll grow legs and crawl right out of you.'”
17. “I’m going to start eating worms – I hear they’re low in cholesterol, but high in rhyme.”
18. “I couldn’t believe it when I saw a worm on the hook. That’s like putting lipstick on a pig!”
19. Worms are an important part of the ecosystem – they’re the foundation of the food chain!
20. “Don’t judge a worm by its color – the pink ones are just as valuable as the brown ones.”

Wriggling with Wit: Tom Swifties Worm Their Way into Your Humor

1. “I’m afraid of worms,” said Tom, wigglingly.
2. I caught a fish with this worm,” Tom said baitedly.
3. “I can’t handle these worms,” Tom said wrigglingly.
4. “I feel sluggish after eating worms,” Tom said slowly.
5. “Look at all these worms,” Tom said earthily.
6. “Who knew worms could be so slimy?” Tom said slickly.
7. “I’m fascinated by these earthworms,” Tom said humbly.
8. “I won’t touch that worm,” Tom said squeamishly.
9. “I like to fish with these worms,” Tom said hookedly.
10. “These worms are so long,” Tom said lengthily.
11. I’m impressed by these garden worms,” Tom said superbly.
12. “I keep forgetting to wear gloves when handling worms,” Tom said absentmindedly.
13. “This worm reminds me of spaghetti,” Tom said noodley.
14. “I feel like a bird when I see these worms,” Tom said tweetingly.
15. “I don’t trust these worms,” Tom said deviously.
16. “These worms are so sneaky,” Tom said clandestinely.
17. “I don’t think I could live underground like worms,” Tom said aghast.
18. These baby worms are so cute,” Tom said wrigglingly.
19. “These worms bring up so many feelings,” Tom said emotionally.
20. “These worms are too tough for fishing,” Tom said baitedly.

Bittersweet Worm Puns (Oxymoronic Puns)

1. Why did the worm refuse to work? Because he was too busy being “worm-tired.”
2. Worms can never be “early birds,” because they’re always out late on the “early worm.”
3. The worm that won the spelling bee was a “bookworm illiterate.
4. A worm that likes to read is a “literary illiterate.”
5. The worm that was an astronaut was a “wormhole explorer.”
6. A worm that’s afraid of dirt is a “clean-eating dirtbag.”
7. A worm that’s a chef is a “spaghetti squashy.”
8. Why did the worm refuse to socialize with the other worms? He was a “solitary socialite.”
9. A worm that’s a mathematician is a “number cruncher.”
10. The worm that’s always on the move is a “still life.”
11. A worm that’s always in a hurry is a “lazy speedster.”
12. Why did the worm get lost? He took the wrong “apple turn.”
13. A worm that’s always up for an adventure is a “homebody wanderer.
14. The worm that’s a stand-up comedian is a “sit-down humorist.”
15. Why was the worm feeling down? Because he was a “raised bed worm.
16. A worm that’s a fashionista is a “stylish slob.”
17. The worm that’s afraid of the dark is a “night owl.”
18. Why did the worm need therapy? Because he had “movement issues.”
19. A worm that’s a detective is a “clueless investigator.”
20. The worm that’s a musician is a “silent sound maker.”

Wiggling into Your Humor: Wormy Recursive Puns

1. Why did the earthworm have to call his cardiologist? Because he had a heart attack-a.
2. I got a worm farm for my birthday, but it’s been a pretty wiggly business thus far.
3. When the worm refused to wiggle, she got a stern lecture on vertebrate behavior.
4. Why do worms make terrible emergency responders? They always arrive late.
5. I proposed to my girlfriend by hiding a ring in a can of worms. Needless to say, she was pretty baited.
6. I tried to start a worm exercise group, but I couldn’t figure out how to get everyone to worm up.
7. Why did the worm feel the need to apologize to his garden for his actions? Because he was invertebrately sorry.
8. Despite their tiny size, worms are known to be super catchy- they’re the masters of wormography.
9. I was arrested for stealing worms from a bait store, but I guess they decided to drop the charges because it was just a little invertebrate behavior.
10. I tried to take my kids to a worm museum, but they just kept asking if it was going to be boring-metaphorically.
11. Why do worms never win at poker? Because they can’t keep a straight face.
12. I decided to pickle some worms as a gag gift, but it turns out it’s pretty gross to eat something that’s inver-tebular.
13. When I drove into a pool of worms on the road, I accidentally wormed my way out of trouble.
14. I tried eating only worm-based cuisine for a month, but it wasn’t the glow-up I was hoping for.
15. When asked if the puppy was cute, the worm replied “he’s paw-fectly adorable!
16. I told a story about a group of worms but the audience didn’t like it. I guess it was a slimy tale.
17. Why do worms have trouble remembering anything? Because they don’t have brains- it’s all mind-grind.
18. I decided to teach a worm a new skill, but it ended up being a trivial pursuit.
19. Recording a book about worms would make it an earth-tworm audiobook.
20. I was going to tell a worm joke, but I don’t want to soil the mood.

Wiggling Out of Clichés with Worm Puns

1. You’re worming your way out of this one!
2. Early bird catches the worm, but the lazy bird is still sleeping.
3. You’re squirmy and you know it!
4. A bird in the hand is worth two in the worm.
5. Worms are great at networking – they really know how to worm their way into conversations.
6. The worm turns…into compost.
7. Why did the worm go to see a psychologist? It had low self-esteem because everyone kept telling it to go ‘dig itself a hole somewhere’!
8. I’m not sleeping, I’m just worming my way out.
9. A worm has no nose but still, smells victory.
10. If worms ruled the world, it would be a soil-tary place.
11. I’m not lazy, I’m just worm-tired.
12. What do you call a worm astronaut? An astro-worm!
13. The early bird gets the worm, but the late bird gets a snooze.
14. You’re really making me worm out of my comfort zone.
15. You can lead a worm to water, but you can’t make it fish.
16. Who’s the leader of the worm army? The general invertebrate.
17. Catch a man a fish, and you can sell it to him. Teach a man to worm-fish, and he’ll sit by a riverbank for a lifetime.
18. I’m not lying, I’m worm-sworn truth.
19. Pouring salt on a worm is like pouring salt on an open wound.
20. Have you heard the one about the worm who went looking for his apple? It was a fruitless search.

In conclusion, we hope that our collection of over 200 worm puns has left you wriggling with laughter. Whether you loved them or hated them, we’re grateful for you taking the time to visit our website. If you want to discover more puns and all sorts of humorous content, be sure to check out our other articles. Thanks again for stopping by, and remember – don’t be afraid to wiggle your funny bone!

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