Squirrel Puns: 220 Nutty Jokes to Make Your Students and Friends Go Nuts

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Are you ready to go nuts with laughter? If you’re a fan of puns, and squirrels are your furry friends, then this article is for you! We’ve gathered over 200 hilarious squirrel puns that will make your students and friends laugh out loud. From punny one-liners like “What do you call a squirrel who can’t swim? A squirrel.” to longer jokes that will have you giggling all day, these nutty puns are sure to make your day. Whether you’re looking for some puns to share with your friends or to include in your lesson plans, this collection has got you covered. So sit back, relax, and get ready to have some squirrelly fun!

“Squirm with Laughter: The Best Squirrel Puns (Editors Pick)”

1. Why did the squirrel take up gardening? So he could go nut-to-seed with his friends!
2. What did the squirrel say to the cat? I’m nuts about you!
3. What did the squirrel say when he lost his acorns? Oh, nuts!
4. What do you call a squirrel that’s good at bowling? A bowlin’ squirrel!
5. What did the squirrel wear to the pool party? A treetrunksuit!
6. What do you get when you cross a squirrel and a turtle? A slow-moving nut collector!
7. How do you know when squirrels are angry? They start throwing their acorns!
8. Why did the squirrel go to college? He wanted to get his degree in tree-nutrition!
9. What do you call a squirrel that likes to go to the gym? A pecan-fectionist!
10. How do squirrels keep their fur looking shiny? They use acorn-euticals!
11. What do you call a squirrel that can play the piano? Chopin-Offsome-Nuts!
12. How does a squirrel make a phone call? He uses his acorn-tact!
13. What do you call a squirrel that loves spicy food? A hot-nut enthusiast!
14. How do squirrels keep their tails organized? They use an acorn-dex!
15. Why do squirrels like to live in trees? Because the rent is nutting!
16. What did the guitar-loving squirrel say to his bandmates? Let’s go acousti-nut!
17. Why did the squirrel’s girlfriend break up with him? Because he was being too nutty!
18. How do you know when a squirrel is suddenly overcome with sadness? He starts to cry-acorn!
19. What did one squirrel say to the other after they finished their workout? That was a real nut-buster!
20. What did the squirrel say to the astronaut? I’m over the moon-nut!

Nutty Puns (Silly Squirrel One-Liners)

1. Why was the squirrel late for work? He got caught up in a nutty situation.
2. I tried to catch a squirrel, but it was just a game of hide and squeak.
3. That squirrel is a real nut job.
4. How does a squirrel keep its home clean? With a duster pan.
5. What do you call a squirrel that can swim? A nutmere.
6. Why do squirrels make great detectives? They’re experts at cracking nuts.
7. Did you hear about the squirrel who got a job as a bellhop? He got rave acorns.
8. I saw a squirrel running on a fence. It was nuts.
9. How do you catch a squirrel? Climb a tree and act like a nut.
10. Did you hear about the squirrel that had a software problem? It forgot where it stashed its nuts.
11. Squirrels don’t like puns. They think they’re too korny.
12. Why don’t squirrels watch movies? They always spoil the nut.
13. I’m so squirrelly today, I can’t remember where I stashed my phone.
14. What does a squirrel wear when it goes swimming? A stash guard.
15. Did you hear about the squirrel who won the lottery? It went nuts!
16. I thought my pet squirrel was getting too close, but it was just my imagination.
17. What do you call a squirrel that loves classic rock? A nutty Buddy Holly.
18. Why don’t squirrels gamble? They’re afraid of losing their nuts.
19. I asked a squirrel what it wanted for its birthday. It said an acorn-y joke.
20. Why do squirrels make bad comedians? They always forget their punchlines.

Nutty Q&A’s: Get Your Squirrel Pun Fix

1. Why is the squirrel always broke? Because it can only afford to live in a tree-mendous neighborhood.
2. What did the squirrel say when he found his mate? We’re nuts about each other.
3. What did one squirrel say to the other when it found an acorn? It’s nut there yet!
4. What do squirrels study in school? The nut-cracking industry.
5. Why do squirrels always squint when they’re outside? They don’t have strong eye-sight.
6. How do squirrels communicate with one another? They talk through their acorns.
7. What is a squirrel’s favorite toy? A climb-bing frame.
8. Why did the squirrel’s phone keep buzzing with notifications? Someone posted a nutty status on Facebook.
9. What do you call a squirrel that loves spicy food? A hot-tailed squirrel.
10. Why did the squirrel get lost in the forest? It couldn’t see the wood for the acorns.
11. Why did the squirrel decide to withdraw its money from the bank? It was tired of chasing interest.
12. What do you get when a squirrel breaks into your house and steals from you? A nut burglar.
13. What did the squirrel say when it got a splinter in its paw? I needle to get this out.
14. Why do squirrels always have cashews for lunch? They peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
15. What do you get when a squirrel falls into a pile of mud? A dirty nut.
16. Why did the squirrel let go of the nut? It was afraid of cracking under pressure.
17. How do you confuse a squirrel? Hide its nuts and bolts.
18. Why do squirrels always love playing with a ball? Because it’s easy to go nuts over it.
19. What is a squirrel’s favorite song? Nuttin’ but the best.
20. What does a squirrel do when it gets lost? Look for a nutral landmark.

Nuts About Wordplay: Double Entendre Squirrel Puns

1. Why did the squirrel run away from the tree? He was acorn-y.”

2. “What did the female squirrel say when she saw a male squirrel with a big nut? ‘Now that’s impressive!'”

3. “How can you tell if a squirrel is cheating on their spouse? They start storing nuts elsewhere.”

4. “Why did the squirrel need to see a shrink? He had a nutty problem.”

5. “Why did the squirrel get a restraining order against the nut? It was too clingy.”

6. “What did the squirrel say when he found out his wife was having an affair? I always knew she was a little nutty.’

7. “Why did the squirrels form a union? They wanted better nuts than what management was providing.”

8. “What do you call a squirrel that’s good at martial arts? A Kung Fu Squirrel-y.”

9. “Why did the acorn bring a shotgun to the party? He heard there were squirrels there.”

10. “Why did the squirrel get stuck in the drainpipe? He was nuts about a female squirrel he saw through a window.”

11. “What did the squirrel say when he found out his girlfriend was cheating on him with a chipmunk? ‘He’s just a nut-job.'”

12. “What do you call a squirrel that’s studying law? A squirrel-ly lawyer.”

13. “Why did the squirrel hire a personal trainer? He wanted to get squirrel-ly fit.”

14. “What did the squirrel say when he lost all his nuts during winter? ‘I’m going to be broke until spring!'”

15. “Why did the squirrel steal the birdseed from the neighbor’s birdfeeder? He was hungry for a change of species.”

16. “What do you call a squirrel with a degree in accounting? A CPA (Chipmunk Public Accountant).”

17. “Why did the squirrel get arrested for public indecency? He was caught flashing his nuts in a public park.

18. What did the squirrel say when he saw a female squirrel with a big tail? ‘Now that’s what I call a squirrel-fie!'”

19. “Why did the squirrel take a job as a janitor? He wanted to clean up his act.”

20. “What do you call a squirrel that’s good at singing? A squirrel-ton John.”

Nutting But Puns: Squirrel Idioms That Will Make You Go Nuts!

1. “That’s nuts!” said the squirrel while eating an acorn.
2. The squirrel was always on the go, but he was acorn-ered when he ran into a tree.
3. She was as busy as a squirrel gathering nuts for the winter.
4. The squirrel decided to branch out and try something new.
5. The squirrel couldn’t resist the tree-t, it was too tempting.
6. The squirrel was feeling a bit nutty today.
7. Stop squirrel-ing around and get to work!
8. The squirrel was afraid of heights, but he was oak-kay.
9. He was walking on a tightrope like a squirrel on a power line.
10. The squirrel had a sharp eye for finding the best nuts.
11. The squirrel was always going against the grain.
12. She was as quick as a squirrel in a tree.
13. The squirrel was in a sticky situation when he got caught in some sap.
14. The squirrel was left high and dry when he couldn’t find any nuts.
15. “I’m going to squirrel away some nuts for later,” said the industrious squirrel.
16. The squirrel tried to hide his acorn stash, but he didn’t bury it deep enough.
17. The squirrel had a bushy tail and a nutty personality.
18. She was squirrelly and unpredictable, just like a real squirrel.
19. I’m going nuts trying to catch that squirrel.
20. The squirrel had a knack for scrambling up the tallest trees.

Squirreling Away Some Pun Juxtaposition

1. What do you get when you cross a squirrel with a robot? A Macadama-NUT!
2. Why did the squirrel cross the road? To get to the hazelnut on the other side.
3. Why did the squirrel go to the doctor? Because it was feeling a little NUTS!
4. What do you call a squirrel that can fly? A superhero!
5. Why did the squirrel go to the gym? To get those pecans in shape!
6. Why do squirrels prefer urban areas? Because there are more be-nuts.
7. What did the squirrel say when he won the race? “I’m acorn-y victory!”
8. What do you get when you cross a squirrel with a keyboard? A Nut-type.
9. Why did the squirrel change its name to Nutella? So it could spread happiness everywhere it goes.
10. What did the squirrel say when he met a bear? “I’m pretty NUTS because I forgot my acorns in the tree!”
11. What did the squirrel say at the bar? “I’m going to NUT you guys drink a lot tonight.”
12. How do you prevent squirrels from playing practical jokes? Keep an eye on them, they are always trying to acorn around.
13. Did you hear about the squirrel who got a job as a cashier? He found it really easy to make change.
14. What do you call a dancing squirrel? The NutCracker.
15. What happened to the squirrel who had too many acorns? He fell asleep on the job at the Nut Factory!
16. Why are squirrels such great golfers? Because they are always acorn-ing better scores.
17. What did the squirrel say when it met a really attractive squirrel? “I think I’m NUTS for you!”
18. What type of music do squirrels listen to? Nut-Rock.
19. Why did the squirrel join the army? Because he wanted to be a Nut-gunner.
20. Why don’t squirrels wear skinny jeans? Because they’re nuts can never fit inside!

Nutty Names (Squirrel Puns)

1. Nutty McBushytail
2. Acorny McSquirrely
3. Alvin and the Chipmunkers
4. Scrat-tastic
5. Chip McChunkybutt
6. Sir Francis Nut
7. Squirrelly Temple
8. Sammy Squirrelson
9. Rocky Roast
10. Merle Haggard the Squirrel
11. Furry McFurryface
12. Nutsy McSquirrelface
13. Rodger McRodent
14. Humpy McFlufftail
15. Sir Nut-a-Lot
16. Acornia Nutsworth
17. Chestnut Charles
18. Pistachio Penny
19. Pecan Paulina
20. Waldo Walnutsworth

A Scamper of the Speech (Spoonerisms with Squirrel Puns)

1. Whiskerful Squirrel
2. Curling Surf
3. Nutsy Girls
4. Cinnamon Toast Cozy
5. Acorn Nibbling Scurry
6. Rocking Chair Roars
7. Pine Scentsy Candles
8. Bushy Tailed Turmoil
9. Snuggling Furry Friends
10. Nutty Chirp Symphony
11. Scampering Branch Raiders
12. Squirrel Sighting Society
13. Wildwood Wagging
14. Tender Tail’s Treat
15. Scurry’s Safari
16. Stockpiling Stashers
17. Sneaky Squirrels’ Snacks
18. Snippy Snuggles
19. Seasonal Snackers
20. Climbing Coterie

Squirrelly Good Puns (Tom Swifties)

1. “I’m nuts for squirrels,” Tom said hazily.
2. “I just can’t decide,” Tom contemplated squirrely.
3. “I don’t see any acorns,” Tom said fruitlessly.
4. “I’m just trying to crack this nut,” Tom explained shell-shocked.
5. “This squirrel must be nuts!” Tom exclaimed crazily.
6. “No need to squirrel away those nuts,” Tom said stashingly.
7. “I’m sorry, I’m feeling a bit squirrelly,” Tom apologized nuts-ily.
8. “I can’t believe I forgot my squirrel call,” Tom said bushily.
9. “I’m feeling quite bushy-tailed today,” Tom said alertly.
10. “These pesky squirrels keep stealing my birdseed,” Tom said seedily.
11. “I can’t believe how agile those squirrels are,” Tom marveled tree-mendously.
12. “I’m going to have to bush-wack my way through this squirrel situation,” Tom said determinedly.
13. “It’s like they know I’m coming,” Tom said bushily.
14. “I guess I’ll have to squirrel away those nuts another day,” Tom said squirrely.
15. “I’m glad I wore my running shoes today,” Tom said fleetingly.
16. “I can’t believe I chased a squirrel up a tree,” Tom said breathlessly.
17. “I can’t squirrel away my love for these furry creatures,” Tom said fondly.
18. “I think I’m getting the hang of this squirrel whispering thing,” Tom said whisper-thinly.
19. “I need to be more stealthy next time,” Tom said sneakily.
20. “These squirrels are really testing my patience,” Tom said irately.

Nuts About Opposites: Oxymoronic Squirrel Puns

1. “Squirrel asleep” is definitely an oxymoron.
2. Did you hear about the squirrel who loved to play hide-and-see but was always spotted?
3. The squirrel looked peaceful “scurrying slowly” in the park.
4. Did you know that when a squirrel goes bald, it goes nuts?
5. The lazy squirrel works overtime.
6. The squirrel chef cooked up a “nutritious dessert”.
7. That squirrel’s fur is “clearly camouflaged”.
8. The greedy squirrel shared his acorns with “generous selfishness”.
9. That squirrel is an “active sloth.
10. A squirrel has trouble being “unnoticeably cute”.
11. The squirrel was “clumsily agile”.
12. That squirrel “patiently begged” for food.
13. The squirrel was “quietly chatty”.
14. The jittery squirrel moves with “calm hyperactivity”.
15. The squirrel was “joyously melancholic”.
16. That squirrel is a “small giant”.
17. This squirrel has a “calculated randomness” in its behavior.
18. The squirrel claimed to be a “skilled amateur”.
19. The squirrel’s diet includes foods that are “awfully delicious”
20. The squirrel’s home was a “meticulously sloppy mess”.

Nutty Recursive Puns (Squirrel Puns)

1. Why did the squirrel cross the playground? To get to the nut climb.
2. Why don’t squirrels have big families? They prefer to live acornly.
3. What do you call a squirrel wearing a pair of sunglasses? Shadesy.
4. Why did the squirrel join a monastery? To live a monk-ey life.
5. What do you call a squirrel that’s afraid of heights? A scarey-nut.
6. Did you hear about the squirrel that tried to rob a bank? He wanted to get his paws on some cashews.
7. What did the squirrel say when he found an acorn? “Oh, nuts!”
8. Why did the squirrel break up with his girlfriend? She was always squirrelin’ away.
9. What do you call a squirrel that’s a great dancer? Fancy-feet.
10. Why do squirrels make bad spies? They’re always giving away their nuts.
11. What do you call a squirrel that’s always on a diet? A thin-nut.
12. What’s a squirrel’s favorite band? The Rolling Acorns.
13. Did you hear about the squirrel that invented a new kind of walnut? It was a bit of a crackpot.
14. Why do squirrels make poor card players? They’re always showing their hand.
15. What do you call a squirrel that’s lost its memory? A nut-forgetful.
16. Why don’t squirrels ever win at monopoly? They always go straight to jail.
17. What did the squirrel say when he found a parking spot? “This nut’s for me!”
18. Why did the squirrel cross the road? To get to the nut-side.
19. What do you call a squirrel with a bad attitude? A grump-nut.
20. Why do squirrels like to sunbathe? To get a nice, nut-brown tan.

Nutting Ordinary Squirrel Puns (Play on “nothing ordinary”)

1. Squirrel away your nuts.
2. A squirrel in the hand is worth two in the tree.
3. Squirreling through life.
4. Nuts about you.
5. The early squirrel gets the nut.
6. Squirrely behavior.
7. Squirrelly speaking.
8. A penny saved is a penny squirreled away.
9. Don’t squirrel around.
10. Squirrels are a-bushin’ and a-hoardin’.
11. Squirrels are a knit-wit.
12. Squirrels are just squirrelfriends we haven’t met yet.
13. Nuttin’ but love for ya!
14. Squirrels be nuts.
15. Sunshine, lollipops, and squirrels.
16. We’re in a bit of a squirrely situation.
17. Squirrelly business.
18. Squirrel mooning.
19. A squirrel a day keeps the boredom away.
20. Nuts, nuts, and more nuts.

In conclusion, we hope our collection of squirrel puns made you go nutty with laughter! We encourage you to explore more puns on our website and share them with your friends and colleagues. Thank you for taking the time to visit our site and we hope to see you again soon!

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