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Looking to add some regal humor to your day? Look no further than these hilarious princess puns! From clever wordplay to cheeky one-liners, we’ve gathered over 200 pun-tastic gems that are guaranteed to tickle your funny bone. Whether you’re a fan of fairy tales, Disney movies, or just love a good play on words, these puns will have you smiling from ear to ear. So, sit back, relax, and let these charismatic princess puns bring a touch of enchantment to your day. Get ready to laugh your crown off!

“Royally Hilarious: Our Editors Pick of Princess Puns” (Editors Pick)

1. Why did the princess bring a ladder to the ball? She wanted to make a grand entrance.
2. What do you call a princess with a frog phobia? A queen.
3. Why did the princess bring a broom to the castle? She wanted to sweep the Prince off his feet.
4. How does a princess keep her hair shiny? With her crown conditioner.
5. Why did the princess become an astronaut? She wanted to reach for the stars.
6. What do you call a princess who loves math? An arithmetic-crat.
7. Why did the princess go to school in her pajamas? She wanted to study her beauty sleep.
8. What do you call a princess who only eats cereal? A cereal killer queen.
9. Why did the princess visit the bakery? She wanted to find her prince choux.
10. How does a princess keep her castle clean? She hires a royal sweeping beauty.
11. Why did the princess wear a raincoat to the ball? To protect her royal gown-d jewels.
12. What kind of music does a princess listen to? Pop’s-icle music.
13. How did the princess feel about her new staircase? She thought it was a step in the right direction.
14. Why did the princess cross the road? To rescue the frog prince on the other side.
15. What do you call a princess who is good at archery? Aim-maid.
16. What did the princess say when she lost her tiara? “I’ve crown down.”
17. Why did the princess always carry a mirror? To reflect on her royal responsibilities.
18. How does a princess defeat her enemies? With her charm offensive.
19. Why did the princess become a marathon runner? She wanted to be crowned the queen of the finish line.
20. What do you call a princess who loves to tell jokes? A pun-cess.

Punning Princesses (Regally Ridiculous One-liners)

1. Why did the princess go to school? To become a ruler!
2. Did you hear about the princess who never finished her math homework? She couldn’t crown her work.
3. Why did the princess become an astronaut? She wanted to explore her space.
4. How does a princess communicate with her subjects? She uses her royal “wave” lengths.
5. Why did the princess start a bakery? She wanted to make “royal” icing.
6. Why did the princess bring a ladder to the zoo? She wanted to see the “towering” giraffes.
7. Are princes and princesses good at math? They excel in ruling the “kingdom” of numbers.
8. Why did the princess study astronomy? She wanted to learn about the “stellar” systems.
9. How does a princess greet her friends? With a royal “wave” of course!
10. Why do princesses love gardening? They enjoy “crowning” their flowers.
11. How do princesses make important decisions? They use their “crowning” judgement.
12. Why did the princess bring a pencil to her ballet lessons? To “pointe” out her mistakes.
13. Did you hear about the princess who became a chef? She had a “taste” for royalty.
14. How did the princess greet her horse? With a royal “neigh”borhood watch.
15. Why did the princess become a comedian? She wanted to have a “roaring” good time.
16. Why did the princess join a band? She wanted to rock the “kingdom.”
17. Why did the princess become a fashion designer? She loved creating royalty “threads.”
18. How does a princess open a locked door? With a royal “key”-ing motion.
19. Why did the princess become an archaeologist? She wanted to discover her “royal” lineage.
20. Did you hear about the princess who loved to play tennis? She always served with a “royal” touch.

Princess Palaver (Question-and-Answer Puns)

1. What did the princess say when she felt a pea under her mattress? “I’m sorry, but I’m just not feeling mattress-y today!”
2. How did the princess wake herself up in the morning? With her royal “alarm” clock!
3. What do you call a princess who loves to bake? A “doughnut” princess!
4. What do you call a princess that can’t stop talking? Gabbyrella!
5. Why did the princess go to the dentist? To get her crown polished!
6. What did the princess say when she saw a frog? “I hope he’s a prince, otherwise it’s just toad-ally disappointing!”
7. What did the princess say to the wicked witch? “You may have cast a spell on me, but it’s not gonna be a fairytale ending!”
8. How did Cinderella’s stepmother always know what her stepdaughter was doing? She had her “glass slippers” installed with GPS trackers!
9. What do you call a princess that loves to fish? A “catch”elina!
10. Why did the princess always bring a ladder to the library? Because she wanted to reach the “storybook” section!
11. What did the princess say when she lost her tiara? “I guess I’ve crowned out!”
12. How did the princess pay for her new dress? With “royalties” from her land!
13. Why did Snow White always carry an umbrella? Because she heard it was going to be “dwarfs” and she wanted to stay dry!
14. What is a princess’s favorite type of music? “Rap”unzel!
15. What did the princess say when she saw her reflection in the mirror? Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? And please, no sugarcoating!”
16. How did the princess fix the hole in her dress? She used a “seam”-stress!
17. What do you call a princess that excels in math? Algebra-ella!
18. Why did the princess invite the dragon to tea? To add a little “fire” to the conversation!
19. What did the princess do when she couldn’t decide which prince to marry? Flip a “coin-sin”!
20. Why did the princess always have a flight attendant on her carpet rides? She wanted to make sure there was a “flying” service!

Princess Puns: Royal Wordplay Reigns Supreme (Double Entendre Puns)

1. Sleeping Beauty? More like Beauty needs her beauty sleep!
2. Rapunzel’s hair isn’t the only thing that grows long.
3. Cinderella loses her shoe at the ball, but she can lose her inhibitions too!
4. Snow White takes a bite of the apple and gets more than just a little taste.
5. The Princess and the Pea? More like the Princess loves her sweet “peach.”
6. Belle loves a good “beast” in bed.
7. Jagged-edged glass slippers? Cinderella knows how to handle a little rough play.
8. Ariel wets more than just her fins in the ocean.
9. The Frog Prince just needs a princess to give him a little “hop-on.”
10. Sleeping Beauty snoozes during the day and gets busy at night!
11. Snow White enjoys her “happy endings” with the dwarfs.
12. The Little Mermaid uses her voice for more than just singing.
13. Rapunzel’s tower? More like her “love nest”!
14. The Glass Slipper isn’t the only thing that fits perfectly.
15. Belle always finds “beauty” in every beast she encounters.
16. Cinderella’s fairy godmother knows how to turn any pumpkin into a wild ride.
17. Snow White may be singing with the seven dwarfs, but she’s doing much more than just harmonizing.
18. The Little Mermaid doesn’t just dream of legs, but of some “fin-credible” action too!
19. Sleeping Beauty needs a prince to wake her up, but she also likes to be woken up in other ways.
20. Ariel doesn’t just collect human artifacts, she collects “bedroom experiences” too!

Pun-cess Puns (Wordplay Fit for a Royalty)

1. The princess was feeling blue, so she put on her royal crown.
2. When the princess entered the room, all eyes were on her, as she was the apple of everyone’s eyes.
3. The princess’s beauty was like a breath of fresh air, she was a real breath of fresh heir.
4. The prince charming swept the princess off her feet, causing her heart to skip a beat.
5. The princess was as graceful as a swan, she was the swan princess of the kingdom.
6. The palace garden was the princess’s favorite place, she was truly living in her castle in the air.
7. The princess always wore her crown with pride, she was a crown jewel of the royal family.
8. The princess was known for her kindness, she was a real diamond in the rough.
9. The princess’s smile was so captivating, it could light up a room like a shining star.
10. The princess loved to dance, she was like a dancing queen in her own right.
11. The princess was a bookworm, she was always lost in a fairy tale.
12. The princess had a heart of gold, she was a treasure to behold.
13. The princess’s laughter was infectious, it was music to everyone’s ears.
14. The princess was very intelligent, she was always one step ahead, a real smart cookie.
15. The princess was the embodiment of elegance, she was the belle of the ball.
16. The princess’s voice was so enchanting, she could charm birds out of the trees.
17. The princess was always looking for adventure, she was a real queen of hearts.
18. The princess had a calming presence, she was a real ray of sunshine.
19. The princess’s beauty was legendary, she was like a mythical creature from a fairy tale.
20. The princess had a strong will, she was a force to be reckoned with, a real iron lady.

Princess Puns Cleverly Crown This Section (Pun Juxtaposition)

1. Why did the princess go to the dentist? To get her crown checked!
2. The princess wanted to become a baker, but she couldn’t find her Cinderella yeast!
3. The princess slept for a hundred years… and woke up feeling armed and “faithful”.
4. Cinderella’s mice friends recently started a band, their first single was called “Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo to the Groove.
5. The princess had a pet dragon, but it always gave her fireballs instead of tennis balls.
6. The princess went to buy a dress, but the designer said it was “Ariel-ly” out of budget.
7. Cinderella wasn’t allowed to play baseball because she always ran away from the ball.
8. Why did the princess bring a ladder to the royal ball? She wanted to make a great impression by stepping up her game.
9. The princess was starting a new exercise routine, hoping to get her “reign of fitness” back!
10. Sleeping Beauty once tried to become a judge, but her style was considered too “fairytale-ish”.
11. The princess wanted to visit the Eiffel Tower but ended up getting lost in the Rapunzel Museum.
12. Why did the princess become an astronaut? She wanted to reach for the stars and “galax-see”!
13. The princess accidentally wore her tiara to the farm, she said she was “coronet-ly mistaken”.
14. Cinderella was really good at math, especially when it came to pumpkin “pi”.
15. The princess couldn’t find her shoes, so she kept looking for “glass-ceiling” alternatives.
16. Rapunzel’s favorite thing at breakfast was “an eggs-hair-soup”.
17. The princess loved to ride her horse but always struggled with “mane-tenance”.
18. Cinderella tried her hand at fishing, but all she caught were “prince-perch” jokes.
19. Sleeping Beauty was a fan of road trips, she liked to stop at “re-charge” stations.
20. Why did the princess bring a ladder to the art museum? She wanted to “da-Vinci” every piece!

Royal Wordplay: Punning with Princesses

1. Princess Ponderosa
2. Crown Hopper
3. Tiara Turner
4. Royal Rebel
5. Castle Chase
6. Queen Flutterby
7. Duchess Diamond
8. Lady Lily
9. Countess Cuddlebug
10. Baroness Blush
11. Princess Petal
12. Queen Bella Donna
13. Lady Violet
14. Duchess Daisy
15. Countess Crystal
16. Princess Pearl
17. Lady Rosemary
18. Queen Beatrice
19. Baroness Blossom
20. Princess Sunshine

Puncess Puns: Fumbling with Phonetics

1. Clowing gowns
2. Sairy old
3. Kissing friends
4. Glass of whine
5. Gairy puddle
6. Lofty frog
7. Wear on a dish
8. Stairy mole
9. Frizzy crown
10. Brincess puns
11. Stalagmite carriage
12. Snob prince
13. Sprincess gown
14. Flushing fountains
15. Tickle tower
16. Whiny horse
17. Muddy slipper
18. Prince farty
19. Damsel in shining tractor
20. Frazzled wand

Regally Ridiculous Remarks (Princess Puns Tom Swifties)

1. “I need to find a castle,” said the princess discreetly.
2. “I am the fairest of them all,” Snow White said pridefully.
3. “I can’t believe I found my prince charming,” she said dreamily.
4. “I feel like a damsel in distress,” said Rapunzel, locked in her tower.
5. “I always wear my crown,” the queen said regally.
6. “I demand a royal audience!” said the princess imperiously.
7. “I wish I had a magic wand,” said the princess wishfully.
8. “I have a date with a prince,” Cinderella said happily.
9. “I’m no ordinary princess,” she said proudly.
10. “This tiara suits me perfectly,” said the princess fittingly.
11. “I want to live happily ever after,” she said optimistically.
12. “I’m waiting for my knight in shining armor,” said the princess patiently.
13. “I want to be swept off my feet,” said the princess hopefully.
14. “I’m a high-maintenance princess,” she said demanding.
15. “I feel like a lost princess,” said the amnesic girl.
16. “I believe in love at first sight,” said the enchanted princess.
17. “I’m looking for my prince charming,” said the princess longingly.
18. “I’m royalty, after all,” the princess said dignifiedly.
19. “I want to attend the royal ball,” said the princess elegantly.
20. “I’m the princess of puns,” said the princess wittily.

Fairy Tale Phrases (Oxymoronic Puns)

1. Cinderella’s glass slipper was a “shatteringly beautiful” find.
2. Sleeping Beauty was anything but an “active sleeper.”
3. Snow White’s “seven sleepless dwarfs” were always wide awake.
4. Rapunzel’s hair was “controlled chaos.”
5. The frog prince was a “hopeless romantic.”
6. Ariel, the little mermaid, dreamed of becoming a “walking fish.”
7. Belle found her castle to be a “lonely sanctuary.”
8. Mulan’s warrior skills were “silently powerful.”
9. Jasmine’s palace was a “seriously unbelievable abode.”
10. Pocahontas navigated an “adventurous calm.”
11. Tiana’s fancy restaurant was the epitome of “organized chaos.”
12. Elsa’s icy powers were both “cool and hot.
13. Aurora’s spinning wheel was a “hidden danger.
14. Merida’s rebellious nature made her a “tamed wild child.”
15. Moana sailed through “dangerous serenity.”
16. Ariel’s voice was a “captivating silence.”
17. Jasmine’s magic carpet ride was an “exhilarating calm.”
18. Cinderella’s pumpkin carriage was a “magical inconvenience.”
19. Mulan’s elegant sword fighting was a “graceful fierceness.”
20. Belle’s enchanted castle was a “spiritual solitude.”

Princess Puns Parading (Recursive Puns)

1. Why was the princess disappointed with her knight in shining armor? Because he didn’t have enough knights!
2. Why did the princess get a job as a baker? She kneaded the dough!
3. How did the princess become a famous artist? She had a brush with destiny!
4. What did the princess say when she won the marathon? I ran (princess) rings around the competition!
5. Why did the princess become a librarian? She loved getting lost in a good fairy tale!
6. How did the princess become a detective? She was always on the case (castle)!
7. Why did the princess take up gardening? She wanted to sow (so) her royal oats!
8. What did the princess say after her wedding? That was a royal pain!
9. How did the princess become a comedian? She had a knack for cracking castle jokes!
10. Why did the princess become a chef? She loved ruling over her kitchen (kingdom)!
11. What did the princess say when she found her lost shoe? “Now, that’s a fairytale ending!”
12. How did the princess become a firefighter? She liked being the queen of extinguishing fires!
13. What did the princess say when she became a pilot? “I’m flying on cloud (princess) nine!”
14. Why did the princess become a lawyer? She loved ruling with a gavel of justice!
15. How did the princess become a scientist? She liked conducting experiments in her castle’s lab!
16. What did the princess say after she conquered a mountain? “I’m at the peak of my princess powers!”
17. Why did the princess join a music band? She wanted to be the reigning rockstar!
18. How did the princess become a teacher? She enjoyed educating others on royal matters!
19. What did the princess say when she won the lottery? “Happily ever aftershocks!”
20. Why did the princess become a computer programmer? She wanted to code her own fairy tale ending!

Princess Puns Reel in Royal Laughs (Cliches Get Crowned with Humor!)

1. She wanted to be a princess, but her castle was just a cardboard box fort-uneately.
2. The princess wasn’t very popular, she was always surrounded by knights-mares.
3. To stay fit, the princess relied on her fairy-tale trainer: Cinderella-sh-2K-ella.
4. The princess had a date at the ball, but she ended up having a Cinderella slip-up.
5. The princess was always losing her tiara, but she always found it eventually. It was always in the last crown-draw.
6. When the princess hosted a party, she made sure to have enough punch-es for everybody.
7. The princess loved telling jokes, so her friends crowned her the pun-cess of comedy.
8. The princess thought she had found her prince charming, but it turned out to be a frog-ery.
9. The princess thought her hair was her crowning glory, but it always seemed to be growing… Rapunzel-t-ation.
10. The princess loved playing video games, her favorite was Castle Crash-er.
11. The princess loved playing hide-and-seek, she was always ready to reign supreme.
12. The princess was feeling down, but her fairy godmother reminded her to always wear her crown and slay the day.
13. The princess had impeccable fashion sense, she always looked royal-flush.
14. The princess loved baking, she always made the best tarts, none of them were a misstorte.
15. The princess was very particular about her footwear, she would never wear anything less than a crown-verse.
16. The princess loved gardening so much, she could always tell which flowers were ro-yale.
17. The princess loved horseback riding, she was always ready to saddle up and trot off into the sunset.
18. The princess believed in the power of fairy godmothers, she knew they could make any situation spell-binding.
19. The princess loved sending out invitations for her ball, she wanted everyone to attend and have a jolly royal time.
20. The princess loved to sing and dance, she was always ready to be the belle of the ball-let.

In a world full of princesses, it’s important to add a touch of humor to the regal realm. We hope these 200+ charismatic princess puns have brought a smile to your face and lightened your day. If you’re craving more punny delights, be sure to check out our website where you’ll find a treasure trove of jokes fit for a king or queen. Thank you for taking the time to visit, and remember, laughter is the crown jewel of any royal court!

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