Nun-believably Hilarious: 220 Divine Nun Puns That’ll Bless Your Day

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Prepare to have a divine experience with these nun-believably hilarious puns. Whether you’re a religious person or not, these puns are sure to bless your day and make you laugh out loud. From holy jokes to heavenly puns, we’ve compiled over 200 pun-tastic jokes that are guaranteed to have you saying “amen”. So, get ready to have your funny bone tickled and join us for some wholesome fun with nun puns. Let’s dive into the divine world of puns that are sure to make you exclaim “holy moly”!

Habit-forming Humor: Nun Puns Galore (Editors Pick)

1. Two nuns were in a bath. One asks the other, “Where’s the soap?” The other replies, “It’s nun ya business!

2. Why did the nun join the army? To pray as they shoot!

3. Why do nuns wear white? It’s habit!

4. Why don’t nuns tan? They prefer to keep their bodies holy, not wholly-tan!

5. What do you call a nun in a wheelchair? Virgin mobile.

6. What do you call a nun who is always on a diet? A semi-convent!

7. Why did the nun get a job at a bakery? She kneaded the dough!

8. Did you hear about the nun who opened a bar? It’s called “The Friar Tuck Inn.”

9. What do you call a sleepwalking nun? A Roamin’ Catholic.

10. Why did the nun go to the baseball game with a ruler? To keep an eye on the outfield!

11. What did the bishop say when he saw an ex-nun walking down the street? “There’s a nun in a layperson’s coat!”

12. What did the nun say when she saw the cardinal? “Bishops by!”

13. Why was the nun always singing? Because her mother was a chant!

14. Why did the nun refuse to fly? She didn’t trust the flying Buttress.

15. How did the nun become a baker? She kneaded the dough!

16. What do you call a nun who likes motorcycles? Sister Harley.

17. What did the nun say to the priest when they got stuck in the elevator together? “This is un-habit-able!”

18. Why couldn’t the bicycle stand up by itself? It was two tired and the nun didn’t want to get involved.

19. Why did the nun go to the airport with a suitcase full of carrots? She heard her flight was boarding with Air Carrot-erol.

20. What did the nun say when she entered the sandwich shop? Holy Goat-cheese!

Holy Jokes: One-Liner Pun Fun with Nuns

1. Why did the nun cross the road? To pray on the other side.
2. Nun of your business!
3. The hardest part about becoming a nun is finding the right habit.
4. What do you call a singing nun? A Soeur-prano!
5. Did you hear about the nun who joined a gym? She’s now a holy roller.
6. Why don’t nuns go on beach vacations? They don’t want to habit-ually expose themselves to temptation.
7. What did the nun say when she was asked to clean the church? “It’s a habit.”
8. What do you call a nun who sleeps in? A snooze sister.
9. How do you know if a nun is plotting against you? She’ll cross you twice.
10. Why don’t nuns like to tell jokes? Because they’re afraid they might sin and start laughing too hard.
11. What do you call a nun who has a cold? A runny sister.
12. Have you heard about the nun who’s also a famous chef? Her specialties include nun-bread and holy mackerel.
13. Why did the nun refuse to wear sunscreen? She wanted to go from alabaster to altar bread.
14. What do you call a group of nuns skydiving? Heavenly sisters taking the leap of faith.
15. Why did the nun go to the seance? To talk to her dead-sister.
16. Why don’t nuns go to the bank? They can’t get past the first two bars.
17. Why did the nun climb up the ladder? To get closer to heaven.
18. Why don’t nuns use computers? They’re used to getting by on stationary.
19. What does a nun say on the beach? “Hail Mary, full of sand, the sun is with me, my hat’s at hand.”
20. Why shouldn’t you give a nun a haircut? Because you might get a little cross.

Nunktastic Q&A (Question-and-Answer Puns)

1. What do nuns say when they’re happy? Nun-ya business!
2. Why did the nun refuse to play cards? She didn’t want to deal with a bad habit!
3. How do nuns budget their money? They keep a careful hymnal.
4. What did the nun say when she won the lottery? Holy habits!
5. What do you call a group of nuns on the go? A convent-ient taxi service!
6. Why don’t nuns wear shorts? They prefer to keep their kneecaps holy!
7. What did the nun say when she saw her old flame? I don’t have a habit of dating exes.
8. How do nuns stay so calm during turbulence? They pray for air-itude!
9. What did the pope say to the nun showing him around the Vatican? “I’m a little friar-d!”
10. Why do nuns love watching detective shows? They love a good habit of solving mysteries!
11. Why did the nun quit her job as a banker? She just wasn’t making enough habit of saving.
12. What do nuns use to keep their shoes clean? Pray-oxy-clean!
13. What did the nun say when her best friend became a Buddhist? “I just don’t have a habit of judging others.”
14. How do nuns keep their hair neat? They use holy combs!
15. Why did the nun refuse to eat vegetables? She thought it was a bad habit!
16. What did the nun say when she found out she was getting a new roommate? “Oh habit-ual joy!”
17. How do nuns stay in shape? They do daily habit-twists.
18. What did the nun say to the intruder? “Don’t you know I’ve got a habit of protecting this convent?”
19. Why do nuns always wear black and white? They know that in the habit of fashion, classics never go out of style.
20. What did the nun say when she found herself in a pickle? “I need some habit-tual guidance!”

Nun of Your Business: Double Entendre Puns That’ll Have You Confessing Your Sins

1. When the nun was caught stealing, she said, “I’m just a bad habit.”
2. The nun was known to be a real habit-forming person.
3. The nun’s favorite movie was “Sister Act.”
4. “I’m a nun, but that doesn’t mean I can’t have a little ‘habit-forming’ fun,” she said with a wink.
5. What did the priest say to the naughty nun? Sister, you’re a sin-amon roll.
6. The nun couldn’t decide whether to call her new kitten “Meow-ry” or “Sister Clawdia.
7. Why did the nun join the choir? She heard they had a habit of singing.
8. The nuns were in the garden pulling weeds. “This is like Nun of my business,” one of them said.
9. “I’m not a ‘bad habit,’ I’m just misunderstood,” the nun pleaded.
10. The nun was known to preach with a lot of passion. Some might say she had a “habit” of doing so.
11. “I’m a nun, but that doesn’t mean I’m not a ‘habitual’ rule-breaker,” she confessed.
12. Why did the nun cross the road? To get to the other side of heaven.
13. The trouble with running a convent is that there’s always some nun-sense going on.
14. The naughty nun was caught stealing from the collection plate. “I can’t help it, I have a bad habit,” she said.
15. Why did the nun study Latin? She herd it was a well known purr-ayer language.
16. The naughty nun was always sneaking out after hours. “I have habits, you know,” she said.
17. The nuns were known to enjoy a good game of penguin toss in their free time.
18. The new nun was very clumsy. She was always dropping her ‘habit.’
19. The tattoo on the nun’s arm read “Nun of your business.”
20. I’m a nun, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a good ‘habit-forming’ drink,” she said with a smile.

Nun-Sense in Idioms: Holy Puns Galore!

1. The nuns on the bus are really making a habit of getting their message out.
2. Don’t worry, be habited.
3. I can’t keep my mind on my rosary and my rosary on my mind.
4. Walking on cloud nine isn’t nearly as exhilarating as walking on two feet.
5. Why does a nun make a good librarian? Because she is used to keeping quiet in the stacks.
6. Nunsense is really no laughing matter, unless it’s a comedy.
7. Nuns can’t resist the temptation of the choir, they are habit-forming that way.
8. The choir of nuns sang so beautifully that the audience was in a state of ecstacy.
9. I’m trying to kick my caffeine addiction, but getting up for early morning Matins is a real habit.
10. Nuns have no problem with taking a vow of silence, but cutting back on the carbs is a major habit to break.
11. I was going to tell a joke about novices, but it hasn’t been habit-forming yet.
12. Nuns may have habits, but they’re not unfashionable – there’s a nun for every season!
13. I asked my nun friend how often she prays, and she said habitually.
14. I couldn’t see which nun was driving the car, but I had a hunch she was holy.
15. Even if you don’t believe in God, you have to admit nuns are pretty habit-forming.
16. I tried to buy a habit like a nun once, but I couldn’t find it at Goodwill.
17. It’s hard to perform a miracle without a prayer and a habit.
18. Nuns hate it when people assume they’re all uptight, but they do take their vocation pretty seriously.
19. I was going to make a bad joke about holy water, but then I thought that’s a bit nun-sense-ical.
20. Nuns lead a simple life, but it’s still full of a lot of habits to keep up with.

Nun of Your Business: Hilarious Pun Juxtapositions

1. The nun who only used bread in her sermons had a very spiritual rye sense of humor.
2. The nun who was always happy taught us how to find our bliss in this habited world.
3. The nun who loved to knit was always praying for purl-fect peace.
4. The nun who only ate candy was known as the sister with a sugar habit.
5. The nun who was a foodie found serenity in sweet and savory.
6. The nun who always wore sunglasses in the chapel said it made the light of the Lord less glaring.
7. The nun who was a soccer fanatic called it her kick habit.
8. The nun who loved to dance was known as the sister with the habit of rhythm.
9. The nun who collected novelty hats had a habit of headwear.
10. The nun who was a Shakespeare fanatic had a measure-for-measure approach to life.
11. The nun who was always cold wore a habit of wool sweaters.
12. The nun who loved to watercolor always painted her habits with care.
13. The nun who was into fitness was known as the pious warrior.
14. The nun who never missed a yoga class had a habit of mindfulness.
15. The nun who loved to read was known for her habit of books.
16. The nun who loved to bake was known for her habit-forming chocolate cake.
17. The nun who was a nature lover found peace in the birds of a feather flocking together.
18. The nun who was a fashionista had a habit of runway shows.
19. The nun who loved to sing had a habit of hymns.
20. The nun who was a lifelong learner had a habit of reading everything from A to Z.

“Puns of a Higher Order: Nun Names That’ll Have You Confessing Your Laughter”

1. Sister Act-too
2. Holy Moly Sister
3. Law of Nun
4. Incognita Nun
5. Altar Ego
6. Holy Rollin’ Sister
7. Nunderful Life
8. Pope-ular Nun
9. Nun of Your Business
10. Sisterfication
11. Sister Spud
12. Nuns are Punny
13. Sister Wives
14. Nun-ya Business
15. Holy Ghost Rider
16. Sister and Misters
17. Nun-mber One
18. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pantsuits
19. The Nun-sense Show
20. No Nun Left Behind

Nunsense with Spoonerisms: Tangled Tongues and Twisted Puns

1. Bun Nuns
2. Fun Runs
3. Sun Buns
4. Run Funs
5. Gun Puns
6. None’s Hum
7. Fun None
8. Hun Suns
9. Nun Buns
10. Pun Guns
11. Sun Huns
12. None Buns
13. Hun Nuns
14. Gunn Puns
15. Bun None
16. Run Guns
17. None Pun
18. Sun Duns
19. Fun Puns
20. Nun Huns

Nun-sense Humor: Tom Swifties About Nuns

1. I don’t think we can make bread without yeast,” said the nun leavenly.
2. I have a fear of stairs,” said the nun, step by step.
3. “I can’t eat jalapeños,” said the nun, unpeppery.
4. “I hate needles,” said the nun, bluntly.
5. “I’m always hot in here,” said the nun, heatedly.
6. “I can’t stand the sight of blood,” said the nun, bloody reluctantly.
7. “I can’t wait to start my new job at the greeting card factory!” said the nun, blankly.
8. “I’m not tall enough for this ride,” said the nun, short-sightedly.
9. “I’m not a big fan of numbers,” said the nun, countlessly.
10. “I don’t think I’ll ever be able to fly,” said the nun, plain-facedly.
11. “I’m enjoying the sunshine,” said the nun brightly.
12. “I don’t like to brag,” said the nun humbly.
13. “I can’t swim in the ocean,” said the nun, waveringly.
14. “I don’t like coffee,” said the nun, decaf.
15. “I’m not good at cooking,” said the nun, saucily.
16. “I can’t stand the smell of gasoline,” said the nun, fuelishly.
17. “I prefer white wine to red,” said the nun, lightly.
18. “I’m never on time,” said the nun, fashionably late.
19. “I can’t make a decision,” said the nun, indecisively.
20. “I never get my hair wet,” said the nun, cap-tainly.

Nun Sense: Hilarious Oxymoronic Puns on Nuns

1. The nun was a habitual liar who only told the truth.
2. The convent was both heaven and hell for the nuns.
3. The nun was a terrible dancer with light feet.
4. The holy sister was a lawbreaker who never broke the law.
5. The sister was a saintly sinner who never sinned.
6. The nun was an open secret with nothing to hide.
7. The holy woman was the devil’s advocate.
8. The nun was the life of the party but never drank.
9. The sister lived a double life with one identity.
10. The nun was a devout atheist with no faith.
11. The holy woman was a sinfully pure soul.
12. The sister had a guilty conscience with nothing to feel guilty for.
13. The nun was a social recluse who always attended church gatherings.
14. The sister always spoke the truth, but nobody believed her.
15. The nun was a known stranger to the world outside.
16. The holy woman was a humble narcissist.
17. The sister was a solitary crowd with no company.
18. The nun was a fierce pacifist.
19. The holy woman was a joyful melancholic.
20. The sister was a happy pessimist.

None of Your Business (Recursive Nun Puns)

1. Why did the nun join the gym? To get a heavenly body.
2. The nun’s favorite chocolate? If it’s not the Three Musketeers then it’s a sin.
3. Did you hear about the nun who prayed for a bike? She thought God answered, but it turned out it was just a blessing in disguise.
4. How does a nun start a letter? With her own Catholic character.
5. When a nun orders coffee, she always asks for a habit-forming cup.
6. I used to make fun of nuns for wearing veils, but then I took a vow of silence.
7. Why did the nun become a librarian? Because she loves to live in a book convent.
8. The only thing better than a Catholic schoolgirl is a nun-precedent.
9. When a nun gets cold, she just goes to her prayer shawl.
10. I donated my old clothes to a group of nuns. It was a habit of giving.
11. A nun walks into a bar with a parrot on her shoulder. The bartender asks, “What’s the bird for?” The parrot replies, “I just flew in from the convent, and boy, are my wings tired!”
12. Why did the nun refuse to take sides in the soda war? She preferred to stay Schwepped up in prayer.
13. I tried to start a pun war with a nun, but she always had the last exorcism.
14. A nun walks into a pet store and asks, “Do you have any parrots?” The shopkeeper replies, “Yes, we have quite a few.” The nun responds, “Well, I need one that can recite the Our Father.
15. If a nun becomes a detective, does that make her a sister sleuth?
16. Why did the nun need to borrow a ruler? She wanted to keep her piety measurements in check.
17. A group of nuns decide to start a band. They were going to call themselves “The Sisters of Mercy,” but they realized they had none.
18. When a nun forgets her lines in a play, she says a Hail Mary and gets back in character.
19. How do nuns stay warm on cold nights? They shelter under Mary’s wimple.
20. Why did the nun cross the road? To get to the crosswalk.

Blessed with Laughter: Nun-Sense and Puns on Cliches

1. “Nun of your business!”
2. “Nun shall pass!”
3. “Nun better than me!”
4. “Nun too shabby!”
5. “Nunsense!”
6. “Nunbelievable!”
7. “Nun the wiser!”
8. “Nun but the brave!”
9. “Nun in a million!”
10. “Nun of the above!”
11. “Nun of your beeswax!”
12. “Nun for the road!”
13. “Nun-stop fun!”
14. “Nun-such luck!”
15. “Nun-thinkable!”
16. “Nun-senseical!”
17. “Nun-gonna do it!”
18. “Nun-sense and sensibility!”
19. “Nun-stop jokes!”
20. “Nun of that!”

In conclusion, we hope these divine nun puns brought a smile to your face and brightened your day. If you enjoyed them, be sure to check out our website for more punny goodness! We appreciate you taking the time to visit our site and we hope to see you again soon. Happy punning!

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