Score Big Laughs: 220 Handpicked NFL Puns for True Football Lovers

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Are you ready to tackle some laughter? For true football enthusiasts, this article is the ultimate touchdown! Get ready to score big laughs with over 200 handpicked NFL puns. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just enjoy a good laugh, these puns are guaranteed to tickle your funny bone. From witty wordplay to clever team-related jokes, we’ve got it all covered. So kick back, relax, and dive into this pun-filled playbook. No matter which team you root for, these puns will have you cheering for more. Get ready to fill your Sundays with laughter, because with these NFL puns, everyone’s a winner!

Touchdowns and Puns Galore: The Best NFL Wordplay Delights (Editors Pick)

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Gridiron Gags (NFL Puns that Pack a Punch)

1. Why did the football player bring string to the game? So he could tie up the score!
2. I’ll never forget the time the football team went on strike… they wanted better tackles!
3. When the quarterback wears high socks, does that mean he’s an airhead?
4. Why did the football coach bring snacks to practice? To keep the team well-rounded!
5. The football game was delayed because the field was feeling a bit deflated.
6. Did you hear about the football player who opened a bakery? He’s known for his great rolls!
7. Why did the football team go to the bakery? To get a good roll call!
8. The football team’s bus driver never texted while driving, but he always threw screen passes.
9. Why did the football team watch scary movies before games? To practice their field goals!
10. The football coach said the team’s performance was like a bad pass—no follow-through!
11. The quarterback’s new book about breaking records is a real page-turner.
12. What did the football say to the opposing team’s defense? “I’m gonna pick you apart!”
13. When the football team won the championship, the players really threw in the touchdown!
14. Why did the football game turn into a trivia night? The quarterback threw a lot of interceptions!
15. Why don’t football players like to get sunburned? Because they don’t want to be known as “red zone” players!
16. The football coach’s favorite restaurant is the end zone—it always has a great reception!
17. Why did the football coach make the team practice on a farm? Because they needed better field goals!
18. What do you call a football game played during a monsoon? A washout!
19. The football player got a job at a bakery because he wanted to knead some dough!
20. Did you hear about the football team that had a pet turtle as their mascot? They said it really helped with their slow but steady drives!

Fumble Fun (Question-and-Answer Puns)

1. Why did the football team go to the bakery? Because they kneaded the dough!
2. Why did the football player bring string to the game? In case he needed to tie the score!
3. Why did the football stadium get hot during the game? All the fans turned up the heat!
4. How did the football team celebrate after winning the Super Bowl? They quarterback and forth!
5. Why did the football coach bring a ladder to the game? He wanted to reach for the end zone!
6. What do you call a football player who dances all the time? A twinkle toes-down pass!
7. Why do all the football coaches love gardening? Because they love to sow the seed!
8. Why did the football team have a movie night? They wanted to tackle a few films!
9. What do you call a football player who makes good French toast? A toastdown!
10. How does a football team travel? They take the running back express!
11. Why do football teams never eat fast food before a game? It always gives them interference!
12. How did the football player propose to his girlfriend? He gave her a ring around!
13. Why was the football team so bad at math? They could never make a touchdown!
14. How did the wide receiver fix his monotone voice? He caught a new pitch!
15. What do you call a group of football players running in the rain? Wet Receivers!
16. Why was the football team so good at baking? They always brought the heat!
17. How does a football player’s diet differ from the average person’s? He’s always counting carbs!
18. What do you call a football player who gets a perfect score on his test? A touchdown!
19. Why did the football stadium get so fancy? It wanted to make a good impression!
20. How did the football team stay cool during practice? They had a fan-tastic time!

Throwing “punt” of hilarity (Double Entendre Puns)

1. The quarterback’s passes are out of this world, truly deflating for the opposing team.
2. The tight end knows how to handle balls with finesse.
3. The defensive line is always ready to tackle anything that comes their way.
4. The wide receiver really knows how to catch your attention.
5. The coach keeps the players in a tight huddle to discuss strategy.
6. The running back knows how to make the opposing team sweat.
7. The offensive line knows how to protect their quarterback from getting sacked.
8. The cheerleaders really know how to pump up the crowd and give them something to remember.
9. The kickers always aim for the uprights, hitting the spot every time.
10. The safeties make sure the opposing team doesn’t get too close to their end zone.
11. The helmets are worn to protect the players’ heads, but they also disguise some really good hair.
12. The referee keeps a close eye on the players, making sure they play by the rules.
13. The running back can really pound the field with his powerful strides.
14. The wide receiver knows how to make a clean catch, leaving the defenders in the dust.
15. The coaches are always ready to draw up a winning play, even if it involves a little trickery.
16. The players wear cleats to help them gain traction on the field, but they can also leave quite a mark.
17. The defensive end knows how to rush the opposing team’s quarterback, leaving them breathless.
18. The punters have a way of booting the ball right where it needs to go, sometimes with a little extra distance.
19. The waterboy knows how to keep the players hydrated, but he also catches the attention of some thirsty fans.
20. The running back has a way of dodging defenders, making them look like amateurs on the field.

“Gridiron Giggles: Punny Plays on NFL Idioms”

1. I tried to tackle my problems, but they’re still throwing me for a loss.
2. Every time I try to catch a break, I end up fumbling the opportunity.
3. He was in the pocket with his finances, until he got sacked with debt.
4. Don’t punt on your dreams, go for the touchdown!
5. She’s always on the offensive, never willing to play defense.
6. That job offer was a real Hail Mary, but I ended up intercepting it.
7. He thought he had the winning strategy, but it turned out to be a false start.
8. I’m quarterbacking my own life, making the calls and leading the way.
9. After a long day, he sacked out on the couch and called it a night.
10. I thought I had the touchdown, but it was just a false alarm.
11. Don’t worry about their criticism, just keep your head in the game.
12. I can’t afford to punt on this project, I need to give it my all.
13. Life is like a football game, sometimes you win and sometimes you get sacked.
14. Keep your eye on the ball and you’ll never fumble your chance.
15. I thought I had an open field, but it turned out to be an illusion.
16. He’s always throwing a Hail Mary with his crazy ideas.
17. I’m going for the championship, no punt intended.
18. Life has its ups and downs, just like a football game.
19. Don’t pass on the opportunity, go for the touchdown.
20. I’m in the end zone of life, making every play count.

Field Goal Follies (NFL Puntastic)

1. The football quarterback considered opening a pottery shop because he was good at throwing clay.
2. The linebacker decided to become a chef because he liked tackling ingredients.
3. The wide receiver became a hair stylist because he had great hands for catching scissors.
4. The defensive tackle opened a daycare center because he was used to stopping little people in their tracks.
5. The football coach became a music conductor because he knew how to orchestrate a successful game plan.
6. The running back considered becoming a doctor because he was an expert at rushing patients.
7. The cornerback tried his hand at comedy because he was always intercepting punchlines.
8. The tight end decided to become a fisherman because he knew how to catch anything that came his way.
9. The football player became a gardener because he was good at sacking vegetables.
10. The team mascot became a magician because he knew how to disappear faster than his team’s losing record.
11. The offensive lineman started a fashion line because he knew how to tackle with style.
12. The football coach took up painting because he was a master at drawing up plays.
13. The quarterback considered becoming a dentist because he had a knack for finding tight spaces.
14. The wide receiver took up carpentry because he knew how to build a solid route.
15. The defensive end decided to become a comedian because he always had a good line to rush.
16. The football player opened a pet store because he knew how to tackle any animal-related issue.
17. The quarterback became a librarian because he knew how to throw a perfect spiral through book aisles.
18. The offensive lineman started a bakery because he was great at blocking flour.
19. The coach opened a clothing store because he knew how to dress his team for success.
20. The football player became a scientist because he was used to conducting experiments on the field.

Punny Plays and Hail Marys: NFL Name Game Puns

1. Touchdown Tom (Tom Brady)
2. Catchy Chris (Chris Cooley)
3. Runnin’ Rivers (Philip Rivers)
4. Tackle Taylor (Taylor Lewan)
5. Blitzin’ Baker (Baker Mayfield)
6. Sackin’ Smith (Geno Smith)
7. Kickin’ Crosby (Mason Crosby)
8. Interceptin’ Irving (Darius Slay)
9. Passin’ Prescott (Dak Prescott)
10. Spike Johnson (David Johnson)
11. Fumblin’ Foles (Nick Foles)
12. Puntin’ Peterson (Adrian Peterson)
13. Field Goal Foster (Arian Foster)
14. Tacklin’ Taylor (Tyrod Taylor)
15. Sackmaster Smith (Dee Ford)
16. Interceptin’ Ingram (Melvin Ingram)
17. Passin’ Payton (Eli Manning)
18. Blitzin’ Baker (Dusty Baker)
19. Tackle Thomas (Earl Thomas)
20. Kickin’ Coleman (Matt Ryan)

Punting with a Spoon (Spoonerisms on NFL Puns)

1. Tackle soup
2. Crunch fumble
3. Quivering horseshoe
4. Charged bears
5. Duck and flippers
6. Brady Pounce
7. Raider dances
8. Punter whale
9. Frying nun
10. Pass bender
11. Jets of love
12. Giants of faith
13. Fowl toll
14. Farmer fastrack
15. Simple sea cow
16. Charger potter
17. Dartist moose
18. Dunn yuck
19. Fack crumble
20. Buffalo builds

“Touchdown Titters (Tom Swifties) for NFL Fans”

1. “I’m going to dominate the fantasy football league,” Tom said abnormally.
2. “We need to throw the ball for a touchdown,” Tom said aimlessly.
3. “I knew we would win the Super Bowl,” Tom said confidently.
4. “I can catch any pass,” Tom said effortlessly.
5. “I love watching the NFL,” Tom said excitedly.
6. “I’m never going to fumble the ball again,” Tom said firmly.
7. “Pass interference should always be called,” Tom said gravely.
8. “I can tackle anyone,” Tom said heavily.
9. “I scored a touchdown in the last game,” Tom said impressively.
10. “I can’t wait to see the halftime show,” Tom said impatiently.
11. “I have the strongest arm in the league,” Tom said mightily.
12. “I feel like I’m in a football movie,” Tom said movingly.
13. “I love tailgating before the game,” Tom said passionately.
14. “I have the speed of a cheetah,” Tom said quickly.
15. “We need to strategize and outsmart the opponents,” Tom said slyly.
16. “I’m so happy we made it to the playoffs,” Tom said triumphantly.
17. “I really appreciate good sportsmanship,” Tom said warmly.
18. “I’m the king of perfectly timed interceptions,” Tom said with perfect timing.
19. “I never lose track of the score,” Tom said wisely.
20. “I can kick a field goal from anywhere on the field,” Tom said zestfully.

Contradictory Quarterback Quips (Oxymoronic Puns)

1. Air “defense” in the NFL
2. “Catch” the running back
3. “Tackle” the quarterback gently
4. Safeties being “bold”
5. Offensive “line” that can’t stay in line
6. “Pass” the mic to the wide receiver
7. “Rushing” to a standstill
8. A “serious” touchdown celebration
9. “Block” the punter
10. “Running” in place
11. “Intercept” a peaceful throw
12. “Quiet” crowd roaring
13. A “slow” hurry-up offense
14. A “friendly” rivalry game
15. A “defensive” offense
16. “Blocking” the wind in a stadium
17. “Soft” ball carrier
18. A “winless” victory
19. A “forgettable” Super Bowl
20. A “healthy” injury report

Pump Up the Puns (Recursive NFL Wordplay)

1. Did you hear about the football player who liked to recycle? He was a real quarterback-tenured.
2. Why did the football coach visit the bakery? He wanted to get a good loaf-end.
3. I used to play puns on the football field, but I kept tackling myself.
4. Have you heard about the NFL player who opened a gym? He’s really in “shape” for the game.
5. The football team’s meeting got postponed because they couldn’t “tackle” their agenda.
6. What did the football say to the punter? “You really kick the ball-PAT out of it!”
7. The football player who was a chef never complained because he always tackled every recipe.
8. Did you hear about the running back who loved to knit? He really had a “stitching” performance.
9. The quarterback always slept peacefully at night because he knew he could “pass” out whenever he wanted.
10. The football team’s Halloween party was a touchdown, but they got “sideline” when it was time to clean up.
11. I asked the football player if he wanted a sandwich, and he replied, “I don’t need one. I’ll just “tack-whole” on the opposing team.”
12. Did you hear about the football player who became a barber? He really knows how to “tackle” a good haircut.
13. The wide receiver’s jokes are so good, they always “catch” the audience’s attention.
14. The offensive lineman is such a good cook that he always “sacks” the flavors in his dishes.
15. The football player who became a pilot was known for his “touchdown” landings.
16. Did you hear about the quarterback who opened a comedy club? He always delivers the best “punch-lines.”
17. I tried playing football, but it was all too “gridironic” for my taste.
18. The football player who became a meteorologist always knew when it was going to “rain-down” touchdowns.
19. The wide receiver who also played the guitar was known for his “strings” of amazing catches.
20. The football player thought he was clever, but his puns always “fumbled” with the audience.

“Throwing Downfield with Puntastic Clichés”

1. When the quarterback got injured, he was down for the count, but luckily he had good insurance coverage.
2. The wide receiver walked away with the MVP, proving that fortune favors the fleet-footed.
3. I told the running back that he should seize the day, but he thought I said “squeeze the play” and fumbled the ball.
4. The offensive line was a force to be reckoned with, they really tackled their opponents’ trust issues.
5. The quarterback had a lot on his plate, but he always managed to deliver a touchdown in crunch time.
6. The punter was feeling deflated after his team’s loss, but he filled the void by spending some quality time with his air compressor.
7. The defensive end knew how to play the game, he always stayed on the ball and never dropped the ball.
8. The coach had a knack for turning the team around, he really had a sixth (Super) sense for success.
9. The wide receiver’s hands were like magnets, he was always able to attract the football and make amazing catches.
10. The running back had a good head on his shoulders, he always followed his instincts and kept his helmet secure.
11. The offensive coordinator had a shoestring budget, but he still managed to come up with great plays and make ends meet.
12. The defensive tackle was a real heavyweight in the NFL, he had the power to throw his opponents off balance.
13. The backup quarterback didn’t miss a beat when he stepped on the field, he really knew how to step up to the plate.
14. The tight end’s catch was so amazing, it was like a thread through the needle eye of the defense.
15. The cornerback had a knack for intercepting passes, he was like a magnet for opposing quarterbacks’ mistakes.
16. The offensive line said they were blocking for the team, but some spectators thought they were blocking out the haters.
17. The running back was as elusive as a ghost, he always managed to give the defense the slip.
18. The quarterback had the arm of a cannon, he really knew how to launch a ball and hit the bullseye.
19. The wide receiver’s speed was like lightning, he was always able to strike fear into the hearts of the opposing defense.
20. The kicker’s accuracy was so impressive, it was like poetry in motion, he always hit the right notes on the field.

In conclusion, if you’re a true football lover looking to score big laughs, then these handpicked NFL puns are for you! We hope these puns brought a smile to your face and added a touch of humor to your game day. But don’t stop here! Head over to our website to explore even more pun-tastic content. Thank you for taking the time to visit, and may your love for football and puns never fumble!

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