Migraine Puns: Over 220 Hilarious and Witty Jokes for Headache-Free Laughs

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Are you a fan of witty wordplay and suffering from migraines? Look no further! We have compiled over 200 hilariously punny jokes that will have you laughing your headaches away. From “What do you call a migraine in a library? A quiet throbbing” to “Why did the scarecrow have a headache? Because he was always stuffing his head with straw!” – these jokes are sure to put a smile on your face and a chuckle in your belly. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the ultimate collection of migraine puns.

“Headache Humor: The Best Migraine Puns” (Editors Pick)

1. These migraines are a real headache.
2. Icy hot won’t fix this migraine but it might make it mint-tolerable.
3. Migraines are a pain in the brain.
4. I couldn’t concentrate on the math test because I had a migraine, numbers gave me a headache.
5. When you have a migraine, the world can’t revolve around you.
6. I wish there was a shampoo for migraines, because the current one doesn’t clear it up.
7. A migraine is like a storm in your head.
8. Don’t tell me to calm down when I have a migraine, it only makes me angrier.
9. I have a migraine and I’m feeling grouchy, but if you let me have some dark chocolate, I’ll try to be sweet.
10. Migraines are no joke, but sometimes humor is the best medicine.
11. Just like migraines, puns can be a splitting headache.
12. I tried visualizing a peaceful meadow to calm my migraine, but imagining grass only made me more hay-nted.
13. I thought migraines were just a pain in the head, but now I realize they can get on your nerves too.
14. I hold my breath until my migraine subsides, but it’s just a little head-rregular.
15. I’ve had a migraine since last night, but I put on a brave IcyHot.
16. I put ice on the back of my head to relieve my migraine, but it was merely a band-aid solution.
17. Migraines leave me feeling gassy but that’s just my brain-farting.
18. I tried yoga for my migraines, but all the downward facing dog positions made things woof-licated.
19. I tried acupuncture for my migraines but my body just needed more pun-chi.
20. I thought my migraines were a dental problem, but the dentist said they don’t teeth any issues.

Mirthful Migraine Moments (One-liner Puns)

1. “I got a migraine just thinking about all these puns.”
2. “Why was the migraine prone to canceling plans? It had a splitting headache.”
3. “I tried to cure my migraine with music, but it just gave me a headache-band.”
4. What do you call a city full of people suffering from migraines? A headache metropolis.”
5. “My boss gets migraines whenever he hears a bad joke, that’s why I gave him this list.”
6. “I wanted to make a joke about migraines, but it gave me a headache just thinking about it.”
7. “What do you call the first avenger to get a migraine? Captain Headache.”
8. “I asked my doctor for migraine relief and they handed me a plaster made of headache material.”
9. “What do you say to a friend with a migraine? ‘I feel your pain, literally.'”
10. “I hate having migraines, it’s like someone’s drilling into my head with a brain-let.”
11. Why couldn’t the migraine go to prom? It had a throbbing headache.”
12. What do you call a person who’s the queen of migraines? Headache-ress.”
13. “What do you call a group of people with migraines? A throbbing mass.”
14. “Why did the migraine move to the beach? It wanted to feel the sea-ill relief.”
15. I tried to cure my migraine with positive thinking, but it negatively impacted me.
16. “Why did the migraine refuse painkillers? It wanted to suffer in silence.”
17. I can make a mean cocktail, but the only thing I can’t shake off is a migraine.
18. “Why did the migraine need new tires? It needed some headache & wheel alignment.”
19. “What do you call a migraine right before it becomes unbearable? The calm before the headache storm.”
20. Why couldn’t the migraine get a date? It had a pounding headache, but nobody wanted to be its aspirin.”

Mind-Boggling Migraine Mysteries (Question-and-Answer Puns)

1. What did the migraine say to the ninja? You’re giving me a headache!
2. How do you describe a headache that’s worse than a migraine? A brain hurricane!
3. Why did the computer feel lightheaded? It had a virus!
4. What do you call a group of migraines? A pain in the neck!
5. What did the AC say to the migraine? Chill out!
6. Why did the tennis player have a headache? Too many racquetballs!
7. What do you call a fake migraine? A headfake!
8. Why did the mirror have a headache? It saw too many reflections!
9. How does an astronomer get rid of a migraine? With a headache telescope!
10. What did the football coach say to the migraine? Stay on the sidelines!
11. Why did the politician have a migraine? Too many fabricated promises!
12. What do you call it when a migraine takes a break? A headache vacation!
13. How does a plant get rid of a migraine? With a headache remedy!
14. What did the math teacher say to the migraine? You’re a real calculus headache!
15. Why did the artist have a migraine? Too much paint exposure!
16. How did the chef deal with their migraine? With spices and seasonings!
17. What do you call a mysterious migraine? A headache enigma!
18. Why did the musician have a migraine? Too much noise pollution!
19. How do magicians get rid of migraines? With a disappearing headache act!
20. What did the librarian say to the migraine? Shhh, be quiet and read a book!

Pun-ishing Headaches: Migraine Double Entendre Puns

1. “I have a splitting headache, but it’s not as bad as your ex splitting up with you.”
2. My migraine is pounding like a jackhammer, but you still can’t beat my boss’s pounding drum solos.
3. “It’s like a disco inferno inside my head, but it’s not quite as hot as your Tinder date last night.”
4. My migraine is so intense, it feels like a rock band is playing inside my skull. Wonder if Mick Jagger would be up for a jam session.”
5. “I’m not just seeing stars, I’m seeing galaxies. Must have been all that stargazing with your crush last night.”
6. This migraine has me feeling like a zombie, but not as much as your coworkers on Monday mornings.
7. “My head feels like it’s in a vice grip, but not as tight as your heist security.”
8. “I’m so nauseous, I think I might hurl. But not nearly as much as your friend at the all-you-can-eat buffet.”
9. “I’m stuck in a pain vortex, but at least it’s not as dizzying as your ex’s lies.”
10. “My eyes are throbbing so much, it’s like they’re trying to escape my head. Sort of like your pet rabbit.
11. “This migraine is never-ending, like your endless Instagram scrolling.”
12. “I’m seeing double, but not as much as your beer goggles.”
13. “My head’s pounding like a drum, but not as hard as your ex pressing snooze on their alarm clock.”
14. “I feel like I’m going to pass out, but not as much as you did when you saw your crush and said ‘Hi’ instead of ‘Hey.'”
15. “This migraine is so brutal, I feel like I’m getting hit by a ton of bricks. Not as much as your bank account after buying those designer shoes though.”
16. “I can’t think straight right now, but not as much as your ex’s logic when they cheated on you.”
17. Every sound is making me wince in pain, but not nearly as much as your mom’s yelling when you’re late for family dinner.
18. This pain is like a knife to the head, but not as sharp as your wit in a game of word association.
19. “I’ve got a crushing headache, but not as hard as your ex’s breakup message.”
20. I feel like I’m being run over by a truck, but not as much as your boss when you missed the deadline.

Mind-Blowing Migraine Puns!

1. “I have a splitting migraine, but at least it’s not a crack in my head.”
2. “When life gives you lemons, take an aspirin for your migraine.”
3. “I hate migraines, they really put my brain on ice.”
4. Migraines are like a bad penny, they always turn up at the worst time.
5. “A migraine is not a laughing matter, unless it’s a pun-killer migraine.”
6. “I can’t think straight with a migraine, but at least my thoughts are in pain.”
7. “Migraines are like a storm in my head, they make it rain.”
8. “I can’t seem to shake this migraine, it’s like a bad habitude.”
9. “My migraine is always down for the count, but it’s never truly knocked out.”
10. “It’s tough to keep my head above water with a migraine, but I try to swim through it.”
11. “A migraine is like the elephant in the room, no one wants to talk about it.”
12. “A migraine can really bring me to my knees, but I try to stand tall.”
13. “I’m so sick of migraines, they always find a way to roost in my brain.”
14. “A migraine is like a house of cards, it can all come crashing down in an instant.”
15. “Migraines are like a bad penny, they always come back to haunt me.”
16. “I wish I could sleep off my migraine, but it never seems to snooze.”
17. “I am at my wits’ end with these migraines, they make me lose my marbles.”
18. “I have a migraine, but I’m trying to soldier through it.”
19. “I can never tell how long my migraines will last, they’re like a box of chocolates.”
20. “Migraines are like a thorn in my side, but I try to grin and bear it.”

Splitting Headache? Let these Migraine Puns Lighten Your Load (Pun Juxtaposition)

1. When the migraine medication didn’t work, I decided to give up and live with the pain-killers.
2. I googled “migraine remedies” and found out that what I really need is a vacation.
3. My friend who always gets migraines, went to see a doctor, but he was afraid of hearing the harsh news. He had a headache on top of a headache.
4. I always know when I have a migraine coming because I start to dye on the inside.
5. My mom said she will never buy a migraine coffee mug because it always gives her a headache.
6. My friend who gets migraines decided to join a meditation group, there’s nothing like a headache among equals.
7. When the migraine hit me, I tried to give it a cold shoulder, but it didn’t work.
8. I am no artist, but the visualization of a dagger in my head always helps me understand the pain of migraines.
9. I went to a wedding with a migraine and ended up leaving with a bouquet of aspirins.
10. I used to try migraines treatments at Home Depot, but they were hardware sensitive.
11. When I told my friend with migraines that I am going to meditate, he told me to open my mind and let the headache flow.
12. I told my team lead that I would have to take a migraine day after working on an intense project non-stop, he told me to get some cereal instead.
13. I heard that migraines can cause loss of memory, but I’m sure I’d remember that.
14. I was going to go to a migraine and migraine support group meeting tonight, but I developed a headache from the thought of it.
15. After having a migraine for weeks, I was relieved when I finally was able to see a light at the end of a tunnel.
16. I used to think it would be better if migraines were contagious, that way I could share the pain, but now I know that idea is just a headache.
17. Migraines can be a real pain in the neck, especially if you have them a lot.
18. I told my doctor that my migraines were giving me double vision, she told me to get another migraine so I’d only see one thing at a time.
19. When you have a migraine, it can feel like your brain is being attacked by ninjas on a mission.
20. The only thing I can do when I have a migraine is stay at home and rest my aching head, but then I feel like I’m missing out on life.

Headaches? More Like “Brain Drizzles”! (Migraine Puns)

1. Migraine Mansion
2. Headace Avenue
3. Throbbing Terrace
4. Excedrin Estates
5. Advil Alley
6. Cluster Court
7. Painful Place
8. Ibuprofen Isle
9. Tylenol Trail
10. Ache Acres
11. Neurology Neighborhood
12. Cephalalgia Circle
13. Headbanger Boulevard
14. Excruciating Enclave
15. Headache Heights
16. Migraine Meadows
17. Painful Park
18. Nerve Nook
19. Tension Tundra
20. Migraine Manor

The Headache of Spoonerisms: Migraine Puns Galore!

1. I’ve got a brain grain to pick with you.
2. “My grains are boggling my fright.”
3. “That migraine is giving me a meat itch.”
4. “This headache feels like I’m being kidnapped by a fear”
5. “Do you have any pint for my granny mage?”
6. “That migraine gave me a maze in my head.”
7. “I need to take a brinopuff for my migraine.”
8. That migraine was a real hog tussle.
9. “My grin migrates to my head.”
10. This head cheese feels like a giant mare.
11. “I’ve never had a miner wage before.”
12. “This migraine is like a giant grack butt.”
13. “That headache was like I was fighting a gight.”
14. “My grain maps are all messed up.”
15. “I feel like my migraine is churning a boulder in my head.”
16. “I feel like I’ve got a wag in my raw.”
17. “My braining is all jumbled from this migraine.”
18. “I can’t stop thinking about the lawn mites with this migraine.”
19. “My headache feels like a garrison of little mice marching through my head.”
20. “Do you have an excedrin for my mighty crane?”

Migraine-Making Chuckles (Tom Swifties)

1. “This headache is killing me,” Tom said painfully.
2. “I need some aspirin,” Tom groaned numbly.
3. “I can’t think straight,” Tom said with a splitting headache.
4. “I feel like my head is going to explode,” Tom said explosively.
5. “I have a headache that feels like a hammer,” Tom said strikingly.
6. “This pain is throbbing,” Tom said pulsatingly.
7. “I can’t focus on anything,” Tom said absentmindedly.
8. “I can’t take it anymore,” Tom said intolerably.
9. “This migraine is making me dizzy,” Tom said disorientedly.
10. “I feel like my skull is being drilled,” Tom said boringly.
11. “I can’t even open my eyes,” Tom mumbled blindly.
12. “The pain is piercing,” Tom said painfully piercingly.
13. “I feel like my head is on fire,” Tom said heatedly.
14. “This headache is unbearable,” Tom said intolerably.
15. “I feel like I’m underwater,” Tom said submergently.
16. “I can’t shake this headache,” Tom said headache-inducingly.
17. “I wish someone would knock me out,” Tom said punch-drunkly.
18. “I can’t seem to escape this pain,” Tom said trappedly.
19. “I feel like I’m being pounded by a hammer,” Tom said hammeredly.
20. “I have a headache that’s as big as a balloon,” Tom said inflatedly.

Migraines that will give you a split mind! (Oxymoronic Puns)

1. Enjoyed a pounding headache after a relaxing night in.
2. Migraines – the surefire way to clear your head.
3. It’s all in your head, and also your throbbing temples.
4. Nothing like a little brain freeze in the middle of summer – unless it’s a migraine.
5. When it comes to migraine pain, it’s all in the mind.
6. The migraine diet: nothing but aspirin for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
7. Migraines – the ultimate excuse to get out of any and all plans.
8. “Head smash” is my favorite flavor of migraine.
9. The only thing worse than a migraine is a migraine and ice cream headache at the same time.
10. With migraines, you can be in two places at once – and both of them hurt.
11. No pain, no gain, except when it comes to migraines.
12. Migraines: the paradoxical combination of too much and not enough in all the wrong places.
13. When my head is throbbing, I love to go to loud, crowded places and make things worse for myself.
14. The migraine version of bread and circuses: cheese and silence.
15. Migraines – because regular headaches just weren’t unbearable enough.
16. The best way to tackle a migraine is to ignore it completely and hope it goes away on its own.
17. A migraine marathon: running away from the pain for hours on end.
18. The migraine cure: take two aspirin and call a time machine, because you’re going back to a time before you ever had one.
19. A refreshing break from all the pesky happiness you’ve been feeling – the migraine.
20. Migraines: because sometimes pain just isn’t enough to convey how much you hate everything.

Migraine Mindbenders (Recursive Puns)

1. My migraine was so bad, I went to the doctor and said “I have a splitting headache.” The doctor said, “I don’t have the authority to split your headache, you’ll have to see a neurologist.”
2. What do you call a migraine that goes away quickly? A “headache and go seek.”
3. I tried to cure my migraine by reading a book on headache remedies, but it just gave me a “literary headache” instead.
4. My migraine was so bad, I couldn’t even “brainstorm” a solution to my pain.
5. Have you heard about the new migraine app? It’s called the “head-acheivemint tracker.”
6. I was going to make a joke about migraines, but it was too much of a “headbanger.”
7. I tried to distract myself from my migraine by listening to music, but all it did was give me a “throbbing headache.”
8. My friend with a migraine asked me if I had any pain relievers. I said, “Only pun-killers.”
9. I’m trying to cure my migraine with essential oils, but so far it’s just an “aromatic headache.”
10. My migraine is so bad, it’s like a “hammer to the head-ache.”
11. I didn’t mean to give you a migraine, I was just trying to “brainstorm” some ideas.
12. The medication for my migraines always comes with a long list of side effects, it’s like “cure-a- headache-with.”
13. My migraine was so bad that I was “in a haze with a headache.”
14. A migraine is like a bad pun that just keeps on “re-cursing.”
15. I took a pain reliever for my migraine and now I’m just feeling “punned out.”
16. My migraine was so bad that I couldn’t even come up with a “punny” response to your joke.
17. I tried to cure my migraine by drinking coffee, but it just gave me a “head jolt.”
18. My friend said she could cure my migraine with acupuncture. I said, “I’ll needle as I can get.”
19. I was going to tell a joke about migraines, but I figured it would be too much of a “head-burden.”
20. My migraine was so bad that I was seeing “pun-stars.”

Migraine-spiration: Pun-tastic Ways to Deal with Common Migraine Clichés

1. I tried to make a migraine go away with music, but all it did was give me treble.
2. Migraines are like in-laws, they’re a pain in the head.
3. I’m trying to wrap my head around this migraine.
4. You can run from a migraine, but you can’t hide from it because it’s always in your head.
5. Migraines are like a bad penny, they always turn up when you least expect it.
6. I have a migraine but I’m going to tough it out, head over heels.
7. Migraines are like unwanted guests, they often overstay their welcome.
8. There’s no headache like a migraine, except maybe a mother-in-law.
9. You know you have a migraine when you feel like a bear with a sore head.
10. A migraine is like a stormy sea, it can make you feel like you’re going under.
11. My migraine is so intense, it feels like a nail in my head.
12. Dealing with a migraine is like trying to catch a greased pig, it’s slippery.
13. A migraine is like a thorn in your side, except it’s in your head and hurts more.
14. When life gives you migraines, make moanade.
15. Migraines are like boomerangs, they always come back to get you.
16. A migraine is like a dark cloud that follows you everywhere.
17. I’ll be glad when my migraine is gone, it’s got me feeling on edge.
18. Migraines are like the stock market, they’re unpredictable and can crash at any moment.
19. I have a migraine but I’m not going to let it get me down, I’m going to rise above it.
20. Dealing with a migraine is like being caught in a traffic jam, it’s a headache.

In conclusion, we hope these migraine puns have provided you with a much-needed dose of laughter during those painful and frustrating headache days. If you’re craving more punny humor, we invite you to check out our website for other hilarious and witty jokes. Thank you for taking the time to visit, and keep on punning!

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