220 Hilarious Parrot Puns to Ruffle Your Feathers and Squawk About

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Get ready to laugh your tail feathers off with our collection of 200+ hilarious parrot puns! Whether you’re a proud parrot owner or just love a good pun, these funny one-liners are sure to make you squawk with delight. From classic bird puns to clever plays on words, our collection has something for every feathered friend lover. So, get ready to ruffle your feathers and let these puns soar into your humor collection. Whether you want to impress your friends with your clever wit or just need a laugh, these parrot puns will have you feeling like a bird brain genius in no time. Don’t be afraid to let out a hearty squawk and share these puns with your flock!

“Caw’mon and Check out these Hilarious Parrot Puns!” (Editors Pick)

1. Why did the parrot join the army? To become a para-trooper!”
2. “I’m not calling your parrot a liar, but he’s definitely feathering the truth.”
3. A parrot flew into a bar and asked for a mojito. The bartender said, ‘Why the long beak?’”
4. “Why do parrots love textbooks? Because they’re litterate!”
5. “I went to buy a parrot, but they were all off their perches.”
6. “What do you get when you cross a parrot with a centipede? A walkie-talkie!”
7. “I once had a parrot that could say the whole alphabet, from A to squawk!”
8. “Why did the parrot cross the playground? To get to the bird slide!”
9. “Why do parrots make such great lawyers? They’re experts at squawking objections!”
10. “What is a parrot’s favorite game? The Name-That-Seed game!”
11. “Why did the parrot fly into the fan? He wanted to get a new tail!
12. “Why did the parrot wear a raincoat? To avoid being caught Polly-soaked.”
13. “Did you hear about the parrot that wouldn’t stop talking about his favorite cereal? He was a real Cap’n Cracker!”
14. “What’s a pirate’s favorite type of parrot? A booty-gull!”
15. “Why don’t parrots like to take baths? Because they don’t want to dampen their feathers!”
16. What do you call a parrot that’s been in a fire? A burnt toast!”
17. What kind of parrots can you find in a graveyard? Polly-ghosts!”
18. Why did the parrot refuse to eat the cherry pie? Because he wanted a real pi-rate’s booty!”
19. Why don’t parrots play poker in the jungle? Too many cheetahs!”
20. “What do you say to a parrot who’s being nosy? Mind your beakness!”

Poly-tickling Puns (One-liner Parrot Puns)

1. What’s a parrot’s favorite tool? A Polly-grip.
2. What did one parrot say to the other? Can you squawk up louder, I’m having a hard time hearing you.
3. What do you get when you cross a parrot with a shark? An animal that talks your ear off!
4. Why do parrots always win at poker? They’re excellent at squawking bluffs.
5. Why was the parrot kicked out of the comedy club? He kept repeating all the punchlines.
6. What do you call a chatty parrot? A bird-brain.
7. Why did the parrot get a job in construction? He was great at adding up materials’ costs, “Pieces of eight! Pieces of eight!”
8. What do you call a parrot that flew away? A day off!
9. What do you call a parrot that gets hurt? A bit squawkward.
10. Why did the parrot stay up all night? He was reading Birdwatcher’s Digest and lost track of time.
11. What do you get when you cross a parrot with a centipede? A walkie-talkie.
12. What do you call a parrot that flies over the Bay? A bridge squawker.
13. What do you call a pirate’s parrot that’s always on time? A feathered clock.
14. Why did the parrot wear a sweater? To keep his Pollyanna warm.
15. What do you call a parrot at the North Pole? A tropical freeze.
16. Why did the parrot refuse to eat alone? He wanted to Polly around.
17. What do you call a parrot with a cough? A Hoarse-d Jack.
18. Why did the parrot go to the movies? He heard it was a chick-flick.
19. What do you call a parrot that’s a big fan of classical music? Bach squawk.
20. What do you call a parrot on a plane? A passenger pigeon.

Chirpy Conundrums (Question-and-Answer Puns on Parrots)

1. What do you call a parrot that flew away? Pollyphenea.
2. What do you call a group of noisy parrots? A pandemonium.
3. What do you call a parrot that doesn’t say anything? A copy-catto.
4. What do you call a parrot on a bungee cord? Polly spring.
5. Why don’t parrots like sharing food? Because they’re terri-pie-d.
6. What do you call a parrot that’s always on your shoulder? Featherson.
7. Why do parrots repeat what they hear? Because they’re bird brains.
8. What do you call a parrot’s favorite Kardashian? Koo-Koo-Ka-Choo-dashian.
9. How do you get a parrot to talk? Give it something worth squawking about.
10. Why do parrots make terrible hairstylists? Because they’re always trimming the wrong feathers.
11. What do you call a parrot that loves Elvis? The King’s tweets.
12. Why don’t parrots like doing impressions of moths? Because they always end up fluttering their lines.
13. What do you call a parrot that’s a terrible driver? A winged menace.
14. Why don’t parrots make good criminals? They always squawk on their partners.
15. What do you call a parrot who’s always showing off? A showbeak.
16. Why are parrots terrible actors? They’re always winging it.
17. What’s a pirate’s favorite kind of parrot? A parrot-kraken.
18. How do you get a parrot to sing opera? Give it arias to squawk to.
19. Why don’t parrots like exercise? Because they’re already pretty bird.
20. What do you call a parrot that has a cold? Beak-achoo-ta.

Polly wants a pun: Flying high with double entendre parrot puns

1. “I heard that parrot is a real squawk-tease.”
2. “I’m pretty sure that parrot is more than just a pretty beak.”
3. “That parrot is always eager to share his *ahem* colorful language.”
4. I saw that parrot getting cozy with a lovebird in the pet store.
5. “I think that parrot needs a bit of a beak-ectomy to keep his flirting in check.”
6. “That parrot is always talking dirty to me!”
7. “I don’t know if I should be impressed or concerned that that parrot knows so many curse words.”
8. “I know it’s not professional, but I can’t stop laughing at that parrot’s inappropriate jokes.”
9. “That parrot is definitely a wingman for his owner.”
10. “I think that parrot just made a pass at me.”
11. “That parrot is just begging for a birdie call.”
12. “I can’t believe I got scolded by a parrot for my dirty mind!”
13. “That parrot is really giving new meaning to the phrase ‘foul language.'”
14. “I heard that parrot is a real kinky bird.”
15. “I think that parrot has been watching too much late-night cable.”
16. “I’ve heard that parrot is a bit of a pecker.”
17. “That parrot definitely knows how to ruffle some feathers.”
18. Why did the parrot join the pirate crew? To get his beak wet!”
19. “I think that parrot just told me a dirty joke in bird-speak.”
20. That parrot’s got quite the dirty little mind for a birdbrain!

Parrot-y Phrases (Puns in Parrot Idioms)

1. Polly want a pun?
2. Don’t just wing it, use your beak-er!
3. Don’t be such a squawk-box!
4. That’s a parrot-y line!
5. Let’s get talonted!
6. We’re talking bird-brained!
7. It’s nest to nothing!
8. Beak yourself up!
9. Rest on your pra-Roost!
10. Let’s beak for a moment.
11. Time to get Fowl!
12. I’m no Chicken, I mean Parrot!
13. Get ready to Squawk & Roll!
14. Time to fly the Coop!
15. Call me a minor bird.
16. I’m ruffling some feathers!
17. Watch your language, it’s not parrotmouth!
18. I’m not one to chirp.
19. She’s ready to parrot-y!
20. I’m feeling parrot-ly!

Squawk Your Socks Off: Parrot Pun Juxtapositions

1. Why did the parrot go to the doctor? He was feeling a little maca-sick.
2. How does a pirate parrot start a sentence? With a squawk-arrrgh!
3. Why did the parrot leave the job at the bar? He couldn’t handle the night owl shift.
4. What’s a parrot’s favorite Elvis song? Jailbird Rock.
5. Why did the parrot join the debate team? He loved to ruffle feathers.
6. What did the parrot say when he saw the fireworks? Polly wants a pyro show!
7. Why did the parrot join the gym? To work on his beak condition.
8. What did the parrot say during the card game? Polly want a club sandwich!
9. Why did the parrot get banned from the karaoke bar? He was always crowing his own praises.
10. What did the parrot say when he got lost in the foggy jungle? “This is parrot-dise lost!”
11. What did the parrot say to the actor during a Shakespeare performance? “To squawk or not to squawk?”
12. Why did the parrot apply for a job at the bank? He wanted to get his beak wet in finance.
13. How does a parrot introduce himself at a party? “Hi, I’m Polly, and I’m a party animal!”
14. Why did the parrot decide to become a DJ? He had a natural talent for bird-beats.
15. What did one parrot say to the other when they couldn’t find their way home? “Squawk the parrot-er, the better!”
16. Why did the parrot break up with his girlfriend? She was always trying to clip his wings.
17. What did the parrot say to the cat who was chasing it? You’ll never catch meow!
18. How does a parrot express disbelief? “Toucan play at that game.”
19. Why did the parrot refuse to play the word game Scrabble? He didn’t want to be pigeonholed.
20. What’s a parrot’s favorite online game? Flappy Bird!

Polygnome: A Flock of Feathered Puns (Puns on Parrot Names)

1. Polly Particle
2. Squawk N’ Roll
3. Feathered Friend’s Furnishings
4. Scarlet Macaw’s Apparel
5. Polly the Pirate
6. Plumage Plaza
7. Toucan Tango
8. Perch and Browse
9. The Squawk Box
10. CooCoo for Coco
11. Wingman’s Barbershop
12. Beak Street Bakery
13. Polly-Powered Pizza
14. Feather Fables Bookstore
15. Finch’s Fine Dining
16. Cagey’s Comics
17. Preen and Primp Salon
18. Clipped Wing Aviation
19. Hatch House Home goods
20. Night Owl’s Nesting Place

Parrot Pun-derings (Spoonerisms)

1. “Barrot puns”
2. “Tarrot puns”
3. “Carrot puns”
4. “Marot puns”
5. “Karot puns”
6. “Darot puns”
7. “Farrot puns”
8. “Garrot puns”
9. “Harrot puns”
10. “Jarrot puns”
11. “Larrot puns”
12. “Narrot puns”
13. “Parrot runs”
14. “Sparrot puns”
15. “Rarrot puns”
16. “Sharrot puns”
17. “Earrot puns”
18. “Varrot puns”
19. “Warrot puns”
20. “Zarrot puns”

Parrot-tastic Wordplay (Tom Swifties)

1. “I can’t find my parrot,” said Tom, feeling bereft.
2. “My parrot loves crackers,” said Tom, crumbly.
3. “I hate cleaning up after my parrot,” said Tom, gruffly.
4. “I’m teaching my parrot how to talk,” said Tom, conversationally.
5. “My parrot keeps interrupting me,” said Tom, abruptly.
6. “I lost my parrot’s favorite toy,” said Tom, forlornly.
7. “My parrot always wants to perch on my shoulder,” said Tom, offhandedly.
8. “My parrot is the life of the party,” said Tom, boisterously.
9. I’m trying to train my parrot to do tricks,” said Tom, sternly.
10. “My parrot can be quite a chatterbox,” said Tom, garrulously.
11. “My parrot is very sociable,” said Tom, convivially.
12. “I gave my parrot a new mirror to play with,” said Tom, reflectively.
13. “My parrot loves to sing along with me,” said Tom, melodiously.
14. “My parrot is very protective of his cage,” said Tom, fiercely.
15. “My parrot is very friendly with other birds,” said Tom, peaceably.
16. “I need to buy my parrot a new perch,” said Tom, woodenly.
17. “I’m going to buy my parrot a new toy,” said Tom, playfully.
18. “My parrot loves to take baths,” said Tom, wetly.
19. “My parrot is always making noise,” said Tom, noisily.
20. “My parrot is always trying to steal my food,” said Tom, sneakily.

Polly Want a Paradox? Hilarious Oxymoronic Parrot Puns!

1. My parrot is a silent talker.
2. That parrot is mighty small in size but huge in volume.
3. The parrot’s green feathers make it stand out in a crowd of chameleons.
4. The parrot’s flightless wings are taking it places.
5. This parrot’s diet consists entirely of food scraps and microwaved dishes.
6. That parrot is a deafening whisperer.
7. My parrot’s memory is forgetful.
8. That parrot’s eyesight is of a blind eagle.
9. This parrot never shuts its beak of silence.
10. That parrot’s solitary walk is nothing short of a parade.
11. My parrot is an independent pet.
12. The parrot’s slow flight is equivalent to the fastest snail.
13. That parrot’s intelligence is mesmerizing in its stupidity.
14. The parrot’s blue feathers stand out in the crowd of colorless feathers.
15. This parrot is a mute gossip.
16. That parrot always comes too early after being called for.
17. My parrot’s noiseless chatter is a head-turner.
18. That parrot’s looks define its average beauty.
19. The parrot’s fearless cowardice never ceases to amaze me.
20. This parrot is successful in its unsuccessful attempts.

Squawk Your Socks Off (Recursive Parrot Puns)

1. Why did the pirate’s parrot walk into the bar?
Because it was on his shoulder the whole time.
2. Why did the parrot keep repeating itself?
It was stuck in a loop.
3. What did one parrot say to the other?
I’m beak-ing serious.
4. Why did the parrot keep ringing the doorbell?
It wanted to knocker-doodle-do.
5. Why did the parrot keep telling jokes?
It wanted to feather its nest.
6. How did the parrot get into the music business?
It wrote an album called “Beak Street.”
7. Why did the parrot visit the library so often?
It was looking for bird books.
8. What did the parrot say when it saw a birdhouse?
Tweet, tweet, tweet! (or squawk, squawk, squawk)
9. Why did the parrot wear sunglasses?
To protect its peepers.
10. What do you call a parrot with a bad attitude?
A squawk-trocity.
11. How did the parrot learn to speak Spanish?
It picked it up on a trip to Con-caw.
12. Why did the parrot love watching old Western movies?
It liked the hawk and drawl.
13. What do you call a parrot that always tells the truth?
Honesty bird.
14. How did the parrot become a sailor?
It joined a flock of seagulls.
15. Why did the parrot want to learn ballet?
It wanted to be a swan queen.
16. What do you call a parrot with a lot of personality?
A char-tweety.
17. Why did the parrot refuse to eat crackers?
It wanted to try new things to sparrrow its palate.
18. How did the parrot become a master of disguise?
It put its feathered thinking cap on.
19. Why did the parrot go to the doctor?
It had a beak and feather disease.
20. What do you call a parrot who is always procrastinating?
A wing-it type of bird.

Squawking the Talk: Parrot Puns on Repeat

1. A parrot in hand is worth two in the bush.
2. Don’t put all your parrots in one cage.
3. It’s raining parrots and dogs!
4. A penny for your parrot?
5. A watched parrot never talks.
6. That’s the parrot calling the kettle black.
7. Don’t count your parrots before they hatch.
8. You can’t teach an old parrot new tricks.
9. Parrot-nage a trois
10. The early parrot catches the worm.
11. A parrot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
12. Parrots of a feather stick together.
13. When in Rome, parrot as the Romans do.
14. You’re a parrot out of water.
15. Curiosity killed the parrot.
16. The parrot’s out of the bag now.
17. Parrot me the salt, please.
18. Practice makes parrot.
19. A parrot by any other name
20. A parrot is man’s best friend.

In conclusion, these parrot puns certainly gave us something to squawk about and ruffle our feathers in laughter! But if you’re not quite done with the pun-derful world of wordplay, be sure to check out other hilarious puns on our website. Thank you for taking the time to visit and we hope you enjoyed this fine-feathered collection!

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