Manhattan Puns: 220 Hilarious and Witty Wordplays for New York City Lovers

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If you’re a New Yorker or just someone who loves the Big Apple, then you know that Manhattan is the heart and soul of the city. And what better way to celebrate this iconic borough than with some pun-ny humor? From street names to landmarks, we’ve compiled over 200 hilarious and witty wordplays that are sure to make you laugh out loud. So grab your coffee or slice of pizza and get ready to tickle your funny bone with our collection of Manhattan puns. Whether you’re a seasoned local or a first-time visitor, these puns are the perfect way to show your love for one of the greatest cities in the world. Let’s get punning!

“Manhattan’s Best Wordplay: Puns Galore” (Editors Pick)

1. “I’ll have a Man-hat-tonic, please.”
2. “I’m a big fan of Man-hat-tans, it’s skyscraper delicious.”
3. “It’s not Man-hat-tonight, it’s Man-hat-morning.”
4. “I love Man-hat-tan’s skyline views, it’s quite empairing.”
5. “Man-hat-tan’s food scene is such a major street foodie paradise.”
6. “I lost my wallet in Man-hat-tan, it’s Central lost.”
7. “The Statue of Liberty in Man-hat-tan is quite a layoverwhelming sight.”
8. “It was quite a Man-hat-tan project trying to navigate the subway system.”
9. “Man-hat-tan Bridge is always a suspension of belief during sunset.”
10. “I love going to Man-hat-tan’s parks, it’s quite a green light for me.”
11. Taking a helicopter ride in Man-hat-tan can be a lofty experience.
12. “There’s so much to do in Man-hat-tan, it’s like giving your to-do list the Empire State of mind.”
13. “I got lost in Man-hat-tan, it was like going down an urban rabbit hole.”
14. With all the lights in Man-hat-tan, it’s no wonder it’s the city that never sleepless.
15. “Man-hat-tan is a great place to learn how to cross the street, just follow the Met-roof.”
16. “I always get lost in Man-hat-tan, but at least I can always find my way by looking up to the sky-line.”
17. Man-hat-tan is such a melting pot, it’s like taking a dip in hot-alphabet soup.
18. “Man-hat-tan may be small in territory, but it’s huge in what it has to offer and that’s real es-tate.”
19. “Man-hat-tan’s nightlife is always buzzing, it’s like electrifying Times Square in a bottle.”
20. Man-hat-tan’s streets are always clean, it’s like they’ve been Manhattan-tized.

Mad about Manhattan: Manic One-liner Puns

1. Why did the taxi driver refuse to pick up anyone in Manhattan? He was tired of being taken for a ride.
2. Why did the bank keep getting shorter? It was a short account of Manhattan.
3. I went to a bar in Manhattan and got hammered – by a literal hammer on the wall!
4. The best way to get across Manhattan is by running – if you don’t like it, get a cab.
5. I went to Manhattan and got lost. The GPS kept telling me to make a U-turn at the East River.
6. Why do Manhattan apartment buildings only have tiny elevators? So everyone can get a lift.
7. Why did the cow go to Manhattan? To visit the Empire Steak Building.
8. What do you call a bunch of cows in Manhattan? A herd of taxicabs.
9. What do you call a person from Manhattan? A Manhattanner.
10. Why did the Manhattanner write poetry? He wanted to write about the concrete jungle.
11. The best way to enjoy Manhattan is to take a bite out of it. Just don’t swallow the whole thing!
12. Why did the artist move to Manhattan? To get inspired by the skyline.
13. How do you know if a New Yorker is having a good day? They say “Manhattan can’t get any greater!”.
14. Why are there so many tall buildings in Manhattan? It’s because the sky is the limit!
15. Why did the tourist refuse to leave Manhattan? Because he found it manhat-tan-tastic.
16. Why do people love visiting Manhattan? Because it gives them that big apple feeling.
17. Why did the professor move to Manhattan? He wanted to live near the best schools and catwalks.
18. Why did the pastry chef move to Manhattan? He wanted to make the most delicious cupcakes, Empire Style.
19. Why don’t they let bears into Manhattan? Because they’re always crossing bridges.
20. Why did the astronaut go to Manhattan? To get his space suit tailored.

Manhattan Mayhem (Question-and-Answer Puns)

1. What do you call a cocktail made with Scotch and vermouth in Manhattan? A single malt-and.

2. Why did the taxi driver refuse to drive through Manhattan? He had a meter-phobia.

3. Why did the businessman go to the top of the iconic skyscraper in Manhattan? To get a bird’s eye queue of the city.

4. What’s the best reason to study geography? It’s your GateWay to Manhattan.

5. Why did the baker like working in Manhattan more than anywhere else? He could always rely on the bread line.

6. Why doesn’t anybody like being in traffic in Manhattan? They all get subway feelings.

7. What do you call a couple that loves Manhattan? Sy-ner-Gotham.

8. What do you call a supermodel from Manhattan? A Wall Street gown.

9. Why did the dog run around Manhattan all day? He was simply Walkie-talkie.

10. How do rats get to their favorite bars in Manhattan? Through the subterranean maze.

11. What’s the only way to get across Manhattan without a bridge? With a good taxi driver.

12. Why are there so many fashion designers in Manhattan? Because they’re always on the seam.

13. What do you call a very healthy New Yorker? A Manhat-ten.

14. Why did the stock trader wear protective clothing in Manhattan? There was a high Dow of chemical fumes.

15. What do you call a man who is scared of heights but works in a Manhattan skyscraper? A building phobe.

16. Why don’t Manhattanites ever get married? There’s already too much at stake.

17. What do you call the most shy woman in Manhattan? The wife that Wall Street forgot.

18. How do Manhattanites drive in Manhattan? They take a toot on the horn-cob.

19. What’s the best way to hide from someone in Manhattan? Blend in with the taxi traffic.

20. Why did the ad exec refuse to run a campaign for Manhattan hotels? He didn’t want to sleep on it.

Sipping on Witty Wordplay: Manhattan Double Entendre Puns

1. I ordered a Manhattan, but it looks like the bartender decided to take a liberty with my drink.
2. I always add a cherry to my Manhattan, I like to keep things a little saucy.
3. There’s nothing quite like the smooth taste of a well-made Manhattan, it’s like the city itself.
4. I’m always down for a Manhattan, it’s a concrete way to relax.
5. They say never mix business with pleasure, but I say a Manhattan is the perfect way to do both.
6. I ordered a Manhattan, but it looks like the bartender had his own kind of Manhattan Project going on.
7. There’s something about a Manhattan that makes me feel like a Mad Man.
8. For me, a Manhattan is like the Empire State Building in a glass – towering and breathtaking.
9. I don’t always drink Manhattans, but when I do, I prefer them shaken, not stirred.
10. If you’re feeling lonely, grab a Manhattan, it’s like a sophisticated wingman.
11. A Manhattan is like a kiss from the one you love, both sweet and powerful.
12. A good Manhattan is like a jazz song, full of flavor and with just the right tempo.
13. Some people like their Manhattans straight up, but I prefer mine with a twist.
14. If you’re the kind of person who likes their drinks strong and stiff, a Manhattan will do the trick.
15. A Manhattan is like a little black dress – classic, timeless, and always in style.
16. Every time I drink a Manhattan, I feel like I just stepped out of a black-and-white film.
17. They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, but I think you can judge a bar by its Manhattan.
18. A well-made Manhattan is like a work of art – beautiful to look at, and even better to savor.
19. If you’re looking for a drink that’s both powerful and refined, look no further than a Manhattan.
20. In a city full of noise and chaos, a Manhattan is the perfect way to find a moment of peace.

Manhattan Mayhem (Puns in Manhattan Idioms)

1. I heard the man who stole a calendar in Manhattan got twelve months.
2. The Empire State Building must be a great hairstylist, it’s always giving New Yorkers impressive high rises!
3. A guy in Manhattan asked me to help him move his refrigerator and I told him to chill.
4. The yoga teacher in Manhattan kept things calm, but when he left, everything went to Mats asana!
5. Manhattan’s most popular bird is the dollar bird, because it always flies with bills!
6. The guy from Manhattan survived a few seconds in a washing machine. He got a spin class!
7. I grew up in the Bronx, but moved to Manhattan when I became an adult. I guess you could say I was Manhattanned.
8. The singer who only performs in Manhattan needs to broadenway their horizons.
9. I have a friend in Manhattan who loves toast so much he’s got a breadspread addiction.
10. They say Manhattan’s vibrant art scene is reflective of the city’s soup-herb culture.
11. A Manhattan musician was arrested after he signed an autograph on a check, but his fans thought it was just him endorsing it.
12. The tofu shop in Manhattan is an ottomaniacal ruler because it absolutely loves bean curd!
13. The New York City Marathon may be tough, but it’s nothing compared to the concrete jungle of Manhattan!
14. My Manhattan lawyer only works pro-bono because he’s afraid of facing charges.
15. The local in Manhattan tried to solve the city’s electricity problem by plugging his smartphone into a power outlet.
16. Manhattan’s fashion scene is so trendy, it’s always following the latest cloth-ation.
17. Whenever I’m in Manhattan, my camera lens is always zoomin’ because there’s so much to capture!
18. They say the best time to visit Manhattan is when all the bugs are out, because it’s chicada season!
19. The guy who only eats pretzels in Manhattan is clearly a salt survivor.
20. After his yacht broke down, the wealthy guy in Manhattan was forced to swim in normal-manhattan.

Manhattan Marvels (Pun Juxtaposition)

1. The Statue of Liberty is the most up-towering landmark in Manhattan.
2. I don’t understand why New Yorkers are always in such a rush; they must Times Square their day efficiently.
3. New York’s city council never sleeps, but they always Snooze on important issues.
4. In Manhattan, it seems like everyone is either a Wall Street wolf or a SoHo sheep.
5. I went to the Empire State Building, but it fell short of my expectations.
6. It’s no Central Perk, but I love getting coffee from the little bodega in my Manhattan neighborhood.
7. Manhattanites are always riding the subway, but they never seem to be expressively happy about it.
8. The Brooklyn Bridge may be beautiful, but it’s not exactly a Golden Gate.
9. New York’s Chinatown has the best dim sum; it’s rice to have some variety.
10. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is full of ancient artifacts, but it’s not exactly a Modern Museum of Contemporary Art.
11. My friend said he saw a celebrity on the street in Manhattan, but I told him not to Statue of Libel.
12. I visited Central Park, but it wasn’t very park-ular.
13. I went to Broadway, but the show didn’t hit the heights I was hoping for.
14. My favorite way to see Manhattan is from a rooftop bar. It’s on the high-rise of my bucket list.
15. New Yorkers love to grab a slice of pizza, but I prefer to pie and try something new.
16. When it comes to skyscrapers, Manhattan is a cut above the rest.
17. I’ve heard that green spaces in Manhattan are hard to come by, so I guess you could say they’re a Central Park-ing lot.
18. The Flatiron building is an interesting architectural marvel, but it’s not exactly a white-knuckle thrill.
19. Manhattan is a great place to people watch, but sometimes I find myself Guggen-hiding to avoid the crowds.
20. The High Line is a unique way to see Manhattan, but it can be a little elevated for some.

Manhattan Madness (Punny Names in the Big Apple)

1. “Manhattan-tennis” for a tennis tournament in Manhattan
2. “Manhattan-hattan” for a hat store in Manhattan
3. Manhattan-chester” for a restaurant specializing in grilled cheese in Manhattan
4. “Manhattan-ic Monday” for a weekly special at a Manhattan bar
5. “Manhattan-ly in love” for a wedding planner in Manhattan
6. Manhattan-wich Village” for a sandwich shop in Greenwich Village
7. Manhattan-gan” for a vegan restaurant in Manhattan
8. “Manhattan-tical Gardens” for a botanical garden in Manhattan
9. “Manhattan-tastic” for a tour company specializing in Manhattan tours
10. “Manhattan-hattan Transfer” for a transportation company in Manhattan
11. “Manhattan-pulation” for a math tutor in Manhattan
12. Manhattan-hattan project” for a science museum in Manhattan
13. “Manhattan-sion Impossible” for a real estate agency in Manhattan
14. Manhattan-go” for a travel agency specializing in Manhattan vacations
15. “Manhattan-ology” for an anthropology museum in Manhattan
16. “Manhattan-ifest Destiny” for a history museum in Manhattan
17. Manhattan-icure” for a nail salon in Manhattan
18. “Manhattan-tle Beach” for a beach attraction in Manhattan
19. Manhattan-scaper” for a landscaping company in Manhattan
20. Manhattan-ia” for a mental health clinic in Manhattan.

A Manhappening Mix-up: Manhattan Spoonerisms

1. Fanhattan Man
2. Canhattan Tan
3. Banhattan Pan
4. Lanhattan Dan
5. Tanhattan Can
6. Panhattan Ban
7. Sanhattan Jan
8. Ranhattan Van
9. Nanhattan Stan
10. Danhattan Lan
11. Manhattan fan-tastic
12. Manhattan ran-tastic
13. Manhattan pan-tastic
14. Manhattan tan-tastic
15. Manhattan ban-tastic
16. Manhattan stan-tastic
17. Manhattan lan-tastic
18. Manhattan can-tastic
19. Manhattan Jan-tastic
20. Manhattan van-tastic

The Big Apple Wordplay (Tom Swifties on Manhattan Puns)

1. “I’m sour on these Big Apple varieties,” said Tom, manhattantly.
2. “I’m not sure if I can fit in with the elite residents,” said Tom, penthousically.
3. “I feel so tall looking across at the iconic skyline,” said Tom, toweringly.
4. “I think I might prefer Brooklyn,” said Tom, manhattansitely.
5. “I enjoy taking a long walk down Broadway,” said Tom, theatrically.
6. “I can’t resist that famous New York pizza,” said Tom, saucily.
7. “I always thought Midtown was the heart of the city,” said Tom, cardiologically.
8. “I’m ready to spend all of my savings on a tiny apartment,” said Tom, expensively.
9. “Central Park is my favorite place in the city,” said Tom, naturistically.
10. “I always feel high above it all on top of the Empire State Building,” said Tom, skyscraperly.
11. I get so carried away by the city’s energy,” said Tom, electrically.
12. “I can’t wait to get lost in the city’s labyrinth of streets,” said Tom, triboroughly.
13. “I love the feeling of anonymity in such a large city,” said Tom, anonymously.
14. “I prefer taking the subway instead of driving,” said Tom, undergroundly.
15. “I love the city’s diversity,” said Tom, cosmopolitanly.
16. “I’m always in a rush in this city that never sleeps,” said Tom, speedily.
17. “I don’t mind the congestion on the streets,” said Tom, trafficly.
18. “I’m in a New York state of mind,” said Tom, songfully.
19. “I’ll never get enough of the city’s vibrant nightlife,” said Tom, clubbily.
20. I always feel like a true New Yorker when I grab a bagel and coffee,” said Tom, delictably.

“Manha-tongue Twisters: A Jumbling Blend of Oxymoronic Puns”

1. “Manhattan calm”
2. “Efficient traffic in Manhattan”
3. “Manhattan sleep”
4. “A cheap Manhattan apartment”
5. “Manhattan rush hour breeze”
6. “Organized chaos in Manhattan”
7. “Manhattan peace and quiet”
8. “Subtle Manhattan skyline”
9. “Manhattan landline”
10. “Relaxing Manhattan subway ride”
11. “Manhattan quitter”
12. “Manhattan laid back atmosphere”
13. “Manhattan silence”
14. “Manhattan empty streets”
15. “Unpopular Manhattan hot spot”
16. “Manhattan rural area”
17. “Manhattan slow paced lifestyle”
18. “Manhattan spacious living”
19. “Manhattan small talk”
20. “Manhattan mediocre nightlife”

Manhat-tantrums: Get Ready for These Recursive Puns!

1. I was going to tell you a joke about the Hudson River, but I think I’ll just leave it up to the stream of consciousness.
2. I was trying to think of a pun for this Manhattan-themed party, but I didn’t want to force it. I wanted it to be an island organically.
3. Do you know why I always have a good time in Manhattan? Because this place has never met a yeoman it didn’t hire.
4. I tried to make a cocktail with a slice of ham in it, but it was a hamhattan disaster.
5. I was walking through Time Square and saw a man with a funny-looking hat. I asked him where he got it, and he said he got it at the Times fedora.
6. Why did the cow go to the skyscraper? To see the moos view.
7. What do you call a really tiny park in Manhattan? A municipark.
8. I’m trying to find a sushi bar in Manhattan, but I can’t find one that’s fishionable.
9. I heard there was a sale on Broadway tickets, but I’m wary of theater discounts – I always feel like something’s a midtown.
10. If you’re trying to get around Manhattan, don’t be shy to hail a cab! I always say there’s no shame in my game.
11. I heard there was a new exhibition in the American Museum of Natural History on the evolution of elephants. I can’t wait to mammoth the experience.
12. Where do you go to see a movie in Manhattan? Central Park theater.
13. Why did the hipster refuse to visit Manhattan? He said it was too mainstream.
14. I’m trying to find a good bagel place near Wall Street, but they all seem to be on a gluten-free bull market.
15. I wanted to watch the sunset in Manhattan, but I found out it’s illegal to sky-looker.
16. What do you call a Manhattan-born podiatrist? A sole proprietor.
17. I thought I saw a celebrity near the East Village, but I ended up just getting starbucks.
18. What do you call a group of farmers discussing their crops in Manhattan? A harvestmeant.
19. I went to a comedy club in Manhattan, but the jokes were so bad that I thought I was in the Greenwhich graveyard.
20. I’m trying to find a good Italian restaurant in Little Italy, but most of them are just parmin-tenants of New York.

Sippin’ on Skyscraper Sarcasm (Manhattan Puns)

1. “I was feeling low, but after a few Manhattans, I was on top of the island.”
2. “You can take the man out of Manhattan, but you can’t take the Manhattan out of the man.”
3. “I’m so broke, I can’t even afford to window shop on 5th Avenue-Manhattan.”
4. The only thing more crowded than Manhattan streets are the bars during happy hour.
5. “They say New York is the city that never sleeps, but Manhattan is the borough that never naps.”
6. “I took a cab from JFK and ended up paying a whopping Manhattan toll.”
7. “The only thing taller than the Manhattan skyline is my bar tab.”
8. “You think you’ve seen it all until you’ve seen a Broadway show in Manhattan traffic.”
9. “In Manhattan, the only thing that moves faster than the subway is the pace of life.”
10. “Manhattan: Where someone is always honking, but no one’s ever actually angry.”
11. The only thing harder than finding a parking spot in Manhattan is finding a good bagel.
12. “I asked my friend for their favorite Manhattan neighborhood, but they said it’s too hard to pick just one – it’s a Big Apple smorgasbord.”
13. “If you can make it in Manhattan, you can make it anywhere. But first, you have to make it to the coffee shop without spilling your latte.”
14. “Manhattan is a concrete jungle, but it’s the best kind of jungle to get lost in.”
15. “I wanted to buy a whole outfit on 5th Avenue, but all I could afford was a mannequin hat-tan.”
16. “You haven’t experienced Manhattan nightlife until you’ve accidentally ended up in a 4am dim sum restaurant.”
17. “My Manhattan apartment is so small, I have to step outside just to change my mind.”
18. “Manhattan: Where dreams are made, but first, you have to catch the L train.”
19. “They say money talks in Manhattan, but all I’m hearing is the sound of my empty wallet.”
20. “I asked a street vendor for a hotdog, and they replied ‘Sorry, we only sell franks on Wall Street’ – classic Manhattan humor.”

In conclusion, we hope these Manhattan puns have left you laughing and wanting more! Our website is full of other puns and wordplays to keep your funny bone entertained. Thank you for taking the time to visit and may your love for New York City never fade!

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