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Are you ready to turn your frown upside down with the help of a certain green frog? It’s time to leap into laughter with our ribbit-ing collection of over 200 Kermit puns that are sure to bring a smile to your face! Whether you’re a fan of The Muppets or just need a good giggle, these jokes are not a ‘boar’, and they definitely won’t leave you feeling ‘green’ with envy. So grab your lily pad, settle in, and let’s hop right into a swamp of chuckles. Prepare yourself for a comedic journey that’s greener than Kermit’s felt—this is the ultimate place for the best Kermit puns on the web! 🐸

Hopping into Humor: Top Kermit Puns (Editors Pick)

1. I’m feeling a little green today—I must have caught a frog in my throat.
2. I guess you could say I’m ‘Kermit-ted’ to these puns.
3. Kermit may not drink coffee, but he does enjoy a good cup of ‘ribbit’.
4. I tried to write a song about Kermit, but it’s not easy being in the right ‘key’.
5. Why did Kermit cross the road? To prove he wasn’t just a puppet.
6. Have you seen Kermit’s new website? It’s a great place to ‘leap’ into the web.
7. I would tell you a joke about Kermit’s car, but it’s not that amphibious.
8. Why was Kermit happy at work? He finally got that ‘frog-motion’.
9. Kermit’s autobiography would be called “Felt Up: My Life in the Limelight.”
10. Why doesn’t Kermit like knock-knock jokes? Because he’s afraid of the ‘Swedish Chef’.
11. Kermit always carries an umbrella—it’s a ‘hoppin’ good idea.
12. When Kermit retired, he was looking forward to a lily pad of luxury.
13. Kermit’s favorite exercise? Jumping jacks—they’re ‘ribbeting’.
14. Why didn’t Kermit call back? He was ‘tad-pole’ dancing.
15. What do you call a stolen frog? A ‘robbet’.
16. Kermit’s pants are always wrinkled—he doesn’t believe in ‘irony’.
17. You know why Kermit is such an inspiration? He doesn’t ‘froget’ to dream.
18. Kermit loves autumn because he can finally ‘leaf’ the swamp.
19. Don’t play hide-and-seek with Kermit; he’s a master at ‘camoufrogging’.
20. Kermit’s not allowed in the poker game anymore—he always ended up in the ‘green’.

Froggy Funnies: Rib-Tickling Kermit One-Liners

1. I tried to play basketball with Kermit, but he kept jumping to con-frog-ulations.
2. Why was Kermit so good at baseball? Because he knows how to catch flies.
3. When Kermit starts cooking, you know it’s going to be ‘un-frog-ettable’.
4. Kermit says never kiss on the first date, unless you’re sure she’s not a witch.
5. Don’t ask Kermit to play cards, he always jumps straight to the flush.
6. If Kermit wrote a novel, it would be a ‘leap’ of fiction.
7. What’s Kermit’s favorite game? Hop-scotch!
8. Why did Kermit become an astronaut? To visit the ‘or-frog’ nebula.
9. Kermit took to music because he had a talent for ‘harp’-ing around.
10. In the world of geometry, Kermit’s favorite shape is a ‘sphere-frog’.
11. What’s Kermit’s favorite candy? Lollihops!
12. Why was Kermit on the smartphone? He loves ‘bug’ fixes.
13. Did you hear about Kermit’s new job? He’s now the leap executive officer.
14. You know Kermit loves gardening, it helps him ‘unwind-a-pod’.
15. Kermit’s favorite dairy? Fro-gurt!
16. How does Kermit spice up his love life? With a little bit of ‘ribbit’ room.
17. What’s Kermit’s favorite part of the pc? The space ‘bar’—it helps him jump to conclusions.
18. When it comes to music, Kermit is all about that bass… because frogs are great at ‘treble’.
19. How does Kermit get in shape? He jumps to the gym.
20. Kermit’s not great at tennis – too many faults, not enough ‘serves’.

Hopping into Humor: Kermit Q&A Quips

1. Why did Kermit get an award? Because he was out standing in his field!
2. Why did Kermit become a baker? To make hoppy cakes!
3. What does Kermit say at parties? Let’s get this frog started!
4. Why was Kermit so good at basketball? He always made the jump shots!
5. How does Kermit make his tea? He brews it!
6. What’s Kermit’s favorite book? The Great Gatsby, for its leap motifs!
7. Why does Kermit never play poker? He can’t seem to get rid of his frogs!
8. What type of shoes does Kermit wear? Open toad sandals!
9. Why was Kermit so happy at yoga? He nailed the frog pose!
10. Why does Kermit use a smartphone? To keep his lily pad upgraded!
11. What’s Kermit’s favorite brand of laundry detergent? Tide Ponds!
12. How does Kermit get his news? On the hop!
13. Why does Kermit love astrology? He’s a true Leap-ra!
14. What did Kermit say to his Valentine? You make my heart leap!
15. Why did Kermit become a drummer? He has a great ribbit!
16. What does Kermit wear in the winter? A frogtie!
17. Why did Kermit take up photography? To capture his fly moments!
18. What’s Kermit’s favorite kind of music? Hip-hop!
19. Why did Kermit join the Olympic team? For the long jump!
20. How does Kermit keep fit? By playing leap frog!

Leaping into Laughter: Kermit-Style Double Entendres

1. Kermit all to memory; it’s not easy being green.
2. Don’t frog-et about me.
3. Hop to it, Kermit’s pad isn’t gonna clean itself!
4. Warts and all, I love this froggy weather.
5. Un-frog-ettable evening with a Muppet.
6. Let’s leap into the conversation, frog-style.
7. Kermit’s new song really made a splash.
8. When he sings, it ribbits up the audience.
9. Caught fly-handed, Kermit’s an expert on bugs.
10. Only frog-eyes for you, Miss Piggy.
11. Frogive and frog-et, it’s the Muppet way.
12. Making a pond-erful life as a famous frog.
13. It’s not a Ker-mistake, it’s serendipity.
14. He’s always HOP-timistic about the future.
15. I’m toad-ally in love with these puns.
16. Feeling quite froggy, leap at opportunities.
17. I’m not Ker-mitting to anything just yet.
18. Frog-et about it, no one tells jokes like Kermit.
19. Croak a smile, here comes Kermit.
20. Hopping down the street, Kermit’s looking leap.

“Kermitting to Puns: Hopping into Idiomatic Frogtastic Humor”

1. “Kermit to memory – it’s not easy being green.”
2. “I should have frogotten what you said, but Kermit just keeps replaying in my head.”
3. “Don’t leap to conclusions, but I think Kermit’s a bit jumpy today.”
4. “It’s the amphibian of time; Kermit always hops in at the last second.”
5. “Actions ribbit louder than words when Kermit takes the stage.”
6. “Kermit’s so funny, he always has me green with laughter.”
7. “That joke was ribbeting; Kermit really knows how to tickle your funny bone.”
8. “When Kermit speaks, everyone listens – it’s not just a froggy coincidence.”
9. “Don’t frog-et about me,” said Kermit when he left the swamp.”
10. “Seize the day? No, seize the frog – Kermit’s the king of the pond.”
11. “Pond-ering life’s questions, Kermit sits on his lily pad of wisdom.”
12. “Kermit may be small, but he’s one giant leap for amphibian-kind.”
13. “You can always count on Kermit; he’s a true frog in shining armor.”
14. “Kermit doesn’t sugarcoat things – he’s the bearer of tadpoles of truth.”
15. “Let’s not jump the gun, unless it’s Kermit doing the jumping.”
16. “You’re the frog to my lily pad, said Miss Piggy to Kermit.”
17. “Kermit’s so cool under pressure, you’d think he has ice in his frog veins.”
18. “You have to frog-ive and forget if you want to move on, advises Kermit.”
19. “Stick to your tadpoles, and you’ll go far – that’s Kermit’s motto.”
20. “Kermit always steers the conversation – I guess you could call him the ‘frogwheel’ of the group.”

“Hopping into Humor: Unfroggetable Kermit Puns”

1. Kermit may not be a licensed therapist, but he’s great at ribbiting into your problems.
2. Why did Kermit break up with Miss Piggy? It wasn’t her, it was just frog-al differences.
3. Would Kermit lie to you? No way, he’s an honest frog to a “T.”
4. What’s Kermit’s favorite book? “The Hoppit.”
5. Why did Kermit become a gardener? Because he has a green thumb, naturally.
6. Why doesn’t Kermit like elevators? He prefers hopping to new heights on his own.
7. When asked about his diet, Kermit said he’s on a no-fly list.
8. Did you hear about Kermit’s new website? It’s a blog—err, I mean, a frog-log.
9. How does Kermit write such good music? He always hits the right lily pads.
10. Kermit doesn’t believe in autocorrect; he types everything manually.
11. Why was Kermit so great at basketball? Because he always made the jump shots.
12. Kermit’s favorite dance move? The Jiggy Frog.
13. Why is Kermit such a good actor? Because his performances always leap off the screen.
14. When Kermit became a spy, his codename was “Green Beret.”
15. Why is Kermit good at playing poker? Because he can keep a poker frog-face.
16. Kermit’s favorite math subject? Alge-bra, because it has a lot of green formulas.
17. What did Kermit say at the cooking contest? “I’m here to ribbit up!”
18. Kermit’s favorite video game? Frogger, where he gets to avoid the virtual traffic.
19. Why did Kermit cross the road? To prove he’s no chicken.
20. Whenever Kermit’s late, he says he “frogot” the time.

“Frog-tastic Funnies: Hoppin’ Into Kermit Name Puns”

1. Kermit the Fragrance – for a perfume brand.
2. Ker-Meat – for a butcher shop or BBQ joint.
3. Sir Kermit’s Tea – for a tea shop.
4. Kermitment Issues – for a relationship counseling service.
5. Hoppin’ Kermy’s – for a trampoline park or frog-themed restaurant.
6. Kermit’s Escargot – for a French restaurant specializing in snails.
7. BrewMitt – for a café with a frog mascot.
8. Kermit the Hog – for a motorcycle shop.
9. Leap of Kermit – for a skydiving or bungee jumping service.
10. Green Scene by Kermit – for an eco-friendly product line.
11. Kermit’s Kerchief – for a tie and scarf boutique.
12. Muppetational Motivation by Kermit – for a self-help guru.
13. Kermit Kapers – for a prank shop or escape room business.
14. The Ribbit Inn – for a frog-themed bed and breakfast.
15. Kermit’s Crown Gems – for a jewelry store.
16. Mister Kermit’s Coats – for a winter clothing line.
17. My Pad or Yours? by Kermit – for a real estate agent.
18. Kermit’s Keep Fit Gym – for a fitness center.
19. Croak & Dagger Mysteries by Kermit – for a detective novel series.
20. AmphibiaWear by Kermit – for an outdoor clothing brand.

“Froggy Flips of the Tongue: Kermit’s Spoonerisms”

1. Kermit’s favorite drink is leap tea (teap leaf).
2. Kermit loves to ribbit in the rune (run in the ribbit).
3. He’s a master at hog jump (jog hump).
4. Kermit’s best trait is being green and greed (dear and green).
5. He always hops to the tad (tops to the had).
6. Kermit’s favorite movie is Stark Swars (Swark Stars).
7. He likes to play the banjo in the pondit (pond in the bandit).
8. His favorite game is mugby (rugby) with the other togs (frogs).
9. He loves to eat lies and flamb (flies and lamb).
10. Kermit often takes a ribbity breather (bitty reather).
11. He’s known for a mean left hip (hleft ip).
12. Kermit’s worst fear is a gitchin’ kitchen (kitchen glitch).
13. He once won a kettle at the wettest toad contest (title at the toad wettest).
14. Kermit’s favorite dance is the room jab (joom rab).
15. His signature drink is the gin and chronic (chin and gonic).
16. He always wears flippers in the whim sater (swim water).
17. Kermit made a meal of French flies (French fries).
18. His favorite instrument is the bellowphone (fellowphone).
19. He excels at pond funneling (fond punneling).
20. Kermit’s go-to snack is a butterfry (flutterby).

Leapfrogging to Laughter: “Frog-tastic” Tom Swifties

1. “I’m not a good singer,” said Kermit plaintively.
2. “Piggy, I’ve been eating flies all day,” croaked Kermit hoarsely.
3. “I’ll have to leap across the pond,” Kermit jumped in conclusively.
4. “I never touch ham,” said Kermit unswinedly.
5. “I like my swamps murky,” Kermit remarked dirtily.
6. “I’ve been playing banjo my whole life,” strummed Kermit stringently.
7. “I don’t eat pork,” said Kermit without a stutter.
8. “I guess I’m not a traditional toad,” speculated Kermit thoughtfully.
9. “I’ve decided to write a memoir,” penned Kermit autobiographically.
10. “I will audition for the next Muppet movie,” Kermit projected confidently.
11. “I often reflect on my tadpole years,” remembered Kermit deeply.
12. “I think it’s time for another leap,” Kermit decided spryly.
13. “Miss Piggy didn’t call me back,” Kermit sighed forlornly.
14. “It’s not easy juggling so many shows,” Kermit expressed dexterously.
15. “It’s hard being green sometimes,” said Kermit naturally.
16. “I wouldn’t be caught dead eating bacon,” Kermit squealed delicately.
17. “I’ve been bugged by the paparazzi again,” swatted Kermit irritably.
18. “I dream of a peaceful swamp,” Kermit envisioned quietly.
19. “I’m at my best in a pond,” Kermit bubbled enthusiastically.
20. “I avoid leopard frogs,” said Kermit spotlessly.

“Amphibiously Absurd: Kermit Oxymorons Unleashed!”

1. Kermit the Frog walked into a bar, but he was feeling hoplessly hopeful for a drink.
2. Kermit decided to write an autobiography, it was an open secret of a private public life.
3. He had a love-hate relationship with Miss Piggy: he couldn’t hop away, but he also couldn’t leap closer.
4. One day, Kermit felt alone together with all his Muppet friends surrounding him.
5. Kermit’s diet was seriously funny; he only ate flies that made him giggle.
6. He found himself clearly confused by the human world, but still he sat on his lily pad, silently loud.
7. Kermit’s singing was awfully good, especially when he croaked the high notes.
8. He kept his lily pad spick-and-span, but it was a dirty kind of clean with all the swamp mud.
9. Kermit was pretty ugly when he tried a new dance move – the frog flop.
10. He told Miss Piggy he was clearly misunderstood when he said he wanted to see other pigs.
11. His bank account was small but big enough to fit all his fly savings.
12. Kermit’s jokes were seriously funny to all the other frogs who didn’t get them.
13. His idea of an exciting evening was doing nothing, which made him actively lazy.
14. Being an amphibian, he was alone but in a crowd when underwater with fish.
15. Kermit was feeling both happy sadness when the rainbow connection was a bit off-key.
16. He described his lily pad as organized chaos with all the random flies and tadpoles.
17. His memory was forgetfully memorable, especially when recalling his big Hollywood break.
18. Kermit’s dreams were imaginary realities, where he was a green prince among frogs.
19. He had a deafening silence every time he expected applause but got a quiet pond instead.
20. Kermit’s life was a constant variable, always changing but somehow staying the same on the swamp.

“Hopping Through Layers of Laughter: Recursive Kermit Puns”

1. What do you call Kermit after he breaks up with Miss Piggy? An ex-frog.
2. Why did Kermit become an actor? Because he wanted to get out of his shell.
3. What does Kermit wear when he’s cold? A frog coat, to help him with the hop-thermia.
4. What’s Kermit’s favorite game? Leapfrog, because he always likes to get a jump on things.
5. Why doesn’t Kermit like knock-knock jokes? Because he prefers ribbit-ribbit jokes.
6. What did Kermit say to the comedian? Your jokes are ribbiting.
7. Why did Kermit cross the road? To show he’s not just a one-trick tadpole.
8. If Kermit becomes a drummer, what would his band be called? The Muppet Beaters, for a hopping good time.
9. How does Kermit feel when he has a sore throat? He feels a little less ribbit.
10. Why did Kermit stop playing basketball? He kept frogging the rules.
11. When Kermit writes his autobiography, what will it be called? “The Life and Hops of an Amphibiphilosopher.”
12. If Kermit became a baker, what would his specialty be? Croak-nuts, they’d be toad-ally awesome.
13. Why was Kermit such a good detective? He was great at leaping to conclusions.
14. How does Kermit keep his skin looking so smooth? With pond’s cream, frog-et about wrinkles!
15. Why does Kermit always bring a ladder? So he can stay above the leap.
16. Why did Kermit become an elevator operator? Because he always knew the ups and downs.
17. If Kermit joined the army, what rank would he be? A leap-tenant, of course.
18. What’s Kermit’s favorite part of a song? The re-chorus, for that amphibious sound.
19. Where does Kermit go on vacation? To the Hop-tical Isles, for some ribbit relaxation.
20. If Kermit was a lawyer, what would his favorite type of case be? A Leap-al case, obviously.

Hopping Through Witticisms: Un-frog-ettable Kermit Puns

1. It’s not easy being green, but it’s even harder to color coordinate with lily pads.
2. You know what they say, it’s not easy making friends when you’re out-leaping the competition.
3. I tried to start a diet, but I just couldn’t kermit to it.
4. I wanted to write a play, but I couldn’t decide on the frogtagonist.
5. I guess in the stock market, it’s best to kermit when the prices are hopping.
6. I’ve been told I jump to conclusions, but that’s just how I toad the line.
7. You can lead a frog to water, but you can’t make him sink, he’s too buoyant!
8. I like to live life on the fly, especially if it’s a housefly.
9. Some say it’s not easy finding your prince, but I say it just takes one kiss to kermit to love.
10. When it rains, it pours, but that’s when a frog feels most in his element.
11. I’ve heard that time’s fun when you’re having flies.
12. I asked my friend if she wanted to jump in the pond, but she wouldn’t kermit.
13. When it comes to love, I’m looking for someone who won’t croak under pressure.
14. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try a tadpole again.
15. A leap of faith is fine, as long as you don’t land on a lily pad of doubt.
16. I’m not a very hop-timistic frog sometimes, I tend to be more of a realist.
17. They say home is where the heart is, but for me, it’s on the lily pad.
18. When one door closes, another one opens, but I prefer when the pond door is ajar.
19. You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find a prince, but sometimes the frogs are the real catch.
20. The early bird gets the worm, but the early frog gets breakfast in bed.

And there you have it, folks! A ribbit-ing collection of over 200 knee-slappers sure to turn any frown upside down. We hope our Kermit puns have brought a hearty chuckle, a good giggle, or at the very least a cheerful groan to your day. Remember, laughter is the best medicine, and with Kermit as your doctor, the prognosis is always sunny with a high chance of hilarity.

But don’t let your laughter leap away just yet! If you’re still hopping for more comedy, be sure to check out the rest of our website. We’ve got a treasure trove of puns on almost every topic under the sun, ready to tickle your funny bone and keep the giggles going.

We’re so grateful you chose to spend part of your day with us, sharing in the joy of good humor. Thank you for welcoming our lighthearted lily-pad levity into your life. Keep spreading the merriment, and whenever you need an extra dose of delight, remember that our punny pond is just a hop, skip, and a jump away. Until next time, keep the laughter leaping!

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