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Looking for a good laugh? We’ve got you covered with over 200 doll puns that are guaranteed to tickle your funny bone! Whether you’re a doll collector or just enjoy a good play on words, these hilariously cute puns will have you giggling in no time. From Barbie to Ken, and Raggedy Ann to Chucky, we’ve got puns for all your favorite dolls. So sit back, relax, and get ready for a pun-tastic time with our doll-ightful collection of laughs! Get ready to share these puns with your friends and family – they’ll be doll-ighted!

Dolls Just Want to Have Fun (Editors Pick)

1. “Barbie knew she couldn’t live without Ken, so she paid him in doll-ars to stay.”
2. “Why did the doll bring a ladder? Because she wanted to reach doll-tastic heights.”
3. When the doll became a millionaire, she lived in a doll-house in Malibu.
4. “Why did the doll go to therapy? Because she had a lot of unresolved doll-mas.”
5. “Did you hear about the doll that joined a band? She became a real doll-rocker.”
6. “Why did the doll chorus always sing in unison? Because they enjoyed doll-center harmony.”
7. “The doll decided to run for office, but she couldn’t attract voters because she lacked doll-litics.”
8. Why did the doll get a speeding ticket? She wasn’t playing by the doll-ivery rules.”
9. “Why did the doll go on a diet? She wanted to become a doll-lightful figure.”
10. “What do you call a doll that loves to dance? A doll-et.”
11. “Why did the dolls have a bake-off? To prove who had the doll-icious cake.”
12. “What do you call a doll that tells jokes? A funny doll-y.”
13. “Why did the doll go to school? She wanted to learn how to doll-ecorate her house.”
14. “What did the doll say to the toy store owner? ‘You must be dollighted to see me!'”
15. “What did the doll say when she saw her reflection? ‘I look doll-ightful.'”
16. “Why did the doll become an actress? She loved performing in doll-eagues.”
17. “What’s a doll’s favorite type of music? Barbie-que.”
18. “Why did the doll become an astronaut? She wanted to explore the doll-ar system.”
19. “What do you call a doll that supports recycling? An eco-doll.”
20. “Why did the doll break up with her boyfriend? He just wasn’t her doll-phin.”

Doll-dacious One-Liners (Pun-tastic Quips)

1. Did you hear about the doll that won the lottery? It’s now a millionaire doll-er.
2. Why did the doll go to the chiropractor? It had too many bad joints.
3. What did the doll say when it fell down the stairs? “I’m feeling a bit doll-drained.”
4. Why are dolls horrible musicians? They always doll-ay out of tune.
5. How did the doll become a famous artist? It had a knack for doll-gital painting.
6. What did the doll say to its friend at the party? “Let’s doll-ce the night away!”
7. Why did the doll bring a ladder to the concert? It wanted a doll-vantage point.
8. Why did the doll refuse to go skydiving? It had a fear of doll-scented altitudes.
9. What do you call a doll that runs for office? A candidate for dollection.
10. How did the doll win the marathon? It dolled out its best performance.
11. What did the doll say to the duckling? “You quack me up, little doll-ling.”
12. Why did the doll refuse to ride the roller coaster? It was doll-tolerant to thrill rides.
13. Why did the doll refuse to go to the ballet? It thought toe shoes were too doll-punishing.
14. What did the doll say at the comedy club? “That joke was a real laugh, doll-ing!”
15. Why did the doll wear a wig? It wanted to doll-plicate a different hairstyle.
16. What did the doll say when it broke its leg? “Now I’m a doll-sabled athlete.”
17. How did the doll become a famous chef? It had a knack for doll-icious recipes.
18. Why did the doll join a choir? It had a doll-lightful singing voice.
19. What do you call a doll that becomes a detective? An undercover dollector.
20. What did the doll say to its friend on vacation? “Let’s have a dollying good time!”

Toy Time Ticklers (Question-and-Answer Puns)

1. Why did the doll go to therapy? It had too many unresolved Ken-nections.
2. What do you call a doll that throws parties? Barbie-Q!
3. How do dolls communicate? Through doll-phones.
4. What do you call a doll that can swim? A back-stroke of luck!
5. Why did the doll become a doctor? It wanted to give plastic surgeries!
6. What did the doll say when it became a superhero? “Now I’m Marvelous!”
7. Why did the doll become a chef? It knew all the recipes by “heart!”
8. What do you call a doll that can predict the weather? A baroBIE-meter!
9. What did the doll say when it won the lottery? “Call me Bil-Lie!”
10. Why did the doll return to the store? It had too many “buyers-rumors” to handle!
11. What do you call a doll with a great sense of style? A fash-DOLL!
12. Why did the doll go on a diet? It wanted to be a waist-r!
13. What do you call a doll that keeps secrets? A priva-see!
14. Why did the doll go to space? It wanted to explore the “barbie-cosmos”!
15. What did the doll say when it won the marathon? “I’m a real-life dol-phin!”
16. Why did the doll become a singer? It had a captive “au-DOLL-ience”!
17. What do you call a doll with a crown? A roy-Doll-ty!
18. Why did the doll start a band? It wanted to play a “plastic-guitar”!
19. What did the doll say when it started lifting weights? “I’m bringing the doll-s!”
20. Why did the doll become an archaeologist? It wanted to dig up “pre-DOLL-shistoric” treasures!

Doll-larious Double Entendre Puns

1. “Did you hear about the doll that started a revolution? It was a real doll-itionist!”
2. “Why was the doll always so confident? Because it knew it had a lot of doll-partners!”
3. “A doll’s favorite type of dance? The doll-lywood shuffle!”
4. “What did one doll say to the other when it was time to go to bed? ‘Let’s get dolled up for sleep!'”
5. “Why did the doll get a job as a banker? It wanted to make doll-lars!”
6. “What do you call a doll who is an expert at karate? A doll-about!”
7. “Why did the doll break up with its partner? It realized they were just playing doll-games!”
8. “What did the doll say to the chef doll? ‘I knead you, doll-icious!'”
9. “Why did the doll go on a diet? It wanted to be doll-thin!”
10. “What did the doll say to the detective doll? ‘We’ll solve this crime doll-tectively!'”
11. “Why did the doll become a psychologist? It wanted to help others deal with their doll-lemmas!”
12. “Why did the doll go on a secret mission? It wanted to become a doll-ective agent!”
13. “Why did the doll enroll in a cooking class? It wanted to learn how to make doll-icious meals!”
14. What did the doll say when it won the beauty pageant? ‘I’m the doll-ightful winner!'”
15. Why did the doll hide in the fridge? It wanted to experience a cool, doll-icious adventure!”
16. “What type of athlete is the doll great at imitating? The pole doll-vault player!”
17. “Why did the doll get a job on a construction site? It wanted to doll-ve into a new career!”
18. “What did the doll say to the doctor doll? ‘You’re the best in the doll-ing industry!'”
19. “Why did the doll join a band? It wanted to be a rock’n’doll star!”
20. “What did the doll say to the astronaut doll? ‘Take me to the doll-axies!'”

Doll-ightful Language (Puns in Doll Idioms)

1. The doll got all dolled up for the big party.
2. She’s as pretty as a porcelain doll.
3. Don’t worry, everything will come up roses for you.
4. They say she’s a doll, but I think she’s a real doll-face.
5. It’s time to face the music and deal with the consequences.
6. He’s always got a doll in the game, making it hard to compete.
7. She’s got a porcelain smile that never cracks.
8. I’m going to go doll out some advice to my friend.
9. The dollhouse they built is a real work of art.
10. He’s such a doll, always lending a helping hand.
11. She’s got a heart of gold, like a precious doll.
12. Her room is filled with dolls from all around the world.
13. The meeting went off without a hitch, like a fine-tuned doll.
14. We’re just playing with dolls until the big day arrives.
15. That joke is as old as your oldest doll.
16. She’s so tiny, like a little doll.
17. He’s got a face that could launch a thousand dolls.
18. We’re just dolls in this big game of life.
19. You’ve got to play with the cards you’re dealt, even if they’re doll-sized.
20. She’s a doll in the making, ready to take on the world.

Doll it Out: (Pun Juxtaposition) for Some Doll Puns

1. My doll friend is always so good at finding humor in plastic situations.
2. The doll couple went on a beach vacation and had a “shore” good time.
3. The doll chef is made of “stuffing” dreams are made of.
4. The doll teacher always knew how to make lessons “doll-lightful.”
5. The doll doctor can fix both broken hearts and plastic limbs.
6. My doll friend always “dolls out” the best advice.
7. The doll pianist is known for playing “doll-chestra” pieces.
8. The doll librarian knows how to keep things “doll-organized.”
9. The doll accountant handles all the “doll-ars and cents.”
10. My doll friend has a “doll-ightful” personality.
11. The doll fisherman always says “sea dolls are the best!”
12. The doll athlete always brings her “doll-ercoaster” game.
13. The doll scientist makes groundbreaking “dolls-coveries.”
14. The doll magician can always “doll-stify” the audience.
15. My doll friend started a bakery and it’s going “doll-iciously”!
16. The doll writer has a way with “doll-lecting” words.
17. The doll gardener can always make any garden beds “doll-lush.”
18. My doll friend is always up to some “doll-ightful” mischief.
19. The doll astronaut embarks on “out of this world” adventures.
20. The doll comedian has a knack for “doll-livering” funny punchlines.

“Doll Lingo: Punny Names That Will Make You Doll with Laughter”

1. Barbie-Q
2. Ken-dle
3. Raggedy Andy-tizer
4. Porcelainina
5. Polly Pocket-sized
6. Action Figurine
7. Cabbage Patch Snatch
8. Paper Machevelli
9. Jenga Doll
10. Teddy Rooselvelt
11. Pin-Up Doll
12. Darbie
13. Tickle Me Amelia
14. Puppetty Boop
15. Tinker Belle-bottoms
16. Woody Takes-the-Lead
17. G.I. Joe-kovic
18. Malibu Barbie-Q
19. Bratz-anian
20. Mrs. Potato Head-turner

A Playful Switcheroo: Dolly Puns Doused in Spoonerisms

1. Boll duns
2. Polly gluns
3. Jolly funs
4. Moll puns
5. Dolly runs
6. Coll suns
7. Tolly huns
8. Lolly wuns
9. Folly muns
10. Golly duns
11. Holly buns
12. Rolly stuns
13. Zolly muns
14. Nolly cuns
15. Wolly thuns
16. Volly gruns
17. Kolly hons
18. Dolly fons
19. Tolly pluns
20. Molly huns

Dollaring Up the Fun (Tom Swifties)

1. “I can fix this doll,” said Tom, mechanically.
2. “I’ll have to get rid of these dolls,” Tom said, ruthlessly.
3. “This doll has great hair,” Tom said, combatively.
4. I’ll dress this doll up,” said Tom, fashionably.
5. “I’m selling my collection of dolls,” Tom said, sentimentally.
6. “This doll is too heavy,” Tom said, weightily.
7. “I need to clean this doll,” Tom said, soapily.
8. “This doll looks so realistic,” Tom said, lifelike.
9. “I need to find a nice outfit for this doll,” Tom said, fashionably.
10. “This doll reminds me of someone,” Tom said, nostalgically.
11. “I’ll name this doll after my favorite celebrity,” Tom said, infamously.
12. “I can’t find this doll’s missing piece,” Tom said, puzzlingly.
13. “These dolls are my pride and joy,” Tom said, possessively.
14. “I need to find a new home for this doll,” Tom said, solicitously.
15. “I’ll paint this doll’s face,” Tom said, artistically.
16. “I’ll repair this broken doll,” Tom said, resourcefully.
17. “This doll doesn’t look happy,” Tom said, sadly.
18. This doll is a classic,” Tom said, historically.
19. “I’ll give this doll a fashionable makeover,” Tom said, glamorously.
20. “I need to find the perfect spot to display this doll,” Tom said, thoughtfully.

Confusingly Comical Doll Puns (Oxymoronic Puns)

1. Jumbo shrimp doll
2. Silent scream doll
3. Sweet torture doll
4. Clear confusion doll
5. Pretty ugly doll
6. Freshly worn-out doll
7. Living dead doll
8. Bright darkness doll
9. Fake authenticity doll
10. Controlled chaos doll
11. Bittersweet happiness doll
12. Miserably content doll
13. Giant mini doll
14. Old new doll
15. Awfully good doll
16. Happy sadness doll
17. One-man crowd doll
18. Beautiful mess doll
19. Barber doll with no hair
20. Incredibly average doll

Recursive Smiles (Recursive Puns)

1. I gave my doll a haircut, and now it has bangs… literally!
2. My doll asked me to take it for a walk, but I said, “Sorry, you’re just a doll, it’s impossible.
3. My doll has finally learned to do math, but it’s all just “doll-arithmetic.”
4. My doll tried to become a pilot, but it just couldn’t take off… because it’s a doll!
5. My doll said it was feeling sick, so I asked, “Did you catch a doll-t?”
6. I tried training my doll to fetch, but it just kept bringing back other dolls.
7. My doll always knows the best spots for a picnic. It’s just so dollicious!
8. My doll keeps telling me it’s a great drummer, but it’s really just a “doll-beat.”
9. I told my doll to save its money, but it just responded, “I can’t, I’m a doll-lar!”
10. My doll asked for a raise in its allowance, but I told it, “Sorry doll, no doll-lars for that.”
11. I asked my doll if it wanted to play hide-and-seek, but it said, “I’m a doll, I’m always hiding!”
12. My doll wanted to become a gardener, but it could only handle doll-sized plants.
13. I suggested my doll get a part-time job, but it replied, “I’m already a doll-ing in my dollhouse!”
14. My doll tried to audition for a singing competition, but it can only hit doll-spes.
15. My doll insisted it could swim, but it just ended up doll-sinking!
16. My doll wanted a pet, but I told it, “Sorry doll, you can only have a doll-dog!”
17. I told my doll to take a break, but it responded, “I can’t, I’m always on the doll-go!”
18. My doll thinks it’s great at solving puzzles, but it can’t even handle a doll-sudoku!
19. My doll keeps asking if it can join a sports team, but I remind it, “You’re just a doll, no sporty dolls allowed!”
20. My doll claims to be a chef, but all it can make is doll-cakes!

Dolling Out Double Takes (Punny Cliches with a Doll Twist)

1. “I don’t want to doll out my money, but I can’t resist buying one more doll.”
2. “Don’t worry, be doll-y!”
3. “Beauty is only a doll’s-throw away.”
4. A penny saved is a doll earned.
5. “Hit the nail on the doll.”
6. “You can’t judge a doll by its cover.”
7. It’s like finding a needle in a doll-stack.
8. “When life gives you dolls, make playtime.”
9. “Actions speak loader than doll words.”
10. Don’t let the grass grow under your doll’s feet.
11. “A rolling doll gathers no moss.”
12. “All that glitters is not doll.”
13. “When you least expect it, a doll comes knocking at the door.”
14. A stitch in time saves doll.
15. “You can’t make a doll without breaking a few eggs.”
16. “A watched doll never bobbles.”
17. You can’t fit a round doll in a square hole.
18. “Two dolls in the hand are worth one in the toy store.”
19. “You can’t teach an old doll new tricks.”
20. “Birds of a feather doll together.”

In conclusion, we hope these 200+ hilariously cute doll puns have brought a smile to your face and tickled your funny bone. If you’re hungry for more puns and laughs, be sure to visit our website for a whole collection of pun-tastic content. Thank you for taking the time to explore our site, and we hope to see you again soon!

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