200+ Hilarious Walking Dead Puns to Keep You Laughing Through the Apocalypse

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Are you ready to sink your teeth into some gruesomely great humor? Look no further because we’ve scavenged the wasteland to bring you over 200 of the most side-splitting, rib-tickling *The Walking Dead* puns that will keep your spirits alive, even when surrounded by walkers! Whether you’re hanging out in Alexandria or just trying to make it through another day in the office apocalypse, these puns are the perfect survival tool to keep the laughs coming. So grab your crossbow and aim for the funny bone because, in a world overrun by zombies, there’s no better way to stay sane than with a good dose of laughter—and these *The Walking Dead* puns are guaranteed to hit the mark every time. Let’s kick this zombie party off, and remember: laughter is the best medicine, even when the pharmacy is overrun with the undead!

Shambling with Laughter: Top Walking Dead Puns (Editor’s Pick)

1. I used to have a job at a calendar factory, but I got the sack because I took a couple of days off.
2. I’m reading a book on anti-gravity. It’s impossible to put down!
3. Did you hear about the guy who invented Lifesavers? He made a mint!
4. I’d tell you a chemistry joke, but I know I wouldn’t get a reaction.
5. A friend of mine tried to annoy me with bird puns, but I soon realized that toucan play at that game.
6. Why do we tell actors to “break a leg?” Because every play has a cast.
7. Yesterday I accidentally swallowed some food coloring. The doctor says I’m okay, but I feel like I’ve dyed a little inside.
8. I’m on a whiskey diet. I’ve lost three days already.
9. How do you make holy water? Boil the hell out of it.
10. I bought a ceiling fan the other day. Complete waste of money. He just stands there applauding and saying “Ooh, I love how smooth it is.”
11. I’m emotionally constipated. I haven’t given a crap in days.
12. What do you call an alligator in a vest? An investigator.
13. I’m reading a book on the history of glue. I just can’t seem to put it down.
14. Did you hear about the man who was accidentally buried alive? It was a grave mistake.
15. I’m terrified of elevators, so I’m going to start taking steps to avoid them.
16. Two antennas met on a roof, fell in love and got married. The ceremony wasn’t much, but the reception was brilliant!
17. Why was the math book sad? Because it had too many problems.
18. I’m thinking about getting a new haircut, but I’m going to mullet over first.
19. When I get naked in the bathroom, the shower usually gets turned on.
20. I lost my job at the bank on my very first day. A woman asked me to check her balance, so I pushed her over.

“Zombie Zingers: Bite-Sized Humor for the Apoca-laughs”

1. When a zombie walks into a bar, the bartender says, “We don’t serve spirits!”
2. Why did the zombie go to school? He wanted to improve his “deaducation”.
3. I went to a zombie party once, it was dead boring.
4. A zombie tried to start a fight with me, I told him to keep his hands off; he was looking for finger food.
5. You know you’re a true zombie fan if you stay up all night to catch the early “worm.”
6. What kind of streets do zombies like the best? Dead ends.
7. I saw a zombie walking a dog; it was a pet cemetery outing.
8. Zombies don’t play sports because whenever they get a foot in the door, they lose it.
9. I asked a zombie for the time, but he said he had to give me a hand first.
10. Why don’t zombies eat popcorn with their fingers? Because they prefer to eat the fingers separately!
11. What do vegetarian zombies eat? “Graaaains!”
12. A zombie got a job at a bakery because he kneaded the dough.
13. I broke up with my zombie girlfriend because she wanted me for my body.
14. What’s a zombie’s favorite type of music? Dead metal!
15. Did you hear about the new zombie romance movie? It’s called “I Love You for Your Brains.”
16. A zombie walks into a bar and says, “Bartender, give me a beer and a mop!”
17. What’s a zombie’s least favorite room? The living room.
18. Why did the zombie go to therapy? He had a lot of inner demons to digest.
19. What’s a zombie’s favorite app? Deadit.
20. Did you hear about the zombie who started a farm? He’s quite the “dead”-icated farmer.

Brain-Biting Banters: Q&A Puns from The Walking Dead

1. Q: Why did the zombie comedian get booed off stage?
A: Because all his jokes were dead on arrival!

2. Q: What do you call a walking dead bee?
A: A Zom-bee!

3. Q: Why did the zombie go to school?
A: He wanted to improve his “dead”ucation!

4. Q: Why don’t zombies eat popcorn with their fingers?
A: Because they eat the fingers separately!

5. Q: What’s a zombie’s favorite Shakespeare play?
A: Romeo and Ghoul-iet.

6. Q: What do you get when you cross a zombie with a snowman?
A: Frost-bite!

7. Q: Why did the zombie break up with his girlfriend?
A: He didn’t have the guts for a relationship!

8. Q: Why don’t zombies trust each other?
A: Because they can smell betrayal a mile away!

9. Q: What’s a zombie’s favorite mode of transportation?
A: A blood vessel.

10. Q: Why did the zombie go to the doctor?
A: He was feeling rotten!

11. Q: What’s a zombie’s favorite cereal?
A: Rice Creepies!

12. Q: Why did the zombie stay home from the party?
A: He felt like he had no-body to go with!

13. Q: Why was the zombie always stressed out?
A: Because he had too much on his plate!

14. Q: What kind of street do zombies like the best?
A: A dead end.

15. Q: Why did the zombie become a vegetarian?
A: He lost his taste for “brain” food.

16. Q: What kind of candy do zombies refuse to eat?
A: Lifesavers.

17. Q: Why did the zombie ignore all his new emails?
A: He was afraid of catching a “virus.”

18. Q: What’s a zombie’s worst fear?
A: De-composure.

19. Q: Why was the zombie so good at math?
A: He was a no-brainer.

20. Q: What do zombies put on their Thanksgiving turkey?
A: Grave-y.

Raising Spirits with Groans: “The Walking Dead” Double Entendres

1. I told my zombie friend a secret, and now it’s grave information.
2. When zombies go to school, they major in Organ-izational behavior.
3. Zombie comedians have killer timing; they always slay the audience.
4. Vegetarian zombies just want to graze on your lawn.
5. I was going to open a zombie bakery, but all the dough became undead.
6. Our zombie fitness class is popular; everyone’s just dying to join.
7. Why did the zombie become a gardener? He had a real knack for raising the dead.
8. When zombies take a photo, they always say, “Decay!”
9. My zombie girlfriend dumped me because she needed more space… in the coffin.
10. At the zombie parade, the floats were a real corpse de ballet.
11. Zombies love brain food; it’s their idea of a no-brainer.
12. Zombies prefer their cocktails stirred, not shaken; it’s less rattling for their bones.
13. Zombie parties are the best; the guests always bring their own finger foods.
14. The zombie’s favorite dating app is “Plenty of Fright.”
15. A zombie’s favorite mode of transportation is a hearse, because life’s a drag.
16. The zombie stopped playing poker because everyone said he was a dead giveaway.
17. I told the zombie a joke, but it went right through his empty head.
18. That zombie musician really knows how to decom-pose a tune.
19. If a zombie gets lost, does it mean he’s roaming dead?
20. At the meat market, zombies ask for the freshest cut… of the butcher.

“Stalking Dead: Punning with the Undead Idioms”

1. I’ve got a zombie friend who’s a writer; he’s a man of few words but he always gets the point across, dead-on.
2. Trying to get a zombie to laugh is a no-brainer, they’ve lost their funny bone after all.
3. Zombies love going to the beach because they really enjoy some dead sea.
4. Zombie cars are great at conserving fuel since they’re always running on dead.
5. Zombies hate puns; they say they’re grave humor.
6. After the apocalypse, exercising isn’t just good for your heart; it helps you stay a step ahead of the running dead.
7. Zombie comedians always kill the audience, but their set could use more life.
8. Zombies aren’t good at holding onto memories; they tend to let them decay.
9. When a zombie becomes a vegetarian, they go from eating brains to grain.
10. Never play hide and seek with zombies; they always come back from the dead.
11. A zombie’s favorite bean? The human be-an.
12. You never see zombie children playing leapfrog; they don’t have the guts for it.
13. Don’t invite zombies to a brainstorm; they take it far too literally.
14. Zombies love skydiving because for them, it’s no guts, no glory.
15. You can’t deal with a zombie landlord; they’re always raising the dead.
16. Don’t trust a zombie to keep a secret; they always spill their guts.
17. Zombies don’t use elevators; they prefer the stare case.
18. When zombies hit the gym, they never skip deadlift day.
19. When a zombie is tired, they rest in pieces.
20. A zombie’s favorite mode of transportation? A dead-end drive.

“Lumbering Laughs: Puns That’ll Reanimate Your Humor”

1. We’re having a sale at the mall: half-off on all running shoes, just in case you need to outpace the walking dead.
2. You know you’re in trouble during a zombie apocalypse when you start running out of “dead-ication” to stay alive.
3. Decomposing is a tough job, but hey, zombies just wanna have “flesh”.
4. A zombie’s favorite mode of transportation? A “corps”-icle.
5. I tried to organize a hide-and-go-seek game for zombies, but good players are hard to find; they just keep “walking dead” away.
6. I told my friend not to play undead in a zombie movie – he just couldn’t act “alive” under pressure.
7. A frustrated zombie returned his iPhone because it couldn’t recognize his “deadpan” face.
8. The zombies held a meeting to “discuss” their favorite shamble techniques; it was a regular walker talker.
9. I invited a zombie to dinner, and he brought his own “grain” bowl.
10. When you cross a zombie and a comedian, you get someone who’s dead-set on cracking you up.
11. A group of zombies started a band called “The Grateful Dead Tired.”
12. I heard about a zombie who was a great farmer – he had a real talent for “growing” the family.
13. The sleepy zombie went on a diet, not to lose weight, but to rest in “peas.”
14. Zombies prefer their steak with a little bite to it, but certainly not “rare.”
15. The local zombie community started a newspaper called “The Daily Grave.”
16. Why don’t zombies eat comedians? They taste too “funny.”
17. In a zombie spelling bee, the most common word is “de-composition.”
18. The clumsy zombie loved bowling because he was good at “throwing” an arm.
19. The teenage zombies started a fashion trend – they’re now calling it the “crypt” wear.
20. When zombies go to a coffee shop, they always ask for the “brewed awakening.”

“Raising Spirits: A Horde of Walking Dead Name Puns”

1. Rick Grime and Pun-ishment
2. Daryl Dixon your way out
3. Michonne Impossible
4. Glenn Rheeally Punny
5. Maggie Greene Thumb
6. Carol Peletear-ibly Funny
7. Hershel Walker Bye
8. Negan-T believe these puns
9. Abraham Ford-tunately Punny
10. Eugene Porter-bly Good Puns
11. Rosita Espuns-osa
12. Tyreese-a Crowd for Puns
13. Shane Walpun-ted
14. Lori Grime-sing Humor
15. Sasha Willi-aims to Amuse
16. Bob Stookey-ng for Laughs
17. Tara Chambler-ing for Jokes
18. Beth Greene with Envy
19. Father Gabriel’s Pun-tifications
20. Judith Grime-ing Up the Jokes

“Stumbling Tongues: The Witty Undead (Spoonerisms)”

1. Ditch and ditcher instead of witch and witcher
2. Raiding the Lead instead of Leading the Raid
3. Gored and battered instead of Bored and Gathered
4. Zest of the lee instead of Best of the Zee
5. Baster’s Degree in Line Science instead of Master’s Degree in Brain Science
6. Shy full shower instead of Full Sky Shower
7. Crone’s the tone instead of Throne’s the Zone
8. Pale grins instead of Gale Prins
9. Crew chumbers instead of Chew Crumbers
10. Dane of thrones instead of Game of Thrones
11. Blaster’s moat instead of Master’s Boat
12. Neaky spear instead of Sneaky Pear
13. Mumber thug instead of Thumber Mug
14. Rough and thumble instead of Tough and Rumble
15. Prancing with the dead instead of Dancing with the spread
16. Tackling the Ned instead of Neckling the Tad
17. Lumber Jar instead of Jumper Bar
18. The jest west instead of The West Jest
19. Sack and the tead instead of Tack and the Stead
20. Fright for your strife instead of Sright for your fife

“Zombie Wits: Dead-pan Tom Swifties”

1. “I’ve got a plan to escape the zombies,” said Tom cryptically.
2. “We shouldn’t have wandered into that graveyard,” Tom said gravely.
3. “The zombies are getting faster,” Tom remarked lifelessly.
4. “I’ll have to amputate after that bite,” Tom said offhandedly.
5. “I miss eating real food,” Tom groaned hungrily.
6. “Look at that zombie shuffle!” Tom said staggeringly.
7. “I carved a weapon from a femur,” Tom said boneheadedly.
8. “We’re losing our humanity,” Tom reflected soullessly.
9. “This apocalypse is taking forever,” Tom moaned interminably.
10. “I tripped over a zombie,” said Tom, falling flatly.
11. “I discovered the zombie cure,” said Tom infectiously.
12. “Let’s camouflage ourselves,” said Tom, ghastly.
13. “This is my last bullet,” Tom said, finally.
14. “We’ll fortify the camp at night,” Tom stated darkly.
15. “I hear the undead coming,” Tom whispered silently.
16. “We must cross the zombie-infested plains,” Tom deadpanned.
17. “I fashion weapons from scrap metal,” Tom remarked sharply.
18. “I’ll keep a lookout for walkers,” Tom observed watchfully.
19. “I’ll distract the horde with fireworks,” Tom exploded brilliantly.
20. “We should burn the zombie corpses,” Tom said incandescently.

Reanimated Ridicules: Living Dead Laughs (Oxymoronic Puns)

1. I was going to start an exorcists club, but it was dead on arrival.
2. I met a zombie marathon runner, he was the lively undead.
3. Why did the zombie go to school? To improve his deaducation.
4. Don’t take life advice from zombies; they’re living failures.
5. Zombified comedians always have a killer deadpan delivery.
6. I saw a zombie on a treadmill, that’s what I call dead-end fitness.
7. I hosted a party for zombies, but no one showed up; it was a lively ghost town.
8. The zombie-baker’s bread is always stale; we call him the dread baker.
9. At the zombie disco, everyone was doing the lively rigor mortis.
10. The zombie’s favorite exercise? Dead lifts, of course.
11. My zombie friend is a sleepwalker; she’s the walking sleep-dead.
12. Zombie bees are weird; they give you the buzz of silence.
13. A zombie’s favorite Shakespeare play? The Walking Dead of Venice.
14. Do zombie cars need fuel? Nope, they just keep running dead.
15. The zombie chef’s special? Crypt sandwiches with fresh grave-y.
16. A vegetarian zombie is truly an oxymoron; he’s a grave-plant eater.
17. The zombie cellist had a haunting performance, it was strikingly silent.
18. The zombie politician always wanted a lively debate, but his arguments fell dead.
19. Zom-bees make honey that tastes a bit lifeless.
20. Zombie fish are strange, swimming in schools of silent waves.

“Reanimated Wit: Raising the Deadpan”

1. Why don’t zombies eat popcorn with their fingers? They prefer to eat the fingers separately!
2. I guess that means zombies are always finger-food connoisseurs—they can’t help but give a hand to the chef.
3. So if zombies give a hand to the chef, do they prefer their meals to be hand-made? Quite literally, I suppose.
4. But when zombies call for hand-made, they really mean hand-maid, since they consume the poor servers.
5. I heard zombies tried playing poker once, but whenever they had a good hand, it just ended up on the menu.
6. That’s why zombie poker games are so slow; they keep taking breaks to snack on the royal flush.
7. Speaking of flush, that’s something zombies don’t have to worry about. You don’t need plumbing when your diet is that raw.
8. In fact, zombies love raw and wriggling, and if it’s on the hook, it’s probably off the hook in taste.
9. And don’t even get me started on zombie fisherman—they’re always going for the brains, not the brawn.
10. These zombie fisherman just can’t let sleeping fish lie—they’ve got that undeadicated determination.
11. When a zombie sleeps, does it have nightmares of the living? Talk about a role reversal!
12. You could say when a zombie sleeps, it’s dead tired—literally dead, but maybe not so tired.
13. Imagine if zombies could dream. I guess their dreams would be everyone else’s walking nightmare!
14. If zombies dream of electric sheep, are those sheep charged with re-volt-ing against the living?
15. And if a zombie sheep bites you, would you become a were-wool every full moon? Talk about a hairy situation.
16. Zombies say every full moon is a monster’s ball. It’s a real grave-yard bash!
17. Though, at a zombie’s monster’s ball, the monster mash becomes the monster munch.
18. If zombies held a monster’s ball, it’d be a no-brainer to attend—just don’t lose your head over the invite.
19. Zombies probably love soccer. They’re always dying to get a head in the game.
20. And if zombies played soccer, I imagine the goalies would save their heads instead of the ball—it’s the only way to stay ahead!

Raising the Dead-pan Humor: A Ghoul-ery of Walking Dead Puns

1. This zombie only eats grain, he’s a “wheat-kneed” walker.
2. We have to “corpse” to the occasion in this zombie infestation.
3. Zombie in a suit? That’s just “dead-icated” fashion.
4. “Don’t cry over spilled guts,” it just attracts more zombies.
5. “A zombie’s bite is worse than its bark,” said no tree ever.
6. “Better undead than unfed,” groaned the famished ghoul.
7. “Rigor mortis will set in,” but stiff competition is the least of our worries.
8. “Walking dead or alive, you’re coming with me,” said the sheriff with a taste for puns.
9. “All is fair in love and war,” but in a zombie apocalypse, it’s more like “all is flare and gnaw.”
10. To stop a zombie, it’s “brain over brawn” – aim for the head!
11. “Make no bones about it,” skellies and zombies do not get along.
12. Going on a walker run is no “walk in the park,” it’s more like a “stagger in the dark.”
13. “Actions speak louder than moans,” especially when it comes to zombies.
14. “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” and zombies take that literally.
15. “You can lead a walker to water, but you can’t make it think.”
16. “If it ain’t Baroque, don’t fix it,” applies to zombies too; if they’re still walking, don’t shoot.
17. “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” but this zombie horde sure showed up quickly!
18. “It’s raining cats and dogs,” but in a horror setting, it’s “it’s raining bats and frogs.”
19. “He who laughs last, laughs best,” unless it’s a zombie laugh, in which case, you run.
20. Zombies remind us, “A mind is a terrible thing to waste,” so remember to protect your brain.

In conclusion, as we’ve shambled through over 200 brain-tickling Walking Dead puns, we hope we’ve injected a little humor into your post-apocalyptic survival routine. Remember, even when the world seems bleak, a good laugh can be as revitalizing as a safe haven in a walker-infested wasteland. If these puns have left you hungry for more side-splitting humor, shuffle on over to other sections of our website for a treasure trove of chuckles and chortles. A heartfelt thank you for spending part of your day with us, and may your spirits remain high and your survival skills sharp. Keep on laughing—it’s the one thing the undead can’t take from you!

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