200+ Unforgettable Wig Puns For Some Hairy Humor

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Looking to add a little humor and wiggle to your day? Look no further! Get ready to wig out with our ultimate collection of over 200 unforgettable wig puns that will have you laughing your follicles off. From wig-solutely hilarious one-liners to hair-raising wordplay, these puns are guaranteed to tickle your funny bone and leave you in stitches. Whether you’re a fan of wigs or just appreciate a good pun, this collection has something for everyone. So sit back, relax, and prepare to be follically entertained as we take you on a wild ride through the world of wig humor. Wig pun enthusiasts, rejoice!

Wig Out with these Hilarious Hairpiece Puns (Editors Pick)

1. I’m not a hair-stylist, but I can wiggle my way into any conversation.
2. I didn’t want to attend the costume party, but my friends convinced me by saying, “You’ll have a wig-tastic time!
3. Wigs are a great hair-alternative, especially for those who need constant change.
4. I thought about becoming a wig model, but I couldn’t find the perfect style to toupe off my career.
5. My friend got a new wig and said it was a real toupee-saver for her bad hair days.
6. If you can’t find your wig, just give it a few more minutes, it’s bound to appear follicle-sy.
7. Hair today, gone tomorrow… but with a wig, it’s always “hair today, here tomorrow!”
8. Wearing a wig is like putting on a new personality—wig it ’til you make it!
9. Did you hear about the hairpiece that went on a diet? It’s now a wig lettuce.
10. If you want to become a wig business tycoon, you can never have too many hair-brained ideas.
11. We had a heated debate about wigs, but it ended up being a total hair-splitting discussion.
12. I tried to convince my friend to wear a wig, but she just brushed off the idea.
13. Going bald is a hairy situation, but thanks to wigs, we can all just follicle it.
14. Looking for a new hairstyle option? Wigtill you find the perfect one!
15. When my wig fell off at the party, it was quite an un-hairing experience!
16. I invested in a high-quality wig and now I’m going frizz-cal with my hair.
17. I love wearing wigs because they allow me to change my hair with a swift head-justment.
18. My friend said my wig looked too cheap, but I told her it’s a cr-hair-y secret to save money.
19. Who needs shampoo when you can just shake your wig for a hair-raising experience?
20. I was convinced to buy a new wig because my friend said it would totally transform me—it was a hair-raiser decision!

“Get Wiggy with It: Hilarious Hair-raising Wordplay!”

1. The wig shop went bankrupt because it couldn’t brush off the competition.
2. My wig was stolen yesterday, but I refuse to wig-out over it.
3. The wig-maker was a master of deception, truly hair-raising.
4. The wig store owner has great scalp-tations about hair loss.
5. I bought a cheap wig, but it was a real hair-raising experience.
6. I asked the hairstylist if she could make me a custom wig, but she wig-nored me.
7. The wig-maker wanted to retire, but decided to let the hair down instead.
8. The wig store owner got arrested for false fuzz-tice.
9. I had a bad hair day, so I put on my favorite wig to wig-spire confidence.
10. I saw a wig on sale for half off. It was quite a hair-raising deal.
11. The wig thief was caught red-handed with a wiggle in his step.
12. The wig-maker always wears a wig to cover up his bald-faced lies.
13. I tried to donate my old wig, but they said it was too far-fetched.
14. The wig-shop owner’s dream is to create a wig empire; he’s follically ambitious.
15. My wig has a split-end personality, it can’t make up its mind!
16. The wig shop called me to pick up my order, but I made a fringe appointment instead.
17. I’ve always wanted to be a wig model, but my dreams are receding.
18. The wig shop owner thinks he’s living in a wig-litous society.
19. The wig store went out of business, I guess they couldn’t keep it together.
20. I lost my wig at the dance, it was a real hair-vestigation.

Wiggy Wisdom (Question-and-Answer Puns)

1. Why did the wig factory fire their hairstylist? Because he couldn’t toupee his dues!
2. What does a wig call its best friend? Its compHair-ion!
3. How do you make a wig laugh? Tick-hair it!
4. Why did the wig become an artist? Because it had a great brush on style!
5. What did the wig say when it won the hair competition? “I’m on top of the world!”
6. How do wigs like to travel? They prefer hairplanes!
7. Why did the wig go to the doctor? Because it had split ends!
8. What do you call a singing wig? A hairy-ton!
9. Why did the wig refuse to go to the party? It didn’t want to wiggle and jiggle!
10. How did the wig get into the movie industry? It nailed its aud-hair-tion!
11. What did the wig say to the hat? “You’re just a cap-tivating accessory, but I’m the main event!”
12. Why did the wig open a restaurant? It wanted to serve hair-raising cuisine!
13. What did the wig say to the bee? “Buzz off, I’m all hair, no buzz!”
14. How do you catch a squirrel with a wig? Wiggle it, and watch it flock your way!
15. Why did the wig become a motivational speaker? It believed in unleashing hair-piness!
16. What do you call a wig falling in love? A hairy-tale romance!
17. Why was the wig’s son afraid of going camping? He thought he might get a hair-ection!
18. What did the wig say to the barber? “I’m all wigged out, give me my next style!”
19. How did the wig win the poker game? It had a few aces up its hair!
20. What do you call a fake wig? A dece-hair-ful disguise!

Whipping up Wig-htfully Hilarious Double Entendre Puns

1. I’m always a “head” above the rest with my wig collection.
2. I bought a wig, but it really “toupee” off.
3. My wig is so “hair-raising”!
4. Wearing a wig makes me feel like the “mane” attraction.
5. I’ll wiggle my way into any party!
6. My wig is my best “hair” accessory.
7. I love to “tress” myself up with a fabulous wig.
8. My wig gives me a “mane” personality.
9. I’ll never “wig out” when it comes to my fashion choices.
10. I love a good wig, it’s my kind of “hairy” situation.
11. My wig has a mind of its own, it’s a real “loose end”.
12. I really let my hair down when I’m wearing a wig.
13. My wig is my secret to “wearing many hats”.
14. Wearing a wig makes me feel so “hairy” confident.
15. My wig is the “crowning glory” of my style.
16. A wig is the perfect opportunity to “flip my lid”.
17. Wearing a wig adds a little “flair” to my look.
18. My wig is the key to a “hairy” good time.
19. I’ll never be “bald” when I have my wig.
20. My wig always gives me a “hairy” advantage.

Witty Wigs (Puns on Wig Idioms)

1. She was so surprised, her wig literally flew off her head!
2. I was so nervous for the interview, I had a wig out moment.
3. I was on the fence about the hairstyle, but then I finally decided to wig out.
4. That new hair color really wigged me out!
5. He thought he could fool everyone, but his toupee was just a wig out in disguise.
6. She must be having a bad hair day because she’s a little wigged out.
7. I was late for the party, and everyone was wigging out!
8. I couldn’t attend the event, so I sent my wig as my representative.
9. He’s always wearing a wig, he can’t face the world with his own hair.
10. Today’s forecast: 100% chance of wigging out!
11. I was feeling confident and decided to let my hair wig down.
12. I didn’t like the hairstylist’s suggestions, so I wigged out of the salon.
13. I can’t believe she wigs out every time someone touches her hair!
14. He was so exhausted that he wigged out and fell asleep on the couch.
15. She put on her wig of courage and faced her fears.
16. I thought her new hairstyle was a wig, but it was just a great hair day.
17. I tried to cut my own hair, but it was a wigged out disaster!
18. My friend panicked and wigged out when she saw a spider in her wig.
19. She’s so shy, she always hides behind her wig of insecurities.
20. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw her dancing with wigs in the air!

Wigging Out: Tress-ty Situations (Pun Juxtaposition)

1. I’ve decided to start a wig business, it’s a hairy proposition.
2. The wig maker was accused of being an impost-hair.
3. I bought a new wig with my lock-savings.
4. The hair salon was a real growth industry.
5. The barber’s wig collection was a cut above the rest.
6. The wig store had a mane attraction.
7. My friend was so bald, he decided to wig out.
8. The bald eagle decided to wear a wig to blend in with the feathers.
9. I couldn’t decide which wig to choose, it was a follicle dilemma.
10. The hair piece salesman had a strand reputation.
11. The wig salesman’s excuse was really strand-ard.
12. The wig maker’s business was really coming unraveled.
13. The wig model turned into a real hot head.
14. I heard the wig shop has a sale, it’s a tress-ure hunt.
15. The toupee maker was always ahead of the curl.
16. The wigmaker put on quite a hairy show.
17. My wig fell off in front of everyone, it was a hairy situation.
18. The wig store’s grand opening was a real strand event.
19. My wig came with too much volume, it was too hair-raising.
20. The wig maker was accused of weaving a web of deception.

Wigletes and Whimsy: Wacky Wig Puns

1. Harry Tresser
2. Bob Style
3. Wendy Curler
4. Justin Case
5. Betty Bangs
6. Bob Pin
7. Blair Braid
8. Frizzy Fields
9. Bobbi Sock
10. Curly Cue
11. Wanda Weave
12. Harry Hairold
13. Blondie Waves
14. Barney Buns
15. Wavy Gravy
16. Tina Tease
17. Patti Perm
18. Puffy Poof
19. Sarah Snip
20. Fluffy Franco

Wigged Out Wordplay (Spoonerisms)

1. Twig funs
2. Big wuns
3. Hairy puns
4. Wig dons
5. Fig buns
6. Dig runs
7. Sag suns
8. Jig ones
9. Gag muns
10. Lit guns
11. Nig huns
12. Rig tons
13. Pig buns
14. Mig tuns
15. Big huns
16. Wig guns
17. Rigger huns
18. Big shuns
19. Pig runs
20. Fig sons

Wigging Out with Witty Swifties

1. “I’m rocking this wig,” Tom said hair-raisingly.
2. “This wig is so stylish,” Tom said fashionably.
3. “I bought this wig for a steal,” Tom said headlightedly.
4. “These wig prices are outrageous,” Tom said follically.
5. This wig was worth every penny,” Tom said wonderfully.
6. “I never expected this wig to fit so perfectly,” Tom said snugly.
7. “This wig is making me feel more confident,” Tom said headstrongly.
8. “I’m having so much fun experimenting with different wigs,” Tom said playfully.
9. “I can’t believe how realistic this wig looks,” Tom said deceitfully.
10. “I’m becoming quite the wig connoisseur,” Tom said knowingly.
11. “This wig is so versatile,” Tom said adaptably.
12. “I can change my hairstyle instantly with this wig,” Tom said abruptly.
13. “I’m embracing my boldness with this bright wig,” Tom said boldly.
14. “I can’t seem to resist collecting more wigs,” Tom said compulsively.
15. “This wig is my secret weapon for a flawless look,” Tom said stealthily.
16. “This wig is my go-to accessory for any occasion,” Tom said reliably.
17. “I feel like a different person when I wear this wig,” Tom said confusingly.
18. “I’m channeling my inner diva with this glamorous wig,” Tom said dramatically.
19. “I can change my hair color without any commitment with this wig,” Tom said noncommittally.
20. “This wig is my ultimate disguise,” Tom said cunningly.

Bizarrely Hair-larious Wig Puns (Oxymoronic Puns)

1. The wig maker was a convincing faker.
2. The bald man bought a wig to cover his hairless head, creating a hairy paradox.
3. She wore a wig to conceal her natural locks, but it was blatantly obvious.
4. I asked the hairstylist for a wig that looked completely natural, but she handed me a neon green one.
5. The actor wore a wig, giving an illusion of authenticity to his fake persona.
6. The synthetic wig was praised for its natural shine, a plastic paradox.
7. I put on my wig to hide my true emotions, but my friends saw right through it.
8. The wig was designed to make her look effortlessly glamorous, but it caused her endless stress.
9. He wore a wig to appear older, emphasizing his youthful energy.
10. The curly wig was styled to be perfectly messy, an organized chaos.
11. The wig shop displayed a sign saying, “Authentically fake hair!”
12. The wig was made of luxurious, high-quality hair, but it had a price tag suitable for a discount store.
13. The wig was perfectly symmetrical, adding a touch of chaos to the wearer’s appearance.
14. The wig was supposed to provide a natural-looking hairline, but it sat awkwardly on the wearer’s forehead.
15. She wore a wig to enhance her beauty, but it had the opposite effect.
16. The wig maker prided themselves on their unique creations that were all the same.
17. The wig gave her a seductive allure, yet it screamed “plastic fantastic.”
18. He bought a wig to escape from the reality of his baldness, but it only highlighted his vulnerability.
19. The wig claimed to withstand any weather, but it melted under a gentle breeze.
20. She wore a wig that perfectly matched her natural hair color, a colorful imitation.

Wiggling in Wig Wit (Recursive Wig Puns)

1. I just couldn’t resist buying that new wig. It was a hair-raising deal!
2. I asked my friend if he wanted to buy a wig with me, but he said he couldn’t come because he had a lot on his plate.
3. I bought a wig for my garden gnome. He said it gave him a more “follicle” appearance!
4. My friend thinks all wigs are fake, but I told her not to be so wig-norant.
5. Wig shopping can be overwhelming. It’s like trying to comb through a hairy situation.
6. I tried making a wig out of noodles, but it turned out to be a total spaghetti-tastrophe.
7. I keep telling my friend to wear a wig, but he’s always brushing off the idea.
8. My favorite wig style is the ponytail. It really spruces up my look!
9. Did you hear about the wig that got in trouble at school? It got sent to the head-master!
10. I tried to make a wig out of flowers, but it just ended up being a bunch of petal nonsense.
11. My friend tried to convince me that wigs were a waste of money, but I told her they were an investment in “hair”-loom quality.
12. I attempted to make a wig out of recycled materials, but it was just a hair-brained idea.
13. I asked my friend if she had tried wearing a wig, and she said she was “wig”ged out by the idea.
14. My friend asked me to buy her a wig, so I told her to “wig”-gle her way to the store herself.
15. I tried to convince my friend to wear a wig, but she said she preferred to let her hair down.
16. My friend asked me why I always wear wigs, but I told her it was my way of “hairing” the truth.
17. I asked my wig salesman if he had any special deals, and he said, “Nah, nothing out of the ordinary. Just wig-ular prices!”
18. I made a wig out of feathers, but it looked more like a “bird’s nest” on my head.
19. My friend asked me to borrow one of my wigs, so I said, “Sure, just make sure to return it in immaculate con-dish-ion!”
20. I tried switching to a different wig color, but I just couldn’t “hue” it.

Wigging Out with Witty Wig Puns (Playful Parodies of Cliches)

1. I heard his wig was a real “hair-raiser.”
2. That hairpiece was really “curling” my toes.
3. She always “wig”s out when she can’t find her keys.
4. My friend went into a wig store and said, “I’m just here to let my hair down.”
5. He decided to “wig”gle his way out of that sticky situation.
6. I’m not “wig”norant of your tricks anymore.
7. The hairstylist said, “I’m just “wig”ging out over your new look.”
8. That wig is so fashionable, it’s “wig”ging out the competition.
9. “Wig” it or lose it, that’s what I always say.
10. If you can’t tell, it’s “wig” or miss with this hairpiece.
11. She tried to clean her wig, but it just ended up “wigg”ing out of control.
12. The politician switched wigs so often, he’s known as a “flip-flopper.”
13. That party was so wild, even the wigs were “wig”gin’ out.
14. I’ll “wig”gle my way into the party if I have to.
15. After a long day at work, she couldn’t wait to “un”wig and relax.
16. She always said she had a “wiggle” in her step.
17. To succeed in life, you just need to “wig” out and be yourself.
18. That movie was so funny, it really had me “wig”ging out with laughter.
19. The magician’s wig was “poofed” up to perfection.
20. Sometimes, life just needs a little “wig”gle room.

In conclusion, we hope these wig puns have brought a smile to your face and tickled your funny bone. If you’re hungry for more laughs, be sure to check out the rest of the puns on our website. We’re incredibly grateful that you took the time to visit and we hope you had a wig-tastic time!

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