220 Hilarious Bride Puns to Keep You Laughing from Engagement to Wedding Day

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Weddings are a time of joy, celebration, and love – but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a few laughs along the way! If you’re looking for something to make your bridal experience even brighter, then look no further than these 200+ hilarious bride puns. From engagement through to the big day itself, these puns will keep you smiling, snickering, and giggling. Whether you’re planning your dream wedding or just need a good chuckle with your bridesmaids, these jokes are sure to bring a little extra fun to your special day. So sit back, relax, and get ready for some seriously funny wordplay – these bride puns are about to become your new favorite wedding accessory!

“Bride-A-Licious: The Most Hilarious Bridal Puns You Can’t Resist” (Editors Pick)

1. “What do you call a group of bridesmaids playing hide-and-seek? Bridal party!
2. “Why did the bride refuse to show her wedding dress to her fiance? She wanted to keep it a bridal secret.
3. “What do you get when you cross a bride and a calculator? A math-trimony.”
4. “Why did the bride-to-be refuse to wear a plain white dress? She wanted to feel bridalicious.”
5. “Why did the bride cancel her wedding? To make an announcement: it’s not ‘bride’ and ‘groom,’ it’s ‘bride and broom!'”
6. “What does a bride wear to her honeymoon? Bridal lingerie.”
7. “What do you call a broke bride? A wedding cheapskate.”
8. “Why did the bride’s father refuse to pay for the wedding? He said, ‘I don’t want to bride myself.'”
9. “Why did the bride’s wedding planner ask for her email? To send her bridal information.”
10. “Why did the bride refuse to dance with her new husband? She said, ‘I’m over this bridal waltz.'”
11. “What do you call a bride who is always cold on her wedding day? A bridelcube.”
12. “Why did the bride refuse to let her groom see her before the wedding? She wanted to keep things bridal-ly tradition.”
13. “What do you call a bride who decides to write her own wedding vows? A bridal poet.”
14. “What do you call a bride who marries a dentist? A bridetist.”
15. “Why do brides always want to keep their dress top secret? Because they want to remain bridal veiled.”
16. “What do you call the bride’s maids of honor when they are mad at each other? Bridal enemies.”
17. “Why did the bride refuse to walk down the aisle? She was having bridal anxiety.”
18. “What do you call a bride with a quick wit and a sharp tongue? Bridalicious.”
19. “What do you call a bride who also happens to be an astronomer? Bridestronomer.”
20. “Why did the bride refuse to let her father give her away? She wanted to keep it a bridal independence day.”

Blissful Bride Banter (One-liner Puns)

1. Why did the bride change her mind about the wedding venue? Because she found out it was altar-native.
2. What did the bride say to the groom when he complained about his pants being too tight? “Don’t worry, you’ll always be my snugly husband.”
3. Why did the bride wear gloves on her wedding day? Because she wanted to leave no ring behind.
4. What did the bride say to the bridesmaids when they showed up in mismatched dresses? “Looks like we’ve got a frock-ful situation here.”
5. Why did the bride call off her wedding to the fisherman? Because he kept talking about his other sole mate.
6. Did you hear about the bride who walked down the aisle with a skirt made of bread? She was a loaf-ly vision.
7. Why did the bride refuse to have a father-daughter dance at her wedding? Because she didn’t want to step on anyone’s toes.
8. What did the bride say when the wedding planner asked about her wedding colors? “Anything but white. I don’t want to be the center of atten-dance.”
9. Why did the bride and groom choose to get married on a boat? Because they wanted to start their lives together on a ship of love.
10. Why did the bride invite all of her ex-boyfriends to the wedding? Because she wanted to show them what they were missing.
11. What did the bride say when the wedding photographer asked if she wanted any special shots? “Just make sure the focus is on my best angle, my happy bride.”
12. Why did the bride refuse to let her mother help with her wedding planning? Because she wanted to be the bridal visionary.
13. What did the bride say to the caterer when he asked about her wedding cake? “Just make sure it’s tier-rific, and we’ll have a cake-tastic day.”
14. Why did the bride cancel the wedding ceremony? She found out the groom was a real groom-zilla.
15. What did the bride say when the DJ asked her what song she wanted for her first dance with her new husband? “Anything but Y.M.C.A. I don’t want a cheesy marital dis-CO.”
16. Why did the bride choose a garden wedding venue? Because she wanted to leaf behind all the stress and have a blossom-ing day.
17. What did the bride say when the wedding planner asked what kind of flowers she wanted? “I don’t carrot all, just make sure it’s bouquet-niful.”
18. Why did the bride wear a veil on her wedding day? So her groom wouldn’t chicken out when he saw her.
19. What did the bride say to the groom when he asked if he could wear a top hat to the wedding? I’m sorry dear, but I mustache you to reconsider. You’ll look too much like a groom-brella.”
20. Why did the bride and groom choose to marry in a field of sunflowers? Because they wanted to be surrounded by love-petals on their special day.

Blissful Bridesmaid Banter (Question-and-Answer Puns)

1. What do you call a nervous bride? A bundle of nerves!
2. What do you call a bride who is always getting cold? A chilly bride!
3. What do you call a bride who loves gardening? A blooming bride!
4. What do you call a bride who is really into health and fitness? A fit bride!
5. What do you call a bride who is always happy? A merry bride!
6. What do you call a bride who loves the beach? A sunny bride!
7. What do you call a bride who is always working? A busy bride!
8. What do you call a bride who is always tired? A sleepy bride!
9. What do you call a bride who is always cleaning? A tidy bride!
10. What do you call a bride who loves crossword puzzles? A puzzling bride!
11. What do you call a bride who loves chemistry? A chemical bride!
12. What do you call a bride who always tells jokes? A funny bride!
13. What do you call a bride who loves taking pictures? A flash bride!
14. What do you call a bride who loves animals? A furry bride!
15. What do you call a bride who loves to cook? A spicy bride!
16. What do you call a bride who loves to dance? A groovy bride!
17. What do you call a bride who loves to sing? A tuneful bride!
18. What do you call a bride who loves driving? A wheely bride!
19. What do you call a bride who loves to travel? A jet-set bride!
20. What do you call a bride who loves the countryside? A rustic bride!

Aisle Be Seeing You: Bride Pun Doubles entendres

1. The bride-to-be was feeling a bit bridal after trying on her gown.
2. Did you hear about the bride who eloped with the pastry chef? She wanted a cake walk down the aisle.
3. The bride’s father-in-law wasn’t sure he could give her away – after all, she was a “keeper”.
4. The groom knew he made the right choice because he could always find his bride at the bridal shop.
5. The maid of honor was feeling adventurous and offered to do the bride’s hair – it was a real bridal braid.
6. The bride’s mother hired a private investigator to look into the groom’s past – she wanted to make sure he wasn’t a bridal felon.
7. The bride wasn’t sure she wanted a traditional wedding – she was feeling a bit bridalious.
8. The flower girl was acting up and causing a scene – turns out she was just suffering from bridalmania.
9. The wedding planner was in charge of the entire bridal shebang.
10. The bride’s sister was planning her own wedding and asked for bridal advice – it was a real bride-to-bride chat.
11. The groom’s best man gave him some last-minute advice before the bride walked down the aisle – it was a real bridal piece of wisdom.
12. The bridal party hit up the bar after the reception – the bartender called them a bunch of bridal party animals.
13. The bride’s ex-boyfriend crashed the wedding – the ceremony turned into a real bridal brawl.
14. The bride’s aunt tried to make her own wedding dress – it was a total bridal blunder.
15. The bride’s veil flew off in the wind – it was a real bridal veil fail.
16. The bridal consultant suggested a dress that was too small – the bride replied, “I’m not a size bride, I’m a size reality.”
17. The groom asked his friends what kind of music to play at the reception – they replied, “Anything that gets the bridal party bumpin’.
18. The bride’s grandmother gave her some special advice on how to keep her husband happy – it was a real bridal secret.
19. The venue was decorated with a ton of flowers – it was a real bridal bouquet extravaganza.
20. The bride’s father wrote a speech for the reception – it was a real bridal tear jerker.

Bridal Bliss (Puns in Idioms)

1. The bride was beside herself with happiness on her wedding day.
2. After the ceremony, the bride and groom tied the knot.
3. The bride’s father was beaming with pride.
4. The bride was blushing like a rose.
5. The bride’s wedding dress was fit for a queen.
6. The newlyweds were on cloud nine.
7. The bride’s bouquet was a real show-stopper.
8. The bride and groom took the plunge and got married.
9. The bride’s smile was as bright as the sun on her wedding day.
10. The bride felt like a million bucks in her wedding dress.
11. The wedding cake was the icing on the bride’s perfect day.
12. The bride was over the moon to be marrying the love of her life.
13. The bride’s wedding ring was a symbol of eternal love.
14. The groom looked like he hit the jackpot with his beautiful bride.
15. The bride was a picture of perfection in her wedding gown.
16. The bride’s wedding day was the culmination of all her dreams.
17. The bride was walking on air as she made her way down the aisle.
18. The newlyweds were in seventh heaven after their wedding ceremony.
19. The bride’s wedding veil was a sight to behold.
20. The bride’s wedding day was the start of a beautiful journey.

Tying the Knot: Hilarious Bride Puns (Pun Juxtaposition)

1. The bride was so stunning, it was hard to miss her — especially with that bright orange dress.
2. He loved watching his bride walk down the aisle… until she tripped over her dress and face-planted.
3. The bride was a fitness fanatic, but she didn’t mind having a little cake on her wedding day.
4. The groom was nervous about his vows, but his bride reassured him with some stunning puns.
5. When the bride saw her groom in his dress uniform, she knew she had found her knight in shining armor.
6. The wedding DJ thought the bride had requested “Don’t Stop Believin’,” but it turns out she was actually fond of “Don’t Stop BRIDAL-evin’.
7. The bride was a big fan of Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining,” so she had a “Here’s Johnson!” axe engraved for her groom.
8. The bride was a vegan, so she made sure that her wedding menu was grill-t-free.
9. For her something old, the bride wore a dress her grandmother had worn on her own wedding day — a dress that had seen better days.
10. The bride didn’t really have a clear idea of what she wanted her wedding dress to look like, but she knew she’d know it when she saw it. Unfortunately, she saw it at a clown shop.
11. The bride was a big fan of Monty Python and the Holy Grail, so before the ceremony, she had each of her bridesmaids brought a shrubbery.
12. The bride wore her hair down, letting it cascade down her shoulders and neck… all the way to her feet.
13. The bride had a bit of a competitive streak, which was why she insisted on playing rock-paper-scissors with her groom at the altar to determine who would say their vows first.
14. The bride was hoping for a beautiful outdoor ceremony, but unfortunately it was too hot — so they had to do it Indoorsy.
15. The bride was a big fan of the Spice Girls, so she made sure that the DJ played “Wannabe” at least twelve times during the reception.
16. The bride was a foodie at heart, which was why she insisted on having a taco bar during the cocktail hour. Unfortunately, it was all sour cream and disappointment.
17. The bride had a bit of a sweet tooth, so she made sure that all of her bridesmaids carried jars of honey during the ceremony. Unfortunately, the bees got a little aggressive.
18. The bride was a bit of a daredevil, which was why she decided to bungee jump in her wedding dress for her first dance.
19. The bride’s father was a well-known politician, which was why she had a secret service contingent at the wedding. Unfortunately, they were way too good at blending in.
20. The bride was a big fan of Game of Thrones, which was why she had her bridesmaids dressed in costumes inspired by the series. Unfortunately, the groom was a bigger fan of The Walking Dead, so it wasn’t a perfect match.

Bridal Laughs: Puns in Bride Names

1. Mary Christmas became a bride in December.
2. Bridezilla? More like Bride-thriller!
3. I knew a girl who got engaged at a wedding, she was bride-ing dirty!
4. After the wedding, they will be fulfilling their blissed adventure.
5. Bridgette took a leap of faith and married her love at a skydiving wedding. They fell for each other literally!
6. The bride-to-be’s favorite letter was “W,” because she couldn’t wait to become Mrs. Wright.
7. Choosing the perfect wedding dress was a delicate, and somewhat sequined, operation.
8. The wedding was set on a cliff; it was a drop-dead gorgeous occasion.
9. The couple had a cat-themed wedding. It was purr-fect!
10. The bride said “I’m not traditional, I’m a chill bride” but she still couldn’t resist something borrowed, something blue, or the occasional panic attack!
11. I overheard the wedding planner say he ran out of table cloths. I guess you could say, it was a bridal emergency.
12. The groom was a baker, it was love at first bite for the bride.
13. The wedding was so emotional, I cried like a bride’s father!
14. When the bride walked down the aisle, she had so many flowers it was like she was carrying a bridal bouquet bonanza.
15. The wedding cake was huge – so much so, it was called the bridal tower.
16. The bride loved her wedding dress so much that it became her bridal attire and the rest of the clothes in her closet became her bridal wear and tear.
17. The bride and groom were both into technology – they shared the same iPromise to love each other forever.
18. The bride’s best friend kept cracking jokes and puns during the ceremony. She was the wedding wittness.
19. When the bride and groom kissed, there was a lot of floral affection in the air.
20. The bride was so excited about her wedding day, she was on cloud nine!

Bridal Bloopers with Spoonerisms

1. Groom and bravy
2. Aisle bidder
3. Maid of boner
4. Blond hairpin
5. Marrying a feather
6. Blushing bide
7. Bride fairs
8. Wedding quilt
9. Breading light
10. Groom’s brand
11. Veil of the ball
12. Hitched lilies
13. Marriage sandal
14. Bridal lick
15. Wedding frown
16. Vows in the sand
17. Ring your bride
18. Garter belt
19. Bridal bird
20. Heart-shaped scone

Bridal Wordplay: Tom Swifties on the Aisle

1. “I will always love you,” said Tom, brideily.
2. I can’t wait to kiss the bride,” said Tom, smoochingly.
3. “I hope the wedding goes smoothly,” said Tom, velvety.
4. “This wedding is going to be the event of the year,” said Tom, grandly.
5. “I’m glad we’re finally tying the knot,” said Tom, tightly.
6. “I feel like I’m on top of the world,” said Tom, giddily.
7. “The bride looked stunning in her dress,” said Tom, admiringly.
8. “I can’t believe this is actually happening,” said Tom, incredulously.
9. “I hope they have a happy life together,” said Tom, wishfully.
10. “I think the bride is the most beautiful woman in the world,” said Tom, passionately.
11. “I’m so excited to dance with the bride,” said Tom, rhythmically.
12. “I’m glad the groom finally found his bride,” said Tom, triumphantly.
13. “I’m really looking forward to the cake,” said Tom, hungrily.
14. “The bride’s smile lit up the whole room,” said Tom, brightly.
15. “I’m so happy for the newlyweds,” said Tom, cheerfully.
16. “I hope the bride and groom have a long and happy marriage,” said Tom, confidently.
17. I’m glad the weather cleared up for the wedding,” said Tom, optimistically.
18. “The bride is absolutely glowing,” said Tom, radiantly.
19. “I can’t wait to give my toast,” said Tom, wittily.
20. “I’m so grateful to be here to witness this special day,” said Tom, humbly.

“Witty Wedding Wordplay: Bridal Oxymoronic Puns”

1. The new bride was happily married to celibacy.
2. The anxious bride was calm as chaos .
3. The bride had a lively funeral party.
4. The traditional bride had a modernly vintage dress.
5. The barefoot bride wore glass slippers.
6. The old-fashioned bride was a modern classic.
7. The vegan bride had a meat lover’s buffet.
8. The tardy bride was early late.
9. The tall bride had a short ceremony.
10. The minimalist bride had a maximalist dress.
11. The natural bride wore artificial flowers.
12. The rebellious bride was obediently stubborn.
13. The indecisive bride had decided to procrastinate.
14. The serious bride had a jovial demeanor.
15. The lonely bride had a crowded wedding.
16. The modest bride had a grandiose reception.
17. The sober bride had a drunken toast.
18. The shy bride was outgoingly bashful.
19. The simple bride was extravagantly plain.
20. The anxious bride had a worry-free honeymoon.

Here Comes the Pun: Recursive Wordplays on Bride Puns

1. Why did the bride’s coffee taste like dirt? Because she got grounds for divorce.
2. What did the bride say after she found out her husband was a plumber? “I didn’t know I was marrying a pipe dream.”
3. Did you hear about the bride who knit her own wedding dress? She said it was a real stitch.
4. Why did the bride have bees at her wedding? To help her tie the knot.
5. Why did the bride refuse to wear white on her wedding day? Because she didn’t want to be a copycat.
6. What do you call a bride who is always running late? The lastest bridezilla.
7. Why did the bride bury herself in the sand on the beach? She wanted to feel sand-secure.
8. Why did the bride wear tennis shoes on her wedding day? She wanted to put her best foot forward.
9. What did the bride say when she saw her reflection in the mirror? “That’s a bride sight.”
10. Did you hear about the bride who decided to elope with a gardener? She said it was love at first soil.
11. Why did the bride’s mother refuse to pay for the wedding photographer? She said it was a crummy reception.
12. Why did the bride’s father object to the wedding cake? He said it was “a piece of cake” and he didn’t want to pay for it.
13. Why did the bridesmaids refuse to wear the dresses the bride picked out? They said it was a bad seamstress-ship.
14. What did the bride say after her outdoor wedding was rained out? “I guess it wasn’t in-tents.”
15. Why did the bride refuse to dance with her father at the reception? She said she had to give him the boot.
16. What did the bride say when her mother-in-law criticized her dress? “I won’t put up with that kind of gown-ishment.”
17. Why did the groom’s best man call the wedding a sham? Because the bride and groom are made for each other.
18. Why did the bride refuse to let her husband see her dress before the wedding? She wanted to keep him in suspender.
19. What did the bride say when her bridesmaids couldn’t zip up her dress? “I guess I’ll have to button up.”
20. Why did the bride refuse to serve chicken at her reception? She said it was “fowl” cuisine.

Planning the “Knot-so” Perfect Wedding: Bridal Puns to “Gown”-dazzle Your Guests

1. Getting married is like buying a car: you never really know what kind of ride you’re in for.
2. Bridezilla? More like Bride-chilla!
3. Marriage is like a fine wine: it gets better with age, but can also be quite expensive.
4. A wedding without cake is like a bride without a bouquet – it just wouldn’t be complete.
5. Marrying for love is a wonderful thing, but marrying for money is a little bit richer.
6. Bride’s wedding day nerves can be unsettling – thankfully, her bridesmaids have got her back!
7. A bride’s smile is worth a thousand words, but it takes a lot of work to get it just right.
8. Marriage is a partnership: one person always has the upper hand, and the other is always the lifting hand.
9. You know what they say: a bride’s worst nightmare is a rained-out wedding day.
10. A bride’s journey to the aisle is like climbing a mountain: it takes determination and a whole lot of support.
11. Weddings are all fun and games until the bride trips on her dress and falls down the aisle.
12. A bride’s dress may be white, but her dance moves can be pretty colorful.
13. The bride may seem calm on the surface, but underneath it all she’s a little bit panicky.
14. The best part of any wedding is when the bride and groom finally say, “I dough.”
15. A wedding isn’t just a celebration of love, it’s a chance to eat cake until your pants don’t fit.
16. A bride’s wedding day is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re going to get.
17. A wedding without any hiccups is like a unicorn – it doesn’t exist.
18. It takes two to tango, but for a bride and groom, it takes a whole wedding party to make the perfect dance.
19. A bride’s makeup might be flawless, but her nerves can still create a few wrinkles.
20. The wedding bells are ringing, announcing the arrival of the bride and groom – it’s time to tie the knot!

In conclusion, we hope these 200+ hilarious bride puns kept you laughing from engagement to wedding day! If you’re still in need of more pun-tastic content, be sure to check out our website where we have plenty more puns to tickle your funny bone. Thank you for visiting and happy joking!

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