200+ Hilarious Wedding Card Puns to Add a Dash of Humor to Your Congratulations

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Tying the knot might be a serious affair, but congratulating the happy couple doesn’t have to be! Get ready to seal your status as the most amusing guest in attendance with our side-splitting selection of over 200 wedding card puns. Whether you’re looking to sprinkle a little laughter on the lovebirds or elicit a full-blown cackle amongst the canapés, our pun-tastic phrases are your ticket to nailing that perfectly punny punchline. Perfect for those who like their sentiments served with a side of silliness, these wedding card puns will ensure your well-wishes stand out on the mantelpiece. So grab your pen and get ready to elevate your greeting from customary to comedic—after all, laughter is the secret ingredient for a happy marriage! Let’s dive into the world of witticisms where “I do” meets “Ha-ha-ha!” 💍💌

Nuptial Chuckles: Top Wedding Card Puns (Editor’s Pick)

1. We’ve decided on forever… and ever-lasting puns!
2. Are you ready to take the plunge? Because we’re diving in head-veil first!
3. Let’s taco ’bout love – it’s nacho average wedding!
4. We’re getting hitched and it’s going to be knot your typical party!
5. Our love is brie-ly strong, it’s the ultimate cheese to my macaroni!
6. To love, laughter, and happily ever crafter!
7. We’re tying the knot and we’re sew excited!
8. You’ve stolen a pizza our hearts – and our wedding wouldn’t be as supreme without you!
9. We’re ready to say “I do” to a lifetime of bad puns and dad jokes.
10. I whisk you were beer to hop on the love brew to our wedding!
11. Let’s shell-ebrate – we’re coming out of our shells and into wedded bliss!
12. We’re on the write path, so join us as we pen our next adventure together!
13. Lettuce celebrate – our love has romaine-ed strong!
14. Our love story is quite a catch – it’s o-fish-ally time to celebrate!
15. Watt’s love got to do with it? Everything. Resistance is futile. Join our current event!
16. Muffin compares to you – not even our wedding cake!
17. Join us for a bear-y special wedding, it’s going to be paw-some!
18. We’re taking the leap and going owl in – hoot hoot hooray for wedding bells!
19. Weavings our single lives behind – now it’ll be a double knit union!
20. Owl you need is love and a talon for puns at our wedding!

“Happily Ever Laughter: Wedding Card One-Liners”

1. Our marriage will be the perfect blend, like coffee and mornings or Sundays and brunch.
2. We’re exchanging rings and I’m positive it will be an electrifying experience!
3. Are you ready to make history with us? Because we’re about to “altar” the future.
4. We’re the perfect match, and now we’re ready to spark a lifetime of love!
5. Get ready to wine down and toast to our wedded bliss.
6. Don’t get cold feet, because our love is sure to keep you warm!
7. A match made in he-oven, kneading each other ’til the end of thyme.
8. Our wedding will be like a good book – full of plots, twists, and characters you’ll love!
9. Falling in love is a-maize-ing, and so will be our corn-y wedding.
10. Our love is the thread that ties us together, now let’s stitch our future.
11. We’re about to say ‘I do’ – lettuce turnip the beet at our wedding!
12. Have your cake and eat it too, at our sweet matrimony.
13. I asked for her hand, and now we’re walking down the aisle hand in Han-solo.
14. Love is brewing, and we promise no decaf at our wedding!
15. Love is in the heir – join us as we become royal-tea in matrimony.
16. Life without you is un-bear-able, so let’s be partners for life.
17. We’re wheelie excited to start our journey together – no more biking solo!
18. You’re the loaf of my life, let’s toast to our wedding!
19. Are you ready to rock and scroll at our medieval-themed wedding?
20. Our love story is bow-tiful, let’s tie the knot with style and grace!

“Nuptial Nonsense (Q&A Wedding Wit)”

1. Q: Why did the two cell phones get married?
A: Because they had a great connection!

2. Q: Why do spiders make the best wedding planners?
A: They know how to spin the perfect webbing day!

3. Q: What do you call two spiders who just got married?
A: Newly-webs!

4. Q: Why was the broom late for the wedding?
A: It overswept!

5. Q: Why did the envelopes get married?
A: They were attached at the seal!

6. Q: Why are wedding dresses like essays?
A: Because they both need a good conclusion!

7. Q: Why was the DJ bankrupt after his wedding?
A: He just couldn’t stop dropping bills!

8. Q: Why was the football team at the wedding?
A: They were the groom’s best defenders!

9. Q: Why do newlyweds always carry a camera?
A: To capture every “blink” of an eye!

10. Q: Why didn’t the melon get married in Vegas?
A: Because it cantaloupe!

11. Q: Why did the couple write vows on an iPhone?
A: They wanted an “iDo!”

12. Q: Why was the computer cold at the wedding?
A: It left its Windows open!

13. Q: Why was the geometry book sad at the wedding?
A: Because it knew all about the angles but had no one to dance with!

14. Q: Why was the stamp such a good wedding guest?
A: Because it always stuck to the invitation!

15. Q: Why did the lamp go to the wedding?
A: Because it wanted to light up the room!

16. Q: Why didn’t the scarecrow get married in a church?
A: He preferred a field!

17. Q: Why did the soda cans get married?
A: Because they couldn’t resist their “fizzical” attraction!

18. Q: What’s a baker’s favorite part of a wedding?
A: The “I knead you” vows!

19. Q: Why did the two antennas have a cheap wedding?
A: Because the reception was fantastic!

20. Q: Why did the wedding dress go to school?
A: It wanted to “brush up” on its train-ing!

“Love’s Double-Edged Swords: Wedding Card Puns”

1. “Keep calm and marry on!”
2. “Two hearts that beat as one – now that’s a well-timed rhythm!”
3. “You’re getting a husband, not just a ring bearer!”
4. “Here’s to love, laughter, and happily ever crafter!”
5. “You two have a ‘sparkling’ future — let’s toast to not dropping the ball!”
6. “Love is the best ‘tie’ that binds!”
7. “May your life together be just ‘write’!”
8. “Congratulations on finding someone special to ‘book’ for life!”
9. “You’ve both decided to ‘wing’ it together forever!”
10. “Take the ‘plunge’ – marriage is quite the deep end!”
11. “May your marriage be like a fine wine – full-bodied and improving with age!”
12. “Found the person you want to annoy for eternity – now that’s commitment!”
13. “Wishing you a ‘hole’ lot of happiness and donut ever let go!”
14. “Happiness is marrying your ‘sole’ mate!”
15. “May your marriage be seamless – like the perfect dress fit!”
16. “Now comes the ‘splice’ of life!”
17. “Your ‘network’ of love just gained the best connection!”
18. “Seal your love with a kiss and a lifetime of ‘tech’ support!”
19. “Congratulations on signing off on your new ‘joint’ account – marriage!”
20. “The perfect ‘blend’ of joy and love – cheers to your wedding!”

“Match-Made-in-Pun: Wedding Card Wordplay”

1. “We’re tying the knot… No strings attached!”
2. “Eat, drink, and be married!”
3. “You two are mint to be together!”
4. “Our love is like a fine wine, it gets better with age. Let’s toast to our grape future!”
5. “You’ve stolen a pizza my heart and now you’re getting married. Slice, slice, baby!”
6. “You’re the king and queen of hearts that found the perfect pair-a-dice!”
7. “It’s ‘altar’ or nothing when it comes to saying ‘I do’.”
8. “Falling in love is a piece of wedding cake.”
9. “A match made in heave-hen—let’s flock together forever!”
10. “Get ready to embark on a life full of wedded blitz!”
11. “It’s about time you two got whisked away into marital bliss!”
12. “You two have the perfect mix: Love, laughter, and a happily ever-batter!”
13. “Let’s raise the bar for love—here’s to a lifetime of high spirits!”
14. “You’ve got the write love story; now it’s time to pen your future together.”
15. “This union is shore to be a wave of happiness—sea you at the wedding!”
16. “To love, laughter, and a hoppy-ly ever after!”
17. “Wheel love you two together—it’s going to be a fantastic journey.”
18. “You two are the perfect blend—may your love be unfiltered and rich.”
19. “Congratulations on finding someone to annoy for the rest of your dais.”
20. “May your life be filled with endless love and loads of laundry-ter.”

“Sealed with a Smirk: Wedding Card Wordplay Whimsy”

1. “We were mint to be together, but now we’re eucalypt at expressing our love.”
2. “You’ve stolen a pizza my heart, now it’s time for us to say ‘I dough.'”
3. “We’re a match made in heave-brie, so let’s celebrate with cheese and marry-me-nt.”
4. “Our love is like a fine wine; it just gets better with thyme.”
5. “I love you s’more every day, let’s get married and have a flamin’ good time.”
6. “You’re the loaf of my life, let the toasting to our future begin.”
7. “We’re ready to tie the knot, so let’s cut to the cheese and have a gouda time.”
8. “I cannoli be happy when I’m with you, let’s get wed and roll with it.”
9. “Our love story is a real page-turner, let’s book our next chapter as Mr. and Mrs.”
10. “You’re the zest of my life, let’s lemon-aid each other forever.”
11. “Are you a camera? Because every time I look at you, I picture us together forever.”
12. “We’re the perfect pear, so let’s not let this moment slip melon by.”
13. “Let’s avo-cuddle forever, because you guac my world.”
14. “Our love is un-beet-able, let’s root for each other forever.”
15. “We’re bready to say ‘I do,’ I’m so glad I buttered you up for this moment.”
16. “You have a pizz-a my heart, let’s slice into marriage life together.”
17. “I’ve bean thinking, and I can’t espresso how much I want to spend my life with you.”
18. “I choux-se you to be my partner for life, let’s whip up the perfect life together.”
19. “Our love may be corny, but I’m ear for you through thick and thin.”
20. “You’re the apple of my eye, let’s turn over a new leaf and get married.”

“Love in the Air: Wedding Card Wordplay”

1. “Our Love is ‘Ringing’ True – Join the Celebration!”
2. “We’re ‘Ty-the-Knot’ – Save the Date!”
3. “Two Become ‘Juan’ – A United Love Fiesta!”
4. “Joined for ‘Eternatee’ – Witness Our Vows!”
5. “Holy ‘Matt-rimony’ – We’re Getting Married!”
6. “It’s a ‘Marri-Age’ Made in Heaven!”
7. “Sealed with a ‘Kiss-ten’ – You’re Invited!”
8. “‘Altar’ Your Plans – We’re Tying the Knot!”
9. “‘Wed-Lock’ in Holy Matrimony!”
10. “‘Join’ Us in Celebrating Our Union!”
11. “‘I Do’ Believe We’re Meant to Be!”
12. “‘Marry-tha’ Moment with Us!”
13. “Bride and ‘Grooming’ a Lifetime of Love!”
14. “‘Union-Jack’ and Jill Tying the Knot!”
15. “‘Aisle’ Be There for You – Wedding Bells Are Ringing!”
16. “‘Vow’ to Have a Wonderful Time at Our Wedding!”
17. “Love on ‘Parade’ – Come March Down the Aisle with Us!”
18. “‘Bouquet’ Your Calendar – It’s Wedding Time!”
19. “Something ‘Brewed,’ Something New – Celebrate Our I Do’s!”
20. “Take a ‘Leigh’ of Absence and Join Our Wedding Festivities!”

“Marital Mix-Ups: Spoonerism Spins on Wedding Wishes”

1. Love and cherish – Cove and larish
2. Blissful couple – Clistful bouple
3. Wedding bells – Bedding wells
4. Perfect match – Merfect patch
5. Tie the knot – Kie the tot
6. Walk down the aisle – Aisle down the walk
7. Bride and groom – Gride and broom
8. Happy ever after – Appy hever after
9. Nuptial celebration – Suptial nelebration
10. Honeymoon phase – Poneymoon haze
11. Wedding vows – Vetting wows
12. Eternal love – Leturnal ev
13. Just married – Must jarried
14. Spouse for life – Louse for spife
15. Marriage journey – Jarriage mourney
16. Blissful vows – Vissful blows
17. Together forever – Fogether ter
18. Sweetheart ceremony – Seatheart sermony
19. Wedding cake – Cadding wake
20. Joined in matrimony – Moined in jatrimony

“Happily Ever Add-ons (Tom Swifties I Do’s and Don’ts)”

1. “I do,” he said engagingly.
2. “The ring is too tight,” she exclaimed constrictedly.
3. “We’re getting married in a chapel,” he mentioned quaintly.
4. “I’m wearing my mother’s dress,” she stated maternally.
5. “It’s time for the speeches,” he articulated toastily.
6. “I prefer traditional vows,” she remarked classically.
7. “I lost the bouquet,” she admitted defeatedly.
8. “I’m here for the cake,” he digested sweetly.
9. “This is my first dance,” he moved awkwardly.
10. “Let’s cut the cake together,” they sliced unitedly.
11. “My in-laws are coming,” he related reluctantly.
12. “I’ll carry you over the threshold,” he proposed strongly.
13. “We wrote our own vows,” they expressed personally.
14. “Our honeymoon is in Hawaii,” she sighed tropically.
15. “That was the best man’s speech,” he observed funnily.
16. “I’m changing my last name,” she signed officially.
17. “We’re having an outdoor wedding,” she forecasted brightly.
18. “My father is walking me down the aisle,” she accompanied paternally.
19. “Throw the garter higher,” he directed elastically.
20. “Our love is forever,” they promised eternally.

Matrimonially Mismatched Quips: Oxymoronic Wedding Card Puns

1. “Get ready for a lifetime of wedded bliss… and blissful arguments!”
2. “Tie the knot with a perfectly matched mismatch!”
3. “Join us for a casual black-tie affair.”
4. “Celebrate our organized chaos wedding ceremony!”
5. “Witness our unity in division as we say ‘I do.'”
6. “Step into our open secret wedding venue!”
7. “RSVP for our orderly mayhem celebration.”
8. “You’re invited to our small crowd nuptials.”
9. “Experience our loud silence as we exchange vows.”
10. “Join our union of independent co-dependents.”
11. “Come for a night of peaceful uproar at our reception.”
12. “Witness our visibly invisible love for each other.”
13. “Step into matrimony with our clearly confused hearts.”
14. “Celebrate the beginning of our endearing struggle.”
15. “Join our silent scream of joy at the ‘I do’s.”
16. “Our planned spontaneity wedding will be an event not to miss!”
17. “Prepare for a night of calm chaos at our wedding party.”
18. “Watch an intimate gathering of all our distant friends.”
19. “Be part of our static journey down the aisle.”
20. “Embrace the serious fun at our matrimonial celebration.”

“Nuptial Notes: A Matrimony of Mirth and Matrimony (Recursive Wedding Whims)”

1. I’m getting “marriaged” to the idea of a wedding card pun.
2. If I write another wedding card pun, I’ll be “re-vowed” to the humor.
3. With each new pun, I’m just “wed-ding” to the fun.
4. You might want to “save the date” for the next recursive punchline.
5. If I make one more pun, will it be an “engaging” thought?
6. As we “ring” in the next pun, I promise it’ll “band” us together with laughter.
7. These puns “aisle” be working on forever, as they’re a “match” made in heaven.
8. At this “reception,” I hope my puns are well “received.”
9. I vow to “have and to hold” your attention with these wedding card pun-ny lines.
10. “Something old,” something new, something borrowed, something “blue” at having to explain pun number nine.
11. Can you “hear” the bells ring for the next level of this punny ceremony?
12. These puns may be “tiered” like a cake, but I’m not “layering” up the humor.
13. You might need to “toast” to the creativity of recursive wedding puns.
14. “Bouquet” ready for another pun, because they’re blooming with humor!
15. Is it “tiering” you out yet? Or are you ready to “tier” into another pun?
16. I don’t want to “tux”edo much, but these puns suit the occasion.
17. If you think these are “veil,” just wait until the mystery of the next pun is lifted.
18. I’m not “altering” the course, these puns are heading straight down the “aisle.”
19. For “butter” or for worse, we’re stuck in a loop of wedding-themed wordplay.
20. I hope we’re not “caking it” too far with these layered jokes.

Tying the Knot with Wit: A Love-Punned Union

1. “To the pear-fect couple, may your love always be ripe and never split.”
2. “You two are a match made in heaven, but don’t forget to also light up on earth!”
3. “Here’s to your wedding – where two hearts ‘tie the knot’ tighter than a pair of skinny jeans!”
4. “Love is blind, but marriage is a real eye-opener – here’s to never needing glasses!”
5. “It’s not about finding someone you can live with, it’s about finding the one you can’t live without… or the remote control.”
6. “You’re both taking the plunge – remember to keep swimming even when you’re in deep water!”
7. “May your love be like good wine, grow stronger as it grows older – and more expensive!”
8. “Marriage is a work of heart, and you two are creating your masterpiece – don’t forget to frame it!”
9. “As you get hitched, may your love hold tighter than a bride’s updo in hurricane season!”
10. “May your marriage be rock solid; not like scissors in ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors,’ but more like a diamond!”
11. “Remember, in the theater of love, marriage is the encore everyone’s waiting for!”
12. “You’re now two of a kind, a pair beyond compare – here’s to never folding in the game of life!”
13. “They say opposites attract – if that’s true, your marriage is going to be shockingly magnetic!”
14. “Keep calm and marry on – you’ve successfully updated your relationship status to ‘forever loading’.”
15. “You make a lovely pear, so lettuce celebrate with mush-room for happiness in your hearts!”
16. “May your wedding days be like good bathroom tiles – strong, solid, and never cracked under pressure!”
17. “Your wedding bands are like miniature handcuffs – but for a life sentence of joy!”
18. “If love is the treasure, marriage is the key. Don’t lose it in the sofa cushions!”
19. “Like a book of vouchers, may your marriage have plenty of date nights left!”
20. “Happiness is being married to your best friend – bonus points if you find the matching socks!”

And there you have it, a grand collection of over 200 wedding card puns that are sure to have the happy couple chuckling as they dive into their new life together! Laughter is the spark that keeps the flame of love burning bright, so why not contribute to that joyful glow with a pun-tastic note of congratulations?

But wait, there’s more! If these matrimonial quips have tickled your fancy, be sure to peruse our vast collection of puns across all topics for even more giggle-inducing inspiration. From birthdays to “just because,” we’ve got a pun for every occasion.

We’re delighted that you chose to join us on this humor-filled journey, and we’d love to be a part of your future celebrations with even more playful wordplay.

Thank you for stopping by and adding a little extra laughter to your day. May the newlyweds’ life together be as joyful and full of fun as the card you’ve chosen for them! Keep the puns coming and spread the smiles as you celebrate love in all its quirky glory.

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