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Get ready to take your pun game to another galaxy with our collection of over 200 UFO puns that are truly out of this world! Whether you’re a believer in extraterrestrial life or just enjoy a good wordplay, these puns are sure to make you LOL (laugh out of this world). From puns about alien abductions to clever quips about flying saucers, this list has it all. So buckle up, sit back, and prepare to be transported to a pun-tastic universe where laughter is the universal language. Ready to embark on a cosmic comedy adventure? Let’s get punny with these UFO puns!

Out-of-this-World Jokes to Make You UFO-nbelievably Happy (Editors Pick)

1. Why did the UFO join a gym? For a close encounter of the third kind!
2. What do aliens on UFOs eat for dessert? Flying saucer-cream!
3. What do you call an alien spaceship that takes a wrong turn? A UFO-turn!
4. How do aliens keep their hair in place? With cosmic hairspray!
5. Why don’t aliens eat clowns? Because they taste funny!
6. What do aliens wear to the beach? Space suits!
7. How do aliens communicate with each other? By celestial phones!
8. What’s an alien’s favorite instrument? The flying sauceraphone!
9. Why did the astronaut bring a ladder to the UFO? To reach new heights in space!
10. How do you book a trip on an alien spaceship? You make a reservation at the Milky Way Inn!
11. Why did the UFO never start a clothing line? It preferred to keep a low-profile!
12. How do alien chefs like their steaks cooked? On the medium rare side of the moon!
13. What’s an alien’s favorite dance move? The extraterrestrial shuffle!
14. Why did the UFO athlete lose the race? It kept getting caught in tractor beams!
15. What did the UFO tell the spaceship? “I’m falling for you… into your gravitational pull!”
16. How do aliens make phone calls? They use their intergalactic cell-phone!
17. What did the UFO say to the meteor shower? “I’m glowing with envy!”
18. Why did the alien join a comedy club? It wanted to probe the audience for laughs!
19. What did the UFO say to the airport runway? “I’m a big fan of your landings!”
20. How do aliens like their coffee? Grounded!

Out-of-This-World Wordplay (UFO Puns)

1. Why did the alien go to the doctor? It had UFOffalo wings!
2. I tried to make contact with aliens, but it was just a missed steak.
3. What do you call a UFO that goes on vacation? An unidentified flying object.
4. I saw a UFO landing in the middle of a farm. Turns out, it was just a crop circle!
5. Aliens love to play hide-and-seek. We just haven’t found their hiding spot yet.
6. Did you hear about the alien who became a musician? He played the space guitar.
7. Why don’t aliens eat clowns? Because they taste funny!
8. What do you call an alien with no nose? Nobody knows.
9. I saw an alien using a computer, but it was speaking a different language. I guess it was using a universal translator.
10. How do aliens like their eggs? Extra-Terrestrial!
11. Did you hear about the UFO that crashed into the bakery? There were a lot of crum-bull-eties.
12. I invited an alien to dinner, but he was a really bad guest. He kept abducting all the snacks!
13. What do you call an alien who can sing? An extra-terrestrial.
14. I saw an alien on a diet. It was trying to lose some cosmic weight.
15. I always lose arguments with aliens. They’re just too out of this world.
16. What kind of music do aliens listen to? Neptunes!
17. What do aliens wear to the beach? UFO bikinis!
18. An alien asked me if I had any spare change. I gave him a few space cents.
19. Why do aliens never eat clowns? Because they taste funny!
20. The aliens loved our football game so much that they wanted to take it back to their own planet. But it was a little too far out!

Cosmic Riddles (Question-and-Answer Puns)

1. What do you call a UFO that crashes into a vineyard? A wine flying object!
2. Why did the UFO go to the therapist? It had an alien abduction disorder!
3. How do aliens send messages? By “extraterrestrial” mail!
4. What do aliens say to each other when they’re puzzled? “I don’t understand, I’m completely spaceless!”
5. How do aliens like their eggs? E.T.s over easy!
6. What kind of car does an alien drive? A flying saucer!
7. What do you call an alien who tells jokes? A comedian-ufo!
8. Why did the UFO eat a dictionary? It wanted to turn into a “flying saucier”!
9. How do aliens like to communicate? In a universal language: E.T.cetera!
10. What kind of pets do aliens have? Exterrestrial terriers!
11. How do aliens organize their social events? They PLANet!
12. What do aliens use to cook? A space-oven!
13. What did the alien say to his sweetheart? “You’re out of this world!”
14. Why did the UFO refuse to land on Earth? It heard the planet was quite “terrestrial”!
15. How do UFOs attend parties? They planet a ahead!
16. What do you call a terrified alien? A nervous wreck-tile!
17. What do aliens order at fast-food restaurants? A light year burger with extra cosmic sauce!
18. What did the shy UFO say to the attractive spaceship? “You take me to another world!”
19. Why don’t aliens understand Earth’s jokes? Because they have a different “sense” of humor!
20. How do aliens go from place to place? They use a space-shuttle!

Out of This World Humor: Flying Saucer Jest (Double Entendre Puns)

1. Why did the alien artist bring a UFO to the gallery? Because he wanted to show off his “out of this world” work.
2. Did you hear about the spaceship that crashed into the bakery? It was a real “flour power” incident.
3. What did the alien say to the bartender at the UFO-themed party? “Give me your strongest “martian-i.”
4. When aliens land on Earth, they often have a “close encounter of the human kind.”
5. Why was the UFO so good at jokes? Because it had an impeccable “alien-ation” timing.
6. I saw a UFO hovering over the music festival, getting a “high note” of the crowd’s energy.
7. How do aliens like their coffee? “Steaming hot and out of this world.”
8. The UFO sightings in the desert are causing quite the “sandstorm.”
9. Why did the UFO always have the best dance moves? It had an intergalactic “groove factor.”
10. What did the alien tourist say after visiting a haunted house on Halloween? “That was truly an unearthly experience.”
11. The UFO was late for its appointment because it got stuck in an interstellar “traffic-jam.”
12. What did the alien dentist say to the patient? “Let’s keep an out-of-this-world smile in orbit.”
13. The aliens had a great time playing poker with humans because they always had an “alien edge.”
14. What did the UFO say when it was trying to impress its crush? “Beam me up, hottie.”
15. Did you hear about the UFO that joined a boy band? It was the “star-ship” of the group.
16. How do aliens celebrate Valentine’s Day? By giving their loved ones a “cosmic kiss.
17. What did the UFO say when it crashed into a tree? “I guess I need better navigation “aliens.”
18. Why did the alien keep visiting the farmer’s market? It couldn’t resist the “crop circles” of delicious produce.
19. How do aliens keep their spaceships looking shiny and new? “With a “cosmic car-wash,” of course.”
20. The UFO had to enroll in dance classes because it had a “standing invitation” to interstellar parties.

“Unidentified Fun Objects: Punnin’ with UFOs!”

1. I saw a UFO, it really flew out of this world!
2. They say aliens came and went in a flash, I guess it was a close encounter of the blur kind.
3. The little green men visited Earth, but they left us in a bit of a flying saucer.
4. When it comes to UFOs, the truth is out there, and it’s always on a different wavelength.
5. If you see a UFO, be sure to wave hello, it might be a friendly extra-terrestrial.
6. UFO sightings can really make your mind spin, it’s like a cosmic whirlwind.
7. When the aliens come down, it’s a real space invasion, they take parking spots like it’s a tractor beam.
8. UFO sightings are like finding a needle in a haystack, it’s a search for extraterrestrial intelligence.
9. They say UFOs are powered by some sort of anti-gravity device, it’s like flying off the face of the Earth.
10. UFOs are like a shooting star, they come and go in a flash.
11. Alien spaceships have a mind of their own, they’re like intergalactic joyrides.
12. UFO sightings can make you feel like you’re in a parallel universe, a world of alien possibilities.
13. When the UFO landed, it was like a close encounter of the parallel parking kind.
14. If you see a UFO, buckle up for a wild ride, it’s like a cosmic roller coaster.
15. The aliens made contact, but their communication was a bit scrambled, it was like talking with static.
16. UFO encounters can be a close shave, it’s like interstellar grooming.
17. When the UFOs fly overhead, it’s like a celestial traffic jam.
18. They say aliens travel through space at warp speed, it’s like intergalactic light speed.
19. If you spot a UFO, don’t panic, just keep your eyes on the skies and remember to breathe.
20. UFO sightings can make your heart race, it’s like experiencing alien cardio.

Alien Laughs (Pun Juxtaposition)

1. I saw a UFO serving burgers and fries, it was a flying saucer with extra cheese.
2. Did you hear about the Martian who opened a bakery? He sells cosmic muffins and space cakes.
3. Why did the alien start a circus? He wanted to show off his exo-tentacles.
4. I saw a UFO playing football, it was a flying field goal.
5. Why did the alien bring a ladder to the party? Because he heard the drinks were galaxy high.
6. Did you hear about the alien who became a comedian? He always delivers out-of-this-world punchlines.
7. I saw an extraterrestrial taking pictures, it was using a flying camera-shy-der.
8. Why did the alien join a band? Because it wanted to play the guitar-ufo.
9. Did you hear about the UFO that entered a beauty pageant? It was crowned Miss Galaxy.
10. What did the alien say when it arrived at the comedy club? “Take me to your stand-up comedian.”
11. I saw a UFO reciting Shakespeare, it was a flying bard.
12. Why did the alien become a zookeeper? It wanted to explore a wilder exo-sphere.
13. Did you hear about the extraterrestrial chef? He makes the best space-dough-nuts in the universe.
14. What did the Martian say after breaking a vase? “Oops, gravity got the best of me.”
15. I saw a UFO doing yoga, it was a flying Zen master.
16. Why did the alien quit his job as a banker? He wanted to live a fly-lunar lifestyle.
17. Did you hear about the extraterrestrial tailor? He’s known for his stellar fitting clothes.
18. What did one UFO say to the other after a long day? “I’m out of orbit, let’s stargaze and chill.”
19. I saw an alien playing basketball, it was a flying three-pointer.
20. Why did the Martian become a fashion designer? He wanted to create out-of-this-world clothing trends.

“Out of This World Wordplay: UFO Puns that Are Unidentified Fun Objects”

1. Area 51-derful
2. Alien Abduction Distraction
3. Roswell That Ends Well
4. Flying Saucer-ful
5. Probing the Skies
6. Planet Zargon, the Intergalactic Bar
7. The Extraterrestrial Express
8. The Abductee’s Retreat
9. Martian Margaritas
10. The UFOlicious Diner
11. Close Encounters of the Third Appetizer
12. The Alien Arcade
13. E.T.’s Pizza Parlour
14. UFO-nomenal Burgers
15. Flying Saucer-ritos
16. The Stardust Saloon
17. The Outer Space Oasis
18. The Celestial Cafe
19. The Interstellar Ice Cream Shop
20. Cosmic Popcorn and Snacks

Alien Echoes: UFO Spoonerisms that Leave You in Stitches

1. Fly unporange
2. “Zying in the sky”
3. “Crashed nars”
4. “Invading maids”
5. “Alien thirft”
6. “Abducted gowls”
7. “Mysterious cishing”
8. “Extra-terrestrial toen”
9. “Landing beames”
10. “Zogging in the straw”
11. “Martians elanding”
12. “Abductions snconfirmed”
13. “Outerspace nvasions”
14. Rocket claunch
15. “Spaceship ceports”
16. “Moon strission”
17. “Interplanetary crobeams”
18. “Flying objects nidentified”
19. “Alluring yliens”
20. “Aerial ctivity”

Out-of-This-World Quips (Tom Swifties)

1. “Those aliens are out of this world,” said Tom spaciously.
2. “I can’t believe I just saw a UFO,” Tom said extraterrestrially.
3. “I hope those aliens don’t probe me,” Tom said rectally.
4. “I’m not sure if I believe in UFOs,” Tom said skeptically.
5. “I saw a UFO flying over the cornfield,” Tom said eerily.
6. “Do you think aliens are friendly?” Tom asked curiously.
7. That UFO landed silently in the forest,” Tom said stealthily.
8. “I’m scared of aliens,” Tom said fearfully.
9. “I wish I had a UFO of my own,” Tom said wistfully.
10. I think aliens have advanced technology,” Tom said scientifically.
11. “I think I just saw an alien spaceship,” Tom said astronomically.
12. “I’ll bet aliens have some mind-blowing technology,” Tom said conjecturally.
13. “I believe aliens are studying us,” Tom said speculatively.
14. “I don’t want to get abducted by aliens,” Tom said cautiously.
15. “I wonder what aliens look like,” Tom said imaginatively.
16. “I saw a UFO flying over the mountains,” Tom said loftily.
17. “I think aliens are among us,” Tom said suspiciously.
18. “I saw a UFO hovering over the lake,” Tom said mystically.
19. “Aliens love crop circles,” Tom said jokingly.
20. “I want to meet an actual alien,” Tom said out-of-this-worldly.

Cosmic Contradictions: UFO-logical Oxymoronic Puns

1. Unidentified friendly object
2. Alienating atmosphere
3. Extraterrestrial pranksters
4. Cosmic claustrophobia
5. Close encounter of the funny kind
6. Stealthy UFO sighting
7. Alien invasion comedy show
8. Galactic stand-up routine
9. Time-traveling laugh factory
10. Hilarious intergalactic comedy club
11. Unidentified giggling orb
12. Chuckle-filled spaceship
13. Laugh-inducing flying saucer
14. Jovial extraterrestrial crew
15. Silly interstellar beings
16. Giggling Martians
17. Rib-tickling cosmic entities
18. Alien comedians on tour
19. Transparently funny UFO
20. Guffaw-provoking unidentified object

Alien With a Sense of Hu-mor (Recursive UFO Puns)

1. Why did the UFO decide to become a meteorologist? It had a knack for space weather patterns.
2. Did you hear about the UFO that tried to become a chef? It wanted to cook up some alien-ated dishes.
3. UFOs love to play poker. They always bluff and say, “I’m all in, Uranus!”
4. What do you call a UFO that is always stealing candy? An extraterrestrial sweet-tooth thief.
5. I heard a UFO opened a bakery. Word on the street is its pies are out of this world!
6. The UFO loved to travel, but it always struggled with navigation. It had a real flying saucer-cellaneous sense of direction.
7. Why did the UFO join a gym? It wanted to land some serious inter-galactic gains.
8. The UFO was trying to fix its spaceship. It said, “Houston, we have a problem… and it’s recursive!”
9. A UFO walked into a photo booth and asked for some kinesis… alien self-reflection at its best.
10. The UFO had a sweet tooth, so it decided to start a cocoa bean farm on Mars. It wanted to take chocolate to a whole new “planet.
11. Why did the UFO sign up for art classes? It wanted to explore “out of this world” creativity!
12. The UFO went to a comedy club and asked for an alien-centric stand-up routine. It wanted to hear some “cosmic” comedy.
13. Did you hear about the UFO that became a lawyer? It specialized in interstellar law and was known as the ultimate space advocate.
14. The UFO wanted to become an athlete but struggled to find a sport it was suited for. It decided to try its hand at intergalactic Frisbee and became a pro at UFOltimate.
15. The UFO tried its luck in the music industry, starting its own interstellar record label. It was known for producing chart-topping hits that were truly “out of this world.”
16. A UFO walked into a bar and ordered a drink. The bartender asked, “What can I get for you?” The UFO replied, “A Martini… off the menu.”
17. Why did the UFO start a fashion line? It had a stellar sense of style and wanted to take the interstellar runway by storm.
18. The UFO became a detective, specializing in solving extraterrestrial mysteries. It was known as the ultimate “space investigator.”
19. Why did the UFO decide to become a therapist? It wanted to help aliens deal with their cosmic emotional struggles.
20. The UFO decided to become an author, writing science fiction novels about life in outer space. It introduced readers to a whole new “universe” of imagination.

Punning Around with Extraterrestrial Expressions

1. I saw a UFO carrying a bundle of cash, it must be an “alien-vestment.”
2. The alien spaceship kept breaking down, it couldn’t take off for “lift off.”
3. The UFO went on a diet, it was tired of being called an “unidentified flying object.”
4. The extraterrestrial was attracted to earth’s forests, it was a “close encounter of the tree kind.”
5. The aliens said they came in peace, but they really just wanted to “abduct and go.”
6. The UFO appeared in the sky above the bakery, it was a “close encounter of the doughnut kind.
7. The spaceship accidentally landed in a cemetery, it was a “close encounter of the graveyard kind.”
8. The alien pilot needed glasses, he had a “close encounter of the blurred kind.
9. The UFO enjoyed making prank calls from space, it was a “close encounter of the third prank.”
10. The aliens loved to party, it was a “close encounter of the third kind of brew.”
11. The UFO tried to find a parking spot, but couldn’t find a “close encounter of the parking kind.”
12. The extraterrestrial became a teacher, it was a “close encounter of the learning kind.”
13. The spaceship had a hole in it, it was a “close encounter of the leaking kind.”
14. The UFO tried to become a chef, but it had a “close encounter of the flavor kind.”
15. The aliens went on vacation to Egypt, it was a “close encounter of the pyramid kind.”
16. The extraterrestrial won a medal at the Olympics, it was a “close encounter of the gold kind.”
17. The UFO became a fashion model, it was a “close encounter of the runway kind.”
18. The alien had a great sense of humor, it was a “close encounter of the witty kind.”
19. The spaceship became a music conductor, it was a “close encounter of the melody kind.”
20. The UFO enjoyed watching TV shows, it was a “close encounter of the binge kind.

In conclusion, these ultimate UFO puns truly are out of this world! We hope they brought a smile to your face and a few laughs along the way. If you can’t get enough of these puns, be sure to check out our website for even more hilarious puns on a variety of topics. Thank you for taking the time to visit our site, and we hope to see you again soon!

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