220 Hilarious Raffle Puns That’ll Leave You in Stitches: Win Big with Laughter

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Looking for some pun-derfully entertaining raffle jokes that will have you in stitches? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve compiled over 200 of the funniest raffle puns around to help spice up your next fundraising event or giveaway. Whether you’re a seasoned punster or just starting out, these raffle puns are sure to liven up any occasion.

Not only are these puns a source of great entertainment, but they can also help boost your fundraising efforts. Laughter is a powerful tool in getting people to donate, and what’s more, it’s contagious. So, whether you’re planning a raffle for a charity event or a school fundraiser, these puns will help you win big with laughter. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the world of raffle puns!

“Raffle-y Good Puns” (Editors Pick)

1. It’s a rafflely good time!
2. Let’s raffle and roll!
3. You’ve got to be in it to win it at the raffle!
4. Raffle places, raffle faces!
5. Raffle-ing good deals!
6. Ruffle some feathers with a good raffle
7. Raffling off some serious prizes!
8. Don’t raffle with the devil!
9. Raise the stakes with a good raffle
10. A raffle a day keeps the boredom away
11. Raffle up some excitement!
12. Raffle out the welcome mat
13. Raffle me this, raffle me that
14. Raffle up a storm
15. Raffle off into the sunset
16. It’s not gambling if it’s a raffle, right?
17. Rafflemania!
18. Raffle together for a good cause
19. A raffle a day keeps the wallet at bay
20. From rags to raffles, anything can happen!

Raffling in the Laughs: One-liner Puns

1. Did you hear about the raffle for the yacht? It was a boatload of fun!
2. If you win the raffle, don’t forget to thank your horseshoe!
3. The raffle prize was so good, I’d enter it again if I hat to.
4. The raffle for the car was a winner, hood it been a different story!
5. The raffle was really cut-throat. The prize was a pair of scissors.
6. I bought a ticket for a raffle to support the local zoo, but I never herd back from them.
7. I bought a ticket for the raffle, hoping for a miracle on 34th Street, but I ended up with a bridge in Brooklyn.
8. I refused to compete in the raffle because I don’t like to gamble with my future.
9. My raffle ticket lost, but there’s no point in crying over spilt milk!
10. The raffle for the mixer was a whirlwind of emotions.
11. I was feeling lucky, so I bought a ton of raffle tickets. That was a waist of money
12. I lost the raffle to win a dictionary, but I’ve moved on to better things and the rest is just preposition.
13. I lost the raffle for the TV, but I guess that’s just the way the channel fives.
14. The boy scout raffle was a true stroke of genius.
15. The raffle prize was great, but the suspense was killing me. Give everyone a brake!
16. I won the raffle prize, now I have to tail everyone how excited I am.
17. I can’t believe I won the raffle prize for a trip to the North Pole, it truly was an ice surprise.
18. The raffle prize was a fishing rod, but I let my friend reel it in and he got hooked.
19. I entered a raffle for a book on the history of glue, I’ll stick around to see if I win.
20. The circus raffle was a juggling act — so many different prizes in the air!

“Raffle-tastic Riddles: Participate in our Question-and-Answer Puns!”

1. What did the raffle winner say on his way home? “I can’t believe my luck!”
2. How do you increase your chances of winning a raffle? Buy more tickets!
3. What do you call a raffle where the winners are all birds? A feather raffle.
4. Why did the raffle winner become an actor? He got a taste for drama.
5. What did the raffle winner say to the salesperson? “I’ve got the winning ticket up my sleeve!”
6. What do you call a raffle for golfers? A hole-in-won.
7. What do you call a raffle for musicians? A riffle.
8. Why don’t raffle organizers like to give away gold? Because it’s too valuable to give a-weigh.
9. What do you call a raffle for book lovers? A page-turner.
10. What did the raffle winner say when he won a trip to Hawaii? “Aloha victory!”
11. Why do they not hold raffles inside banks? Because they already have their own draw.
12. What did the raffle winner say when he won a car? “I’m wheelie excited!”
13. What do you call a raffle for chefs? A whisk and win.
14. Why was the raffle organizer arrested for fraud? He rigged the competition.
15. What do you call a raffle for magicians? A prestidigital win.
16. What did the raffle winner say when he won a new wardrobe? “I’ll be suited and booted!”
17. What do you call a raffle for artists? A stroke of luck.
18. What did the raffle winner say when she won a spa day? “This prize is just what the doctor ordered!”
19. What do you call a raffle for carpenters? A saw of the draw.
20. Why was the raffle not held in the library? Because it was too quiet to drum up any interest.

Win Big with These Raffle-tastic Puns (Double Entendre Edition)

1. “I heard the prize for the raffle is a big package.”
2. You have to buy tickets to get a shot at winning.
3. “I never win at the raffle, I must have bad luck in the game of chance.”
4. “I can’t decide which raffle item I want to get my hands on.”
5. “I’m hoping to end the night with a bang, if you know what I mean.”
6. “I love the thrill of pulling those raffle tickets out of the jar.”
7. “I hope I don’t come up empty-handed at the raffle.”
8. “I’m feeling lucky, maybe I’ll score big at the raffle.”
9. “I just love participating in these ball-handling contests.”
10. “I can’t wait to see what comes out of that box.”
11. “I promise not to rig the raffle, no matter how badly I want the prize.”
12. “Let’s hope whoever wins the raffle uses their prize responsibly.”
13. “I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the grand prize, wink wink.”
14. “The anticipation of the raffle is making me tingle with excitement.”
15. “I always bet on black, it’s my lucky color.”
16. “I hope the raffle has a happy ending for everyone involved.”
17. “The raffle is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.”
18. “I’m hoping to rack up some serious winnings at the raffle.”
19. I’m feeling a little blue knowing I might not win the raffle.
20. “I’m a sucker for a good tease, and the raffle is the ultimate tease.”

Raffling in the Puns (Raffle Puns in Idioms)

1. I entered a raffle for a boat and won by a sea mile.
2. I won the raffle for the beef platter, it was a steak of luck!
3. “I never win anything, but I’m keeping my eyes peeled for the next raffle.”
4. “The chances of winning the raffle were slim to none, but I still entered for fun.”
5. “I won the raffle for the trip to Hawaii, it was plane luck!”
6. “I entered a raffle for a new set of drums, it was a sound investment.”
7. “I couldn’t believe my luck when I won the raffle for the new car, it was wheely unexpected.”
8. “I’d love to enter a raffle for a mansion, but I don’t have a grand enough budget.”
9. “I won the raffle for the gardening tools, it was a hoe-in-one.”
10. “I entered a raffle for a trip to Paris, it was a grand idea.”
11. “I won the raffle for the vintage record player, it was a groovy win.”
12. I entered the raffle for the art collection, but didn’t get the draw-ning.
13. “I won the raffle for the new washer and dryer, it was laundry luck.”
14. I entered the raffle for the diamond necklace, but I didn’t make the cut.
15. “I won the raffle for the surfboard, it was a wave of good fortune.”
16. “I never win anything, but I’m hoping for a lucky raffle strike.”
17. I entered a raffle for the new bike, it was a chain reaction.
18. “I won the raffle for the luxurious spa day, it was a rub of the green.”
19. “I entered the raffle for the fancy watch, but time wasn’t on my side.”
20. “I won the raffle for the new boat, it was an a-fish-ionado win.”

“Win Big with These Raffle Puns: Juxtapositions that Will Leave You Tickled Pickle-icious!”

1. Why did the raffle ticket cross the road? To get to the other side of the prize pool.
2. The raffle was a success, but it was the booby prize that really took the cake.
3. I’m not lucky enough to win a raffle, but I’m lucky enough to not have to check the numbers.
4. I won a raffle for a meatball sub, but I’d say it was pretty sub-par.
5. I’ve been entering this raffle for years and never won, but at least I can say I’m raffle-ly trying.
6. This raffle was no joke, it was the real deal – I won a car! Too bad I don’t know how to drive stick shift.
7. The raffle prizes were so lame, I felt like I’d been taken for a raffle – I mean, a fool.
8. Why did the raffle dancer cross the dance floor? To pick up his winning ticket.
9. I’d love to win a raffle, but I think my chances are re-affle small.
10. I won a raffle for a set of steak knives, but I had to fork over half the cost.
11. I’m in it to win it, even if I have to enter a raffle – I mean, my soul.
12. I won a raffle for free dance lessons, but I’ve got two left feet and the rhythm of a raffle – I mean, rock.
13. The raffle prize was a trip to the Bahamas, but I didn’t have the cash-rafle to go.
14. I entered a raffle for a giant stuffed animal, but when I won it turned out to be a bear-minable disaster.
15. I thought my chances were high to win the raffle, but it ended up being a low-rafle experience.
16. I won a raffle for a free haircut, but I was fleeced-rafled in the end.
17. The raffle for a free vacation was too good to be true, and I ended up getting a sham-rafled deal.
18. I put all my eggs in one basket and entered the raffle, but my hopes were shel-lot when I didn’t win.
19. I won a raffle for a new computer, but it was password-rafled and I had no idea how to access it.
20. I’m still holding out hope for my raffle numbers to come up, but I think I’m playing a game of chance-rafle.

Raffle-tastic Pun Fun: Pun-tastic Ideas for your Next Raffle Event!

1. Raffle-y McRafferson
2. Lucky Hanks
3. Chancey McDaniels
4. Winona Ticket
5. Raffaella Dawson
6. Tessa Chance
7. Benny Drawson
8. Jacqueline Picker
9. Aiden Wynn
10. Lotta Numbers
11. Rebekah Rafferty
12. Rafflemina Smith
13. Delilah Domino
14. Isabel Lotto
15. Rufus Rafflewell
16. Maya Winnington
17. Tycho Lucky
18. Jenny Jackpot
19. Raffee Patel
20. Jack Rafflerson

Punnily Random Raffle Remarks (Spoonerisms)

1. Waffle raffles
2. Ruffled waffles
3. Muffled raffle
4. Apple raffle
5. Snapple raffle
6. Raffle truffle
7. Toffle raffle
8. Scuffle raffle
9. Fluffy raffle
10. Raffle shuffle
11. Raffle muffin
12. Muffin raffle
13. Ruffle truffle
14. Truffle ruffle
15. Raffle shuffle
16. Shuffle raffle
17. Waffle shuffle
18. Shuffle waffle
19. Raffle muffle
20. Muffle raffle

Raffle-lly Good Puns (Tom Swifties)

1. “I won the raffle!” Tom shouted cheerfully.
2. “I’m not sure if I won,” Tom said raffishly.
3. “I was lucky enough to win the grand prize,” Tom said, uncontested.
4. “I can’t wait to find out if I won,” Tom said rafflingly.
5. “I hope I win,” Tom said tentatively.
6. “I’m definitely gambling on winning this raffle,” Tom said wagerly.
7. “I better win this raffle,” Tom demanded anticipatorily.
8. “I can’t believe I didn’t win,” Tom mused rafflingly.
9. “I don’t know what I’ll do if I don’t win,” Tom fretted rafflelessly.
10. “I’m confident I’ll win,” Tom stated reassuringly.
11. “I’m so excited about this raffle,” Tom exclaimed drawingly.
12. “I just entered this raffle on a whim,” Tom thought impulsively.
13. “I’m thrilled to have won the second prize,” Tom said runner-uply.
14. “I feel like I hit the jackpot,” Tom said winningly.
15. “I feel like I lost before I even began,” Tom said losingly.
16. “I’m not sure if I can handle the disappointment of losing,” Tom said worriedly.
17. I was completely stunned when I heard my name called,” Tom said dumbfoundedly.
18. “I will definitely be buying more raffle tickets next time,” Tom said invitingly.
19. “I’m not too broken up about not winning,” Tom said shruggingly.
20. “I’m already planning my victory dance,” Tom said confidently.

Raffling Off Oxymoronic Puns: Tantalizingly Contradictory Wordplay

1. “I won the raffle for a pre-owned new car.”
2. “The prize for the raffle is a priceless artifact.”
3. I won the raffle for a lucky rabbit’s foot.
4. “The winning raffle ticket was a losing number.”
5. “The grand prize for the raffle is an empty wallet.”
6. “I lost the raffle for a winning grin.”
7. “The raffle prize was a found missing item.”
8. I won the raffle for a cold hot dog.
9. The raffle winner got a live dead fish.
10. “The raffle prize was an open secret.”
11. “I won the raffle for an unplanned surprise”
12. “The grand prize of the raffle was a silent scream.”
13. “My winning lottery ticket is part of a one in a million chance.”
14. “The grand prize for the charity raffle was a little more than a $0 donation.”
15. The raffle winner got a chocolate-flavored vanilla candy.
16. “The raffle prize was a jumbo shrimp.”
17. I won the raffle for a relaxing marathon.
18. “The grand prize for the raffle was a bittersweet candy.”
19. “The lucky winner of the raffle got a little giant gift.”
20. “I won the raffle for a well-done rare steak.”

Ruffling Feathers (Recursive Raffle Puns)

1. I entered a pun contest about raffles, but didn’t win anything. I guess I just wasn’t lucky punough.
2. Did you hear about the guy who won the raffle prize of free candy for a year? He was really on a roll-o-coaster.
3. I tried to win a raffle for a trip to Hawaii, but I got lei-d around.
4. The winner of the raffle for a new washing machine was ecstatic, but also a bit agitated.
5. I heard about a raffle for a chance to meet the famous magician, but I’m not a fan of abracad-abras.
6. The prize for this raffle was a fully stocked bar, and the winner couldn’t even liquor themselves out.
7. I entered a raffle for a new set of golf clubs, but it didn’t really drive with me.
8. The grand prize for a raffle was a new car, which had all the bells and whistles. But the winner was still car-ming down.
9. The prize for the office raffle was a Keurig machine, and everyone was perked up.
10. The prize for the school raffle was a free semester of parking, which the winner couldn’t really curb their enthusiasm for.
11. I heard about a raffle for a chance to meet your favorite author, but I was torn between wanting to win and wanting to write about it.
12. The prize for the charity raffle was a fancy dinner party with all the trimmings, but the winner found it hard to stomach.
13. I entered a raffle for a chance to visit the Titanic exhibit, but I didn’t want to sink too much money into it.
14. I got really excited when I heard about a raffle for a chance to visit outer space, but it was just a far-out idea.
15. The prize for the raffle was a new set of tools, but the winner hammered out some issues.
16. I entered a raffle for a chance to meet my favorite band, but didn’t want to sound too chordy.
17. The prize for the raffle was a new laptop, but the winner didn’t want to compute with a new model.
18. I heard about a raffle for a chance to go on a safari, but I didn’t want to get cheetahed.
19. The prize for the raffle was a lifetime supply of pizza, which the winner dough lightfully accepted.
20. I entered a raffle for a chance to meet a famous chef, but I realized I was already my own soufflé.

Rolling the Dice on Raffle Puns (Puns on Raffle)

1. It’s a raffle, not a revolution.
2. Luck of the draw? More like luck of the raffle.
3. The stakes are high in this raffle!
4. Raffle tickets are a quid pro quo deal.
5. Let’s make a deal: one raffle ticket for your soul!
6. Feeling lucky? Buy some raffle tickets!
7. They say life is like a raffle – you never know what you’re gonna get.
8. The raffle is drawing closer.
9. An apple a day keeps the raffle tickets away!
10. No need to raise the bar in this raffle – just buy more tickets.
11. You gotta be in it to win it (raffle).
12. Raffle: the original spin to win.
13. Don’t count your raffle tickets before they hatch.
14. Time to roll the dice… on raffle tickets!
15. The raffle might be a gamble, but it’s a fair bet.
16. Raffle tickets – the gift that keeps on giving.
17. You snooze, you lose – don’t miss out on this raffle.
18. Some raffles are like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re gonna win.
19. Why settle for a hole in one, when you could win the raffle?
20. Keep calm and buy more raffle tickets.

In conclusion, we hope these raffle puns have tickled your funny bone and left you in stitches. Remember, laughter is the best medicine and winning big with it is even better! If you’ve enjoyed these puns, make sure to check out more on our website. Thank you for taking the time to visit our site and we hope to see you again soon. Happy laughing!

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