Grand Cosmic Comedy: 200 of the Best Outer Space Puns to Leave You Star-Struck!

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Are you ready to blast off into a cosmic world of laughter? If so, get ready for 200 out-of-this-world outer space puns that will leave you star-struck! From puns about planets to jokes about astronauts, this collection has it all. Whether you’re a science geek or just looking for some intergalactic humor, these puns are sure to tickle your funny bone. So sit back, relax, and prepare to be amused by the grand cosmic comedy that awaits you. Buckle up, because these puns are about to take you to infinity and beyond!

“Out of This World Laughs” (Editor’s Pick)

1. “Why don’t scientists trust atoms? Because they make up everything!
2. “How do you organize a space party? You planet!”
3. “What did the astronaut say when he broke up with his girlfriend? ‘I need some space.'”
4. “Why did the sun go to school? To get brighter!”
5. What do you call an alien with three eyes? Aiiiiii!”
6. “What did one astronaut say to the other on Thanksgiving? ‘There’s not mushroom inside the spacecraft!'”
7. Why did the astronaut bring paint to space? To touch up the satellite.”
8. “What do you call a space joke? An asteroid!”
9. “Why do astronauts use Linux? Because they can’t open Windows in space!”
10. “Did you hear about the astronaut who stepped on gum? He got stuck in Orbit!”
11. “Why did the astronaut become a pastry chef? Because he loved space cakes!”
12. “What kind of music do planets like? Neptunes!”
13. “Why didn’t the sun go to college? Because it already had a million degrees!”
14. “What do you get when you cross a moon with a cow? Milk-ashake!”
15. “Why do astronauts always carry a map? In case they get lost in space!”
16. “How does the man in the moon cut his hair? E-clips!”
17. “What did the alien say after it crashed into the comet? ‘I didn’t planet that way!'”
18. “Why couldn’t the astronaut book a room on the moon? It was full!”
19. “What did Mars say to Saturn during their battle? ‘You better have a good defense, because I have the upper atmosphere!'”
20. “Why was the math book sad in space? Because it had too many problems!”

Cosmic Comedy (Space-themed one-liner puns)

1. Why did the sun go to school? To get brighter.
2. I wanted to be an astronaut, but my parents told me the sky’s the limit.
3. I bought some shoes from an astronaut. They’re out of this world!
4. Did you hear about the scientist who tried to make a potion that would make him invisible in space? He just couldn’t see it through.
5. Why did the astronaut bring a ladder to space? To reach the star.
6. Astronomers say the best time to start a business is when the stars align.
7. I used to be a baker, but I couldn’t make enough dough. Now I’m shooting for the moon.
8. My rocket-making business is going through the roof!
9. Did you hear about the astronaut who stepped on a piece of gum? He got stuck in orbit.
10. I’m so used to space puns, they are starting to planet my mind.
11. I wanted to join the astronaut team, but they said I didn’t have enough space experience. I guess I’ll have to start from square one.
12. Why don’t astronauts work on farms? Because they are already over the moon!
13. If an alien spacecraft landed on Earth, how would they say hello? Unidentified Flying Howdy!
14. Why did the astronaut bring a broom into space? To sweep away the stardust!
15. Why do astronauts dislike playing cards in space? Because they can never find a table that isn’t full of stars.
16. How did the astronaut repair his spaceship? With stardust and duct tape!
17. What do you call an alien who can sing? An extraterrestri-alto.
18. The astronaut forgot his toothbrush on the space station. He had to brush his teeth with star paste instead.
19. I told my friend I can calculate the square root of the moon. He said, “Well, that’s just astronomical!
20. Why did the astronaut bring a pizza on their space mission? In case they found a celestial oven.

Stellar Studiers (Question-and-Answer Puns)

1. How did the sun feel after a long day of shining? Sun-derful!
2. What do you call an alien who is good at math? A smarti-galactic!
3. Why did the astronaut bring a ladder to space? Because he wanted to reach the stars!
4. What is an astronaut’s favorite snack? Space chips!
5. How do space chefs season their food? With a little bit of stardust!
6. Why do astronauts use computers in space? Because they can’t just keep staring into the vast space, they need to space out!
7. How do astronauts stay in shape while in outer space? They planet!
8. What do you call a group of alien musicians? The E.T. Band!
9. Why did the astronaut break up with his girlfriend? She was always giving him space!
10. What do you call a space-based cleaning service? Comet Cleaners!
11. How do aliens communicate? By using their celestial-phone!
12. Why did the rocket go to the gym? It wanted to get some astron-ze!
13. What do you get when you cross a snowman and a spaceship? Frosty the Snowrocket!
14. What do you call an alien that can solve any problem? A brain-iac!
15. Why did the Milky Way go to therapy? Because it had too many star-ry issues!
16. What is an astronaut’s favorite type of wine? Cosmo-politan!
17. Why did the alien bring a ladder to the bar? Because he heard the drinks were out of this world!
18. What did the Mars Rover say to the Earth Rover? “Hey, you rock!”
19. Why did the astronaut take photos of the planets? Because he wanted to capture the stellar moments!
20. How do you make a comet laugh? You tell it an astronomical joke!

Lost in Space (Double Entendre Puns)

1. Why did the astronaut bring his guitar into space? Because he wanted to play some stellar rock and roll!
2. I heard the aliens have their own space restaurant. It’s called the Flying Saucer, and the food is out of this world!
3. Astronomers love stargazing because it’s the only time they can really planet.
4. Why did the sun get a restraining order against the moon? Because the moon kept coming around and causing quite the lunar-tic behavior.
5. Did you hear about the astronaut who stepped on gum in space? He got stuck in orbit because he was afraid to let go of the Milky Way.
6. What did one planet say to the other? “I think you’re really stunning!”
7. The rocket scientist claimed his invention could reach a speed of 1000 miles per hour. When asked if it had been tested, he said it was just a meteor theoretical.
8. Why don’t aliens eat clowns? Because they taste funny from all the circus atmosphere.
9. I asked the robot if it wanted to visit the space station, and it replied, “No thanks, I prefer my own personal space.”
10. Why did the astronaut bring a ladder to space? Because he wanted to take his stargazing to new heights!
11. The aliens were upset because their spaceship broke down. They were stranded and said it was a real “space-iation.”
12. What’s a space alien’s favorite dance move? The moonwalk!
13. Astronomers love space-themed parties because they can always planet in advance.
14. Why did the alien bring a map to the party? Because he didn’t want to get lost in space.
15. The astronaut couldn’t stop laughing in space. Turns out, he found the Milky Way absolutely comical!
16. What do you call an alien that entered a beauty pageant? Miss Universe!
17. Why don’t aliens eat clocks? Because they prefer their meals to be light-years away from Earth time!
18. The alien chef cooked up some celestial cuisine. It was literally stellar!
19. The astronaut’s phone went off in space, and he franticly yelled, “Houston, we have a ringer!”
20. Why did the alien start a gardening business? Because he had a green thumb and wanted to cultivate life on other planets.

Spacey Sayings (Pun-tastic Outer Space Idioms)

1. “I went to a meteor shower party, it was out of this world!”
2. “He’s always spaced out, he must be an astronaut.”
3. “I asked an alien if he wanted to grab a bite, he said he couldn’t resist the ‘milky way’.”
4. She always has her head in the stars, she must be a space enthusiast.
5. “He’s not from this planet, he’s truly an extraterrestrial.”
6. “I heard the moon is a great place to relax, it has great crater views.”
7. “I decided to go on a space diet, it’s the best way to stay planet-friendly.”
8. She’s so into space, she even has a galaxy-themed kitchen with rocket appliances.
9. I heard the Sun always wins at poker, he’s got a great poker face!
10. “I asked the alien if he wanted to play astronaut football, he said he was more into ‘space balls’.”
11. “I used to think the Moon had a great sense of humor, but it turned out to be just a phase.”
12. She’s always on cloud nine, she must be a stargazer.
13. “I like to imagine life on other planets as a celestial comedy, with lots of stellar humor.”
14. I asked the alien if he wanted to join a jazz band, he said he already had a ‘space sax’.
15. “I think the stars are the biggest divas of the universe, always trying to outshine each other.”
16. “I asked the moon if he wanted to be a contestant on a talent show, he said he wasn’t ‘full moon enough’.”
17. I heard the aliens have a great sense of smell, they can sniff out comets from light-years away!
18. “I think the Sun likes to throw solar flare tantrums, he’s such a hot-headed star!”
19. “I asked the alien if he wanted to learn yoga, he said he was more into ‘cosmic stretching’.”
20. I like to think of space as the ultimate playground, with planets as the ultimate swing sets.

Cosmic Comedy (Pun Juxtaposition)

1. “I always laugh at Jupiter’s jokes, they’re out of this world!”
2. “Why did the alien bring a ladder to space? He wanted to reach the stars!”
3. “Astronauts get lonely because they have no space for relationships.”
4. I tried to catch some fog, but I mist.
5. “Why don’t planets like to play hide and seek? Because they’re always hiding behind their rings!”
6. “How does the moon cut its hair? Eclipse it!
7. “What is an astronaut’s favorite chocolate? Milky Way!”
8. “The sun’s jokes are always way too bright for me!”
9. “Why did the astronaut go to the bakery? He wanted to buy some space cakes!”
10. “The secret to making a good Milky Way candy bar is to add a galaxy of ingredients!”
11. “Why was the comet not invited to the galaxy party? It had a bad tail!”
12. “Saturn’s party was a gas, there was no space for boredom!”
13. “The lonely asteroid joined a band just to find a little meteor-activity!”
14. “Why did the astronaut bring a map to space? Because he didn’t want to get lost in orbit!”
15. “The moon parties too hard, it’s really crater-lizing its image!”
16. What is an alien’s favorite card game? Pokerface.”
17. “The alien couple had a beautiful wedding, they truly tied the knots in space!”
18. Why did the spaceship get a ticket? It was parked in a meteor zone!”
19. “The alien tripped and fell, luckily, his injuries were only stellar.”
20. How many astronauts does it take to change a lightbulb? None, there is no need for light in space!”

Out-of-this-World Wordplay (Outer Space Puns)

1. Milky Wayward
2. Luna-Tick
3. Apollo Gee
4. Outta This World
5. Cosmic Chris
6. Star Buck
7. Solar Sally
8. Rocket Ronnie
9. Orbit Olivia
10. Astral Al
11. Nebula Nate
12. Meteor Mike
13. Galaxy Grace
14. Celestial Cindy
15. Saturn Sarah
16. Mars Martin
17. Pluto Pete
18. Venus Vicky
19. Jupiter Jack
20. Earthy Emily

A Cosmic Mix-Up (Spoonerisms in Outer Space)

1. Blazing stardust
2. Stellar quipses
3. Comet duster
4. Lunar bunker
5. Astro-turtles
6. Reverse rovers
7. Celestial teaspoons
8. Satellite loons
9. Galaxy burritos
10. Meteor spines
11. Orion’s pun-belt
12. Supernova slurps
13. Extraterrestrial telescopes
14. Nebula lubes
15. Shooting mooncats
16. Constellation muffins
17. Cosmic riddles
18. Pluto’s grabbit
19. Milky wayward
20. Solar fleeps

Out of This World Wordplay (Tom Swifties)

1. “I can’t wait to see the stars,” Tom said spaciously.
2. “This spaceship is out of this world,” Tom exclaimed universally.
3. “I’m floating,” Tom said weightlessly.
4. “The moon landing was a blast,” Tom said explosively.
5. “This alien encounter is strange,” Tom said peculiarly.
6. “I’m feeling quite cosmic today,” Tom said astronomically.
7. “I need more space,” Tom said expansively.
8. “This rocket is flying high,” Tom said loftily.
9. “The view from here is breathtaking,” Tom said breathlessly.
10. “I’ll become an astronaut one day,” Tom said ambitiously.
11. “This space station is magnificent,” Tom said grandly.
12. “I need a helmet, I’m feeling spaced out,” Tom said absentmindedly.
13. “I’m in orbit,” Tom said spacily.
14. “This mission has its ups and downs,” Tom said gravitationally.
15. “These aliens have interesting fashion choices,” Tom said fashionably.
16. “I feel weightless and carefree,” Tom said lightly.
17. “The spacewalk gives me a sense of adventure,” Tom said daringly.
18. “This spaceship is fueling my imagination,” Tom said creatively.
19. “I find the enormity of the universe fascinating,” Tom said overwhelmingly.
20. “The moon landing left me moonstruck,” Tom said dreamily.

Astro-NOT-so-nomical Puns (Oxymoronic Puns)

1. The astronaut was weightlessly sinking into the ground.
2. The moon was brightly dimming the sky.
3. The Milky Way was churning out non-dairy products.
4. The shooting star aimed for a safe crash landing.
5. Aliens invited humans for an extraterrestrial gathering on Earth.
6. The space shuttle made a silent noise upon takeoff.
7. The black hole sucked in everything, except itself.
8. The satellite had a strong weak signal.
9. The astronaut felt alone in the crowded void of space.
10. The comet passed by in an eternal blink of an eye.
11. The solar system was surprisingly dimly lit.
12. The astronaut’s spacesuit was too tighty-loosey.
13. The falling star was rising high in the atmosphere.
14. The spaceships quietly made a loud noise.
15. The zero gravity dance party was grounded yet floating.
16. Space-time was crawling at light speed.
17. The aliens hosted a down-to-earth intergalactic tea party.
18. The space station was intensely calm and chaotic.
19. The Martian landscape was eerily alive with stillness.
20. The planet had a burning ice-cold surface.

Reaching for the Stars (Punception in Outer Space)

1. I was going to tell you a joke about a black hole, but it’s just too dark.
2. Why did the astronaut bring a ladder to space? Because he wanted to reach for the stars!
3. Why did the sun go to school? To get brighter!
4. I asked NASA if they had any books on stars, they said, “Sure, just check out our space shelf.”
5. I tried to make a pun about the moon, but I don’t Luna-tic enough.
6. Why did the alien start a band? Because he had the space for it!
7. Why did the rocket go to the doctor’s office? It had a little bit of congestion.
8. I heard the moon was looking for a job, but it wanted something with a little more gravity.
9. Why did the astronaut get a ticket? He parked his spaceship in a meteor shower zone.
10. My moon puns tend to go over people’s heads. They just can’t Apollo-gize for not getting it.
11. Why do astronauts always carry a pencil in space? Because they need to draw their attention.
12. I went to a dance party in space, but the atmosphere was kind of dead.
13. Why do rockets never tell jokes? They usually just get lost in space.
14. I got in trouble when I tried to become friends with an asteroid, they said I needed to be more down to earth.
15. Why was the spaceship sad? It had too many problems and couldn’t seem to get its act together.
16. I was going to tell a joke about rockets, but I wasn’t sure if it would take off.
17. I asked my friend if he wanted to go on a space adventure, but he said he didn’t have the “astro”-nomical budget.
18. Why did the astronaut bring a broom to space? To clean up all the stardust, of course!
19. I went on a date with a comet, but it was just a passing fling.
20. My puns about the sun are always a ray of sunshine.

“Shooting for the Stars: Cosmic Cliché Pun-damentals!”

1. Why did the astronaut bring a ladder to space? Because he wanted to climb the stariest skies!
2. What do you call an alien who can play the piano? A “musical extra-terrestrial.”
3. The universe never sleeps, it just takes some space time for itself.
4. My friend tried to make a joke about black holes but it sucked!
5. Why couldn’t the planet become a stand-up comedian? It didn’t have enough “space” for jokes!
6. Why did the astronaut bring a broom to space? To sweep away the stardust!
7. How do aliens organize parties? They “planet” in advance!
8. What do astronauts say at a party when they see someone they know? “Long time, no C!”
9. Why don’t aliens eat clowns? Because they taste funny!
10. How do you know when the moon is broke? It’s down to its “last quarter”!
11. What does an alien use to get his spaceship clean? “Cosmic” cleaner!
12. Why was the astronaut always starving? Because he could never find a good “launch” spot nearby!
13. How did the astrophysicist calm down after a stressful day? He took a “lunar de-stress” bath!
14. The moon was always sad because it never knew how to “feel full” of joy.
15. What do you call a spacecraft that engages in criminal activity? An “outlaw-steroid”!
16. Why was the astronaut always staring at the moon? Because it was a “lunar-tic” spectacle!
17. How did the Galaxy prepare for his vacation? He packed his “milky-way” suitcase!
18. Why did the star refuse to enter a talent show? It didn’t want to be a “shooting” star!
19. How did the astronaut know he was lost in space? He was “spaced out”!
20. What do you get when you cross an alien and a beehive? “Buzzing” with extraterrestrial honey!

In conclusion, these 200 outer space puns have surely left you star-struck and laughing your way to the moon and back! If you can’t get enough cosmic humor, make sure to check out more puns on our website. We’re grateful that you took the time to visit and we hope you enjoyed this grand cosmic comedy!

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