Mole Puns Unearthed: 220 Hilarious and Clever Jokes for Every Occasion

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Looking for some pun-derful humor? We’ve got you covered with our collection of over 200 mole puns that are perfect for any occasion. These clever and hilarious puns are sure to bring a smile to your face and leave you giggling for hours. From puns about moles digging tunnels to wordplay on mole sauce, this list has it all. So whether you’re looking to crack up your friends or just need a good laugh, get ready to dig into some seriously funny mole puns. Go ahead and mole some laughter into your life!

Mole-y Humor to Dig Into (Editors Pick)

1. What do you call a blind mole? A see-no-mole!
2. Why did the mole get glasses? He couldn’t see his way to his mole hill!
3. I just saw a mole in the garden! That’s a mole-nificent sight!
4. How do you catch a mole? With a mole trap!
5. What do you call a mole that lives in the desert? A sand-mole!
6. Why do moles make the best detectives? They always nose their way into the case!
7. Did you hear about the mole who became an astronaut? They said he was out of this world!
8. What did the mole say when he saw his friend? “Long time no burrow!”
9. Did you hear about the mole who broke into a bank? He was a real tunnel visioned criminal!
10. Which type of animal is always on the lookout? The mole!
11. What do you call a mole with a bad attitude? A grumpy gopher!
12. What’s a mole’s favorite food? Burritos!
13. Did you hear about the mole that couldn’t find his way to his burrow? He was totally mole-headed!
14. Why did the mole join a gym? He wanted to get his muscles mole-tivated!
15. How did the mole create a new burrow? He mole-ed it over for a while!
16. What do you call a group of moles? A mole-titude!
17. Why did the mole go to the doctor? He had a mole-gnawing feeling!
18. What do you call a mole that loves to dance? A mole-in-motion!
19. Why was the mole always so tired? He was always burrowing!
20. Did you hear about the mole that won the lottery? They said he was a lucky mole!

Molar-ious One-Liner Puns: Digging Up Laughs about Moles

1. What did the mole say when he left his burrow? “I’m mole-vin’ on up!”
2. Why did the mole take singing lessons? He wanted to hit the high notes.
3. How does a mole keep his house from falling apart? With a mole-ar foundation.
4. Why did the mole start a bakery? He wanted to make moleasses cookies.
5. Why did the mole refuse to get married? He was afraid he’d be burrowing into debt.
6. Why did the mole go to the doctor? He felt a mole-aise coming on.
7. How do moles stay in shape? They do mole-tivation exercises.
8. What is a mole’s favorite type of music? Rock mole-sic.
9. How does a mole get through a tough day? He mole-esthizes himself.
10. What did the mole say when he saw the highway? “I was mole-lated.”
11. Why did the mole cross the road? To get to the mole hole on the other side!
12. How does a mole keep his underground hideout secret? He checks his mole-mail!
13. What do you call a clumsy mole? A mole-walker!
14. What do you call a group of moles? A mole-ity!
15. How does a mole plan a party? He mole-culates it all out!
16. Why did the mole become a teacher? He wanted to mole-dify young minds.
17. Why did the mole go on vacation? He needed some mole-time.
18. What do you call a mole that likes to surf? A mole-lah!
19. How did the mole feel after winning the underground race? Mole-tivated!
20. Why did the mole become a detective? He had a nose for mole-veing crime.

Moley Mischief (Question-and-Answer Puns)

1. Why did the mole go to the doctor? Because he had a mole.
2. What do you call a mole on Santa’s butt? A mistle-toe.
3. What do you call a Mexican mole that’s late? A San-tardy.
4. What do you call a mole who can run faster than a race car? A mole-vin’ on up past the speed limit!
5. What do you call a mole who’s always getting into trouble? A crim-mole-nal.
6. How does a mole keep his skin looking so good? By using Mole-ay.
7. Why are moles always cast as the villains in movies? Because they’re moleficient.
8. What do you call a mole that never forgets anything? Total Reco-MOLE.
9. What do you call a mole that likes to sing? A tun-MOLE-ist.
10. How would a mole sign a letter to his friend? Your mole-bile.
11. Why did the mole go to the bar? To get his mole-tini.
12. What do you call a mole that’s always daydreaming? A mole-lancer.
13. What do you call a mole that’s good at math? A multi-mole-ti-sian.
14. What do you call a mole that’s always changing his mind? Mole-vari.
15. What do you call a mole that’s always dancing? A mole-sixer.
16. What do you call a mole that’s into fitness? Mol-ervon Richards.
17. What do you call a baby mole? A mol-ette.
18. Why did the mole refuse to go into the dark? He was afraid of the dark-moles.
19. How does a mole end a phone call? “Okay, gotta go, I have a mole-nend of things to do.”
20. How does a mole get to work? Through a mole-way.

Mole-larious Double Entendre Puns: Digging Up Laughs

1. “I met a sly mole who dug his way into my heart.”
2. “I thought about a mole at the beach, but it was too risque for this forum.”
3. “Don’t think I’m superficial just because I like a good mole.”
4. “The mole was really good at keeping a low profile.”
5. “The barber’s mole was a real cut-up.”
6. “I’m not shallow, I just like to dig deep into mole puns.”
7. The mole had a hole in one.
8. “Some moles just really know how to burrow their way into your life.”
9. “The mole’s tunnel was a real underground sensation.”
10. “I never thought a mole could be so engaging, but here we are.”
11. “I couldn’t resist the magnetic pull of the mole’s magnetosphere.”
12. “The mole’s nose is very sensitive, but mine is too.”
13. “The mole’s safety advisory was to watch out for stray fingers.”
14. “I’m digging these mole puns, are you?”
15. “I hate that the mole’s habitat is shrinking, mole puns are just too precious to lose.”
16. “I may have a crush on the mole, but at least I’m not blind to its charms.”
17. “The mole’s party trick is to reappear out of nowhere.”
18. “I’m not biased toward moles, I like all animals in their own way.”
19. The mole’s favorite word is ‘dig,’ mine is ‘pun.’
20. “I never thought I’d feel so passionate about a mole, but here we are writing mole puns together.”

Mole-some Puns: Digging into Idioms!

1. The mole was so good at hide-and-seek because he was always underground.
2. Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill, unless you’re a mole who loves to burrow.
3. The mole had to cancel his trip because he couldn’t find his mole-luggage.
4. The mole was never bored because he had a mole-ton of things to do.
5. When the mole went to the bank, he wanted to take out a mole-y, but they said he had insufficient funds.
6. The mole felt bad for the blind mice, so he became their mole-del.
7. The mole wanted to improve his writing, so he joined a mole-skine notebook club.
8. The mole tried to flirt with the rabbit, but she didn’t think he was very mole-rific.
9. The mole made a mistake with the recipe and ended up with mole-ses instead of molasses.
10. The mole was a great cook, but he always had a mole-knife handy just in case.
11. The mole decided to invest in the stock mole-ket.
12. The mole was a great singer, but he couldn’t find the right mole-dee.
13. The mole loved to participate in moleths-to-moles marathons.
14. The mole was upset because someone had mole-ested his garden.
15. The other animals couldn’t stand the mole because he was always mole-nopolizing the conversation.
16. The mole was very religious, so he went to mole-ch every Sunday.
17. The mole loved to read Shakespeare, especially Romeo and Juliet’s “What light through yonder mole breaks?
18. The mole was the best team player because he always gave 100% mole-tivation.
19. The mole was disappointed in his mediocre mole-mory skills.
20. The mole was afraid of heights, so he studied mole-nutia to keep himself busy.

“Moles: Digging into the World of Pun Juxtaposition”

1. The mole tried to rob a bank but was foiled by the underground security.
2. When the mole saw his crush, he thought “You’re the apple of my eye, and I’m the worm in your apple!”
3. The mole goes to the flea market because it’s the only place he can dig for hidden treasures.
4. The mole couldn’t see his way around and had to call his seeing-eye-gopher for help.
5. The mole was too slow to catch the ball, he was just playing mole-lyst.
6. The mole became a chef because he found he had a knack for meat-a-balls.
7. The mole got lost in a mole hill, it was easy to start but hard to finish.
8. The mole was always smart, he never spaced out when it came to math. He always knew the mole-Ady when counting.
9. The mole’s clone was quite the burrowing creature themselves, they were mole-ificent.
10. The mole couldn’t stop racing, he was quite mole-tivated.
11. The mole felt down and out but a good snout rinse was always mole-choly.
12. The mole had to return his library book because he misplaced the mole marker.
13. The mole’s steak was pretty bad, your best bet would be to have a mole-tini instead.
14. The mole had a good sense of laughter, he always made the best mole-y jokes.
15. The mole was in the fashion industry, always checking mole-fits.
16. The mole was very stylish, he always wore a mole-stache.
17. The mole never took the highway, he always mole-ed the back roads.
18. The good thing about having a mole for a boss- they thought you were mole-making all day.
19. The mole watched a lot of crime shows, his favorite was Mole-der, She Wrote.
20. If you invited the mole to your party, he would always tell you “I dig it babe, let’s mole-tivate!”

“Whack-a-Mole pun-derland: A-Mole-zing wordplay in mole puns!”

1. Molympic Games
2. Guacamoley
3. Molar Express
4. Mole Patrol
5. Mole-icious
6. Mole-tov cocktail
7. Mole-amander
8. Moley Grail
9. Whack-a-Mole
10. Mole Ratatouille
11. Mole-coyote
12. Mole-lawn Rouge
13. Mole-ibu Beach
14. Mole-ve on
15. Mole-anoma Bay
16. Surplus Molitary
17. War and Mole
18. Mole-factory
19. Molestache
20. Mole-tiple Choice

A Mose of Dole Fun (Spoonerisms with Mole Puns)

1. Coal on the mole.
2. Stole a bowl of guacaMOLE.
3. Role in the molar.
4. Mole patrol.
5. Holy moley!
6. Mole in the fole.
7. Mole in the hole.
8. Mole in my sole.
9. Mole in the pole.
10. Goal to catch a mole.
11. Pole for the mole.
12. Tole for the mole.
13. Mole on a stroll.
14. Mole in control.
15. Mole on a roll.
16. Mole in my soul.
17. Mole on a poll.
18. Mole on patrol.
19. Mole on a shoal.
20. Mole on a dole.

Molarific Wordplay (Tom Swifties)

1. “I’m heading underground to find some moles,” said Tom, diggingressively.
2. “I’m great at finding moles,” said Tom, dig-nose-tically.
3. “I can dig up all the dirt on moles,” said Tom, sub-furrowly.
4. “I have a nose for mole infestations,” said Tom, snout-adverbly.
5. “I’m a pro at capturing moles,” said Tom, subduedly.
6. “I’m going to trap a mole,” said Tom, subterraneanly.
7. “I heard a mole digging in the garden,” said Tom, subsurface-ly.
8. “I’ll catch those pesky moles,” said Tom, tunnelly.
9. “I love searching for moles,” said Tom, subsoiling-ly.
10. “I’m digging deep for mole intel,” said Tom, depthly.
11. “I’ll get rid of those annoying moles,” said Tom, mole-iciously.
12. “I found the mole hiding underground,” said Tom, tunnellingly.
13. “I’m secretly studying moles,” said Tom, subrosa-ly.
14. “I discovered a mole nest,” said Tom, burrowing-ly.
15. “I’m digging for the truth about moles,” said Tom, sub-factual-ly.
16. “I’m always on the lookout for moles,” said Tom, subwardly.
17. “I’ll track down the source of the moles,” said Tom, subsurface-ingly.
18. “I’m an expert on moles,” said Tom, subcutaneously.
19. “I’ll expose the mole’s secrets,” said Tom, sub-rosa-ingly.
20. “I’m the go-to guy for mole extermination,” said Tom, tunnel-visionedly.

Paradoxical Mole-y Puns (Oxymoronic Puns)

1. “Molehill? – More like a mole mountain.”
2. The mole’s eyesight is both short and insightful.
3. “I take back all those mole-icious rumors I spread about you.”
4. Moles are great at digging, but terrible at hiding.
5. “He’s got a mole in his molehill operation.”
6. “That mole is a real homebody…literally.”
7. “Moles: nature’s underground architects and structural engineers.”
8. “It’s hard to make molehills out of mole-icules.”
9. “Why did the mole go to a psychologist? To work on his mole-functioning thoughts.”
10. “If you spot a mole, don’t make a mountain out of a mole’s hill.”
11. “That mole really hates his job. He’s always digging his own grave.”
12. “I’m always amazed at how moles keep their mole-y appearances so on point.”
13. “Moles: the original mole-sical prodigies.”
14. “I told the mole to get out of my garden, but he just dug in deeper.”
15. “Why do moles make terrible chefs? They can never get their measurements mole-accurate.”
16. Mole-day is the underground holiday of the year.
17. I can’t decide what to name my mole-themed cocktail. Maybe a Mole-ito?”
18. “I don’t trust those moles. They always seem a bit mole-veolent.”
19. “That mole is a smooth operator…until he hits a rock and gets mole-sted.”
20. “Mole jokes are like mole tunnels…you never know where they’re going to lead.”

Digging Deeper into Mole Puns (Recursive Wordplay)

1. Why did the mole go to the doctor? He had a mole-dy infection.
2. Did you hear about the blind mole? He dug it.
3. What did the mole say to the avocado? You’re the only one for guac me.
4. Why don’t moles use credit cards? They prefer to use their tunnel vision.
5. What did the mole say when he saw a rocket launch into space? That’s a mo-leap for mankind.
6. How does a mole keep its skin healthy? By wearing moleskin lotion.
7. Did you hear about the mole who won the lottery? He bought a mole-ti-million-dollar mansion.
8. Why don’t moles use telephones? They prefer to use their tunnel-communicators.
9. What did the mole say when he won the race? This is a hole new level.
10. How does a mole like his coffee? Underground.
11. Did you hear about the mole who became a magician? He vanished without a mole-trace.
12. What did the mole say when he got divorced? It’s okay, I’ll always be mole-mates with her.
13. How does a mole express his love? By giving his partner a digging hug.
14. Why don’t moles break any laws? They’re always underground.
15. What did the mole say when he finished his meal? That was mole-cious.
16. How does a mole stay fit? By doing tunnel stretches and mole-tivation exercises.
17. Did you hear about the mole who became a chef? He made the best mole sauce in town.
18. What kind of music do moles listen to? Mole-ody and the Mole-tones.
19. Why do moles have such large noses? To sniff out mole-valous scents.
20. What did the mole say to the other mole who lost his glasses? You’re looking mole fuzzy today.

Mole-ing Around with Clichés (Puns on Mole)

1. I may be blind as a mole, but I still have a good nose for puns.
2. I’m not a regular mole, I’m a cool mole. *puts on sunglasses*
3. Eureka! The mole has struck gold!
4. Sometimes you just have to dig deep to find a good pun.
5. I don’t mean to be a molehill, but these puns are starting to pile up.
6. A mole’s favorite bean is… burr-ito!
7. Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill, except if it’s a pile of puns, in which case, go ahead.
8. What do moles do when they can’t find the perfect pun? They keep digging for it!
9. A mole, a rat, and a weasel walk into a bar… and everyone got along just fine.
10. I wouldn’t say that I’m paranoid, but I do have a mole detector.
11. If you don’t find these mole puns funny, no need to dig a deeper hole.
12. I told my mole friend a joke, but he didn’t find it very pun-derful.
13. Before a mole learns to dig tunnels, it has to have a lot of patience mounds of it.
14. A mole’s favorite car is a Mercedes Benz-moth.
15. A mole’s favorite dessert is chocolate mole cake.
16. If at first, you don’t succeed, mole, mole again.
17. These bad puns really take the mole out of me.
18. You don’t have to dig too deeply to find mole humor.
19. What do you call a fancy mole? A Mole-nay stroller.
20. A mole in a suit is a corporate mole-del.

In conclusion, these mole puns have dug their way into our hearts and left us with a smile on our faces. Whether you’re looking for a laugh or a clever quip, these jokes are sure to have you covered. If you’ve enjoyed these puns, be sure to check out our website for more pun-tastic content! We appreciate you joining us on this pun-filled journey and hope to see you again soon.

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