200+ Hilarious Loki Puns That’ll Make You the God of Mischief

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Prepare to unleash your inner trickster with our side-splitting collection of Loki puns! Whether you’re a devoted fan of the God of Mischief or just in need of a hearty chuckle, our compilation of over 200 wisecracks will have you reigning supreme in the realm of humor. These puns are more mischievous than Loki’s schemes and guaranteed to cause more uproarious laughter than Thor’s boisterous chuckles. So get ready to indulge in some mythically funny wordplay that will thrust you straight into the spotlight as the ultimate pun-slinging deity of jest. Say goodbye to somber moods, and hello to a hilarity that’s anything but low-key. Embrace the chaos, and let’s make even the stoic Heimdall crack a smile with the best Loki puns the Nine Realms have to offer!

Mischievously Mythical Mischief: Loki Puns

1. When Loki takes up gardening, you can be sure he’s got a few tricks up his green sleeves.
2. Loki’s favorite card game? Deceit.
3. Trying to keep up with Loki’s schemes is like trying to nail Jell-O to the wall.
4. If Loki had a cooking show, it’d be called ‘Mischief in the Mix.’
5. Why doesn’t Loki trust the stairs? Because they’re always up to something.
6. When Loki goes to an Asgardian party, you can bet he’ll bring the Loki punch.
7. If Loki became a locksmith, would he specialize in low-key locks?
8. Loki’s autobiography might be titled ‘Lies and the Lies I’ve Lied.’
9. I wanted to get a pet like Loki, but I wasn’t sure I could handle a low-key low-key.
10. When Thor and Loki play chess, you know Loki has a few moves Thor doesn’t.
11. Did Loki start a side gig as a comedian? Because he really knows how to play the crowd.
12. Why won’t Loki play hide and seek? Because even when you don’t see him, he’s always plotting.
13. If Loki were in a band, would it be called ‘Tricks and Stones’?
14. Loki was terrible at fishing until he realized he could just tell the fish to bait themselves.
15. If Loki wrote a book on friendship, it would be a best-friend-seller or best-fiend-seller?
16. Whenever Loki enters a room, you can’t help but feel a slight draft from the twist of fate.
17. If Loki were to open a bar, he’d surely have a cocktail called the ‘Schemer’s Delight.’
18. Did Loki fall for a Thor joke? No, he saw right through it with lies’ sight.
19. Loki couldn’t get into the villain’s conference because it was low-key.
20. When Loki plays golf, he doesn’t need to cheat – he just takes a mulli-god.

Playful Puns with the God of Mischief: A Loki Q&A

1. Q: What do you call Loki when he’s being loud?
A: Low-key.

2. Q: Why does Loki make a good musician?
A: Because he’s always playing tricks.

3. Q: What’s Loki’s favorite drink?
A: Mischief managed.

4. Q: What did Loki say to his therapist?
A: I’ve got a lot of emotional Asgard.

5. Q: Why did Loki join a gym?
A: To make sure he’s Thor in the morning.

6. Q: How does Loki sign off his letters?
A: With Loki regards.

7. Q: Why did Loki break up with his girlfriend?
A: He needed his space, stone-cold hearted!

8. Q: Why doesn’t Loki use elevators?
A: He’s always up to something.

9. Q: Why did Loki go to art class?
A: To draw attention to himself.

10. Q: Why did Loki steal a calendar?
A: He wanted his days to be numbered.

11. Q: How did Loki find the best deals shopping?
A: By Loki-king around.

12. Q: What’s Loki’s favorite type of story?
A: A myth-tery.

13. Q: How does Loki keep his hair in place?
A: With his helmet hair spray.

14. Q: What did Loki say when he was caught sleeping at work?
A: “I was just odin a little.”

15. Q: Why did Loki refuse to leave Asgard?
A: He couldn’t let go of his past Thor-ts.

16. Q: Why isn’t Loki allowed at the gambling house?
A: He always plays his cards Loki.

17. Q: What’s Loki’s least favorite movie genre?
A: Trustworthy documentaries.

18. Q: What did the Norse god say when he lost his keys?
A: “Loki here, Loki there, Loki everywhere!”

19. Q: Why is Loki bad at games?
A: Because he can’t play fair, he always cheats.

20. Q: What did Iron Man say to Loki?
A: “I’m iron, you’re Loki!”

“Mischief Managed: Loki-fied Idioms”

1. When Loki gets in trouble, you know he’s in a Norse situation.
2. Don’t take any mischief from Loki – just let it slide Asgard as possible.
3. When Loki tells a joke, you can’t help but Thor-tle with laughter.
4. If Loki opened a shop, he’d call it “Loki’s Charms: specializing in tricks of the trade!”
5. When Loki bakes, he makes the most mischievous cookies – they’re always in short-god supply.
6. If Loki had a fitness video, it would be called “Get Loki: Asgard Your Abs!”
7. I tried to catch Loki, but he vanished into mythin’ air.
8. You might think Loki is just mischief, but there’s a little bit of Thor in everyone.
9. When Loki fixes dinner, he always adds a pinch of chaos and a dash of deception.
10. Loki’s favorite game is hide-and-go-zeek; he’s never where he appears to be.
11. Never play cards with Loki – he’s always got a trick up his sleeve.
12. If Loki were a musician, he’d play the lie-lin with deceptive skill.
13. When Loki writes a book, it’s not a best-seller – it’s a best-stealer.
14. If Loki set up an IT business, he’d call it “Loki-Logy: Where every byte is mischief-managed.”
15. You could say that Loki is an expert in Norse code.
16. When Loki joins a race, he doesn’t just win – he plays dirty and Odinly comes in first.
17. If you challenge Loki to a duel, be prepared for a striking experience; he’s sure to mis-chive you.
18. If Loki had a cleaning service, it’d be a sweeping success – because everything gets brushed under the rug.
19. When Loki exercises, he doesn’t do push-ups – he does push-overs.
20. If Loki were a cat burglar, they’d call him a low-key Loki.

“Low-Key Laughs: A Mischievous Medley of Loki Puns”

1. I’m “Loki” in love with Norse mythology.
2. Don’t trust Loki; he might be “Odin” you something.
3. To avoid suspicion, Loki always keeps a “Loki” profile.
4. I asked Loki to help me, but he just “Thor” it apart.
5. I don’t always tell Loki puns, but when I do, I “myth” it up.
6. I was going to dress as Loki for the party, but I didn’t want to “hel” it up.
7. Did you hear about the trickster god on a diet? He’s trying to “Loki” down his calorie intake.
8. When Loki joins a game, he always plays for “mischief.”
9. You can’t spell “Loki” without “L-O-L,” because he’s a jokester.
10. A quiet Loki is a “suspicious” Loki, because silence is golden like his horns.
11. I didn’t want to invite Loki to the seafood dinner; he might have had too many “Trickster” oysters.
12. When Loki eats spicy food, does he feel like he’s “Thor” in the mouth?
13. I asked Loki for his autograph, but the ink “vanished” before my eyes.
14. Loki’s least favorite music must be “Thor-k” Symphony, too many hammers.
15. If Loki was a cat, would he have nine “lives” or just nine “lies”?
16. The only thing Loki lifts are spirits… and a few “mischief” dumbbells.
17. Never play hide and seek with Loki; he tends to “Ragna-rock” the game.
18. A locksmith must be Loki’s favorite professional because they both love “key” moments.
19. Tricking Loki is tough, he’s always “Asgard” against it.
20. When Loki makes breakfast, you can bet it’s going to be a “cereal” trickster potion.

“Loki Laughter: A Trickster’s Trove of Name Puns”

1. Low-key the trickster coffee shop.
2. Lock and Loki locksmith services.
3. Get Loki luxury locks.
4. Sure-Loki homes security.
5. High-stakes could but low-key steaks for dinner.
6. Low-Keynotes music shop.
7. On a lucky streak? Buy a lottery ticket!
8. Feeling Loki today? Let’s go on an adventure.
9. I need to make a Loki decision. Let’s keep this quiet.
10. I only make Loki entrances, never want to draw too much attention.
11. Mischievously good at hiding? You could say I’m Loki.
12. I’m not Thor, I’m just really sore from my workout.
13. Asgardian of your wallet? Call Loki security services.
14. Need a disguise? Go incog-neato with a Loki mask.
15. Feeling playful? Join our Loki board game night.
16. I just play foolball for kicks, keep it Loki sports.
17. Leaf it to me to plant a tree. I’ve got that green Loki thumb.
18. Managing mischief all day is really Loki tiring work.
19. Time to turn the Swagnarok up with my Loki charm.
20. Don’t worry beer happy, take a Loki approach to life.

Mischief Managed Mirth: Loki-inspired Tom Swifties

1. “I must be adopted too,” said Tom mischievously.
2. “I keep shape-shifting,” said Tom, godly.
3. “I’ve lost my magical scepter,” said Tom, disarmingly.
4. “I’ve made a new alliance,” said Tom, low-key.
5. “I’ve been sentenced by the Allfather,” said Tom, odinarily.
6. “I’m commanding the Chitauri,” said Tom, invasively.
7. “I should rule Asgard,” claimed Tom, loftily.
8. “I tricked the Hulk,” boasted Tom, smashingly.
9. “I’m escaping on a stolen spaceship,” said Tom, grandly.
10. “I’ve been burdened with glorious purpose,” intoned Tom, purposefully.
11. “I am a Frost Giant’s son,” said Tom, coolly.
12. “This infinity stone is mine,” said Tom, infinitely.
13. “I’ve been thrown into a cell again,” said Tom, arresting.
14. “I shall return for my revenge,” threatened Tom, vengefully.
15. “My helmet’s horns are too long,” complained Tom, pointedly.
16. “I’m fighting Thor again,” said Tom, strikingly.
17. “I’ve just been pruned by the TVA,” said Tom, flatly.
18. “I’ve betrayed everyone again,” admitted Tom, traitorously.
19. “My plans always backfire,” said Tom, explosively.
20. “I’ll never be king,” sighed Tom, regally.

“Loki Laughs: Mythically Oxymoronic Jests”

1. Found missing Loki’s diary.
2. Clearly confused by Loki’s tricks.
3. Deafening silence when Loki vanishes.
4. Act naturally, Loki’s in disguise.
5. Seriously funny Loki prank.
6. Only choice Loki gives is none.
7. Awfully good at being bad, Loki.
8. Original copies of Loki’s duplication spells.
9. Open secret: Loki’s another Thor.
10. Clearly obscure references from Loki.
11. Foolishly wise decisions by Loki.
12. Found lost in Loki’s illusions.
13. Alone together when Loki splits.
14. Small crowd of Loki’s clones.
15. Bitter sweet victory against Loki.
16. Clearly misunderstood Loki’s intentions.
17. Living dead when tricked by Loki.
18. Awfully pleasant surprise from Loki.
19. Random order in Loki’s chaos.
20. Actively lazy when Loki delegates mischief.

“Mischief in Multiples: The Recursive Tricks of Loki Puns”

1. Why don’t you “Loki” over there? It’s where the Norse jokes “Thor”oughly begin.
2. I guess you could say these puns are “Loki” low-effort, but just “Odin” they give you a good chuckle.
3. If you “Frigg”a take to understand one, don’t let your spirits “Fenrir” – there’s more on the “sleipnir” side!
4. Sometimes when I try to come up with a pun, I draw a “blank-Rune” and all I get is “Mischief.”
5. I’d tell you a long joke about the God of Mischief, but it’s too “Loki-thic” and you might not have the “Thyme.”
6. If you think about it, these puns are like Loki’s kids, each one more “Hela”rious than the last.
7. But be careful, if you don’t appease them, you might incur their “Wrath-nor.”
8. It’s a “Balder”dash to believe anyone can resist cracking a smile at these puns even if they’re “Tyr-able.”
9. If you’re confused by these puns, just “Yggdrasil” down and it will “Mimir”orously become clearer.
10. It’s “Vana-high” time we acknowledge that puns are the lowest form of humor, yet they bring “Heimdall” the laughs.
11. When Loki tells a joke, you know it’s going to be a “Hit”-selle, even if you “Munin” to not laugh.
12. Don’t let the puns sneak past; if you’re not “Vigilant,” you might miss the “Loki” twist.
13. You might say that puns are the “Sleipnir-y” slope of humor – once you start, you can’t “Bifrost.”
14. Surely, reading these puns “Hugin” make your day a tad more amusing, right?
15. Remember, if you can’t understand these jokes, it’s not your fault. They’re “Asgard” to grasp for some.
16. I bet you “Valhalla” lot of laughs, as these puns are crafted by the best “Punhalla” in the nine realms.
17. Sometimes they’re so bad, they end up in the “Punderworld,” where the “Hel” they belong.
18. But don’t worry, we’ll keep the puns “Loki” so we don’t “Thor”ow off your humor balance.
19. These puns can be a real “trick-Styr” to master, but once you do, you’ll feel like the lord of laughter.
20. Lastly, remember that every pun is a “Gungnir” full of potential; you just have to “Loki” and load.

Loki-Loaded Laughs: Twisting Clichés with Mischief

1. I’m feeling a bit low-key today, but that’s just how I roll.
2. When Loki needs advice, he seeks a trick consultant.
3. When Loki’s in charge, you know things are going to be myth-behaved.
4. If you can’t handle the heat, get out of the Norse gods’ kitchen.
5. You can’t trust Loki; he’s always playing Odins.
6. When Loki opens a bar, he calls it the Mischief Tavern.
7. For Loki, honesty is the best policy — when it’s part of a good scam.
8. A good Ragnarok and roll is all Loki ever wanted.
9. Don’t cry over spilled mead, especially when Loki’s around.
10. When life gives you Lokis, make Loki-ade.
11. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but with Loki, it could disappear in one.
12. The grass is always greener on the other side, especially if Loki conjured it.
13. Loki’s tailor always measures twice, cuts once, and then runs like hell.
14. All’s fair in love and war — and that’s just how Loki likes it.
15. If you give Loki an inch, he’ll take a realm.
16. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, but keep Loki in another dimension.
17. A stitch in time saves nine, but with Loki, it unravels entire tapestries of fate.
18. You can’t judge a book by its cover, but with Loki, the title is probably a lie, too.
19. When the going gets tough, the tough get going, and Loki gets going the other way.
20. Time heals all wounds, but Loki just keeps opening new ones.

We hope you’ve had a mischievously good time exploring the playful realm of Loki puns. Your smiles and laughter are the ultimate tribute to the God of Mischief himself! Remember, there’s an entire universe of chuckles and guffaws waiting to be discovered, so don’t let the fun stop here.

We’d love to keep you entertained with more pun-derful humor from across the nine realms. Browse our collection for an endless supply of witty wordplay that’s sure to keep the giggles going. Whether you’re looking for a chuckle-worthy charm or a jest to impress your friends, our puns are always here to lighten the mood.

Thank you for choosing to spend your time with us; your presence is more valued than Thor’s hammer at a smithing competition. Keep spreading the joy and the jests, and may your days be filled with laughter fit for the halls of Asgard. Don’t forget to come back soon for your next pun-fix, because when it comes to puns, you can never have too Loki!

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