200+ Hilarious Forehead Puns That Will Make You Raise Your Brows in Amusement!

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Are you ready to wrinkle your forehead in delight with some high-brow humor? Well, hold onto your hairline, because we’ve got over 200 of the most hilarious forehead puns that are guaranteed to raise both your spirits *and* your eyebrows! Whether you’re a fan of clever wordplay or just in need of a good, laugh-out-loud moment, our collection of forehead puns is the perfect way to add a bit of levity to your day. From playful one-liners to pun-tastic quips, we’ve scoured the ‘scalp’ of the internet to bring you the creme de la forehead of jokes. So, get ready to face the fun—these puns are a head above the rest! Keep reading to front-load your humor with puns that will give you a comedically high forehead!

Forehead Funnies: Puns to Get Ahead in Humor (Editors Pick)

1. I can’t handle these forehead puns, they go way over my head.
2. I don’t always tell forehead jokes, but when I do, I make sure they’re head and shoulders above the rest.
3. You shouldn’t joke about people’s foreheads; you never know what they might be facing.
4. If you think about it, a forehead is really just a fivehead in denial.
5. Forehead puns? I’ve got them covered… like bangs.
6. Did you hear about the forehead? It’s really starting to come to the front.
7. I wanted to make a joke about my forehead, but I can’t find it in me to highlight my own faults.
8. When foreheads get into a fight, it’s called a browl.
9. I know a guy who’s obsessed with his forehead… he’s really quite big-headed.
10. High five! Oops, that’s just a forehead slap.
11. Why was the forehead so good at sports? Because it always comes out ahead.
12. How does the forehead say sorry? It gives a bow of contrition.
13. I’ve got a large forehead; it’s not a bald spot, it’s a solar panel for a brain power plant.
14. My friend doesn’t like his prominent forehead, but I told him to keep his head up.
15. Why can’t foreheads be 12 inches long? Because then they would be a foot.
16. I wanted to keep this forehead pun short, but I just couldn’t cut it off.
17. The forehead is truly the highlight of the face.
18. Have you checked your forehead lately? It seems like it’s thinking out loud.
19. My friend is very sensitive about her forehead. I try not to mention it, lest I head into dangerous territory.
20. I don’t usually tell forehead jokes, but when I do, I make a lasting impression.

Front-Loaded Fun (Forehead One-liners)

1. I’m not balding; my forehead is just on a roll.
2. A forehead walks into a bar, but it was set too high to make an impact.
3. You know you’re a visionary when your ideas go as far as your forehead.
4. People with big foreheads always have a lot on their minds.
5. My forehead is not big; it’s a five-star forehead!
6. I can store all my secrets on my forehead—there’s plenty of forehead space.
7. Whenever I’m confused, it’s written all across my forehead in bold.
8. The forehead is just the lead story of the face.
9. I didn’t want to get into a debate about foreheads; the topic is too broad.
10. Not all heroes wear capes; some just have large foreheads.
11. I don’t tell forehead jokes to anyone; I head-select my audience.
12. My forehead isn’t shiny; it’s just my personality reflecting off it.
13. I’ve heard forehead wrinkles are just the brain’s way to make its point.
14. When the forehead starts to sweat, you know it’s in deep thought.
15. My forehead isn’t big; it’s just foreheadground in everything I do.
16. The only lines I’m good at are the ones on my forehead.
17. They said I’d grow into my forehead, but it seems to have grown into me.
18. Forehead puns are like a fringe group in the comedy world.
19. My forehead’s so prominent, it’s practically a five-star attraction!
20. When it rains, my forehead is my own personal umbrella.

Front and Center Chuckles: Headlining Forehead Puns Q&A

1. Q: What do you call it when someone hits their forehead on a book?
A: A brow-ser crash!

2. Q: Why was the forehead so proud?
A: It was ahead of the rest!

3. Q: What do you call a forehead’s favorite snack?
A: Headcheese!

4. Q: Why did the forehead go to school?
A: To get some “higher” education!

5. Q: What did the detective say to the suspicious forehead?
A: I’ve got my eye just below you!

6. Q: Why did the forehead refuse to play hide and seek?
A: Because it always gets spotted first!

7. Q: What did the magician say to the forehead?
A: Abraca-dab-brow!

8. Q: Why was the forehead considered intelligent?
A: Because it was a smart front!

9. Q: What did the forehead say to the pimple?
A: You’re head and shoulders above the rest!

10. Q: What did one forehead say to the other during a disagreement?
A: “I suppose we just can’t see eye to brow on this issue.”

11. Q: How do you write a book on foreheads?
A: With a headliner!

12. Q: How do you know if a forehead is into music?
A: When it’s a high-brow listener!

13. Q: What do you call a worry-free forehead?
A: A clearhead!

14. Q: Why don’t foreheads make good secret keepers?
A: Because they always spill the beans right from the top!

15. Q: What do you call a really cool forehead?
A: Icebrow!

16. Q: Why did the forehead get promoted?
A: Because it was the top most part of the company!

17. Q: What do you call a clever forehead joke?
A: A forehead pun-chline!

18. Q: Why was the forehead a fan of mountains?
A: It loves anything that’s highbrow.

19. Q: What did the forehead say after making a mistake?
A: “I must face the music.”

20. Q: What’s a forehead’s favorite type of weather?
A: Overcast – less chance of sunburn on the top!

“Thinking Cap Quips: A Head Above the Rest (Double Entendre Forehead Puns)”

1. I tried to read my palm but I ended up with a forehead-cast instead.
2. I’m head over heels for you, but I’ll try not to let it go to my head.
3. I told everyone my secrets, and now I have a transparent fore-head.
4. I have a joke about a forehead, but it’s over your head.
5. I don’t mean to head off topic, but can we circle back to that forehead idea?
6. “Thinking caps” are so last year—I wear a forehead crown.
7. When it comes to foreheads, you could say I’m a head of the game.
8. Did you hear about the forehead convention? It was a real head count.
9. Foreheads unite! It’s time for some headstrong action.
10. Love is blind; that’s why I wear my heart on my forehead.
11. My thoughts are transparent, you can read them like an open fore-book.
12. When I brainstorm, it’s a five-head downpour.
13. If you don’t mind, I’ll take a fore-ward approach to this problem.
14. I’ve got a lot on my mind—it’s a forehead traffic jam.
15. Feeling a little forehead-lorn without your puns today.
16. If foreheads could talk, mine would never head to bed.
17. A forehead in time saves nine… thoughts from spilling out.
18. I keep staring at your forehead; I find it quite a head-turning feature.
19. Your love hit me right in the forehead, and now I’m head over heels.
20. When the magician touched his forehead, it was a real mind-blowing experience.

Brow-Beating Banter: Frontal Fun with Forehead Puns

1. I had a headache so big it was a four-alarm situation on my forehead.
2. When he thought hard, you could say his mind was brow-beating.
3. I had an idea so bright, it was a real forehead-light.
4. He wasn’t just smart, he was a fivehead above everyone else.
5. She kept a cool head until the temperature rose, then it was a sweatband.
6. I tried to keep a worry off my mind, but it kept creeping onto my forehead.
7. You could say he was headstrong – his forehead always led the way.
8. I don’t want to face the facts, my forehead can’t handle the pressure.
9. When it comes to facing problems, my forehead is often the front line.
10. He’s always putting his best face forward – especially in forehead negotiations.
11. I couldn’t understand the concept, it went right over my forehead.
12. My thoughts were so deep, they wrinkled my forehead.
13. That comedian was so funny, he had everyone’s foreheads in stitches.
14. I can’t hide my emotions; you can read them like an open forehead.
15. She’s the brains of the operation; ideas just sprout from her forehead.
16. I was lost in thought until I hit a forehead block.
17. Every time I think about it, my forehead breaks out in a brainstorm.
18. The math problem was so hard, it caused a forehead collision.
19. You know he’s concentrating when the furrow lines on his forehead become a plowed field.
20. She tried to keep a straight face, but her forehead gave her away with worry lines.

“Front and Center: Headlining Forehead Funnies”

1. I wrote a song about a tortilla; actually, it’s more of a wrap on my forehead.
2. Have a headache? Don’t worry, you’ll just head it off at the pass.
3. I had a thought about a highbrow joke, but it’s over everybody’s head.
4. Head’s up! Forehead’s down, the opposite of frown town.
5. Thinking caps are out of style; forehead bands are a no-brainer.
6. I’d tell you a forehead joke, but it’s really quite forward.
7. My forehead’s not big, it’s just a fivehead checking the foresight.
8. You’re a head of the class when your forehead’s in focus.
9. Banged my head; now I have a mind-blowing forehead impression.
10. The psychic loved my forehead; said it was mind-expanding.
11. A forehead in time saves nine, if you’re thinking ahead.
12. Knock on wood or knock on forehead – either way, it’s all in your head.
13. You can head on out, but foreheads always stick around.
14. A penny for your thoughts? My forehead charges interest.
15. Foreheads unite! We’re a band of thinkers.
16. When my thoughts leap forward, my forehead follows suit.
17. I don’t have a receding hairline; my forehead’s on the advance.
18. Mind the gap, but don’t overlook the forehead.
19. My brain’s headquarters? It’s just above my eyebrows.
20. Made a decision to follow my head, but my forehead led the way.

“Headlining Humor: Forehead Fun in Names”

1. ForeHeadline News
2. The Brow BowTie
3. ForeScore and Seven Years
4. EnlightenHead
5. FiveHead Fashions
6. BrainBrow Boutique
7. MindBrow Mapping
8. BrowSweat Gym
9. ThinkFore Studio
10. HighBrow Heights
11. WisdomFront Properties
12. The ThinkingCap – Forehead Edition
13. IntelliGent’s Forehead Decor
14. MindScalp Solutions
15. Contemplate Crown
16. PensivePeak Place
17. ExpressiveEyebrow Emporium
18. The FrontalLobe Lounge
19. ThinkTank Top
20. CerebralCrest Consultants

“Lightheaded Quips: Tom Swifties Forehead Fun”

1. “I need to think,” Tom said, “browly.”
2. “I’m considering a forehead tattoo,” Tom mused, “thoughtfully.”
3. “I hit my head right above my eyes,” Tom said, “highly.”
4. “I don’t want bangs covering my face,” Tom said, “clearly.”
5. “I’m sweating from my head,” Tom explained, “drippingly.”
6. “I’ve got an idea,” Tom said, “brilliantly.”
7. “I didn’t expect that low doorframe,” Tom admitted, “sorely.”
8. “I just had Botox,” Tom stated, “smoothly.”
9. “I use a lot of sunscreen up here,” Tom said, “shiningly.”
10. “I always wear my headbands tight,” Tom said, “snugly.”
11. “That unicorn costume was a hit,” Tom smirked, “pointedly.”
12. “This headache is killing me,” Tom groaned, “poundingly.”
13. “I didn’t believe in forehead kisses,” Tom conceded, “sweetly.”
14. “I’m getting my chakras aligned,” Tom said, “centrally.”
15. “I’m figuring out the math problem,” Tom said, “calculatingly.”
16. “Mind my wrinkles,” Tom stated, “linedly.”
17. “I’ll never grow a unibrow,” Tom said, “dividedly.”
18. “I’m shielding my head from the sun,” Tom said, “shadily.”
19. “I’m learning to head-butt,” Tom stated, “bumpily.”
20. “I’ve been reading a lot lately,” Tom said, “studiously.”

Head-on Contradictions: Oxymoronic Forehead Funnies

1. Clearly confused by the size of his forehead.
2. Act naturally when people mention your fivehead.
3. Awfully nice hairline you’re not sporting there.
4. Bitterly sweet receding line.
5. Clearly obscure thoughts across that big forehead.
6. Deafening silence when he put on his thinking cap.
7. Found missing every time he tried to hide his forehead.
8. Seriously funny how his eyebrows seemed surprised by his forehead.
9. Working vacation whenever he wears a hat.
10. Small crowd gathered to see his vast forehead.
11. Civil war on his forehead between hair and skin.
12. Alone together, his hair follicles have space for a party.
13. Open secret that his forehead is the real headliner.
14. Pretty ugly situation when the sun reflects off his forehead.
15. Growing smaller with age, his hair is leaving the forehead frontier.
16. Jumbo shrimp of a man with a forehead that doubles as an IMAX screen.
17. Only choice is to embrace the grand canyon above his eyes.
18. Same difference between his forehead and a billboard, just the ads are missing.
19. Old news that the barber starts at the back for his haircut.
20. Awfully good at hiding emotions with that expansive facial canvas.

“Head Over Heels in Thought: Recursive Forehead Wordplay”

1. I tried to come up with a forehead pun, but it’s over my head.
2. Now I’m faced with the problem that I didn’t have a big enough forehead for the first pun.
3. Thinking about more forehead puns is starting to wrinkle my brain under the pressure.
4. To smooth things over, I need to bang out another pun, but these hair-brain ideas keep falling flat.
5. I guess I’m just fronting about my ability to make these puns more appealing.
6. Forehead puns can be quite challenging; I have to keep a high brow sense of humor.
7. Each new pun gives me a chance to recede a little further into my punny thoughts.
8. As I keep thinking, my puns might start to get a little too forehead to truly understand.
9. Is it just me, or are these puns starting to make less and less cents, like a forehead dwindling dime?
10. Now I’m at a crosshead; do I continue with the puns or stop before they become too abstract?
11. Still, I am thinking so hard my ideas might just break out, like forehead acne under stress.
12. Trying to keep up with these recursive puns is like trying to remember if you forewarned the forehead the foreword was forthwith.
13. Did that pun make sense, or did it just go in one temple and out the other?
14. I’ll admit, sculpting these puns is an art form, they’re not just made in vein… or is it in ‘vain’?
15. This list is starting to stretch a bit; I hope I don’t get called out for frowning upon creativity.
16. Maybe if I compress all the past puns together, the humor will be more impactful… like a compressed forehead band.
17. Or perhaps the repeated stress will cause them to split like a forehead with a dividing opinion.
18. Some might say I’m getting ahead of myself, but I think these puns are developing quite a storyline.
19. With all these puns stacked, the humor’s getting layered—like bangs hiding a high forehead.
20. In the end, these recursive puns are like foreheads themselves: containing deep thoughts that are often overlooked.

Brow-sing Through Forehead Puns (A Head Above the Rest)

1. A head of the time, you’ve always got to think forehead.
2. I’ve got this problem at the front of my mind, and I can’t seem to put it forehead.
3. Mind your head, but specifically your forehead; it’s the general’s frontal lobe.
4. Go forth and forehead, that’s what my fortune cookie said.
5. I tried to read her thoughts, but I couldn’t get past the foreheadtress.
6. You can’t get ahead without a good forehead.
7. It’s important to be open-minded, but not so much that your forehead falls out.
8. In the game of hide and seek, your forehead should always be a-head-ing.
9. A penny for your thoughts? For your forehead, I’ll give you a nickel.
10. An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but a forehead might need a dermatologist.
11. I have a mind to compete, it’s a no-brainer, forehead surely!
12. If you hit your forehead, you’ll have a hindsight problem.
13. It’s hard to keep a cool head when your forehead’s always sweating the details.
14. I can’t seem to make up my mind, but at least I can make up my forehead.
15. Bangs out of order? It’s a hair-raising issue for your forehead.
16. Trying to read between the lines on your forehead can be quite the wrinkle in time.
17. Always wear a smile, because your forehead’s always on display.
18. I tried to get into foreheadtelling, but I couldn’t predict the wrinkles.
19. Dreams about your forehead might just be premonitions of thinkier thoughts.
20. A wrinkle in time saves nine, especially if it’s on your forehead.

We’ve certainly ‘headed’ into a fun direction with over 200 forehead puns that have probably made you ‘raise your brows’ more than once! We’re glad you ‘fore-headed’ our way and hope our collection has left you in high ‘spirits’—just a couple ‘inches’ above your nose!

But don’t let the laughter recede like a hairline just yet; we have a pun-dora’s box full of giggles and chuckles waiting for you. Browse through our website for a myriad of puns that will keep the good times rolling.

Thank you for ‘fronting’ up and sharing in the joy of wordplay with us. Your presence has been the ‘highlight’ of our day. Be sure to bookmark us for your next bout of pun-induced happiness—it’s never a ‘brow-den’ to host you!

Smile, chuckle, and pass on the cheer. Until next time, keep those brows high and the puns coming!

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