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Get ready to laugh like an ancient pharaoh with this collection of over 200 Egypt puns! From mummy-related jokes to clever wordplay about pyramids and pharaohs, these puns are sure to tickle your funny bone. Whether you’re an Egypt enthusiast or just looking for a good laugh, these puns will have you in stitches. So put on your pharaoh hat and get ready to unravel the hilarity with these pun-tastic jokes. From the Sphinx to the Nile, there’s no shortage of punny humor in this list. Let’s dive right in and have a mummy load of fun with these Egypt puns!

“Pharaoh-lling on the Floor with Laughter” (Editors Pick)

1. Why did the mummy go to school? Because he wanted to improve his “wrap” sheet!
2. What did the Egyptian farmer say to the lazy scarecrow? “Get a “pharaoh” job!”
3. Why did the Pharaoh build the pyramids? Because he couldn’t possibly pyramid them all on his own!
4. What did the Sphinx say to the Pyramid? “You “rock” my world!”
5. Did you hear about the mummy who couldn’t keep a secret? He was “tissue”-tapped!
6. What do you call an ancient Egyptian puzzle? A crossword “Nile”!
7. Why did the mummy go on a diet? Because he wanted to lose some “weight” from his sarcophagus!
8. What did the mummy say when he finished his workout? “I’m “sweating” Egypt-off now!”
9. Why did the Egyptian pharaoh invite his friends to tea? He wanted to “pyra-mid” up some company!
10. What does an Egyptian cornfield say at the end of summer? “Maize-troi Egypt!”
11. What do you call a napping Pharaoh? Tutankham-zzzz!
12. Why did the pharaoh go to the bakery? To get a “Tutti-fruity” cake!
13. Why was Cleopatra always confident in her love life? Because she knew she had a “Nile”-ion options!
14. What is an Egyptian’s favorite type of dessert? Mummy’s “tooth”!
15. What did the Egyptian queen say when she visited the construction site? “I’m feeling quite pharaotic!”
16. Why did the Egyptian pharaoh like gardening? Because he had a “Mum-mum-green thumb”!
17. Did you hear about the Egyptian baker who ran away from his job? He made a “pyramid” error!
18. How do Egyptians stay cool during the hot summer? They use their “fan-tut-tics”!
19. Why did the Egyptian pharaoh like playing cards? Because he was always ready to “tomb” the competition!
20. What do you call a crocodile with a crown in ancient Egypt? “Reptile”!

Pharaohsome Puns (Egyptian One-Liners)

1. My friend married an Egyptian archaeologist. She keeps saying, “He’s a real pyramid of joy!”
2. Did you hear about the pharaoh who was bad at math? He couldn’t pyramid numbers!
3. Why do mummies make great comedians? They always have a wrap-turous punchline!
4. I asked an Egyptian chef for a date, and he handed me a fruit. I guess I misinterpreted his intentions.
5. Why did the Egyptian pharaoh always carry a measuring tape? He wanted to keep things pyramid-tetrically accurate!
6. What did the Egyptian farmer say when he lost his cows? “I need to steer-oid out of this desert!”
7. Why did the pharaoh go broke? He was constantly pyramid-scheming!
8. Did you hear about the Egyptian couple who went on a romantic vacation? They had such a Pharaonic time!
9. What’s the favorite insect of Egyptians? The scarab beetle-autiful!
10. How do mummies keep their breath fresh? They use pyramid-mints!
11. Why did the Egyptian pharaoh visit the chiropractor? He had a case of Tut-ached spine!
12. How do Egyptian cats say hello? “Mew-t!”.
13. Why did the Sphinx turn to stand-up comedy? She thought it was time to show her lion-side!
14. Did you hear about the pharaoh who wrote a book on social media? It was called “Insta-ramesses”!
15. Why did the mummy go on a diet? He wanted to get back in shape!
16. What did the Egyptian student say to the math teacher? “I’m really struggling with these pyramethic problems!”
17. Why did the mummy start a band? He wanted to wrap up his musical talent!
18. Why did the pharaoh switch to a vegetarian diet? He wanted to be a salad Tut of the town!
19. What did the Egyptian ghost say during a game of hide-and-seek? “I sphinx you’re getting warmer!”
20. Why did the Egyptian sculptor get into pottery? He needed a new way to pass the time!

Pyramid Ponderings (Question-and-Answer Puns)

1. Why did Cleopatra go to the dentist? To get a new “tooth crown”!
2. Why was the mummy always so grumpy? Because he was feeling a bit “tomb-stoned!”
3. Why did the Sphinx get a job? Because it needed to support its “foundation!
4. What do you call a haunted Egyptian river? A “spook-nile”!
5. Why don’t mummies take vacations? Because they’re always “bandaged” with work!
6. Why did the Pharaoh visit the doctor? Because he had a case of “sands-itis”!
7. How do Egyptians stay cool in the desert? They use “pyramids”!
8. Why were the ancient Egyptians such good engineers? Because they knew how to “camel-late” problems!
9. How do Egyptians paddle across the Nile? They use “tut-nile” propulsion!
10. Why did the mummy call his friend on the phone? Because he “tomb-dialed” the wrong number!
11. What’s the Egyptians’ favorite type of dance music? “Mummy-ton”!
12. Why aren’t ancient Egyptian boats good at sailing? Because they’re always “bored”!
13. What do you call a lazy pharaoh? A “couch-potatum”!
14. What do you call a group of Egyptians who travel together? A “pyramid”!
15. How do Egyptians measure time? They use “phar-oh clocks”!
16. Why did the Egyptian pharaoh refuse to go on roller coasters? Because he didn’t want to “un-pyramid” his stomach!
17. How did the Egyptian queen give presentations? With “overhead Pharoahgraphs”!
18. Why don’t ancient Egyptian musicians ever get lost? Because they always follow the “key mummy”!
19. Why did the Egyptian farmer become a comedian? Because he loved telling “nile-arious” jokes!
20. What do you call a mummy’s favorite type of bread? “Pita-reflect”!

Cleopuntra’s Double Entendre Puns: Nile Nonsense!

1. Why did the Egyptian pharaoh take up gardening? He wanted to plant a pyramid scheme!
2. Why did the mummy go to the public speaking club? He wanted to unwrap his brilliant comebacks!
3. Did you hear about the Egyptian pharaoh who forgot to pay the electric bill? He was left in de-Nile!
4. What do you call a mummy with a strong desire for justice? A law wrap!
5. Why did the Egyptian pharaoh start a bakery? He wanted to be the next “py-rolling” sensation!
6. What do you call an ancient Egyptian love letter? A hieroglyphic “I love you” note!
7. How did the queen of the Nile choose her new outfit? She went shopping for a “wrapped” dress!
8. Why did the Egyptian musician play the sitar? He wanted to “string” the pharaoh along!
9. What’s an Egyptian ghost’s favorite game? Wrap-sody!
10. Why did the mummy take up yoga? He heard it was a great way to “unwind”!
11. Why did the mummy become a teacher? He wanted to help students “unwrap” their potential!
12. What do you call a clever Egyptian who can turn a profit from anything? A money pyramid scheme specialist!
13. Why did the ancient Egyptian chef always win cooking competitions? She had a “wrap-turous” culinary talent!
14. Why did the pharaoh always carry a pen and paper? He wanted to make sure he could write down all his “tomb” thoughts!
15. What did the Egyptian pharaoh say after finishing his meal? “That was truly hiero-tasty!”
16. Why did the Egyptian pharaoh hire a personal trainer? He wanted to be a fit ruler and avoid being a “mummy”!
17. What do you call a pyramid that constantly complains? A grumble-in!
18. Why did the Egyptian pharaoh join a band? He wanted to be the “wrap” star of the show!
19. What’s an Egyptian mummy’s favorite type of music? Wrap music!
20. Why did the Sphinx start a fashion line? She wanted to create stylish looks that would leave people “sphinx-icated”!

“Pharaoh-larious Phrases (Puns in Idioms)”

1. I pharaohly enjoyed my trip to Egypt.
2. This place is a sphinx-ational destination for tourists.
3. Don’t worry, I’ll mummy-tize your problem.
4. Let’s wrap up this discussion, shall we?
5. You’re the pyramid of success in my eyes!
6. Don’t be so Nile-tempered, it’s just a joke.
7. I’m feeling a bit sand under the weather today.
8. I can’t pyramid what you’re saying, can you please explain again?
9. I’m not just a pretty face, I’m also sand-sationally smart!
10. Let’s not pyramid around the bush, tell me the truth.
11. She’s the queen of denial; she won’t admit her mistake!
12. I’m knee-deep in research about ancient Egypt.
13. It’s time to mummy-fy your style with some fashion tips.
14. Can you sphinx of a better pun than this?
15. That mummy-tastic performance deserves a standing ovation!
16. I’m millennial, so I’m all about that Tut-ankh-Amun!
17. The Nile is flowing with laughter tonight!
18. Pharaoh-nough with the excuses, just get your work done.
19. You’re so talented, it’s like you have a magic pyramid!
20. Don’t worry, we’ll find a solution, I’ll think Ra-round for ideas.

Pyramids and Puns: A Pharaoh-midable Collection

1. I walked like an Egyptian when I had a sandal-tastic time at the beach.
2. The Pharaoh went from royalty to being buried in a derelict pyramid, from riches to rags!
3. Why did the mummy become a tour guide? Because he knew his way around all the wraps!
4. I’m not a fan of Egyptian art, it just Sphinx to me.
5. Pharaohs must really like warm weather because they always have “the hot in common.”
6. What did the Egyptian say after eating too many dates? Now I’m Tut-ally stuffed!
7. Did Cleopatra ever tweet? No, she preferred sending papyrus messages using hieroglyphics.
8. The pharaoh could never find good shoes since he had huge mummy toes!
9. Why did the Sphinx write a book? It wanted to show off its many paws of wisdom.
10. When Egyptians play soccer, they’re always on the Nile!
11. Ancient Egyptian love was not all hieroglyphics and roses; it was sarcophagus-tic!
12. Why didn’t the pharaoh go to the dentist? He was afraid of getting a pyramid scheme!
13. Mummies make great math teachers because they have lots of bandages and know how to wrap things up!
14. The archaeologist loved to uncover ancient Egyptian secrets, but he couldn’t keep a secret if his life depended on it!
15. I visited the Great Sphinx in Egypt, and boy, was it a paw-some experience!
16. The pharaoh always had the upper hand, except when he played rock-paper-scissors.
17. Why did the mummy become a detective? It wanted to unravel all the band cases!
18. The Nile River is always flowing, but it never gets tired. It must have a lot of stamina!
19. I asked the mummy if his favorite song was a rap song? He said, “Nah, I like it more as a wrap song!”
20. Why did the pharaoh always lose at poker? He could never keep a straight face!

Egyptain Delight (Punning in the Pyramids)

1. King Tut’n Commoners
2. Sphinx-tifi

Pharaoh’s Fumbled Phrases: Hieroglyphic Heartbreaks through Spoonerisms

1. Pharaoh of heights
2. Pyramind bummy
3. Nile of the plow
4. Scarab of the bug
5. Cleopatra of the sluttish
6. Sphinx of the grim
7. Pharaoh-monic wars
8. Ankh of the Nile
9. Pyramid of the ripe
10. Sarcophagus of the pack
11. Mummy of the pyramids
12. Obelisk of the hay
13. Tomb of the rave
14. Papyrus of the mine
15. Anubis of the lite
16. Tutankhamun of the mouse
17. Nefertiti of the bind
18. Nile of the bassinet
19. Osiris of the rib
20. Ra of the bun

Sphinx-tertaining Tom Swifties (Egypt Puns)

1. “I’m so excited to explore the pyramids,” Tom said archaeologically.
2. “This tomb is filled with treasures!” Tom exclaimed financially.
3. “I’m having a blast in Egypt,” Tom said explosively.
4. “I’m struggling to lift this stone sculpture,” Tom said gravely.
5. “The camel ride was a bit bumpy,” Tom said hump-lessly.
6. “I could spend eternity in the Valley of the Kings,” Tom said cryptically.
7. “I’m so hungry, I could eat a pyramid!” Tom exclaimed pyramidically.
8. “Mummies give me the creeps,” Tom said wrapped up in himself.
9. “The hieroglyphics are fascinating,” Tom said anciently.
10. “I feel like Cleopatra in this outfit,” Tom said majestically.
11. “This desert heat is unbearable,” Tom said sand-ly.
12. “I’m studying ancient Egypt,” Tom said historically.
13. “I found a scarab beetle!” Tom said insectively.
14. “I’m thoroughly enjoying the Nile cruise,” Tom said floatingly.
15. “I can’t believe we found King Tut’s tomb,” Tom said royally.
16. This pharaoh costume is a perfect fit,” Tom said fit-ly.
17. “I’m impressed by the engineering of the pyramids,” Tom said pyramidically.
18. I’m digging for ancient artifacts,” Tom said intensively.
19. “Walking like an Egyptian is harder than I thought,” Tom said dance-lessly.
20. “I can’t resist buying souvenirs,” Tom said purchase-lessly.

Pharaoh-nominal Wordplay (Egyptian Oxymoronic Puns)

1. “Why did the mummy become a comedian? Because he had an unmatched wit!”
2. I don’t trust Egyptologists, they’re always digging up dirt!
3. “Did you hear about the pharaoh who went to the gym? He was a real exercise in history!”
4. “Pharaohs were great at mathematics, but they couldn’t pyramid for their lives!”
5. “Why did the Sphinx win the sculpture contest? Because it had an undeniable stone-faced expression!”
6. “Why did the Egyptian chef quit his job? He couldn’t handle the pyramid of dishes!”
7. “I once visited an Egyptian bakery, they said their bread was to die for!”
8. “Why did the mummy go to school? He wanted to wrap up his education!”
9. “Did you hear about the mummy who opened a bakery? They had a rotten sense of dough!”
10. “Why did the pharaoh never take a vacation? He was afraid of tomb-tourism!”
11. “Why did the Egyptian cat become an archaeologist? It had a paw-some sense of history!”
12. “Egyptian walls always want to stay in shape, they’re always wall-lifting!”
13. “Why did the mummy become a fashion model? It wanted to be the best-wrapped star in Egypt!”
14. “I once visited an Egyptian yoga class, it was a real stretch of ancient enigmas!”
15. “Why did the Egyptian dentist go out of business? They couldn’t handle the tooth!”
16. “Why did the pharaoh never lose at poker? He always had an unbeatable pyramid!”
17. “Why did the Sphinx become a rapper? It had a solid rhyming stone!”
18. “Did you hear about the pharaoh who started a band? They had a mummy-fying sound!”
19. Why did the Egyptian architect become a comedian? They had a real knack for pyramid schemes!”
20. “Why did the mummy go to space? It wanted to wrap its head around the universe!”

Sphinx-tertaining Wordplay (Recursive Puns)

1. Why did the Sphinx start a band? Because he wanted to rock!
2. What did the mummy say to the skeleton? “You’ve got some backbone!”
3. Why did the Egyptian pharaoh get a job at the bakery? He kneaded some dough.
4. What did the archaeologist say when he discovered a hidden tomb? “Looks like I’ve struck sarcophagus!”
5. How do archaeologists greet each other in ancient Egypt? “Horus it going!”
6. How did the pharaoh react when he found out his pyramid was built on the wrong site? He was in de-Nile.
7. What did the archaeologist say when he found a cat-shaped artifact? “I think I’ve found a purrecious jewel!”
8. Why did the mummy go to school? He wanted to improve his wrapping skills.
9. What did the mummy say to the ghost? “I don’t mean to be harsh, but you’re a real sheet!”
10. Why did the pharaoh enroll in a yoga class? He wanted to keep his pyramid shape in perfect alignment.
11. What do you call an ancient Egyptian dance party? A Nile shindig!
12. Why did the archaeologist always carry a pencil and paper in the desert? He wanted to make sure he didn’t take things for “granted.”
13. What did the pharaoh say to his workers when they finished building the pyramid? “You’ve done an amazing job. You’ve really pyramid off!”
14. Why did the mummy refuse to play any sports? He didn’t have the guts to do it.
15. What did Cleopatra say to her hairstylist? “I’m in desperate need of a new ‘do.”
16. What did the archaeologist say when he found a tiny pyramid? “I guess you could say it’s a mini-fact!”
17. Why did the ancient Egyptian ruler start a new diet? He wanted to find his pyramid of health.
18. Why did the pharaoh build a massive library? He wanted to be the King of the Bookhara.
19. What do you call a band of singing mummies? The Wrapped Singers!
20. What did the pharaoh say to his queen when he wanted to watch a movie? Would you like to join me on the royal couch, my dear? Let’s have a pyramid and chill.”

Witty Nile-ing with Clichés (Puns on Cliches)

1. I said I wanted to visit Egypt, but I didn’t mean it literally—pyramids scare me, they’re just too triangular.
2. I wanted to learn Egyptian hieroglyphics, but it turns out it’s just a bunch of “pharaoh” language.
3. Walking like an Egyptian is just a pyramid scheme.
4. My mummy is always tired because she’s a real “de-nile” queen.
5. I could never be an archaeologist in Egypt—I have a “Tutankhamun” to deal with.
6. Trying to lose weight? Just try the Egypt diet—a “Pharaoh” amount of exercise.
7. I told a friend I’d meet them by the Nile, but I got lost—talk about a “river” situation!
8. The Egyptian baker’s bread was so good, it was truly a “taste of pharaohmones.”
9. When Egyptians take exams, they must be careful not to get caught up in a “Sphinx” mode.
10. Why did Egyptians build temples? For religious “sand-vices”!
11. I told my friend I want to go to Cairo, and they replied, “Egypt is a pyramid of opportunity.”
12. The Egyptian tailor was so good at his job, he had a “seamless” reputation.
13. Don’t let people trip you up in Egypt—they’re just “pyramid” schemers.
14. The ancient Egyptians were masters at using exotic oils and herbs in their beauty routines—they were pioneers of “Kleopatra” therapy.
15. What type of printer do they use at the Egyptian government office? A pharaoh-copier!
16. The taxi driver offered us a pyramid rate—a real “tomb-some” price.
17. Why did the couple break up after visiting Egypt? They couldn’t “Cairo” on their relationship problems.
18. Who does an Egyptian mummy take their problems to? The “sarcophagist”!
19. I went to the Nile and fell in love—it was a river “affair” to remember.
20. The mummy was such a great secret-keeper, they should’ve been named “Tootankhansumthin.”

In conclusion, these 200+ Egypt puns have truly been a hilarious journey into the world of ancient pharaohs and Egyptian history. We hope they’ve brought a smile to your face and brightened your day. If you’re hungry for more puns, be sure to check out our website for a plethora of pun-filled content. Thank you for taking the time to visit us and may you continue to laugh like an ancient pharaoh!

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