Unleashing Your Inner Geek: 220 Epic Zelda Puns to Make Your Day More Comical

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Welcome fellow adventurers and lovers of all things Zelda! If you’re in need of a good laugh or just a clever way to brighten your day, you’ve come to the right place. We have scoured the depths of Hyrule and beyond to gather over 200 epic Zelda puns that are sure to tickle your funny bone and keep you entertained. From rupee-tiltingly clever quips to sword-swinging punchlines, these puns are the perfect way to unleash your inner geek and add a dash of comical joy to your day. So grab your ocarina, polish your Master Sword, and get ready for puns that would make even the Great Deku Tree crack a smile. Let the laughter begin!

Get Ready to Hy-rule the Day! (Editors Pick)

1. Why did Link bring a ladder to the Gerudo desert? He heard there were a lot of sand witches!
2. What do you call a Hylian who can’t sing? Link-tenor.
3. Why did Navi the fairy go to therapy? She had a major Link-xiety problem!
4. Did you hear about the magician in Hyrule? He disappeared without a Link-trace!
5. If Zelda had a band, what would they be called? The Triforce Harmonics!
6. What do you call Link’s favorite dance move? The Spin Attack!
7. Why did the chicken cross the road in Hyrule? To see what was on the other Link!
8. How does Link like his coffee? Linkspresso!
9. Which kind of pasta would Link choose? Linguini!
10. What did Zelda say when she found a rupee outside her castle? “It’s Link’s lucky day!”
11. Why did Link study so hard in school? He wanted to get scholarships to the Hyrule Academy!
12. What do you call a gang of musical Gorons in Zelda? The Rolling Boulders!
13. Why did Link take a math class? He wanted a Hyrule-degree in arithmetic!
14. What do you call a really fast Stalchild? Speedemon!
15. What’s an Octorok’s favorite dessert? Zeldoughnuts!
16. What does Link use to clean his sword? Hyrulic acid!
17. Why did the Deku Tree open a bakery? To make some dough-raki!
18. How does Link like his pizza? Extra Triforce toppings!
19. Why did the Zora start a band? He wanted to make a splash in the music industry!
20. What’s Link’s favorite type of tree? Deku Spruce!

The Legend of Zelda: Puns of Power (One-liner Puns)

1. Why did Link bring a ladder to battle? He wanted to climb to new heights!
2. What did the Moblin say to Ganon? “You’re not my Ganon, I don’t even know Ganon!”
3. What do you call a Goron in a hurry? Rolling Thunder!
4. Why did Zelda go to therapy? She needed to Triforce her issues.
5. Did you hear about the Octorok who went on strike? It refused to work until it got a better kraken-t!
6. What’s Link’s favorite instrument? A Wind Waker!
7. Why did the chicken cross Hyrule Field? To find the Zel-Da.
8. What did the Deku Scrub say when someone scared him? “Leaf me alone!”
9. Why did the cucco get promoted at work? It was a real high-flier!
10. Why shouldn’t you play hide-and-seek with Valoo? Because he always has a fiery temper!
11. How did Link become a master chef? He used his Triforce of flavor!
12. How did the Gerudo unlock her car? With a Shei-car-ra Key.
13. What do you call a group of Stalchildren singing together? A Skele-choir!
14. Why did the Lynel start a bakery? He wanted to make some mane-delicacies!
15. How did the Zora get good at math? They took swim-geometry classes!
16. What did Darunia say when he opened a fancy store? “It’s a rockin’ business!”
17. How did the Koroks stay entertained during lockdown? They played Hyrule-opoly!
18. Why did the Master Sword go to the therapist? It wanted to sheath its issues.
19. What do you call a song performed by the Great Deku Tree? A trunk anthem!
20. How did the Rito get their feathered outfits so sharp? They had a tailor hawk to them.

Puzzle Pouch: Riddle Me Zeldas (Question-and-Answer Puns)

1. What do you call a group of musicians playing Legend of Zelda songs? A Linkin Park.
2. Why did Tingle open a bakery? Because he wanted to make rupees!
3. What do you say to a friend who hasn’t played The Legend of Zelda yet? “It’s time to Link up!”
4. What’s Link’s favorite kind of pasta? Spaghetti Triforce-etti.
5. Why was the Sheikah chef bad at making soup? He always forgot to add L-emon.
6. Why did the gamer get a job at a pottery studio? They wanted to master the Ocarina of Time.
7. What do you call a book about Zelda’s adventures? The Legend of Shelda.
8. How did Ganondorf become a successful fashion designer? He had the Triforce in style.
9. Why did Link bring a ladder to the dungeon? In case he needed to Triforce his way in!
10. Why do Gorons never make plans? Because they prefer to live their lives Rock ‘n’ Roll-ing!
11. Why did Navi borrow money from Link? She wanted him to “Ocarina” deal with it later!
12. What did Zelda say when Link tried to give her a puzzle for her birthday? “You’re always trying to piece everything together!”
13. What’s the best way to get from one side of Hyrule to the other? Use a Zelda-crossing.
14. Why did Link start a band with the Great Deku Tree? They wanted to play some “Tree-chords.”
15. What did the villain say when Link defeated him? “You’re really Temptya-ing fate!”
16. Why did the Goron join the cooking competition? He wanted to show that he was a Master Chef Stone-arena.
17. Why couldn’t Ganondorf find his way through the maze? Because he never had a proper Hy-lure.
18. What’s Link’s favorite type of chocolate? Trifo-rice.
19. How did the Zora become a famous pop singer? They had the perfect pitch to “Splash” the charts!
20. Why did the Korok go on vacation to the desert? They heard it was a great place for some “Koko-nut” fun!

Zelda Puns: Linking Laughter and Adventure (Double Entendre Puns)

1. Link always carries a “sword” with him.
2. Ganon is quite a “thorny” opponent.
3. Zelda’s royal robe is the “hottest” fashion item.
4. The Master Sword is a real “blade” runner.
5. Princess Ruto’s obsession with the “Zora’s pearl” is really fishy.
6. The Gerudo thieves are masters at “jewel-ry”.
7. The Ocarina of Time is the ultimate “breath of fresh air”.
8. The fairy fountain is a great place for a “magical dip”.
9. “Goron City” is famous for its “rock-hard” residents.
10. The “Lost Woods” will leave you “forest-ified”.
11. The Deku Tree’s “bark” is definitely worse than its bite.
12. The “Spirit Temple” is where things can get very “illuminating”.
13. “Hyrule Castle” is definitely not the best place for a “rock concert”.
14. Poes might be “dead serious”, but they still appreciate a good joke.
15. The “Zora’s Domain” has the “catchiest” scenery.
16. The “Hyrule Field” is where you might find some “grass-roots” entertainment.
17. The “Kokiri Forest” is where you can find a “little fairy magic”.
18. The “Twilight Princess” walks the fine line between “dark” and “light”.
19. The “Skyloft” is where you’ll be “floating” with joy.
20. Link should probably “shield” his eyes when dealing with those Bokoblins.

Zelda’s Zany Puns (Puns in Idioms)

1. Time is rupee-cious, don’t waste it!
2. My cooking skills are legendary. They are Infinitely Gourmet!
3. Life is like a game of Zelda, full of puzzling challenges and Link-ounters.
4. Some people say I’m a triforce to be reckoned with!
5. My social skills are on fire, people say I have a real Fire Temple personality!
6. I always speak the truth, no need for my Ocarina of LIES!
7. My singing voice is butter, they say I was born to Lull-a-bye.
8. I’m always prepared for the worst, I carry my trusty Sword of PUNishment!
9. Don’t worry, I have a Heart Container’s worth of love for you!
10. They say I have an unbeatable sense of direction, I’m like a human Legend of Compass!
11. My clever comebacks are a boomerang, they always come back to me!
12. I’m like a master archer, my words hit the bull’s-eye every time!
13. They say I’m a master of disguise, I can turn into a Deku Scrub in no time!
14. My sense of humor is like a Fairy, it can heal any bad mood!
15. My determination is as strong as the Master Sword, nothing can break me!
16. People say my fashion sense is out of this world, like Goron-made garments!
17. I have the spirit of a fairy, always ready to lend a helping hand!
18. They say I have the wisdom of a sage, always ready with sage advice!
19. My knowledge is like a Golden Skulltula, I’ve collected plenty of it!
20. They say I’m a true Hero of Time, always saving the day in style!

A “Triforce” of Laughs (Pun Juxtaposition)

1. Link may have the Master Sword, but I have the Pasta Fork!
2. Ganon may be the king of darkness, but I’m the king of Dad Jokes.
3. Zelda likes to solve puzzles, but I solve riddles with my Bran-d of humor.
4. Link may use arrows, but I’m quiver-ing with laughter.
5. Ganon wants to conquer Hyrule, but I’m conquering the comedy scene with my Hy-jinx.
6. Zelda may have a magical ocarina, but I have a keyboard that plays “Link”in Park.
7. Link may collect rupees, but I collect laughs to boost my funny-sack.
8. Ganon may want to rule the world, but I want to be the king of Punderland.
9. Zelda may have a Triforce, but I’ve got a “Try-Force” of comedy in each joke.
10. Link may have a horse named Epona, but I’ve got a horse named “P-honey” that tells jokes.
11. Ganon may have powerful magic, but I can make people laugh with my magic wand-erings.
12. Zelda may have the legendary Master Sword, but I’m the master of wordplay.
13. Link may explore dungeons, but I explore comedic “pun”-geons.
14. Ganon may be a fierce pig-like creature, but I’m a ham when it comes to funny puns.
15. Zelda may have potions, but I’ve got a special concoction called Puntastic Potion.
16. Link may have to save the kingdom, but I’m saving the day with my jokes.
17. Ganon may be the Calamity, but I’m the Comedy-ty bringing the fun back to Hyrule.
18. Zelda may communicate with the Triforce, but I communicate with laughter as my “try”-force.
19. Link may have a green tunic, but I’m a classic with my green “pun”-suit.
20. Ganon may be Tall, Dark, and Handsome, but I’m Small, Punny, and Hands down hilarious.

Zelda Puns: Playing ‘Link, Line, and Stinker’ with Character Names

1. Linkin Park – a music store selling instrumental Zelda covers.
2. Master Coffee – a cafe with a Zelda-themed menu.
3. The Ocarina Bakery – a bakery specializing in ocarina-shaped desserts.
4. Kokiri Florist – a flower shop inspired by the Kokiri tribe in Zelda.
5. Lake Hylia Spa – a relaxing spa with a water theme.
6. Malon’s Milkshake Bar – a milkshake shop named after the character Malon.
7. Impa’s Gym – a fitness center run by Impa, a character in Zelda.
8. Lon Lon Steakhouse – a restaurant serving delicious steaks and named after the Lon Lon Ranch in Zelda.
9. Ganon’s Pizza – a pizza place with a villainous twist.
10. Zora’s Dive Shop – a scuba diving facility inspired by the Zora race.
11. Gerudo Jewelry – a jewelry store specializing in fierce and exotic designs.
12. Hyrule Car Rentals – a car rental service taking inspiration from the kingdom of Hyrule.
13. Deku Tree Books – a bookstore filled with enchanting tales of adventure.
14. Dodongo’s Hot Sauce Emporium – a store selling a wide variety of hot sauces for the brave.
15. Beedle’s Airship Tours – a travel agency offering zeppelin tours across Hyrule.
16. Ruto’s Fish Market – a fish market named after the Zora princess Ruto.
17. Hylian Barber Shop – a trendy hair salon catering to Hyrule’s finest.
18. Goron Grill – a barbecue restaurant known for its hearty meals, just like the Gorons.
19. Great Fairy Tailors – a boutique offering exquisite clothing, meticulously crafted by Great Fairies.
20. Zora’s River Rafting – a thrilling outdoor adventure company offering rafting trips down the Zora’s River.

A Puzzling Parody: Zelda Spoonerisms Unraveled

1. Schmaze of Princesses
2. Tink of the Fild
3. Drabon Korn
4. Fauburnshors
5. Dink of the Nekker
6. Rountain Books
7. Link to the Kongs
8. Bish Koblin
9. Marthayot
10. Shlick the Kull and Drown
11. Forest

Zelda’s Whimsical Wisdom (Tom Swifties)

1. “I can’t believe I beat the dungeon,” said Link, breathlessly.
2. “This sword will make me invincible,” muttered Link, masterfully.
3. “I need to collect more rupees,” Link said, greedily.
4. “I’ll solve this puzzle in no time,” Link exclaimed, intelligently.
5. “It’s dangerous to go alone,” warned Zelda, cautiously.
6. “I can’t be defeated by Ganon,” Link declared, boldly.
7. I found the secret treasure chest,” Link whispered, stealthily.
8. I’ll defeat the boss with my sword,” Link announced, powerfully.
9. “I’ll rescue Zelda from her captor,” Link vowed, heroically.
10. “The Triforce is the key to everything,” Ganon gloated, maliciously.
11. “I’m going to explore every corner of Hyrule,” Link planned, thoroughly.
12. “I’ll master all the spells in my spellbook,” Zelda stated, skillfully.
13. “I’ll save Princess Zelda from the castle,” Link promised, determinedly.
14. “This shield will protect me from harm,” Link said, defensively.
15. “I’ll find the hidden path,” Link guessed, cleverly.
16. “I’ll defeat the enemies with my bow and arrows,” Link exclaimed, expertly.
17. “I’ll find the magic flute,” Link said, musically.
18. “I’ll navigate through the Lost Woods,” Link assured, confidently.
19. “I’ll uncover the ancient artifacts,” Link mused, archaeologically.
20. “I’ll rescue the Seven Sages,” Link declared, mystically.

Zanily Zelda Puns (Oxy-Zelda Puns)

1. Link’s silent speech
2. Ganon’s friendly fire
3. Zelda’s sleeping awake
4. Hyrule’s organized chaos
5. Ocarina with no tune
6. Gorons on a diet
7. Zora swimming on land
8. Master Sword’s gentle stab
9. Navi’s helpful annoyance
10. Gerudo’s peaceful war
11. Triforce’s temporary permanence
12. Deku Scrubs with allergies
13. Temple’s peaceful chaos
14. Fairy fountain with no water
15. Dodongo’s sweet breath
16. Rupees that grow on trees
17. Kokiri Forest’s lonely crowds
18. Epona’s swift laziness
19. Boss fights without danger
20. Hyrulean heroes’ ordinary destiny

Recursive Rupees (Zelda Puns)

1. Why did Link start a bakery? Because he kneaded dough and dough-kneaded him!
2. What did Link say when he ran out of jars? It’s-a glass-et!
3. Why did Link bring his fishing rod to the dance party? Because he wanted to bait and hook up!
4. What did Link say when he got multiple choice questions at school? I guess you could say he had a link to the right answer!
5. Why did Link set up shop in Hyrule? Because he wanted to build a real “link” between people!
6. What did Link say when he found out he was made of pixels? I never pixel they would be this small!
7. Why are Gorons great at working out? Because they know how to rock those abs!
8. How do you get a Goron to stop laughing? You tell them a rock-solid joke!
9. Why did Link become a shoe salesman? Because he always knew how to put his “soles” into his work!
10. Why did Link open a restaurant? Because he knew how to master the art of sword-food!
11. What did Link say when asked if he could see the future? I foresighted my eyes on the prize!
12. Why are there no fruits in Hyrule? Because they always get zeld-plucked too soon!
13. What did Link say when asked if he could be stealthy? I guess you could say I’m quite the sneak-Link!
14. Why did Link visit the library? He wanted to book a Link in history!
15. How does Link make tea? He uses Hyring leaf to brew it, of course!
16. What did Link say when he received a gift that was beautifully wrapped? I knew this Gannon be a great present!
17. Why did Link start a clothing line? Because he always keeps his style bow-tie and arrow-ne!
18. What did Link say when he found out the Triforce was his family heirloom? I guess you could say it runs in the Link-age!
19. Why is Link always so good at solving puzzles? Because his brain is Triforce of habit!
20. What did Link say when he defeated Ganon once and for all? I’ve triumphed over Ganon, it’s a Ganon-triumph!

Unleashing a Link to Puntastic Cliches

1. You can’t beat a classic Zelda game, it’s a breath of fresh Hyrule.
2. “I was going to make a pun about Link, but it was too swordinary.”
3. “I’m not Ganon overlook the opportunity to make a Zelda pun.”
4. “I wanted to marry the princess, but she said I was just a Hylian dream.”
5. “I asked Link to go for a run, but he said he was running out of hearts.”
6. “I told my friend that I was a huge Zelda fan, and they said it was far too ‘triforce’ for them.”
7. “I asked the Great Deku Tree for some advice, but he just kept saying, ‘leaf me alone!'”
8. “My friend asked me if I wanted to play a game of Zelda, but I said it was more of a ‘Link-up’ game.”
9. “When I told my friend I was playing Twilight Princess, they said it sounded like a ‘dusk til dawn’ affair.”
10. “I was trying to come up with a good Zelda pun, but my thoughts were ‘ocarina’d’ away.”
11. “When I was stuck in a maze in Zelda, I realized it was really just a-‘maze’-ing.”
12. I asked Zelda if she wanted to go for a walk, and she replied, ‘Sure, but we’ll find nothing of ‘note,’ though!’
13. “I told my friend I was playing Majora’s Mask, and he said it was quite ’emask’-ulating.”
14. “When I finished playing Breath of the Wild, I realized it was a ‘wild’ ride from start to finish!”
15. “The enterprising Goron started a business selling rocks, he said it was his ‘Kokiri’ of the trade.”
16. “I told my friend I was really into Zelda fan theories, and they said I had a ‘triforce’ in my imagination.”
17. “Link went to the potion shop and said, ‘I’m feeling a little ‘drahmin’ today!'”
18. “Zelda started a bakery, and her signature dessert was a ‘Link’y pie.”
19. “I told my friend I was learning to play Zelda songs on the piano, they said I had the ‘Minish’try of music.”
20. “When Link jumped off a ledge, he said, ‘You won’t believe the ‘sheer-oh-scope’ of this view!'”

In conclusion, we hope these epic Zelda puns have brought a smile to your face and maybe even inspired you to embrace your inner geek. But don’t stop here! Dive into our website for even more pun-tastic content that is sure to make your day more comical. Thank you for visiting, and may the triforce be with you!

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