200+ Hilarious Yearbook Puns to Make Your Memories Laugh-Out-Loud Funny

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Get ready to turn the page to pure hilarity with our collection of 200+ yearbook puns that are class-dismissingly funny! Whether you’re a pun-savvy senior signing off in style or a witty freshman aiming for the quote hall of fame, our pun-demonium will add the perfect dash of humor to your yearbook memories. Let’s face it—school is a mix of tests, texts, and the occasional vex, but your yearbook should be a testament to the laughter and the good times. So, if you want your farewell note to stick in minds longer than gum under the desk, you’re in the right place. Bookmark this article, because we’re about to bring the pun-shine to your year-end keepsakes. With our yearbook puns, you’re one clever quip away from making everyone’s highlight reel. Ready to make your mark with ink and a wink? Let’s dive into the pun pool!

Puns That Made the Grade (Editor’s Pick)

1. “Our memories are well-booked this year.”
2. “I’ve got my spine on you!”
3. “We’re all booked up for the year!”
4. “Picture this: A novel year!”
5. “Read between the lines: We made history.”
6. “Leafing through a year of memories.”
7. “Binding together a year of fun!”
8. “This year’s edition: Binding friendships.”
9. “Checked out but never overdue.”
10. “Cataloging the best moments.”
11. “Yearbook: Where every face tells a story.”
12. “A volume of our times.”
13. “Pages of our times.”
14. “Making our mark – in ink.”
15. “Our stories jump off the page!”
16. “Can’t cover up this year’s fun!”
17. “Autographing our year with style.”
18. “A year’s worth of smiles bound together.”
19. “Booked for success: Class of 2023.”
20. “Where every signature is a story.”

“Yearbook Yarns: Punny One-Liners to Remember”

1. “Captioned in time – our year to shine!”
2. “Signed, sealed, delivered – it’s our yearbook!”
3. “Flipping over a new leaf with every page.”
4. “Snapshot stories of the school year!”
5. “Chapters of our chalk-full year.”
6. “Scrolling through the pages, no Wi-Fi needed.”
7. “Developing our story, one snapshot at a time.”
8. “Hardcovers hold hard-earned memories.”
9. “No need for a bookmark, we’re all on the same page.”
10. “Plot twist: the year flew by!”
11. “We’ve crafted our own best-seller.”
12. “Class characters that jump off the page.”
13. “This year doesn’t need a Table of Contents – we lived it!”
14. “From the first bell to the last, our yearbook has it covered.”
15. “Every selfie tells a story.”
16. “Class of 2023: Captured in captions.”
17. “Binded by memories, destined for greatness.”
18. “Turning the page to lifelong friendships.”
19. “Ink-credible moments of the year.”
20. “A textbook example of a year well spent!”

“Flip Through Funnies (Yearbook Q&A Puns)”

1. Q: Why did the yearbook go to therapy?
A: Because it had too many issues!

2. Q: What did the math book say to the yearbook?
A: I’ve got problems, but you’ve got everyone’s picture to cover it up!

3. Q: How do yearbooks order their drinks?
A: In a binding!

4. Q: Why do yearbooks make excellent detectives?
A: They always have a lot of contacts!

5. Q: Why was the yearbook always tired?
A: Because it was full of class!

6. Q: Why don’t yearbooks ever get lost?
A: They always have a table of contents!

7. Q: What do you call the yearbook’s dog?
A: A book-mark!

8. Q: How did the yearbook get an A in gym class?
A: It had a strong spine!

9. Q: What seasoning do yearbooks like most?
A: Caption pepper!

10. Q: What do yearbooks wear to a fancy event?
A: A hardcover!

11. Q: Why didn’t the yearbook cross the road?
A: It was bound to stay in the middle!

12. Q: What kind of lighting did the yearbook prefer?
A: Flash photography!

13. Q: Why was the yearbook always spilling its secrets?
A: It couldn’t resist a good tell-all spread!

14. Q: Why was the yearbook so warm?
A: It had lots of class spirits!

15. Q: What’s a yearbook’s favorite sport?
A: Binding!

16. Q: Why was the yearbook told it was two-faced?
A: Because of all its headshots!

17. Q: What did the yearbook say on a cold day?
A: “I’m all about the fleece memories!”

18. Q: What dance do yearbooks love most?
A: The conga line- with captions!

19. Q: Why did the yearbook go to the beach?
A: To get a few candids!

20. Q: How do yearbooks communicate in secret?
A: They use codewords and footnotes!

“Class Clowns: Yearbook Puns with a Double Meaning”

1. “Capturing your ‘mug’shot for years to remember – our yearbook snaps are arresting!”
2. “Pages of time, binding moments – our yearbook’s got you covered.”
3. “Don’t judge us by our covers, we’re more than just a pretty face.”
4. “Let’s make history together – one page-turner at a time!”
5. “We’re well ‘bound’ to have a good time looking back!”
6. “Without ‘binding’ commitments, we’ve got you booked for memories.”
7. “Our yearbook’s a ‘class’ act – no ‘senior’itis here!”
8. “Picture this – our yearbook outshines the ‘flashiest’ moments!”
9. “Leafing through memories, one ‘spread’ at a time.”
10. “Our yearbook is the ‘write’ stuff – it’s mightier than the sword!”
11. “We’re on the same ‘page’ – this yearbook is unforgettable!”
12. “We’ve got the ‘signature’ style to make your memories last.”
13. “Captioning your moments before they ‘develop’ elsewhere.”
14. “Binding together the best times – no need for ‘re-takes’.”
15. “We’re not just ‘book’ smart, we’re memory geniuses!”
16. “Class dismissed, but our yearbook gets top ‘marks’.”
17. “Our yearbook: Where every ‘font’ has its own story.”
18. “Bookmark your year with us – we’re ‘highlight’ of your memories!”
19. “We’re ‘spine’-tingling good at preserving the past.”
20. “Don’t be ‘shuttered’ out of the picture – get in the yearbook!”

“Yearbook Yucks: Picturing Puns with Idiomatic Flair”

1. We’re on the same page — quite literally in the yearbook!
2. I can’t picture a better class than us!
3. We really “clicked” together — snapshot perfect.
4. We made history, now let’s write some captions!
5. “Lens” be honest, we looked amazing.
6. Class of 2023: We’ve “developed” quite nicely.
7. Our memories are bound together forever.
8. “Face” it, we’re going to miss this.
9. Don’t judge us by our “covers,” we have great contents too.
10. “Shutter” to think of school without you all!
11. We’re in it for the “long exposure.”
12. This isn’t goodbye, it’s just “see you on the next page.”
13. Keep it “reel,” we’ve had an unforgettable year.
14. These are the days we’ll want to “frame” forever.
15. Sign off in style; leave your “mark” on every page.
16. We’re not just “flashing” through high school, we’re making every moment count.
17. “Focus” on the fun times and “filter” out the bad.
18. I’m “bound” to forget, so thank goodness for yearbooks.
19. Let’s all “stick” together even when the pages fade.
20. “Take note” of these times, they’re more than just black and white.

“Yearbook Puns: Class Dis-missed!”

1. I was going to join Yearbook Club, but I wasn’t sure if I could picture myself there.
2. Signing yearbooks is such a novelty; it’s the write thing to do.
3. Yearbook editors have the best captions in life.
4. When it comes to yearbooks, you can’t just cover up your problems—they’re bound to come out.
5. It’s always a good year in Yearbook Club, no time to lose focus.
6. If you don’t sign my yearbook, I’ll be in a bind.
7. Being in Yearbook Club is a snap, but it takes a lot to develop.
8. Some students think they’ll just breeze through Yearbook, but it’s not all black and white.
9. I wanted to make a difference this year, so I took a page from the yearbook.
10. Editors-in-chief are always booked—I guess that’s what makes them the picture of success.
11. My yearbook quote was picture perfect, it really left a mark.
12. You can’t judge a year by its cover—but a yearbook, maybe.
13. When it’s time for yearbook photos, everyone has to face the music.
14. Not all superheroes wear capes—some carry yearbooks and cameras.
15. I’ve got a ton of signatures in my yearbook; you could say it’s quite a volume.
16. Yearbook staff always stick together; they’re like a close-knit album.
17. If you think you can just gloss over your yearbook duties, you’re matte-ly mistaken.
18. Yearbook Club was the highlight of my school year; it’s where I drew the line.
19. I asked for advice on making the yearbook better, but I just got a glossed-over response.
20. The yearbook printing was delayed, which was bound to cause some pressing concerns.

“Class Comedians: The Punniest Yearbook Accolades”

1. Anne Ticipation – Always waiting for the next school year!
2. Paige Turner – Every moment with you is a story to tell.
3. Mark Mywords – I said I’d graduate, and look at me now!
4. Polly Sci – Always debating her way into the yearbook.
5. Artie Choke – For the love of pun-ting and painting.
6. Justin Time – Making memories just before the deadline.
7. Holly Day – Celebrating every school event like it’s a holiday.
8. Rhoda Report – Never missed a homework assignment.
9. Brock Lee – The strongest stem in the veggie debate club.
10. Cliff Hanger – Keeping us in suspense until senior year.
11. Hope Lessromantic – Dreaming of yearbook superlatives.
12. Phil Anthropist – Donating all his spare time to the yearbook committee.
13. Drew A. Picture – Famous for his yearbook photo doodles.
14. Bill Board – Always made his presence known, larger than life.
15. Summer School – Never wanting the school year to end.
16. Dean List – Aspiring to be on top of every page.
17. Victor E. Lane – Racing to submit yearbook quotes on time.
18. Gail Forcewind – Blowing everyone away with her yearbook design ideas.
19. Mona Lott – Complaining about picture day, but smiling in every shot.
20. Barry Clever – Known for his smart quips in senior superlatives.

“Switched-up Snippets: Spoonerism Yearbook Smiles”

1. Lease say cheese (Please say cheese)
2. Lust the two of us (Just the two of us)
3. Stoking memories (Making stories)
4. Bearfoot in the bark (Yearbook in the park)
5. Blass to the Past (Past to the Blast)
6. Prappy Hotos (Happy Photos)
7. Sticking Clocks (Clicking Stocks)
8. Mind the Fissing (Find the Missing)
9. Plassy Cictures (Classy Pictures)
10. High turn the sable (Sign the yearbook)
11. Crap and Grown (Cap and Gown)
12. Grin and share it (Sign and share it)
13. Faking a memoir (Making a memory)
14. Deary Lookbook (Yearly Scrapbook)
15. Buper Sook (Super Book)
16. Rooling Cock (Cooling Rock)
17. Hearthrob-yobbies (Yearbook Hobbies)
18. Ming the Math (Making the Math)
19. Sretching Eanior (Etching Senior)
20. Yail Gook Bames (Yearbook Games)

“Snapshot Quips: Picturing Tom Swifties”

1. “I’ll write in your yearbook,” said Tom, signingly.
2. “Our yearbook theme is out of this world,” said Tom, spaciously.
3. “Let’s get candid shots for the yearbook,” said Tom, snappily.
4. “We sold every yearbook,” said Tom, exhaustively.
5. “I remember last year’s quote,” said Tom, memorably.
6. “Let’s place our class superlatives here,” said Tom, categorically.
7. “I’m the editor this year,” said Tom, authoritatively.
8. “We need more yearbook sponsors,” said Tom, commercially.
9. “The yearbook cover should be embossed,” said Tom, impressively.
10. “Let’s bind the yearbook with gold leaf,” said Tom, giltily.
11. “I’ll handle the yearbook finances,” said Tom, accountably.
12. “I just finished finalizing the senior pages,” said Tom, conclusively.
13. “The yearbook’s dedication is heartfelt,” said Tom, touchingly.
14. “We need a collage for the yearbook,” said Tom, piecemeal.
15. “The deadline for yearbook submissions is today,” said Tom, presently.
16. “We’re using a new font for the yearbook,” said Tom, typically.
17. “Everyone must sign a release for the yearbook photos,” said Tom, expressly.
18. “I’ll take care of the yearbook layout,” said Tom, orderly.
19. “The yearbook will be full color this year,” said Tom, chromatically.
20. “I captured the winning touchdown in the yearbook,” said Tom, animatedly.

“Chronologically Hilarious: Yearbook Yucks & Oxymoronic Quirks”

1. Clearly confused by which class photo to choose.
2. Act naturally, everyone! Yearbook photo time!
3. Found missing all the candid shots!
4. Seriously funny captions beneath each portrait.
5. Awfully good at making everyone smile.
6. Constantly variable yearbook themes.
7. Openly secretive about the cover design.
8. Deafening silence when asked for quote ideas.
9. Freshly old memories captured in these pages.
10. Original copies of every unforgettable moment.
11. Controlled chaos during the yearbook committee meetings.
12. Clearly misunderstood the dress code for picture day.
13. Alone together in the group photo section.
14. Awkwardly elegant prom pictures.
15. Bitterly sweet end-of-year goodbyes.
16. Painfully funny superlative categories.
17. Random order of classmate signatures.
18. Predictably surprised by the pop-up elements.
19. Intensely relaxed during yearbook distribution.
20. Perfectly flawed autograph pages.

“Class Re-MEME-bered: Yearbook Puns on Repeat”

1. “Looking at these photos really takes me back – they’re ‘class’ical moments!”
2. “Can’t believe it’s over, our days are numbered… page numbered!”
3. “Signing your yearbook is a ‘senior’ moment I’ll treasure.”
4. “Remember, don’t let your memories ‘fade’ like an old yearbook photo.”
5. “Our future is so bright, this yearbook should come with shades.”
6. “This yearbook is the only ‘test’ I’m happy to study over and over.”
7. “Don’t worry if you’re not in the yearbook much, it’s just because you can’t be ‘captured’ easily.”
8. “I ‘booked’ my spot in your yearbook with this signature.”
9. “Our school adventures are ending, but we’re all bound to succeed… just like this yearbook!”
10. “Saying goodbye is tough, but ‘picture’ us all conquering the world!”
11. “We’re ‘developed’ from negatives in a dark room, just like yearbook photos.”
12. “Our memories will stick longer than the pages of this yearbook.”
13. “I guess you can say we all made our ‘mark’ in this book!”
14. “Leaving my signature here so you don’t forget to ‘check me out’ in the future.”
15. “This yearbook is history, and now, so are we… historical!”
16. “Even when we’re ‘bound’ for different paths, we’ll always have this book.”
17. “Flipping through our past, one page at a time – but ready for a new ‘chapter’.”
18. “Years from now, we may need ‘glasses’ just to read these memories.”
19. “Graduation: the one ‘subject’ not covered in detail in our yearbook.”
20. “Just remember, no matter where life takes us, we’re all on the same ‘shelf’ in this library of memories!”

Paging Through Puns: Yearbook Edition

1. “Time flies when you’re having pun – just look at how we’ve ‘yearbooked’ our way through school!”
2. “This yearbook is bound to be a hit – after all, it’s all about the bind-er memories.”
3. “We’re not aging, we’re just getting more page-ant in our yearbook!”
4. “Can’t judge a yearbook by its cover… but you can by its pun-tastic content!”
5. “School may be hardcover, but our memories are paperback.”
6. “We’ve got to picture this: another chapter closed, but the memories are frameworthy.”
7. “Our yearbook – where every ‘leaf’ of paper is full of history.”
8. “Snapshots and signatures: the only write way to end the year!”
9. “Capture all the memories – because in a flash, they’re history!”
10. “Stay ‘classy’ with these yearbook signatures!”
11. “Our yearbook is like a good essay: it has a great ‘introduction’ to our future selves.”
12. “For old times’ ‘sake’, let’s book another yearbook memory!”
13. “Yearbook: the only book where the characters really jump out at you!”
14. “Book your place in history with a yearbook selfie.”
15. “Some say a penny for your thoughts; we say a signature for your memories.”
16. “Don’t just count the days, make your days count in the yearbook!”
17. “Leafing through the yearbook to turn over a new ‘leaf’ after graduation.”
18. “A picture is worth a thousand words, but a yearbook quote is priceless!”
19. “We might be graduating, but let’s not close the ‘book’ on our memories.”
20. “The yearbook: where every ‘quote’ unquote counts!”

Well, there you have it, folks—a round-up of over 200 rib-tickling yearbook puns that are guaranteed to leave a smile plastered across your face long after the final bell has rung. Yearbooks are keepsakes, a treasure trove of nostalgia, but who says they can’t also be a source of endless giggles and guffaws? With these puns, you’re all set to make your yearbook as unforgettable as the memories inked on its pages.

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