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Ready to add a little spice to your jokes? Look no further than this collection of over 200 thyme puns that are guaranteed to have you rolling with laughter. Whether you’re a herb enthusiast or just looking for a laugh, these hilarious puns will leave you in stitches. From clever double entendres to puns that will make you groan (in a good way), this list has it all. So sit back, relax, and prepare to have your funny bone tickled with these thyme-inspired jokes. Trust us, after you read these puns, you’ll be laughing thyme and thyme again!

Time for Some Thyme Puns! (Editors Pick)

1. “I’m having a thyme-azing day!”
2. “It’s always thyme for a good pun.”
3. “Thyme to spice up your life with some puns!”
4. “I’m having a garden thyme with these puns.”
5. “I knead some thyme for a punny bread joke.”
6. “Let’s have a thymeless pun-off!”
7. “Thyme flies when you’re having pun.”
8. I hope you’re havin’ a gouda thyme, pun enthusiast!
9. This pun is just my thyme to shine.
10. “Thyme to lettuce entertain you with a pun!”
11. “Nothin’ but thyme on my hands and puns in my mind.”
12. “I mint to tell you a great pun!”
13. “Just thyme for a cracking pun, don’t you think?”
14. “I’m just thyming away with these puns.”
15. “You can’t herb the puns I’m about to drop!”
16. “There’s no thyme like the present for a pun.”
17. “Prepare to be pun-ished, it’s thyme for a joke!”
18. “I’m spicing things up with these thyme-laden puns.”
19. “Thyme to turnip the puns and make you smile.”
20. “Rock ‘n’ roll thyme, it’s pun o’clock!”

Thyme Flies: One-liner Puns

1. Thyme flies when you’re having pun!
2. I’m on cloud nine, thyme to celebrate!
3. It’s always thyme for a good pun!
4. This is the thyme of my life!
5. I’m in a rush, I don’t have thyme for this!
6. Thyme to spice things up with a pun!
7. I’m never thyme for drama, only puns!
8. I need some thyme to think of a pun, but I mint be able to come up with one!
9. Can’t go wrong with thyme puns, they’re always sage!
10. Relax, take thyme to enjoy a pun!
11. The thyme is ripe for a cheesy pun!
12. Let’s just thyme-out and enjoy a pun!
13. I’m having a great thyme, pun intended!
14. Thyme waits for no one, better make a pun!
15. Can’t thyme to think of a better pun!
16. Let’s keep thyme and puns rolling!
17. Thyme to turn up the pun dial!
18. Don’t thyme it, just pun it!
19. I’m cooking up some thyme puns, they’ll be delicious!
20. It’s about thyme we appreciate the greatness of puns!

Sprinkle on the Wordplay (Question-and-Herbal)

1. What herb is never on time? Thyme.
2. Why did the thyme plant always feel stressed? Because it was always being stalked.
3. How did thyme become the life of the kitchen party? By adding a little spice to the mix.
4. What do you call a thyme plant that’s always singing? A parsley.
5. Why was the thyme sneezing? It had a little pepper in its nose.
6. Why did the thyme go to therapy? It couldn’t get over its seasoning.
7. What did one thyme bush say to the other? “We’re mint to be together!”
8. What’s a thyme’s favorite music genre? Thyme-hop.
9. What do you call a prank involving thyme? A seasoning of events.
10. Why did the thyme fail math class? It could never quite count the minutes.
11. How does a thyme plant greet its friends? “What’s up, herb-uddy?”
12. What do you call thyme that’s gone bad? A crime against thyme.
13. How do you become friends with thyme? Just add a sprinkle of kindness.
14. Why did the thyme get dubbed “King of the Spice Cabinet”? It had an unbeLEAFable flavor.
15. What do you call thyme that’s always avoiding responsibility? A runTHYMy.
16. Why did the thyme go bungee jumping? It wanted to experience some leap tyme.
17. How did the thyme respond when asked to share its recipe? “It’s top secret—no thyme to share!”
18. Why did the thyme singer always have an entourage? They were its “thyme chorus.”
19. What do you call an adventure-seeking thyme? A thyme traveler.
20. What did the thyme say to motivate the group of herbs? “Lettuce seize the thyme!”

Thyme to Get Punny (Double Entendre Puns)

1. Can you thyme me up, because you’re making my heart race!
2. Let’s spice things up and spend some thyme together.
3. I hope you don’t mint if I thyme borrow you tonight.
4. Thyme flies when you’re having pun!
5. A watched pot never boils, but thyme does.
6. Can I take you out for thyme tea and some thyme alone?
7. I would give all my thyme just to be with you.
8. You bring out the zest in my thyme.
9. Let’s thyme the knot and become the perfect spice!
10. You’re definitely the thyme of my life.
11. I’ve been thyming about you all day.
12. Let’s get together and have a thyme of our lives.
13. You must be a magician because you’ve cast a spell on me in no thyme.
14. I want to be with you, but I just don’t have the thyme.
15. I’d give you my last grain of thyme!
16. Let’s make thyme stand still while we’re together.
17. We should spice up our relationship with a little extra thyme.
18. You’re the thyme to my happiness.
19. I’ve been in a pickle, but you’re my thyme in shining armor.
20. Thyme to turn up the heat and make some spicy memories!

Thyme to Get Punny! (Puns in Thyme Idioms)

1. Don’t be a sour thyme!
2. Thyme’s ticking, make every second count!
3. Let’s make some thyme to chill and relax.
4. Thyme flies when you’re having fun!
5. It’s about thyme you started eating healthier.
6. Don’t thyme the knot too soon!
7. Don’t cry over spilled thyme.
8. Take the thyme to smell the roses.
9. Let’s spice up our thyme together.
10. Old thymes die hard.
11. Time heals all wounds, but thyme adds flavor.
12. It’s thyme to turn over a new leaf.
13. There’s no thyme like the present.
14. Let’s have a thyme of our lives!
15. It’s high thyme we do something adventurous.
16. Thyme will tell the truth.
17. Thyme is money, so let’s not waste it.
18. There’s always thyme for a good laugh.
19. It’s thyme for a fresh start.
20. We have all the thyme in the world.

Thyme To Get Punny (Pun Juxtaposition)

1. I can’t decide whether to buy thyme or a watch, it’s just a matter of thyme.
2. The chef couldn’t thyme his jokes, they were too undercooked.
3. I tried to use a stopwatch to measure the growth of my thyme plant, but it just ticked away.
4. Time flies like a speeding thyme in the kitchen.
5. The gardener was always thyme-conscious, he could never be herbivorous.
6. I can’t wait to enjoy some tea and thyme, it’s a match brewed in heaven.
7. The detective’s search for clues was a race against thyme.
8. When plants don’t have enough thyme, they feel unworthy.
9. The baker ran out of thyme to make more cookies, he was in quite a sticky situation.
10. I asked the farmer if he cultivates thyme, and he said it’s his parsley concealed secret.
11. The procrastinating chef could never find thyme for dinner, he was always at bay.
12. The cooking class was always running out of thyme to finish their recipes, it was very herb-stopping.
13. The clock told me it was thyme to leave, but I couldn’t afford to lettuce go.
14. The musical herb garden composed an opus of thymeless tunes.
15. I tried to give my herb garden some advice, but it just isn’t thyme to listen.
16. The thyme band performed their hit songs like “All You Need Is Thyme” and “Can’t Buy Thyme.”
17. The doctor recommended adding more thyme to my diet, but it didn’t cure my thyme management issues.
18. I lost the recipe for thyme-infused chicken, but it’s okay, I’ll just wing it.
19. My herb garden in the backyard has the most thymeless charm, its beauty is truly perenni-yum!
20. The herb garden’s orchestra played a symphony of thymeless classics that made everyone herbstracted.

Thyme for Some Wordplay (Thyme Puns)

1. Thyme Traveler (Time Traveler)
2. Mint Thyme (Minthyme)
3. Rosemary Thyme (Rosemary Time)
4. Sage Thyme (Sage Time)
5. Basil Thyme (Basil Time)
6. Thyme Capsule (Time Capsule)
7. Thyme Turner (Time Turner)
8. Thyme Machine (Time Machine)
9. Thyme Lord (Time Lord)
10. Thymenator (Terminator)
11. Thyme Bandit (Time Bandit)
12. Thymen and Jerry (Tom and Jerry)
13. Thyme Travolta (John Travolta)
14. Thyme Fighter (Time Fighter)
15. Thymewalker (Skywalker)
16. Thymetheus (Prometheus)
17. Thyme Band (Time Band)
18. Thymenator: Judgment Thyme (Terminator: Judgment Day)
19. Thyme Keeper (Time Keeper)
20. Thyme Lord of the Rings (The Lord of the Rings)

Puns and Blunders with Thyme (Spoonerisms)

1. Lime thyme
2. Thyme slime
3. Chime thyme
4. Slime thyme
5. Time thyme
6. Prime thyme
7. Climb thyme
8. Dime thyme
9. Rhyme thyme
10. Crime thyme
11. Grime thyme
12. Sublime thyme
13. Rhyme slime
14. Crime slime
15. Climb slime
16. Slime rhyme
17. Lime slime
18. Time slime
19. Mime rhyme
20. Lime crime

Thyme to Get Punny (Tom Swifties)

1. “I can’t wait to season the turkey,” Tom said seasonedly.
2. “This thyme-infused pasta is simply delish,” Tom said tastefully.
3. “I’m planting some herbs in the garden,” Tom said earthily.
4. “This thyme soup is simmering quite nicely,” Tom said slowly.
5. “I’m adding a sprig of thyme to the recipe,” Tom said herbally.
6. I need to harvest some fresh thyme for the dish,” Tom said timely.
7. “I’m drying some thyme leaves for herbal tea,” Tom said airily.
8. “This dish needs a dash of thyme,” Tom said spicily.
9. “The thyme-scented candles create a relaxing ambiance,” Tom said soothingly.
10. “I’m using thyme to marinate the chicken,” Tom said marinara-saucely.
11. “I’m cultivating thyme in my backyard,” Tom said naturally.
12. “This thyme-infused cocktail is a game-changer,” Tom said intoxicatingly.
13. “I’m garnishing the dish with fresh thyme,” Tom said brilliantly.
14. This thyme-infused lotion is great for dry skin,” Tom said smoothly.
15. “I’m grinding dried thyme to make a spice mix,” Tom said gratingly.
16. “This thyme-infused soap smells heavenly,” Tom said lavishly.
17. “I’m brewing thyme tea to soothe my sore throat,” Tom said medically.
18. “I’m using thyme in my homemade pizza sauce,” Tom said saucily.
19. “This thyme-flavored ice cream is a unique treat,” Tom said chillingly.
20. “I’m adding a touch of thyme to my homemade bread,” Tom said kneadingly.

Thyme to Get Punny: Whimsical Oxymoronic Puns!

1. Early bird catches the thyme worm.
2. It takes a lot of thyme to waste time.
3. Time flies when you’re thyme traveling.
4. I always make thyme for a nap.
5. Thyme is of the essence, but also a herb.
6. I’m in a constant race against thyme.
7. Let’s make thyme stand still.
8. It’s thyme to spice things up.
9. A watched thyme never boils, but it can herbs.
10. Thyme-healing powers are quite thymazing.
11. I ain’t got no thyme, but I do have a bouquet of herbs.
12. Can’t find thyme for the cat-nip.
13. I always have thyme on my hands.
14. Lost track of thyme, but now it’s found.
15. Killing thyme by enjoying every moment.
16. Work hard, play thyme.
17. Give it thyme, it will grow.
18. The rhyme of thyme is quite ill-timed.
19. Roses are red, thyme is also green.
20. I can’t make up my thyme.

Thyme to Get Punnier: Recursive Herb Humor (Thyme Puns)

1. Thyme flies when you’re having pun
2. Did you hear about the herbs that got married? They had a sage thyme wedding.
3. I asked the chef if he could share his secret herb blend recipe. He said he’d thyme about it.
4. I thought the rosemary plant was singing the national anthem. Turns out it was just thyme and rosemary.
5. A group of thymes went on a hike. They took sage advice and wore thyme-berland boots.
6. The parsley got caught stealing. He said he couldn’t help it, he was under a lot of dill-emna.
7. A basil plant joined a rock band. He brought a lot of thyme-losopher energy to the group.
8. When cooking, always remember to sage what you mean and mean what you sage.
9. Thyme may heal all wounds, but it’s nothyme for a joke about a broken thyme machine.
10. The oregano started a meditation class. Now everyone is finding inner-peace and thyme.
11. Why did the chives attend therapy? They were going through an identity crisprout.
12. Sage advice for gardeners: always trust your thyme instincts.
13. The rosemary plant was promoted to head chef. She said it was about thyme!
14. Did you hear about the bunch of thyme that went skydiving? They were experiencing major thyme lapses.
15. The mint plant wanted to be an actor, but it got stage fright every thyme.
16. The coriander had great comedic timing, he was alw-ace thyme in his stand-up routine.
17. The dill plant was really into conspiracy theories. He believed the moon landing was just a big dill-lusion.
18. Some people claim thyme heals all wounds, but I think they’re just sprouting nonsense.
19. If you’re feeling pun-inspirited, just cinnamon-ute some thyme for wordplay.
20. The thyme plant was a great listener. It had good sproutsmanship.

Thyme for Some Cliché Pun-ishment

1. Thyme is money, thyme is honey.
2. A stitch in thyme saves nine.
3. An apple thyme keeps the doctor away.
4. It’s thyme to face the music.
5. Thyme flies when you’re having fun.
6. A watched pot never boils, but a thyme pot never spoils.
7. When life gives you lemons, add thyme.
8. Put some thyme aside for a rainy day.
9. It’s high thyme we had a talk.
10. All’s fair in love and thyme.
11. No thyme like the present.
12. One thyme’s trash is another thyme’s treasure.
13. The early bird catches the worm, but the late worm avoids thyme.
14. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the thyme.
15. It’s thyme to turn over a new leaf.
16. Thyme is of the essence.
17. Thyme heals all wounds.
18. When in thyme, do as the Romans do.
19. Two thymes the charm.
20. A penny for your thyme.

In a world where laughter is the best medicine, our thyme puns are the perfect remedy for a good chuckle. We hope these puns have tickled your funny bone and brightened your day. But there’s more where that came from! Visit our website for a plethora of other puns that are sure to leave you in stitches. Thank you for joining us on this hilarious journey, and always remember to sprinkle a little thyme into your jokes!

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