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Are you tired of the monotonous commute on the subway? Do you crave a little humor to lighten up your journey? Well, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we have handpicked over 200 subway puns that are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face as you travel underground. From clever wordplay to witty one-liners, these jokes are bound to make your commute a little more entertaining. So, sit back, relax, and get ready to giggle your way through the subway with our collection of hilarious subway puns. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a first-time passenger, these puns are sure to make your journey fly by in no time. Hop on board and let the laughter begin!

Subway to Laughter: Punny Delights Await (Editors Pick)

1. What do you call a subway that’s running late? A missed steak!
2. Why did the subway become a stand-up comedian? Because it had a great track record!
3. What did the subway sandwich say to the passenger? “Lettuce be friends!”
4. Why did the subway station hire a florist? They wanted to add some platform bloom!
5. How did the subway solve its financial problems? It found a way to track its expenses!
6. What do you call a subway that’s full of cats? A purr-blic transportation!
7. Why did the subway break up with the bus? It couldn’t handle their long-distance relationship!
8. What did the subway sandwich say when it won an award? “I’m on a roll!”
9. How did the subway greet its passengers? It gave them a sub-tle nod!
10. Why was the subway artist always successful? They knew how to draw a crowd!
11. What did the subway conductor say during the tennis match? “Deuce!”
12. Why did the subway get a promotion? It knew how to stay on the right track!
13. What do you call a subway that’s always sleepy? A nap-station!
14. Why did the subway go to a costume party? It wanted to be an underground superhero!
15. What did the subway say to the suspicious passenger? “You’re acting quite subway-lous!”
16. Why did the subway throw a concert? It wanted to give its passengers an underground experience!
17. What did the subway say to the elevator? “I can’t stair at you anymore!”
18. How does the subway prefer to communicate? Through sub-woofers!
19. What happened when the subway and the train fell in love? They had a rail-ationship!
20. Why did the subway passenger bring a ladder? They wanted to reach the high subway fares!

Subway Soiree: Sandwich Silliness (One-liner Puns)

1. I asked the subway sandwich artist if they could make me a joke. They said, “Sure, we have plenty of fresh puns!”
2. I fell in love with a girl at the subway station. Turns out she’s just a commuter crush!
3. The subway broke down, so I had to take the stairway to heaven instead.
4. Why did the tomato turn red while waiting for the subway? Because it saw the lettuce dressing over there!
5. I saw a guy eating a footlong subway sandwich, and I thought to myself, “That’s a sub-par meal!”
6. I went to the subway station café, but they only served train-dwiches.
7. The subway conductor asked why I carried a ladder with me. I said, “In case I want to reach higher subway levels!”
8. Why did the submarine join the subway system? It wanted to go below the surface!
9. I asked the subway conductor if I could smoke onboard. He said, “Sure, just don’t let the meatballs roll out of your sandwich!”
10. The wifi on the subway was so slow, I started writing a novel and finished the first chapter by the time I arrived at my stop.
11. You know you’re on the New York subway when pigeons ride the train and rats swipe your metrocard.
12. I once got on a subway train and wondered why it smelled so bad. Turns out it was just subway air freshener.
13. I opened up a sandwich shop inside a subway station. The customers are always on track for a great meal!
14. I told the subway sandwich artist to “make me one with everything.” He gave me a sandwich and an empty wallet.
15. I tried making my own subway sandwich, but it just didn’t taste as classy as the original.
16. My friend asked why I bring a map whenever I ride the subway. I said, “Because I want to be alwaystracktive!”
17. The subway train asked why I was carrying a lot of luggage. I said, “I’m traveling from one subway station to another!”
18. My friend thought subway stations were where sandwiches were born. He really misunderstood the concept of a sandwich shop.
19. I went to the subway station and tried to give directions for the first time, but all I managed to do was cause a massive crowd.
20. The subway ride may be fast, but it’s a lot of ups and downs. Just like a good pun!

Off the Rails (Question-and-Answer Puns)

1. Why did the sandwich go to therapy? It had too many layers of emotional baggage.
2. How do subway employees stay warm in the winter? They make sure they have plenty of sub-zero temperatures.
3. What did the subway say to the train? “You’re on the right track!”
4. How does a subway pick up the bill? With its subway card!
5. Who won the sandwich race? The sub-way!
6. Why did the sandwich get a promotion? It was on a roll!
7. What’s the subway’s favorite kind of meat? Underground beef!
8. Why did the bread go to therapy? It felt kneaded to talk about its problems.
9. How do subway employees remember all the different sandwiches? They have a lot of sub-memories!
10. What do you call a subway sandwich that tells jokes? A corny-bready joke!
11. Why did the subway get a ticket? It was caught speeding through the sandwich lanes!
12. What do you call a subway that is always on time? A submariner!
13. Why did the subway go to the art museum? It wanted to be cultured.
14. How does a subway stay in shape? It does a lot of subway aerobics!
15. What do you call a subway that carries musicians? A symphony train!
16. Why was the sandwich a great storyteller? Because it always had a lot of fillings to share!
17. How do subway employees communicate with each other? They use a lot of subway-to-subway messaging!
18. What do you call a subway with a great sense of humor? A subway sandwich with a side of laughs!
19. Why did the subway become a detective? It was good at

“Subway Wordplay: Delightful Double Entendre Puns on This Underground Topic”

1. “I always go through the turnstile at the subway station because it’s the best way to get a ‘fare’ shake.”
2. “Getting subway tickets is like dating; you have to ‘express’ your interest.”
3. “Subway stations are like relationships – sometimes you have to ‘transfer’ to find the right one.”
4. “Riding the subway can be intense, especially during ‘peak’ hours.”
5. “They say the subway is an underground system, but it’s also a ‘tube’ of knowledge.”
6. “Subway lines are like pick-up lines – you never know which one will lead you to your destination.”
7. “The subway may be crowded, but it’s just a ‘mass transit’ of people.”
8. “The subway conductor should be called the ‘subway maestro’ for their skillful orchestration of stops.”
9. “Watching people rush to catch the subway is like witnessing ‘commuter madness.'”
10. “Subway rides can be thrilling, especially when you experience some ‘tunnel vision.'”
11. “When it comes to subway etiquette, it’s important to ‘mind the gap’ both figuratively and literally.”
12. “The subway may seem efficient, but it’s truly a ‘locomotive paradise’ for urban explorers.”
13. “Boarding the subway is like diving into an ‘underground stream’ of people flowing to their destinations.”
14. “Some say riding the subway is like being in a ‘sandwich’ between strangers.”
15. “Subway platforms can be a chaotic mix of people; it’s like stumbling into a ‘human potpourri’.”
16. “Navigating the subway system is like solving a puzzle; it’s all about ‘connecting the dots’.”
17. “The subway is the perfect place to work on your ‘underground fan club’ – spotting fellow subway enthusiasts.”
18. “Subway delays can be frustrating, but remember, ‘patience is a train virtue.'”
19. “The subway is the true ‘underground network’ connecting the souls of the city.”
20. “Boarding the subway is like entering a ‘mobile melting pot’, where diversity thrives.”

Subway Shenanigans (Puns in the Underground)

1. He got into a real jam when he missed his subway stop.
2. She always takes the express train to success.
3. He’s been riding the subway for so long, he’s practically a seasoned conductor.
4. She was so hungry, she could eat a foot-long subway sandwich.
5. The subway system is like a maze; you have to navigate it with precision.
6. I wanted to leave the party early, so I pulled the subway escape route.
7. My friend is always late; he runs on subway time.
8. She’s a natural subway rider; she always knows when to stop and go.
9. He’s been riding the subway so much, he’s become a real underground expert.
10. They met on the subway platform and it was love at first sight.
11. I lost my wallet on the subway, it really threw me off track.
12. The subway system is like a second home to me; I know it like the back of my hand.
13. She missed her subway connection, and now she’s feeling derailed.
14. He’s so good at reading subway maps, he could be a human GPS.
15. She’s the queen of multitasking; she can apply makeup and ride the subway at the same time.
16. He’s always on the lookout for subway promotions; he loves a good deal.
17. I used to hate public transportation, but now I’ve subwayscribed to it.
18. I always feel like a sardine in a can when I ride the subway at rush hour.
19. She’s a subway aficionado; she collects metro cards from all over the world.
20. The subway doors closed just as I was about to step on; talk about bad timing!

All Aboard the Pun Train (Pun Juxtaposition)

1. The subway conductor just couldn’t handle the sandwich artist’s bread and butter puns.
2. Did you hear about the subway that started serving sushi? Turns out, it was just a raw deal.
3. The subway employee who was always late had a hard time keeping track of thyme.
4. The subway car with all the musicians was quite the jam session on wheels.
5. The subway was so full of vegetable lovers that it turned into one giant platform garden.
6. The subway station where even the lemonade served was electrifying was truly refreshing.
7. The subway employee who never broke a sweat could really handle the heat, or maybe it was just the oven.
8. The subway train that was also a yoga studio made commuters bend over backwards to catch it.
9. When the subway hired a comedian as a conductor, it was non-stop laughter on the tracks.
10. The subway system that doubled as a library provided a new chapter in commuting.
11. The subway worker who always had a smile on their face was clearly ahead in the game.
12. The subway station that offered massages really knew how to rub commuters the right way.
13. Traveling on the subway that had a pop-up art gallery felt like a real masterpiece in motion.
14. The subway line that was also a dance studio created some truly electrifying moves.
15. The subway that only played classical music was the ultimate symphony on wheels.
16. The subway barista who could whip up a great latte made mornings a whole latte better.
17. The subway station with a built-in comedy club had commuters laughing all the way to their stop.
18. The subway that prided itself on organic food offerings was clearly on the right track.
19. The subway that had a mini zoo made for a wild commute on the express line.
20. The subway worker who was also a professional boxer really knew how to pack a punch.

Subway Shenanigans: Rolling in the Puns

1. Subway Delight
2. Track Snacks
3. Submarine Sandwiches
4. Platform Pleasures
5. Tracks & Toppings
6. Express Eats
7. Subway Savory
8. Train-Tastic Treats
9. Unique Underground
10. Subway Supremes
11. Tunnel Tasty
12. Deli on the Rails
13. Speedy Subs
14. Metro Munchies
15. Sub Station Goodness
16. Fare Flavors
17. Subway Bliss
18. Subway Bites
19. Rail Route Delights
20. Subsational Journey

Subway-verted Speech: Punning with Spoonerisms on the Subway

1. Bubway suns
2. Grazy buy
3. Sasty cubs
4. Rotten bails
5. Jot chogs
6. Ranker bots
7. Busted gerries
8. Sop loons
9. Timmy bose
10. Brack of shy
11. Groissants and bumplings
12. Wubway scender
13. Develop twain
14. Suzzy cans
15. Top and feat
16. Drack of tum
17. Subway stration
18. Bowny bucks
19. Liberty floury
20. Bosed grurgers

Subway Expressions (Tom Swifties)

1. “I can’t believe how fast the subway train goes,” said Tom, under calmly.
2. “I hope we don’t miss our stop,” said Tom, stationarily.
3. “I always feel grateful for a seat on the crowded train,” said Tom, pathetically.
4. “I love the sound of the subway screeching to a halt,” said Tom, gratingly.
5. “I enjoy the hustle and bustle of subway stations,” said Tom, platformly.
6. “I wish the subway had more windows,” said Tom, transparently.
7. “The subway always makes me feel energized,” said Tom, electrifyingly.
8. “I hate how hot and humid it gets underground,” said Tom, pressingly.
9. “I find the subway ride quite exhilarating,” said Tom, excitedly.
10. “I don’t mind the occasional delays,” said Tom, blearily.
11. “I don’t understand why people rush to get on the crowded train,” said Tom, puzzledly.
12. “I love the smell of the subway,” said Tom, sniffingly.
13. “I can’t stand the itchy feeling of the subway seats,” said Tom, scratchily.
14. “I wish the subway had better air conditioning,” said Tom, coolly.
15. “I don’t mind standing in the packed subway car,” said Tom, immovably.
16. “I always feel a sense of relief when I reach my subway stop,” said Tom, stressfully.
17. “I can’t get enough of the subway announcements,” said Tom, audibly.
18. “I don’t understand how people can sleep on the subway,” said Tom, drowsily.
19. “I hate how the subway tunnels echo,” said Tom, reverberantly.
20. “I wish the subway had better cell phone reception,” said Tom, disconnectedly.

Subway Subliminal Puns (Oxymoronic Puns)

1. Subway surfers: the slowest speedsters.
2. Fresh subway bread: stale expectations.
3. Subway station: the home of lost directions.
4. Subway sandwich artist: messy perfectionists.
5. Subway rush hour: the calmest chaos.
6. Subway delays: prompt annoyances.
7. Subway seats: public personal space.
8. Subway music: silent soundtracks.
9. Subway express: the leisurely sprint.
10. Subway vegetarian options: meaty greens.
11. Subway construction: steadfast disruption.
12. Subway diet: filling deprivation.
13. Subway prices: free expenses.
14. Subway graffiti: authorized rebellion.
15. Subway announcements: ambiguous certainties.
16. Subway tunnels: lightless paths.
17. Subway hygiene: clean filth.
18. Subway platform: elevated ground.
19. Subway crowds: individual collectives.
20. Subway nostalgia: familiar progress.

“All Aboard the Pun-train: Subway Puns that Keep Going Underground (Recursive Puns)”

1. I heard a great joke about a submarine sandwich, but it’s so deep, you have to keep digging to get to the punchline.
2. I was going to tell you a clever joke about underground trains, but it went right over your head.
3. Did you hear about the sandwich who became a detective? He went undercover as a footlong.
4. My friend always brings a map when eating a subway sandwich. He really likes to follow the tracks.
5. Why did the sandwich go to therapy? It had too many layers and couldn’t deal with its emotional baggage.
6. I tried to call the subway sandwich shop but got a wrong number. Turns out, it was a sub-par delivery line.
7. My friend said he ran out of toppings for his subway sandwich. So, I told him not to worry, there’s always the option to deli-ver.
8. My sandwich asked me to check the time while we were on the subway. Apparently, it needed to catch the next “meat-ocrat” train.
9. I asked the subway artist to make me a sandwich that would blow my mind. So, they wrapped it with dynamite flavor.
10. Have you heard about the sandwich that meditates on the subway? It’s all about finding inner “piece.”
11. My sub sandwich decided to hop on the subway tracks to catch the express train. I told it to “be subway-rous and mind the gap.”
12. Why did the subway sandwich fall asleep on the train? It was just getting too “wrap”-tivated in dreams.
13. My subway sandwich secretively told me that it’s planning an underground escape. It said, “I knead to make a break for it!”
14. I told my friend about the amazing subway sandwich I had yesterday, and he replied, “I guess it really hit the ‘meat’ro.”
15. The subway sandwich artist said, “No one can resist the taste of our bread, it’s a-maize-ing!” I replied, “That’s some corny marketing.”
16. I don’t trust sandwiches that fall apart easily on the subway. I mean, who wants something that goes transit-riented?
17. My friend’s sandwich got really emotional on the subway ride. It was sobbing, saying, “I never sausage an emotional journey.”
18. I went to the subway sandwich shop yesterday, but it was closed for maintenance. The sign said, “We’re just ‘rowmating’ it’ll be back soon.”
19. I told my co-worker about the fantastic subway sandwich I had for lunch. They replied, “I bet it was a real sub-lime experience.”
20. My sub sandwich loves dancing on the subway platform. It always says, “I’m just ‘hoagie’-ing my moves out here!”

Riding the Railways of Wordplay (Pun-tastic Subway Cliches)

1. I’m feeling saub-way better now!
2. Subway sandwiches are always “fresh as a 6-inch daisy”!
3. When I ride the subway, I’m always on the “fast track” to happiness.
4. Subway puns are my jam, they really know how to “meatball” me over!
5. Subway journeys are never “bread”-ful. They’re always “roll”-tastic!
6. Breaking up is like a subway ride, sometimes you just have to change tracks.
7. I’m just “escalator”-ated to be here!
8. People who love subway rides are often “sub-missioned” to the underground life.
9. Subway workers really “train” hard.
10. Subway stations are the perfect places to “meat” new people!
11. Going to Subway always “hoagies” well with me!
12. Subway rides make me feel like I’m “on a roll”!
13. Subway artists really know how to “sandwich” their talents.
14. Whenever I eat Subway, it’s always a “sub-lime” experience!
15. Subway rides are just like life, full of “ups and downs”!
16. The key to a successful subway journey is always being “on the right track”!
17. Subway food is always too “substantial” to resist!
18. Subway rides are a great time to “submerge” into a good book.
19. Subway stations are my “bread and butter”!
20. Subway bread always has a way of “shaping” the perfect sandwich!

Next time you’re sitting on the subway, lighten up the atmosphere with some of these hilarious subway puns. We hope they made your commute a little brighter! If you’re craving more laughs, head over to our website for a whole collection of puns to brighten up your day. Thank you so much for stopping by, and we hope to see you again soon!

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