200+ Hilarious Slap Puns That Will Have You Smacking Your Knees in Laughter!

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Get ready to turn your chuckles into full-blown guffaws with our uproarious collection of 200+ slap puns that will leave your cheeks red from smiling! These knee-slapping quips are the perfect recipe to lighten up your day or add a punch(line) to any conversation. Whether you’re a pun aficionado or just looking to slap some humor into your daily routine, these witticisms are guaranteed to hit you like a high-five from comedy itself. So, brace yourself for a slapstick humor spree that’ll have your funny bone tingling and your knees smacking in delight. Dive into the hilarious world of slap puns, where each joke is a hit—and we promise, no actual slapping required! Keep your palms at the ready, and let’s get cracking (or should we say slapping?) with the silliest, most rib-tickling slap puns the internet has to offer!

Slap Happy: A Smack-Tacular Collection (Editor’s Pick)

1. I’ve just been diagnosed as color blind. I know, it really came out of the purple.
2. I can’t trust people who do acupuncture, they’re back stabbers.
3. A friend tried to annoy me with bird puns, but I soon realized toucan play at that game.
4. People who steal cats are a claws for concern.
5. Did you hear about the guy who got hit in the head with a can of soda? He was lucky it was a soft drink.
6. I started a band called 999 Megabytes — we haven’t gotten a gig yet.
7. I don’t trust stairs because they’re always up to something.
8. I couldn’t work out how to fasten my seatbelt. Then it clicked.
9. The person who invented the door knocker got a no-bell prize.
10. Did you hear about the guy whose whole left side was cut off? He’s all right now.
11. I wasn’t originally going to get a brain transplant, but then I changed my mind.
12. I’d tell you a chemistry joke but I know I wouldn’t get a reaction.
13. I’m reading a book on the history of glue. I just can’t seem to put it down.
14. I stayed up all night to see where the sun went. Then it dawned on me.
15. Did you hear about the guy who got hit in the head with a can of soda? Luckily it was a soft drink.
16. When the window fell into the incinerator, it was a pane in the ash to retrieve.
17. I dropped my phone into the ocean the other day. Now it’s syncing.
18. I used to play piano by ear, but now I use my hands.
19. I have a few jokes about unemployed people, but none of them work.
20. I’m reading a book on anti-gravity. It’s impossible to put down.

Slap-Happy Zingers (One-liner Puns)

1. The slapstick comedy was so bad, it was a smack in the face to the genre.
2. If you slap a spice rack, does it become seasoned with assault?
3. I was going to tell a slap joke, but I thought it might be too striking.
4. When two fish got into a slapping fight, it ended in a fin-ale.
5. I saw a tree that looked like it needed a high five, so I gave it a slaple.
6. The slap contest ended with a hit parade nobody expected.
7. That mosquito gave me a slapitation when it landed on my arm.
8. I gave my alarm clock a good slap this morning; I guess we’re in a smackdown now.
9. The slap I got from the ocean wave was a real sea-spank.
10. You should never give a high-slap to a ghost; it’s a supernatural faux pas.
11. The baker’s slap on the dough was the upper crust of bread making.
12. Don’t argue with a boxing glove; it always has the upper hand slap.
13. The mime’s slap was so quiet, you couldn’t hear a pin drop or a hand hit.
14. The slap from the chilly wind was a real breeze-knuckle.
15. If you slap some sense into a lemon, does it become a smacked-fruit?
16. A slap in the face is just a facial clap!
17. I don’t want to hear any slap puns—they always hit too close to home.
18. The slapper turned comedian really knew how to deliver a punch line.
19. I bought a slapstick, but it was just a regular stick; I feel swatted.
20. The slapping contest winner received the smack-dom of the year award.

“Slapstick Silly-Qs: Pun-derful Q&As!”

1. What did the hand say to the face after a high-five? “That was smack-tastic!”
2. Why was the hand joking with its friend? Because it wanted to give a punny slap!
3. What do you call a slap that’s gone viral? A hit sensation!
4. Why did the cookie cry? Because its mom was a wafer so long, it deserved a crisp slap.
5. What’s the ultimate rejection to a high five? A slap in the wrist!
6. Why was the hand always calm? Because it never lets anything get out of slap!
7. How do you give a round of applause to a spreadsheet? With an Excel-lent slap!
8. Why was the hand a good musician? It had the perfect slap bass technique!
9. How do you fix a broken hand? With a slap of tape!
10. Why do slaps get good reactions in comedy? Because they have a great hit ratio!
11. What do you call a slap from a wizard? A magical whack!
12. How do hands end their prayers? With an amen and a gentle slap.
13. What’s a ghost’s favorite way to applaud? With a boo-tiful slap!
14. What did one tide say to the other when angry? “I’m about to slap you with a wave of emotion!”
15. What do you call a slap in the Arctic? A chilly smack!
16. How does a robot clap? With a steel slap.
17. What do hands do when they hold a grudge? Give a cold slap.
18. Why do hands never go camping? They can’t stand the mosquito slaps!
19. Where do hands go to drink? To the slap-happy hour!
20. Why don’t secret agents high five in public? They prefer a covert slap.

A Smacking Good Time: Double Entendre Slap Puns

1. When a jazz musician slaps the bass, they really know how to string you along.
2. You could say the mosquito was slapped to another dimension; it was a real hit in space.
3. That slapstick comedian really knows how to leave a mark.
4. If you get a slap on the wrist, it’s a wrist-taker’s last clap.
5. I told my friend a slap joke and he said, “I feel hit already!”
6. When the chef gives a steak a good slap, it’s a rare hit.
7. A slap on the face is just someone trying to high-five your cheek for being awesome.
8. If you slap someone with a glove, is it considered a touch screen?
9. When the fly was slapped, it was a smacking success.
10. A fish that gives a slap ends up swimming in applause.
11. When I slap my knee, it’s just my leg laughing at my jokes.
12. Slapping butter on toast is really spreading the love.
13. Give a bag of rice a good slap and it becomes a hit grain.
14. A slap during a cold snap could be considered a frost clap.
15. If the clock gets slapped, does it mean time flies?
16. A slap on the back is just a pat that’s over-enthusiastic.
17. Slap a sticker on it and it becomes an adhesive hit.
18. A slap from the ocean’s wave is just a tide trying to high-five.
19. An electric slap would really be a shocking experience.
20. When bread is slapped into dough, it’s kneading a hand.

“Hilarity in a Hand-Slap: Pundeniable Idiom Fun”

1. Don’t slap the idea away; it might just hit you back with success.
2. A slap on the wrist is merely a high five for misbehavior.
3. You can’t just slapstick your way out of every situation.
4. I’d give that pun a slap-up review!
5. Let’s give a round of applause, or should I say, a round of slaps?
6. When one door slaps shut, another opens.
7. That joke was a hit; it really slapped!
8. I’d slap bet on that being the punniest joke tonight.
9. Slap my thigh, that’s a good one!
10. He tried to slap some sense into the conversation but ended up tickling our funny bones instead.
11. To slap or not to slap, that is the question.
12. It’s not my cup of tea; I prefer a slap of coffee.
13. Mind if I give you a slapshot of my latest pun?
14. Slapdash my expectations, that was impressively punny!
15. That idea’s so good it deserves a slap on the back.
16. Slap some humor into that speech, will you?
17. I’m just slap-stunned by that clever wordplay.
18. Use your wit to slap away the dullness in the room.
19. Would it be a faux pas to give that pun a slap-up meal?
20. Keep your friends close and your slap lines closer.

“Slap-Happy Wordplay: A Pun-demonium of Juxtapositions”

1. I couldn’t figure out why the baseball kept getting bigger. Then it hit me.
2. I slapped my knee so hard after a joke, it left me with a standing ovulation.
3. I watched a documentary about beavers. It was the best dam show I ever saw.
4. I slapped some sense into my computer; it had too many bytes lacking bites.
5. Giving up on slapping mosquitoes is a huge missed-steak.
6. Trying to start a slapstick comedy troupe, but I keep getting cold feet and hot cheeks.
7. I tried to slap some sense into the fog, but I mist.
8. I slapped the water and made a splash, but it just waved back.
9. When the slap competition heated up, tensions rose and cheeks blushed.
10. I accidentally slapped myself while swatting a fly, talk about a real hit or miss.
11. I slapped the calendar because its days were numbered.
12. After getting slapped at a duel, I realized it was a striking encounter.
13. I slapped the snooze button this morning; it was an alarming experience.
14. I slapped the bag of rice, but I’m afraid it only resulted in grainy details.
15. I slapped the spices together in the kitchen, now that’s what I call a thyme-out.
16. I slapped my bank account by making a deposit; it was a pat on the back.
17. When someone slapped me on the back at the barbecue, I said, “Well done!”
18. I slapped the dice for good luck, but they just rolled with it.
19. I slapped the clock, and time flew.
20. Slapped some dough together to bake bread; it rose to the occasion.

“Smack Talk: Hilarious Slap Puns That Will Hit You with Laughter”

1. Slappy Gilmore
2. Handison Ford
3. Smackintosh Computers
4. Strike-ael Jackson
5. Palmela Anderson
6. Whack Efron
7. Clapton Eastwood
8. Spanky Hamlin
9. Pat-thew McConaughey
10. Hit-ney Spears
11. Thwack Nicholson
12. Swipe-tin Timberlake
13. Biff-ney Houston
14. Slappy Sinclair
15. Beat-trice Potter
16. Smackenzie Davis
17. Django Unsmacked
18. Whackary Quinto
19. Butch Slap Cassidy
20. Swat Williams

Playful Tongue Slips: A Spat of Spoonerised Slap Puns

1. Smack Talk – Tack Smalk
2. Slap Jack – Jap Slack
3. Quick Slap – Squick Lap
4. Flat Palm – Plat Falm
5. Happy Slap – Sappy Hlap
6. Slap Dash – Dap Slash
7. Sharp Slap – Slap Sharp
8. Slapstick Comedy – Clapstick Somedy
9. Clumsy Slap – Slumsy Clap
10. Power Slap – Slower Pap
11. Back Slap – Slack Bap
12. Slap Bet – Blap Set
13. Slap Happy – Hap Slappy
14. Slap Bracelet – Blap’s Racelet
15. Face Slap – Space Flap
16. Slap on the Wrist – Wrap on the Slist
17. Slap Fight – Flight Sap
18. Double Slap – Stubble Dap
19. Slap Dance – Dap Slance
20. Silly Slap – Sylly Slap

Lend Me a Hand: Slapping Good Tom Swifties

1. “I’m going to sue the person who slapped me,” said Tom, strikingly.
2. “I didn’t expect that slap,” said Tom, taken aback.
3. “That slapper is so predictable,” said Tom with a hit of sarcasm.
4. “I slap with precision,” said Tom, smack on target.
5. “Stop slapping me,” Tom snapped.
6. “That was a royal slap,” said Tom, princely.
7. “This slap will be most effective,” said Tom with impact.
8. “I can’t believe I got slapped by a ghost,” said Tom, spiritedly.
9. “I’ll slap him into next week,” said Tom, futuristically.
10. “Slapstick comedy isn’t my taste,” said Tom, bashingly.
11. “I’ll write an article about the slap,” said Tom, editorially.
12. “I got slapped at the duel,” said Tom, offhandedly.
13. “Slap that bass,” said Tom, basely.
14. “That slap was out of tune,” said Tom, discordantly.
15. “I’ll take another slap for the team,” said Tom, masochistically.
16. “That slap left a mark,” said Tom, impressively.
17. “Don’t slap me with that fish,” Tom articulated.
18. “I’m a slapstick comedian on the side,” said Tom, clownishly.
19. “He could slap me any day,” said Tom, crushingly.
20. “This game of slap jack is thrilling,” said Tom, dealtly.

Jarring Jovialities: Slappingly Subtle Oxymoronic Puns

1. A strikingly soft hit.
2. The loud whisper of a slap.
3. The silent noise of a palm clash.
4. A rough caress of the cheek.
5. An aggressive pat of affection.
6. The gentle touch of a smack.
7. A harmless blow to the face.
8. An intentionally accidental slap.
9. A stationary slap dance.
10. A relaxing smack wakeup call.
11. The subtle impact of a high-five.
12. The tender punch of friendship.
13. A clearly confused slapstick performance.
14. The kindhearted punchline of a joke.
15. The passive strike of a slapdash effort.
16. The sweet pain of a love tap.
17. The fast slowdown of a slap race.
18. The friendly fire of a duel slap.
19. A foolishly wise slap in a debate.
20. The static shock of a motionless slap.

Slapstick Repetition: A Whirlwind of Recursive Slap Puns

1. I slapped my own knee at that joke, guess I really applaud myself.
2. I tried to give an encore, but I couldn’t find a hand-y second joke.
3. I guess you could say the third pun slapped harder than the rest.
4. The fourth pun really hits you out of nowhere, like a slap in the face.
5. The fifth gave a little backhand compliment, it was sort of a backslap.
6. Pun six believes in slapstick humor; it’s a real hit!
7. Seven’s for those who like jokes with a bit of a slapdash approach.
8. Eight’s pun felt like a slap on the wrist, guess it wasn’t well-behaved.
9. Nine’s pun may have been a bit flat, but it still slapped.
10. Ten’s so funny, you could say it slaps the base… of humor.
11. The eleventh pun came in with a soft slap, it was a gentle hit.
12. Twelve’s pun knows how to make an entrance; it slaps the spotlight right away.
13. Thirteen’s pun offers a round of applause; it’s a circular slap.
14. Fourteen puns in, and each slap is leaving a mark.
15. Number fifteen might be overreaching; guess you could call it a slapshot.
16. Pun sixteen hopes you can handle its slap-happy nature.
17. Seventeen’s pun is a bit weak, but it can still give you a slap on the back.
18. Eighteen believes that a good pun slaps you in the brain.
19. When you think the puns are over, the nineteenth slaps you with another round.
20. And lastly, twenty rounds out the puns, giving a final slap of approval.

“Slapstick Twists on Classic Clichés (Pun-ishingly Funny Takes)”

1. I took a nap at the bakery because I kneaded some rest.
2. You really schooled me when you slapped that bass.
3. Cooking with a flat hand sounds like a slap-dash approach.
4. I’m using a high-five as currency now because that’s some slapstick wealth.
5. He’s so fast; he’s always in a slap-jiffy.
6. My new slapstick comedy routine is a real hit.
7. A round of applause is just a well-organized slap fest.
8. She really slapped on the charm at that interview.
9. Slap puns are a bit cheeky, don’t you think?
10. Never play cards with a magician; they love those slap-up tricks.
11. Give me five… minutes to come up with a better slap line.
12. When I say “slapstick,” I’m not talking about the hockey penalty.
13. I went to a percussion contest; they said to give them your best shot…
or a slap.
14. I tried to high-five the wall, but it left me hanging and red-handed.
15. He’s such a slapdash dresser; his clothes always hit and miss.
16. The mosquito was such a comedian, it really left a slapstick impression.
17. I had a dream about endlessly clapping; I woke up to a real slapmare.
18. They call me the slapchop chef, always cutting to the chase.
19. She said to slap some sense into me, but that really struck a chord.
20. My hand didn’t know what my other hand was doing. It was a real slap in the dark.

Well, folks, it looks like we’ve reached the tail end of our slap-happy adventure. We hope these 200+ hilarious slap puns have left your sides splitting and your knees smacked with unbridled laughter. Your endurance through this rollercoaster of rib-ticklers is nothing short of impressive!

If your funny bone is still itching for more punny action, don’t worry; we’ve got a barrage of chuckles waiting for you. Be sure to explore our website for an endless supply of puns that promise to keep the grins going.

We’re incredibly thankful for the time you’ve slapped aside to join us in this comical journey. Your support is what keeps our puns pun-chy! Remember to share these knee-slappers with friends and family who could use a good laugh. After all, laughter is a gift best shared.

Keep on giggling, chortling, and, of course, pun-ning. Until next time, keep those slap puns coming, and may your wit be as sharp as the slap of a high-five!

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