200+ Hilarious Sesame Street Puns to Tickle Your Funny Bone

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Get ready to chuckle down Sesame Street because we’ve collected a monster-sized batch of 225+ Sesame Street puns that will have you laughing all the way to Hooper’s Store! Whether you’re a fan of Elmo’s giggles, Cookie Monster’s snack attacks, or Oscar’s grumpiness, these jokes are brought to you by the letters L, O, L. Perfect for sharing with friends, dropping into conversations, or just brightening your day, these puns are more ticklish than a meeting with Tickle Me Elmo. So, pull up a seat with Big Bird and let’s crack open the vault of humor on the sunniest street in the world. Get ready to giggle, snicker, and snort – these sesame street puns are sure to hit the funny bone on all ages! 🎉🍪

Sunny Day Smiles: The Top Sesame Street Puns (Editor’s Pick)

1. Why did the Sesame Street cookie go to the doctor? Because he was feeling crumb-y!
2. What do you call it when a Sesame Street character has an itch? Elmo-squito bites!
3. How does a Sesame Street monster learn the alphabet? By eating his words.
4. What’s Big Bird’s favorite game at a party? Beak-a-boo!
5. What did the Sesame Street denizens tell the vampire? You can Count on us!
6. Why was the Sesame Street band the best? Because they really hit the gong with Gonger!
7. What did Ernie say to Bert when he asked if he wanted ice cream? “Sherbet I do!”
8. What does Grover wear in a blizzard? His super snowsuit!
9. Why did Oscar the Grouch become a gardener? He had a green thumb… and a green everything else!
10. What’s Cookie Monster’s favorite type of music? CRUMBstep!
11. Why did the chicken on Sesame Street join a band? To play the drumsticks!
12. Why did Elmo take a ladder to school? He wanted to go to high-School!
13. What do you get when you cross a Sesame Street character with a reptile? Alligator the Alligator!
14. How does Cookie Monster eat his soup? One slurp at a time, with crumbles on the side.
15. Why couldn’t the bicycle stand up by itself on Sesame Street? Because it was two-tired, like Telly after a long day!
16. What did the Sesame Street gang say during a power outage? Watt a time to be alive!
17. Why don’t aliens visit Sesame Street? Because they can’t find a space cookie enough!
18. What kind of car does a Sesame Street resident drive? A monster truck, but only if Cookie Monster is at the wheel!
19. How did Big Bird fix his nest? With duck tape!
20. Why do they never play hide and seek on Sesame Street? Because whenever they’d hide, the Count would always find them. One, two, three…

“Sesame Snickers: A Street-Wise Collection of Silly Snippets”

1. Why did the Sesame Street newspaper editor scream? Because he needed to get to the bottom of the alphabet scoop!
2. What’s Oscar the Grouch’s favorite sport? Trash-can bowling!
3. Why did Bert take a ruler to bed? To see how long he’d slept!
4. Why was the computer on Sesame Street cold? It left its Windows open!
5. How did Cookie Monster fix his computer? He gave it cookies and cache!
6. Why did Elmo plant a garden? To grow giggleberries!
7. Why did Big Bird join the orchestra? He had a natural talent for the eggsylophone!
8. What’s Cookie Monster’s favorite day of the week? Chew-sday!
9. Why did the Sesame Street fish refuse to play cards? Because they were afraid of the shark!
10. What did Ernie say when Bert suggested making scrambled eggs? Egg-xactly!
11. Why did the Sesame Street chicken get an award? For egg-cellent behavior!
12. Why do Sesame Street characters love the bank? It’s where they get their cookie “dough”!
13. Why was the math book on Sesame Street sad? Because it had too many problems.
14. What happens when Elmo tells a joke? He tickles himself pink!
15. How does the Cookie Monster start a race? “On your mark, get set, crumb!”
16. What did the Sesame Street thief take? The alphabet – he took the L!
17. Why did Big Bird eat his homework? Because his teacher said it was a piece of cake!
18. Why was Grover tired on Sesame Street? Because Super Grover is always up to something!
19. What do you call it when Bert makes a smoothie? A Berry Ernie beverage!
20. Why did the bicycle on Sesame Street stop? Because it was “two-tired” of spinning around!

“Silly Sesame Shticks: Q&A Quirks”

1. Why did Elmo take a ladder to school? Because he wanted to go to high school!

2. What do you call a Sesame Street character with a cold? Snuffle-up-a-sneeze!

3. Why did Cookie Monster become a knight? Because he was Sir Crumbs-a-lot!

4. How does Big Bird write his letters? With a bird pen!

5. What game do the Sesame Street characters play at parties? Twister, because they really know how to turn!

6. Why was the Count sad on Valentine’s Day? Because he couldn’t count on a date!

7. What’s Oscar the Grouch’s favorite musical instrument? The trash trombone!

8. Why don’t you play hide and seek with Elmo? Because he always hides in de-tickle spot!

9. How does Abby Cadabby make her tea? She brews it with a little bit of hocus-pocus!

10. Why couldn’t Bert find his pigeon, Bernice? She was in a covert coo!

11. Why do the Sesame Street characters always win at poker? Because they have a monster hand!

12. What’s Big Bird’s favorite Shakespeare play? “Much Ado About Nesting”!

13. What workout do Sesame Street characters excel at? Ab-by Cadabby crunches!

14. Why is Oscar the Grouch so good at math? Because he counts his trash before he cashes it in!

15. What’s Elmo’s favorite type of music? Felt rock!

16. Why did Grover take a nap on the keyboard? He wanted to rest on the home row!

17. Why was Cookie Monster feeling crumbly? Because he had a chip on his shoulder!

18. What’s Ernie’s favorite movie genre? Rubber ducky-mentaries!

19. Why did Telly Monster love triangles so much? Because they are the shape of things that are three-pointed!

20. How does The Count keep his teeth clean? With bat-teries in his electric toothbrush!

“Tickle Me El-mo-ji: Sesame Puns with a Playful Twist”

1. Don’t Elmo with my heart; you know I can’t tickle it.
2. Bert and I are just wing-men; Ernie is the one who cracks me up.
3. It’s not easy being green unless you’re banking on it.
4. Cookie Monster says to invest in stocks, you need a lot of dough.
5. Big Bird’s stories always fly over our heads.
6. Oscar’s trash talk is pure can-dor.
7. When it comes to counting, The Count loves to play the numbers game.
8. If Grover sold flowers, he’d truly be a blooming monster.
9. When Elmo gets into music, he’s all about the treble.
10. Bert’s pigeon passion isn’t just for the birds.
11. Elmo’s love life? Let’s just say he’s got a lot of felt.
12. When Snuffy writes letters, he really has a way with words.
13. Oscar’s manners are always garbage—perfectly his style.
14. If Big Bird joined the army, he’d be a high-ranked officer.
15. Cookie Monster’s diet really crumbles under pressure.
16. You know when Bert’s in finance; he really accounts for everything.
17. Grover’s tailoring business is really taking off; it suits him well.
18. The Count’s castle is electric because his bills are always shocking.
19. Abby Cadabby’s gardening? Purely enchanting.
20. Elmo says when your life is in stitches, you’ve got to thread lightly.

“Sesame Wit: A Street-smart Collection of Punny Idioms”

1. You can count on The Count to be up all night; he’s a real night owl!
2. Big Bird never wings it; he always plans his day to a T.
3. Oscar the Grouch loves trash talk, but he’s bin there, done that.
4. Cookie Monster isn’t one to sugarcoat the truth, he crumbles under tough questions.
5. Bert and Ernie are two peas in a pod; they never sweep anything under the rug.
6. Elmo loves to tickle your funny bone; he’s always at the heart of the matter.
7. Abby Cadabby doesn’t just wave a magic wand; she pulls rabbits out of her hat left and right.
8. Grover is an overachiever; he never bites off more than he can chew.
9. Telly Monster doesn’t just watch TV; he’s tuned in to the grapevine as well.
10. Snuffy is long in the nose, but he never sticks his neck out for gossip.
11. Zoe loves to dance toe to toe, she’s always on point.
12. Herry Monster might have a strong grip, but he never muscles his way through the crowd.
13. Rosita doesn’t just strum along, she’s always pulling strings to get things done.
14. Mr. Noodle never dances around the issue, he always cuts to the chase.
15. Sherlock Hemlock doesn’t just ponder; he beats around the bush searching for clues.
16. Baby Bear knows his porridge, and he never spills the beans.
17. Count von Count likes his numbers to add up; he’s all about making cents.
18. Slimy the Worm doesn’t squirm out of a challenge; he digs deep to find solutions.
19. Guy Smiley doesn’t just grin and bear it; he always smiles ear to ear.
20. Biff and Sully never hammer a point home; they nail it every time.

“Sesame S-Street Smarts: Puns with a Twist(er)”

1. What do you get when you cross a Muppet with a vampire? Count von Count eating ‘Sesame’ seeds!
2. I told Cookie Monster that my computer had cookies and now there are crumbs in my keyboard.
3. When Big Bird went on vacation, he said, “I’m winging my way to the beach!”
4. I asked Elmo why he loves the alphabet, he said, “Because it begins with me!”
5. Bert asked Ernie if he wanted ice cream and Ernie replied, “Sherbert!”
6. Grover went to a seafood place and ordered the “Super Grover” size fish.
7. Oscar the Grouch started a recycling business; he’s trashing the competition.
8. When the baker on Sesame Street retired, they had a “muffin” to worry about.
9. If Hoots the Owl opened a coffee shop, he’d call it “Espresso Street.”
10. When Telly Monster visited the aquarium, he had a whale of a time.
11. When Snuffleupagus became a gardener, he was truly a planting sensation.
12. If Elmo became a DJ, he would drop the beat like it’s “El-mo-hot.”
13. Baby Bear’s porridge business is just right for a bear market.
14. Abby Cadabby started a tech company, now she’s a Silicon Valley sorceress.
15. Zoe entered a dance competition; she really knows how to put her “best foot fur-ward.”
16. When Barkley the dog went to the ballet, they called it the “flea-dog leap.”
17. If Big Bird started doing stand-up, he’d crack eggs-cellent yolks.
18. Grover became a tailor because he wanted to make sure everyone had a “Super” fit.
19. Rosita hosted a talent show and called it “The Sesame Street Factor.”
20. The Count became an accountant because he loves to keep track of the “numbers.”

“Street Smarts: Sesame Puns Unfurled!”

1. Elmo Fudd – A hunter who’s tickled by wabbits instead of chasing them.
2. Grover Dose – The super monster who always takes things just a tad too far.
3. Bert and Earnie-st keepers – Two pals who invest wisely and save every penny.
4. Oscar the Couch – For a lazy grouch who prefers the indoors.
5. Big Birdwatchers – A society for those who enjoy observing large avians.
6. Count von Counting – An accountant with an affinity for numbers… and capes.
7. Snuffleu-BFF-gus – A best friend who’s always down for a snuggle.
8. Abby Cadabbra – The magician who can make anything appear or disappear at school.
9. Telly Monster of Ceremonies – The emcee who keeps everyone tuned to the event’s frequency.
10. Cookie Munster – The alter-ego of a dessert-loving German.
11. Ernie-thing Goes – The guy who’s open-minded to all of life’s possibilities.
12. Baby Bear-ista – A coffee expert who just right.
13. Herry Pottery – A monster who’s unexpectedly great at crafting ceramics.
14. Prairie Dawn Patrol – The early riser who’s in charge of watching the sunrise.
15. Zoe-vivor – The ultimate competitor in surviving playdate games.
16. Rosita Road – The traveler who’s seen every street from A to Z.
17. Bob-bing for Apples – A fun-loving guy who always enjoys the harvest festival.
18. Betty Lou-tenant – The deputy who’s as sweet as can be.
19. Gordon-omics – The teacher who makes learning about economy fun and interesting.
20. Lulu-liminator – That one friend in the group who always wins at board games.

“Sesame Speech Swaps: Silly Spoonerisms!”

1. Big Bird becomes Big Burred
2. Cookie Monster turns into Mookie Conster
3. Elmo’s World shifts to Wellmo’s Eorld
4. Oscar the Grouch becomes Grouchscreil
5. Count von Count converts to Vount con Count
6. Bert and Ernie switch to Burt and Ernie
7. Grover goes to Rover
8. Mr. Snuffleupagus becomes Mr. Pnufflessnagus
9. Abby Cadabby morphs into Cabby Adabby
10. Telly Monster transforms to Melly Tonster
11. Baby Bear twists to Bebby Bear
12. Rosita becomes Bosita
13. Zoe turns into Zowie
14. The Twiddlebugs switch to the Bwiddle Tugs
15. Hoots the Owl morphs to Owls the Hoot
16. Guy Smiley twists into Sky Gmiley
17. Forgetful Jones becomes Jetful Fones
18. Prairie Dawn twists to Dreary Pawn
19. Barkley the dog becomes Darkley the Bog
20. Alice Snuffleupagus switches to Awnice Sluffleupagus

“Sesame Street Swifties: Punderful Play on Words”

1. “I can count to 20,” said Big Bird, numerically.
2. “I just saw Snuffleupagus,” said Big Bird, imaginatively.
3. “My cookies are missing,” said Cookie Monster, crumbly.
4. “I’m going to take a bath,” said Ernie, rubber ducky.
5. “I love playing the piano,” said Rowlf the Dog, instrumentally.
6. “I enjoy a sunny day,” said Elmo, brightly.
7. “I won’t tell a lie,” said Telly, monstrously.
8. “I need to alphabetize my books,” said Grover, orderly.
9. “I hate waiting in line,” said Oscar the Grouch, trashily.
10. “Let’s do it again!” said Bert, re-peter-peat-ingly.
11. “I think I saw a UFO,” said Big Bird, spacily.
12. “I love fairy tales,” said Abby Cadabby, magically.
13. “I’ve just solved a difficult puzzle,” said Sherlock Hemlock, elementarily.
14. “I won’t share my porridge,” said Baby Bear, grizzly.
15. “I’ll fix your computer,” said Count von Count, digitally.
16. “I lost my wool again,” said the black sheep, baa-dly.
17. “My street’s the best,” said Hoots the Owl, neighborly.
18. “My saxophone is out of tune,” said Hoots the Owl, flatly.
19. “Let’s write a new song,” said Don Music, creatively.
20. “I’ve got everything I need,” said Bert, ernie-stly.

“Contradictory Cookie Crumbs: Sesame Street Puns with a Twist”

1. Act naturally, Big Bird, you’re on air!
2. Found missing Cookie Monster’s last cookie.
3. Clearly confused Elmo asked for quiet.
4. Deafening silence on Sesame Street naptime.
5. Definitely maybe Oscar will clean his can.
6. Alone together at Hooper’s Store, monsters munch.
7. Bittersweet farewells when Snuffy’s imaginary again.
8. Awfully good at being the Count’s assistant.
9. Seriously funny stand-up with Fozzie Bear cameo.
10. Constantly variable weather on Sesame forecast.
11. Old news: Telly’s worry is yesterday’s paper.
12. Open secret: Big Bird’s teddy is Radar.
13. Organized chaos when Zoe organizes a dance.
14. Original copy of Bert’s pigeon book found.
15. Passive-aggressive compliments on Cookie’s baking.
16. Same difference, whether Grover’s Super or not.
17. Student teacher Abby casts spellbinding lessons.
18. Unbiased opinion: Elmo loves all colors equally.
19. Working vacation for Count counting at beach.
20. Small crowd gathers for Snuffleupagus sighting.

“Street Smarts Unfurled: A Sesame Twist on Recursive Fun”

1. Why did Big Bird join a band? Because he heard they needed a little tweet-percussion.
2. And when his music took off, he said he’d never put all his eggs in one “bass-ket.”
3. Of course, he had to practice a lot, you might say he had to wing it sometimes.
4. But eventually, he played so well it was like poultry in motion.
5. And when he wrote a song, it wasn’t a chart-topper but more of a “peck-list” favorite.
6. Elmo tried to join too, but he could never find the right “fur-mula” for a hit.
7. When Elmo did find it, his song really “tickled” the charts.
8. So then, Cookie Monster wanted to “crumble” into the music scene.
9. In his debut, Cookie Monster played a “snack-drum.”
10. Unfortunately, at the concert, he got a case of stage “fright,” but he just “crunched” through it.
11. And then, there was Count von Count whose beats were always in “number.”
12. Every concert, his fans would count on a “spook-tacular” performance.
13. Grover tried to be a one-monster band, but it turned into a “super-grover-stition.”
14. He thought his music had “flown” under the radar, but really it just hadn’t “soared.”
15. When it came to instruments, Bert and Ernie couldn’t decide, so they just “duck-ie”-d in and played.
16. Their band faced a lot of “rubber-y” in the beginning, trying to get that perfect sound.
17. Even Oscar the Grouch had a sound, though people said it was “trashy,” but it really was a “can”-did feel.
18. He thought the other music was garbage, but his was “recycling” the old hits.
19. Snuffleupagus thought the sub-woofers didn’t do him justice; his music really was “trunk-heavy.”
20. He wanted to shake the ground with every note, calling it his “earth-rumbling” bass.

“Sweeping the Clichés Away: Punday on Sesame Street”

1. Cookie Monster says, “A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand.”
2. Big Bird’s wisdom: “The early bird catches the worm, but I’d rather have a donut.”
3. Oscar’s motto: “Home is where the trash is.”
4. Elmo thinks, “Laughter is the best medicine, but tickles work faster.”
5. “Absence makes the heart grow fonder,” says Grover, “but my Super Grover outfit just scares them away.”
6. Bert claims, “A penny for your thoughts, but I’d rather have a paperclip.”
7. Ernie says, “Two heads are better than one, especially when one is a rubber ducky.”
8. Abby Cadabby believes, “Every cloud has a magic sparkle lining.”
9. Count von Count’s take: “Time is money, but counting is priceless.”
10. Telly Monster advises, “Don’t count your chickens before they hatch or your monsters before they sleep.”
11. Snuffleupagus muses, “An elephant never forgets, but I sometimes forget where I left my snuffle.”
12. Rosita suggests, “When in Rome, do the Spanish dance!”
13. “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” says Zoe, “especially not when it’s a ballet-dancing apple.”
14. Baby Bear says, “Don’t cry over spilled milk, just have some porridge instead.”
15. Herry Monster points out, “Where there’s smoke, there’s me, baking cookies.”
16. Prairie Dawn notes, “All that glitters is not gold, sometimes they’re just shiny stickers.”
17. “Keep your friends close and your teddy bears closer,” mumbles Mr. Snuffleupagus.
18. Kermit observes, “It’s not easy being green, but it’s great being a frog on Sesame Street.”
19. The Martians think, “Curiosity killed the cat, but we came in peace for all the yipyips.”
20. And The Count concludes, “A stitch in time saves nine, ah ah ah, or as I like to say, a number in time saves me from having to find another rhyme!”

We’ve reached the end of our uproarious journey down Sesame Street – a place where the humor is as timeless as the characters themselves. With over 225 puns, we hope you’ve found plenty to elicit giggles, guffaws, and groans alike. Remember, laughter is a language everyone speaks on Sesame Street, and we’re thrilled you stopped by to converse with us.

But why let the fun stop here? If your funny bone is still itching for more, take a stroll through our website’s pun-filled neighborhood for an endless array of witty wordplay that spans the comical spectrum.

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Be sure to check back often, because just like cookies in Cookie Monster’s kitchen, our puns are always being freshly baked. Until next time, keep those chuckles coming and let the good times roll on Sesame Street and beyond!

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