Ultimate Collection of Purse Puns: 220 Humorous Quips for Fashion Lovers

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Are you ready to “bag” some laughs? If you’re a fashion lover with a penchant for wordplay, you’re in for a treat! In this ultimate collection of purse puns, we’ve gathered over 200 humorous quips that are sure to tickle your funny bone. Whether you’re a purse fanatic or simply appreciate a good pun, these clever and witty phrases will have you chuckling in no time. From clutch puns to tote-ally hilarious jokes, this compilation has it all. So, sit back, relax, and get ready to have a “punny” time with these purse-inspired jokes. Let’s dive right in and unzip the world of laughter with our purse pun extravaganza!

Carry Your Sense of Style with These Purse Puns! (Editors Pick)

1. “I’m so glad I found this purse, it’s a real treasure bag!”
2. “My purse is like a black hole – it always swallows my keys!”
3. “Why did the purse start a fight? It had a lot of purse-onality!”
4. “I’ll never forget my first designer purse, it was love at first bag.”
5. “I can always count on my purse to be a good clutch.”
6. “My purse is always full of change, it’s my small money bag.”
7. “I took my purse to the gym, it wanted to work on its fitness.”
8. “When I lost my purse, it was like I misplaced my personal identity.”
9. “My purse and I have a special bond, it never leaves my side.”
10. “My purse is a fabulous fashion accomplice, my partner in crime.”
11. “I’m always keeping up with the latest purse-onalities in the fashion world.”
12. “My purse is like a trustworthy friend – it always holds my secrets.”
13. “What do you call a purse on a diet? A slim bag!”
14. “I’m broke, but my purse is always loaded with potential.”
15. “I bought a fancy new purse, it purse-sonifies my stylish side.”
16. “I love shopping for purses, it’s my favorite way to bag a deal.”
17. “My purse is always over my shoulder, it’s my portable safety bag.”
18. “My purse is my savior, it always saves the day with its handy compartments.”
19. “Why did the purse break up with its owner? It couldn’t handle the baggage!”
20. “My purse knows all my secrets, it’s my confidential carry-all.”

Purses Full of Punny Pleasures

1. My purse is really becoming a bag burden.
2. I hate it when my purse goes on a shopping spree without me.
3. A purse goes to the gym to work on its wrist strength.
4. What do you get when you cross a purse with a bunny? A hop-pocket!
5. I tried to make a new purse, but it just didn’t bag-ree with me.
6. My purse keeps telling me to change my bad habits, but I just can’t snap out of it.
7. I finally found the perfect purse – it’s a real tote-ally awesome find!
8. My purse likes to hold all my secrets, it’s my little pocket confidante.
9. I forgot how to open my purse, now it’s just a clutch at straws.
10. My purse has a great sense of style, it’s always on-trend and purse-onalized.
11. I have a purse for every occasion, I guess you could say I’m a bagoholic.
12. My purse is a great listener, it always keeps my secrets under lock and clasp.
13. I found a purse at the thrift store, talk about a real vintage bag-gain!
14. My purse is a little sensitive, it always gets carried away.
15. My purse has a good eye for fashion, it knows how to accessorize on the fly.
16. I was in a hurry and accidentally grabbed the wrong purse, now I’m stuck holding the bag.
17. My purse and I are always in sync, we’re a perfect clutch.
18. I brought my purse to the party, it’s my bag-date.
19. My purse loves to explore, it’s always on the go with wander-lust.
20. My purse is a real catch-all, it’s the pocket-size solution to my organizational needs.

Purse-onality Puzzlers (Question-and-Answer Puns)

1. How did the purse become an expert chef? It always had the perfect blend of swag and seasoning!
2. Why did the purse refuse to go skydiving? It wasn’t ready to let go of its attachment!
3. What did the purse say when it won the lottery? “I’m finally carrying cash in style!”
4. How did the purse win the marathon? It was a great runner and quickly showed its true “pursenal”!
5. Why did the purse become a doctor? It wanted to help people with their “baggage” of health problems!
6. What’s the purse’s favorite song? “Purse-onal Jesus” by Depeche Mode!
7. Why did the purse join the circus? It wanted to “clutch” the spotlight and perform amazing tricks!
8. What did the purse say to the handbag? “Let’s team up and become the ultimate “bag-tenders!”
9. How did the purse become a popular motivational speaker? It offered “carry-on” inspiration and encouraged people to purse their dreams!
10. Why do purses make terrible comedians? They always seem to “bag” the punchline!
11. What’s the secret to a well-organized purse? Having a “tassel” plan and compartmentalizing everything!
12. What advice did the purse give to the insecure handbag? “Don’t worry about fitting in, just be yourself and hang ‘tote-ly’ with confidence!”
13. Why did the purse go on a diet? It wanted to fit into its “neat” and “trim” size again!
14. How did the purse handle rejection? It didn’t let it “clutch” its feelings but moved on to find someone who valued its “fashion-forward” style!
15. What did the purse say to the other purses at the party? “Let’s ‘clutch’ our glasses and have a ‘bag-solutely’ good time!”
16. Why did the purse become a detective? It always had a “handle” on the situation and could “satchel” the truth!
17. What did the purse say when it found a fantastic sale? “Well, isn’t this a ‘bag-wain’ of fashion!”
18. Why did the purse become a yoga instructor? It realized the importance of finding its inner “balance” and helping others do the same!
19. What did the purse say to the hat? “I’ve got everything ‘in the bag,’ but you’ve got it ‘on top of your head’!”
20. How did the purse prepare for its upcoming trip? It “packed” its essentials and made sure to “clasp” onto its excitement!

Purses with a Twist (Double Entendre Puns)

1. “She’s always searching for the perfect handbag; she’s a real purse-onality.”
2. “She said she loved my new clutch, but I think she was just buttering me up.”
3. “That purse is so fashionable, it’s practically arm candy.”
4. “Her purse is packed with secrets, like a little undercover agent.”
5. “She always knows how to make an entrance, with a purse that’s clutch.”
6. “Got a new purse, it really added some satchel-ness to my outfit.”
7. “Her purse is like an extension of herself, always supporting her in times of need.”
8. “She carries her confidence in her purse; it’s filled with self-esteem.”
9. “My purse is like a bottomless pit; it swallows everything that goes in.”
10. “She saw a purse she liked and quickly snatched it up, quite the smooth criminal.”
11. “Her purse is so roomy, she could fit her whole world in there.”
12. “She always carries a clutch to look chic; it’s her secret fashion weapon.”
13. “Her purse is a treasure trove of surprises, like a magician’s hat.”
14. “Her purse is full of hidden gems, like a pirate’s loot.”
15. “She’s got a purse for every occasion; she’s a true bag lady.”
16. “She’s always on the go, with a purse that’s always packed and ready to roll.”
17. “She keeps her money in a wallet, but her secrets in her purse.”
18. “She’s got a new purse that’s pure silk; it’s soft to the touch and oh so seductive.”
19. “Her purse is like a suit of armor, protecting her from the world.”
20. “She’s got a purse in every color of the rainbow, it’s like her own personal pride parade.”

They’ve Got Purse-onality! (Puns in Purse Idioms)

1. She was feeling down, but then she found some change in her purse and it really lifted her spirits.
2. The brand new purse was really in the bag.
3. He had a lot of money saved up, but then he bit the purse that fed him.
4. I thought I had found the perfect purse, but it turned out to be a real clutch move.
5. She was feeling uneasy about her financial situation, but then she found her purse and it put her mind at purse ease.
6. She was feeling overwhelmed, but then she organized her purse and got her life in order.
7. He was trying to save money, but then he splurged on a designer purse and it really blew his budget.
8. I was trying to impress her, so I pulled out all the purses and laid them on the table.
9. She always keeps her purse close to her heart, because it’s where her money is.
10. He was feeling confident, so he strutted down the street with his purse-ona.
11. She had a lot of money, so she always carried her wealth in her purse-on.
12. I asked her how much money she had, but she just shrugged and said, “It’s purse-nal.”
13. She was feeling overwhelmed by her responsibilities, but then she realized she could handle it with purse-verance.
14. I told her I was going to take her purse, and she said, “Clutch your pearls!”
15. She was feeling lost, but then she found her purse and it turned out to be her compass.
16. He was feeling confident, but then he realized he had picked up the wrong purse and his pride took a hit.
17. I was feeling lucky, so I rubbed my purse and made a wish.
18. She always kept her purse close by, because she believed it held the key to her happiness.
19. She was feeling stressed, but then she remembered her favorite purse and it instantly calmed her down.
20. He was trying to impress her, so he swung his purse around like a fashion statement.

Purse-anality: Punting into Fashion

1. I used to have a job at a coin factory, but I wasn’t making enough to wallet.
2. I wanted to start a handbag business, but it wouldn’t be purses-ible without some investors.
3. My purse has a lot of pockets, it’s a real organized c-lad-y.
4. My friend wanted to buy a new wallet, but he was so broke he couldn’t even bill-fold.
5. I asked my friend for a coin to unlock my cart, but she didn’t have any cent-ses of direction.
6. I met a woman who couldn’t stop talking about her purse, she must be really bag-gy.
7. I bought a new handbag, but it didn’t have enough space for all my id-pendable belongings.
8. Some people say a purse should match your shoes, but I prefer to be a little more clasp-y.
9. My purse is really lightweight, it’s like carrying a chi-mere breeze.
10. I wanted to invest in a company that sells purses, but I didn’t want to take a chance and lose my purses-inal fortune.
11. My friend is so fashionable, she always has a bag-titude to match her outfit.
12. I wanted to become a purse designer, but I didn’t have the cloutch to back me up.
13. Some say handbags are a girl’s best friend, but sometimes they can be a real bagg-ache.
14. I tried to hold a purse sale, but it ended up being more of a clutch-for-space.
15. My purse is like a friend to me, always by my side no matter how tassel-y times get.
16. I bought an expensive designer handbag, now I can’t even bag-get what I spent so much on.
17. My friend has a really fancy purse, she always carries herself with a lot of pre-purse!
18. I heard that buying a new purse releases end-o-rhine levels in the brain, it’s true purses-uit of happiness.
19. I started a purse rental business, now I’m always on the bag-and-go.
20. My friend’s purse is so big she could practically fit her whole life in there, it’s tot-body-ally amazing!

“Purse-onal Puns: Playing with Words in the World of Fashion Accessories”

1. “Purse-nal Style” – A fashion boutique specializing in trendy purses.
2. “Clutch & Carry” – A purse store with a wide variety of clutch bags.
3. “Bagged & Tagged” – A purse shop known for its unique designs for every occasion.
4. “Purse-uit of Style” – A boutique dedicated to helping customers find their perfect purse.
5. “Tote-ally Chic” – A store offering stylish tote bags for fashion-forward individuals.
6. “Purse Paradise” – A luxury purse boutique with an extensive collection of designer brands.
7. “The Purse-suit of Happiness” – A store that believes the right purse can bring joy to anyone.
8. “Purse-nalize” – A shop that offers customized purses, allowing customers to add their personal touch.
9. “Clutch Couture” – A high-end boutique specializing in elegant and sophisticated clutches.
10. “Bag & Brag” – A store where customers can show off their latest purse acquisitions.
11. “The Purse-fectionist” – A boutique known for its attention to detail in curating the best purses.
12. “Purse Palooza” – An annual event featuring a wide range of purse vendors and accessories.
13. “Bag Bliss” – A store that aims to bring happiness to customers through their purse purchases.
14. “The Purse Whisperer” – A renowned stylist who helps clients find the perfect purses for their needs.
15. “Purse-tastic Finds” – A shop known for its unique and hard-to-find purse selections.
16. “Baggage Claim” – A store that offers a curated selection of travel-friendly purses.
17. “Pursuit of the Perfect Purse” – A boutique focused on providing customers with the ideal purse.
18. “Trendy Totes” – A store specializing in fashionable and functional tote bags.
19. Purse Heaven” – A boutique that offers an extensive collection of purses in various styles.
20. “The Purse Revolution” – A store that aims to change the way people think about purses with innovative designs.

Purse-tastic Wordplay (Punny Spoonerisms)

1. Cursed funs
2. Whiny puns
3. Spilling buns
4. Coined, bum puns
5. Pearly puns
6. Tricky puners
7. Pocked, fun puns
8. Cutie puns
9. Caddish buns
10. Filing puns
11. Dabbing coins
12. Gory cuns
13. Lacking funs
14. Blunted buns
15. Glorious mongers
16. Stinky puns
17. Rattling funers
18. Risky punting
19. Cheeky buns
20. Lugubrious poners

Punny Purse Remarks (Tom Swifties)

1. “I am a fashionista,” said Tom, purse-uing his dreams.
2. “I can’t find my lipstick anymore,” said Tom, vain-ly searching his purse.
3. “I have all my essentials,” said Tom, crisply folding his purse.
4. “I love going to the thrift store,” said Tom, second-hand-ling his purse.
5. “I’m always prepared,” said Tom, pocketing his purse.
6. “My purse design is unique,” said Tom, clutch-ing his creation.
7. “I’m always organized,” said Tom, categorically rearranging his purse.
8. “I am quite the collector,” said Tom, pursing his lips.
9. “Even my purse is eco-friendly,” said Tom, recycl-ing his on-the-go.
10. “I appreciate quality craftsmanship,” said Tom, hand-made-ly holding his purse.
11. “I’m a minimalist,” said Tom, lightly carrying his purse.
12. “My purse is perfectly curated,” said Tom, tastefully accessorizing.
13. “I’m always on the hunt for a bargain,” said Tom, thriftily purchasing purses.
14. “I love carrying everything with me,” said Tom, generously stuffing his purse.
15. “I have a knack for matching outfits,” said Tom, fashion-ably coordinating with his purse.
16. “I enjoy being hands-free,” said Tom, effortlessly slinging his purse.
17. “I’m a master of disguise,” said Tom, covertly hiding his purse.
18. “I always have a backup plan,” said Tom, carefully stashing his purse.
19. “I’m a trendsetter,” said Tom, fashion-forwardly showcasing his purse.
20. I’m all about functionality,” said Tom, practically packing his purse.

Cheeky Contradictions: Purse Pun Oxymoronic Puns

1. My purse is empty, yet it’s so full of potential!
2. I may be broke, but my purse is rich in style.
3. My purse is both full of secrets and transparent.
4. My purse is small in size, but it holds a big impact on my outfit.
5. I keep losing my keys in my purse, but it’s supposed to hold everything together.
6. My purse is a chaotic mess, yet it keeps my life organized.
7. My purse is a bottomless pit, yet it brings order to my essentials.
8. Tangled headphones are always an organized mess in my purse.
9. My purse is a fashion statement, yet it’s a practical necessity.
10. My purse is a heavy burden, yet it lightens my load.
11. My purse is a silent communicator, yet it speaks volumes about my style.
12. My purse is a paradox, it’s always there yet constantly elusive.
13. My purse is a treasure trove of everyday essentials and random junk.
14. With my purse, less is more, and more is always less.
15. My purse is a status symbol, yet it’s accessible to everyone.
16. My purse is a time capsule, stuck between the past and the future.
17. My purse is a security blanket, yet it exposes my vulnerability.
18. My purse is a jigsaw puzzle, filled with missing pieces and misplaced objects.
19. My purse is a harmonious chaos, bringing balance to my life.
20. My purse is an ever-evolving contradiction, an oxymoron in accessory form.

Punfully Packed Purses (Recursive Puns)

1. I told my purse it was in charge of buying a new purse. It said, “I can handle this, it’s in the bag!”
2. My purse called me a “bag lady.” I said, “That’s a great name for our band!”
3. My purse heard a corny joke and exclaimed, “That’s so tacky, it’s sew wrong!”
4. I asked my purse if it wanted to go shopping. It replied, “I can’t, I’m already loaded!”
5. My purse asked me if it could go on vacation. I said, “Sure, as long as you don’t bagpack!”
6. My purse claimed it was an expert on fashion trends. I told it, “That’s a bold statement, you’re really clutching at straws!”
7. I told my purse to hold all my money. It said, “I hope I can handle the cash-flow!”
8. My purse was feeling creative and said it wanted to design a new bag. I replied, “That’s a pretty ambitious satchel you have there!”
9. I asked my purse to keep my secrets safe. It responded, “Don’t worry, I’ll zip my lips!”
10. My purse was disappointed it didn’t win a fashion contest. I consoled it, saying, “Hey, it’s just a matter of purse-ception!”
11. I complimented my purse on its beautiful design. It blushed and replied, “Aw, you’re making me feel so purse-nal!”
12. My purse claimed it had magical powers. I said, “Well, you definitely have a way of pulling things out of your hat… erm, I mean, pockets!”
13. I asked my purse if it wanted to go to a party. It said, “Sure, I’m always ready to bag some fun!”
14. My purse told me it knew the secret to being a good listener. I said, “Really? That’s quite a handbag of tricks you’ve got!”
15. I asked my purse if it wanted to join a gym. It replied, “Why? I’m already a total weight-lifter!”
16. My purse said it was feeling lonely and wanted a companion. I told it, “Don’t worry, I’ll introduce you to someone. You’ll be quite the pocket pal!”
17. I asked my purse to explain the meaning of life. It replied, “Well, it all starts with finding your inner pocket of happiness!”
18. My purse tried to give me some relationship advice. I told it, “Sorry, I don’t think I can take advice from someone who carries so much baggage!”
19. I asked my purse if it was up for a challenge. It responded, “Bring it on! I’m ready to take the fashion world by storm!”
20. My purse asked me if it could have a makeover. I said, “Of course, but just remember, it’s what’s inside that counts… like your pockets!”

Praise the Purse-on: Punny Clichés for Fashionistas

1. As they say, “It’s in the bag,” which explains why I’m constantly carrying around a purse.
2. I guess you could say I’m always “satchel-ing” my belongings.
3. “Clutch it or lose it!” That’s what I always say about my purse.
4. Life is like a purse: you never know what you’re gonna find at the bottom.
5. “I’m all about that purse, ’bout that purse, no trouble!” said every fashionista ever.
6. Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it definitely fills my purse with random trinkets!
7. “Out of sight, out of purse,” might not be a saying, but it should be!
8. Remember, it’s not just a purse, it’s a statement accessory.
9. Holding onto a grudge is like carrying around a heavy purse all the time.
10. When life gives you lemons, make sure you have a lemon-yellow purse to match!
11. “As the purse strings tighten, so does the desire to shop,” said every shopaholic.
12. When it comes to fashion, always trust your purse-tincts.
13. Always remember to “purse”evere in the face of fashion emergencies.
14. The early bird gets the purse… or something like that.
15. “Pursonally,” I don’t think you can ever have too many purses.
16. Never underestimate the power of a well-stocked purse; you never know when you’ll need a Band-Aid or a safety pin.
17. A purse can be a real fashion game-changer; it’s all about thinking outside the purse!
18. A penny saved is a penny that could be put towards a fabulous new purse.
19. “The purse is mightier than the sword,” said every fashion influencer ever.
20. When life gets tough, just remember to “hang in there” like a trusty purse strap.

In conclusion, if you’re a fashion lover and appreciate a good laugh, our ultimate collection of purse puns is just what you need. With over 200 humorous quips, you’ll be cracking up in no time. And if you loved these puns, don’t forget to check out our website for more side-splitting jokes and puns. We couldn’t be more grateful for you taking the time to explore our pun-tastic collection. Keep those fashion-forward giggles coming!

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