200+ Hilarious Paperclip Puns to Hold Your Humor Together

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Looking for a way to keep your spirits fastened to fun? You’ve clicked on the right link! Unfold some smiles with our collection of 200+ Hilarious Paperclip Puns that are sure to hold your humor together, even on the most disorganized days. Perfect for clipping into conversations or attaching to your social media feed, these puns will connect with your funny bone in a way only a paperclip can—lightly, yet surprisingly strong! Prepare to bend into laughter and loop in your friends for some well-rounded amusement. So, don’t get bent out of shape; straighten up and dive into the world of paperclip puns that’ll have you chuckling faster than you can say “attach!”

Clipping You to Your Seat: The Punniest Paperclip Roundup (Editors Pick)

1. I’m trying to write a paperclip pun, but I need to get it straightened out first.
2. Are you a paperclip? Because you’re good at holding it all together.
3. This paperclip joke is sure to fasten your laughter.
4. I’d tell you a joke about a paperclip, but I’m pretty sure it would just link to another.
5. Never trust atoms; they make up everything… except paperclips, they’re all metal.
6. I’m all about that clip life.
7. You’re like a paperclip; you always manage to attach yourself to the most important things in life.
8. I wanted to write a novel, but I’m too attached to short paperclip puns.
9. That was a tearable joke, so I put a paperclip on it to hold it together.
10. You know, I’d make a joke about a broken paperclip, but there’s no point—it wouldn’t hold up.
11. Don’t try to push my buttons—I’m not a stapler; I’m wound tight like a paperclip.
12. If you think about it, a paperclip is just a staple on vacation.
13. Keep your friends close and your paperclips closer.
14. I got a job at the paperclip factory; it’s pretty straightforward work.
15. I’m bending over backwards trying to come up with a new paperclip pun.
16. Paperclips are like ninjas; they hold things together without being seen.
17. Love is like a paperclip, it’s supposed to bring things together not hurt you when it snaps.
18. You can’t run through the campsite holding a paperclip; it’s past tents… and it doesn’t make any sense.
19. I’m feeling a little bent out of shape, like a paperclip at the bottom of a bag.
20. If you can’t be the staple, be the paperclip that still keeps the pages together.

Clippy’s Clever Crack-ups: Paperclip Puns in a Pinch

1. Did you hear about the paperclip who fought a magnet? It was quite an attractive battle.
2. Why was the paperclip always sad? Because it was never the highlight of the document.
3. A paperclip pun may not staple your attention, but it can still clip your interest.
4. I had an idea for a paperclip design, but it got bent out of shape.
5. A paperclip’s favorite sport? Clip diving.
6. I once entered a paperclip in a race; it couldn’t cut it, but it sure could bend the competition.
7. How do paperclips flirt? They point out how they’re in-shape.
8. A paperclip told me it wanted to break free, but I told it to stay attached to its dreams.
9. You can say paperclips are overachievers; they always try to hold everything together.
10. When paperclips retire, they really unwind.
11. The paperclip wanted to move up in the world, but it remained stationary.
12. I saw a ghost paperclip once; it kept haunting the office, saying it wasn’t finished holding things together.
13. Got into a fight with a paperclip – biggest twist of my life.
14. The paperclip’s motto: “If you’re feeling disconnected, link up with a buddy.”
15. Never pick a fight with a larger paperclip, it’s bound to have more backbone.
16. A contemplative paperclip once said: “There’s more to life than being bent out of shape.”
17. Did you hear about the careless paperclip? It was spread all over the office.
18. Sometimes I feel like a paperclip, just barely scraping by.
19. If you want to be successful, be like a paperclip: strong, flexible, and able to hold your own.
20. I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed, but at least I’m not as twisted as a paperclip.

“Fastening Fun: Clip-tastic Q&A Puns”

1. Why did the paperclip join the band? Because it could always hold a note!
2. What do you call a paperclip that’s been in an accident? A clipple!
3. What’s a paperclip’s favorite magic spell? Clip-pity clop!
4. Why don’t paperclips ever win at poker? Because they always fold!
5. What did the magnet say to the lonely paperclip? “I find you very attractive!”
6. What did the paperclip say to the magnet? “I feel a strong connection between us!”
7. How do paperclips say goodbye? “Catch you on the flip side!”
8. What’s a paperclip’s favorite way to relax? A bubble wrap!
9. What’s a paperclip’s favorite dish? Macaroni and clips!
10. How do paperclips resolve arguments? They straighten things out!
11. Why don’t paperclips make good detectives? They tend to get bent out of shape over nothing!
12. Why was the paperclip always sad? Because it could never break the chain!
13. What did the stapler say to the paperclip? “You can’t handle the paper!”
14. What do paperclips wear to a fancy event? Clip-on ties!
15. Why do paperclips make good comedians? They always stick to the punchline!
16. Why are paperclips so good at holding things together? Because they’re not to be trifled with!
17. Why was the paperclip afraid of the computer? Because it might get replaced by a digital clip!
18. How do you keep a paperclip from moving? You press pause on the mixtape!
19. What game do paperclips hate playing? Leapfrog!
20. Why was the paperclip bad at sports? Because it always got clipped!

Holding It Together: Clipped Conversations with a Twist

1. I’m totally clipped to meet you, in more ways than one.
2. I’ve got a steel-y resolve, especially when it comes to holding things together.
3. Let’s stick together; it’s just how I’m bent.
4. It’s a clip off the old block, if you know what I mean.
5. I’m wired differently, always looping people in.
6. I’m not just good on paper; I shine in the office too.
7. I have an attractive personality; I’m quite magnetic at my core.
8. My love life? It’s one eternal loop, always linked to the next fling.
9. People say I’m twisted, but I just think I’m flexible.
10. I’ve got a clip on my shoulder, and I’m not afraid to use it.
11. They say a dog is man’s best friend, but I’m more attached to my paperclips.
12. I’m really good at clipping costs, if you catch my drift.
13. Talk about organization skills, I’ve got it all sorted out. Wink, wink.
14. I’ll keep your secrets tightly bound, in more than one way.
15. I’m the king of the desk; my reign is unquestionable, and so is my grip.
16. I may seem straight-laced, but I can get bent out of shape when excited.
17. I’m not just good for a quick fix; I’m good for a long-term attachment too.
18. When it comes to work, I’m quite the heavyweight, never light on my clips.
19. I’m flexible and easy to mold, in the office and after hours.
20. You know, I’m quite the catch; I’ve never met a document I couldn’t handle.

Clipping through Idioms: The Twist of Paperclip Puns

1. I’ve got a lot to sort out. Guess it’s time to get my paperclips in a row.
2. When it comes to organization, I’m not great at it, but I can clip the surface.
3. Don’t just paperclip over the issue, we need a permanent solution.
4. I’m feeling a bit bent out of shape, just like a used paperclip.
5. He’s such a neat freak, always making sure every paper is clipped in place.
6. It was a real paper-clipping point in my career.
7. No need to get bent out of shape, it’s just a paperclip.
8. I wouldn’t say I’m lazy, but my favorite kind of marathon is a paperclip-chain marathon.
9. I thought I had everything together, but it turns out I’m missing a few paperclips.
10. She’s got a real penchant for tidiness, you could say she’s got her paperclips in a bunch.
11. I’m bound to succeed—I’ve got all my papers clipped and ready for the meeting.
12. He was so organized, he even had his paperclips color-coded—no silver linings for him!
13. I don’t mean to clip your style, but do you think we need all these attachments?
14. They said a good assistant is hard to find, but I’ve got a real magnetic personality—paperclips stick to me.
15. Don’t clip your hopes on getting that promotion, the boss has a tight grip on those.
16. I didn’t mean to give such a clipped response, I’m just swamped with paperwork.
17. My desk is a mess; I really need to clip some of these papers together.
18. I can’t believe how you’ve kept all this information straight. You must be the king of paperclips.
19. Once I start cleaning, I’m on a roll. You could even say I’m on a paperclip roll.
20. I’m not just an office supply enthusiast, I’m a paperclip aficionado.

“Hold It Together: A Clip of Ingenious Paperclip Puns”

1. I’m a paperclip: originally straight but get bent out of shape over paperwork.
2. Both paperclips and I have one thing in common – we both get attached too easily.
3. Trying to untangle a mess of paperclips? Clip-pen up your patience.
4. I have a paperclip sculpture hobby: I guess you could say my art is very “metal-lurgical.”
5. A paperclip’s favorite sport? It’s all about that link-y fencing.
6. A paper clip told a magnet, “I find your attraction quite forceful!”
7. If you want me to help you organize papers, just say the word and consider it clipped.
8. Went to a paperclip party – it was all twisted fun.
9. Why don’t paperclips work well in the tech industry? Too many loops!
10. Every time I drop paperclips, they play “floor is lava.”
11. The paperclip and the staple had a dance-off; it was quite the attach-match.
12. We decorated with paperclips because they really help hold the room together.
13. Ever notice how paperclips live a circular life? They always end up back in the box.
14. The paperclip got promoted for really keeping it together under pressure.
15. Feeling down? Just look at a paperclip—reminder that we all get a little bent.
16. Detectives love paperclips – they’re crucial for keeping their cases together.
17. Superman has met his match – a giant paperclip that refuses to bend.
18. Whenever paperclips see magnets, they just can’t resist the attraction.
19. I wrote a song about paperclips – sadly, it didn’t chart because it couldn’t hold a note.
20. The invention of the paperclip – now that’s a twist nobody saw coming!

“Cliptastic Codenames: Unfolding Paperclip Puns”

1. Clip-ton of Fun
2. Clipper-tunities
3. Bend it like Beck-clip
4. Clip-onardo Da Vinci
5. Sir Clip-a-lot
6. Clip-ton John
7. Meta-llic Clip
8. Cliptastic Voyage
9. Clipperary Heights
10. Clip-ton Churchill
11. Clipabeth Taylor
12. Clipbi Wan Kenobi
13. Clipperfield the Magician
14. Clipsey Lohan
15. Cliphael Jordan
16. Clipiana Jones
17. Cliphanger the Explorer
18. Clipsey Crosby
19. Clippernicus
20. Saint Clipatrick

Clipping Twists: The Art of Spoonerism Puns in Paperclip Wordplay

1. Clip some paper – Pap some clipper
2. Clip and ship – Ship and clip
3. Clip art start – Start clip art
4. Clip together – Tip clogger
5. Paper holder – Haper polder
6. Clip binder – Binder clip
7. Metal clasp – Clattle m’asp
8. Clip a deal – Deal a clip
9. Clippy the mascot – Mascot the clippy
10. Clip and sort – Sort and clip
11. Clip tight – Tight clip
12. Manage clips – Clips man’age
13. Secure papers – Papers secure
14. Clipping path – Path clipping
15. Clip attachment – Attachment clip
16. Clip collection – Collection clip
17. Organize clips – Clips organize
18. Heavy clip – Clippy heave
19. Clip and save – Save and clip
20. Clip stack – Stack clip

Cleverly Clipped Comments: Tom Swifties’ Paperclip Puns

1. “I’ve linked the documents together,” Tom said, paperclippedly.
2. “I won’t bend under pressure,” Tom asserted, unbent.
3. “I can’t find a single paperclip,” Tom said, disjointedly.
4. “I designed a new paperclip shape,” Tom said, inventively.
5. “This paperclip will hold everything,” Tom claimed, assuredly.
6. “I’ve created a paperclip chain,” Tom said, linkedly.
7. “My paperclip art is quite complex,” Tom observed, intricately.
8. “I’m all out of jumbo clips,” Tom said, sizeably disappointed.
9. “These paperclips are rusting,” Tom noted, corrosively.
10. “I’ve sorted all the clips by size,” Tom said, categorically.
11. “I’ll attach the memo with this clip,” Tom said, determinedly.
12. “I’ve got a lifetime supply of paperclips,” Tom stated, eternally.
13. “I cannot stop buying paperclips,” Tom admitted, compulsively.
14. “I bend paperclips when I’m stressed,” Tom said, distractedly.
15. “I can only find broken paperclips,” Tom complained, disjointedly.
16. “These paperclips are the perfect metal,” Tom said, steely.
17. “This paperclip sculpture is taking shape,” Tom described, formingly.
18. “My paperclip just snapped,” Tom exclaimed, shockingly.
19. “I’m writing an ode to a paperclip,” Tom said, poetically.
20. “I’m testing the paperclip’s strength,” Tom pulled, tensely.

“Clippy Contradictions: Oxymoronic Paperclip Puns”

1. Holding loose thoughts together: the stationary adventurer.
2. A bent straight edge: my paperclip’s paradox.
3. A permanent temporary fix: that’s a paperclip’s promise.
4. The infinite brief link: paperclip eternity.
5. Intensely relaxed grip: the paperclip’s clasp.
6. Sharply blunt metal: the paperclip conundrum.
7. Clearly confused organization: paperclip chaos.
8. Deafening silence in paperwork: the stealthy paperclip.
9. Actively idle on the desk: the paperclip’s rest.
10. Casually formal loops: the paperclip’s attire.
11. Accidentally on purpose bent: the rebellious paperclip.
12. Productively counterproductive: when paperclips tangle.
13. The softest steel embrace: a paperclip’s hug.
14. Openly secretive documents: paperclips know it all.
15. Seriously funny filing: paperclip humor.
16. Simply complicated tool: the humble paperclip.
17. Dishonestly honest fastener: the mischievous paperclip.
18. Bitterly sweet organization: the irony of paperclips.
19. Comfortably cramped documents: thanks to the paperclip.
20. Tightly loose connections: paperclip paradoxes.

Clip into Laughter: Unfolding Recursive Paperclip Puns

1. I got a pun about paperclips, but let’s not get bent out of shape about it.
2. That previous pun was a bit twisted, just like a misused paperclip.
3. Third time’s a charm, but I guess we shouldn’t push our luck—or our paperclips.
4. Puns four and paperclips have one thing in common—they’re both used to hold things together.
5. Fiver say that these puns are fastening their grip on you, much like paperclips on papers.
6. At six we mix; even in puns paperclips find a way to connect.
7. Lucky number seven, where paperclip puns are a staple. Oops, wrong office supply!
8. This eighth pun has a point, just like the end of a paperclip… when it’s not quite unbent.
9. Nine times out of ten, these puns stick like paper…clips.
10. The tenth pun is where we clip past the halfway mark, still holding strong.
11. Puns eleven, let’s hope these jokes don’t start to feel like a pile of paperwork.
12. Puns so repetitive by twelve, even paperclips would say, “Get it together.”
13. Unlucky thirteen might just be where these puns and paperclips get tangled.
14. Wrestling with the fourteenth pun, let’s not get too clipped up about it.
15. A fifteenth pun is a lot, but paperclips are always up for more documents.
16. Sweet sixteen and still fastened on puns, akin to paperclips’ unyielding grip.
17. The seventeenth pun might not be sterling, but neither is a paperclip’s metal.
18. Eighteen puns in, and we’re still linked together in this chain of paperclip puns.
19. A nineteenth pun on paperclips? We’re practically an office supply comedy store.
20. Twentieth pun’s the charm—let’s hold our applause like paperclips hold sheets.

Clipping Out Clichés: Puns Unfolded

1. When it comes to organization, I always say: “A paperclip a day keeps the chaos at bay.”
2. It’s true, paperclips can solve a multitude of papers: “A clip in time saves nine.”
3. Don’t worry about your documents; just remember: “Clipped together, never apart, forever holding your papers’ heart.”
4. When life gives you papers, make sure you find a paperclip: “All’s well that binds well.”
5. They say, “Home is where the heart is,” but for an office, “Home is where the paperclip is.”
6. Just think of me as a paperclip: “Bending over backwards to keep things together.”
7. You know what they say: “A paperclip on your desk is worth two in the drawer.”
8. Don’t underestimate a small clip because, “Every big bundle of papers started out small.”
9. Finding a paperclip when you need one is like pure joy: “The early bird catches the clip.”
10. You can call me the paperclip whisperer because “I speak fluent clip.”
11. Let’s face it: “All that glitters is not gold; sometimes it’s just a shiny paperclip.”
12. When dealing with a mess of papers: “Keep calm and clip on.”
13. Remember: “You can lead a paper to a clip, but you can’t make it organize.”
14. “Don’t put all your papers in one clip” – because sometimes you need two!
15. Just as in life, “He who clips last, clips longest.”
16. When your papers fly everywhere: “A clip-less desk is a stormy sea.”
17. “Look before you clip” – because you never know what you might be joining together.
18. In the kingdom of the office, “The one with the paperclip is king.”
19. Be the change in your office; “Clip the change you want to see in the world.”
20. “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush,” but a paperclip in the hand is worth a whole stack of papers.

Well, there you have it, a comprehensive collection of 200+ paperclip puns guaranteed to keep your sense of humor together, even on the most scattered of days! We hope that our carefully crafted puns haven’t bent out of shape but instead have clasped onto your funny bone.

If these witticisms have connected with your comedic taste, don’t leave your laughter hanging by a thread—or should we say, by a wire? Feel free to clip through our treasure trove of puns, available throughout our website, each one promising a twist of fun as unexpected as a paperclip turned into a makeshift zipper pull.

We’re incredibly grateful that you’ve pinned down some time in your day to spend with us, and we can’t resist the opportunity to ask you to bookmark our site (with a virtual paperclip, of course!) for your future pun perusing pleasure. Remember, life’s too short not to indulge in a little stationary hilarity!

Thanks for clamping down on some joy with us and bending over backward to make this day a little more amusing. Keep your spirits clipped high and your jokes in perfect alignment, and come back anytime you need to staple some smiles into your day!

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