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Ready to witness the official stamp of humor? Brace yourselves, because we’re about to emboss your day with a collection of knee-slappers that’s so funny, it’s notarizable! This article presents over 200 of the most hysterical notary puns that will have you sealing the deal on laughter in no time. From jurat-tickling jokes to acknowledg-ments that will make you smile, our notary puns are the perfect way to lighten up any document-signing ordeal or just add a giggle to your daily routine. So grab your seal and let’s get punny because these jests are sure to be a public hit – we assure you, the humor is certifiable!

Sealed with a Smile: Top Notary Puns (Editors Pick)

1. “I’m a notary, so I can truly say the pen is mightier than the sword, especially when signing off on things.”
2. “You don’t have to be crazy to be a notary, but it helps when things get certifiably nuts!”
3. “A notary is always write, even when they’re left handed!”
4. “I asked the notary how he was doing. He said, ‘I’m stamp-tastic!'”
5. “Why did the document go to the notary? Because it wanted to become outstanding in its field!”
6. “Sealed with a notary’s approval? That’s just unimpeachable behavior.”
7. “I take notary work very seriously, it’s not just a ‘sign’ of the times.”
8. “Being a notary is so empowering, you could say it’s quite a noteworthy profession.”
9. “Have you heard about the notary who only worked on cliffs? They specialized in ledge-ible documents!”
10. “I was going to tell a joke about notary publics, but I can’t find the right form.”
11. “Notaries always know where to draw the line, legally speaking!”
12. “Do notary publics have favorite animals? Of course, they love the seal!”
13. “I knew I had a purpose when I became a notary—it was a signing moment in my life.”
14. “The notary refused to help the ghost because he couldn’t provide a solid signature.”
15. “A notary’s favorite game is ‘Truth or Stamp consequences.'”
16. “Notary on a plane: ‘I’m here to make sure the documents get the highest level of clearance.'”
17. “Why was the notary always calm? Because they knew how to notarize the situation.”
18. “Notaries don’t retire, they just stop giving out validations.”
19. “If you want to upset a notary, just tell them their sealant isn’t clear.”
20. “What did the notary say during the marathon? ‘I’m racing to the finish to stamp my presence!'”

Seal the Deal with Laughs: Notary One-Liners

1. Notaries have a good stamp of approval.
2. Did you hear about the notary in the wilderness? He was a seal-ivator in the stampede of trees.
3. The notary’s favorite snack is a seal-ed bag of chips.
4. Notaries don’t like broken pencils; they’re pointless.
5. I told the notary a secret, and she said, “Consider this under seal.”
6. Notaries always agree, naturally; they never want to make a fed-exit.
7. Notaries always carry a pun-ch; it’s how they make their mark.
8. What do you call a notary at the beach? A sand-witness.
9. The notary joined a band, now they’re known for their signature sound.
10. The notary started a farm; now he raises crops and signatures.
11. I asked the notary why they like elevators, they said it’s an uplifting experience.
12. A notary’s favorite drink? Signature whiskey.
13. What do notaries use to light their way? A seal-ume.
14. “Don’t argue with a notary; they always have the last stamp!”
15. Notaries love winter because they can use their snow-seal.
16. Notaries don’t play hide and seek; they don’t want anything to go un-signed.
17. Counting with notaries is easy, they always number their pages.
18. I saw a notary at the grocery store; they were checking out the legal-tender greens.
19. Never tell a secret in front of a notary; it’s bound to become a public record.
20. Why do notaries make good musicians? Because they always note-arize their scales.

“Seal the Deal with Laughter: Notarized Nonsense Q&A”

1. Why do notaries refuse to open windows?
– They’re afraid of committing draft fraud!

2. What’s a notary’s favorite game?
– Seal of Approval!

3. Why did the notary break up with their pen?
– There was no long-term bond!

4. What do notaries eat for breakfast?
– Juratmeal with a side of acknowledgment!

5. Why don’t notaries like knock-knock jokes?
– They always demand proof of identification!

6. What did the notary say to the skier?
– “You must ‘sign’ here before going downhill!”

7. What’s a notary’s favorite musical instrument?
– The seal-o-phone!

8. How do notaries say hello?
– “Pleased to ‘certify’ you!”

9. Why did the notary always carry a stopwatch?
– To record the exact moment of signing, every time!

10. What do you call a notary in a boat?
– A navigator with a nautical seal!

11. Why was the notary’s office always hot?
– Because they kept the seal on all year round!

12. Why was the notary such a good cyclist?
– Because they were great at stamping out the competition!

13. What did the notary say to the comedian?
– “You may be funny, but can you notarize?”

14. Why do notaries always carry a pen?
– Because it’s mightier than the sword for signatures!

15. What’s a notary’s favorite candy?
– Seal-savers!

16. Why was the notary always welcome at parties?
– They always brought their own stamp of approval!

17. How do you compliment a notary?
– “I must acknowledge, you have a fine signature!”

18. Why did the notary get lost at sea?
– They were looking for a watermark!

19. Why did the notary only wear half a jacket?
– Because they believed less is notarized!

20. What did the notary say to the paper?
– “You’ve officially been served… with my stamp of approval!”

Seal the Deal: Notariously Witty Double Entendres

1. “I’m a notary, but you might say my social life is nothing to write home about.”
2. “I seal the deal in more ways than one.”
3. “My job is stamp-tastic – just pressing matters.”
4. “I notarize documents, but my karaoke is truly noteworthy.”
5. “I authenticate signatures, but my real talent is making an impression.”
6. “Don’t worry, I’m certified to handle your affairs.”
7. “I’ll help you with your papers, and that’s the long and short of it.”
8. “I’m sworn to secrecy, and that’s just my bond with the public.”
9. “Ink is my game, but not without a stamp of approval.”
10. “I’m in the business of making things official, especially our chemistry.”
11. “My stamp’s not the only thing getting pressed tonight.”
12. “For a legal twist, just give it the old seal of approval.”
13. “I ensure your documents aren’t the only thing getting witnessed.”
14. “I’m the key to your affidavit, locking in those facts and your heart.”
15. “My embosser might be heavy, but it’s not the only thing I’m carrying with me.”
16. “I’m the master of attestations, and I’m looking to certify this connection.”
17. “My notary public seal isn’t the only thing making an impact around here.”
18. “It’s my duty to prevent forgery, but I promise my intentions are genuine.”
19. “You need a notarial act? Trust me, I know all about performance.”
20. “I’m all about lawful entries, so let’s make this evening officially unforgettable.”

“Seal the Deal: Notarizing with Wit and Wordplay”

1. I’m a notary, so when I say “seal the deal,” I mean it literally.
2. Don’t worry, you can count on my notary service to be a “sign” of relief.
3. I could tell you a joke about document authentication, but it needs notarization.
4. Being a notary has its ups and downs, but everything always “stamps” out.
5. I notarize documents at “warp speed,” no need to press the issue.
6. Notarizing documents is my “signature” move.
7. You might say I’m emotionally “attached” to my notary seal.
8. As a notary, helping you is just “par for the coarse.”
9. Without my seal, I wouldn’t have a “leg to stamp on.”
10. The power of a notary is “write” in their hands.
11. When it comes to notarizing, I always “press” on.
12. I’m a notary, so you can “trust” that I’ve got everything “notarized.”
13. Notary work can be pressing, but I always manage to “seal the deal.”
14. If you “change” your name, I can notarize that too!
15. My notary service is always on a “roll,” especially with the seal.
16. I was gonna make a notary pun, but I couldn’t find the “write” words.
17. When it comes to documents, I’m notarially good at “spotting” the important ones.
18. Being a notary is all about the “proof” in the sealing.
19. My jokes might not be great, but my notary work is “imprintable.”
20. Don’t let document problems “stamp” out your happiness, see a notary.

“Seal the Deal: Notarizing with Wit and Wordplay”

1. I’m at my seal-ing potential as a notary, but I always manage to press on.
2. Not all notaries use a press; some have a stamp of approval.
3. Being a notary is so affirma-tive, it’s almost like saying yes for a living.
4. I told my friend to stop copying me; as a notary, I’m the only one allowed to replicate.
5. I refused to notarize a document on a boat; I can’t work in such un-stable conditions.
6. When a notary gets lost, they always find their bearings with a compass seal.
7. Don’t trust a notary who oversleeps; they might be a snooze-button witness.
8. I don’t always tell notary jokes, but when I do, they’re legally funny.
9. I wanted to notarize in a winter coat, but I was worried about a fleece of document.
10. They say notaries have the best parties because they’re always certifiable.
11. A notary’s favorite game is stationary because they’re used to staying in place.
12. Being a notary in an elevator has its ups and downs, but I always level with my clients.
13. I wasn’t sure if the document was serious, so I had to ask, “Are you being affi-David?”
14. I made a notary pun at the library, but it had to be kept under a hush certificate.
15. A notary on a diet will swear to tell the whole grain and nothing but the grain.
16. When a notary broke their arm, I signed their plaster; I guess I’m just a cast-witness.
17. Notaries are the only ones who find it exciting when paperwork becomes a binding affair.
18. A notary’s favorite exercise is the legal squat – it’s all about getting that stamp of fitness.
19. You can lead a notary to paperwork, but you can’t make them think it’s un-seal-ly important.
20. I tried notarizing underwater, but my seal didn’t want to become a marine mammal.

“Seal the Deal: Notarizing with Wit and Wordplay!”

1. Notarize to the Occasion
2. Affirmative Action Notary
3. Seal the Deal Notaries
4. Notary on the Spot-son
5. The Notar-Ease Shop
6. Sign and Shine Notaries
7. The Notarize Guys
8. Punny Pun-otary Service
9. Ink-luded Notary Service
10. Stamp of Approval Stan
11. Legal Easel Notary
12. Doc-U-Sign Derrick
13. Witness Willis Notary Public
14. Notably Notary Noah
15. Stamp Champ Charlie
16. Notary Nation-Nate
17. Seal-y Sally’s Notary
18. Certifi-Sean Notary
19. A-write Notary Aidan
20. Acknowledge-Mint Notary Services

Sealed with a Twist: Notary Spoonerisms

1. Seal the teal (deal)
2. Swearing the notes (notarizing the oath)
3. A lack of quill (quick seal)
4. Noterize the rite (Right to notarize)
5. Affix the stamp with a limp (lamppost)
6. Stamp in a hush (hasten up)
7. Seal with a quiss (quick kiss)
8. Sight a dock (document)
9. Flipping the switch (witnessing the slip)
10. Cache the check (catching a check)
11. Noting the hearty (notary at the heart)
12. Jotting the dournal (documenting the journal)
13. Quill and seek (seal and ink)
14. Pace the stamp (stamp the pace)
15. Shaky lake (legal shake)
16. Writer’s cramped (notary’s stamp)
17. Mission of Murk (marking the mission)
18. Begal Stomp (stamp the legal)
19. Breaking a will (waking a bill)
20. Gild the pen (pending the bill)

Sealing the Deal with a Smile: Notarizing Tom Swifties

1. “I’ll notarize this document very quickly,” said Tom expressly.
2. “I double-checked the signer’s identity,” said Tom confidently.
3. “I can’t find my notary seal,” Tom said, stamping his foot.
4. “I always use my embosser,” Tom said impressively.
5. “I witnessed their signatures,” Tom observed.
6. “I’m renewing my notary commission,” said Tom, certifiably.
7. “I refuse to notarize this questionable document,” said Tom, unswervingly.
8. “This is my last notarization for the day,” Tom remarked, finally.
9. “I’ll have to decline; you don’t have proper ID,” Tom said, identifiably.
10. “I think I need to buy more notarial certificates,” Tom noted.
11. “I’m not sure if I can notarize this foreign document,” Tom said, alienated.
12. “I love notarizing in exotic locations,” Tom said, statutorily.
13. “I must record this in my journal,” said Tom, notingly.
14. “Let’s affix the seal here,” Tom said, stamping his authority.
15. “I’ll charge a nominal fee for my services,” said Tom, reasonably.
16. “I need to update my notary journal,” said Tom, daily.
17. “This signature is a perfect match,” said Tom, comparably.
18. “I have to administer an oath now,” Tom spoke, swornly.
19. “Look at how well I’ve maintained my records,” Tom said, notably.
20. “I’m very selective about the documents I notarize,” Tom remarked, exclusively.

“Officially Confusing: Notarized Nonsense”

1. Clearly confused by all the notary clauses.
2. Act naturally when signing unnaturally solemn documents.
3. Deafening silence in the waiting room at the notary’s.
4. Found missing seals on the certified documents.
5. Seriously funny notary who never laughs at signatures.
6. Original copies of every paradoxical affidavit you sign.
7. Awfully good at witnessing confusing contracts.
8. Organized chaos when notaries organize their paperwork.
9. Small crowd of big personalities at notary conventions.
10. Working vacation when notary work follows you to the beach.
11. Open secret that notaries have the real power of attorney.
12. Civil war in the office over who gets to stamp next.
13. Only choice is to sign where you have no choice.
14. Alone together while waiting to get a joint affidavit.
15. Known stranger is always your impartial witness.
16. Awfully polite when refusing to notarize a faulty document.
17. Bittersweet moment when you finally get that affidavit notarized.
18. Painfully amusing when someone tries to photocopy a 3D seal.
19. Clearly obscure legal jargon in every notarial act.
20. Jumbo shrimp served at the notary’s oversized-small office party.

Sealing the Deal: Notarizing Humor with Recursive Wit

1. I went to a notary, and he was so good, I had to acknowledge it.
2. He notarized my documents with a seal; you might say it was a “seal of approval.”
3. I asked if he used a sealant to ensure the seal stuck, and he said that was a “sealing point.”
4. When I tried to make my own seal, he said, “Leave it to the professional, otherwise it’s null and voider.”
5. He told me he was a singing notary, his official title was “The Notarizer.”
6. He had a special pen for signing, called the “autograph.”
7. I made a mistake on the document, but he said he could “overwrite” it with his pen.
8. When it comes to underwriting, his skills are “overwhelming.”
9. He had an apprentice named Paige; she’s learning how to “turn the page” on notarizing.
10. Paige made a stamp error and he said, “Don’t worry, you’ll get a handle on it.”
11. When making a stamp, he pressed hard for perfection, really “pressuring” the situation.
12. Then he made a perfect imprint and said it was a “press release.”
13. We discussed confidentiality; he said he never breaks it – “it’s not erasable.”
14. Discussing forgery, he noted, “If you fake it, you won’t make it.”
15. I asked about his diary where he records his seals, the “record-seal album.”
16. When the ink ran out, we had a moment of “reflection” on how important preparation is.
17. He always wears his official vest, making him the “vested” notary.
18. His vest had pockets for his stamps, which were “vestments.”
19. He never leaves his office; he’s got a “stationary” approach to notary services.
20. He hired an assistant who could only use the stamp, a real “notary publicist.”

Sealing the Deal: Notarizing the Noteworthy Clichés

1. Notarize me closer, tiny affiant.
2. Signed, sealed, delivered, I’m yours – once notarized.
3. When life gives you lemons, get them notarized.
4. A notary’s favorite game is “Truth or Certifications.”
5. A notary always understands the “sign”ificance of a document.
6. Every cloud has a silver lining, but a notar needs a golden seal.
7. Old notaries never die, they just get de-commissioned.
8. Seals are for wildlife, unless you’re a notary.
9. I told my notary I was feeling indifferent, and they said, “Leave your mark here!”
10. Notaries know it’s a fine line between a good impression and a seal of approval.
11. Stamp out your problems; notarize them.
12. Notaries do it by the book… and with a seal.
13. Breaking the seal is a serious offense, unless you’re at a notary’s office.
14. A notary’s diet consists of good, affiant cuisine.
15. You can lead a person to a notary, but you can’t make them think.
16. “I’m notar’sed to this kind of pressure!” – the flustered notary said.
17. A watched notary never boils over with stamping enthusiasm.
18. The pen is mightier than the sword, but the seal is the notary’s true weapon.
19. Beauty is in the eye of the notar-holder.
20. Speak softly and carry a big stamp; you’ll go far in the notary business.

Well folks, it looks like we’ve reached the ‘sign’ off at the end of our uproarious adventure through the world of notary puns! We hope you’ve had an ink-redible time and that these jokes have stamped a smile firmly on your face. Remember, if you’re ever feeling un-‘seal’-y or need a little pick-me-‘stamp’, come back for a fresh dose of humor that’s sure to press all the right buttons.

Don’t forget to check out the rest of the website for an affidavy of other puns that promise to deliver a certified laugh. We’d love to ‘notarize’ your regular visits—after all, laughter is a document that never expires.

Thank you for choosing to spend a part of your day here. We appreciate the time you’ve pun-ctually given us and hope you leave with a seal of approval. Until next time, keep stamping with laughter and spread the joy like a well-inked notary stamp!

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