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Get ready to level up the fun with our collection of over 200 handpicked Nintendo puns! Whether you’re a long-time gamer or just starting your Nintendo journey, these puns are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. From Mario and Luigi to Donkey Kong and Link, we’ve got puns that will have you pressing start on endless laughter. So grab your controller, prepare to press play, and get ready to power up your sense of humor with these hilarious Nintendo puns. From pun-tastic wordplay to clever references, these puns are sure to delight gamers of all ages. Get ready to have a Mario-nificent time as we dive into the world of Nintendo puns!

Nintendo Puns: Level Up Your Humor Game! (Editors Pick)

1. Why did Mario go to jail? Because he couldn’t stop mushrooming!
2. What’s a pirate’s favorite Nintendo game? Yoshi’s Booty!
3. Why did Princess Peach run a fruit stand? Because she’s got a toad-ally awesome selection!
4. How did Luigi feel after a long day of fixing pipes? Drain-ed!
5. What did the Goomba say after crushing Mario’s hopes and dreams? I’m on a roll!
6. Why did Yoshi bring a ladder to the party? To egg-cel at getting on people’s level!
7. How did Kirby become a chef? He was just really good at swallowing!
8. What happens when a ghost plays a Nintendo game? They have an otherworldly experience!
9. How do you catch a Pokémon playing a Nintendo handheld? With a Game CAPS-ture!
10. What did Wario say when Mario asked for a favor? “Sure, it’ll cost you a Wii bit!”
11. What do you call it when Link falls asleep on the job? A Link-slumber!
12. How does Donkey Kong like his bananas? Peeled to perfection!
13. Why did the Koopa Troopa refuse to practice music? He couldn’t find his turtle notes!
14. Why did the mushroom win the race? Because it had several shiitake!
15. Why did Toad go to therapy? He needed help coping with being constantly stepped on!
16. Why did the person return their broken Mario Kart game? It had too many glitches racers!
17. What did the Nintendo character say to his trainer? “Let’s Pikachu later!”
18. How did Sonic respond to Mario’s invitation to race? “I can’t, I’m too hedge-tired!”
19. What’s a plumber’s favorite Nintendo console? The Wii Plumb!
20. Why was the Nintendo character upset at die-cutting? It kept Mario-ing their outfit!

Game on with Giggle-worthy Gags: Nintendo Puns

1. Why did Mario go to the doctor?
Because he had a bad case of mushroom-itis!

2. What did Donkey Kong say when he jumped off the roof?
It was a real barrel of laughs!

3. Why did Link bring a ladder to the art museum?
He wanted to climb the masterpiece!

4. Why did the Nintendo character become a firefighter?
They wanted to play with fire power-ups!

5. Luigi decided to start a fitness regime, but he just couldn’t resist the pasta.
He ended up gaining extra “mush-room”!

6. What’s Yoshi’s favorite exercise?

7. What did the Pokemon organizer say when their bag was too full?
“I need a Pikachu-nic basket!”

8. How does Mario keep his mustache in shape?
He mustache it every day!

9. Did you hear about the Nintendo character who went on a diet?
They wanted to level up their fitness!

10. How did the gamer feel after a long day playing Nintendo?

11. Who was Princess Peach’s favorite composer?

12. Why did the Nintendo character start a band?
They wanted to rock the warp pipe!

13. What do you call a nervous mushroom?
A shiitake-ing fungus!

14. Why couldn’t Wario ride the roller coaster?
He was too chomp-chort!

15. What did the Nintendo character say when they won the lottery?
“I’m game-boy-ant!”

16. Did you hear about the Nintendo character who entered the cooking competition?
They always bring their A-game-bo!

17. Pikachu heard a joke and couldn’t stop laughing. What did it sound like?

18. What do you call a mischievous Nintendo character?

19. What did Toad say when he lost his voice?
“I can’t ‘mario-ver’ this!”

20. Did you hear about the Nintendo character who became a magician?
They always have a trick up their sleeve!

Power-Up Puzzlers (Question-and-Answer Puns)

1. What kind of music do Nintendo characters listen to? Mario-kana.
2. How do you know that Mario is wealthy? Because he lives in a mansion while Luigi is stuck in a State Farm commercial.
3. What do you call a tired Toad? A fungi!
4. Why don’t Koopas ever race in the Olympics? Because they always shell out!
5. What do you call a group of piranha plants playing together? A chomp symphony.
6. What do you call a Pikachu that can fix anything? A Pokémontrician!
7. Why was Princess Peach always getting kidnapped? Because she couldn’t resist a Bowserful of charm.
8. What do you call a Wario in a fancy suit? A millionaire stink.
9. How do you describe a Link who’s always in a hurry? Quick-a-the Wild!
10. Why did the mushroom go to the party? Because it was a fungi to be with.
11. What do you call a duck that loves playing Super Mario? A quacktendo fan.
12. Why was Donkey Kong acting so humble? Because he was monkeying around with his ego.
13. What do you call a music-loving Boo? A spooktune.
14. Why did the Nintendo character go to therapy? Because he couldn’t stop Donkey Kong-trolling!
15. How did Mario solve the puzzle? He just went with his “mushroom” instincts.
16. Why did Princess Peach marry Mario? Because he was a fun-gi to be around.
17. What do you call a competitive Pokémon trainer? A “Pikachampion”!
18. Why did Luigi always succeed in finding his way back home? He had a top-notch spook-tometer.
19. How does a Mario character say goodbye? “It’s-a-me, a-tat-ta”!
20. What do you call a game where Yoshi drinks tea? Yoshi’s “Highstee”!

Playing with Power: Nintendo Puns that Level Up the Fun (Double Entendre Puns)

1. Did you hear about the Mario Kart driver who got a ticket? He was caught drifting on a highway!
2. I asked my Nintendo Switch if it wanted to Netflix and “Chill” it responded with “Let’s Mario Party” instead.
3. Why did Nintendo hire a plumber? Because their pipes were always getting clogged!
4. When the Nintendo character went on a diet, they said they were going to “shed Yoshi pounds.”
5. I challenged my friend to a round of Super Smash Bros, but he said he was already smashing enough on the weekends.
6. Mario must be into fitness, he’s always jumping on mushrooms to “Get High Score”.
7. My wife caught me cheating at Pokemon, I guess you can say I was having an “Extra Marital Avalanche”.
8. Toadstool asked me to be his “Goombad” and now we’re inseparable.
9. I tried to buy a new game, but my girlfriend said I already had enough buttons to push.
10. I gave Luigi a new outfit to boost his confidence, but he said it was just a “Power-Up” scheme.
11. Why did the plumber wear headphones while fixing the toilet? To avoid any “Bowser Sounds”.
12. I met a girl who loves Nintendo games, she asked me to be her “Poké-Ball and Chain”.
13. The Mario Brothers went on a road trip, but they were pulled over for “King Koopa-ing” the speed limit.
14. My Mario Kart driving skills are so good, I can “Wheelie” impress anyone!
15. To pass the time, Mario and Peach started a band, they called it “The Mario Ensemble.”
16. I found a hidden level in Super Mario, but it was more of a “Behind the Green Doors” kind of place.
17. Nintendo’s new console really pushes you to the limits, they should call it the “Switch to Overdrive.”
18. My friend asked if I had any Nintendo games he could borrow, I told him I was “Game Hoarder.”
19. Mario invited his friends over for a picnic, but the Yoshis got a little too “Bowser-ed” away with their appetites.
20. My Zelda t-shirt is my favorite, it really “Triforces” people to start a conversation.

Super Mario Wordplay

1. I have the perfect strategy, it’s a Mario-tal plan!
2. Don’t worry, be Wii Happy!
3. My friend is always on cloud nine, he’s a real Yoshi.
4. I’m on a roll, I’m Ganon a lot of points!
5. She’s been looking for her cat all day, but it’s as elusive as a shiny Pokémon.
6. I went to a magic show, and the magician totally Link-ed my mind!
7. My dad always tells me to Zelda horses before they bolt.
8. It’s raining cats and Dogs in Luigi’s Mansion.
9. Beauty is in the eye of the Bowser-holder.
10. The party was so lit, it was like a Mario Kart race with Rainbow Road!
11. I’m in a race against time, but I’m Donkey-kongfident I’ll make it!
12. Stealing hearts is what you might call Robin Luigi-ing!
13. I’m feeling so powerful, it’s like I have a Star Power-Up!
14. It’s important to stay calm when facing a challenge, you must Koopa your cool!
15. His jokes are so bad, they make me want to Samus-cide!
16. She used to be a couch potato, but now she Wii-fuses to be inactive.
17. We went to a party, but it was totally Toad-ally lame.
18. Learning new things is easy-peasy, Lemon Squeezy in Animal Crossing!
19. My brother is as quick as a Pikachu with his reflexes.
20. Some people just can’t handle the truth, they Mario-verreact!

Game Over, Puns On Demand (Nintendo-Style)

1. The game was heating up, but then it got a bit too Zelda for comfort.
2. I used to be a plumber, but I was Luigi it too often, so I Mario-ed on to a new gig.
3. Donkey Kong is getting older, but he’s still in Donkey Kong-dition.
4. I wanted to be a tennis pro, but I couldn’t find a racket, so I became a Nintendo Switch player instead.
5. My career as a chef was a bit too cooky, so I switched to being a Nintendo sous chef.
6. My wife told me I had to pick between her or my favorite Nintendo game, so I told her it was Toadally unfair.
7. My friend Mario is always wearing red, I guess you could say he’s quite the Nintendo fashionista.
8. I was invited to a Nintendo-themed wedding, but it seemed like they were tying the knot Bowser.
9. My favorite Nintendo character is really good at yoga, she’s quite the flexible princess.
10. I tried joining a Nintendo choir, but I didn’t make the Cutman.
11. My brother is a big fan of Nintendo, but I think he’s Switching to the wrong team.
12. I worked at a Nintendo factory, but I couldn’t get ahead because it was too Chrono-tedious.
13. My friend got a job at Nintendo as a referee, now he’s really good at making calls.
14. I tried bringing my Wii to the gym, but everyone thought I was doing some Wii-ird workout.
15. I thought about becoming a promoter of Nintendo games, but it felt like a Bitmash.
16. I took my dog for a walk while playing Nintendo DS, but he ended up being a real Dugtrio-blemaker.
17. My friend visited Nintendo Land and got so excited, he ended up seeing Sta-R.O.B.’s.
18. I wanted to be a Nintendo rapper, but I couldn’t find the right Koopa beat.
19. My teacher at Nintendo school told me I was going through a difficult stage, but I didn’t see a Bowser in sight.
20. My aunt’s cookie recipe is so good, it’s like biting into a Yoshi original creation.

Nintendo Nonsense (Puns Galore on the Gaming Floor)

1. Mario Cartwheels (Mario Kart)
2. Poke-a-hot mess (Pokemon)
3. Donkey Kung Fu (Donkey Kong)
4. Legend of Yoga (Legend of Zelda)
5. Kirby Sweets (Kirby)
6. Splatoonfuls of Fun (Splatoon)
7. Metroided with Fire (Metroid)
8. Wario’s Fairytale (Wario Land)
9. Luigi’s Mansion of Laughter (Luigi’s Mansion)
10. Animal Crossing Paths (Animal Crossing)
11. Game Boy George (Game Boy)
12. Yoshi’s Cookie Jar (Yoshi’s Island)
13. Star Fox Trot (Star Fox)
14. Fire Emblem Baking (Fire Emblem)
15. Wii Fit to Laugh (Wii Fit)
16. Pikachewy (Pikachu)
17. Captain Falcon Punch (Captain Falcon)
18. EarthBound and Determined (EarthBound)
19. Motherly Whims (Mother)
20. Super Smash Burritos (Super Smash Bros.)

Punny Nintendo Wordplay (Spoonerisms)

1. Shario Watrd: Mario Kart
2. Dig Mon Dunk: Pokemon Dungeon
3. Luper Mario Bross: Super Mario Bros.
4. Zonkey Delda: Donkey Kong Zelda
5. Tanooki Supe: Super Tanuki (character from Super Mario)
6. Bowser’s Shrewery: Browser’s Showery (reference to Bowser’s Castle)
7. Toad of Tamer: Road of Tamer (reference to Toad character)
8. Kintaro Warp: Wintaro Karp (reference to Kirby Warp)
9. Zuper Mashe Nros: Super Mash Bros.
10. Pario Meeker: Mario Speaker (reference to Mario Party)
11. The Witch of Zussal: The Switch of Wussal (reference to The Legend of Zelda)
12. Ooper Fub Cake: Cooper Pub Fake (reference to Super Cub Cake)
13. Nokemon, Let’s Poin: Pokemon, Let’s Noin (reference to Pokemon, Let’s Go)
14. Naker Nap: Maker Nap (reference to Paper Mario)
15. Nario Mass Racade: Mario Bass Nacrade (reference to Mario Kart Arcade)
16. Linkus Win’s Ris Awakening: Winkus Lin’s Res Risning (reference to Link’s Awakening)
17. Zuper Zmash Bross Ultimaze: Zasher Zmash Brash Ultize (reference to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)
18. Mintendo Entario: Intendo Mentario (reference to Nintendo Entertainment System)
19. Lintendo Nininky: Inlendo Lininky (reference to Nintendo Link)
20. Pintendo Tokemon: Tintedo Pokemon (reference to Pokemon Nintendo)

Nintendo-inspired Tom Swifties: A Game of Puns

1. “I can beat all levels in Mario Kart,” Tom said critically.
2. “I’m obsessed with Animal Crossing,” Tom admitted amiably.
3. “I’m a pro at Super Smash Bros,” Tom said triumphantly.
4. “I always win in Pokemon battles,” Tom stated electrically.
5. “I can’t find my Switch,” Tom exclaimed hysterically.
6. “I’m playing Legend of Zelda,” Tom said adventurously.
7. “I can’t wait to see what’s inside this mystery box,” Tom said curiously.
8. “I caught all the Pokemon on my first try,” Tom boasted confidently.
9. “I’m leveling up in Splatoon,” Tom said colorfully.
10. “I can build anything in Minecraft,” Tom said block by block.
11. “I’m a master of stealth in Metal Gear Solid,” Tom whispered discreetly.
12. “I’m navigating through the Mushroom Kingdom,” Tom said confidently.
13. “I’m a perfectly timed button presser on Just Dance,” Tom said rhythmically.
14. “I’m playing Mario Party with friends,” Tom said partying.
15. “I’m exploring the expansive world of Skyrim,” Tom said dragon-heartedly.
16. “I’m solving puzzles in Professor Layton,” Tom said intellectually.
17. “I’m collecting all the golden stars in Super Mario 64,” Tom said starry-eyed.
18. “I always aim for the perfect strike in Wii Sports,” Tom said sportily.
19. “I’m catching ghosts in Luigi’s Mansion,” Tom said eerily.
20. “I’m going on a virtual island getaway with Tom Nook,” Tom said relaxingly.

Puzzlingly Playful Nintendo Puns (Oxymoronic Puns)

1. Why did the mushroom refuse to play video games? It didn’t want to be a fun-gi.
2. Playing too much Nintendo can be quite a pressing gamesperience.
3. I was going to dress up as Mario for Halloween, but I couldn’t find a plumber’s costume that wasn’t clogged with ideas.
4. I heard Luigi enjoys cleaning, but he’s really just trying to sweep the competition.
5. Why do Nintendo characters make great karaoke singers? They always have a Mario-nic voice.
6. Princess Peach might be a damsel in distress, but she’s no shrinking violet.
7. Bowser may be a fierce villain, but his fire-breathing skills are really just hot air.
8. Donkey Kong might be called a “gorilla,” but he’s no ape-ricot in the fruit world.
9. Yoshi may be a dinosaur, but his fashion sense is anything but pre-historic.
10. Wario claims to be a master thief, but his attempts are always rob-botched.
11. How does Toad manage to stay cool? He always has mushroom to spare.
12. Link may be a hero, but he’s truly a master at break-ing pots.
13. Isabelle from Animal Crossing always has something to say, but it’s never worth howling about.
14. Villagers in Animal Crossing may seem happy, but they’re truly dogged by debt.
15. Kirby may be a tiny pink puffball, but he can inhale enemies like a puff-ect storm.
16. Captain Falcon’s moves may be flashy, but he always ride-s the line between cool and corny.
17. Jigglypuff may seem harmless, but its singing can be hit or myth.
18. Samus might be a strong bounty hunter, but she always shelter-fires at her enemies.
19. Can you trust a Star Fox pilot’s navigation skills? They’re out of this world, but a tad space-y.
20. Pokémon trainers always say that love is the key, but battling with their pets says otherwise.

The Nintendo Pun-train (Recursive Puns)

1. Did you hear about the plumber who got lost in a maze? He was in a real Mario situation!
2. Why did the Nintendo character go to the salon? He wanted to get a new “doom”!
3. Have you ever seen a Koopa shell on a taco? It’s a real Mario “wrap”!
4. I asked Luigi if he wanted a snack, and he said he was “munching” around.
5. Toad was playing hide-and-seek with Mario, but he couldn’t find a good “mushroom”!
6. Donkey Kong asked his friend if he could borrow a pencil, and said, “I promise I won’t “monkey” around with it!”
7. Bowser wanted to play soccer, but he couldn’t find the right “trophy” tophies.
8. Wario and Waluigi decided to open a gluten-free bakery. They call it “Waruigi’s Keto Kupcakes”!
9. Kirby entered a contest for the best pun. His entry was “I’m not just cute, I’m also a “punny” ball!”
10. Princess Peach tried to make a pie, but got frustrated because she couldn’t find the right “pie-pipe” recipe.
11. When Link went to the library, he asked the librarian, “Do you have any books about “Zelda” fiction?”
12. Fox McCloud saw a pigeon on the street and shouted, “Falco, is that you?!”
13. Pikachu had a rough day at work, but at least he was able to “Pik-a-chill” in the evening.
14. Yoshi gave Mario his old sneakers, saying, “I hope they’re toad-ally comfortable for you!”
15. Donkey Kong told his son, “You better not be “playin” around, you’re ol’ man has a reputation to uphold!
16. Samus couldn’t find her power suit, so she had to settle for a “power dress” instead.
17. When Princess Peach went running, she made sure to wear her “crownfidence”!
18. Toad was trying to make a joke but struggled, so Mario told him, “Just be yourself, you’re fung-us”!
19. Link couldn’t decide whether to wear green or blue, so he went with “bluene”!
20. Bowser’s world tour was cut short when he realized he couldn’t “castle” his flights!

Punny Nintendo Plays: Having a Blast with Clichés

1. Mario, Luigi, and Wario walked into a bar. The bartender says, “Sorry, no plumbers allowed. It’s a pipe dream.”
2. Why did the Toad become an artist? Because he wanted to Mario-net his creativity!
3. Donkey Kong was arguing with his neighbors again. They said, “You’re bananas for causing such a ruckus!”
4. When Zelda’s favorite pastry was stolen, she exclaimed, “It’s a piece of cake for Ganon to be the thief!”
5. What did the Pokémon say when it won a beauty pageant? I pikachu-tiful moment to shine!
6. Kirby went to the gym and asked the instructor, “Do you have any tips on how to inhale and tone my tummy?”
7. When Yoshi went to the dentist, the doctor said, “Your teeth are in Yoshi-poor condition!”
8. Mario’s new tennis racquet broke during a match. His friend said, “Once you racquet, you can’t stop it.”
9. When the ocean swallowed Link’s map, he sighed and said, “Looks like I’ve sunk my treasureline.”
10. What did the mushroom say to Mario when he got a flat tire? “Don’t worry, I’m a fungi, I’ll help you fix it!”
11. When King Boo hosted a talent show, he told the contestants, “Remember, the spookier, the ghoul-den opportunity!”
12. Toadette opened a bakery and named it “Toad-ally Delicious.” It quickly became the yeast of her worries.
13. When Bowser started playing volleyball, he couldn’t stop saying, “I’m having a smashing time!”
14. Princess Peach decided to become a matchmaker. She said, “I’m on a royal mission for love, I must find the Toad of my dreams!”
15. What did the NES controller say when it won a trophy? “I’m buttoning down the competition!”
16. When Donkey Kong became a chef, he added too much salt to his dishes. His friends said, “You’re going bananas with the seasoning!”
17. Kirby’s pet fish surprised him with its singing skills. He said, “You’re the bass singer, bubbling with talent!”
18. Luigi wanted to impress Daisy with his dance moves. He said, “I’ll twirl you off your feet, my lady, and whirl you into my world!”
19. When the cat crossed paths with Bowser, she hissed, “I’ll claw-somehow make my way through your kingdom!”
20. When Link discovered he had hay fever, he lamented, “It’s dangerous to pollen the fields of Hyrule alone!”

In conclusion, whether you’re a Mario Kart fanatic or a loyal Animal Crossing player, our 200+ handpicked Nintendo puns are guaranteed to power up your laughter! But don’t stop here, make sure to check out our website for more gaming-inspired puns that will keep you giggling. We appreciate you taking the time to visit our site and hope you found the puns as entertaining as we did. Game on and keep laughing!

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