200+ Hilarious Nebraska Puns to Corn-er the Market on Laughter

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Get ready to husk some humor and pop fresh laughs right off the cob! We’re swooping into the heartland with a bumper crop of ‘Nebraska Puns’ so pun-derfully corny, they’ll leave you shucking with laughter. Whether you’re a born-and-bred Nebraskan or you just love a good play on words, these jokes are perfectly planted to make you chuckle. So grab your overalls and a sense of humor as we combine the best wordplay this side of the Missouri River. From Omaha to Lincoln and every kernel in between, prepare to be a-maize-d—here are 50 Hilarious Nebraska Puns guaranteed to corn-er the market on laughter! 🌽😂

Corn-ucopia of Laughs: Nebraska Puns (Editors Pick)

1. You’re Nebrasking for trouble!
2. Don’t be corny, Nebraska jokes are a-maize-ing.
3. I’m Oma-ha-ha-happy to be here!
4. Lincoln at you, making all those puns!
5. I’d tell a Nebraska pun, but I don’t wanna Platte on.
6. Sorry for the Husker-doo of bad puns.
7. Just trying to keep things Ne-brisk and breezy!
8. Did you hear about the cat from Nebraska? It was a Corn-Husker.
9. Why was the map of Nebraska so friendly? It always had Omaha-lies!
10. Nebraska puns are like a good steak; they’re rare and well done.
11. I was going to tell you a ghost joke, but it’s dead in DeSoto.
12. Nebraska jokes are the kernel of great humor.
13. Feeling stuffed? Must be all that Cornhusker chowder!
14. I’d make a Nebraska pun, but I’m not Omaha-n enough to do it.
15. I know a guy who’s a walking Nebraska encyclopedia – he’s got Omaha-know.
16. Some say Nebraska is flat, but I think those jokes are just plane mean.
17. Why don’t you ever break up in Nebraska? Because you need a Hastings-cute exit!
18. I had a sleepover in Nebraska. It was a Huskers-and-ladders kind of night.
19. The Nebraska football team doesn’t use the internet because they can’t handle the Net-Huskers.
20. What’s a cat’s favorite place in Nebraska? Purr-latte!

“Husker-ing for Humor: Nebraska One-Liners”

1. Nebraska jokes are a staple of the Midwest–they’re grain on you.
2. Did you hear about the Nebraska farmer? He was outstanding in his field!
3. You can’t trust the weather in Nebraska, it’s too cloud-Platte.
4. The roads in Nebraska are so straight, even the curves are linear.
5. Nebraska or not, here I corn!
6. My Nebraska jokes might be corny, but they’re a-maize-ingly funny.
7. Why did the scarecrow move to Nebraska? He was looking for some field work!
8. If you want to keep a secret, tell it in Nebraska. It’ll go in one ear and out the other husk.
9. Don’t take a Nap-raska too long, or you’ll miss all the corn puns!
10. Is Nebraska windy? No, it’s just air-i-culturally different.
11. Nebraska has its own version of vampires: they’re corn-thirsty!
12. People from Nebraska are always so grounded, they’ve got good soles.
13. Thought about skipping Nebraska on my road trip, but that would be a misteak.
14. I’d tell a joke about Nebraska’s rivers, but it’s too Platte.
15. What did the corn say to the farmer? Stop picking on me, I’m not a Husker yet!
16. I’d make a tree pun, but Nebraska’s already too poplar.
17. If you want a job in Nebraska, just give them an earful.
18. Don’t leave your heart in Nebraska, it might get husked away.
19. What do you get when you cross a Husker with a joke? A pun on the cob!
20. I wrote a book about Nebraska’s roads, it’s called “Straight into Omaha.”

Husker Hilarity: Nebraska Q&A Puns

1. Q: What do you call a happy cowboy in Nebraska?
A: Omaha-happy!

2. Q: Why don’t you play hide and seek with corn in Nebraska?
A: Because they always end up in a husky situation!

3. Q: Why did the scarecrow move to Nebraska?
A: For outstanding in his field opportunities!

4. Q: What did Nebraska say to the tornado?
A: “You’re just full of hot air!”

5. Q: Why do Nebraska football fans make the best comedians?
A: They know all about corny jokes!

6. Q: How do you know if someone is from Nebraska?
A: They’ll steak their reputation on it!

7. Q: Why did the chicken cross Nebraska?
A: To get to the other maize!

8. Q: What’s the most musical part of Nebraska?
A: The city of Beat-rice!

9. Q: Why did the tomato turn red in Nebraska?
A: Because it saw the salad dressing and blushed!

10. Q: What do ghosts eat for lunch in Nebraska?
A: BOO-logna sandwiches!

11. Q: Why do Nebraska farmers make excellent DJs?
A: They always have the best turnips!

12. Q: Why did the sunflower get a job in Nebraska?
A: It wanted to be a little bolder!

13. Q: What’s Nebraska’s favorite type of math?
A: Corn-culus!

14. Q: Why are there no secrets in Nebraska?
A: Because the corn has ears!

15. Q: What did the Nebraska football team say to the lightning?
A: You may be faster, but we can tackle better!

16. Q: How does a Nebraskan fisherman find his fish?
A: He looks for the one that’s corn-fed!

17. Q: Why don’t Nebraska cows use cell phones?
A: Because they’ve already got their own horn!

18. Q: Why was the watermelon embarrassed in Nebraska?
A: Because it saw the ranch dressing!

19. Q: What’s the most popular sport among Nebraska chickens?
A: Peck-minton!

20. Q: Why did the loaf of bread move to Nebraska?
A: It wanted to grow up to be cornbread!

“Corny Nebraska Wordplay: Double the Husk, Double the Fun!”

1. You must be from Nebraska because you Cornhusker heart every time.
2. Don’t be so Omaha-nivorous with your food!
3. I’m in a State of Euphoria every time I’m Ne-brass-ka’ing it with you.
4. She was only a farmer’s daughter, but all the horse manure.
5. Are you from Lincoln? Because that was an Emanci-pa-tion of laughter.
6. I’d love to be stranded in Nebraska with you, just so we could Omaha Low.
7. You shouldn’t make fun of Omaha, the steaks are too high.
8. When someone from Nebraska tells a joke, they really know how to ‘meat’ the punchline!
9. I love how you just roll with the puns, you’re a real Husker-du!
10. You can’t just keep joking about corn; these puns are a-maize-ing, but let’s branch out.
11. If you’re looking for a sign, this is it: Ne-sign-ha your love for wordplay.
12. When you wear red in Nebraska, all eyes are on Husker.
13. Ever seen a Nebraskan dance? It’s a-crop-pella of movement!
14. I never knew you were a musician, you’ve got those corn-husky tones.
15. Winter in Nebraska can be really cold, but with you, I always feel Platte-onically warmed.
16. That was a kernel of wisdom wrapped in a corn-husker of a joke.
17. Want to hear about my road trip? I crossed Nebraska without even a tire losing tread, it was just wheel power.
18. Your love for Nebraska is like the Platte River, a mile wide and an inch deep!
19. My dreams are like Nebraska fields, endless rows of aspirations and you’re a-maize-ing in every one.
20. Nebraska football might get our Cornhuskers kicked, but we always pop back up!

Corn-y Quips: Husking Through Nebraska Idioms

1. You corn always count on Nebraska to host a-maize-ing parties!
2. In Nebraska, I tried to follow a local diet, but there was too much steak.
3. Nebraska’s landscape is quite remarka-bill; even the ducks agree!
4. Don’t worry, be corny! That’s the Nebraska state motto, right?
5. It’s a no-brainer that in Nebraska, you’ll find people with great “plains” of intelligence.
6. I husked my friend if he could keep a secret; he said only if it didn’t involve Nebraska football.
7. Living in Nebraska is outstanding in its field, especially if you’re a scarecrow.
8. Never take for “plains” the beauty of Nebraska’s landscape.
9. Nobody in Nebraska is bad at archery; they all hit the “ear-mark”.
10. Life’s not always about the “husk” and bustle, unless you’re in Nebraska.
11. Nebraskans always “corn”clude their meetings with a kernel of wisdom.
12. Winter in Nebraska can be “ice-solating”, especially during a blizzard.
13. Nebraska is so flat, people never “tire” of the view – it’s always wheel-y good!
14. When a Nebraskan tells you to “chill out,” they mean it—the snow is no joke!
15. Don’t be alarmed if Nebraskans ask you to “shuck it up” during harvest.
16. If Nebraska had a streaming service, it would be called Cornflix.
17. While traveling through Nebraska, it’s important to stay grounded, even if it’s “corn-fusing.”
18. People from Nebraska are always “ear-ly” because they respect the time.
19. Nebraska’s farmers have a lot of “field-ings” about their crops.
20. When it rains in Nebraska, it “pours” – which is much needed for the “corn-tinuous” growth of crops.

“Husking for Laughs: Shucking with Nebraska Wordplay”

1. I told my friend to invest in corn in Nebraska, but he thought it was a-maize-ing risk.
2. When you cross a dog and a Husker, you get corn-fed up with barking.
3. I was going to write a book about Nebraska, but I couldn’t find the right Platte-form.
4. Nebraska’s new energy drink is corn-powered – it’s pop-ular among huskers.
5. If you sleep through your alarm in Nebraska, you might miss the farm-rise.
6. Never question the power of Nebraska football; it’s unb-ear-able for the opponents.
7. If you don’t like the weather in Nebraska, just wait a bit; it’ll corn-stantly change.
8. Do you know why Nebraskans are good at measurements? They have a great sense of scale-husking.
9. Crossing the road in Nebraska is easy, just watch out for the chick-hens.
10. When a Nebraskan pirate gets mad, he waves his cobs and says, “Shiver me ears!”
11. You should never tell secrets in a Nebraska cornfield; too many ears.
12. I tried to tell a joke about the wind in Nebraska, but it just blew over.
13. If Nebraska had a streaming service, it would be called Net-corn-ska.
14. I wanted to make a Nebraska quilt, but all I wound up with was a patch-work of corn-y ideas.
15. The cows in Nebraska made a band called the Moo-skers, but they only play in pastures.
16. I brought my cow to Nebraska’s capital, but all she wanted to do was roam around the Lincoln.
17. Nebraska’s favorite type of magic? Hocus corn-cus.
18. The best way to travel Nebraska is in a crop-top convertible.
19. Dating in Nebraska is hard, you have to weed through a lot of fields to find the right one.
20. My friend from Nebraska is so pale, I told her maybe it’s time to catch some Cornhusker rays.

“Nebrask-whimsy: Punning with the Cornhusker State”

1. Corn-elia’s Crop Shop
2. Omahahaha Comedy Club
3. LincolnkedIn Networking Services
4. Platte-r of Success Buffet
5. Nebras-Kale Health Foods
6. Chimney Crock Pottery
7. Sandhills Thrills Amusement Park
8. Husker Du This Home Repairs
9. Kearney Carnival Funhouse
10. SoSiouxMe Legal Aid
11. Loup-y Laughter Joke Store
12. Pawnee City Paws and Claws Pet Care
13. Fremont Fro-Yo Factory
14. Niobrara-bracadabra Magic Shop
15. Platteypus Shoes Emporium
16. Scottsbluff Buff Gym
17. Beatrice Beats Headphones Outlet
18. Hastings-to-Conclusion Detective Agency
19. Heartwell Hearth Wellness Center
20. Ord ‘n Al Fresco Outdoor Dining

“Corn-ered by Wit: Nebraska-Style Tom Swifties”

1. “We’re moving to Nebraska,” said Tom, plainly.
2. “I’m growing corn in Lincoln,” said Tom huskily.
3. “I better bundle up in Omaha,” said Tom coldly.
4. “These prairies are so empty,” said Tom vacantly.
5. “I love the Platte River,” said Tom shallowly.
6. “I got a job in Kearney,” said Tom workmanly.
7. “I can’t find this town on the map,” said Tom, lost.
8. “I’m writing a song about Nebraska,” said Tom composedly.
9. “I’m investing in Nebraskan real estate,” said Tom propertiedly.
10. “You can always count on midwestern hospitality,” said Tom assuredly.
11. “I’ve just been elected governor,” said Tom statelily.
12. “Let’s go tornado chasing,” said Tom cyclonically.
13. “I’m researching local history,” said Tom archivally.
14. “The local cuisine is amazing,” said Tom beefily.
15. “The sandhills are over there,” said Tom duneably.
16. “I’m going to win Omaha hold’em,” said Tom, confidently.
17. “These state fairs are the best,” said Tom cornily.
18. “I just love panhandling,” said Tom, pan-flatly.
19. “I’m building a cabin on the Niobrara,” said Tom, riverently.
20. “I heard the train to Hastings,” said Tom, trackingly.

“Nebraskadoxes: Oxymoronic Fun in the Cornhusker State”

1. Clearly confused about those Nebraska plains.
2. Found a small crowd at the Omaha steakhouse tonight.
3. It’s seriously funny how flat yet interesting Nebraska is.
4. Nebraska weather is predictably unpredictable with these tornadoes.
5. I’m definitely uncertain which is better: Husker football or corn farming.
6. Nebraska’s traffic jams are awfully pleasant with all that open road.
7. It’s an open secret that Nebraska has the best sunsets.
8. Nebraska is full of original copies of historical pioneer trails.
9. I have a love-hate relationship with Nebraska’s endless skies.
10. It’s constantly changing yet always the same around here.
11. Nebraska’s farming efficiency is a productive waste of space.
12. Nebraska, where the thunderstorms are frighteningly beautiful.
13. Feel the deafening silence on a quiet Nebraskan evening.
14. The Cornhusker state is awfully good at growing their crop circles.
15. It’s strangely normal how Nebraskans love their bizarre weather.
16. Nebraska’s wildlife is predictably surprising when you least expect it.
17. In Nebraska, you’ll find an organized mess during the State Fair.
18. The known unknown is whether you’ll fall for Nebraska’s charm.
19. I’m passively aggressive about my Nebraska pride.
20. Nebraska is an insignificant celebrity in the world of agriculture.

Knee-Deep in Nebraska: Corny Recursive Puns

1. Why don’t programmers like to drive through Nebraska? They can’t handle all the corny loops.
2. How does a computer repairman fix his jeans in Nebraska? With a patch.
3. And how does he secure his Nebraskan cornfield? With a firewall, of course.
4. Speaking of security, even the kernels need protection, or else they risk getting popped.
5. And if they pop recursively, do they become an infinite corn field? Sounds like a maize-ing concept.
6. Each stalk is a pointer to another stalk; it’s a linked plant, uh, I mean linked list.
7. But beware of the heap, it’s where all the discarded husks go.
8. Sometimes, that heap overflows, and husks get stack everywhere.
9. To clean it up, you gotta use a garbage collector, preferably one that doesn’t mind a bit of husk-keeping.
10. And you don’t want to store all that in global variables; it’s better to a-ear-ocate locally.
11. Remember, in recursion you always need a base case, or else you’ll have infinite ears.
12. Without a base case, you’ll end up with a stack overflow in the silos.
13. If those silos crash, you’ll have a kernel panic – and not just the edible kind.
14. Always use proper seed recursion – or else you might get undefined grains.
15. Do you think the Nebraska recursive function farms corn or soybeans? We all know it prefers arrays.
16. Nebraska’s soil must be object-oriented because it’s full of class instances of maize.
17. The fields must be parsed carefully, or else you’ll end up with syntax err-harvest.
18. When the recursion finally ends, does it return a crop or just some corn-clusion?
19. Be sure to pass the right parameters, or your Nebraska crop function might return Null-ska.
20. Lastly, every harvest season, Nebraska farms become a live debug session, sifting out the exceptions from the exceptions.

“Corn-ering the Market on Nebraska Puns”

1. I’m all “ears” of corn about your trip to Nebraska!
2. You’re not in Kansas anymore; you’ve hit the “steak” of Nebraska.
3. When someone offers you Omaha Steaks, don’t take it for “granted.”
4. I’ve “bean” thinking about those Nebraska soybean fields.
5. Corn you believe how beautiful Nebraska is?
6. You “plow” through work just like a Nebraskan farmer.
7. In Nebraska, I always “meat” the nicest people.
8. Don’t get “husked” into buying more corn than you need.
9. Life is “butter” on a Nebraska farm.
10. That football team runs through the field like they’re dodging corn “stalkers.”
11. I Omaha-sk you a question, but I’m corn-fused.
12. Keep your “ears” open for opportunities in the Great Plains.
13. Don’t “soil” your reputation with bad farm puns.
14. Never take the weather in Nebraska for “grain-ted.”
15. I was “shucks” to hear how much you enjoyed Nebraska.
16. I “corn” hardly wait to visit Nebraska’s vast fields.
17. We have to “stalk” about your corny Nebraska jokes.
18. If you think Nebraska is boring, you’re “mistaken.”
19. You’ve got to be “kidding” to think you can out-farm a Nebraskan!
20. In the “husk” of the moments, Nebraska’s beauty truly shines.

Well folks, we’ve shucked our way through 50 kernels of comedic gold, and it’s time to close the silo for now. We hope our Nebraska puns have planted a giggle or two in your day and shown you that humor is as vast as the Nebraskan plains. Don’t let the laughter stop here—stalk through our website for an earful of more pun-tastic humor from every corner of the globe. We’re all ears when it comes to sharing a laugh, so cob on over anytime!

Thank you for picking this patch to pause and enjoy some puns. We’re so glad you decided to roll in the “hay-mour” with us. Remember, whether you’re husking around at home or roaming the cornfields, keep your ears open for the sound of joy—it might just be another one of our puns popping up. Thanks for popping by, and we hope to see you again soon for another round of rib-tickling wordplay!

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