220 Hilariously Witty Moustache Puns to Make You LOL

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Are you ready to have a good laugh and tickle your funny bone? Look no further! We have compiled over 200 hilariously witty moustache puns that are bound to make you LOL. From clever wordplay to pun-tastic punchlines, these moustache puns are perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re a fan of the handlebar, the walrus, or the classic pencil moustache, there’s a pun here that will surely crack you up. So, sit back, relax, and get ready for a barrel of laughs with these moustache puns that will leave you grinning from ear to ear. Let the moustache hilarity begin!

“Mo’ Laughs, Mo’ Stache: Hilarious Moustache Puns!” (Editors Pick)

1. I mustache you a question, but I’m shaving it for later.
2. I’m not usually a hairy person, but my moustache is really growing on me.
3. Make way for the moustache brigade!
4. My moustache told me a secret, but it’s classified as top ‘stache information.
5. I’ve been working on my moustache puns, but some of them really tickle my funny bone.
6. My moustache is so suave, it even has its own pick-up lines.
7. Be careful when using a moustache trimmer, you don’t want to ‘stache yourself.
8. My moustache has become quite the trendsetter, it’s totally in-‘stache’ionable.
9. I think Tom Selleck’s moustache deserves its own star on the Walk of Fame.
10. Some people say I have a way with words, but my moustache has a way with puns.
11. I used to think my moustache was just facial hair, but now I realize it’s an important piece of my personality.
12. I tried to tell my moustache a joke, but it just looked at me blankly. I guess it didn’t find it ‘hilar-‘stache’.
13. My moustache is so captivating, it’s often mistaken for a work of art.
14. You can always trust a man with a moustache, they’ve got ‘stache’ of experience.
15. My moustache may be small, but it’s got a lot of character in every ‘stache’.
16. I was going to shave off my moustache, but it got a standing ‘stache-vation in order to stay.
17. My moustache is a real hit with the ladies, it’s a ‘stach-ing success story.
18. I’ve been growing my moustache for so long, it’s become my best ‘facial’ friend.
19. I can’t help but smile when I see a great moustache, it really ‘staches’ my heart.
20. My moustache must be a musician, because it’s always ‘in-tune’ with my style.

The “Stached and Ready for Laughs” (One-liner Puns)

1. My moustache isn’t just a fashion statement, it’s a lip-saver!
2. My moustache might be small, but it’s got a lot of growth potential.
3. I refuse to shave my moustache because it’s my mane attraction.
4. I can’t have a moustache competition, I’m not a hairy man.
5. If you need someone to make a hair-raising entrance, just call someone with a moustache.
6. My moustache has a wild side, it always curls up when I’m excited.
7. All the ladies want a handle on my handlebar moustache.
8. I have something to shave in the morning, I moustache you a question!
9. My moustache is great at creating smokescreens when I’m eating soup.
10. My moustache may be thick, but it never gets tangled up in lies.
11. I couldn’t grow a regular moustache, so now I sport a surrealmoustache.
12. My moustache is like a superhero; it always saves the day with its style.
13. My moustache is my secret identity. Without it, I’m just a regular person.
14. I don’t always brush my moustache, but when I do, I make it look muy-stache-ious.
15. My moustache is an artist; it loves to paint smiles on people’s faces.
16. The secret to a great moustache is a good sense of humor; you’ve got to let it tickle your funny bone.
17. My moustache and I make the perfect tag team; I bring the face, and it brings the flair.
18. My moustache can distinguish between the different scents in a fancy cheese plate.
19. My moustache is so famous; it’s practically a collector’s item.
20. People think my moustache is bewitching; they always get caught in its hairy spell.

Whisker Wonders (Question-and-Answer Puns)

1. What do you call a moustache on a bicycle? A handlebar ‘stache!
2. Why was the moustache crying? It got tangled up in knots!
3. How do moustaches communicate? Through whisker codes!
4. What did the moustache say to the razor? Beards are just whisker jealousy!
5. Why did the moustache go to school? It wanted to get a little trim education!
6. What type of moustache is always late? A five o’clock shadow!
7. How do moustaches protect themselves from the sun? They use SPF whisker cream!
8. Why did the moustache become a detective? It knew how to crack the facial hair case!
9. What do you call a Mexican moustache that sings? A mariachi moustache!
10. How did the moustache feel about going bald? It didn’t take it as a close shave!
11. What do you call a moustache that grows very fast? Quick-grow facial hair!
12. Why did the moustache go to the gym? It wanted to get ripped!
13. What did the moustache say to the beard? Keep it trim and proper, buddy!
14. What’s a moustache’s favorite music genre? Whisker-y!
15. Why do moustaches always get more attention at riverbanks? They’re known for their fish-tickling skills!
16. What’s a moustache favorite type of food? Whisker-yaki!
17. How does a moustache get a job? It submits a well-groomed resume!
18. What do you call a moustache that delivers your mail? A postal ‘stache!
19. Why was the moustache bad at poker? It couldn’t hold its poker face!
20. What do you call a moustache that never gives up? A determined ‘stache!

A Whisk-Quip: Double Entendre Puns for Moustache Mirth

1. “My moustache gives me a certain ‘shave appeal.'”
2. “Why did the moustache go to the party? Because it wanted to ‘party hardy.'”
3. “I can always trust my moustache to ‘brush’ my ego.”
4. “A well-groomed moustache is the key to ‘whisker success.'”
5. “I always feel on ‘top lip’ of the world with my stylish moustache.”
6. “My moustache is so impressive, it’s the ‘mane’ attraction.”
7. “His moustache was so perfectly trimmed, it was ‘the cutting edge’ of fashion.”
8. “I’m always tickled by my moustache, it’s a ‘hair-raising’ experience.”
9. “A well-formed moustache is a gentleman’s ‘upper lip service.'”
10. “My moustache is so suave, it could charm the ‘hairs’ off a cat.”
11. “Having a moustache really ‘whiskers’ away all my troubles.”
12. “A dapper moustache is the ‘mark of a man’ who knows style.”
13. “A moustache can make you feel like you have a ‘stubble standard’ to uphold.”
14. “I can always count on my moustache to ‘moustache a difference.'”
15. “Some people go to great ‘lengths’ to groom their moustache.”
16. “A moustache can be a ‘lip-synching’ symbol of masculinity.”
17. “My moustache gets so much attention, it’s a real ‘follicle sensation.'”
18. “I’m proud of my moustache, it’s my ‘mane’ accessory.”
19. “Having a moustache is the ultimate ‘lip’ of luxury.”
20. “A well-crafted moustache is the ‘must-have’ fashion statement for men.”

“Tickling Your Funny Bone: Whiskers and Witty Wordplay (Moustache Puns)”

1. After shaving, he was back to square one on the moustache front.
2. She couldn’t grow a moustache, so she put on a fake one just for the hair-raising occasion.
3. He groomed his moustache with such finesse that it became the center of attention at the grooming salon.
4. When the moustache lost its way, it exclaimed, “I’m totally mustache out!”
5. She decided to stay away from the barber, as his moustache trims were always off the chin.
6. He never liked dancing, but when he tried the mustache waltz, he was finally whiskers deep in it.
7. After a close shave, the moustache had no choice but to face the music.
8. He was so attached to his moustache that he refused to part with it, even when offered a handsome reward.
9. The moustache always held its ground, never allowing itself to be uprooted.
10. Every time he trimmed his moustache, he felt like he was playing a game of facial hair chess.
11. The moustache was grinning from ear to ear, making everyone wonder what tickled its upper lip.
12. The moustache was the master of disguise, perfectly blending in on any upper lip that came its way.
13. Despite his efforts, his dream of becoming a moustache model remained just a hair-brained idea.
14. He boasted about his moustache’s ability to grow faster than a wildfire, but nobody was too impressed.
15. The moustache had a tendency to twist the truth, leaving everyone wondering if it was just a twistache.
16. He loved his moustache so much that he called it his upper lip’s crowning glory.
17. In a battle of facial hair, the moustache always knew how to put its best lip forward.
18. The moustache became the town’s gossip topic, leaving everyone wanting a hair of the moustache dog.
19. The moustache knew how to get a rise out of people, always putting its best upper lip forward.
20. His moustache was like a magic trick, disappearing whenever he shaved but reappearing with a flourish in no time.

The “Hairy” Tales: Mustache Punmania (Pun Juxtaposition)

1. My moustache is so long, it mustache’ been growing for years!
2. I mustache you a question, but I’ll shave it for later.
3. A moustache walked into a barbershop and said, “I must-shave you to trim me!”
4. I lost my moustache in a bet—now I’m just growing it for a whisker-y reason.
5. My friend’s moustache is so stylish, it could win a hairloom award.
6. With a moustache like mine, I’ve got hair-raising adventures every day!
7. Why did the moustache join a detective agency? It wanted to solve hairy mysteries.
8. My moustache and I are a cut above the rest—literally!
9. I told my moustache it needed a trim, but it brushed me off.
10. My moustache and I have a close relationship—we’re always in each other’s hairy situations!
11. I grew my moustache to impress the ladies, but I only seem to attract hair-chewing beavers.
12. A moustache walked into a comedy club and asked the bartender, “Do you mustache what’s on tap?”
13. My moustache can lift any mood—it’s quite an up-lifting experience!
14. My moustache is like a superhero—it always saves the face!
15. I asked my moustache to go for a jog with me, but it ran away from the idea.
16. My moustache tried to perform a magic trick, but it just couldn’t pull it off.
17. Every time I shave my moustache, it feels like I’ve lost my upper lip grip.
18. I tried to discipline my moustache, but it always curls up with laughter.
19. My moustache and I are inseparable—we’re always in sync, hair and there!
20. My moustache wanted to start a band, but it couldn’t find the right group to jam with.

Mo’ Puns in Names: Tickling Your Funny Moustache-fancying Bone

1. Moe’s ‘Stache Parlor
2. Tom Selleck’s Hair-itage Salon
3. Handlebars Barber Shop
4. Whisker Wizards
5. The Hairy Lip Lounge
6. Curl Up and Dye Salon
7. The Moustache Masterpiece
8. The Upper Lip Salon
9. The Stache Station
10. The Tickler’s Den
11. The Shave and a Smile Salon
12. The Hairy Hideout
13. The Fuzzy Facade
14. The Lip Rug Lounge
15. The Mane Event Moustache Salon
16. The Whisker Whispers
17. The Dapper ‘Stachery
18. The Facial Fur Factory
19. The Stache Haven
20. The Brush and Blade Barbershop

Muddled Moustache Mutterings

1. “I really beard it through the grapevine!”
2. “I mustache you a question, but I’ll shave it for later!”
3. “He’s such a hairy potter, always painting lush mustaches!”
4. “He grew a monumental beastache.”
5. “Instead of a barbershop, they opened a choppershop for mustache trims!”
6. “His dashing lip capers are legendary!”
7. “A gentleman with a mustache is like a cup of tea with a dash of flavor. It’s a party starter!”
8. “He fled the scene, leaving only a trail of startled mustasheers!”
9. “She got tangled up in his Movember mix-up!”
10. “He sported such a magnificent caterpillar, they held a parade in his honor!”
11. “It’s time for a stash and dash!”
12. “She offered him a rib tickler, but he laughed it off.”
13. “He was always tickling the ivories with his stylish upper lip xylophone!”
14. “He was so proud of his mustache, he considered it his lip’s opus.”
15. “It’s not just any pencil, it’s a lip marker!”
16. “They’re planning a lip marathon, rather than a mustache march.”
17. “When sleepwalking, he often shaves his mustache aggressively.”
18. “She’s the queen of lipstrokes with her calligraphy mustache!”
19. “He couldn’t help but mustage his emotions.”
20. “He was so proud of his lip decoration, he sent out mushtached stationery!”

Whisker Wit: Moustache Tom Swifties

1. “I can’t go to the barber,” said Tom, a-cutely.
2. “I’m never shaving my moustache!” Tom shouted, stubbly.
3. “I hope my moustache stays trim,” Tom said, neatly.
4. “This moustache is my pride,” Tom boasted, hair-raisingly.
5. “I got a new moustache comb,” Tom whispered, comb-atively.
6. “I feel confident with this moustache,” Tom said, bristly.
7. “My moustache brings out my charm,” Tom remarked, dashingly.
8. “This moustache is growing on me,” Tom said, lightly.
9. “I’ll win the moustache contest,” Tom declared, boldly.
10. “I need a moustache wax,” Tom said, musteringly.
11. “I can’t stop twirling my moustache,” Tom admitted, playfully.
12. “This moustache makes me feel distinguished,” Tom stated, haughtily.
13. “I always take good care of my moustache,” Tom bragged, impeccably.
14. “I resemble a Hollywood star with this moustache,” Tom observed, suavely.
15. “I feel like a gentleman with this moustache,” Tom mused, dignifiedly.
16. “This moustache matches my personality,” Tom said, fittingly.
17. “I can’t help but stroke my moustache,” Tom sighed, caressingly.
18. “I need a new moustache style,” Tom pondered, thoughtfully.
19. “This moustache feels like a work of art,” Tom marveled, artistically.
20. “I always have a backup moustache,” Tom said, hair-raisingly.

Bristling with Wit: Hilarious Irony Moustache Puns

1. Clean-shaven beard
2. Hairless mustache
3. Invisible handlebar
4. Smooth stubble
5. Colorful grayscale
6. Straight zigzag
7. Delicate ruggedness
8. Softly prickly
9. Silent bellow
10. Dainty bushiness
11. Kept unkempt
12. Tidy chaos
13. Whiskerless goatee
14. Polite unruliness
15. Orderly wildness
16. Well-groomed unruliness
17. Short-sighted foresight
18. Harmonious clash
19. Refined messiness
20. Restrained wildness

Tangled Tache Tales (Recursive Moustache Puns)

1. Did you hear about the moustache that won a championship? It really had a bristle of victory!

2. My moustache wanted to run for office, but it couldn’t handle the campaign hairy situation.

3. Why did the moustache keep getting in trouble? It just seemed to have a knack for getting into hairy situations!

4. People keep asking me why I named my moustache Harry. Well, it’s because it’s got a certain style that’s hard to brush off.

5. I asked my moustache if it wanted to go on a vacation, but it didn’t want to get into a real hairy getaway situation.

6. My moustache is a big fan of history. It really appreciates the way old-style facial hair made its mark!

7. If my moustache ever becomes a detective, it will be able to crack the case because it’s got a nose for it!

8. I tried to convince my moustache to be an artist, but it just couldn’t handle being involved in a hairy situation.

9. My moustache is really into literature. It loves stories that have a good plot twist, especially when it involves facial hair!

10. Why did the moustache go to the bank? It wanted to make a good hairy investment!

11. I asked my moustache if it wanted to go on a roller coaster, but it was afraid it would end up in a twisted hairy situation!

12. My moustache started a band, but they couldn’t find success because they always ended up in hairy jams!

13. My moustache wanted to be a chef, but it couldn’t handle the heat in the kitchen with all that facial hair!

14. People often ask me how my moustache manages to stay in shape. Well, it’s got a real knack for bristle workouts!

15. My moustache likes to act in movies, but it always ends up stealing the hairy scene!

16. I asked my moustache if it wanted to join a hair wax club, but it thought it might get stuck in a sticky hairy situation.

17. My moustache likes to go on adventure trips, but it always ends up getting caught up in a hairy escapade!

18. My moustache opened a barbershop, but it only caters to customers with real hairy style!

19. I asked my moustache if it wanted to play a game, but it didn’t want to get involved in a hairy match.

20. My moustache once entered a beard competition, and it mustache’d up a big win!

Tickling Your Whiskers with Cliché Puns (Moustache Puns)

1. I mustache you a question, but I’ll shave it for later.
2. He had a hairy situation on his hands, so he grew a mustache to comb the problem.
3. It may seem cheesy, but his mustache was the mane attraction.
4. Some people say he’s too hairy, but I mustache you to give him a chance.
5. He became a barber and said, “I mustache my clients if they need a trim.”
6. When the barber lost his scissors, he had to mustache around for them.
7. They say a mustache makes the man, but I think it’s just a hairy tale.
8. The ignorant barber didn’t know what to do, so he just mustache it up as he went along.
9. When he got an electric shaver for Christmas, he said, “It’s a mustache-have!”
10. He mustached out of the crowd and became the center of attention.
11. Despite his mustache, he still couldn’t handle the shear pressure.
12. He thought growing a mustache would be his ticket to the lip of success.
13. His mustache was growing so fast, it was defi-nitely a brush with greatness.
14. She said, “If you’re going to take me out, it’s going to be a mustache date!”
15. He couldn’t stop stroking his mustache, it was truly a hairy habit.
16. You mustache yourself, what’s the point of life without a good pun?
17. They say he mustache for forgiveness, but he just needs to shave it off.
18. Seeing a clean-shaven man makes him mustache-ing his own choices.
19. He said, “I mustache you to stop making these puns, they’re getting hairy.”
20. The mustache was so fierce, it gave him a little bit of a lip.

In conclusion, these 200+ hilariously witty moustache puns are sure to tickle your funny bone! We hope you had a good laugh and found some gems to share with your friends. If you’re craving for more puns to brighten up your day, be sure to check out our website for an abundance of laughter-inducing wordplay. Thank you for taking the time to visit, and remember, a good pun is always just a whisker away!

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