200+ Hilarious Hangover Puns to Cure Your Post-Party Blues

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Woke up feeling like you went 10 rounds with a cocktail shaker? Don’t worry, we’ve got the hair of the dog that doesn’t bite—a rollicking list of 200+ hangover puns guaranteed to lift your spirits faster than a shot of espresso in a Bloody Mary. Whether you’re battling the post-party blues or just need a good chuckle to clear the cobwebs, these puns are the perfect remedy. No need to pop a painkiller, just sit back, rehydrate, and let the power of humor work its magic. From the groan-worthy to the laugh-out-loud, these hangover puns will have you toasting to your recovery in no time. So grab a glass of water, a greasy breakfast, and get ready to laugh your headache away with the ultimate collection of side-splitting quips that SEO wizards promise will rank higher than your need for caffeine this morning! Cheers to curing your hangover one pun at a time!

Hangover Puns to Sip On (Editor’s Pick)

1. I have a hangover that’s so monumental, it should be in history books as “The Great Headache”.

2. I feel like my head is playing percussion on a symphony of pain.

3. Wine not feel great after last night?

4. I told myself to stop after two drinks. I didn’t listen, now I’m beer to regret it.

5. Hangovers are brew-tal.

6. I’m in a serious relation-chip with my hangover snacks.

7. I’ve beer-en thinking I shouldn’t have had that last drink.

8. Call me a cab-ernet, I can’t deal with this hangover.

9. I should have quit while I was still a-head.

10. I thought I had a whisky tolerance, but my head disagrees.

11. You know what’s ale-ing me? Last night’s party.

12. Yesterday I was at the party of the cent-tur-eyeballs hurt.

13. Hops right up off the bed, said no hangover ever.

14. This headache is fermenting trouble for my day.

15. My hangover is so bad it’s Gin-etic at this point.

16. Last night’s fun has distilled into today’s misery.

17. This is what happens when you go for the hard liqueur.

18. I should have stuck to club soda, but that’s just not how I roll.

19. Beer me strength to get through this hangover.

20. Waking up with a hangover is dis-spiriting.

Pounding Head-liners: Hangover Puns to Soak Up

1. My head’s pounding so much, I could swear it’s a keg of aches.
2. Last night’s spirits have haunted me this morning.
3. It’s like my brain went on a bender, and now it’s out of service.
4. I’m suffering from a cocktail of regrets.
5. My head was over-served, and now it’s filing a complaint.
6. The morning after is a stark reminder of my pour decisions.
7. Beer today, gone tomorrow, but the hangover stays.
8. I must be a magician because every drink last night turned into a headache today.
9. Tequila may have won the battle, but my headache is winning the war.
10. I’ve got a head on me like a bad draft.
11. Morning has broken, and so has my tolerance threshold.
12. I’m on the hangover express, next stop: dehydration station.
13. That last round was a knockout, literally.
14. It’s like my hangover came with its own baggage claim.
15. I’ve got a pounding in my head that could march in a parade.
16. I have a hangover so bad I pledged sobriety twice this morning.
17. It seems my get-up-and-go got up and went without me.
18. Last night’s echo is louder than today’s motivation.
19. I feel like I’ve been hit by a brewery truck.
20. I’m not hungover, I’m just under the weathered effects of last night.

“Hair of the Dog: Hangover Hijinks in Q&A Puns”

1. Why don’t hangovers ever get lost? Because they always find their way to the head!
2. What’s a hangover’s favorite song? “I’ve Got a Headache This Big, and It’s Got Your Name on It.”
3. What do you call a hangover in France? A ‘mal de tête-à-tête’!
4. Why did the hangover apply for a job? It wanted to be a real headache for someone!
5. How do hangovers do math? With a pounding calculator!
6. Why was the hangover feeling artistic? It was painting everyone’s world grey!
7. Why do hangovers make terrible thieves? They’re always getting caught red-faced and bleary-eyed!
8. What’s a hangover’s favorite exercise? The head roll!
9. Why did the lemon fail to cure the hangover? It couldn’t get its zest together!
10. Why don’t hangovers play hide and seek? Because they always come out throbbing!
11. How do you comfort a book with a hangover? You give it a bookmark to help it keep its place!
12. Why did the hangover love New Year’s Day? It got to be the toast of the party!
13. Why did the tomato turn red? Because it saw the salad dressing the hangover.
14. What did the hangover say to the brain? “I’m throbbing for you!”
15. Why do hangovers never get promoted? They always wake up on the wrong side of the bed!
16. What’s a hangover’s favorite board game? Headache!
17. Why don’t hangovers do well in school? They can’t stand sober thoughts!
18. What do you call a snowman with a hangover? A throbby snowhead!
19. Why are hangovers like weather forecasts? They can turn a bright day cloudy!
20. Why did the hangover refuse to leave? Because it wanted to stick to its morning routine!

“Hungover in Humor: Double the Pun-ishment”

1. I woke up with a start; my head wanted to race, but my stomach was still trying to find the finish line.
2. You could say my hangover is of monumental proportions; it’s certainly a sobering reminder of last night.
3. I thought a jog would help me recover, but now I’m just running away from my responsibilities.
4. My hangover has a great punchline; it’s just the joke that seems to be missing.
5. “I’m in a very committed relationship with my bed; we’re hanging over the edge.
6. I’ve got a hangover that’s really raising the bar – the problem is I can’t remember which one.
7. This hangover is not what I brewed up last night; talk about a bitter aftertaste.
8. I’m on a liquid diet – everything in my head seems to slosh around.
9. I tried hair of the dog that bit me, but now it just feels like I’ve been mauled.
10. I wouldn’t say I’m an expert on hangovers, but I’ve certainly got some inside knowledge now.
11. My head’s playing its own version of ring toss, and let’s just say it’s not a fairground.
12. I’m currently in a hammer-throw competition with my head as the main event.
13. A hangover is nature’s way of telling you the spirits visited last night.
14. I’m over the moon about last night, but now the stars keep crashing down.
15. You could say my head is under construction; too bad it’s all internal demolition.
16. I told myself to get a grip this morning, but the room just wouldn’t stop spinning.
17. They say ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day,’ but this hangover was.
18. Hanging over the bed seems to be my new extreme sport.
19. I’m not saying my hangover’s a masterpiece, but my head is definitely a work of art.
20. I’m not usually a morning person, but this hangover has me flipping over a new leaf – whether I like it or not.

“Hilarious Hangovers: Idiomatic Imbibing”

1. Hair of the dog that bit me? More like the entire fur coat!
2. I woke up feeling like I’d been hit by a brew-ser.
3. My hangover has been soberly overrated.
4. I’ve decided to apply for a liquor license; I’ve had enough training this weekend.
5. I’m not hungover; I’m just in a fermented state of mind.
6. I tried to leave my hangover behind, but it’s got a serious case of clinginess.
7. Whoever invented hangovers must have been a real head-ache.
8. My head’s not really aching; it’s just throbbing with opportunity.
9. They say what you don’t know can’t hurt you, but I didn’t know about the last three shots.
10. I think my brain is still distilled in last night’s liquor.
11. I’m not an alcoholic. I’m just on a liquid diet and yesterday got a little fluid.
12. My head’s banging so much, it could start its own drumline.
13. This hangover is like an unwanted guest – and it’s overstaying its welcome.
14. Last night’s fun has turned into this morning’s pun-ishment.
15. If hangovers are a sign of a good time, consider me the life of the party.
16. My headache’s just proof that my brain cells threw their own party.
17. They should call it a hangovercast because my head’s cloudy with a chance of rain.
18. I’ve got a headache so advanced it’s practically a feat of engineering.
19. I told my liver we were going for a light jog; turns out it was a marathon.
20. Is it a hangover or has my head just decided to rebrand itself as a drum kit?

“Hang in There: A Toast to Hangover Juxtapuns!”

1. I swore I’d never go drinking again, but I don’t remember why, so cheers to second shots!
2. After a night out, I’m not hungover, I just have a little morning “wine-d” down time.
3. My hangover was so bad, I could have been the poster child for “Grape Depression.”
4. Mornings are “brew-tal” after nights with too much ale-ment.
5. Heads pounding so hard, I’m a walking drum “beer-at.”
6. A hangover is just your body reminding you that you’re not “sober-rational” anymore.
7. I’m not an alcoholic, I’m just in a committed “brew-mance” with bad mornings.
8. Don’t speak too loudly, my head’s conducting an “alcohol-symphony” this morning.
9. My hangover is so bad, I’ve renamed my bed to the “head-ache-cademy.”
10. Calling in “sick”? More like dialing in with “tequila-mmetry.”
11. I’m on a whiskey diet, I’ve lost three days already!
12. If you want me to rise and “wine,” give me a few hours.
13. I didn’t choose the “mug-life,” the mug-life chose me… and so did this hangover.
14. Trying to avoid a hangover is like playing a game of “sip-skip.”
15. They say “beer before liquor, never been sicker,” but I feel like “never remembered” is more fitting.
16. I must have been a superhero last night because I woke up with the power of “regret-ray vision.”
17. This hangover isn’t “over-easy,” it’s feeling more “scrambled dread.”
18. Hangovers: they’re like a drinker’s tax on fun.
19. I’m not saying I partied too hard, but I might need an “intoxicologist” to explain this headache.
20. My hangover just joined the “intense-pain League”, it’s a real “super-ache.”

“Unwine-ding Aftermath: Hangover Name Puns”

1. Alka-Seltzer Adam
2. Mojito Mike
3. Tequila Tim
4. Hangover Hannah
5. Bourbon Ben
6. Gin Jenny
7. Martini Martin
8. Vodka Vanessa
9. Harvey Wallbanger Harry
10. Whiskey Wendy
11. Margarita Maggie
12. Sangria Sarah
13. Pilsner Pete
14. Chardonnay Charlie
15. Mai Tai Mary
16. Groggy Greg
17. Mimosa Mia
18. Daiquiri Dave
19. Absinthe Andy
20. Brewski Brittany

“Swapping Spirits: Hangover Spoonerisms”

1. Whiskey sick – Siskey whick
2. Beer fear – Fear beer
3. Ailing ale – Aleing ail
4. Groggy grog – Grocky grog
5. Boozy blues – Bluesy booze
6. Wasted water – Water wasted
7. Hammered headache – Headache hammered
8. Muddled mind – Mind muddled
9. Shaky shots – Shots shaky
10. Vodka fog – Fog vodka
11. Nauseous naps – Naps nauseous
12. Queasy quaff – Quaff queasy
13. Tequila torment – Torment tequila
14. Pained pint – Pint pained
15. Spinning spirits – Spirits spinning
16. Giddy glass – Glass giddy
17. Tipsy top – Top tipsy
18. Wobbly wine – Wine wobbly
19. Stumbling stout – Stout stumbling
20. Ragged rum – Rum ragged

Swift Sips to Soothe the Spirits: Hangover Hun (Tom Swifties)

1. “I shouldn’t have mixed my drinks,” Tom said, spiritedly.
2. “I’ll never drink tequila again,” Tom said, shot down.
3. “I’ll stick to beer next time,” Tom uttered, draftily.
4. “The room is spinning,” Tom said, with a whirling sensation.
5. “Why did I drink so much champagne?” Tom bubbled regrettably.
6. “I need a hangover cure,” Tom exclaimed, hopefully.
7. “That’s the last time I party on a weeknight,” Tom said, weakly.
8. “Coffee is my savior right now,” said Tom, percolating with hope.
9. “I feel like death,” Tom groaned, gravely.
10. “Those cocktails were a mistake,” Tom said, mixed up.
11. “I’m swearing off alcohol for good,” Tom declared, abstemiously.
12. “This headache is killing me,” Tom moaned, pounding with pain.
13. “I can’t believe I sang karaoke,” Tom vocalized, off-key.
14. “I’m not touching another drop,” Tom dripped sternly.
15. “My stomach is doing somersaults,” said Tom, turning over a new leaf.
16. “I can’t remember last night,” Tom said, blacking out.
17. “I need to rehydrate,” Tom said, thirstily.
18. “No more Jägerbombs for me,” Tom exploded with regret.
19. “I’ll stick to water at the next party,” Tom said, clearly.
20. “I was the life of the party, wasn’t I?” Tom asked, boastfully.

Contradictorily Clear-Headed Hangover Puns (Oxymoronic Puns)

Here are 20 oxymoronic hangover puns:

1. This is clearly a fuzzy clarity morning.
2. Enjoying my painful pleasure after last night’s party.
3. I’m living the active lethargy today.
4. Woke up to a deafening silence after the party.
5. This hangover feels like static motion.
6. I’m alone in this crowded solitude.
7. I’ve got a minor crisis on my hands.
8. It’s an open secret that I’m hungover.
9. I’m feeling a sense of anxious calm this morning.
10. My head is peacefully chaotic right now.
11. It’s clearly an obscure revelation that I drank too much.
12. Last night was an organized chaos.
13. I’m experiencing a dull sparkle this morning.
14. It’s a loud whisper of a headache.
15. This hangover is awfully nice.
16. In the silence of the afterparty, I found noisy quietude.
17. This is a seriously funny hangover.
18. It’s a bitter sweetness waking up like this.
19. My hangover is a known mystery.
20. It’s a frozen fire in my head.

“Booze Clues: The Spiraling Effect of Hangover Puns”

1. I had a hangover so bad I started to wine about my beer judgment.
2. Then I brewed over the fact that ‘wine’ about had fermented further into ‘whine’ about.
3. I woke up to a pounding headache, but I consoled myself by thinking it was just my head’s way of reminding me ale never do that again.
4. Until I recalled I made the same hops-timistic promise last time; I’m in a bit of a brew-tal cycle.
5. Trying to remember last night is like searching for the lost spirits of my memory.
6. It turns out the spirits were just on rum leave, but they returned with shots of regret.
7. I told my friends about my hangover, and they said I simply need to learn how to handle my boos better.
8. In response, I explained it’s tough because whenever I listen to my boos, I don’t remember the spirits of the conversation.
9. I took a painkiller to fight the hangover; I guess you could call it my knight in shining amour-etto.
10. Later, I realized that knight might have been a jester in disguise, as I vodka up with the same headache.
11. My therapist said to write down how I feel post-drinking, but all I could draft was beer and loathing.
12. Though on a second draft, I considered that my beer and loathing might become a best-chiller novel.
13. A friend suggested hair of the dog, but I told them that’s just barking up the wrong hangover remedy.
14. Besides, the last time I tried the hair of the dog, it turned into a fur-midable mistake.
15. I tried to hydrate but lifting the water bottle felt like weightlifting—call it pump and circumstance.
16. Turned out the only pumping done was by my heart, working overtime to deal with the booze blood coup.
17. I said no more shots, but my friend’s retort was pointed; they encouraged me not to give up the distilled spirits.
18. Distilled spirits? I countered; those spirits had clearly gone rogue and led a rebellion in my stomach.
19. My friend laughed and told me to cork my complaints and bottle up the hangover experience for future learning.
20. I agreed, realizing I had uncorked a whole new understanding; I was turning hangovers into hangoversight.

Head Pounding Wordplay: Hangover Puns on Tap

1. I woke up with a hangover so bad I felt like the mane event at a lion’s lunch.
2. Hangover mornings are brew-tal!
3. I’m never drinking again. Wine-o always say that?
4. I’ve got 99 problems but a pitch-er ain’t one.
5. After last night, I’ve updated my vodka-bulary.
6. I tried to beat the hangover but it’s clear I’m not up for the pour-pose.
7. A moment on the lips, a lifetime trying not to hurl.
8. The hangover was in-tents, like camping with liquor.
9. It’s all fun and games until someone has to rum-ember the night before.
10. I whiskey-d myself into a hangover I can’t escape.
11. It’s not a hangover, it’s wine flu.
12. This headache is proof that last night was unbeerable.
13. Liquor? I hardly even know her, now I’m paying dearly for it.
14. I’m on a roller coaster that only goes down, courtesy of Tequila Town.
15. It’s the eye of the tiger, the headache of the fight.
16. It was a gin-uine mistake to have those shots.
17. Bee-r with me while I recover from last night.
18. Sip happens, especially when the bar’s in sight.
19. I thought I could dance, but it was just the booze talking.
20. Hangovers are a hard liquor lesson.

Well, there you have it, party troopers—a whopping 200+ hangover puns to help you chuckle through the pain of last night’s shenanigans. Remember, laughter is the best medicine (alongside water and aspirin, of course). We hope these puns have given your post-party blues the boot and put a smile on your face that even a throbbing headache can’t erase.

If you’re still buzzed with the need for more witty wordplay, don’t bottle it up! Stumble on over to other corners of our website, where the puns flow faster than the free champagne at a wedding. We’ve got a joke for every occasion and a one-liner for every misadventure.

Thank you for hanging over with us and giving some of our best puns a shot. We’re grateful for your time and your smiles. Remember, you don’t need to party to enjoy our pun collection, but it sure does make for a great after-party! Keep us bookmarked for your next bout of the boozey blues, and until then, stay hydrated and punny, my friends!

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