200+ Hilariously Spellbinding Curse Puns to Hex Your Funny Bone

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Are you ready to conjure up some laughter with a little hocus-pocus on words? Look no further, witches and wizards of wit! Our cauldron bubbles over with 200+ hilariously spellbinding curse puns that are guaranteed to hex your funny bone and put a mischievous spell on your chuckles. Whether you’re a sorcerer of sarcasm or just looking for a potion of punny humor to enliven your day, these enchantments are brewed to perfection. Don’t worry; the only thing wicked here is the wordplay! So, grab your broomsticks, and let’s fly into the magical realm of humor where the puns are cursed with the power to bewitch your giggles. Abra-cadabra, alakazam—let the laughter ensue with the most charmingly cursed puns on the internet!

Spellbinding Curse Puns to Hex You With Laughter (Editors Pick)

1. I guess you can say that the witch who lost her voice had a real hex-pressing problem.
2. I’m reading a book on anti-gravity curses, it’s impossible to put down.
3. Never trust math teachers who use graph paper; they’re always plotting something curse-ive.
4. The clumsy witch got a job at a bakery because she was a real curse-tard.
5. If a clock is cursed, does it mean the time is under a spell?
6. The undead’s favorite curse is “Bite me!”
7. Curses are like chickens; they always come home to roost, but with more toil and trouble.
8. When witches make bread, they don’t use leavening; they prefer it to rise with a curse.
9. A curse may not change the way you look, but it can spell trouble for your sole.
10. If you’re ever cursed with invisibility, just think of all the hide-and-seek games you’ll win!
11. Did you hear about the rope that went to a witch? It got a knotty curse.
12. Witches who curse others should remember it’s bad for their broom health.
13. If a witch lays a curse on a dairy farm, does that produce spoiled milk?
14. I put a curse on my scale for lying to me, now it’s hex-tra sensitive.
15. The mummy’s favorite curse word is ‘swear-oh’glyphics.
16. The clumsy curse-caster always had a spell of accidents.
17. Why don’t curses work on eggs? They always end up over-easy to crack.
18. When a witch’s black cat crosses your path, you might get bad luck, or it might just be a feline curse-nomenon.
19. A ghost’s favorite curse is “spook off”.
20. The hen that was cursed to lay golden eggs became a real gold clucker.

“Bewitching Banter: Curse-tacular One-Liners”

1. I tried to tell a joke about a cursed book but I’m afraid it’s bound to fall flat.
2. If a curse turns you into an orange, you’ll have to peel with the consequences.
3. A curse made me forget how to throw a boomerang, but it came back to hex me.
4. The chef’s secret ingredient was a pinch of curse-iness.
5. They told me I was cursed with bad puns, but I think they’re just being super-stitch-in’.
6. I met a cursed fisherman; now he’s forever trapped in net-gativity.
7. When the sorcerer got a cough, he couldn’t stop hex-haling.
8. A weightlifter got cursed with weak muscles, now he can’t work out the hexes.
9. I heard that if your phone gets cursed, you get dread-no-service.
10. If you’re cursed with invisibility, just remember to always make yourself clear.
11. A cursed baker will always have crumby luck.
12. The bee who got cursed always buzzed in hexagons.
13. If a pirate gets cursed, does he get bad arrr-mojo?
14. I knew a chicken who was cursed to lay square eggs; her life became a poultry-geometric problem.
15. A cursed car always drives people batty, it must be auto-magic.
16. After being cursed, my clock only tocks; it’s second to nun.
17. A cursed mathematician just couldn’t deal with the aftermath.
18. The cursed shoemaker found his sole purpose in life.
19. A cursed frog said ribbit, but with a toad-al lack of enthusiasm.
20. The gardener who was cursed with a green thumb wondered if it was just a plantasy.

Hex-quisite Queries: Cursed Quips & Queries

1. Why did the witch go to school? To improve her spelling.
2. What do you call a witch who lives at the beach? A sand-witch.
3. Why did the sorcerer break up with the ghost? He needed more “spell”-ace.
4. How do mummies curse? They use “wrap” music.
5. Why don’t curses work on the chef? Because he has “thyme” on his side.
6. What do you get if you cross a curse with a watch? A hex-o’clock situation.
7. Why do curses always lose races? They always come in “hex” place.
8. Why did the witch get good grades in school? Because she was excellent at “curse-ive” writing.
9. How do witches send letters? By “Broom” mail, it’s curse class.
10. Why was the curse’s comedy show so bad? The punchlines were too “hex”-aggerated.
11. What’s a curse’s favorite subject? Hex-onomics.
12. How did the curse apologize? It said it was “spell”-ry.
13. Why was the witch’s curse ineffective on the computer? It had a good “spell” checker.
14. How does a curse keep its hair in place? With “witch” hairspray.
15. What kind of vehicle does a curse drive? A spell-icopter.
16. Why don’t curses work on coins? Because they’re non-cents-ical.
17. What do you say to a rude curse? “That’s out of spell!”
18. What’s a curse’s favorite game? Hex and Ladders.
19. What do you call a curse that’s running late? A hext case.
20. What’s the difference between a curse and a cat? One hisses magic, the other magically hisses.

Hex Marks the Spot: Curse Puns with a Double Meaning

1. Witching you a happy day might just be a spell of good fortune.
2. I’m a bit hex-cited; I’ve just cast my first curse.
3. When I brew potions, I don’t stir trouble; I’m just cauldron it like I see it.
4. Don’t broom me off, I’m just sweeping away the competition with my curses.
5. I tried to spell “banish,” but I ended up with a “pun-ish-ment” instead.
6. My familiar isn’t a cat; it’s a “purrse” as it holds all my magic.
7. You don’t have to be a medium to enjoy my spirit-ed curses.
8. If you don’t like my hex, you can just “curse” and move on.
9. A sorcerer’s favorite exercise is “jinxercise.”
10. I had a curse so strong, it was a real “damnation-sensation.”
11. Why did the witch stay in bed? She was feeling a bit “under the spell.”
12. I’ve got a spell that’s knot to be untied – it’s a real “bind-boggler.”
13. Losing a curse-off is just “mis-fortune” telling.
14. When witches play cards, you never want to be “dealt” a curse.
15. I was going to make a voodoo doll, but I didn’t want to be “pinned down.”
16. The love potion was a charm, literally – it was quite “en-dear-ing.”
17. My curse was meant to be secret, but it got “hex-posed.”
18. Don’t “wand-er” into a curse battle unprepared; you might get spell-shocked.
19. That curse was just a joke; I’m not really that “mean-spirited.”
20. If a witch rejects your apology, you’ve been given the “cold-shoulder.”

“Cursedly Clever Wordplay: A Collection of Curse Puns”

1. I had a curse that made me turn everything I touched into gold, but I found the Midas well end it.
2. I told the witch her curse was pointless, but she said it had hex-tra relevance.
3. The cursed chicken crossed the road to get to the “other side” effects.
4. When the vampire was cursed with hiccups, he couldn’t stop coffin.
5. I had a curse that made me speak in echoes, but I’m over it, over it, over it.
6. The spellcaster’s curse was spot on – it left quite a hex-pression.
7. When the wizard tried to lift the curse, he couldn’t find the right spellcheck.
8. The curse had me aging backward; it was a real rehex of Benjamin Button.
9. She tried to break the curse with a book, but she just couldn’t get past the pro-rogue.
10. The curse of bad puns really isn’t a problem, it’s just a play on curse.
11. A curse made my friend start shrinking; he said it was a little disconcerting.
12. I was cursed with invisibility; you could say I’m just not seen around anymore.
13. Breaking a curse is tough, it’s not like you can just say “Hex-it”.
14. My curse is forgetting words; it’s like I’ve lost my spell-check.
15. The curse that makes you repeat words is a real curse-curse situation.
16. A curse turned my life into a musical; now I’m always note-icing problems.
17. When I cursed someone to only speak in rhyme, they became a poetic jester.
18. I put a curse on my book about curses and now I can’t seem to end it; it’s like I’m stuck in a binding spell.
19. If you’re cursed with clumsiness, you’re just stumbling through a rough spell.
20. After the curse on my garden, I’ve been dealing with paranormal herb-activity.

“Hex-quisite Wordplay: Curse-tacular Puns”

1. I was cursed with a sneeze so powerful, it’s nothing to be sniffed at.
2. Tried lifting the curse but I guess I just wasn’t spell-ing it right.
3. I avoided the curse by a hare’s breadth; that was some black magic hair-raising experience!
4. Someone cursed my calendar; its days are numbered now.
5. The witch’s curse was ineffective; she had no grounds for spell-t.
6. I hex-pected the curse to be worse, but it was all smoke and mirrors.
7. No need for a curse word; my puns already bewitch the crowd.
8. The wizard’s curse missed me – guess you could say it was a hex-it strategy.
9. I got cursed by a lazy warlock; now I suffer from a mild hex-haustion.
10. Cursed with bad luck? I thought I just had an uncanny knack for misfortune.
11. When they said the curse was reversible, I thought, “Spell that backwards!”
12. Cursed with eternal clumsiness? Sounds like a tripping hazard to me.
13. I once met a cursed mime; he was truly unspeakable.
14. The haunted house was cursed – they say it’s plagued with restless sprite.
15. I hoped the curse would make me immortal, but no such luck; guess I’m not that charm-ing.
16. My friend got cursed to only tell the truth; she’s become brutally hex-pressive.
17. When the curse made me turn bright red, I knew I was in a hex of a situation.
18. The library’s curse made all the books blank; talk about a truly spellbinding twist.
19. The curse on my GPS made me lose my way; now I’m on the road to perdition.
20. I was cursed to oversleep; now every morning is a rude awakening.

Hex-cellent Name Plays: The Art of Curse Puns

1. Hex Marks the Spot
2. Blair Which Project
3. Mummy’s the Word
4. Jinx and Tonic
5. Basilisk Park
6. Alakazam’s Alley
7. The Hauntrepreneur
8. The Wraith of Khan
9. Conjure Club
10. Vex Appeal
11. Polterheist Bank
12. Accio-lades Academy
13. The Spelling Bee
14. Taboo Tabernacle
15. The Enchantress’s Enclave
16. Hoodoo You Think You Are?
17. Bewitchin’ Kitchen
18. Spellbound Bookshop
19. Ghouligans Island
20. Cursory Glance Optometry

Flipping Curses: Spoonerism Spell-ibers!

1. Bash the truck (Trash the buck)
2. Curses and makes (Murses and cakes)
3. Shacking waves (Wacking shaves)
4. Fell the rune (Rell the foon)
5. Heck a bar (Beck a char)
6. Dunny as luck (Lunny as duck)
7. Batter of hagick (Hatter of magic)
8. Pricking a bell (Bricking a pell)
9. Mean sayings (Seam nayings)
10. Manned kill (Canned mill)
11. Huzzle and jax (Juzzle and hacks)
12. Mood of hay (Hood of may)
13. Mubble the troil (Tubble the moil)
14. Creak a hurdle (Hreak a curdle)
15. Pill the fate (Fill the pate)
16. Vay of dome (Day of vome)
17. Wandishing vaves (Vandishing waves)
18. Swowing a glord (Glowing a sword)
19. Faking a jool (Jaking a fool)
20. Dishing a speath (Spishing a death)

“Cast a Pun – Tom Swifties Under a Spell”

1. “I’ve been hexed,” said Tom, bewitchingly.
2. “This voodoo doll is spooky,” said Tom, piercingly.
3. “I must lift this curse,” cursed Tom, enchantingly.
4. “The fortune teller conned me,” said Tom, mystically.
5. “I keep casting spells,” said Tom, charmingly.
6. “I don’t believe in superstitions,” knocked Tom, woodenly.
7. “That witch has a broom,” said Tom, sweepingly.
8. “I’ve been jinxed again,” said Tom, fatefully.
9. “I think I saw a poltergeist,” said Tom, hauntingly.
10. “This magic potion is a sham,” said Tom, bitterly.
11. “My crystal ball is cloudy,” said Tom, transparently.
12. “Don’t walk under that ladder,” warned Tom, superstitiously.
13. “I think I’m turning into a werewolf,” howled Tom, lycanthropically.
14. “The spellbook is in Latin,” chanted Tom, romanly.
15. “I’m afraid of no ghosts,” boasted Tom, spiritedly.
16. “I’m crafting a protection amulet,” said Tom, defensively.
17. “I’ll consult the tarot cards,” predicted Tom, definitely.
18. “That’s an ancient Egyptian curse,” said Tom, pharaohfully.
19. “I have to avoid the mummy’s tomb,” said Tom, preservingly.
20. “I’ll break this curse with a kiss,” said Tom, affectionately.

“Contradictory Curses: Oxymoronic Jinxes to Bewitch Your Wit”

1. Cursed luck, it’s magically tragic.
2. That spell was awfully good at being bad.
3. Bless this mess of a hex.
4. Such a lovely disaster, this enchantment.
5. A perfectly terrible sorcery success.
6. Clearly confused by the witch’s clear curse.
7. It’s an open secret that this jinx works.
8. I found my happily horrible ever after.
9. Painfully pleasurable potion, indeed.
10. I was seriously joking about that curse.
11. This curse is deafeningly silent.
12. A small crowd of curses gathered.
13. It’s genuinely fake magic.
14. Act naturally possessed by the curse.
15. I clearly misunderstood the unclear curse.
16. A living death curse graced us.
17. Found the lost curse in plain sight.
18. The known mystery of the ancient curse.
19. I’m awfully lucky to have bad spells.
20. Be alone together in the cursed crowd.

“Circular Bewitchments (Curse Puns That’ll Have You Spelling for More)”

1. I was cursed to only repeat myself, which is a re-verse curse.
2. This re-verse curse has me stuck in a cycle. I guess I’m really cursed to rhyme.
3. My rhymes are endless; it’s like a spell-check loop.
4. They call it a loop because I can’t escape these repetitive group chants.
5. Chants are just curses with an audience; mine keep getting applauses.
6. Applauses are what I get for this hex-traordinary performance.
7. This performance must go on, just like my never-ending curse-ade.
8. I’m on a curse-ade to lift this repetitive burden, but it’s a lot of effort.
9. Effort is key, guess this pun is my new curse-ular activity.
10. I’m engaging in cursed curse-ular activities, keeps my schedule full.
11. My schedule’s full of repeat appointments, call it déjà voodoo.
12. This déjà voodoo is making me think I’ve seen these puns before.
13. I’m stuck in a pun loop; someone break the spellcheck, please!
14. Breaking this spellcheck won’t be easy; it’s a real curse-curricular challenge.
15. This curse-curricular challenge is my own personal re-curse-ion.
16. On this curse-ion, I keep revisiting the same old jokes.
17. Jokes come naturally to me now, it’s like a speaking curse.
18. Speaking in curses, I’ve become fluent in tongue-in-cheek spells.
19. These tongue-in-cheek spells have me cursed with a silver tongue.
20. I’ve got a silver tongue, but at this point, it feels more like a cursed medal.

“Brewing a Storm of Clichéd Hex-pressions” (Curse Puns)

1. Breaking a mirror is bad luck, but it’s really just a reflection of your actions.
2. I wanted to learn about curses, so I picked up a hex-book.
3. When you’re cursed with bad luck, you could say your fortune is “bewitched.”
4. If you’re cursed in music, you’ve hit a sour note that’s simply spell-binding.
5. You can’t run away from a curse; it always has a way of catching up to you, talk about a “pursuit.”
6. When you avoid a curse, it’s like you’ve just scrolled past the danger.
7. If time could break curses, we’d all be out here thanking the clock for a good time.
8. When you break a family curse, it’s a real generational win.
9. They say step on a crack, break your mother’s back, but I prefer to take it one step at a time.
10. If at first you don’t succeed in lifting the curse, try, try again – just not with the same spell.
11. A cursed pirate walks into a bar, and the bartender says, “What’ll it be, Captain? A pint of your best boo!”
12. Never gift a cursed object; it’s a real present danger.
13. Lightning never strikes the same place twice, but a curse? It hits the mark every time.
14. When life gives you curses, make hex-aid.
15. A midnight curse has a strange way of turning into a nightmare.
16. An old curse is nothing to scoff at; it’s an “ancient grumble.”
17. I got rid of a curse, and now I’m ex-spell-ed from witch school!
18. A witch’s curse is a potent brew – too bad if you stew in it.
19. If you throw salt over your shoulder to break a curse, just don’t be salty if it doesn’t work.
20. A curse kept a ghost from leaving, making it a truly grave situation.

We’ve reached the end of our enchanting journey through the realm of curse puns, where we’ve conjured up some wickedly whimsical wordplay to tickle your funny bone. If your spirit yearns for more pun-derful spells of laughter, remember that this is just a potion of the magical humor available on our site.

Don’t let your pun-thirst go unquenched! Explore our vast collection of jokes, and who knows? Perhaps you’ll find the perfect quip to bewitch the minds of friends and family at your next gathering.

Thank you for letting our incantations ensnare you for a spell. We’re thrilled you chose to spend your time with us and hope our jokes have left you spellbound. Come back soon for another round of giggles and groans, and until then, may your life be free of hexes and full of joyous jests!

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