200+ Hilarious Costco Puns to Keep Your Shopping Trip Wholesomely Funny

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Are you ready to add some bulk-sized belly laughs to your next shopping trip? Look no further! We’ve piled up over 200 of the most comically clever Costco puns to keep you grinning from the entrance to the checkout. Perfect for shoppers looking for a wheelie good time, these puns are pricelessly funny. So, forget about those free samples—our selection of Costco puns is the real deal. Whether you’re pushing a cart or just pushing your pun limit, we’ve got the inventory to keep your humor in stock. Get ready to giggle down every aisle; these knee-slappers are about to make your bulk-buying experience wholesomely hysterical. So, without further ado, let’s roll into the laughs with puns so good, they deserve their own bulk discount!

Wholesale Humor: Our Choice Costco Wisecracks (Editors Pick)

1. I’m buying in bulk because at Costco, it’s a big wholesale lot of savings!
2. I told my friend I couldn’t hang out, I was too busy Costco-zying up with some wholesale deals.
3. I didn’t choose the Costco life, the Costco life carted me away.
4. I’m no mathematician, but I know a good deal when I sum it up at Costco.
5. We bought a year’s supply of toilet paper at Costco; wipe on, savings!
6. Kerching at the cash register? More like Ker-costsaving!
7. Costco always has me stocking up – it’s how I roll.
8. I’ve got so many samples from Costco; it’s appetizer-sampling gone wild!
9. You might say my trip to Costco today was bulk-tastic!
10. Do I need a 10-gallon tub of mayonnaise? I’m not sure, but the price was too good to spread up.
11. Life is like a Costco sample table; you never know what you’re gonna get, but it’s usually tasty!
12. I put the “cart” in “Costco,” and then I put everything else in the cart too.
13. I’m no artist, but I can picture myself saving a lot of money at Costco.
14. Getting ready for the zombie apocalypse, one Costco trip at a time.
15. Costco is the only club I’m interested in being a member of; it has the best benefits.
16. At Costco, every day is a bulk-buy holiday!
17. There’s no such thing as a quick trip to Costco; it’s a lifelong commitment to savings.
18. I have a whale of a time whenever I go to Costco – it’s the only place where I can bulk up my savings.
19. Just like peanut butter and jelly, I go well with a Costco trip: always sticking to great deals.
20. I bought so much at Costco that I need a forklift to carry all my savings.

Bulk Laughs in Aisle Five: One-Liner Costco Puns

1. You have to pay a membership fee at Costco, but the savings are non-refundable!
2. The only thing I’m losing at Costco is my sense of portion control.
3. Why did the chicken get a Costco membership? For the poultry-um of savings!
4. Costco: Where every shopping cart looks like it’s training for a heavyweight championship.
5. I tried to get into shape at Costco, but all I rounded up were calories and savings.
6. Don’t wait for the perfect moment at Costco, take the moment and make it perfect…ly economical.
7. Whoever said size doesn’t matter clearly never shopped at Costco.
8. Costco: Where your shopping list goes from “just the essentials” to “prepare the pantry.”
9. My jokes about Costco aren’t just wholesale; they’re a bulk of fun!
10. “Quantity over quality” doesn’t apply at Costco; there, you get both, plus a slice of savings pie.
11. Costco isn’t just a store; it’s a playground for adults with storage space.
12. Is it called a Costco membership, or a license to supersize?
13. My wallet said “no” to impulse buys, but at Costco, it’s a whole different bargain.
14. I’ve got a Costco-sized crush on their wholesale prices.
15. Costco: proving that size and savings do matter, one bulk item at a time.
16. If love is the answer, could you please rephrase the question to include Costco?
17. Deal hunters love Costco – where every search ends with a satisfying savings shot.
18. Costco shopping is like a box of jumbo-sized chocolates; you never know what you’re gonna get, but you know there’ll be a lot of it.
19. You know you’re an adult when a trip to Costco is the highlight of your weekend.
20. At Costco, every receipt is a story of adventure, savings, and the joy of not counting calories.

Wholesale Whimsy: Costco Quips & Queries

1. How does Costco say goodbye? “Thanks for buying in bulk!”
2. What do you call security guards working at Costco? “Wholesalers!”
3. Why was the big cat denied a Costco membership? Because it was a cheetah!
4. How do you know if a Jedi is shopping at Costco? He uses the fork-lift!
5. What do you call someone who steals high-end electronics from Costco? A sound investor!
6. Why did the can crusher quit his job at Costco? It was soda-pressing!
7. Why do bees have Costco memberships? Because they love the bulk flowers!
8. Why did the bicycle fall over at Costco? Because it was two-tired!
9. What happened when the wheel was invented at Costco? Prices began to roll back!
10. Why don’t eggs gamble at Costco? They don’t want to crack up their savings!
11. What did the fish say when it ran into a wall at Costco? Dam!
12. Why did the tofu refuse to fight at Costco? Because it didn’t want to be called a chickpea!
13. What’s a vampire’s favorite thing to buy at Costco? Stake in bulk!
14. Why did the man get lost at Costco? He couldn’t find the right aisle!
15. Why did the scarecrow become a Costco member? Because he was outstanding in his field of savings!
16. Why did the tomato turn red at Costco? Because it saw the salad dressing in bulk!
17. Why do Costco shoppers make good comedians? Because they always buy in bulk!
18. Why was the computer cold at Costco? Because it left its Windows open!
19. What do you call cheese that’s not yours at Costco? Nacho cheese, but feel free to buy it in bulk!
20. Why did the music teacher buy bookmarks from Costco? To save her place in the score!

“Bulk Laughs Ahead: Wholesale Humor with Costco Puns”

1. Costco keeps prices low, they’re always wholesale-hearted with deals.
2. Their huge carts? Yeah, that’s how Costco rolls.
3. Those free samples? Just a tiny taste of their generosity.
4. Finding the best deals can be a bit of a Kirkland-quest.
5. Do I buy in bulk? Yes, I’m really committed to a Costco-liferation of my pantry.
6. When the doors open, it’s like the hunger Costco Games begin.
7. I bought a kayak from Costco; it was quite a paddled deal.
8. The checkout lines are often long, but I’m always checking out their savings.
9. Walking into Costco is always uplifting—especially around the forklifts.
10. I love their nuts; Costco really knows how to cashew outside.
11. They put on quite a spread, especially in the deli section.
12. When you drop something there, it’s not a mess. It’s just Costco-mopolitan.
13. Keep your shopping list short—or you might get carted away with everything.
14. Memberships are key—they lock in savings and unlock the aisles.
15. Strolling through Costco is like walking in a warehouse wonderland.
16. Their return policy is the real deal—no receipt required, it’s an open-and-shut case.
17. I buy all my jeans there; when it comes to prices, Costco is riveting.
18. Their muffins are huge; it’s a jumbo sale every morning.
19. The pizza slices are enormous—talk about a pie in the sky deal.
20. When you pack your car with goods, it’s called Costco-nomy class cargo.

Wholesale Humor: A Cartload of Costco Puns

1. I signed up for a Costco membership because I heard it was a big wholesale lot of fun.
2. I can’t buy just one item at Costco – I always have to bulk it up.
3. At Costco, I always Costco-nomize my shopping.
4. I tried to keep a low profile at Costco, but I couldn’t hide my cart’s contents—big things have small beginnings.
5. It’s hard to be discreet at Costco, everything I buy is on a large scale.
6. I wanted to get fit, so I started lifting at Costco—by carrying the jumbo packs.
7. I went to buy a chicken at Costco but ended up with an egg because I believed in that’s what it’s cracked up to be.
8. Costco is so full of free samples, it’s practically a bite-seeing tour.
9. I don’t just shop at Costco; I take a wholesaler’s approach to life.
10. Picking the shortest line at Costco is always a matter of cart and fast.
11. My love for Costco is box deep.
12. I don’t just fall for their prices, I fall wholesale for Costco.
13. I told my secret at Costco, but it was wholesale information.
14. Shopping at Costco always rings up a good time.
15. I’m pushing my shopping cart with such a big hull at Costco you’d think I’m Captain Kirk of the USS Enter-Prize.
16. Whenever I leave Costco, I feel like I’ve conquered a shopping spree-hanna.
17. My friend said he couldn’t handle Costco’s bulk shopping, but I think he was selling it short.
18. I got lost in Costco and took an isle of detour.
19. At Costco, seizing the deal of the day is cart blanche.
20. At Costco, when I stock up, I really put my money warehouse my mouth is.

“Wholesale Humor: Cart-Loads of Costco Puns”

1. I was going to buy a book on hoarding at Costco, but I just don’t have the space.
2. Did you hear about the guy who stole a calendar from Costco? He got 12 months; they say his days are numbered.
3. I have a friend who’s a Costco greeter. He’s outstanding in his field—right next to the giant teddy bears.
4. Never fight with Costco employees; they’re always in bulk and well-stocked with arguments.
5. I started a band called “The Cart Pushers” after my job at Costco, because we’re always moving up the charts.
6. Costco’s gas prices are so low, it’s like every day is a fuel’s paradise.
7. Lost my job at the Costco deli. They caught me cutting corners on the sliced cheese.
8. They refused to let my pet in Costco. I guess it wasn’t a ‘wholesale’ animal.
9. I don’t play hide and seek at Costco anymore. Good luck hiding when you’re such a big deal.
10. I don’t understand Costco’s return policy. It’s like they take everything back, no questions asked—no receipt or no returnity.
11. Costco is like my spirit animal: massive, full of surprises, and you leave feeling a little heavier than when you entered.
12. I always tell people I grew up in Costco, which is why I’m such a wholesale person.
13. I wanted to organize a heist at Costco, but my plans were too big to fit in the getaway cart.
14. Costco samples are like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re gonna get, but it’s always in bulk.
15. I dropped my phone somewhere in Costco; now it’s truly a smart warehouse.
16. They say you are what you eat, which is why after a trip to Costco, I’m affordably delicious.
17. I’m convinced Costco checkouts are like black holes; every visit distorts space and time—and my wallet.
18. Working at Costco really helps me to bulk up—my resume with unique skills, like giant-cart navigation.
19. I wanted to get fit so I jogged around Costco, but it turned into more of a super marathon.
20. I bought a ladder at Costco because it was a huge step up from my previous one.

“Shop ‘Til You Puntastic: Costco Name Play”

1. “Costcoholics Anonymous” – for Costco addicts.
2. “The Great Costcotto” – a nod to Houdini, for magical deals.
3. “Costcovania” – where every trip feels like an adventure.
4. “Juan Costcovez” – for the international shopper.
5. “Costcopia” – the land of plenty.
6. “Sir Lance-a-Lot-Less” – for knights who love saving money.
7. “Wholesale Wonderland” – Alice would approve.
8. “Bulk Bill’s Bounty” – a pirate’s treasure of deals.
9. “Count Costcula” – for deals to die for.
10. “Costcarot” – for magically low prices.
11. “Savings Sid” – he always finds the best deals.
12. “Merlin’s Mart” – where shopping is spellbinding.
13. “Lady Savingsalot” – for the noble bargain hunter.
14. “Discount Dumbledore” – wizardly deals await.
15. “Costcoville” – it’s a whole community of savings.
16. “Bargainburg” – the city of deals.
17. “Cheaper Chaucer” – for poetic prices.
18. “Duke of Discounts” – royalty meets frugality.
19. “Lord of the Rims” – tires on a budget.
20. “Sir Save-a-Lot” – the knight of the bargain realm.

“Wholesale Wordplay: Spoonerisms Shopping Spree at Costco”

1. Canned Feats – “Fanned Cheats”
2. Bulk Buying – “Balk Buying”
3. Cart Filler – “Fart Ciller”
4. Price Check – “Chrice Peck”
5. Free Samples – “See Framples”
6. Membership Card – “Cards Member Ship”
7. Product Finder – “Froduct Pinder”
8. Checkout Lane – “Lay-out Checkne”
9. Store Hours – “Hore Stours”
10. Coupon Savings – “Soup-on Cavings”
11. Snack Aisle – “Ack Snisle”
12. Cash Back – “Bash Cack”
13. Warehouse Wonderland – “Wonderhouse Wareland”
14. Parking Lot – “Larking Pot”
15. Pallet Jacks – “Jallet Packs”
16. Kirkland Signature – “Sirkland Kignature”
17. Optical Center – “Centical Opter”
18. Food Court – “Cood Furt”
19. Shopping List – “Lopping Shist”
20. Meat Section – “Seat Mection”

“Bulk Buys and Witty Replies: Tom Swifties Take on Costco”

1. “I bought all the toilet paper at Costco,” said Tom, bulkily.
2. “I couldn’t resist the free samples,” said Tom, tastelessly.
3. “I’m lost between the aisles,” said Tom, amazedly.
4. “I always buy my glasses at Costco,” said Tom, shortsightedly.
5. “I’ve eaten way too many hot dogs here,” said Tom, stuffed.
6. “I forgot my membership card,” said Tom, cardlessly.
7. “I never miss their Black Friday deals,” said Tom, darkly.
8. “The savings on gas are incredible,” said Tom, pumped up.
9. “I can’t reach the top shelf,” said Tom, shortly.
10. “I’m exhausted after that shopping trip,” said Tom, wholesomely.
11. “I got lost in the parking lot,” said Tom, aimlessly.
12. “I filled up my entire pantry,” said Tom, spaciously.
13. “I’m always impressed by the return policy,” said Tom, unreservedly.
14. “Their pizza slices are huge,” said Tom, cheesily.
15. “The line at the checkout was endless,” said Tom, endlessly.
16. “I could spend all day here,” said Tom, timelily.
17. “I’m checking out the tech deals,” said Tom, smartly.
18. “We should buy the giant teddy bear,” said Tom, bearly.
19. “I need to follow my shopping list,” said Tom, listlessly.
20. “The rotisserie chicken is my favorite,” said Tom, tenderly.

Bulk Savings in Miniature: The Costco Conundrum

1. Found a bargain at Costco, but I paid with priceless savings.
2. Bought a jumbo shrimp platter at Costco, surprisingly small yet huge.
3. Picked up a deafening silence generator in the quiet electronics aisle.
4. Found some pretty ugly decorations in Costco’s home decor section.
5. The frozen hot chocolate there is an icy warm delight.
6. Got a terribly good deal on some awful goodies.
9. Discovered a clearly confused sign leading to the clearances.
10. The open secret at Costco is their members-only public secret.
11. They sell instant antiques that are brand new from the past.
12. Found a lighter heavyweight item that nearly broke the scale.
13. Picked up some plastic glasses that were as clear as mud.
14. Got a known mystery box full of surprisingly predictable surprises.
15. Found a non-stick glue in the crafts aisle that holds surprisingly well.
16. Caught a staff member napping on a wake-up call alarm clock bed.
17. Bought a small crowd of massive mini cupcakes that filled a tiny table.
18. Found an original copy of a famous duplicate in the book section.
19. Their lead-free pencils drew heavy lines on lightweight paper.
20. Bought a seriously funny joke book with a straight-faced cover.

Wholesale Humor Reloaded: A Bulk of Costco Puns

1. I bought a huge jar of olives from Costco, but it was a big commitment. Olive a sudden, I was in a serious pickle.
2. I thought buying in bulk would save me time, but now I’m always busy checking out these huge receipts. Talk about a big issue!
3. I’m writing a book on bulk purchases. It’s titled “Costco: Where You Buy a Lot and Spend a Fortune – Chapter 1”.
4. After the previous chapter, I wrote, “Costco: Where You Buy More to Save More – The Savings Continued in Chapter 2”.
5. Would you like to hear my warehouse shopping joke? It’s a big hit in bulk comedy – so here it goes for round three!
6. I wanted to make a salad for a party, so I went to Costco. Lettuce just say, I may have gone a bit overboard – green with extravagance for the fourth take!
7. My friend asked if a Costco membership is worth it, and I said, “Sure, if you have enough thyme and dough” – the value rose in punchline five.
8. I tried to find the exit at Costco, but I kept going in circles – round six of this pun maze is where you get lost in laughter.
9. At Costco, they say you can never have too much of a good thing, until you try fitting it in your car – the seventh saga of spatial comedy.
10. They offered me a free sample at Costco, and I felt like I won the snackpot – the eighth taste of pun delight.
11. When it comes to buying toilet paper at Costco, you’ve got to roll with it – this is flush number nine in pun series.
12. You could say that shopping at Costco is a big box love story – chapter ten of heart-sized savings.
13. I went to Costco for eggs, and isle have to say, they weren’t eggsaggerating about the size of their packages – this is the eleventh punny yolk.
14. I wanted to get fit so I bought a huge tub of protein powder from Costco. Now that’s what I call a weighty decision – the twelfth swole chapter.
15. They say membership has its perks at Costco, but you also get a good dose of exercise walking the store – the thirteenth step in our pun marathon.
16. Shopping at Costco can be conclusive evidence during a debate on whether size matters – this is the fourteenth, large-scale argument.
17. I thought getting ketchup at Costco would be easy, but they really bottled up the suspense – this is lucky pun number fifteen.
18. After hours at Costco, I finally checked out. Call it a cart-tale finish – our sixteenth pun in this long checkout line.
19. Costco’s return policy is great. You could say their satisfaction guarantee loops you back in – the seventeenth return of the recursive jest.
20. It took me a while, but I’ve finally embraced my Costco habit. It’s a bulk-sized acceptance – the eighteenth chapter of the wholesaler saga.

“Bulk Up on Witty Wordplay: Costco-ed Clichés with a Twist”

1. “Costco and effect: where every bulk purchase leads to a shrinking wallet.”
2. “A penny saved is a penny earned, but at Costco, you save dollars by the dozen.”
3. “You can lead a horse to water, but you can lead a shopper to Costco for the free samples.”
4. “Rome wasn’t built in a day, but your pantry can be stocked like one with a single trip to Costco.”
5. “The early bird catches the worm, and the early shopper gets the freshest produce at Costco.”
6. “When in Costco, do as the Costcoans do — buy in bulk.”
7. “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, unless you got the basket in a bulk deal at Costco.”
8. “Two’s company, three’s a crowd, but at Costco, the more the merrier for wholesale savings.”
9. “Don’t cry over spilled milk, especially when you bought it for a steal at Costco.”
10. “A rolling stone gathers no moss, but a rolling cart gathers all the best deals at Costco.”
11. “You can’t have your cake and eat it too, unless you bought two cakes from Costco’s bakery section.”
12. “Actions speak louder than words, and prices speak loudest at Costco’s checkout.”
13. “The best things in life are free, but the best deals in life are found at Costco.”
14. “An apple a day keeps the doctor away, and with Costco’s prices, you can afford a whole orchard.”
15. “All that glitters is not gold, unless you’re eyeing the jewelry section at Costco.”
16. “Good things come to those who wait, like the end of the long lines at Costco checkout.”
17. “A stitch in time saves nine, and a trip to Costco saves time and a dime.”
18. “Great minds think alike, and they all think that Costco’s bulk deals are brilliant.”
19. “Honesty is the best policy, and honestly, Costco’s return policy is unbeatable.”
20. “If life gives you lemons, head to Costco — you can buy enough to make lemonade for the whole neighborhood.”

And there you have it—a cartload of Costco puns that are sure to bring a bulk-sized amount of joy to your next shopping trip! We hope these puns have added a little extra value to your day and made your retail therapy that much more enjoyable.

If you’re hungry for more, don’t forget to check out our endless aisles of puns on other topics right here on our website. We’re always stocked up on laughs and wordplay that will keep you smiling down every aisle.

Thank you for taking the time to hang out with us today. We’re grateful that you chose to ‘check out’ our selection of jokes and we hope that our puns have been as much of a ‘steal’ as the great deals at Costco. Remember, laughter is priceless, and when it’s in bulk—it’s a bargain! Keep on punning, and come back soon for your next playful purchase of punnery!

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