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POW! BAM! SPLASH into a universe of laughter with our unstoppable arsenal of comic book puns guaranteed to knock your capes off! Are you ready to become a pun-slinging vigilante, armed with wordplay sharper than Wolverine’s claws? Look no further, humor aficionados and super-fans, for a collection of over 200 comic book puns that will rescue your day from the clutches of boredom! Whether you’re a dedicated panelologist (that’s a comic book scholar for the uninitiated) or a casual fan looking for a super-powered chuckle, our side-splitting puns are here to turn the pages of your day into a rollicking funnypaper. So, tighten your utility belts, adjust your masks, and prepare to unleash your inner Humor Hero with a quip to outshine even the Batsignal. It’s time to save the day, one comic book pun at a time!

Super Puns Assemble: A Heroic Dose of Humor (Editors Pick)

1. I used to be a comic book fan, but now I’m more of a fan-tastic Four-mula.
2. I couldn’t find my X-Men comics. They must be off somewhere Mutant and about.
3. Marvel at my puns, DC-lare them funny, or get comically Pun-ished!
4. Batman’s favorite part of a joke? The PUNCH line!
5. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a Superman-ly good pun!
6. That Spider-Man comic was so good, I’m still reeling from the web of storytelling.
7. The Flash finished reading in a Zoom—it’s his idea of speed-reading!
8. The Hulk tried stand-up comedy, but he just kept smashing the punchlines.
9. I’d tell you a joke about the Invisible Woman, but you’d never see it coming.
10. Why don’t the Avengers play cards? Because Hulk always snaps the deck.
11. I wanted to buy the latest comic, but my budget said, “I am Groot” (i.e. “I am broke”).
12. Don’t get into a battle of wits with Iron Man; he’s got a Stark sense of humor.
13. I opened my own comic bookstore, but it’s just a sidekick business.
14. Thor’s not great at whistling. Every time he tries, he just makes a little Thunder.
15. I have a friend who draws comics for a “living.” The problem is, his paychecks are laughable.
16. Aquaman’s parties are the best; he really knows how to make a splash.
17. My comic selling business failed—turns out my customers prefer to stay in the Bat Cave.
18. Captain America couldn’t make it to the meeting. He couldn’t get past the “Shield”ed doors.
19. Wonder Woman asked me to turn down the music, but I fought for the volume. I’m a true Amazon warrior.
20. It’s hard to keep a steady career in comics; the pages keep turning on you.

“Puns Assembled: Superhero Wisecracks”

1. I’m quite the connoisseur of comics – they always draw me in.
2. I’d lend you my Thor comic, but you might not be worthy.
3. After reading comic books, all my other reading just seems two-dimensional.
4. You know, if Iron Man teamed up with the Silver Surfer, they’d be alloys.
5. Catwoman went to the grocery store – she had to pick up some purr-vision.
6. Don’t trust atoms, they make up everything… just like Joker’s stories.
7. Did you hear about the superhero who turned into a herb? He’s now called Super Sage!
8. If you hit the books like Batman hits criminals, you’d be top of the class by now!
9. When Magneto goes fishing, he doesn’t need a rod – he fishes for compliments on his magnetic personality.
10. I’d tell you a joke about the Thing, but it’s rock-hard to come up with one.
11. Don’t invite Green Lantern to a rave – he’ll outshine everyone else!
12. The best comic book artists are truly outstanding in their field… because their characters are corny.
13. My comic book’s spine was damaged. It must’ve had a run-in with the Chiropractor Strange.
14. The superhero’s costume was wrinkled, so his sidekick brought out the iron, man!
15. My comic book collection is huge. I guess you could say it’s an “issue” I have.
16. I’m dating a comic artist – she’s quite graphic!
17. The Flash tried cooking, but he’s better at fast food.
18. Daredevil doesn’t read his comics, he feels the action through the paper.
19. Ghost Rider is the best at carving pumpkins – he’s really head of the gourd.
20. Ant-Man’s favorite dance is the micro-wave.

“Wham! Pow! Puns! – Comic Queries Quacked”

1. Why did Batman rush to the Batcave? Because he had to take care of bat-iness!
2. What would you find in Superman’s kitchen? A super-pan!
3. How does Spider-Man keep his identity a secret? He stays under web-sites!
4. Why was Aquaman a good musician? Because he had a great bass in his voice!
5. Why did the Flash win the race? Because he bolted!
6. What’s Iron Man’s favorite part of the joke? The punch-iron!
7. Why can’t you trust the Hulk? Because he’s always a little green with envy!
8. What’s Thor’s favorite food? Thunder-bread!
9. How does Wonder Woman stay in shape? Amazonian push-ups!
10. Why was Captain America so good at drawing? Because he had a shield for tracing!
11. What did Green Lantern say at the bar? “Put it on my tab! I’ve got the green!”
12. Why didn’t Batman cross the road? Because he never jay-walks, it’s against the Gotham city code!
13. Why did the comic book collector open a bakery? Because he kneaded dough!
14. How does Mr. Fantastic brush his teeth? With an elastic-band!
15. What’s the Joker’s favorite exercise? High “ha” steps!
16. Why did the Riddler get a job at the calendar factory? He wanted to work on his dates!
17. How does Catwoman stay sane? She just purrs through it!
18. Why don’t you give Magneto a credit card? Because he’s always pulling the magnetic strip!
19. What kind of dog does Cyclops have? A see-eye dog!
20. Why was the Invisible Woman so bad at hide and seek? Because she could always be spotted!

“Panel Play: Dual Meanings in Every Bubble (Double Entendre Comic Puns)”

1. You’re so Marvel-ous in that outfit; it’s like you have super fashion powers!
2. I guess you have a ‘Thor’ spot for Norse mythology.
3. Don’t be surprised if I ‘Flash’ you a smile when you walk by.
4. I was going to tell a superhero pun, but it might not ‘fly’ with this crowd.
5. I ‘Marvel’ at your ability to ‘comic’ me down when I’m stressed.
6. I find your lack of ‘Faith’ in comic books quite ‘Valiant.’
7. It’s ‘Strange’ how you Doctor every conversation with your wit.
8. You’re so punny, you should have your own ‘X-Men’ series: “X-Ceptional Puns.”
9. I’m not ‘Joker’-ing around; you truly have a ‘Killer Croc’ sense of humor.
10. When I see you, my heart ‘Races’ like I’m the ‘Flash.’
11. Are you a ‘Deadpool’ of talent or what? Your skills are un-‘Canny.’
12. “Iron”ically, wearing that suit makes you look like a real ‘Stark.’
13. I have a ‘Vision’; you’re going to be the life of the ‘party,’ man!
14. You must be a ‘Hulk’ at parties because you smash everyone’s expectations.
15. With your humor, you should ‘Captain America’ ship, steering us towards laughter.
16. I’m not ‘Robin’ you when I say you look rich in humor.
17. You must have an ‘Invisible Woman’ at home because your house is ‘Fantastic’ly clean.
18. Your puns are so ‘Electro’-fying; they spark joy in every conversation.
19. I ‘Shazam’-ed your joke and now it’s a hit at the office.
20. Is your name ‘Clark Kent’? Because every time you tell a pun, the room lights up like Metropolis.

“Graphic Giggles: Super Puns Assemble!”

1. The Flash decided to quit the race because he didn’t want to run into trouble.
2. Batman left the chat; he couldn’t handle the ‘joker.’
3. Aquaman decided to go with the flow.
4. Superheroes who are also bakers rise to the occasion.
5. I used to collect comics, but I dropped it because it was too much of a Marvel.
6. Catwoman was caught stealing; now she’s got to claw her way out of that one.
7. Superman said, “No capes,” but everyone took it for a cloak.
8. Thor’s favorite sport is golf because he always hits the Loki number of shots.
9. Iron Man does all his shopping at Stark market; he loves a good bargain.
10. Hawk-eye is never surprised; he’s always on target with his predictions.
11. Captain America always throws his shield behind him, because that’s how he rolls.
12. Dr. Strange can’t pull rabbits out of his hat, but he can conjure up some weird dimensions.
13. Daredevil never loses his balance – guess he always finds a way to tip the scales in his favor.
14. The Incredible Hulk tried a diet, but he just wasn’t a green eater.
15. Spider-Man couldn’t keep his website running – he needed web designers.
16. When Robin borrows something, he always returns it – he’s not one to rob-in someone.
17. Wonder Woman couldn’t find her invisible jet. Looks like she lost sight of what’s important.
18. Green Lantern tried comedy, but his jokes were too light-hearted.
19. Wolverine went to a seafood restaurant and ordered just for the halibut.
20. Mr. Freeze likes to chill out, but when he throws a party, it’s ice to meet you.

“Panel Play: A Juxtaposition Journey Through Comic Quips”

1. I told my friend I was reading an invisible man comic, but he just couldn’t see the plot.
2. I’d tell you a joke about an unsharpened pencil, but it’s pointless, much like the villain’s plans.
3. I was going to wear my comic book shirt today, but I thought it might not be the right graphic content.
4. Why did the superhero flush the toilet? Because it was his duty to take out the grime.
5. I started a comic strip about paper; it’s tearable, but it’s on a roll.
6. I asked the Flash to help me move. He said, “I’ll be there in a flash,” but he didn’t pack much.
7. The superhero’s favorite part of the joke is the punch line.
8. Some comic books are spineless, but they still have a good backbone to the story.
9. I’d share my comic books, but I’m not about to split heirs.
10. After reading about electricity, all my other comics seem pretty current.
11. Time travel comics are past and future bestsellers—they have the perfect timing.
12. Reading comics in the dark is a real Marvel, isn’t it?
13. Losing a comic book is a graphic loss.
14. My comic book collection is a panel discussion waiting to happen.
15. I wanted to draw comics for a living, but I couldn’t picture it.
16. I opened my comic book to the wind and the pages just blew me away.
17. I have an issue with comic books—literally, I collect them.
18. Superheroes are fantastic but their costumes are tighter than their deadlines.
19. I’d tell you my favorite comic book writer, but I’m afraid you’d Stan Lee corrected.
20. I went to the gym with a superhero; he really illustrated the power of lifting.

“Heroic Humor: The Name’s the Game!” (Puns in Names)

1. Clark Kent-ury Insurance
2. Bruce Wayne-ing Moon Cafe
3. Tony Starch Cleaners
4. Peter Park-er Services
5. Diana Printz Copy Shop
6. Reed Richards Reads Books
7. Hal Jord-‘Anne’ Fabrics
8. Wade Wil-soap Bath Products
9. Sue Storm’s Forecasting Firm
10. Barry Allen Fast Delivery
11. Arthur Curry Fish & Chips
12. Matt Murdock Law Firm
13. Vic Stone Tech Repairs
14. Steve Rogers Star-Spangled Banner Printing
15. Natasha Roman-Off Deals
16. Scott Lang Antiques
17. Oliver Queen Arrowsmith
18. Billy Batson Lightning Repair
19. Jean Grey Matters Therapy
20. Logan’s Run Gym

“Wham! Pow! Flip the Script with Spoonerisms: Comic Quips Swapped!”

1. Dark Knight – Bark Night
2. Spider-Man – Mider-Span
3. The Incredible Hulk – The Inedible Crulk
4. Wonder Woman – Wunder Ooman
5. Captain America – Maptain Aserica
6. Iron Man – Mouron An
7. Black Widow – Whack Bidow
8. Green Lantern – Lean Grantern
9. Silver Surfer – Siller Vurfer
10. Thor – Thaw
11. The Flash – The Flish
12. Aquaman – Alphaman
13. Batmobile – Matbo-Bile
14. Gotham City – Cotgam Sity
15. Fantastic Four – Fastantic Phore
16. Justice League – Lestice Juague
17. Daily Planet – Paily Danet
18. X-Men – Mex-Nen
19. Super Strength – Streuper Sength
20. Doctor Strange – Stroctor Dange

“Graphic Guffaws: Comic Book Capers – A Panel of Tom Swifties”

1. “I need to erase this panel,” said the artist sketchily.
2. “I keep all my issues in mint condition,” said the collector pristinely.
3. “I’ll draw the villain with extra muscles,” said the artist boldly.
4. “Let’s increase the print run,” said the publisher expansively.
5. “This storyline is quite a cliffhanger,” said the writer suspensefully.
6. “I’ve inked the final page,” said the artist smoothly.
7. “The superhero saved the day again,” said the fan admiringly.
8. “I’ve found a rare first edition,” said the collector valuably.
9. “This comic book fair is fabulous,” said the attendee animatedly.
10. “The dialogue needs more punch,” said the editor forcefully.
11. “I’ll sell my vintage comics,” said the owner nostalgically.
12. “We need brighter colors on this page,” said the colorist vibrantly.
13. “I guess it’s time to reveal my secret identity,” said the hero unmaskedly.
14. “I’ve mastered drawing fight scenes,” said the artist dynamically.
15. “Let’s feature a team-up in the next issue,” said the writer collaboratively.
16. “I predict this series will be a big hit,” said the publisher confidently.
17. “I’m attending the convention in costume,” said the fan enthusiastically.
18. “We’re entering the multiverse in this story arc,” said the writer dimensionally.
19. “I’ll create a spin-off for that character,” said the creator promisingly.
20. “The arch-nemesis will reappear unexpectedly,” said the writer ominously.

“Super-Contradictory Quips: Heroic Oxymoronic Puns”

1. The Invisible Vision: You can’t see him, but he never loses sight of justice.
2. Clearly Confused Catwoman: She steals but has a heart of gold.
3. Jumbo Shrimp Aquaman: King of the Seven Small Seas.
4. Constantly Surprised Oracle: Knows everything, but always caught off guard.
5. Organized Chaos Joker: His plans are meticulously anarchic.
6. Quiet Riot Deadpool: He’s silently loudmouthed.
7. Friendly Fire Human Torch: He burns with kind-hearted flames.
8. Deafening Silence Black Bolt: Speaks volumes without a sound.
9. Living Ghost Rider: He’s the eternally alive spirit of vengeance.
10. Bitter Sweetness Poison Ivy: Her kiss, both a curse and a cure.
11. Open Secret Identity Superman: Clark Kent’s worst-kept disguise.
12. Minor Crisis Flash: The fastest man alive in slow motion.
13. Seriously Funny Joker: When laughter turns to fear.
14. Actively Lazy Hulk: Smashes with minimal effort.
15. Static Shock: Electrifyingly still.
16. Peaceful War Machine: Equipped for war, aiming for peace.
17. Solo Team X-Men: Unity in singularity.
18. Dark Light Daredevil: He sees the truth in the shadows.
19. Static Electricity Black Lightning: Charged up but not moving.
20. Old News Spider-Man: Web-slinging tomorrow’s headlines today.

“Panels Within Panels: The Infinite Loop of Comic Quips”

1. Why was the comic book always losing weight? Because every time it went on an issue, it was a limited edition.
2. Then it said, “I’ve got to be more graphic about my novel ideas or I’ll never draw a conclusion.”
3. Which superhero is best at wrapping presents? Wrapperman, because everything he touches sticks.
4. Then Wrapperman realized, “I should stick to my day job, this gig is starting to unravel.”
5. What did the comic book artist say to his unproductive pen? “You’re not making any ink-ling of progress.”
6. Following up, the pen replied, “Don’t draw me into your pencil-vania of puns!”
7. What’s a comic book’s favorite way to cook eggs? Sunnyside up, with just a splash of ink.
8. And if those eggs are bad, “I guess that was an eggs-plosion of bad taste.”
9. Did you hear about the comic book that tried stand-up comedy? It couldn’t stand the paneled discussion that followed.
10. The stand-up comic book then said, “I guess my jokes didn’t have the right frame of reference.”
11. Why did the villain go to art school? Because he wanted to sketch out his plans for world domination.
12. That artsy villain then realized, “Maybe I should draw the line at some of these evil schemes.”
13. Why don’t comic book villains ever sleep? Because justice never rests, and they couldn’t lie in panels.
14. Then one tired villain sighed, “I’m going to take a cat nap, and hope I don’t end up in the funnies.”
15. What did the superhero say at the poker game? “I’m folding, but not because I’m a comic book!”
16. The superhero’s nemesis smirked, “I suppose you just can’t deal with my poker face.”
17. What’s a comic book’s least favorite day of the week? Paperless Monday, because then it has no issues.
18. Come Tuesday, the comic said, “I’ve got plenty of issues now; time to get back to my daily grind.”
19. What did the comic book ask its artist? “Can you give me some space? I need my margins!”
20. Finally, the artist said to the comic book, “I guess we’ll have to draw a line somewhere!”

“Drawing on Laughs: Sketching Out Comic Book Clichés”

1. I’d tell you a good Batman pun, but it seems Robin the fun.
2. I’d give you some superhero advice, but I have to keep it Marvel-ous.
3. To all superheroes without capes: It’s not all cloak and swagger.
4. If the Flash opened a deli, every sub would be a hero sandwich in a Flash.
5. Mind over Magneto: Where the mental meets the metal.
6. Don’t judge a book by its movie adaptation – that’s comically bad.
7. A superhero’s favorite part of the joke: the “punch” line.
8. To the hero who lifts weights: May the mass times Acceleration be with you.
9. Many heroes wear capes, but only one can claim capillary action.
10. You can lead a hero to water, but you can’t make him Aquaman.
11. An invisible man marries an invisible woman; their kids were nothing to see either.
12. I was reading a book on anti-gravity superheroes. Impossible to put down.
13. Superheroes who love crops are outstanding in their field and use photosynthegreat power.
14. If superheroes get into a fight in a fruit shop, is it a clash of the titans?
15. A superhero’s laundry has always been his cape ability.
16. Every superhero has their own theme music because you can’t just play it by ear.
17. If a superhero gets cold, is it a case of “with great power comes great responsibility”?
18. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but you can train a superhero with a few comics.
19. Time flies like the wind, but superheroes fly like a cape.
20. If you hear about the superhero who tried baking, he had a marvel-ous cake career.

And that’s a wrap on our super-powered pun extravaganza! We hope these 200+ comic book zingers have added a splash of laughter to your day, lighting up dark times with the luminous glow of humor. Just like every hero has a sidekick, every good chuckle pairs perfectly with another, so don’t let the fun stop here! Leap tall buildings—or at least, hop over to other sections of our website for more giggles and grins.

Thank you for joining us on this pun-filled adventure. We’re incredibly grateful you chose to spend part of your day here with us, and we hope our collection of puns has brought a smile to your face as wide as the Joker’s (but with less villainy, of course). Remember, laughter is just a page flip away, so whenever you need a dose of joy, you know where to find us. Until next time, keep your capes flapping and your jokes cracking!

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